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Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?

by : Cindy Sheehan
Wednesday February 2, 2005 - 17:17

Not Worth It

I was supposed to be on the Larry King Live show last night. I was asked to be on the show to offer my opinion on the election in Iraq from the perspective of a mom whose son was killed in the war prior to the elections. One of the questions I was going to be asked was: Do I think my son sacrifice was worth it? Well, I didn’t get a chance to be on the show last night, because I was bumped for something that is really important: The Michael Jackson Trial.

If I was allowed to go on Larry King Live last night and give my opinion about the elections and about my son’s sacrifice, this is what I would have told Mr. King and his viewers:

My son, Spc. Casey Austin Sheehan (KIA, Sadr City, 04/04/04) enlisted in the Army to protect America and give something back to our country. He didn’t enlist to be used and misused by a reckless Commander-in-Chief who sent his troops to preemptively attack and occupy a country that was no imminent threat (or any threat) to our country. Casey was sent to die in a war that was based on the imagination of some Neo-Cons who love to fill our lives with fear.

Casey didn’t agree with the Mission but being the courageous and honorable man that he was he knew he had to go to this mistake of a war to support his buddies. Casey also wondered aloud many times why precious troops and resources were being diverted from the real war on terror.

Casey was told that he would be welcomed to Iraq as a liberator with chocolates and rose petals strewn in front of his unarmored Humvee. He was in Iraq for two short weeks when the Shiite rebel welcome wagon welcomed him to Baghdad with bullets and RPGs, which took his young and beautiful life. I think my son’s helmet and Viet Nam era flak jacket would have protected him better from the chocolates and flower petals.

Casey was killed after George Bush proclaimed Mission Accomplished on May 1, 2003 he was also killed after Saddam was captured in December of that same year. Casey was killed before the transfer of power in June of 2004 and before these elections. Four marines were tragically killed after the election, yesterday. By my count about five dozen Iraqis and coalition troops were killed on Election Day, is that the definition of Catastrophic Success? But is that a good day in Iraq? Hundreds of our young people and thousands of Iraqis have been needlessly and senselessly murdered since George Bush triumphantly announced an end to major combat almost 2 years ago now. All of the above events have been heralded by this administration as turning points in the war on terror or as wonderful events in the march of democracy. Really? I don’t think, judging by very recent history, that the elections will stop the bloodshed and destruction.

I would have asked Mr. King if he would want to sacrifice one of his children for sham elections in Iraq. Would he or George Bush send their children to be killed, or maimed for life, for a series of lies, mistakes and miscalculations? Now that every lie has been exposed to the light for the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Why are our sons and daughters still there? NOT ONE MORE DROP OF BLOOD SHOULD BE SPILLED FOR THIS PACK OF LIES.

This war was sold to the American people by a slimy leadership with a maniacal zeal and phony sincerity that would have impressed snake oil salesmen a century ago. The average American needs to hear from people who have been devastated by the arrogance and ignorance of an administration that doesn’t even have the decency or compassion to sign our death letters.

In the interest of being a fair and balanced(oops, wrong network), I would have been pitted against a parent who still agrees with the Mission and the President. Although, I grieve for that parent’s loss and I respect that parent’s opinion, I would have defied Mr. King, or that parent to explain the Mission to me. I don’t think anyone can do it with a straight face. The President has also stated that we need to keep our troops in Iraq to honor our sacrifices by completing this elusive and ever changing Mission. My response to him is Just because it is too late for Casey and the Sheehan family, why would we want another innocent life taken, in the name of this chameleon of a Mission?

Well, I was bumped from the show anyway. Now that Scott Peterson has been convicted and sentenced for his crimes and Laci and Connor’s families have the justice they deserve, we have the new trial of the century to keep our minds off of the nasty and annoying fact that we are waging an immoral war in Iraq. We can fill our TV screens and homes with the glorified images of the Michael Jackson molestation trial. We can fill our lives with outrage over victims and hope they get justice; not even questioning the fact that George Bush, his dishonest cabinet, and their misguided policies aren’t even brought to the court of public opinion. We won’t have to confront ourselves with the fact that the leaders of our country and their lies are responsible for the deaths of 1438 brave Americans, tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis, and the loss of our Nation’s credibility throughout the world. That might mean we would have to turn off our television sets and do something about it.

Oh yeah. In answer to the original question Larry: No it wasn’t worth it!!

Cindy Sheehan Mother of Hero: Spc Casey Austin Sheehan KIA 04/04/04 Casey’s Peace Page Co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace: www.GSFP.org

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Commentaires de l'article

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Wednesday February 2 - 23:16 - Posted by bd48d64c07e155f5...

Thank you Ms. Sheehan for your thoughtful comments. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Your Larry King experience is just indicative of the sick priorities operating in our country these days. Michael Jackson, indeed!

Rest assured, we will not forget how these NeoCons have perverted our foreign policy to conform to and abet the murderous aspirations of the Likudnik government in Israel. We have all been fooled by their lies and secret schemes. If there is justice in this world, their day of reckoning will come soon.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Thursday February 3 - 07:02 - Posted by c9f8f2b9c3806e67...

I am sorry to hear of your plight. My sympathies.

I know there is a standard that is being used now, called "Neocon" to refer to individuals that are directing this nation. But, I would like to say to you and others who are reading my comment, that individuals like the present "Neocon" have always existed in this culture. It is a reason why we are here today, those of us with Eurocentric genes, having replaced the prior existing nations/peoples on this [now, the U.S.] land.

And what I am about to say may sound cruel, but, had you not lost your son, would you be feeling the same about the Iraqi conflict today?

Again, I know, it sounds callous, but if you are reading this, Cindy, I would like to hear from you and other posters who would like to comment on this. But, please, try to be as objective as possible; I know how emotional a loss of life can be and especially when considering that the liars are all safe.

My reason for asking is only to try and clarify my thinking and the thinking of people around me; ie. the other bloggers/readers.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Thursday February 3 - 09:19 - Posted by 9e976687ed4ce970...

You say you wish to clarify yours and others thinking. Present day thinking will never be clear as long as truth is supressed and information is suspect. However, you imply that Ms. Sheehan’s attitude may have been different had her son not been killed. So how popular would this invasion have been had the U.S. advertised that there was a better than average chance that any soldier going there would be wounded or killed in defence of, not America, but Eurocentric corporations and ideals? If the Iraqi people wanted democracy that bad then they should have risen up themselves and overthrown Saddam, for which they probably would have received covert American assistance. The fact the U.S. invaded proves that THEY are the ones that want to control Iraq once "democracy" has been established. And to keep this thinking from becoming clearer, the corporate-controlled media continues to blur the view with misdirectional stories of celebrity gossip and scandal . Larry King is part of this crap factory, and until we turn our backs on any media that wish to partake in this charade, there will be thousands more Ms. Sheehans.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Thursday February 3 - 19:57 - Posted by 2bce7eb67dfcf86c...

Thank you for replying. Yes, basically, that is what I would like to explore and document [that Ms. Sheehan’s attitudes would be different, save for her loss.] And you are correct in that truth is lacking severly.

A point to explore is the Engineers for Social Thought (tm) have exploited to the advantage of war, namely, the intrinsic within each of us that is fear and dislike for other peoples unlike us.

A great many of us are not aware of other cultures and peoples. Especially, in the context of their nation or aboriginal community. Our measurement of those peoples’ systems is based more of then not on the News [when topical] or the ethnic neighbourhood resturant or enclave. This fear and ignorance easily leads us to the point of hate and war when it is framed for aggression.

In the lead up to and including the conflict, there have been many way-points where falsehoods by the Engineers of Social Thought (tm) have been used to conduct or to facilitate the destruction or Iraq and promote the conflict.

During the time a falsehood is topical there appears to be no amount of logic and reason that can be mustered to counter the falsehood. This unreasonable emotional binding to the falsehood and total suspension of thinking logically is, I believe, part of that "hate and fear" we have of peoples who are not us.

Then there appears to be both a residual effect as well as a slow melding of this falsehood into other, similar, functionalities.

Case in point, those mobile biological units. At the time, some newspapers carried pictures of some semi-tractor trailers in the desert and labelled them as such. Looking at the pictures, it seems all to obvious that they cannot possibly be used as mobile labs. The tractor trailor appears to be made of metal frame and there is a tarp thrown over the entire affair.

At the time, I did a small study and found that the subjects of the study when viewing the picture saw something entirely different than a dilapilated semi-trailor with a filmsy tarp cover. There was no argument that could have been presented to counter this. I will agree that the study was limited both by funding and time. The data set was 689 peoples and on average the interview took 10 minutes.

