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Spring Breakthrough for 9/11 Truth -Alex Jones,Webster Tarpley, and Charlie Sheen on Corporate Media

by : prweb.com
Monday March 27, 2006 - 18:16

Hollywood Star Sheen, Talk Radio Host Jones and Anchor A. J. Hammer on CNN Showbiz Tonight 3 straight nights say the wildest conspiracy theory is the official line. New York Magazine features Webster Tarpley, author of "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA."

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) March 26, 2006 — Around midday on Wednesday, March 22nd - my son’s birthday - Amy Schulman from CNN in New York called me up to ask if I had an author they could put on the air that very evening. They wanted an "objective and balanced" survey of the schools of 9/11 conspiracy thought for a story on Charlie Sheen. "You mean like the ’hop levels’ in the New York Magazine article?" I asked. Yes, that’s where she had read about my author Webster Tarpley. CNN sent a car to bring him to their Washington DC studio.

Two days before, on March 20th, two unexpected things had happened, and one expected one didn’t.

 Charlie Sheen came out of the cold on the Alex Jones show and ripped the veil of the governmental 9/11 cover-up.

 New York Magazine did a full feature on Tarpley’s NY911Truth conference, complete with his model of the network of false-flag terror moles inside the government.

 The Euro-denominated Iranian Oil Bourse, a threat to the dollar which Tarpley promotes as the real reason for an attack on Iran, didn’t open as scheduled after all.

Coincidence, or a coordinated counteroffensive against the neo-con crazies? Tarpley’s guess is the financier oligarchy is not happy with its Bush-Cheney puppets, and wants them back on their leash before their mania for a war on Iran sinks the already deficit-drowning Anglo-American empire. (See his appearance on the Alex Jones show on Friday - partial transcript at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WarOnFreedom/message/2867 , or listen to his World Crisis News show archive from Saturday March 25.)

That is, a more intelligent faction within the elite is threatening to use 9/11 like Watergate tapes to take out the "president" - without touching its "invisible government" asset. Do not count on a free flow of information that 9/11 was fabricated by US military intelligence. This may only be a warning shot across the White House lawn.

That seems to be why CNN aired only 30 seconds of the 15 minutes they taped of Webster Tarpley. The Wednesday show had clips of Charlie Sheen and comments by 911truth.org spokesman Michael Berger, who remembered to mention the arch-smoking-gun collapse of WTC Building 7. The outgunned defender of orthodoxy was Nicole Rittermeyer of National Geographic. Tarpley says she worked for a production company owned by a Skull & Bones Bush Brother...

On Friday, CNN invited the author of the New York Magazine article, Mark Jacobson, for which Tarpley and his publisher Progressive Press are infinitely thankful. On CNN, however, he just waffled. Apparently he already took all the liberties he can get in the article.

All three shows and the CNN poll emphasized "cover-up" and "unanswered questions." Vague terms. One of the most insidious cover-ups of 9/11 is a book with the title "Cover-Up" on the cover - by a CIA operative!

Thursday’s star in this series was writer Erica Jong, who made strong statements about dictators like Hitler and Bush fabricating foreign enemies to terrorize their own people. Like Charlie Sheen, she emphasized that patriotism and love of country requires us to ask tough questions. A very constructive and intelligent approach to this issue. Get out the truth on 9/11 to save America, not to destroy it - Bush & Co. need no help with that.

Erica Jong: "My nephews have been saying for the past three, four years that we are not learning everything about 9/11... Charlie Sheen is really patriotic and brave to ask these questions...I read the article in "New York" magazine. And I think just asking questions is brave and patriotic... I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t know if we’ll ever know. "

Well, if you don’t have any idea after three, four years of investigating, the odds are you won’t. Certainly not in time to stop World War IV from reaching Iran. Maybe after we’re all dead.

Host and guest went on to promote Erica’s new book. Meanwhile the man with the answers, a book full of them, in fact, got 30 seconds - Webster Tarpley, author of "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA."

CNN showed Tarpley telling about the Zogby poll where every second New Yorker thought top officials had foreknowledge of 9/11. That is, they "let it happen on purpose," or "LIHOP." But Webster’s book is the bible of the MIHOP school: US military intelligence Made it Happen from A to Z - no Arabs or Zarqawis. His model of state-sponsored false-flag terrorism, the rogue network of moles, patsies and paramilitary technicians, is the opener to the New York Magazine article.

The precedent is Operation Northwoods, a 1962 plan by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to fabricate an atrocity and blame it on Cuba. The plot was nixed by Kennedy. Northwoods documents were released under the Freedom of Information Act before Bush took power and set it aside after 9/11.

Showbiz Tonight did have full-MIHOP advocate Alex Jones on Thursday and Friday, and intrepid host AJ Hammer let him deliver a rapid-fire catalogue of more damning soundbytes. The hook is that the original Charlie Sheen interview was on the Alex Jones show. Jones had roundly assailed the media for not covering that interview. He may even have put the squeeze to Google, not known for squeezability, by posting screen shots showing Google had censored all links to it. Indeed, lately it sometimes seems necessary to use other search engines on such matters.

The American mainstream will always try to coopt the radical fringe when it gets too strong. CNN apparently is responding to the challenge of the alternative news media, while claiming fame as the first to break this story of "unanswered patriotic covered-up questions."

9/11 was the tour de force of audacity of what the secret services can get away with. Can they now pull off an even greater feat of illusionism: letting only half the cat out of the bag?



Friday, March 24 on the Alex Jones show Charlie Sheen and Webster G. Tarpley discussed the turning point in the struggle for 9/11 truth on CNN. All three agreed on the need for a truly independent, international Truth Commission. Partial transcript: More info: http://www.prisonplanet.com/listen.html

Alex Jones reported how covert operatives using credit cards keep trying to buy up his entire stock of Webster’s book, 9/11 “Synthetic Terror: Made in USA” by sending the books to false addresses. Similar scams were directed at Webster’s publisher ProgressivePress.com.

The exposure helped “9/11 Synthetic Terror” move up to #854 in Amazon sales rankings on Friday. Since the second edition was released in January, it is beating all other 9/11 books on Amazon. Yet censorship is blocking chain bookstores from stocking it, even though their megastores carry 100,000 titles on their shelves.

Saturday March 25th on World Crisis Radio, RBNLive.com, Webster Tarpley interviewed the avant garde of the 9/11 Truth Movement Dr. Jeff King (nom-de-net Plaguepuppy) and Nico Haupt. They agreed with Alex Jones and Webster Tarpley that the recent murder of 9/11 Truth Scholar and biotechnologist Michael Zubehr bore the marks of a political assassination. Play or download archive at http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Tarpley06.html.

On March 26th, Heinrich Buecker of www.hbuecker.net in Germany reported an international print blackout on the Sheen - CNN story. Google News returned only 2 hits on [Sheen Showbiz "Alex Jones"], both from the Internet, not print sources; Yahoo News returned none. Neither Google or Yahoo had any hits on Zubehr murder 9/11. Buecker said the CNN action might continue on Monday.

The CNN poll, “Do you agree with Charlie Sheen that the U.S. government covered up the real events of the 9/11 attacks?” moved up a notch to 84% YES answers (38794 votes). Frantic calls by neo-con radio talk show hosts like Sean Hannity for their listeners to overturn the results did not have the desired effect. Please vote and send a comment asking to have Webster Tarpley back on Showbiz Tonight. Link: http://www.cnn.com/feedback/forms/form5c.html?23 .


Updates and more will be posted to www.911blogger.com and at www.progressivepress.com

March 20. New York Magazine feature, The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll, http://newyorkmetro.com/news/features/16464/index.html

March 20. Original Charlie Sheen interview on Alex Jones, downloadable, 50 Mb. http://www.infowars.com/video/clips/news/september_11/032006_charlie_sheen_911_wm.htm. 16 Mb

March 22. First CNN Showbiz Tonight segment. http://www.911blogger.com/files/video/911truthCNN.mov

Showbiz Tonight transcripts: http://www.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/sbt.html

March23, Alex Jones on Showbiz Tonight, 911blogger.com, http://www.911podcasts.com/files/video/ShowbizTonight20060323/ShowbizTonight20060323.wmv. Right click to download.

March 22-24, Progressive Press Press Release “Dam Breaking for 9/11 Truth - Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, Charlie Sheen hit the Mainstream.” Hottest item of the month on the popular free press release site http://www.free-press-release.com/news/200603/1143065487.html.

March 24, Charlie Sheen on Alex Jones, “Challenge me on the Facts,” and Alex on Showbiz Tonight: http://prisonplanet.tv

March 24, Webster Tarpley on Alex Jones, partial transcript http://www.waronfreedom.org/press/AJones-Tarpley-Sheen-Transcript-032406.html

March 11th, 18th, and 25th: Webster Tarpley on RBNLive.com : http://mp3.rbnlive.com/Tarpley06.html

This page URL: http://www.waronfreedom.org/press/SpringBreakThru911.rtf or http://www.prweb.com/releases/2006/03/prweb363611.htm


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Commentaires de l'article

> Spring Breakthrough for 9/11 Truth -Alex Jones,Webster Tarpley, and Charlie Sheen on Corporate Media
Tuesday March 28 - 01:22 - Posted by 1ee9c6b826a75cf2...

Interesting. How will the NWO deal with this? Censor the Internet? "Expose" Bush as the architect of 9/11 so they can push for the globalist collective with a Democratic President? Remember, Left/Right are just socks on the hands of the puppet masters. The end result is the same-brainwashed/drugged drones who hand over the fruits of their labor the the elite.

> Spring Breakthrough for 9/11 Truth -Alex Jones,Webster Tarpley, and Charlie Sheen on Corporate Media
Tuesday March 28 - 04:49 - Posted by b0c745ec76ae839b...

The initial Showbiz Tonight segment that broke this wide open is available, with lots of other great videos on 9/11 at


> Spring Breakthrough for 9/11 Truth -Alex Jones,Webster Tarpley, and Charlie Sheen on Corporate Media
Tuesday March 28 - 05:56 - Posted by 5a55e7f40aecad09...

When you say "avante garde" of the 911 movement in the same sentence as you use the name "Nico Haupt", I can’t help but think of the damage inflicted on the world by postmodernism, including the postmodernist explanations of 911 that some of these people, including Nico, are floating. These whacky theories — no planes, holograms etc. — seem designed to make the official explanation seem plausible in contrast to the "conspiracy theories".

That is a sad thing.

A 911 counter-intelligence fraud, in my book, is anyone who refuses to tell us where Lt. Col. Steve O’Brien was when flights 77 and 93 went down.


oh - but nothing to see here folks - move along...

> Spring Breakthrough for 9/11 Truth -Alex Jones,Webster Tarpley, and Charlie Sheen on Corporate Media
Tuesday March 28 - 16:40 - Posted by db5b30dfc4a6dad0...

Charlie Sheen? Who knew an Actor would turn American hero. Go Charlie!!!

> Spring Breakthrough for 9/11 Truth -Alex Jones,Webster Tarpley, and Charlie Sheen on Corporate Media
Thursday March 30 - 03:29 - Posted by f6dedd423d2f39d0...

Have you forgotten the American hero Ronald Reagan? Maybe we need more actors.

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