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What were SPLA Rebels doing on 9/11 ?

by : Son of a Bush
Wednesday January 25, 2006 - 16:41

What were a cadre of Sudanese People Liberation Army rebels doing on the morning of 9/11 ? Posing as journalists they dropped by the Florida resort where US president George W. Bush was staying - just hours before Bush and his entourage arrived at Booker Elemmentary where he received word that the 9/11 attacks had commenced .

SPLA was a Christian fundamentalist /neoconservative backed rebel group . lead by John Garang, attempting to seize power in Khartoum. These "journos" were seeking an interview with the President of the United States ?
http :// users.skynet.be/wirira/eir.htm
Journalist Dan Hopsicker first brought this curious incident to nationwide attention -via his website , Mad Cow Morning News.

Don’t be mislead by the website’s name , Hopsicker is a courageous ,independent journalist - an endangered species in the United States of America.

Hopsicker noted the similiarity to the Bizarre appearance of these SPLA "journos" at the Bush compound on the morning of 9/11 to other fake "journos" who , 2 days prior, had infiltrated the entourage of Northern Alliance Leader , Ahmad Shah Massoud, detonating a disguised explosive device that ended the life of the legendary and quite popular warrior. The FBI did it’s best to spike the SPLA encounter with the US Secret Service and the ever reliable lap-dog MSM followed their lead.

Will we ever know the gravamen of this incident and it’s possible link to the events of 9/11 ?
As for the assassination of Ahmad Shah Massoud , I find merit in the theory that he was not rubbed out by Al Qaeda , but rather on the directive of the free masonic cabal that really controls the British Security Services.

The person who provided the letter that facilitated the the assassins entree into the camp of the Northern Alliance leader is a man named Yaser al- Siri.

The government of Egypt have made repeated attempts to seek his extradition from their British counterparts . They want him to stand trial for the crime of attempting to assassinate that nation’s former Prime Minister.

The United States government was similarly rebuffed when they sought his extradition The US Justice Dept alleged that al-Siri provided funds to Ahmed Abdel Rahman , the son of the so called blind Sheikh , Omar Abdul Rahman ,who was convicted for his role in the 1993 WTC bombings.

Al -Siri was indicted by British authorities for his alleged role in the assassination of Massoud but was later acquitted. The judge ruled that al-Siri was the "fall guy" and had no sinister intent when he provided the killers the crucial and fatal missive.

What ever the motivation of Mr al-siri ,it seems quite logical to assume that within the dark recesses of the British financial oligarchy parties unidentified knew that the events of 9/11 were imminent and they hatched a plot to wipe out the charismatic Tajic , Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Why ?

a) He was very popular with Afghans and had the requisite charisma to unite the nation behind his leadership and
b) his group was allied with Russia.

The freemasonic cabalists had no intention of pulling off the events of 9/11 and invading Afghanistan only to have the the prize fall into the hands of the Russians.

The Anglo -American game plan of taking over the oil- rich Central Asian Republics of the former Soviet Union was widely previewed in several pre 9/11 US commissioned reports.

Afghanistan was to be the home of the pipeline in which this black gold flowed .

The plans to invade Afghanistan arrived on the desk of President George W. Bush , Septembre 10, 2001 !

The Lion had to be slain and replaced by the knattily attired popinjay Hamid Karzai - a US puppett and former oil executive of one America’s leading oil companies.

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Commentaires de l'article

> What were SPLA Rebels doing on 9/11 ?
Wednesday January 25 - 22:14 - Posted by 3616b8c7f4f4432a...

If his group were "allied with Russia" then that is quite a change of direction considering they were trained by the UK in Jersey via a private miltiary training company set up by SAS linked persons.

More likely he was assasinated by those who knew 911 was coming and ,yes did not want a united Afghanistan under him.There is a long list, including Russians!

That the murderers were allowed in by british agent suggests this is not simple maths. Perhaps even dark players ,government within givernment were involved.


> What were SPLA Rebels doing on 9/11 ?
Wednesday January 25 - 22:22 - Posted by 3616b8c7f4f4432a...

I am really glad people are considering what exactly these journalists were doing that morning and who they really were and why they aren’t in Git Bay. I suspect a bunch of very dark skinned Africans would stand out a mile-ever seen Bush interviewed by an Afro American team?

Personally I doubt that is the identity and description if they were a hit squad,one would think they would want to blend in a bit more.

I do agree that a hit squad was sent to Bush that morning as I reckon Cheney was all set in his bunker to run ww3/4 himself that day,with imediate response to it all.That explains the lack of scripted bush actions at first as he was supposed to be part of the kill that day.
VP have often been targets of other power groups seeking control of the US arsenal and funds.This time I reckon it nearly worked.

If these were innocent journos then let them come forward and prove it.It would be nice to dismiss one uncertainty that one has to make analysis and conjecture about in order to make sense of the event.

Conjecture and analysis is needed to make sense of the official 911 version as it si so full of holes it wouldn’t float in a bathh tub.


> What were SPLA Rebels doing on 9/11 ?
Wednesday January 25 - 22:28 - Posted by 2b3e548a9144bc5a...

My friend , thank you for reading my post . I appreciate your input . The following information I believe demonstrates that Massoud and his Northern Alliance were allied with Russia. If you are Russian , I hope you do not believe that I any anyway hold the Russian people in disrespect. Quite to the contrary, I am ashamed the way the US and UK " neoconservatives" have covertly unleashed the Chechen insurgency on the Russian people. . They are using these bandits to destabilise and crush the Russian Federation. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/so...

> What were SPLA Rebels doing on 9/11 ?
Thursday January 26 - 07:56 - Posted by 70872f2359950ea5...

I understand what you are saying and how well researched you are. That BBC article was good I hadn’t seen it and it certainly confirms my view that Putin was well in the cirlcle of oil manipulations before the "oligarch for President" campaign by the Rothchild Mob. Certainly I would suspect the Russian Zia plane crash and that is uncannily like a numberof other large crashes where the crew were noted to be incapacitated.Perhaps they were even involved in the tecnical side of 911.That would fit the close realtionship with Bush and the plan to blame the Afghan based Pushtan taliban (even though it would upset the ally Pakistan badly).

I suspect the Israelis found out through their spies embedded in such groups.They then documented the planning and putting into action via the Spy network set up by Eitan in the summer before 911. I suspect they even changed the exact action of the event using Dov Zakiem.I suspect that new leader of the Free,Cheney,would have planned to invade Iraq in retaliation after Bush was killed and lead by Cheney. Iraq had to kept on hold for later. This knowledge of the 911 planning (maybe even meant to be just a hijacking!!!) by Bush oil cabal gave incredible power over both US and Russian based power groups and explains why Putin has not yet completely defied them, even letting Israeli terrorist "invstigators " work on the recent events. It explains why Dov was able to take 3 trillion in silence money.

I agree with you about the Chechen resistance, it does seem backed by UK and Saudi interests-note where the dead leader of the Chechens was buried.

I wonder if the brits were peeved by their man,Mahaoud ,being killed just before the US/Russian/Israeli/others-French etc action on 911?

"In 1983",according to analyst Peter Harcleode,"Ahmed Shah Massouds junior commanders were flown from Pakistan to Britainwhere they had seeral weeks training under KMS .....adn further training in Afghanistan to follow." One would suspect such links were maintained but alliances do change.

All over an oil pipeline that is now hardly worth any effort unless Kazakstan can be brought back in.


> What were SPLA Rebels doing on 9/11 ?
Wednesday January 25 - 23:09 - Posted by 3322d93748a6df50...

20 Marines Ambushed

See the video

> What were SPLA Rebels doing on 9/11 ?
Wednesday January 25 - 23:17 - Posted by 155b53f5c5ca460c...

"Masonic Cabal controlling British security services" what kind of whakos are writing this crap? As for the SPLA being fundamentalist right wing Christians, fundemetalist is a term the religious so called muslim bigots who run Sudan call any Christian who has the temerity not to convert to Islam and chose to worship God in the Christian tradition. Perhaps you will run an article about the rapes and murder Christians are subject to on a daily basis in the Sudan, about the atrocities such as the carpet bombing of Christian villagescommited by Sudanese Government forces, I doubt you have the guts as it would probably upset your Sudanese Government paymasters

> What were SPLA Rebels doing on 9/11 ?
Thursday January 26 - 03:17 - Posted by 8b96577b7812d25a...

(SOFT SKULL PRESS) ISBN: 1887128-75-1
James Howard Hatfield (1958? - July 18, 2001) was an American author


The Death of Jim Hatfield

James Howard Hatfield:

> What were SPLA Rebels doing on 9/11 ?
Thursday January 26 - 16:07 - Posted by 0448910375cfe628...

This response sounds like it’s coming from my old friend Frank of Queens who co-hosts a Friday evening programe on WWCR. I don’t know for sure , but the response is vintage Frank. To my correspondent I retort , with all due respect , : Yes , the British Security services harbor those Mohamidins. I am not in the pay of the Sudanese government. Have the British ever handed over Rachid Ramda to the French ? He is alleged to have masterminded the Paris Metro Bombings. Have the Britsh handed over "Al Qaeda" leaders , Omar Bakri Mohammed . Abu Hamza al-Masri, and Yaser al-Siri to their respective countries where they are have alleged to have committed their acts of terror ? Pourquoi pas mon vieux ? Guess who blocked the arrest of Usama Bin Laden ? The Brits. They employed his associate Abu Anas al-liby in order to attempt assassinate Libyan President Gaddaffi. Abu Qatada , Al Qaeda’s senior euopean leader, has been exposed as an agent of MI-5 . He was implicated in the Madrid Bombings and was sent to prison for one whole year -and released. The British openly protect Mohammed al Massari and Khalid al- Fawwaz . The latter set up UBL’s communication network . Finnally , it was determined that UBL , before 9/11, made hundreds of calls to Great Britain . How many did he make to Iraq . ZEEEEROO! What are we doing in Iraq. Why is your hero , Mr. Bush , employing the services of "the Arms Merchant of death, Viktor Bout, to resupply the troops who should have never been sent to Iraq in the first place. Mr. Bout has armed Mohamidinists groups such as The Taliban, UBL, and Abu Sayyaf as well as Charles Taylor of Liberia. If you want to stop Al Qaeda all that is really required is to tell our British Cousins , in the thrall of the Freemasons, to cut off the funding of the Islamist terrorists. Don’t just call me names. Do a google search and prove me wrong one single allegation I have made in this letter. I still luv ya guy.

Excellent work!
Thursday January 26 - 19:18 - Posted by ab85b3b65fc7c903...

Go with all you stated here. Very conclusive. I felt so free using parts of your excellent piece on...

...with additional clues. Moreover I’d like to draw your attention on the hanky-panky regarding the "one-size-fits-all" made-up mastermind of the 7/7/2005 London bombings, Haroon Rashid Aswat, and the comedy around him at:

...and about a revealing Australian TV-doc, stating that most of those "suicide-bombings" (emphasis on Bali) are and were intel-made:

The one who stated this was not just somebody - but the former president of Indonesia, Abdurrahman Wahid.

Far Sight 3 (farsight3@rumormillnews)

> What were SPLA Rebels doing on 9/11 ?
Friday January 27 - 05:15 - Posted by 2ffeea7beb59835b...

Certainly it is refreshing to see that others have been following the bizarre small print stories still bravely reported by journalists with integrity,but so rarely followed up or acknowledged because of the danger the stories pose. Mr Isaacs ,caught in Italy ,allegedly the ring master/pay master of 21/7 spent time with the Italian security so I imagine some beans were spilled about the farsical bombings of London. How disgusting to have one’s government agents responsible ,or at least closely invovled on runnning the deed,probably drug runners from the balkans as one eyewitness reckons the bus bomber was white skinned. How does one gleen the truth from the lies?

How dare the British spy network now be involved in sacrificing Brits(even if selected targets to avoid the "right " kind of Brit) to the alter of whatever group in charge thinks this phoney war against Islam is about.

David Kelly’s death was the eyeopener for me,for such an obvious murder to occur and be covered up from the very top meant a required analysis jump.

The Basra terrorists turning out to be British (but other nationals) special service who killed police rather than be caught with the ex[;osives and weapons showed all the dirty dealings going on.

The Mirror editor stood down by Amro(Rothchild) linked/controlled media when publishing photos of UK military atrocities and the D notice about all involving such showed the dirty deed of the US ally.Willing to promote the US dirty atrocities but hiding their own. Paving the way for anarchy in Iraq,blamed upon the US,allowing control to the oil rich Basra area.Screwed up with agents caought infiltrating Iran and fomenting violence and bombings.

Did the coming war on Islam require the death of Princess DI,engaged to Dodi?

Has the masonic elite linked with the p2 Opus dei branch now in control in the Vatican? With tools like the Christian Sarkosy and Merkel to add power? Blackmailable by the huge paedophile network Ratzinger protects in the Vatican and by his order canot be xposed? I wonder if the archeological finidngs in Israel/WstBank also put the Vatican at risk,vulnerable to documentation of the Historical Jesus/Joshua?

certainly the power networks are complicated and intertwining with changing allegiances ,just as the y always have been under aristocracy. It all stays the same until the common people can be bothered using their majority with intelligence and wisdom and serious responsiblilty,rather than the usual apathy to drugs,alcohol,sport,materialism,pleasure and even religous gushy dogma..

This will never happen.Media control is too pervasive.

Who will challenge those in power when it is so abused?

Do not the rich realise the best hope for continuing riches are a free and open society with some degree of sharing?

Indespair I see the threats against Iran by the stooge governments,and the silence of those around.This is so shameful.There is event he threat of nonconvetional weapons and all stay silent,fail to condemn such threats.

How many more will suffer for these evil elite and their strategy games and their fanatical dreams of armageddon and Messiahs and greater Israels and pure greed? It is not the Arabs who are fanatical ,it is those who sacrifice their own people for an unholy ideal.

What should we be doing? Soon it will be too late. We have alreadu lost so much of our freedoms and rights without even a whimper .

We have destroyed a country without even an acceptance of wrong doing. We have bombed innocent people on the excuse of a suspected enemy near without even a blush.

We have used chemical weapons without even a second thought, including napalm and Phosporous and probably gases.

We repeatedly target countries for regime change,whether convenient deaths as recently occuring in middle east leaderships(not even autopsies occuring!!) or threats of military attack, shamelessly.

I pray that we are fogiven for our apathy in allowing all this while we party on.

> What were SPLA Rebels doing on 9/11 ?
Friday January 27 - 08:00 - Posted by 3c6c431d6b89edfc...

From http://www.madcowprod.com/mc252004.html


"The drama began when a MIDDLE EASTERN NATIVE residing in Sarasota named ZAINLABDEEN OMER contacted local police the night before the attack.

Omer said that a friend of his, who had made violent threats against the President in the past, had just arrived in Sarasota, thirty miles north on Florida’s Gulf Coast from Venice, the home-away-from-home of Mohamed Atta’s terrorist cadre."

### [emphasis added] ###


"The answer may lie in the identity of the mysterious "Ghandi," whose NAME MAY HAVE BEEN DELIBERATELY MISSPELLED BY [THE] AUTHORITIES, a tactic which has previously been used by authorities to conceal inconvenient knowledge in everything from the Kennedy assassination to the Vince Foster investigation."

### [emphasis added] ###

The author, Daniel Hopsicker, spells the name highlighted in quote 1/ in three different ways :-

Zainlabdeen Omer
Zainelabdeen Omer
Zainelabadeen Omer


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