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The Stolen Election audio collection: Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America

by : Ben Frank
Monday April 11, 2005 - 01:14

by Ben Frank

If you listen to all five audios, you will understand that beyond doubt, something fishy went down in Ohio. The point being that there were tons of irregularities, glitches and even intentional fraud, yet the media AND the democratic ’leadership’ dismissed this as something to fix for next time. The proof of the stolen election is in the coverup (and of course all of the facts that were covered up).

If there was nothing wrong, then these problems would have been addressed by the media. Instead, there was a massive mainstream media blackout on all election problems. The absolute refusal to cover obvious stories amounts to complicity. The best Republican arguments against election fraud was, "Even John Kerry accepts the results, so it must not be true," or "If there was fraud, the ’news’ would have covered it." Insane- they use their own media blackout to ’prove’ there was no fraud. For the millions of Americans that know the truth, this was not good enough, but they didn’t care about convincing us, just about burying the story from the masses.

right-click on the mp3 links and choose [save as] to save the audio file

Greg Palast and Lynn Landes just after the ’election’ mp3
(At the Columbus, Ohio Community Forum on the Stolen Election)

"I got very interested in Ohio the night I was watching the returns and I saw this on the CNN website, which were the exit polls which said that John Kerry won ohio for female votes 53% vs George Bush’s 47% however the male vote John Kerry only won 51% to George Bush’s 49%. So I was wondering which third sex put our president over the top?"

 Greg Palast

Problems with above fact:

"I am not here to cause trouble. I am here to tell the truth from my point of view. We do need people in the court house. I applaud people in court fighting for their rights. But the courts don’t really respect that action unless there is a mob at their front door step. That’s what you need. And when I talk about mob, I am not talking about a orderly group of citizens. I mean a group of people who’s backs are against the wall, they’ve had enough. Something has got to give, and that is the point we are at."

 Lynn Landes

"According the Mr Blackwell if you vote in same country but the wrong precinct your vote is thrown away. Instead of saying vote in the next precinct which is often the next table, they said here fill out a provisional ballot. 155,000 provisional ballots thrown away, predominately in the black community."

 Greg Palast

"The congress has failed in it’s oversight of the executive branch and the American people have failed in their oversight of the integrity of our political system."

 Cynthia McKinney

David Cobb’s Hair on Fire (mp3)
(Cobb’s testimony to John Conyers congressional panel)

"After the election my office received a flood of complaints about Ohio and Florida and Michigan and interestingly enough, all of the swing states with large populations. Our office began to receive reports of machine failures and breakdowns and interestingly enough, every one of these ’glitches’ always seemed to favor one of the presidential candidates, that is George Bush.

Cobb paid the recount fees in full on Nov 19 and the recount should have started then, but by Dec 13, the date the electors met to vote for Bush, the first 8 counties only just began their recount.

"Why has this been delayed so long when the election has been over for six weeks? How is it that the state of Washington has already completed a recount and begun a second one before Ohio even begins? The answer is known- because of the partisan manipulation of Republican Sec. of State Blackwell. It is not merely that he is a Republican, it is that he served as the chair of the Bush-Cheney re-election effort. If we were to go to a sporting event and see one of the teams providing all the referees and umpires, we’d get suspicious! Well we’re suspicious now!"

"Today the presidential electors will cast their vote, and in Ohio over 100,000 spoiled and provisional ballots still remain uncounted."

Cobb testifies to Conyers that a Triad technician came and ’repaired’ a vote tabulating machine before the recount, "he had spare parts in his coat."

Perhaps if John Kerry had been present.... mp3
(from a pacifica radio show just after the election)

"The judges decision that yes the recount can happen, but it could happen probably when it won’t make any difference. The judge suggested that he might not have ruled the way he ruled if Kerry had asked for the recount.

But the Kerry - Edwards campaign filed to be only a party in the lawsuit brought by Cobb/Badnarik. Since Cobb/Badnarik got only 14,000 votes out of 5.5 million cast they wouldn’t be harmed by a later recount. If Kerry had tried harder, maybe the judge would have ruled differently."

"It is disappointing that the judge decided not to expedite the recount, he did say an interesting thing. He did say that perhaps if John Kerry had been present there would have been a showing of irreparable harm."

Congresswoman Maxine Waters:
"It is Clear that Ohio has Failed to run a Fair Election"
(at the Jan 6th election challenge)

"The Democratic Judiciary Committee Staff Report clearly establishes that the State of Ohio has not met its obligation to conduct a fair election. Ohio’s partisan Secretary of State, Mr. Kenneth Blackwell, I am ashamed to say an African American man, has failed to follow even Ohio’s election procedures, let alone procedures that comply with Federal law and constitutional requirements. Our ancestors who died for the right to vote certainly must be turning over in their graves.

Mr. Speaker, I traveled to Ohio where John Conyers convened hearings, and I listened to citizen after citizen describe the Ohio election debacle. When there is a shortage of voting machines that leads to lines of up to 10 hours to cast a vote in precincts that are predominant minority and Democratic voters, forcing countless prospective voters to leave without voting, and where a number of Democratic precincts had fewer machines than were used in the primary election, despite the certainty of a much higher turnout in the hotly contested general election for President, it is clear that Ohio has failed to run a fair election.

When Mr. Blackwell arbitrarily and unreasonably refused to provide provisional ballots to voters who were in the right county but the wrong precinct, or to voters who requested but did not receive an absentee ballot in a timely manner, it is clear that Ohio has failed to run a fair election.

When a county in Ohio shows more votes cast than registered voters, or when another Ohio county shows an underfunded Democratic State Supreme Court candidate getting substantially more votes than the well-funded campaign of Senator Kerry, it is clear that Ohio has failed to run a fair election.

When Secretary of State Blackwell refused to recognize thousands of new voter applications because they are not on postcard-weight paper, it is clear that Ohio has failed to run a fair election."

John Kerry said he would fight for every vote. Kerry Lied. mp3

"John Kerry ran a great three week campaign in Iowa and we all knew whoever won the first primary was gonna win the whole thing because of the way the primaries were compressed." ( wtf?!!!! )

 Howard Dean

"One million African-Americans were disenfranchised in the last election, that’s not gonna happen in my America... not while I’m a candidate."
- John Kerry

"That’s amazing to me that he capitulated, there’s really no excuse for it because he knew... he has had Black Box Voting, the book, handed to him personally- repeatedly. He has no reason not to know- and he was looking every way but at these machines. He did nothing whatsoever to try to address procedures to solve this ahead of time."

 Bev Harris

"Well Bev, they’re cousins." - Alex Jones

For some reason, there was no need for our government to prove this was a fair election, it was up to a few patriots fighting the system to prove there was fraud. That is proof in itself. All rational people understand that elections are supposed to be free and open, not counted in secret by Republican operatives. This election was a sham, and the media buried it- in other words, our country has been hijacked by warmongers- they own the media, the corporations and all three branches of government. Are you just going to sit there and allow the thieves in high places put your children in debt ($8 trillion total US debt) just because John Kerry rolled over? Recruiters are hounding poverty stricken high schools with offers of $10,000 signing bonuses and six months to spend it... is this the kind of America you want to leave your children?

imo the problem with America is not with the blind Republicans, it’s with the Democrats refusing to look into this fraud and realizing that yes indeed, John Kerry is the Benedict Arnold of the 21st Century. Are you really going to accept this mass killing, stealing of Iraqi oil, taking of our rights and freedoms, looting our economy, screwing the education system and the environment... are you just going to accept this because the Democrats were fooled into accepting George W. Bush’s distant cousin and Skull and Bones brother Kerry as their nominee. If we had a real democrat, we wouldn’t be looking at 4 more years of this ’spreading democracy’ bullshit.

Related Audio:
Lost Liberty- True Patriots Speak Out mp3

At this point in history- NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!

JPEG - 23.3 kb

Bonus Audio:

Kerry-Bush - NOFX- The Idiots are Taking Over mp3

I defy anyone to listen to this and explain how either of these two idiots is the best America has to offer.


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> The Stolen Election audio collection: Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America
Monday April 11 - 03:06 - Posted by 1adf310020454c7d...

I think Kerry is basically a girlie man, as he was accused of being. His primary goal was to avoid looking like a ’crybaby’ or ’whiner’. I think he was told he would have better luck next time if he did not look like a ’poor sport’.

