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by : peter fredsib
Saturday August 20, 2005 - 15:28


By Peter Fredson

I looked at some of my files on the Bush War with Iraq. I wanted to find good reasons why Bush, or anyone, would declare war, cause death and destruction, incur enormous expense, and generate endless hatred and revenge. I don’t know how many are “legitimate”, if any, but here are some reasons I found in the news, on blogs, and in commentaries.


 Because he couldn’t catch Osama bin Laden
 Because he didn’t like Saddam Hussein’s mustache.
 Because he was jealous of Saddam’s big gun.
 Because Saddam had a pilotless plane all ready to bomb the hell out of a ranch in Crawford, Texas.
 Because Saddam was an old meanie.
 Because Saddam personally arranged the attack on 9/11.
 Because Saddam personally trained the 9/11 terrorists how to get a plane up in the air but never showed them how to get down again.
 Because the US was under “imminent threat” of attack from Saddam some day soon perhaps.
 Because Saddam probably had nuclear bombs that someday might possibly reach the U.S.
 Because Saddam had weapons of mass distraction, er, destruction that could ruin all of Wal-Mart’s retail sales.
 Because Saddam was training the Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists.
 Because we wanted to liberate the Iraqi people against an irritable and mean ruler, making intolerable competition for George Bush.
 Bush just wanted to liberate the Iraqi people by knocking down their old houses and getting rid of excess population.

 Because Bush wanted to get our oil out from under the Iraqi sand. To protect Israel.
 Because Bush wanted to mention 9/11 several hundred times and pretend he did something heroic at that time.
 Because Bush wanted to find yellow cake that Saddam was importing.
 Because Bush wanted to stop Saddam from importing aluminum tubes.
 Because Bush’s friends wanted to apply preemption to somebody to see how it would turn out.
 Because the Bush cabinet wanted to prate on TV about morals, freedom, and “our brave boys.”
 Because Bush said to himself, “How can I say “F... you to the entire world??”
 Because Bush’s trigger finger was getting restless to push a red button so he could smirk and swagger heroically.
 Because Bush’s handlers wanted us to think he could make some decisions for himself.
 Because he heard that Osama bin Laden was someplace in Afhgnistan Afghnistingan Ahfghannistin, oh hell, in Iraq.
 Because Cheney wanted to save Iraqi oil for his old Millennium Corporation and let Iraqis extract it at minimum wages.

 Because it had absolutely nothing to do with oil, absolutely nothing, no sirree, don’t even mention it.
 Because North Korea has nuclear bombs and Iraq doesn’t.
 Because Cheney told him to do it.
 Because Wolfowitz wanted to see our troops decorated with flowers and kisses by the Iraqis.
 Because it would make the entire world jealous of the military and diplomatic prowess of the Bush warhawks.
 Because the Bush dirty tricks people could leak the name of a CIA agent to distract from serious economic issues.
 To distract attention from that “global warming” nonsense.
 To give True Believers something to pray about.
 To show Bill Clinton how to a Texan governs.
 To show the world what a BIG smoking gun looks like.
 Because Iraq posed a clear and present danger to public awareness of Bush governing incompetence.
 Because Bush wanted to give his troops some healthy exercise sunning in a sandy country.
 Because by killing Muslims in Babylon, there won’t be enough left of them to set off bombs in London or New York.

 Because it is better to invade sooner than later before taxpayers protest.
 Because it would show those damned French and Germans that Bush can go it alone anytime anyplace.
 Because it shows True Believers that God is on their side and wants another crusade to kill surplus women, children and abominable infidels.
 To put a stop to the horrible tyranny of Saddam and substitute that of the Bush neocons.
 To show that unprovoked attacks are profitable to the military-industrial establishment.
 To show that Bush intends to impose sovereignty and security on a region that was only civilized for 3,000 years.
 To show that cowardly neocons can impose massive casualties and destruction without getting their own skins scratched.
 To let billions of dollars flow through the hands of neocons and let the nation accumulate the largest deficit in history.
 To let Bush and his Republicans pose in front of flags, and talk about their “brave boys” while prohibiting pictures of coffins and keeping their wounded in seclusion away from dangerous publicity.

 To practice secrecy and see how far lies, misinformation, deception, stealth, and preemption can take an incurious, manic, petulant, and irritable president to make a “legacy.”
 To see how far stupidity will distract from the environment and other serious issues of the day.
 To make sure that “regime change” only works in one direction.
 To condemn the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as treachery, but the Shock-and-Awe attack on Baghdad as judicious.
 To avoid irritable international discussion of world bodies, like the UN, by taking unilateral effective action.
 To destroy homes, industries, roads, bridges, hospitals and thousands of lives to avenge an attack on Bush’s daddy.
 To demonstrate that peaceful diplomacy is folly, the UN unworkable, world organizations inept, but Karl Rove is a wonderful guy.
 To show that an endless cycle of hatred and revenge can be started by cowardly warhawks and result in thousands of deaths for the profit of a few neocons.
 To please Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson by destroying infidels and showing the superiority of Baptism and Methodist peace efforts.

 To demonstrate that you can kill any number of Iraqis and Republic Senators will simply call it trivial and perhaps even like a prank.
 To prove you can invade a country without knowing anything about it, or being able to pronounce anyone’s name there.
 To show forcefully that you can lie to invade a country and nobody will impeach you.
 To show that if you have enough money, and control of the armed forces, you can invade anyplace in the world without undue criticism.
 To hold daily prayer sessions, to bless your invading army and show that God is on your side.
 To be able to swagger in military uniform and excite female admiration.
 To be able to land on an airplane carrier in military uniform, declare a war a complete success and then spend the next several years fighting “terrorism”
 Because I must blast Saddam to Hell. The reason why, I cannot tell. But this I know, and know full well, I must blast Saddam to Hell
 To declare Bush the greatest leader since Newt Gingrich and strut about in monkey pants.
 To dispossess Arabs who have only lived in their area for 4,000 years.
 To bring back the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon

 To add another story on the Tower of Babylon and irritate Allah
 Because there is more Sand in Iraq than on most beaches.
 Because you can play outdoor soccer in Iraq 12 months a year. Where else can you travel 1000 miles over sand on a camel?
 Because successful corporate executives can Own-a-harem.
 Because you can guarantee Water shortages every summer
 Because you can kill any Iraqi for any reason and nobody can do anything about it.
 Because you can test your nuclear weapons in other people’s countries
 Because Iraqis don’t bother with toilets, just poop in the street
 Because you get to occupy Saddam’s palaces.
 Because Iraqi money looked like Monopoly paper.
 Because they were resisting our efforts to dominate them by getting huffy and threatening to use force against us.
 Because Bush holds Iraq accountable for opposing resistance to our invasion and occupation.
 Because Bush didn’t think Iraqis should fight back for meddling in their affairs.
 Because Bush wanted to give Iraqis sovereignty with a list of exiled leaders and legislation that he personally approved.

 Because Bush instead of promising us "blood, sweat, and tears," we got spin, risk avoidance, and promises without costing the tax payers a dime.
 Because Bush wanted to show he disregarded any reprisals or responsibility by forcing Iraqis to give all occupiers immunity.
 Because Saddam pissed Bush off.
 Because the Taliban and Al Qaeda were in Afghanistan and that is too close to Iraq to ignore.
 Because Bush wanted to see how far he could stretch his troops.
 Because Bush wanted to do his part to bring on the Apocalypse.
 Because Bush needed a distraction from his failure to govern the U.S.
 Because Bush wanted to show that he was a “compassionate conservative.” by killing A-rabs.
 Because the Bush supporters needed another 300 billion dollars to play with.
 Because Bush thought he could invade Iraq and no one would notice.
 Because the Bush people knew they could print money to pay for their war and simply let the deficit pile up for generations, and devalue our currency.
 Because Bush, Dick, Karl and Paul thought it was worth doing.

 Because Bush thought losing several thousand American troops was worth getting bases, oil and embassies in Iraq.
 Because Bush thought his lies were so good that nobody would ever find out.
 Why change horsemen in mid-apocalypse?
 Because the Tooth Fairy told Bush to invade.
 Because Bush felt stress at his failure as a President of the U.S. and wanted to see if being President of Iraq would be different.
 Bush wanted to rebuild Iraq because he was ruining his own.
 Because Bush planned to “promote democracy” by using cruise missiles, humvees, grenades, automatic weapons, huge tanks, helicopters, fighter planes and show those Iraqis what peace and freedom was all about.
 Because Bush thought spreading democracy was like spreading manure on his ranch in Texas.
 Because Bush wanted to give the proselytizers the chance to convert Moslems to Baptist Fundamentalist snake-handlers, foot-washers and anointers and let them worship replicas of the 10 or 20 Commandments.
 Oil? Oil? What Oil? Who mentioned Oil? Cheney never mentioned oil.
 To destroy non-existent WMD’s.

