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How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush

by : Bob Fitrakis
Monday November 22, 2004 - 19:03

How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush November 22, 2004

Following four community public hearings in Ohio about election irregularities and voter suppression - two in the capitol, Columbus, and one each in Cincinnati and Cleveland - a clear pattern and practice of voter disenfranchisement is emerging.

In order to understand the extent of the voter suppression in the inner city of Columbus and Franklin County, overwhelmingly Democratic wards, start with the phrase: “Machines Placed By Close Of Polls” on the last page of the county’s 17-page voting machine allocation report.

This phrase at the end of the spreadsheet may be the key in unraveling a deliberate and unprecedented plan to repress African American and poor central city voters. In statistics, when you see a bizarre definition or measurement, it sends up red flags. Why doesn’t the Franklin County Board of Elections have a number for “Machines Placed By Opening Of Polls”?

It now appears that the Franklin County BOE placed scores of machines too late in the day to alleviate the long lines of voters who gathered to vote before work and at lunchtime.

To better understand what the BOE did on Election Day, consider the following analogy. The near east side of Columbus needs four buses to move the population to the downtown business district. Each bus will move 100 people. At the start of the business day at 6:30am, there are only two buses running and another one with a dead battery. After a few hours, the third bus is put into use. Finally, towards the close of the work day at 6pm, a fourth bus is deployed. The Central Ohio Transit Authority then reports it had four buses operating by the end of the business day. What matters is not how many buses, or voting machines, were operating at the end of the day, but rather how many were there to service the people during the morning and noon rush hours.

Questions remain as to where these machines were placed and who had access to them during the day.

Pacifica reporter Evan Davis reported that a county purchasing official who was on the line with Ward Moving and Storage Company, documented only 2,741 voting machines delivered through the November 2 election day. The county’s own documents reveal that they had 2,866 “Machines Available” on Election Day. This would mean that amid the two to seven hour waits in the inner city of Columbus, at least 125 machines remained unused on Election Day. Ward holds the exclusive three-year contract to deliver voting machines in Franklin County.

If the BOE only had 2,741 placed initially, this would explain the long lines in Columbus and voters leaving the polls during the morning voting rush. According to the Franklin County Board of Elections (BOE), in the city of Columbus, where voters waited in the heavily Democratic wards between 2-7 hours to cast the vast majority of their votes for John Kerry, voter turnout was 52.7%. In the affluent white suburbs of Columbus, with far more voting machines available, the turnout figure was 76.15%.

By contrast, 66.31% of registered voters went to the polls in Cincinnati and turnout was 76.82% in the suburbs. In Cincinnati, where more voting machines were available, the difference between the city and suburbs was only 10.5% compared to 23.45% in the Columbus area. Cincinnati and Columbus have similar demographics.

The Franklin County Board of Elections reported that 68 voting machines were never placed on Election Day. In addition, Franklin County BOE Director Matt Damschroder admitted on Friday, November 19, that 77 machines malfunctioned on Election Day.

Franklin County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy criticized Damschroder for calling the elections “well-funded and well-planned and that problems could not have been averted, . . .” according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Damschroder, the former Executive Director of the Franklin County Republican Party, told the Franklin County Commissioners, “From our perspective, this election was a success.”

Despite an increased registration of more than 167,253 new voters, Damschroder admits he ran the election with a “fixed and exhausted” pool of voting machines, the Dispatch reported. Kilroy pointed out that Damschroder and Franklin County election officials told her “We’re fine, we’re fine” and never requested additional money over the initial allocation.

The Washington Post reported “Franklin is the only Ohio county to use Danaher Control’s ELECTronic 1242, an older-style touchscreen voting system.” Franklin County’s voting machine allocation report shows that Damschroder deployed his Danaher (formerly Shooptronics) voting machines, which have been in use since 1992, in a formula that favored Bush over Kerry.

In precinct 55-B on Columbus’ near east side, there were 1,338 registered voters and, according to Franklin County Board of Elections estimates, 956 active voters who had voted in the last two federal elections. Despite voter registration being up 17%, and by the BOE’s own guidelines the polling place requiring ten machines (one per 100 voters), the polling site had only three machines, one less than for the 2000 elections.

The Election Protection Coalition that visited the voting site between 7:30-8:30 a.m. documented a dozen people leaving the polls, six to go to work and six who were either elderly or handicapped. But things were worse in other areas of Columbus.

