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Hollow Women of the Hegemon Part II: Atrocity Enabling Harpies

by: Dr. June Terpstra
Tuesday June 21, 2016 - 18:49


Hollow Women of the Hegemon Part II: Atrocity Enabling Harpies

By Dr. June Terpstra

Those who have crossed With direct eyes, to death’s other Kingdom Remember us—if at all—not as lost Violent souls, but only As the hollow men The stuffed men. … This is the way the world ends From, “The Hollow Men” by T.S. Eliot


This article is an update of the article I wrote in 2008 titled “Hollow Women of the Hegemon”. It is about the hollow women, the stuffed women, who help the hollow men who are devoted to profit, power, plunder and pollution. The word, hegemon, is used to identify the class, state or group with the most power that is responsible for the dissemination of dominant power group’s ideas, systems and practices that most benefit those in power and those who rule for them. Since WWII the US government and it’s corporate elites reached the top position in the world. Their ascendency was the result of being the most violent and aggressive military with the most weapons of mass destruction and hence The Hegemonic force in the world. The most fundamental mission that the US Hegemon faces is how to maintain power. Hegemonic power distribution across the globe historically and presently faces counter-hegemonic forces wanting sovereignty, redistributive and transformative social and economic change. For over 500 years this power base has been held by Euro-American white supremacist patriarchal capitalist men of a global ruling class that only allowed more men into the Hegemon. The men of the Hegemon must constantly calculate and recalculate the power ratios and make projections of who to allow at their table, with the ultimate concern being how to preserve its dominant position at the least cost. In this process they made deals with Saudi, African, Latin American and Asian men. Men in power during the past century faced consistent pressure to include women to the Hegemon. Once these men were convinced that there were economic and social gains to allowing women to the Hegemonic table they began the process by inviting their mothers, wives, daughters, mistresses, and friends to seats at the decision making table. Next, in a deliberate conscious manner they allowed women into the secret services, militaries, academies and cultural centers to be groomed for power positions that would benefit existing power holders. The Hegemon relies on submission to its rules by the other main actors to sustain its role of domination so who better than “Daddy’s Girls” to do some of the dirty work of maintaining the Hegemon. Historically using coercion and deceptions to uphold the rules can alienate as well as intimidate so by putting a womanly face on oppression, they employed a cunning positive incentive toward those that are willing to behave in accordance with their rules for a piece of the swag. These “First wave” women of the modern day Hegemon even adjusted the rules to include torture, rape and assassination of sovereign state leaders, the establishment of more prisons, rendition, illegal invasions and occupations, and sponsorship of new terrorist groups to deflect potential challenges. These women did not flinch at using brutal force against those states and groups who were clearly unwilling to abide by hegemonic rules.

This article is still a call warning the people not to follow the women leaders who stand by their HegeMan. This is a call for women not to vote with their vaginas and believe the myth that women have essential characteristics that make them more nurturing, empathic, and non-violent. This is a call for women and men who will stand to resist and defend the people against the tyrannical US, UK, EU, and Israeli governments posing as democracies. This is a call to us all to end the oppression of globalized militarized debt based economics that funds all wars, profiting from state terror while fomenting all states of terror.

HisStory is HerStory

The interlocking directorate of male rulers who employed the modern “First Wave” women leaders, chose Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Corazon Aquino, Benazir Bhutto, Madeline Albright, Janet Reno, Condoleezza Rice, and Hillary Clinton, because they were loyal daughters, wives, and sisters of the men of the Hegemon. These early “mothers” reveled in their power fomenting economic terrorism against the poor, wars, invasions, and occupations for the Oligarchs. These early women in power were focused on power for themselves “in solidarity” with their men. They neither represented the liberal feminists “ethic of care” or the revolutionary women’s demand for a radical reordering of society. Instead they joined the front lines in the agenda to, as Kissinger stated, “depopulate” the women, men and children of the planet, through their endless wars. The war crimes of all these women are many but the highlights include Thatcher in the Falklands, Gandhi against the Muslims, Meir against the Palestinians, Aquino against Muslims and communists, Bhutto for Britain over the Pakistani people, Albright against Yugoslavia and Iraq, Janet Reno at Waco, Condoleezza Rice all over the globe, and Hilary Clinton in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Haiti, Bolivia and Honduras.