 To remove a hostile dictator from power without getting Bush removed himself.
 To seize Saddam’s palaces and make a BIG embassy, with thousands of True Believers and neo-cons, in order to insure world domination for corporate executives and White Christian Supremacists.
 To build permanent military bases for threatening or carrying out operations, preemptions, and occupations of any recalcitrant nation.
 To punish those foreigners at the UN who think that they can tell the US how to help the environment, stop AIDS or disease, or anything else.
 To tell those Frenchies nyah, nyah.
 To let the Pentagon warhawks destroy things and kill people.
 To be able to use real live targets for all those missiles that we stored.
 The Iraqis weren’t with us, so they must have been against us.
 To be able to seize all the ill-gotten gains of Saddam into the ill-gotten hands of the Bush people.
 To be able to confiscate nail-clippers, pocket knives and box cutters at airports, thus giving the American public total security.
 To be able to tell the Muslims, “get over it.”

 To be able to modify the Geneva Convention to whatever suits Bush lust for power.
 To show our unconcern for spending billions of dollars on an illegal war instead of on schools, Medicare, veteran’s hospitals, the environment, and other trivial things.
 To let Cheney, Millennium, and Enron manage a backward country to extract oil.
 As an excuse to invade a harmless country, that had no WMD’s, to destroy or steal its resources.
 To raise the price of oil for the oil corporations profit and happiness and put the money into the pockets of Bush lobbyists, senators and cabinet officers.
 Iraq pumps 2,000,000 barrels day - oils sells for $65 a barrel.
 To free the Iraqi people by killing thousands of rag heads.
 To get Dan Rather fired.
 To let fake journalists praise Bush leadership and explain why he kills people to give them freedom and democracy.
 To give Bush speechwriters full opportunity to mention 9/11, patriotism, “our brave boys”, morals, and other exploitations.

 To give the media an opportunity to repeat daily the most outrageous lies of the Bush administration in utmost sincerity.
 To show that Watergate and lying presidents get deep affection from Republican senators.
 To let troops fight and die for greater corporation profits.
 To find out how many soldiers must die before Bush admits he got into a war that he can’t win.
 Because Bush knows evil when he sees it, and he seen it, dude.
 To find out how many soldiers must die before Bush admits that the cost is too high. 3,000, 4,000, 5,000?
 To find out how many reasons Bush will give to justify his invasion.
 To see how many reasons Rove and Wolfowitz can invent for going to war.
 To let Millennium take care of supplying our troops with maximum corruption before Bush notices that billions of dollars are missing or stolen.
 To give fat-headed, fat-rumped, fat-lipped neo-cons the chance to give speeches about their vision of American military might and their desire to help Bush dominate the world.

 To begin the long process of “liberating” other countries like Syria and Iran, as soon as the Bush people can drum up pretexts to kill more American troops and foreign infidels to boost their egos.
 To fight terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, then let him escape and immediately switch to invading Iraq where there were no terrorists to begin with.
 To give the Bush people the chance to impose secrecy, censorship, tapping phones, looking up library cards, violating civil rights, detaining anyone for any reason indefinitely because Bush is above the law and the constitution.
 To let Bush impose his own reign of terror upon the American public as a way of getting reelected. It’s a secret!
 We invaded because they had the arms that we sold them.
 Because Daddy failed to get Saddam out of power
 Because the Bush elitists despised Arkansas trailer trash.
 To protect American’s divine right to drive SUVs.
 To put further restrictions on civil liberties by claiming critics are supporting terrorism.
 To show any nation that we can stomp it anytime we wish.

 To show the neocons that the ideology of imperial world domination by military superiority, deceit and preemption is good for economic exploitation.
 To show American religious fanatics that they are better than any foreign trash.
 To scare Americans into accepting a petulant, irritable, incurious and irresponsible party boy as world leader of a moral crusade.
 To please Ariel Sharon and Tony Blair Because the “terrorist rag heads” hate our guts.
 To prevent proliferation of WMD’s, if ever we find any.
 To show that regime removal is practical, but not for the U.S.
 To finish the first Gulf War.
 Because we could.
 Because after we took out the inspectors, there weren’t enough inspections.
 To make the lives of Iraqis at least equivalent to our homeless.
 To raise the price of gasoline so corporations can become fabulously wealthy.
 Because Iraq continued to “flaunt its hostility toward America,” simply because Bush was bombing it day and night.