In precinct 1-B where there were 1,620 registered voters, a 27% increase in voter registration, the precinct had five voting machines in 2000 and only three in 2004. Where did they go? Out to Republican enclaves like Canal Winchester, where two machines were added since 2000, for a total of five to service 1,255 registered voters? Or were they re-routed to Dublin 2-G where 1,656 registered voters apparently needed six machines, twice the number of Columbus’ 1-B?

Nearby in Dublin precinct 3-C, 910 registered voters were allocated four voting machines. No doubt machines were shifted from precincts like Columbus 44-G with 1,620 voters and registration up 25%, which lost one machine from the 2000 elections to 2004.

In Cleveland, where a public hearing was held on Saturday, November 20, there was a different pattern of voting irregularities. These include heavily Democratic wards with abnormally low reported rates of voter turnout, three under 20%. In Precinct 6-C where Kerry beat Bush 45 votes to one, allegedly only 7.1% of the registered voters cast ballots. In precinct 13-D where Kerry received 83.8% of the vote, only 13.05% reportedly voted. In precinct 13-F where Kerry received 97.5%, the turnout was reported to be only 19.6%.

One explanation comes from Irma Olmedo, who provided the Free Press with a written statement of her activities in the heavily Hispanic ward 13, which contained the three low voter turnout precincts.

“Ohio does not have bilingual ballots and this disenfranchises many Latino voters who are not totally fluent in English . . . there were 13 poll workers at the school and none knew Spanish. Some could not even find the names of the people on the list because they couldn’t understand well when people said their names. . . . Some people put their punch card ballots in backwards when they voted and discovered that they couldn’t punch out the holes. They had not read the instructions which were in English, that they had to turn the card around in order to vote,” Olmedo stated.

Olmedo translated at precinct 13-O, where 90% of the votes were for Kerry and only 53 votes were counted. The turnout of 21% was due to the lack of Spanish instructions and the misspelling of names: “I noticed that one named Nieves was misspelled as Nieues and the pollworkers were not able to find his name, these people were told to complete a provisional ballot because their names were not on the list.”

In Cuyahoga County, according to the Secretary of State’s website there are 24,788 provisional ballots, most of them from the city of Cleveland, not its surrounding suburbs. Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell served as Co-Chair of the Bush/Cheney Ohio reelection committee.

There also seems to be an abnormally high vote count for third party candidates who received less than one-half of one percent of the statewide vote total combined. For example, in precinct 4-F, the right-wing Constitutional Law candidate Peroutka received 215 votes to Bush’s 21 and Kerry’s 290. In this precinct, Kerry received 55% of the vote where Gore received 91% of the vote in the year 200. These numbers suggest that Kerry’s votes were inadvertently or intentionally shifted to Peroutka.

In Cincinnati, sworn testimony was taken on vote buying, the lack of machines in African American neighborhoods and the deliberate destruction of new voter registration cards by a private company hired to process the forms.

Exit polls on Election Day from both the polling firm Zogby International and CNN projected John Kerry winning the state of Ohio. University of Pennsylvania Professor Steven Freeman calculated the odds that the exit polls in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania all being wrong are 250,000,000 to one. Pollster John Zogby, President of Zogby International, is quoted as telling the Inter Press Service of Stockholm that “something is definitely wrong.”

Zogby commented that he was concerned about the discrepancy between the exit polls and the official vote tallies stating “We’re talking about the free world here.”

The Alliance for Democracy-Ohio is preparing a lawsuit challenging the outcome of Ohio’s election results due to the massive voting irregularities that have emerged in sworn testimony and affidavits.

—  Bob Fitrakis has a Ph.D in Political Science and a J.D. He is a lawyer working with the Alliance for Democracy-Ohio and the Editor of the Columbus Free Press. Reporting in this article also came from Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D and Joe Knapp (http://copperas.com/fcelection/ward...). For additional documentation, visit http://freepress.org/departments/di....

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> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Tuesday November 23 - 00:19 - Posted by 354df4bb11d3d173...

that quote was worth a picture

these guys are unbelievable... America’s new motto should be, a la republican actions:

"Do anything to win- cheaters do prosper"

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Tuesday November 23 - 19:13 - Posted by 1fb310185428977b...

There are long lines in other parts of the nation, for example in Philadelphia controled by democrates, so the democrates there suppressed the voters also? Some happened alos in Republican heavy areas as well. When you accused , you must provide the proof, where is the proof other than the phenomenon occurred in many other places as well? Why pick Columbus, Franklin county among so many parts of nations. This is obviously of EVIL intention. Bush has more than 3.5 millions of votes than Kerry. If you dirty trick were successful, then Kerry became President, how about the 51% of of Americans, more than those had voted for Kerry, they would be angry.Kerry did not win it clean. What you are doing is to divide the nation. I am from a communist nation, many of you the behavior like red guards in communist china. It is shameful indeed.

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Wednesday November 24 - 05:06 - Posted by b57a01f2d69f02bb...

Give me a break. The point is that the system is broken. Only by exposing the fractures can we mend a country. If the elections were not democratic, then the country is in much worse shape...

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Thursday November 25 - 06:51 - Posted by 33220702f83c6542...

Exposing the fractures? I assume that there were no voting problems in blue states, just in Ohio in 2004 and Florida in 2000. It’s an interesting election phenomenon that the last state to push the Republican candidtate over the 270 electoral votes needed to become President is declared rigged by liberals. Where are all these conspiracy theorists when it comes to blue states like New Hamphire, Wisconsin, Michigan, or Pennsylvania? The liberals are not trying to mend this country, they are trying to do the opposite. They are trying to divide the country by calling the election rigged. If they were so concerned with our voting processes, they would put equal effort in examining the blue states as well. It’s just a smoke screen that makes liberals look like a bunch of winy babies.

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Tuesday November 30 - 08:53 - Posted by e629532ce4fcf3f6...

I didn’t know locking yourself in a room with the vote tally in Warren County after faking a terrorist threat was conservative? You re-pukes make me laugh, especially in Ohio. You have no problem disenfranchising thousands of black voters because you religious fascists feel so vindicated by Jesus that you think forcing your religious beliefs on others through ’faith based initiatives’ is just okay. Wake the hell up you jackasses. 100,000 people applied for Canadian citizenship the day after the election. It’s not because the weather’s nice. You bible thumping zealots will continue to rack up a deficit while preaching fiscal responsibility. You will persecute gays and take away civil rights while you champion the constitution. Notice the blue states seemed to coincide with the areas full of gun-toting religious zealots who are too stupid to look up FACTS. 90% of the IQ rests in the red states. Have fun ushering your children into your post-apocalyptic Jesus loving trailor parks laden with bunker busting freedom bombs. And BTW, I want my job back, which left Columbus, Ohio two years ago for China. Have fun the next four years.

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Wednesday November 24 - 16:37 - Posted by 896cb2e4a8fe4d0f...

This is insanity. I look at Kiev these days and wonder when Americans will go into the streets to demand a righting of this wrong. Sadly, never.



> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Wednesday November 24 - 17:42 - Posted by ee0a718a21e98186...

This place is a Banana Republic, worst of all a hypocritical one.

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Thursday November 25 - 07:07 - Posted by 33220702f83c6542...

You might want to consider moving to Kiev becase there’s nothing about the US election to protest.

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Thursday November 25 - 19:31 - Posted by 524429b716328a1b...

The War Prayer Sept 1904

by Mark Twain

It was a time of great exulting and excitement. The country was up in arms,
the war was on, in every breast burned the holy fire of patriotism; the
drums were beating, the bands playing, the toy pistols popping, the bunched
firecrackers hissing and sputtering; on every hand and far down the receding
and fading spread of roofs and balconies a fluttering wilderness of flags
flashed in the sun; daily the young volunteers marched down the wide avenue
gay and fine in their new uniforms, the proud fathers and mothers and
sisters and sweethearts cheering them with voices choked with happy emotion
as they swung by; nightly the packed mass meetings listened, panting, to
patriot oratory which stirred the deepest depths of their hearts, and which
they interrupted at briefest intervals with cyclones of applause, the tears
running down their cheeks the while; in the churches the pastors preached
devotion to flag and country, and invoked the God of Battles, beseeching His
aid in our good cause in outpourings of fervid eloquence which moved every
listener. It was indeed a glad and gracious time, and the half dozen rash
spirits that ventured to disapprove of the war and cast doubt upon its
righteousness straight way got such a stern and angry warning that for their
personal safety’s sake they quickly shrank out of sight and offended no more
in that way.