When it was pointed out that desert temperatures and airobrne sand are not condusive to such experienents; that a tarp covering would not provide the protection for the scientiest to do his work nor to the expriment. This was simply dismissed generally without a response from the subject.

In a recent follow up study with a differnt set of subjects, when the same picture/text data was presented; the subjects, yet showed a strong affinity with the original falsehood. Dismissing the counter arguments with, "well, that’s how they do it over there".

There is still a lot of cheeleaders in the American public for this war, mind you.

This ignorance of science and other peoples’ cultures coupled with the lack of self-reflection in us and a certain messianic outlook, I believe, leads us to aggression.

The death of her son, I believe, brought Ms. Sheenan to that point of self-reflection and discovery. Albeit, not necessarily to reason. If this were the case, we would not be in Iraq today.

I cannot even imagine what a mother would feel at a loss of her child. And it is unreasonable to think that we should go through such a thing to have war brought into focus.

So, my initial assertion, that Ms. Sheenan, due to her "fear and hate" of tribes unlike her’s caused her to be pro-war. Only, at her personal severe loss did she commit to looking at some of the falsehoods as falsehoods.

Many thanks again for your reply. Please, contribute more.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Thursday February 3 - 21:27 - Posted by 382995759060c8cd...

Here here! This a is a perfect example of how manipulated CNN is even though they claim they are not. Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson, etc. are prime examples of the smoke screens these
"fair and balanced" media use to take the focus off the war in Iraq. On top of that, this nauseating positive spin given to the "elections" in Iraq is criminal. The story SHOULD be how this "election" will backfire in the "Butchies" faces when Al-Sistani takes power and immediatly
demands U.S withdrawl. This in turn will cause turmoil throughout the region where minority Sunni
rulers will have to deal with Shia uprisings.
Bruce Cameron

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Friday February 4 - 18:28 - Posted by 2f86730d94536380...

Your post touches on serveral items, I will try to respond to a couple of them.

I think you are forgetting that the original reason America invaded Iraq was on the [now well understood pretext] WMDs issue. The question of: "If the Iraqi people wanted democracy that bad..." is moot. The issue of democracy in Iraq [and soon to be extented elsewhere at gunpoint] is now being used because it sticks in the American public’s mind in the "Good" ledger column.

With this latest raison d’etre [for war] the American public will without thinking fall in line once again, as Cindy Sheenhan and her son had done, and the stage will be set for a repeat.

It would appear that nothing has been learned from the loss of Mrs. Sheehan’s son.

Therefore, I think to ask my original question and wonder if that will give the answer to stop the movie’s rerun.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Saturday February 5 - 12:19 - Posted by 3be099787b380c6f...

I see the word "neocon" is in parenthesis.
Here in Britain one journalist asked,
"Why don`t we just say imperialist jew?"

Because, that is what you have, a small group of totally deluded religious crackpots, who also happen to be in control of the white house, the pentagon, the mainstream media, the pharmeceutical companies, the....

C`mon America, you have become enslaved to a lie.

A "neocon" lie.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Monday February 7 - 20:29 - Posted by 69470ff4f66a9165...

It seem’s like you really feel sorry for this mother’s loss. But since it sound’s like you have no family member’s over there, how could you have a clue what it’s like to wonder every day if a man in uniform comes to your front door to tell you that your son or daughter is dead?? I don’t understand how the religious right can be so behind bush and his war. It must be the fact that he support’s thier agenda. Making abortion’s, illegal and stopping gay marriage’s. If they put more of thier political pull, and money ,for positive thing’s, the US would be a much better place to live. NEO- CON, NEO- NAZI, they are starting to seem like the same mentality.Either follow our belief’s, or get out the way. The seperation of church and state is growing thinner every day.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Thursday February 3 - 19:32 - Posted by 86d60f93ba2372b6...

Keep fighting, Cindy. There are millions who support you, including myself. I respect the heck out of you, and deeply lament the fact that Larry King did not fight on your behalf to ensure that you were featured on his show.
John Cerna
Washinton, DC

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Thursday February 3 - 21:44 - Posted by eaeecc6523f9f3bd...

Ms. Sheehan,

I am deeply sorry for your loss. The number of American soldiers who have been killed or wounded is truly tragic. What is also profoundly tragic, but hardly ever seems to get mentioned, are the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi victims. I just wanted to thank you for including them in the human family in your comments.