 To liberate the Iraqi people from their land, homes, resources and other onerous burdens.
 To give the Bush legacy something historians can point to with horror.
 To set Iraq as an example of what happens to nations that call Bush “sissy.”
 To keep Crawford, Texas, from being bombed, gassed, or threatened in any way by mad dictators.
 To preserve the peace by making war.
 Because Iraq was close to Afghanistan and could conceivably help the Taliban by giving them sand.
 To show the UN diplomats that Bush’s unilateralism is much better for making the world safe by killing everybody involved.
 Because Saddam scorned the imperial orders of Bush.
 Because Saddam had either the intention or capability of doing something very nasty to American corporations.
 Because only the US should have weapons or bombs.
 Because Saddam was violating civil rights, and only Bush is authorized to do that.
 Because Saddam was mistreating the poor, aged, sick and homeless and only Bush is authorized to do that.

 Because Saddam had tortured and abused prisoners and only Bush is authorized to do that.
 Because the Pentagon had “misplaced much war materiel” and we had to go to Iraq to look for it.
 In order to kill those terrorist killers.
 By forcing Bush to remove his attention from governing the US Because Saddam is guilty of distracting Bush and must be stopped.
 It’s about jobs.
 It’s the economy, stupid.
 In order to protect the U.S. economy from Saddam’s WMDs.
 Because the Iraqi military ripped Kuwaiti babies out of incubators.
 Because we failed to liberate Kuwait from its dictatorial regime.
 Because most of the Kuwaiti Bush people went to work for the new Bush regime and wanted to finish the job of taking Iraq for their own benefit.
 To make the world safe from mobile biological weapons labs.
 Because Saddam kept moving his weapons away from the UN inspectors and burying them deep in the sand.
 Because Saddam showed disrespect for the United Nations, but only Bush and Bolton are allowed to do that.
 Because Bush needed another vacation in Crawford, Texas.

 Because Bush is so courageous that he really wants the Muslims to “bring it on.”
 So we can bring stability to Iraq, like we did to Yugoslavia and Somalia.
 So we could give Iraq full sovereignty, like we did to Afghanistan.
 To bring the survivors of Shock-and-Awe the blessings of the Bush administration of their country.
 So Bush could start threatening the entire world with his version of freedom and democracy, mixed with a little fascism, plutocracy, and theocracy.
 To show how Bush is kind, gentle, compassionate and wants only to extract maximum profit from Iraq for his corporate friends.
 To show that Bush will reluctantly have to kill 100,000 people in order to give them a puppet regime in return for military bases and oil.
 To show the world that occupying a county should not have to cause resentment, fear, anger or death.
 Because Bush is a simpleton in a complex world and the only tactic he knows is brute force.
 Because Bush wanted “to take the fight to the enemy.”
 To give the International Red Cross something to complain about.

 So Bush could try out his new bunker buster bombs on really dumb people.
 To show the Iraqis that Bush is unconcerned about American deaths and insists he is “taking it to the Iraqis or “got them on the run.”
 To drown out the sounds of Nixon lying to Americans about Vietnam and the draft.
 To help Britney Spears with her come back.
 To camp out in Iraq for the next twenty years, enjoying the sand and the sun.
 In order to pacify those pesky Islamites
 To hoist the Confederate Flag over Baghdad.
 To help Rumsfeld, Condi, Perle, Bolton, Perle and Rove “take it to” the entire Middle East.
 To help Osama bin Laden in his recruiting efforts.
 To give senators some place to visit other than Crawford, Texas.
 In order to get all the world terrorists to come to Iraq, so we can kill the lot of them and rid the world of terrorism.
 Because of Intelligence Failure. Bush fails the Intelligence Test.
 So Starbucks will have a new place to sell expensive coffee.
 Because Saddam sent Bush a nasty e-mail message.
 To give our generals a chance to earn more medals.

 To make a tunnel which we can look thru for the light.
 So Halliburton and Bechtel can find new sources of corruption and charge soldiers $30.00 a plate for chipped beef.
 To make an excellent propaganda smokescreen to hide all those things that the Bush administration has failed at.
 Because Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 and we didn’t forget it.
 Because Saddam shows resentment at Bush trying to kill him.
 Because the Republican Senators were just aching for a good war.
 Because Saddam doesn’t rewind his rental tapes.
 Because Saddam doesn’t bother to wrap up separate recyclables.
 Because Bush throws like a girl.
 Because it would be an “easy” victory
 Because Wolfowitz told Bush the Iraqis would throw flowers, not grenades.
 Because it is our destiny
 To make the world safe for Exxon, Enron, Millennium, Fox News, Jeb Bush, and Elian Gonzales.
 To enhance financial contributions of defense contractors to selected politicians.