Sunday morning came - next day the battalions would leave for the front; the
church was filled; the volunteers were there, their young faces alight with
martial dreams - visions of the stern advance, the gathering momentum, the
rushing charge, the flashing sabers, the flight of the foe, the tumult, the
enveloping smoke, the fierce pursuit, the surrender! - then home from the
war, bronzed heroes, welcomed, adored, submerged in golden seas of glory!
With the volunteers sat their dear ones, proud, happy, and envied by the
neighbors and friends who had no sons and brothers to send forth to the
field of honor, there to win for the flag, or failing, die the noblest of
noble deaths. The service proceeded; a war chapter from the Old Testament
was read; the first prayer was said; it was followed by an organ burst that
shook the building, and with one impulse the house rose, with glowing eyes
and beating hearts, and poured out that tremendous invocation:

"God the all-terrible! Thou who ordainest, Thunder thy clarion and lightning
thy sword!"

Then came the "long" prayer. None could remember the like of it for
passionate pleading and moving and beautiful language. The burden of its
supplication was, that an ever-merciful and benignant Father of us all would
watch over our noble young soldiers, and aid, comfort, and encourage them in
their patriotic work; bless them, shield them in the day of battle and the
hour of peril, bear them in His mighty hand, make them strong and confident,
invincible in the bloody onset; help them to crush the foe, grant to them
and to their flag and country imperishable honor and glory - An aged
stranger entered and moved with slow and noiseless step up the main aisle,
his eyes fixed upon the minister, his long body clothed in a robe that
reached to his feet, his head bare, his white hair descending in a frothy
cataract to his shoulders, his seamy face unnaturally pale, pale even to
ghastliness. With all eyes following and wondering, he made his silent way;
without pausing, he ascended to the preacher’s side and stood there,
waiting. With shut lids the preacher, unconscious of his presence, continued
his moving prayer, and at last finished it with the words, uttered in
fervent appeal, "Bless our arms, grant us victory, O Lord our God, Father
and Protector of our land and flag!"

The stranger touched his arm, motioned him to step aside - which the
startled minister did - and took his place. During some moments he surveyed
the spellbound audience with solemn eyes, in which burned an uncanny light;
then in a deep voice he said:

"I come from the Throne - bearing a message from Almighty God!" The words
smote the house with a shock; if the stranger perceived it he gave no
attention. "He has heard the prayer of His servant your shepherd, and will
grant it if such be your desire after I, His messenger, shall have explained
to you its import - that is to say, its full import. For it is like unto
many of the prayers of men, in that it asks for more than he who utters it
is aware of - except he pause and think.

"God’s servant and yours has prayed his prayer. Has he paused and taken
thought? Is it one prayer? No, it is two - one uttered, the other not. Both
have reached the ear of Him Who heareth all supplications, the spoken and
the unspoken. Ponder this - keep it in mind. If you would beseech a blessing
upon yourself, beware! lest without intent you invoke a curse upon a
neighbor at the same time. If you pray for the blessing of rain upon your
crop which needs it, by that act you are possibly praying for a curse upon
some neighbor’s crop which may not need rain and can be injured by it.

"You have heard your servant’s prayer - the uttered part of it. I am
commissioned of God to put into words the other part of it - that part which
the pastor - and also you in your hearts - fervently prayed silently. And
ignorantly and unthinkingly? God grant that it was so! You heard these
words: ’Grant us victory, O Lord our God!’ That is sufficient. The whole of
the uttered prayer is compact into those pregnant words. Elaborations were
not necessary. When you have prayed for victory you have prayed for many
unmentioned results which follow victory - must follow it, cannot help but
follow it. Upon the listening spirit of God the Father fell also the
unspoken part of the prayer. He commandeth me to put it into words. Listen!

"O Lord our Father, our young patriots, idols of our hearts, go forth to
battle - be Thou near them! With them - in spirit - we also go forth from
the sweet peace of our beloved firesides to smite the foe. O Lord our God,
help us to tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells; help us to
cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead; help
us to drown the thunder of the guns with shrieks of their wounded, writhing
in pain; help us to lay waste their humble homes with hurricanes of fire;
help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing
grief; help us to turn them out roofless with their little children to
wander unfriended the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and
thirst, sports of the sun flames of summer and the icy winds of winter,
broken in spirit, worn with travail, imploring Thee for the refuge of the
grave and denied it - for our sakes who adore Thee, Lord, blast their hopes,
blight their lives, protract their bitter pilgrimage, make heavy their
steps, water their way with tears, stain the white snow with the blood of
their wounded feet! We ask it, in the spirit of love, of Him Who is the
Source of Love, and Who is the ever-faithful refuge and friend of all that
are sore beset and seek His aid with humble and contrite hearts. Amen."