 Washington D.C.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Thursday February 3 - 22:33 - Posted by 48034c8f137ac4bd...

Thanks for your message Mrs. Sheehan. There are millions of Americans who support you and we will try everything we can to bring the troops home. Currently, about 25% of Americans are wrapped up in the flag and think the government can do no wrong, about 10-15% want to bring the troops home, The other 60% of Americans are busy watching Cheers, some reality TV show or Britney Spears and are too oblivious to care about this war.

As for the poster who said, "How would you feel if your son hadn’t died". Wow, shame on you, SHAME ON YOU. Mrs. Sheehan’s son went to Iraq so your and none of your family members or friends would have to. They went to protect the American people, and this is what you can say. Wow, some people have no morals, ethics or humanity. Mrs. Sheehan, please rest assured, people like this are in the minority. If we can get the oblivious 60% to get interested in current affairs, we have a much better chance of ending this war, apologizing to the Iraqis and paying war reparations. Then we can fix our foreign policy which is the real reason that we are in this mess in the first place.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Friday February 4 - 02:30 - Posted by b4134a465a571f75...

Yes, this would be me. I am the poster and I am very interested in this specific issue. I am not ashamed to question the transitional moment when the attitude changed.

That moment is worth understanding and documenting for future actions and our safety — to try to ensure and realize the decision of that initial moment that led to her grave personal loss.

As the flip side of this coin, had her son came back alive, she would have celebrated. But it still would have left no understanding of the lethal actions and misery that was inflicted onto the opponent. [A whole set of circumstances to document and learn from... Sadly.]

But let me say that I disagree with you on why her son went and because of his going that I didn’t have to go, etc. I don’t believe this is causal; that is, it is independent sets of circumstances that found the poor lad there and dead and why I am here, or my family or my firends or my enemies. It could have been none of us had to go...

It is a mistaken belief that somehow the troops in Iraq are proctecting me here or protecting other [all] Americans. Those chaps are no more than pawns in a deadly game being played for resources and extended conflict with another civilization/population.

As an aside: I am finding that this cobflict will be extended and other families will experience such losses from playing into this "cheerleader" [if you will] thinking.

Getting back to my two opening sentences: Had Mrs. Sheehan and her son [et al] had not looked upon this with a certain amount of cheer and mistaken belief of doing good, it may have prevented this death and other deaths — Both Iraqi and American. And who knows, Mrs. Sheehan’s son may have gone to land on Mars as the first human. But whatever potential this young man had will be no more. Ever.

So, in some respects, in a meta-physical sense, her and her son’s early cheerleading [if you will] contributed to her [and our] curret state. It is a shame that we cannot back track in time and take another path from the point that led to failure. Had they not found "comfort" in the lies that were presented then; had they looked not only to the lies but the underside of those lies, then certainly things may have been different.

My intent is to understand this and write about it and perhaps have others understand it and also teach me of their understanding, then perhaps, we may not find ourselves doing the bidding for those responsible for such loss of lives.

And yes, I am sure my question(s) will sound callous. But it is a point that I think is worth exploring to better understand the human situation — lest we repeat. Collectively, far into the future, some humans may start to understand and take more a critical view of what their leaders are saying as a result. It is, however, only a small, small, chance that this will happen. But, I believe, we must try.

Thank you for your contribution. If you care to, please refine my thinking with follow ups.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Thursday February 3 - 23:56 - Posted by 3975a0c1d48ec19a...

I am glad to hear this. Whenever I turn on the news they have some BS about the Michael Jackson trial or some more BS about Social Security. This whole administration is based on distraction. The war was a distraction from the economy, gay marriage was a distraction from the war, and the news are the distractions from everything that man that I did not vote for and his lies. I don’t care about some forty year old pervert with a fake nose. I have family in Iraq and I want to know if they are okay. Lets make sure Larry King hears this.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Friday February 4 - 02:25 - Posted by bd48d64c07e155f5...

Does anyone know what the hell "thank you for replying" is talking about? A study he/she did involving a tarp-covered semi posing as a mobile bio-lab? What has this got to do with the price of fish? He/she is either so far above us all that we can’t see the point that’s being made, or he/she is so hopelessly confused that the forest has been lost on the trees.

Give the Bush junta hell, Cindy Sheehan. It deserves it!

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Friday February 4 - 04:12 - Posted by 11cb3789f8650061...

"Thank you for replying" is trying to ask us why it takes the loss of a loved one to open our eyes to the immense brainwashing (or cheerleading) that the current government is doing.

However, "Thank you for replying," this is not the right place for voicing that question. Ms. Sheehan doesn’t need to hear that right now, because like you said, it will only sound callous.

Ms. Sheehan, my deepest condolences. Keep speaking out, we are behind you all the way.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Friday February 4 - 06:37 - Posted by 1ae9ad3cee41c74b...

Perhaps you are correct but I’ve found no other venue. My apologies for my rather academic approach to this.

As I’ve stated in my previous postings, my sympathies are with Mrs. Sheehan and her family and all the others who I have not read/heard about.

I am not even sure that Mrs. Sheehan is reading this or is aware; I mean no disrespect.

My questions are only meant to refine my and perhaps others’ thinking. In doing so those who see and understand this "transition point" in thinking may come up with answers to counter the huge lies presented in the immediate that are directing us in to wars.

I am afraid that we are marching down this path once more, the cadence is all too familiar to the prior one that led us into our current affair in Iraq.

Is it too much to ask that good persons may look to one and other for this understanding?

Albeit, for me, I know I do not have the ability to convey my thinking clearly to others... I leave that to the more capable humans...

Thanks and this time "Cheers"... Please do reply in good faith...

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Friday February 4 - 07:07 - Posted by fae2a2148024488e...

Hi ,I am an Australian and I know you are going to hate me for what I am going to say but I cannot watch your president on the TV or hear him talk. He does something to my blood pressure. It shoots up as soon as I see him or hear his voice.Nobody else does this to me.There is somethiing inheritently wrong with the man.
I agree with all that Cindy has said and my heart goes out to her and all the families of the US soldiers.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Friday February 4 - 10:44 - Posted by 798f8adbcf98adb7...

I absolutely agree with you. I’m British, and I too find it hard to watch George W. Bush on television, without wanting to scream or throw something at the screen - and I’ve felt that since he was first elected back in 2001, let alone after all the tragedies that have happened since. How can this man, who calls himself a Christian, who has suddenly become some kind of symbol for morality, sleep at night? How can anybody within his administration, guiding or following him, live with themselves when they see the mess in Iraq? How can anyone who voted for this man and his lies justify that vote - especially on the grounds of morality?! (If it wasn’t so devastating it would be laughable!)

Casey Sheehan was obviously an honorable and brave man, who wanted to fight for truth. His mother is now carrying on that fight. My thoughts, prayers and deepest respect go to her.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Friday February 4 - 13:11 - Posted by 2959eb8dfd5c6566...

I know F9/11 is all lies, at least thats what my emperor tells me, but did we all forget Lila Lipscomb? I don’t think anything has to be "explored" here, been there, done that.

The mainstream corporate media is corrupt, complicit, and they are washing the blood on their hands, with the tears of the American people. It’s as simple as that. They know it, we know it, and the world knows it. This is an info war and according to the pentagon, the American people are the enemy. Pat Act I/II/, Liberty Act, homeland security,....please...this is not a "free" society unless you do as your told and pay your taxes like a good little expendable American. We don’t even rank in the top ten in the world for press freedom.

Cindy’s son, is just one more of those expendable Americans and there will be more, believe that. The MSM is more then happy to oblige in the coverup, they can legally lie, so what stops them? Start learning where to put your money, because they’re using it against you.

Out of sight, out of mind.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Friday February 4 - 15:49 - Posted by 17f27382dc7d56dd...

I think that the saddest thing to me is to see just how many people are blindly following the lies and utter dangerous propoganda from this corrupted Bush administration.Sadly,people are narrow-minded and that explains it I guess. (Many people I talk to just say "well we haven’t been attacked since 9/11-so he’s doing a good job).I’m sorry to Casey Sheehan’s family-I totally agree we demand to know why the president and congress who authorized the war are not willing to sacrafice their child to the mess that has been made.
I protested W’s inauguration,have been to 2 other protests besides that and will continue to go to them-because America just cannot afford anymore of a Bush administration-not of unjust wars,horrible foreign policies;being lied to on a continuous basis;tax cuts for the richest people in our country only;more people to be unemployed and uninsured;we need money for our schools;we can’t afford anymore abuse of our environment;we need to remember our constitution and what it says, etc etc

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Friday February 4 - 18:12 - Posted by 71922fde368d171f...

I am an American and I hate Bush and his evil doers. BUSH SUCKS and many Americans agree with me, unfortunately there are also many very stupid Americans who are lazy jerks. Blame a terrible education system and the corporate media. I am sorry to the rest of the world and Ms. Sheehan.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Saturday February 5 - 23:41 - Posted by cc85e6a7be2bdae0...

You’re right: there are many very stupid Americans who are lazy jerks. The U.S. media sucks ass. Turn off your TVs. You are being mind-manipulated.
I’ve met 2 decent U.S. citizens who are totally 100% opposed to this fake war on terror. Both of them moved out of the U.S. because they couldn’t stand living there anymore.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Monday February 21 - 06:51 - Posted by bb8928fa73d7bd5e...

Bush is only a puppet of course - besides he is certifiably insane (read "Bush On The Couch").
The real power brokers are Cheney, Shultz, Wolfowitz, Perle, Huntington, Brezinski, Wurmser, Feith, and all the other neo-con fascists - who have hijacked the US Republic, and their Likkud-Israeli (zionist jews) / financial oligarchy (world money powers - incl the royal family etc) controllers.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Friday February 4 - 18:33 - Posted by b9f7a01cf04b6fe3...

She would never had the opportunity, because 3 or 4 sentences in they would have cut her off and went to commercial and came back with something else. Yes they are afraid of the truth and tow the party line if they don’t, there will certainly be trouble. For the most part I never listen or watch mainstream media.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Friday February 4 - 18:54 - Posted by b9f7a01cf04b6fe3...

I am Canadian, I watch what GW is doing to your once great country and the rest of the world. The pure ignorance of the population in the USofA is certainly a very scary thing to the rest of us. I feel for your loss Cindy, I feel for the loss of all families, American and Iraqi. This war is not about FREEDOM and LIBERTY, its about MONEY and POWER. America under GW has lost more freedoms and liberties than in any other time in its history. I never hear the words Human Rights when this man/monster speaks. Double talk and newspeak to the uneducated, low income population, which grows by the day, week, month and year. Fear is instilled in every citizen of America, with the prospects of pertpetual war, I think of George Orwell and his novel 1984, Americans had better wake up and wake up soon. Before its too late...for the whole world.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Friday February 4 - 20:00 - Posted by 4277021de7229aff...

I extend my deepest sympathies to you and your family, Cindy. Unfortunately the networks ARE afraid to touch on the truth...as are some Americans these days. Are there subliminal messages being fed to the masses during all that reality T.V.? I’m not sure if most CAN distinguish between fact and fiction any longer, or if they want to.

By the way, I read your daughter’s poem, "A Nation Being Rocked to Sleep", on Michael Moore’s website the other day. WOW!! I sent it out to everyone I know. Very powerful and moving. Stay strong and true to yourself and Casey. There is hope. It’s people like you, Cindy, who help to keep that hope alive. Blessed be.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Saturday February 5 - 02:22 - Posted by c8f8e81a3758f202...

It was a lie detector for the aliens to see just how bad he is.lol.. hahaha. No, actually it was a device and he did cheat and yup them guys ’decided’ not to put the truth out soo close to election time. Just another episode in the Bush bull and butterfly effect resulting in another near one drip actually sweat of nervousness to much overflowing and seeing some truth. Trust no one..the truth is out there? Speaketh Huh?merica media.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Saturday February 5 - 03:55 - Posted by 87d9b2a48555c7e8...

I saw Mrs. Sheehan a few weeks ago when she appeared opposite another mother who had lost a son, who made the astounding statement that if her son and others had not gone to Iraq to fight, we women in this country would now be wearing bourkas!

I thank Mrs. Sheehan for her courage and her willingness to speak.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Sunday February 6 - 23:35 - Posted by 2d644f5542357f9c...

Thus, here, we can see that even with such a personal loss, there are American mothers who not only hold true what their leaders are telling them but their own fears of Islam and people of the Near East makes them have such supereme fantasies.

Has any one here considered the inplications of this show where Mrs. Sheehan’s viewpoint was countered by the other mom? Surely, the producers were aware of both mohers’ viewpoints prior to their appearance. The implications are enormous — and I’m sure it was justified under the rubric of "providing a balanced" sets of opinion.

What makes these fantasic beliefs so dangerous is that some of these people will react to their personal halcyon in very real and effective ways.

It is ever more important to understand Mrs. Sheenhan’s change of thinking. The burden that some posters have placed on her; that is, now she is elucidating others through her loss, etc. etc. leaves it as her responsibility. Where as I think if we understood the change we can possibily make it "many of our responsbility".

Some posters have said that this is not the proper place for my questioining, but it appears there are even less appropriate places.

I’m afraid if this and other’s questions/concerns are allowed to fade in time; then surely we will repeat it in the future. [As some writers who were alive at the time of Viet Nam are starting to mention (equate) our involvement in Iraq.]

Just an observation: More than likely, the frightenned-speak of the bourkas will live in viewers’/listeners’ mind much more than the deaths of either of the sons.

An aside: To some who may be interested:

The people who are against war have used [with little or no change] slogans and methods [peace marches, etc] that are more than 30 years old. The group that is pro-war is using timely, emotionally potent oversimplifications and are getting results. What is preventing the anit-war group from effecticely challenging the pro-war group at their level?

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Saturday February 5 - 13:25 - Posted by bd48d64c07e155f5...

To the Metaphysician,

Whereas your probing questions may have great anthropological value within the context of some dispassionate study related to human motivation and the need to believe in authority, they are inappropriate with respect to Cindy Sheehan’s loss. To resort to a tired cliche, "The Fog of War" is almost all-enveloping, clouding the sight of mothers and sons, etc. indiscriminately. A few - very few - are not affected by it because they manage to avoid being trapped in it - and this often requires a Herculean effort of reason and will.

The real point of Cindy Sheehan’s sad story is that she’s made her way out of the fog, but at a great cost. On a positive note, she now knows how to identify this pernicious mist and can help direct others from its judgement-sapping embrace. The process of education includes trial and error, and learning from one’s mistakes. Unfortunately, she came to enlightenment with the hardest of all lessons - the loss of her son.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Sunday February 6 - 00:00 - Posted by cc85e6a7be2bdae0...

I am sorry your son died, and I’m sorry your family & others were deceived by a bunch of lying liars. You were not heard on ZNN, oops, sorry, CNN because CNN is a crap-spewing network, broadcasting spun "news" 24/7. Your heartfelt story is too far from their official mandate of "all crap, all the time".
Mr. Zeigler (King) shouldn’t take all the blame here; he’s just a puppet who dances to the tunes of his masters.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Monday February 21 - 06:58 - Posted by bb8928fa73d7bd5e...

all the news and entertainment industry staff get their paychecks from the zionist/and zionist sympathiser dominated media and film industry.
they are not going to rock the boat. if there was real "freedom of the press" then 911 and the ongoing wars would not have been possible. (yes read up - 911 was an inside job to justify the wars)

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Friday March 17 - 19:19 - Posted by 816df04a0dfa13a0...

Cindy Sheehan is a real far left wing trouble maker.

> Larry King bumps military mom from show- Are the "news" networks afraid of the truth?
Saturday March 18 - 16:14 - Posted by e9bf28ca4480531b...

Yes, It is possible as you say that Cindy Sheehan is a "real far left wing trouble maker" causing trouble for the Crime Families that have murdered and lied and stolen their way to the top of the corporate/gov Crime Wave. But surely Cindy’s efforts have to be a good thing, unless one enjoys seeing their country fall further and further into the abyss of Organized Crime. What America needs now so desperately is a REAL LEADER that has something else to offer America other than simply using murder and torture and lies to help poison and kill all of the inahbitants of the Middle east so that their crimnal cronies can steal resources, syphon billions from the treasury, and cause astounding death and destruction to civilians who want nothing more than for the invaders to go home and leave them alone. I honestly believe as was said this is the MOST corrupt Congress and Administration that I have ever seen in my lifetime and it is going to be as usual the American citizens who will pay the ultimate price for allowing this Organized Crime ring to conduct their crimes against America and the world if these animals aren’t stopped before they

Is it really impossible for the U.S. to compete any more, has this nation been so disassembled that there is no way to compete fairly without murdering the competetion. Is the idea of "fair play" no longer valid and all that’s left is "win" at ANY cost???

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