Harpies of War

Described by political analyst Pepe Escobar, as the Three Harpies of the war on Libya, Hillary, Samantha and Susan Rice have made their bones and proven their loyalty to the Hegemon. Media and educational systems include these and other women experts and representatives of legal and human rights organizations to appear publicly to criticize women’s oppression in Middle Eastern countries. These accusations become part of the rhetoric of American women’s liberation under “American democracy” fronting as an excuse for US invasion and occupation. The hegemon uses the subject of women’s oppression selectively when stirring up sentiment for war against Muslims and Arabs. Without consulting Arab and Muslim women about their purported oppression, or only consulting exiled women who are agents and assets of the US state, there occurs a double form of imperialism and racism perpetrated by the American women “experts.” While ignoring the statistical realities of the obscene numbers of women raped, beaten and killed by men in the USA these “experts” are used to gain women’s support for war. As women in the USA support war under the guise of democracy and liberation a divisive diversion is wedged between women and men who are resisting hegemonic invasion and occupation. Visible token women leaders clucking sanctimoniously over “women’s rights” as bombs are being dropped on their “sisters” are examples of Western feminist “success” stories within the hegemon; women such as Hillary Clinton, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, and Victoria Nuland. An dishonorable mention goes to Michelle Obama who stands by her Hegeman as he drone bombs, assassinates and acts as Destroyer of Worlds for his masters.

We begin with Hilary Clinton, Lady MacDeath, the recent star in the US theatre of macabre and absurd defamations of democracy in her bid for the presidency. It’s important to note that the US Hegemon took a long time to allow a woman candidate for president while they did place some women in power in other nation-states. However, in the first bout to run a woman candidate they chose a male for the current US president, a man of African and European-American ancestry, over their girl, Hilary. Obama did well for the Hegemon for the past few years which accomplished what they intended, further divisions in an already divided and well conquered populace, economic policies favoring the rich, while they kept the neo-con war going under the tenure of neo-liberal Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State from 2009-2013.

Hilary did well as a former Secretary of State for the Hegemon by destroying Libya, and overseeing the murder and rape of Gaddafi while stealing Libya’s gold. She is alleged to have lied about Benghazi. She is presiding over massive voter fraud including the military not getting their votes counted in this election. She is accused of using a secret private server with classified material to her activities. She oversees the drones being operated in the US and in other countries. She gave 123 Technologies $300 Million and right afterward let it declare bankruptcy so it could be sold to the Chinese. This is the woman for whom many will vote. I guess if you don’t mind millions of dead children, women and men to keep your “lib” on you will vote for her.

Her many scandals including covert ops in Honduras, ripping off Haiti in the recent crisis, Whitewater real-estate deal and her futures trading that brought her a quick $100,000, the Watergate committee, Vince Foster, commodity deals, the joke Iran Nuke deal, DOJ spying on the press, stealing White House furniture, using the State Department to interfere with an Inspector General Investigation on departmental sexual misconduct, and supporting her man when he lied about a blow-job and cheated on her, to name just a few. Note that the Bilderberg group, the historical decision making place for the Hegemon has included Hillary Clinton is to the list of invitees. This news indicates that the powers that be have most likely decided to back Clinton for President.

Hillary is the woman that the war criminal and overseer for starving the children of Iraq, Madeline Albright, says that all US women must support or else lose their feminist credentials. The women liberals who believe she will protect their economic and reproductive rights will vote for her “with their vaginas” as commanded. Many will also vote for her to maintain the Democratic Party, the neo-liberal wing of the Hegemon. This will only perpetuate the problems we face and the only change it will bring is more war, more torture, more rape, more divisions, more state terrorism, and more economic decline for everyone not in power in the Hegemon. My grand-daughters will be drafted because of her. #Never Hilary

Samantha Powers, a problem from hell for the 7-year-old African boy who was recently hit by her motorcade, was Obama’s pick for UN Ambassador and has been an efficient atrocity enabler by spinning human rights and women rights into mechanisms justifying narratives for hegemonic terrorism, invasions and occupations. Described by journalist Tara McKelvey as the “femme fatale of the humanitarian-assistance world,” with the emphasis on fatal, her most notable accomplishment is her enabling of the Hegemon’s most ruthless perpetrators, primarily through her protection of Israel, the perpetrator of the Palestinian Holocaust. Described by White House foreign policy speechwriter Ben Rhodes as “the point person at the White House on all issues related to Israel at the UN,” Power routinely coordinated with the Israeli government to help protect its occupation of Palestinian territory. It was a decidedly conventional task that began with her leading of the efforts to weaken the impact of the Goldstone Report that found Israel guilty of crimes against humanity during its assault on the Gaza Strip in 2008-09. She then helped shield Israel from legal scrutiny after its commandos massacred 8 Turkish activists and one US citizen in international waters on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in 2010. Next, Power spearheaded the US strategy to undermine the Palestinian Authority’s bid for statehood at the United Nations. Power has yet to admit to the consequences of her role in enabling some of the worst atrocities ever committed against one of the world’s longest-suffering populations. http://www.alternet.org/world/saman... In Libya, where Power’s demand for military intervention influenced President Barack Obama’s decision to authorize force, the US flew open the floodgates of chaos, transforming a sovereign state into a destabilized battleground for local warlords and jihadists while the Hegemon grabbed the gold. In Syria, meanwhile, where one of the greatest hegemonic manufactured atrocities of modern times continues to devour civilian lives, Power’s high-profile initiatives have done little more than generate publicity for herself and support the Hegemon’s profits and plunder whilst her motorcade speeds through African villages hitting children and running off to spin her cover story. Samantha Power recently received the 2016 Kissinger Prize in Berlin. Power, who is lauded as some great human rights advocate, probably does more than any other public figure to harm the cause of global human rights. Susan Rice, Obama’s national security advisor, responsible for mass murders in Africa, by supporting policies that have led to the deaths of millions and the weakening of those nations’ sovereignty include: the Democratic Republic of the Congo (D.R.C.), and Sudan, the two largest nations on the continent, before the break-up of Sudan in 2011. This has resulted in a permanent destabilization of the countries of the Great Lakes region and parts of the Horn of Africa. In 1996 Rice, as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director of African Affairs, supported the armies of Rwanda and Uganda to invade D.R.C. (then Zaire), and to install Laurent Kabila as its new President. From 1997-1998 Rice returned from her first trip to the Great Lakes region as the newly installed Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. In her role she agreed to have over 1 million Hutu refugees in UN camps inside the D.R.C. removed by the armies D.R.C. neighbors Uganda and Rwanda. Rice is quoted a saying that: "Museveni [of Uganda] and Kagame [of Rwanda] agree that the basic problem in the Great Lakes is the danger of a resurgence of genocide [referring to the Rwandan Hutus who fled to the D.R.C. after Kagame took over Rwanda—LKF], and they know how to deal with that. The only thing we have to do is look the other way." Rice’s "looking the other way" was followed by a decade of killing and the looting in the D.R.C. by armed groups supported by Rice’s chosen "leaders" in the region, Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni and Rwanda’s Paul Kagama. In 1998 Rice was instrumental in orchestrating the bombing of the al-Shifa pharmaceutical plant in Omdurman, Sudan, just outside of Khartoum, allegedly for producing chemical weapons that could be used in terrorist attacks on the United States. Not a shred of evidence was ever found to justify the al-Shifa attack. Despite Rice’s repeating the lie that Sudan is the only state in Sub-Saharan Africa that posed a direct threat to U.S. national security interests, no evidence was ever been made public to corroborate that allegation. In fact, the U.S. intelligence community has admitted that it has no such evidence, and has collaborated with its counterparts in Sudan in fighting terrorism. Susan Rice is a good daughter of the Hegemon; her record of killing Africans is her badge of brutality, giving her a seat at the table of the Hegemon. An up and coming Harpy, Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, is in competition with Angela Merkel and Hilary Clinton for biggest liars award. Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs “Toria” Nuland was purportedly the “mastermind” behind the Feb. 22, 2014 “regime change” in Ukraine, plotting the overthrow of the democratically elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych while spinning the narrative for U.S. mainstream media that the coup wasn’t really a coup but a victory for “democracy.” Like her husband arch-neocon, Robert Kagan who co-founded the Project for the New American Century in 1998 around a demand for “regime change” in Iraq, a project that was accomplished in 2003 with President George W. Bush’s invasion for the Hegemon, she was overseer for a neo-Nazi coup in the Ukraine that has been devastating for the people. Nuland recited a litany of Big Lies about the “new Ukraine,” –Claiming it’s “building a peaceful, democratic, independent” nation is polar opposite truth. She lied about Crimea “under illegal occupation” – ignoring near Crimean unanimity to reverse a historic mistake and rejoin Russia. She turned truth on its head claiming that in eastern Ukraine, Russia and its separatist puppets unleashed unspeakable violence and pillage. She has helped with ushering a new cold war with Russia saying, “This is a manufactured conflict controlled by the Kremlin, fueled by Russian tanks and heavy weapons; financed at Russian taxpayers’ expense and costing the lives of young Russians…” No evidence whatever shows Russian involvement. None exists except photos exposed as fakes but it is interesting to note that her statement fits the US perfectly! http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/201... Moving to the global stage a hegemonic homage must be made to the world’s most powerful woman, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who replaced Condoleezza Rice. She reigns over a Germany who is once again a force to be reckoned with economically and militarily. In fact, Germany just put troops on the ground in Syria with no concern for the sovereign Syrian government who do not want them there. She was one of the staunchest supporters of the US war for Iraqi oil and spoils. Her unilateral decision to allow Israel to obtain a fleet of Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft-built, Dolphin-class submarines costing $2 billion each, subsidized by the current German Government, gives the Israeli state a ‘second strike’ nuclear capability far in advance of that of either Britain, Germany or France and posing a potential threat to all European states. True to the Big Daddy USA Angela Merkel’s cabinet approved a measure to bring fracking, the patents for which are owned mainly by American companies such as Dick Chaney’s Halliburton, into Germany. This is a prelude toward removing Europe from Russia’s energy-market, and bringing U.S. and European oil companies to dominate there instead. A recent poll conducted by German web platform, Alles Schall und Rauch, asked more than 3,000 of its readers from Germany and 40 other countries to determine the world’s “liar of the year.” More than 39 percent of those surveyed crowned the German chancellor with the “liar of the year” title.

Park Geun-hye, is literally South Korea’s daddy’s girl, daughter of Park Chung-hee who ruled the country with a repressive iron fist from 1961 to 1979. Her father came to power through a CIA sponsored military coup d état and his rule ended when his own Korean CIA director assassinated him. President of South Korea since 2013 Korean President Park Geun-hye is the first female leader of her country with full support of the conservative party — an especially impressive accomplishment considering South Korea has the highest level of gender inequality in the developed world. She is known for her inability to communicate with people spontaneously and her lack of empathy for difficult lives of grassroots populace because of her privileged position throughout her life. As a good asset for CIA she tried to get North Korea to abandon their nuclear-weapons program by promising humanitarian aid and an investment in its industries, but to no avail. Park has flexed her muscles by testing missiles that can reach all of North Korea, but Kim Jong-un hasn’t blinked, and hasn’t quashed any nuclear ambitions. Park conforms, as the Hegemon instructs, to the recurring model of female political leader who is a daughter, a wife, or a sister of a powerful male leader.

Aung San Suu Ky, Myanmar, Islamaphobe and media darling, alleged asset of MI-6 and CIA recently was named State Councillor of Myanmar. As the Constitution is designed to prevent her from becoming President, the Parliament created the new powerful position of State Councillor; a role similar to that of Prime Minister. She is also conveniently Minister of the President’s Office and Foreign Minister. Her position as leader of the "Saffron Revolution" was sold as an ultra-liberal pro-democracy, progressive movement and was one of the West’s most successful neo-colonial creations to date, Aung San Suu Kyi, portrayed and revered as a modern day, secular "saint" of neo-liberalism and Western democratic values works hard to keep the Muslims in Myanmar down. Her National League for Democracy (NLD) and her "Saffron" mobs, are fully funded, backed, protected by, and in absolute servile obedience to both US and British special interests. A 2006 36-page document out of the "Burma Campaign UK" explicitly details the enormous amount of money and resources both the US government and its corporate-funded foundations have poured into her image and her "movement." The most telling information begins on page 14 of 36 of the report’s PDF file. Titled, "Failing the People of Burma?" the report enumerates the vast resources the West has invested in building a "pro-democracy" movement, and argues that even more support be given to initiate a "transition" in the oil and mineral rich Myanmar. As is evidenced today, women’s participation in the military industrial complex is embedded in every way. Legislation for the draft submitted after 2001 and now again in 2016 with Hilary Clinton’s full support explicitly defines both men and women of the ages between 18 and 26 as “conscripted” for military service where they get to learn how to oversee and conduct torture in prisons like Abu-Ghraib in Iraq.

Economic Terrorism Big Daddy Hegemon’s national and global bean counters are also important powerful women of which to take note, Janet Yellen, chair of the Federal Reserve, and Christine Legarde, head of the IMF— both the first women to hold these jobs. They have been obedient daughters of the Hegemon bringing down those who dare to threaten the debt based usury rich capitalist economic system. Janet Yellen is the guardian of the US capitalist economy heading up the Fed, a private central bank historically noted for running a scam operation designed to financially enslave the American people since 1913. She has done a “good” job for the bottom lines of wealth and power. In 2015, Yellen upheld the tradition of little to no oversight or auditing for the Fed. Yellen holds a position of immense power, and her decisions affect the entire country. Christine Legarde, appointed managing director of the International Monetary Fund in 2011, is the first woman to head the organization, which serves as the economic adviser and backstop for capitalist greed in 188 countries. Charged in 2008 with "negligence" by a French court over her role in a €403m sum handed over to a French businessman, LeGarde, is one of the Hegemon’s cleverest girls. Along with the European Central Bank and the European Commission, the IMF under Lagarde has been preoccupied with complete economic slavery for Greece’s failing economy, which has generated $95 billion of debt that will specifically benefit Germany. Relations between the IMF and Athens, already strained after last year’s brinkmanship, have reached a new low. Whether in media, education, government, or corporations, women play critical roles as leaders, managers and foot soldiers paving the way as role models for future obedient leaders and workers for the hegemon. As the hegemon minimally provides for the needs of its poorest women the illusion of equal opportunity and equity is fostered when a Hilary and an Angela take the stage together. In the same pattern in which Fanon described the desire of the “native” for the white man’s power so do these women politicians desire the power of their masters that is the opposite of desiring liberty. Liberation and resistance means desiring freedom, it is struggle, and the struggle requires we build ties by nurturing the desire for liberty in each specific situation. The historical tragedies of torture and genocide now are commandeered by the “powerful” women allowed to act as overseers for the global masters.

Our failure to hesitate to stop these leaders has a price here and now. As more women and children are recruited by these women leaders more defenseless women and children will be tortured, shot and killed by our own daughters for the Hegemon. It is all part of the grand depopulation plan of the lords of war. All the hegemon’s boys and girls are to follow the "harsh arithmetic of pain," whereby civilian casualties on both sides "play in their favor," the favor of the ruling class that is. Historically there have always been some women doing undercover dirty work but since WWII women in power have been paid agents and assets for the state and the corporations behind the state. With a clear political agenda they are caught up in the profits of imperialism. So total is the saturation of the hegemonic narrative in the minds of American and European women they almost never perceive it as problematic. The neo-liberal woman wearing their $1200 Armani suits preach that it is only ‘normal” to want to “uncover” the women of the Muslim world and make them “free to be” to have “sex in the city”.

People who are standing with the oppressed and for liberation need new rules, strategies and tactics to deal effectively and fairly with these dangerous realities of the new gender blind and colorblind imperialism. We cannot simply wait until the next generation of sons and daughters decide to follow Hillary or Angela’s demands for more cannon fodder. We must stop these leaders before they export their perverted propaganda, their sick and dangerous militaristic terrorism, their culture of death to children and grandchildren here so they do not spread it to the children and grandchildren over there. We cannot simply wait until another son or daughter of people decide to follow the leader’s con jobs and deceptions. We must stop this madness of pre-emptive war games that the Judeo-Christian culture of death, male, female, GLBTQ, left, right, red or yellow, black or white, is spreading from sea to poisoned sea.

We must stop working to reform the Hegemon. The actual history of over 200 years of people in the US fighting for the rights of natives, slaves, immigrants, GLBTQ, the poor and women across race and class "from within" has produced 31 Flavors of overseers now called managers, supervisors, CEOs and politicians who support capitalist’s greed and cruelty. Those who are chosen to represent hegemony are chosen to maintain the wealth and power of those who already have it and if they do shake things up they will be removed. So yes, one can get have the job of president and that president will be surrounded by a global cabal of war mongering supremacist oligarchs in a capitalist system who will insist on a great number of wars in countries that have oil, gold, water, minerals, gems, or are next door to China and Russia. This same system will insist that women presidents legitimize the rape and assassination of leaders of sovereign states, invade and occupy sovereign nations, drone bomb potential innocents, spy on everyone, mass incarcerate its own people, while poisoning the food and the planet. Every day that same President will hear repeatedly how great the threat is of Africans, Muslims, and of course, communists. She will be told that migrants are scum, how the disobedient need to be smacked down and how dissenters need to be shot and most importantly that terrorists must be killed where ever they are with no regard for national sovereignty or rules of war. There is no escaping the corrupt and cruel system that thrives on social and economic inequality and hegemonic brutality with the hollow women at the helm.


There are courageous women around the world that are educating, inspiring, agitating and organizing against greed, wars, invasions, occupations, environmental devastation, supremacy and patriarchy in the New World Order. You’ve probably never heard of them so I am honored to introduce a few of them to you. These women represent the revolutionary women’s demand for a radical reordering of society towards real liberation and self-determination for all people. They have been on the front lines in the agenda to save the people and the planet. They are brilliant and brave women from around the world, young and old fighting against oppression. You have probably not heard of them because they do not work for the Hegemon. Research their names and you will read, hear and feel their passion: Leila Khalid, Assata Shakur, Harsha Walia, Amal Saad, Cynthia McKinney, Marwa Osman, Eva Bartlett, Vanessa Bealey, Chris Geovanis, Suzella Palmer, Felicity Arbuthnot, Esther Stanford-Xosei, Ajanta Sinha Ghosh, Lah Tere, Mariela Castro, Alieda Guevarra, Rosa Clemente, Diana Berek, Heather Cottin, Lizzie Phelan, Cyrstal Vance Guerra, Rania Masri, Sarah Abdallah, Cheri Honkala, Kathleen Clever, Brooke Heagerty, Cindy Sheehan and many others around the world. These women manifest revolution in protest, art, writing, teaching, brigades, seminars, video, radio, music, politics, community and care for others daily. Be like these woman, demand a radical reordering of society towards real liberation and self-determination for all people. Create the front lines to save the people and the planet. Be brilliant and brave in the fight against oppression and resist being conned by whatever flavor they offer to appease you.

June Scorza Terpstra, Ph.D. is an activist educator and university lecturer in Justice Studies, Criminal Justice and Sociology. She has founded numerous programs for homeless, abused, youth and oppressed people in the USA. She is presently teaching courses on Law and Terrorism, Social Justice, Resistance, Criminology, and Juvenile Justice. She is a former Community Research Fellow and doctoral graduate of Loyola University Chicago.

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Monday 12 November
by : David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Ru
At first glance, the results of America’s 2012 election appear to be a triumph for social, racial, and economic justice and progress in the United States: California voters passed a proposition requiring the rich to shoulder their fair share of the tax burden; Two states, Colorado and Washington, legalized the recreational use of marijuana, while Massachusetts approved the use of marijuana for medical purposes; Washington and two other states, Maine and Maryland, legalized same-sex (...)
Sunday 28 October
by : David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Ru
In a 2004 episode of Comedy Central’s animated series South Park, an election was held to determine whether the new mascot for the town’s elementary school would be a “giant douche” or a “turd sandwich.” Confronted with these two equally unpalatable choices, one child, Stan Marsh, refused to vote at all, which resulted in his ostracization and subsequent banishment from the town. Although this satirical vulgarity was intended as a commentary on the two (...)
Friday 28 September
by : David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Ru
PART I PART II PART III If there is one major inconsistency in life, it is that young people who know little more than family, friends and school are suddenly, at the age of eighteen, supposed to decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, because of their limited life experiences, the illusions they have about certain occupations do not always comport to the realities. I discovered this the first time I went to college. About a year into my studies, I (...)
Friday 28 September
by : David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Ru
PART I PART II PART IV Disillusioned with the machinations of so-called “traditional” colleges, I became an adjunct instructor at several “for-profit” colleges. Thanks largely to the power and pervasiveness of the Internet, “for-profit” colleges (hereinafter for-profits) have become a growing phenomenon in America. They have also been the subject of much political debate and the focus of a Frontline special entitled College Inc. Unlike traditional (...)
Friday 28 September
by : David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Ru
PART I PART III PART IV Several years ago, a young lady came into the college where I was teaching to inquire about a full-time instructor’s position in the sociology department. She was advised that only adjunct positions were available. Her response was, “No thanks. Once an adjunct, always an adjunct.” Her words still echo in my mind. Even as colleges and universities raise their tuition costs, they are relying more and more on adjunct instructors. Adjuncts are (...)
Friday 28 September
by : David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Ru
PART II PART III PART IV When The Bill of Rights was added to the United States Constitution over two hundred years ago, Americans were blessed with many rights considered to be “fundamental.” One conspicuously missing, however, was the right to an education. This was not surprising given the tenor of the times. America was primarily an agrarian culture, and education, especially higher education, was viewed as a privilege reserved for the children of the rich and (...)
Monday 30 July
by : David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Ru
If there is one universal question that haunts all human beings at some point in their lives, it is, “Why do we die?” Death, after all, is the great illogic. It ultimately claims all, the rich and the poor, the mighty and the small, the good and the evil. Death also has the capability to make most human pursuits—such as the quest for wealth, fame and power—vacuous and fleeting. Given this reality, I have often wondered why so many people are still willing to (...)
Thursday 28 June
by : David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Ru
How much corruption can a “democracy” endure before it ceases to be a democracy? If five venal, mendacious, duplicitous, amoral, biased and (dare I say it) satanic Supreme Court “justices”—John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Anthony Kennedy—have their way, America will soon find out. In several previous articles for Pravda.Ru, I have consistently warned how the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision is one of the (...)
Tuesday 12 June
by : David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Ru
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Imagine, if you will, that the United States government passes a law banning advertisers from sponsoring commercials on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show or Rupert Murdoch’s Fox (Faux) “News” Network. On one hand, there would be two decided advantages to this ban: The National IQ would undoubtedly increase several percentage points, and manipulative pseudo-journalists would no longer be able to appeal to the basest instincts in human nature for ratings and profit while (...)
Thursday 7 June
by : David R. