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Flashback: Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks

by : Bryan Bender
Thursday February 23, 2006 - 22:16

The FBI’s counterterrorism unit has launched a broad investigation of US-based theft rings after discovering some vehicles used in deadly car bombings in Iraq, including attacks that killed US troops and Iraqi civilians, were probably stolen in the United States, according to senior US Government officials.

The FBI’s deputy assistant director for counterterrorism, Inspector John Lewis, said the investigation did not prove the vehicles were stolen specifically for car bombings in the Middle East, but there was evidence they were smuggled out of the US by organised criminal networks that included terrorists and insurgents.

Cracking the car-theft rings and tracing the cars could help identify insurgent leaders and shut down one of the means used to attack the US-led coalition and the Iraqi Government, the officials said.

The inquiry began after coalition troops raided a Falluja bomb factory last November and found a Texas-registered four-wheel-drive being prepared for a bombing mission. Investigators said there were several other cases where vehicles evidently stolen in the US wound up in Syria or other Middle Eastern countries and ultimately in the hands of Iraqi insurgent groups, including al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Investigators believed the cars were stolen by local car thieves in US cities, then smuggled to waiting ships at ports in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Houston, among other cities. Terrorism specialists said they believed Iraqi insurgents preferred American stolen cars because they tended to be larger, blended in more easily with US convoys, and were harder to identify as stolen.


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Commentaires de l'article

> Flashback: Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks
Thursday February 23 - 22:43 - Posted by 6b07e8e72dfdd589...

This does not make any sense at all. It is though through the massive ego of Whitey America that wants to believe that cars are being stolen for the purpose of blowing them up in Iraq.

Whitey America, you are not the only country with cars!!!

JHC, what kind of lame brain would even begin to think of such a thing to be real? Cars can be gotten much easier in Iraq, or Jordan, or one of the many surrounding Arab countries.

Why spend so much time and energy to hiest an auto in Whitey America, ship it 9000 miles away, only to be used to destroy? I mean the cost of such an operation are ten times as much as getting it closer to home and the lag time for this effort is so much greater. Plus, you have to pay the people who are stealing these autos in dollars. Adding to this the customs and security people need to be bypassed or paid of at the port of departure and port of entry. Certainly, you’d have massive logistical problems...

This story is completely false. But as things go, it fits with the thinking of Whitey America and re-enforces the spooked nature that is the Essence of Whitey America.

> Flashback: Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks
Friday February 24 - 11:38 - Posted by ee1a7063350cb642...

You may be right, but yiu’re going to have to come up with a more appropriate adjective to describe "whitey’s" nature. "Spooked" just doesn’t seem to fit the bill.

> Flashback: Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks
Friday February 24 - 16:18 - Posted by d06643418037d78a...

To: 24/145

How long have you lived in America?

By all means question my usage of "Whitey America" to describe the White race; at least it will make you think a lttle outside of your narrow daily experience. But I stand by my assertions.

And if not spooked then what do you call Whitey Americans who partake lunch in the cafeteria away from while Blacks and non-Whites tables, at places of work and study? Grown men and women these are. If not spooked then why is Whitey afraid of visiting the music scene in the "ghetto" that he and his societial system has created. If not spooked then why does Whitey buy into the fear of the Arabs or Muslim and the lies that Whitey’s rules say. If not spooked why does Whitey detests and isolates himself from non-Whites in social settings? If not spooked why does Whitey live along side non-White Americans? If not spooked why are there so many Whitey "Gated Communities"?

I happen to be White and I am quite familar with what Whitey says when non-Whites are not around. It is all from being spooked. I know how Whitey holds his tongue when Jewish or Muslims are present. But God forbid, as soon as he is amongst his own kind he spews the venom of race superiority. He has to, it the only thing he has that will a platform of thinking that has no foundation. Whitey is spooked. He has no confidence in front of non-Whites. He lashes out at them before he has time to see non-Whites as humans. Whitey reasoning comes from being spooked.

Read again what I wrote above and let it be with you when you are at a party and see yourself and see others at the function. Look at their faces and skin colors and realize the absense, or limited presense of non-Whites at the gathering. Let it be your Church and see. Let it be your place of work and see, and realize quitting time means you go to your place of dwelling and the non-White goes to his. Perhaps, a little thinking along lines of reality will show you the delusions that you live in come from being spooked.

> Flashback: Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks
Friday February 24 - 16:52 - Posted by ee1a7063350cb642...

"4 57" you are a joke. You are so wrapped up in your anti-"whitey" trip ( a pretentious pose, I suspect, to garner attention) that you didn’t catch the irony of my objection to your use of "spook" to describe "whitey nature." Don’t you know that "spook" was and probably still is a pegorative term for black people? Knucklehead. And, how come you lump Jews and Iraqis as non-white. Lots of Jews are white and iraqis are caucasians, olive-skinned perhaps, but still "whiteys." But, beyond all of this, just remember that, by your own admission, you are a "cracker" and that is how you are perceived by many African Americans. Maybe you should do an Al Jolson and go around in black face all day. LOL

> Flashback: Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks
Saturday February 25 - 20:08 - Posted by 5029751e914c44af...

Ah, yes, the deflection from the issue onto the messenger. Yes, yes... You are pure in thought while I am the wicked one for pointing out the norm.

And yes, your "irony" ecapes me. I read and re-read your reply and it still escapes me. Perhaps, it is not there.

Hehe... As you fail to see the context and depth of my usage of the word as to what constitues "Whitey". Hehe...

Of course, I am a Cracker... This is America and race is a very large part of life’s midigation that occurs on a daily basis in all venues for us Whites. From taking the train in the morning to dining in a resturant. From finding an acceptable place on the beach to finding a seat in a theater.

Stop yourself and think of your reaction the next time you are at a sit-down eatry and a non-White enters the establishment or the ones that are already seated. Take note how you, while never seeing this person, stare impolitely at him and his every move. Take the time to understand what you just did and compare how you did not even notice another Whitey who may have entered or have already been present.

Whitey is spooked. Look at how the spooked-ness makes him respond towards other nations and peoples. How it makes him accept deep into himself the absurdity of cars being, "stolen in the USA..." only to be used in destruction in Iraq.

> Flashback: Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks
Friday February 24 - 12:08 - Posted by 6719107fb27b4d2e...

Apart from the fact that you apparently hate "white" America, I can think of a reason why these cars are being used: it is the Americans themselves who are preparing the cars as bombs. The FBI (pronounced "fib") has said that the cars were stolen, but what actual evidence is there that terrorists were involved. These may be cars that were stolen by Americans, shipped by Americans, and used by Americans.

> Flashback: Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks
Friday February 24 - 14:44 - Posted by 37063d2d33fdcdaf...

I agree with the person who suggests the American secret service could be doing this themselves as part of an orchestrated terror campaign. Their friends in British intelligence could no doubt pass on much helpful information on the subject, given their own participation in acts of terror in Northern Ireland, which served as a practice-run for much of what is coming in the west in terms of martial law and police statehood.

> Flashback: Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks
Saturday February 25 - 03:22 - Posted by 4d1249e236ab41a5...

anyone that believes you can ship a stolen car out of the us and into another country legally , has never tried to ship an automobile , thats for sure, the paper work involved will consume a good 3 hours unless you have inside connections like a presidential order. bush and these neocONS SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND JAILED FOR THE REST OF THEIR UNNATURAL VAMPIRISTIC LIVES , AND ALL ACCOUNTS FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SHOULD BE CONFISCATED AND RETURNED TO THE TREASURY THEY ROBBED

> Flashback: Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks
Saturday October 21 - 15:15 - Posted by c4b17ecf24d287e3...

In the Tampa-Sarasota Fl area Muslim car dealers ship used and or stolen vehicles to Sea Ports in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Dubai UAE and Aqaba Jordan for re-birthing with new papers, resale and or re-exporting. Just for example, a used car dealer in Tampa Fl would arrange with a vehicle forwarding agent in Georgia to send 5 to 7 vehicles a month to the JAX-Port in Jacksonville were the cars would be sent by rail to Savanah GA for transfer to a shipping line container ship bound for Jeddah SA or Dubai. this route out of Tampa is used due to the high security out of the Port of Miami, there are no shipping routes out of Tampa to the Middle East.

Such a used car shipment would cost $1,200 per vehicle, but since a late model Lexus SUV would bring 2 times the retail when sold in the Middle East (Iraq) as compared to the USA, the profit margin is huge, especially if the car had been stolen, do the math.


Bill Warner
WBI Inc Terrorism Research Center

> Flashback: Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks
Sunday March 29 - 09:42 - Posted by Khalim Massoud - 15ef53846f8c5cc5...

Bill Warner from Florida is a pathological liar, an Islamophobe, and an anti-Semite. His distortions, exaggerations, fabrications, and bigotry are meticulously documented at http://insanepi.blogspot.com/.

Please visit http://insanepi.blogspot.com/ before using Bill Warner as a source.

Khalim Massoud


Muslims Against Sharia

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