 To extend political, military, and economic hegemony over most of the world because Bush merits great acclaim.
 To fight a moral crusade against communists, atheists, liberals, democrats, and other forms of terrorists.
 To bring down the Berlin Wall and erect another in Israel.
 To fight whatever form of evil Bush thinks is appropriate at the time.
 To carry out endearing forms of torture and abuse as a tribute to Bush rising above legalities.
 To get Manuel Noriega.
 Because if we’d never invaded Iraq, thousands of men and women would not be facing lives without limbs. But this is a magnificent opportunity for people who manufacture limbs to make a fortune.
 Because our wounded wouldn’t have endured the anguish of being injured in combat or developed the stress-induced mental illness that will ruin many of their lives and many psychologists, psychiatrists and thousands of other mental illness people would not be able to make a very good living off of our wounded.
 Because George Bush said : "Every human life is precious, and yet I have to answer, yes, it has been worth it."
 To save those American medical students in Grenada.

 Because military muscle has to be flexed every once in a while.
 So our air force could practice bombing for more than 40 days and nights in order to kill one man, unloading 17 million pounds of bombs on “collaterals” which don’t really count on the record of courage of a violent president.
 So we could give Fox News vivid pictures of the greatest aerial onslaught in the history of the world.
 So we could get rid of some of those depleted uranium weapons by incinerating Iraqis.
 So we could bury dozens of people alive with huge bombs.
 So we could destroy hospitals and get a chance to rebuild them later to show our disdain for expense, death, or destruction.
 So we could pour billions of dollars into reconstruction a country we were simultaneously destroying, further mixing stupidity with neocon ideology.
 So a handful of wealthy people can still own Iraq, while the poor remain poorer.
 So Bush can claim that all the death and destruction is motivated only by “humanitarian” and “compassionate” impulses. To rid the earth of people who are not white, Christian, and wealthy.

 Because some of the big generals and politicians were bored, and wanted something to watch on TV other than reruns.
 Because no reason is really necessary. Just DO IT.
 Because the US has a rich history of foreign interference.
 Because it is Manifest Destiny extended to the Middle East.
 Because Tony Blair was sleeping with George Bush.
 Because George Bush the First wanted George Bush the Second to become a man.
 Because George Bush refused to listen to generals and statesmen who warned him about the quagmire he would enter.
 So we can make a board game like Monopoly in Iraq, building hotels and MacDonald’s, and charging terrorists to stay in our Hilton Hotel
 There’s no point at having the title COMMANDER IN CHIEF if you aren’t going to use it.
 Because Donald Rumsfeld needs something to do to keep him out of the Oval Office.
 Because Bush has designed a new uniform, like that of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court with big epaulets, gold braid and some feathers.
 In order to spread Christianity, er, tax cuts. Yeah, tax cuts.

 To raise the price of gas so corporate execs can all buy new Lear Jets and mansions.
 To “Give War a Chance.”
 Because of all the widespread murder, corruption, rape and torture, and that’s just in Texas.
 Because of a brutal thug who does wicked, despicable things, and wants to be US ambassador.
 To use nuclear technology to threaten his neighbors, or sell it to unsavory entities, and keep Saddam from doing the same.
 Because Bush wanted to reward his friends for their loyalty, their contributions and their truth spinning.
 Because neither Bush nor Saddam were content with Iraq’s borders
 Because Saddam is no worse than Putin but we can only invade one country at a time.
 Because Bush thinks of Iraq as a military base with a large oil reserve underneath, which somehow got under the sand; you can’t ask for anything better than that.
 Because George Bush got sick laughing about duping the nation into believing that Iraq posed an imminent threat on the United States:

 Because Dick Cheney wants to run another oil company when he stops being V.P.
 This was not about oil but to free the Iraqis from the burden of extracting it.
 So Bush can pose, looking solemn, and talk about “our brave boys” while refusing to attend their funerals.
 To give former oil industry executives a chance to show the Iraqi’s how to run their business.
 To help the Iraqis decide to privatize their oil and be reasonable in letting the U.S. control the production and distribution.
 Bush Invaded Iraq to ’Secure Israel,’ Says Sen. Ernest “Fritz” Hollings who is now serving his final term in Washington.
 Bush Invaded Iraq to seek Jewish support in election campaigns.
 Because of the Domino Theory of Democracy in The Project For The New American Century.
 Because nobody was willing to stand up and say what is going on.
 Because Bush made a mistake like happened in Vietnam, and with the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident.
 To defeat terror we have no choice but to invade Afghinisting, Aghfanista, Afiganastin, Afiagin....Iraq.