[After a pause.] "Ye have prayed it; if ye still desire it, speak! The
messenger of the Most High waits."

It was believed afterward that the man was a lunatic, because there was no
sense in what he said.

We’re Not in Lake Wobegon Anymore Sept 3, 2004
by Garrison Keillor

How did the Party of Lincoln and Liberty transmogrify into the Party of Newt
Gingrich’s Evil Spawn and their Etch-A-Sketch President, a Dull and Rigid
Man, whose Philosophy is a Jumble of badly sutured Body Parts trying to

Something has gone seriously haywire with the Republican Party. Once, it was
the party of pragmatic Main Street businessmen in steel-rimmed spectacles
who decried profligacy and waste, were devoted to their communities and
supported the sort of prosperity that raises all ships. They were
good-hearted people who vanquished the gnarlier elements of their party, the
paranoid Roosevelt-haters, the flat Earthers and Prohibitionists, the
antipapist antiforeigner element. The genial Eisenhower was their man, a
genuine American hero of D-Day, who made it OK for reasonable people to vote
Republican. He brought the Korean War to a stalemate, produced the
Interstate Highway System, declined to rescue the French colonial army in
Vietnam, and gave us a period of peace and prosperity, in which (oddly)
American arts and letters flourished and higher education burgeoned-and
there was a degree of plain decency in the country. Fifties Republicans were
giants compared to today’s. Richard Nixon was the last Republican leader to
feel a Christian obligation toward the poor.

In the years between Nixon and Newt Gingrich, the party migrated southward
down the Twisting Trail of Rhetoric and sneered at the idea of public
service and became the Scourge of Liberalism, the Great Crusade Against the
Sixties, the Death Star of Government, a gang of pirates that diverted and
fascinated the media by their sheer chutzpah, such as the misty-eyed
flag-waving of Ronald Reagan who, while George McGovern flew bombers in
World War II, took a pass and made training films in Long Beach. The Nixon
moderate vanished like the passenger pigeon, purged by a legion of angry
white men who rose to power on pure punk politics. "Bipartisanship is
another term of date rape," says Grover Norquist, the Sid Vicious of the
GOP. "I don’t want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the
size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub." The
boy has Oedipal problems and government is his daddy.

The party of Lincoln and Liberty was transmogrified into the party of
hairy-backed swamp developers and corporate shills, faith-based economists,
fundamentalist bullies with Bibles, Christians of convenience, freelance
racists, misanthropic frat boys, shrieking midgets of AM radio, tax cheats,
nihilists in golf pants, brownshirts in pinstripes, sweatshop tycoons,
hacks, fakirs, aggressive dorks, Lamborghini libertarians, people who
believe Neil Armstrong’s moonwalk was filmed in Roswell, New Mexico, little
honkers out to diminish the rest of us, Newt’s evil spawn and their
Etch-A-Sketch president, a dull and rigid man suspicious of the free flow of
information and of secular institutions, whose philosophy is a jumble of
badly sutured body parts trying to walk. Republicans: The No.1 reason the
rest of the world thinks we’re deaf, dumb and dangerous.

Rich ironies abound! Lies pop up like toadstools in the forest! Wild swine
crowd round the public trough! Outrageous gerrymandering! Pocket lining on a
massive scale! Paid lobbyists sit in committee rooms and write legislation
to alleviate the suffering of billionaires! Hypocrisies shine like cat turds
in the moonlight! O Mark Twain, where art thou at this hour? Arise and
behold the Gilded Age reincarnated gaudier than ever, upholding great wealth
as the sure sign of Divine Grace.

Here in 2004, George W. Bush is running for reelection on a platform of
tragedy-the single greatest failure of national defense in our history, the
attacks of 9/11 in which 19 men with box cutters put this nation into a
tailspin, a failure the details of which the White House fought to keep
secret even as it ran the country into hock up to the hubcaps, thanks to
generous tax cuts for the well-fixed, hoping to lead us into a box canyon of
debt that will render government impotent, even as we engage in a war
against a small country that was undertaken for the president’s personal
satisfaction but sold to the American public on the basis of brazen
misinformation, a war whose purpose is to distract us from an enormous
transfer of wealth taking place in this country, flowing upward, and the
deception is working beautifully.

The concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few is the death
knell of democracy. No republic in the history of humanity has survived
this. The election of 2004 will say something about what happens to ours.
The omens are not good.

Our beloved land has been fogged with fear-fear, the greatest political
strategy ever. An ominous silence, distant sirens, a drumbeat of whispered
warnings and alarms to keep the public uneasy and silence the opposition.
And in a time of vague fear, you can appoint bullet-brained judges, strip
the bark off the Constitution, eviscerate federal regulatory agencies, bring
public education to a standstill, stupefy the press, lavish gorgeous tax
breaks on the rich.

There is a stink drifting through this election year. It isn’t the Florida
recount or the Supreme Court decision. No, it’s 9/11 that we keep coming
back to. It wasn’t the "end of innocence," or a turning point in our
history, or a cosmic occurrence, it was an event, a lapse of security. And
patriotism shouldn’t prevent people from asking hard questions of the man
who was purportedly in charge of national security at the time.

Whenever I think of those New Yorkers hurrying along Park Place or getting
off the No.1 Broadway local, hustling toward their office on the 90th floor,
the morning paper under their arms, I think of that non-reader George W.
Bush and how he hopes to exploit those people with a little economic uptick,
maybe the capture of Osama, cruise to victory in November and proceed to get
some serious nation-changing done in his second term.

This year, as in the past, Republicans will portray us Democrats as
embittered academics, desiccated Unitarians, whacked-out hippies and
communards, people who talk to telephone poles, the party of the Deadheads.
They will wave enormous flags and wow over and over the footage of firemen
in the wreckage of the World Trade Center and bodies being carried out and
they will lie about their economic policies with astonishing enthusiasm.

The Union is what needs defending this year. Government of Enron and by
Halliburton and for the Southern Baptists is not the same as what Lincoln
spoke of. This gang of Pithecanthropus Republicanii has humbugged us to
death on terrorism and tax cuts for the comfy and school prayer and flag
burning and claimed the right to know what books we read and to dump their
sewage upstream from the town and clear-cut the forests and gut the IRS and
mark up the constitution on behalf of intolerance and promote the corporate
takeover of the public airwaves and to hell with anybody who opposes them.

This is a great country, and it wasn’t made so by angry people. We have a
sacred duty to bequeath it to our grandchildren in better shape than however
we found it. We have a long way to go and we’re not getting any younger.

Dante said that the hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who in time
of crisis remain neutral, so I have spoken my piece, and thank you, dear
reader. It’s a beautiful world, rain or shine, and there is more to life
than winning.

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Wednesday November 24 - 20:42 - Posted by 7eca4759832f5852...

We feel your pain and we love it.

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Wednesday November 24 - 22:32 - Posted by a890845c51c70eb9...

Another manifestation of the election being rigged in favor of Bush is seen in the vote tallies of the provisional ballots. Why was this standby almost exclusively used by Kerry supporters to try to get their vote to count? If the provisional ballot mechanism was truly non-partisan in nature, the provisional ballot votes for Bush should be in approximate proportion as his overall vote tally, but it defintely is NOT. It is almost overwhelmingly for Kerry, apparently, from the information I have received.

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Wednesday November 24 - 23:52 - Posted by 1122a42601ceb4e3...

Duh....the provisional ballot laws were recently put there due to the thieft of the 2000 election...it was supposed to be a safe guard for people who were eligible to vote but were being denied the right by Republican poll minders...get it...the Republican elections officials (crooks) have been denying people the right to vote and therefore the provisional ballots were a safety net to give these voters a chance to vote...they were put there to get around Republican dirty tricks....get it yet? Does it make sense that if Democrat voters are not being allowed to vote even though they are eligible that this explains why they are the ones who need to cast their ballots on provisional ballots because they can’t get past the Republican poll tenders....can you be so stupid? Lets see how to explain it to a moron, first the eligible voter is denied the regular ballot (Republican poll workers says NO I decided you can not vote i.e., you are registered Democrat, I want Bush so I am taking it upon myself to see that you can’t vote) the voter then requests a provisional ballot, and is entitled to one by the new laws, so the Republican poll worker must (doesn’t want too though) give the voter one, voter votes for Kerry as was already apparent when he registered Democrat the Republican poll worker (dirty tricks party) has to accept the provisional ballot, isn’t able to pitch it in the trash as others are watching, this happens all day long, and guess what only Democrat voters are being forced to cast provisional ballots...get it yet?

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Thursday November 25 - 00:00 - Posted by 467a5b2f0866beb0...

You lefties are so insane. There could be various reasons that a voter might be left out of the voter list on election day. Those people who could not be verified are given the provisional ballot. They can be republican as well as democratic voters. What makes you think that democratic elections officials are also not at the polls in order to look out for the democrat voter?

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Thursday November 25 - 00:27 - Posted by 1122a42601ceb4e3...

They were there looking out for the Democratic voter, that is why the provisional ballots were not pitched in the garbage....and since the provisional ballots were mostly used by Democrat voters, it just says that the Republicans were allowed to vote on regular ballots while the Democrats were denied the regular ballots in hope that they would not be counted.

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Thursday November 25 - 17:51 - Posted by 33220702f83c6542...

Some more unfounded liberal allegations.

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Thursday December 2 - 06:12 - Posted by 1fb310185428977b...

You are very imaginative, but it turns out that you are just like a liberal amking no sense at all. In Ohio, the election board consists of equal numbers of democrates and Republicans. More than that, the county in questions, Franklin county, the chairman of Democratic county (Anthony) is also chairman off election board. Anthony evensaid to Columbus Dispatch: ( I am a black man also democrate, how would I sit there to do that thing to disenfranchize my community (people) to vote). This is the same situation in Hamilton County, Montgomery county. The election Business of Cuyahoga County was even done in a democratic party office These democrates already denied accusations you talked about from their fellow democrates. Are you suggesting that the Democrates want Bush to win also. Then, you start a new party, preferrably called ABB party (anybody but Bush).

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Thursday November 25 - 06:07 - Posted by 33220702f83c6542...

I think you’re smoking crack, buddy.

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Thursday November 25 - 19:03 - Posted by b6d42fc71913d5d7...

I am a Republican who lives in Cleveland, and I think there are two sides to this—and both sides point to the same thing. I grew up outside of Philadelphia, which has a history of democratic voter fraud. But, in Ohio, the voter fraud was largely Republican. I was at the polls all day long, in an almost exclusively African-American precinct and I did not see a single sign of voter fraud on behalf of the democrats. The Republican challengers did not even challenge anyone’s registration, because it was so well-organized. Throughout the whole day, there was only one slight discsrepancy in names, and it was a spelling error.

What is the problem in Ohio? The problem is a conflict of interest. Kenneth Blackwell, a right-wing extremist republican, was the head of the Bush-Cheney campaign in Ohio, and he was also the secretary of state in Ohio, and is the one who is ultimately in charge of overseeing the election. He also was supporting the "Issue 1" amendment in Ohio, an amendment to the ohio constitution which goes beyond banning gay marriage to actually make it illegal for anyone in the state to provide marriage-like benefits to employees. The amendment was anti-business and anti-American. Another conflict of interest in this election was the Diebold corporation.

I personally would like to see more criticism of our election, and I would like to see us solve these problems. I would like to see public officials such as Blackwell, with a clear conflict of interest, banned from participating in the election process, or at least, made to work with opposition leaders as well. I would like to see crackdowns on the "dead voter" phenomenon in heavily democratic cities such as Philadelphia or Chicago. I would like to see fair, consistent policies for voting in rural areas, suburbs, and cities alike. And I would like to see requirements on voting machines that they are based on open standards, that their software and hardware is fully open-source and the specifications are available to public scrutiny, and that the machines leave paper trails. And all mechanical machines should be examined as well—New York state uses a certain type of level-machine that has been shown to have as much as 20% inaccuracy.

All these inconsistencies are ABSOLUTELY INEXCUSABLE in a democracy.

And I can say: anyone who opposes these policies, whether democrat or republican, is not a real American, and does not really believe in free elections.

We as Americans need to band together, become UNIFIED, and agree to end voter fraud and voting inconsistencies once and for all. We need to come from both sides of the political spectrum, and put and end to ALL voter fraud. Anything less is simply wrong.

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Thursday November 25 - 23:12 - Posted by 33220702f83c6542...

You make the statement "in Ohio, the voter fraud was largely Republican". Could you tell me what evidence you have of this.

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Friday November 26 - 04:49 - Posted by 1122a42601ceb4e3...

On the right side there is a list of articles...there are about 10 or more that will spell it out about the election fraud issue...or do you need someone to read it to you?

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Friday November 26 - 06:38 - Posted by 33220702f83c6542...

No I was asking a simple question, what evidence is there to suggest voter fraud. Does the claim of an inadequate number of voting machines constitute voter fraud? I doubt it. Does the claim of a higher number of democrats than republicans using provisional ballots constitute voter fraud? I doubt it. Does the fact that an error was made in counting votes in one of the counties constitute voter fraud. As far as I’ve heard on this one, it was a machine error, not an intentional human error. Unless there is evidence that suggests otherwise, making statements that it IS voter fraud is irresponsible. I asked the question because I wanted to know what the person thought was republican voter fraud and the evidence there was to support it.

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Friday November 26 - 08:55 - Posted by 1122a42601ceb4e3...

Nothing would constitute fraud to a Bush butt kisser...maybe he will let you wipe his ass for him why don’t you go volunteer?

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Saturday November 27 - 01:20 - Posted by 33220702f83c6542...

Exactly what I thought... no proof. Thanks for clearing things up.

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Friday November 26 - 23:34 - Posted by e07eb8ed29980bbc...

I worked at a polling place on the edge Columbus metro area (but outside of Franklin County) and I saw no irregularities, but there were very long lines for most of the morning. I worked from 6:00AM until 10:15PM that night. I spent a lot of time explaining to many voters (who had never used them before) how to use the punchcard system. In every case that I saw poll workers (a purposeful mix of pollitical affiliatons) bent over backwards to ensure fairness, equality and access for each voter.

It mattered not to me if every voter was there to vote for the candidate that I did not favor, I was there to uphold the sanctity and honesty of the voting process. I am also a Republican and agree with the Cleveland Republican that we need to get our elections process whipped into shape so that there can be no opportunity for, or claims of, partisanship, disenfranchisement or fraud.

We need to have enough voting equipment and staff to handle high-turnout elections; having ’adequte’ equipment for ’most’ elections just isn’t good enough.

> How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Thursday December 2 - 06:29 - Posted by 1fb310185428977b...

First of all, Ohio did not use Diebold voting machines. Also, there were long lines in Republican and Democrates areas, I agree we have to improve nationwide, but we cannot call this as a republican fraud. About conflict of interest, what does a chairman of a Democratic Party in a county do? I assume that he/she would have to campaign for Kerry. So, it is a conflict of interest that he /she is a chairman of election Board of theat county also. Don’t blame SOS of Ohio.

How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Saturday April 7 - 17:55 - Posted by 7015bf3dc6753ef9...


How the Ohio election was rigged for Bush
Saturday April 7 - 19:30 - Posted by e145f659be879bd5...

The thing Citizens MUST have in order to ensure nobody cheats (and people WILL cheat especially when the stakes are so high) is to have an ABSOLUTELY transparent process. When you have sealed machines , that the citizens have no way of knowing if the results were fair, you’re asking for trouble. A simple process, that gives the voter a paper copy of the vote, also with a number, that can be used to access a secure data base for the Citzens confirmation that the vote was recorded accurately would be easy enough to implement, and make our voting process much more trust-worthy. Remember you few people, who still for some reason, think Bush has done a good job, next time the same forces that installed Bush may install Hillary and your BADLY going to wish you had stood up to a secure voting process rather than simply being blindly partisan. I’m basically a Libertarian/3rd party kind of guy, and I remain in awe that anyone of ANY persuasion can back Bush, but whatever if you still think he’s directing our country well, more power to you, but you are in a REAL minority now. Hillary will never get my vote either, I’m waiting to see how Ron Paul does in expressing his thoughts for the country, and though I’m not a Democrat I like Dennis Kucinnich’s seeming stand on Civil Liberties. If Hillary get’s SELECTED I’m very concerned for the direction of our country, just as much as I am if Mcaine get’s selected. I don’t see that either of these candidates have any abilty to be anything other than pawns for the NWO Agenda. I’ve heard Costa Rica or Panama are not bad places to retire!!!

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