However, this advice was stupid. If Kerry chose bad advisors and then decided to follow bad advice, you have to wonder if he really had the makings of a good president afterall. The man never was able to defend himself throughout the campaign and did not defend what was rightfully his afterwards. How could he defend this country? I tell that to myself when I feel intense hate for the current administration.

> The Stolen Election audio collection: Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America
Wednesday April 13 - 17:13 - Posted by 4263979e8f8ace04...

Are you kidding? I was in on the Dean campaign and it was so obvious that things were rigged to move Kerry in that it’s exactly as likely that Kerry was "hired" to throw the election — or do whatever the hell he was told. WAKE UP INDEED!

> The Stolen Election audio collection: Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America
Saturday April 16 - 17:18 - Posted by c448d1112e12760b...

exactly! I saw the same thing...

> The Stolen Election audio collection: Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America
Monday April 11 - 04:49 - Posted by 01976ac8a1f799f3...

You’re being too hard on these guys ben.

Blackwell is holding some OTHER people accountable for election problems
Lucas County elections board is told to resign; Blackwell threatens firings if necessary

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

and John Kerry told the girl scouts today...
"There is no magic wand. No one person is going to stand up and suddenly say it’s going to change tomorrow. You have to do that"

Kerry: Trickery Kept Voters From Polls

> The Stolen Election audio collection: Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America
Tuesday April 12 - 18:54 - Posted by fa15e807419754e4...

Don’t tell me you people have realised what the rest of the world has known since 2000. George’s America is not a democracy, instead it is a shameful shower of NeoCon carpetbaggers who are dismantling your very own future..... Wakey, wakey. They’ve stolen elections, they’ve stolen from your troops in Iraq (through Halliburton etc) and they’ve stolen your security and freedoms.... Land of the brave and home of the unthinking slave.... Congratulations.

> The Stolen Election audio collection: Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America
Wednesday April 13 - 06:58 - Posted by 3ff51a055f6cfc25...

President Eisenhower in his farewell address to the nation warned us to be mindful of the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. The neocons got together with the money grabbing thieves in the military industrial complex, and voila, the entire USA was stolen. Pouf, gone!

> The Stolen Election audio collection: Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America
Wednesday April 13 - 07:12 - Posted by f938755f65ea7005...

Bush and Kerry are cousins anyway, and the fact they are both past members of the SECRET Yale University fraternity called The Skull and Bones Society, where only 12 elite members of prominent and wealthy families are chosen a year, gives us an idea of how much they "care" about the American people: not one whit.

These are sons of the elite, born with gold spoons in their mouths, who’ve never had to do an honest days’ work in their entire lives. They are not "men of the people" in any form whatever. They are the paragons of the ruling class, and are thus pretty well emotionally immune from feeling a whole lot of compassion towards the common people, especially those common people who have able-bodies sons they can use as cannon fodder. The poor are scum to them, and the middle class are basically chattel slaves. Those who think Kerry is "better than Bush" are totally deluding themselves. We all know that people with REAL PRINCIPLES (i.e., Nader, Cobb, etc.) don’t have an ice cubes’ chance in Hell of ever winning an election (much less gaining more than about 2% of the "popular vote"). Democracy in this country is a JOKE, and anyone who says that we should just choose the lesser of two evils just so that Bush doesn’t win is severely uninformed, and perhaps not existing in reality.

So the best thing for the American people to do is, first of all, to STOP VOTING. DO NOT VOTE in the next stolen election. Your votes will NOT be legitimate. Democrats, quit lying to yourselves....your party is no better than the Republican party. The "differences" between the two parties are so negligible as to be entirely irrelevant. Electronic voting machines have made any future elections irrelevant, even if the winner of the next one IS a Democrat. The fact that no other parties are allowed to enter the debates between the two major parties (er....make that the One Major Party) is sufficient proof that the "elections" are outright frauds anyway, and that you never really got to "choose" to begin with. There are so many liberals out there who allow themselves to be fooled into thinking that their "political brand loyalty" will somehow make them immune from reality. Again.....don’t get conned, and don’t encourage the Globalist Elites by voting for their mouthpieces.

The next thing to do is to progressively DROP OUT of mainstream culture....and STAY OUT. Don’t make the boneheaded mistake the Hippies of the 60’s and 70’s made by going back to nature and then decide you’ve "outgrown" it and then return to the very culture that is killing you (a commune that used to be based in Texas calls this society "Deathkultur"...very appropriate). Sorry, but occasional trips to a national park to "commune with nature" is NOT what I mean. I mean to GET THE HELL OUT, and PERMANENTLY at that. A temporary sabbatical from the grip of the new Fourth Reich ain’t gonna cut the mustard. FOREVER must be your mindset. This encourages COMMITMENT, something the Hippies apparently had a problem with. Once you’re out, be committed to the cause of seperation and stay with it. That way, your children will actually admire you instead of wanting to vomit when you reminisce about the day 20 years ago when you left society behind. You won’t be seen as a deadbeat, but as a hero.

Our government, whether labeled "Democrat" or "Republican", is hopelessly corrupt and cannot be "reformed" or "replaced" for that matter. It must be LEFT BEHIND to ROT. The new society will be built on the ashes of the old. There is no other way.

> The Stolen Election audio collection: Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America
Wednesday April 13 - 09:01 - Posted by 9172941a75a32d12...

While I can agree with almost everything you say, and progressive societies like Brazil, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Canada, and France would be a welcome change from our self destructing ignorant country, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that completely "dropping out" is a solution unless you’re about to kill some rightwing nutjob. While I do agree that both parties are corrupt, there are still elements of the left and the Democratic party that are not dirty. In fact the DLC has taken a huge hit and caused a clear battle lines to be drawn dividing the left between corporate ties and the will of the people. The recent bankruptcy bill was a great indicator to see who is who in both parties. All the Republicans voted for it and around a dozen Democrats.

We’ve seen the true heart of the left, the people, rise up and make some strong statements. Immediately after the 2004 election, all the traitor Democrats were plastered all over cable news spewing their froth blaming everyone from Michael Moore to Moveon.org. They lashed out at their own base instead of bringing attention to the real problems... the voting machines and tabulators along with themselves.

Air America radio, Moveon.org, Michael Moore, and especially Gov. Dean and the progressive internet campaigning he mastered that proved you could win an election without being a slave to corporate America.. Bush is the worst example of corporate corruption with all the partisan corporations that he, his family, and his friends are a part of. From faith-based initiatives to oil and defense contractors. American politics are so corrupt they attacked their own country to drum up support and stuff their pockets with US and Iraqi cash. They not only raided Iraq’s bank accounts, but they raided every Americans piggy bank when they borrowed every single penny out of Social Security.

The solution is revolution.

> Don’t stop voting, just stop voting on the corporate-owned machines
Wednesday April 13 - 20:51 - Posted by 6ba3c2924e6b00db...

The first person into the voting booth in November of ’06 should run a sharp blade across the touchscreen and then exit with the line: "Hey, this damn machine isn’t working... Could I please have a paper ballot."

If EVERY SINGLE corporate-owned touchscreen in the USA was disabled, they would have a MAJOR problem on their hands.

Sure, they still control the vote-COUNTING systems, but this would definitely crimp their style.

Hey, maybe those box-cutters DO have a non-terrorist purpose after all!

> The Stolen Election audio collection: Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America
Thursday April 14 - 16:15 - Posted by 94fde7580282aa62...

Great post. I couldn’t agree more. Fundamental change is needed, and the idea that we can work with the system is so erroneous, and ultimately it is a waste of time. Drop out and organize outside the system. If a revolution is coming it can’t be in front of corporate owned cameras. It will require a revolution at night, a revolution that overturns, and smashes this corrupt media machine.

> The Stolen Election audio collection: Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America
Monday October 24 - 18:47 - Posted by 6df2615eb5312c0f...

Okay, here is the entire debate in a nutshell for you...
They both suck for America! They are both complete and utter idiots and will do no good for America!

> The Stolen Election audio collection: Vote Fraud is Real- Wake Up America
Saturday January 7 - 22:59 - Posted by d97483812d9e2759...

Kerry is a hero . He didn’t protest the theft of the 04 election because he didn’t want his family or his self to land up like Paul Wellstone and Mel Carnahan.

The Bush regime is not below assassination.

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