 Because of stunning incompetence of the Bush and Blair conspiracy we But we secured the Oil Ministry right away, so everything will be alright, right?
 Because Bush picked a war he could win.
 Because a war that could cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars was of strategic importance to the neocon world domination game plan and to a second term for a president.
 To keep the numerous Bush domestic disasters off the political table in the U.S.
 Because War will supersede even a failing economy and administration.
 Because keeping a threat of terror simmering scares Americans into supporting whoever is in office.
 Because Americans look to psychological tormentors for protection against an outside evil perceived as the more serious of two evils.
 Because a war in Iraq offers almost bottomless billion-dollar profiteering opportunities for campaign contributors and administration officials.
 Because Halliburton, the Carlyle Group, etc. can reap big financial benefits from the destruction of the Iraq infrastructure.

 To blow Iraq up with bombs paid for by taxpayers — then use taxpayer dollars to pay campaign contributors and companies with connections to administration officials to rebuild it..
 Because the neocons don’t want anybody but Bush Cartel Chicken hawks calling the international shots..
 Because of financial "inducements" Bush will give Poland six billion dollars of taxpayer money with which Poland will buy six billion dollars worth of fighter jets from Lockheed-Martin..
 Because showing brute power in Iraq will bully dissenters at home into submission or scare them into “dazed and confused” passivity.
 Because the conquest of Iraq will shore up a Middle East alliance with the Sharon government, with whom the Bush Cartel shares a common worldview.
 Because God chose Bush to run America, consolidate both political parties into the Oval Office, and make the charismatic evangelists happy.
 To incrementally seize power until unnoticed the administration crosses the line into a dictatorship.
 To pave the way for a huge Republican majority

 To consolidate a government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich. To accelerate dismantling of government services and removal of any church/state separation.
 To provide entertainment for Fox News “reporters”andallow them to spin truth like whirling dervishes.
 Because War is profitable for the news media.
 Because war will increase oil prices and give large oil reserves to American and British oil companies, who financially supportthe Republican Party.
 To ensure that no one digs up the truth about the Bush administration’s catastrophic failure to prevent 9/11, including an August briefing that warned Bush about terrorist hijackings when Bush did nothing in response.

 To distract from the release of the Downing Street memos.
 To energize the religious right and Neo-Confederacy warrior culture to contributemore to the Republican election effort, and turn out committed sheep at the polls.
 There is nothing like war to try out the latest bombs and hi tech weapons.
 Because it’s hard to find a place to target practice nowadays, let alone a whole country with real live people in it.
 Because when bombs are blown up, more bombs are needed. They just happen to be manufactured by companies that contribute to the Bush Cartel. And the more taxpayer money goes toward bombs and military equipment, there is less money for government services. This makes it the perfect war for extremist right wingers running the U.S..
 Plan “A” of the Bush Cartel to send our sons and daughters into War is because it has no Plan “B”
 Because the Bush Cartel is banking on making the kind of impression on the world that a thug makes with a baseball bat on a car.
 Because; Why Screw a Few People like Bill Clinton did When You Can Screw the Whole Country

 Because Saddam irritated Bush by keeping his blinker on while driving.
 Because the war allowed a president with virtually no knowledge of world events, recent or historic, or of foreign cultures and no experience in battle, to send us to war and call himself the War Prezydent.
 Because all the neocons could patriotically wave their collective flags as war was waged, as it sputtered in failure, and as it stands today mired in its own stagnation, but left the neocons rich.
 Because governance by brazen muscle power needs unfailing commitment to destroy targets as an example of ruthlessness and the will to use any means to assert and preserve leadership
 Because to the victor go the spoils of war, right into the pockets of the warmongers.
 Because an aggressor must never let facts get in the way of the mission. Getting distracted by truth and ethics is a sign of weakness.
 Bush can kill America by claiming failure as proof of success.
 So Cheney and Rumsfeld can make up for their “loss of face” in the White House in the 700’s when we won the Vietnam War by leaving it.

 To show that even colossal blunders on the part of a theocrat, based on smoke and mirrors, do not really matter to True Believers.
 So that the Chicken hawks who are “too busy” to sign up for military service can wave flags, and use the rallying cry of terrorism as their vehicle to ensnare the gullible American people.
 So that Bush can continue to rule by the deception that he is a bold, resolute wartime leader.
 Because stupidity, incompetence and failure begets the need for more of the same.
 Because we were promised a shower of roses but were left standing with a pile of corpses and a mountain of debt.
 Because a cowering lazy mainstream press can stand any amount of incompetence and lying and still appear to be credible.
 “Either you are with our failed policy, or you are siding with the terrorists.”
 Because as each excuse to invade is proven false, Karl Rove will think up a dozen new excuses and the compliant press will print it without further investigation.

 Because having the Keystone Cops in charge of protecting us has become a habit, and there is no alternative but to use duct tape and color symbols and confiscating nail clippers for security.
 Because if we didn’t invade we would appear to be weak and the True Believers would be so disappointed that they would oust Bush.
 Because Bush follows a pattern. He fails, gets into a jam, then expects everybody to bail him out.
 Because there are only a fixed number of terrorists, and if you attract them to Iraq then you can put flypaper out and catch them all at once. In that way they will never “come over here.”
 Because Bush intended to use the “Ostrich” approach to National Security, and cut brush at Crawford, Texas anytime the going gets “hard.”
 Because Oil and Halliburton just naturally go together.
 Because Bush Just felt like it
 Because it was supposed to be a cakewalk
 Because playing with toy soldiers is fun
 Because God told Bush to do it
 Because fat-head ideologues have convinced themselves that they are the enlightened masters of the universe.

 Because if you repeat a lie five times, it becomes the truth.
 Once you find a good lie, stick to it. The more the lie defies common sense the more Bush supporters who rely on Fox news are likely to believe it.
 Because people who are amoral, sociopath, ruthless and lust for power will do things that people in their right mind would not do.
 Because Bush really wants to find out what’s going on. Even if it takes years and he has to shred all documents and appoint endless commissions.
 Because the war is over whether anyone in the Bush Administration is subject to laws, subject to truth, and to being punished for making our nation less secure, and responsible for the deaths of about 2,000 American “brave boys” who died for Cheney oil.
 Because Bush and Rove appear to have more in common with Joseph Stalin than with Abraham Lincoln and run the country like the Politburo.
 Because the Bushites want to hide their incompetence under plain sight.

 To protect the Fundamentalist Christian Jihadists and U.S. Taliban from any legalities or government interference with plans to dominate the country.
 Because The War was intended to Deceive America Into War — And the War was intended to Cover Up the Deception that caused the war.
 The Bush sycophants try to create a conspiracy of credibility around Bush going to war, where none can exist to a person of common sense or integrity.
 Because the Bush administration said it was “going to fix” intelligence to start a war and the lie was successful.
 Because England and the U.S. flew sorties over Iraq in 2002 to provoke Saddam and destroy his infrastructure to prepare for the war.
 Because Dick Cheney put heavy pressure on CIA analysts to “fix” data which provided a pretext for war.
 Because the lies about WMD would last long enough so we could invade and then laugh off the absence of WMDs.
 Because the analysts who made the false allegations backing up pretensions for war were promoted and given bonuses.
 Because Bush personally took Richard Clarke aside and told him to make the facts work for a war with Iraq.

 Because former Sec. of Treasury O’Neill wrote that Bush wanted “to get” Iraq from the moment he was sworn in a president.
 Because The PNAC (Project for the New American Century) plan to invade Iraq was written primarily by Bush Neo-cons who guided us into the war for profit and power.
 Because The Bush Administration outed Valerie Plame as a CIA operative specializing in tracking the illicit sale and movement of Weapons of Mass Destruction because her courageous husband, Joe Wilson, exposed the Niger documents as a fraud.
 Because the Bush administration is extremely secretive and vindictive and sought vengeance on anyone for exposing their phony war based on daily lies about WMDs.
 Because John Bolton fired an official for seeking a peaceful way out of the Iraq War.
 Because Donald Rumsfeld said that the U.S. would take Saddam and all of “them” out.
 Because Advanced forces were sent into Iraq before the war had even started.
 Because Rumsfeld set up a Pentagon psy-ops operation to create propaganda and disinformation for going to war with Iraq.

 Because the Bush Administration conducted a successful misinformation campaign to make Americans believe that Saddam Hussein was partly responsible for 9/11 and that the hijackers were Iraqi.
 Because reporting the news honestly and with full details is now secondary to lauding a failed presidency, and distracting the public from incompetence.
 Because the media feel obliged to show Bush as a glorious leader and to hide any details of his record that might offend him.
 Because lies by Bill Clinton regarding a blow-job are treasonable, while lies by Bush that got thousands of people killed are simply college pranks.
 Because Bush is working hard to protect the public by taking more vacations than any president in U.S. history,
 Because people who blow the whistle on the crimes of Bushite zealots are traitors.
 Because we now have one-party Pinochet style of government in which the Bush judges would throw out any evidence regarding Bush complicity in death and destruction.
 Because the buck never stopped at Bush’s desk, but was diverted by Karl Rove and listed as missing.

 Because the media moguls get huge tax breaks and let them expand their stations, presses and holdings at will.
 Because the Bush administration can scare off any journalist with Karl Rove stunts like “Rathergate” or “Koran Flushgate.”
 Much of the media form an echo chamber for GOP propaganda, in which appears as a saint or Caesar, instead of a petulant, irritable, irresponsible, manic, vindictive dictator.
 Because honest journalists get targets on their backs, whereas any reporter singing praises of Bush will get press passes, invitations, and have a flourishing career.
 Because the Bush Administration is using the war to justify attacks on the environment, such as opening up public lands, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, to drilling for oil.
 Because the Bush Administration is waging war to get oil from Iraq, towns in the U.S. suffer from fossil-fuel pollution from power plants, oil refineries, and gas-guzzling
 Because we tried coups in Iraq, tried to encourage rebellion in Iraq, tried funding Iraqi opposition, then finally decided to try bombs, missiles, tanks and other peace-making methods.

 Because Bush wants to spread democracy, like manure, over the entire Middle East.
 Because Bush wants to appear like a reverse Robin Hood. Take from the poor and give to the rich.
 Because Bush’s messianic policies are driven by nothing by a venal desire to enrich his sponsors.
 Because the Bush strategy reflects his simplistic nature: Strike without warning, strike hard, kill without compunction or regret.
 Because to make war on Iraq was like Truman invading Mexico after Pearl Harbor.

There were only two credible reasons for invading Iraq: control over oil and preservation of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Yet Bush and Cheney have kept silent on these factors.

Because, in 1990, oil executive, Dick Cheney, wrote: "Whoever controls the flow of Persian Gulf oil has a stranglehold not only on our economy but also on the other countries of the world as well."

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Commentaires de l'article

Sunday August 21 - 01:32 - Posted by fc4ec5ec63c949e8...

Deliciously exhaustive list of opinion comments. Thank you. However, unburdened as you were by a single fact, except when coming to the end, there, in a single sentence you twice tried something factual. Both are untrue.

Mr. Cheney was never an "oil executive" at any time in his life. He served as a Director on the boards of Procter & Gamble (a "soap" company), Union Pacific (a transportation company, who does own oil interests) and EDS (a software services company), and was CEO of Haliburton; a major service company who has never in its history (since 1880 - the date of its Dresser Industries specialty pipe business) owned a drop of oil. An examination of Mr. Cheney’s "blind trust" would also have told you he does not own a single share in any company that could conceivably be called an "oil company." Secondly, you "mis-quote" his comment made in 1990 before the American Enterprise Institute. Such citations should reflect accuracy. Perhaps you have an idea that your opinions can be asserted so forcefully, they become facts? Regnar R. B. Kearton

Sunday August 21 - 17:44 - Posted by 9e976687ed4ce970...

That’s strange because the exact statement Mr.Fredsib uses comes from the July 28th, 2004 issue of the U.K. Guardian. Perhaps you , like Dick Cheney, are wrong ?

Sunday August 21 - 20:57 - Posted by 00e9f511b5b42dad...

Brilliant retort, old boy.

Sunday August 21 - 05:12 - Posted by 93076c13fa6d60e6...

I think somebody had WAY too much time on their hands to write this.
D. Bartell
Fort Worth

Sunday August 21 - 13:26 - Posted by 263630fc92e8f7ef...

AS they say"What’s our oil doing under their sand."

Sunday August 21 - 17:50 - Posted by 864b09a2ff36b8fd...

And finaly, to keep iraq’s oil off the market allowing the other bush family, the saudis, to fill thier pockets and to inrich dick’s companys to the max. want to know where the iraqi oil is? look in kuwait

Sunday August 21 - 20:56 - Posted by 00e9f511b5b42dad...

I almost went into a persistent vegetative state while reading that drivel...

Wednesday August 24 - 00:21 - Posted by a1fcf9cf8084fa1e...

Don’t worry about a vegetative state. Bush will declare you worthy of prolonged suffering by force feeding. You will NEVER DIE !!

Monday August 22 - 22:21 - Posted by 2959eb8dfd5c6566...

"Wurmser, Feith and Perle were co-authors of a 1996 policy paper for then-Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu titled "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm." It called for removing Hussein from power in Iraq as part of a broad strategy to transform the region and remove radical regimes."

Back in the 80’s, these *cough* "neocons" were known around washington as "the crazies".

Even Bush’s father had enough sense not to listen to them.

constant - imminent - external "threat"


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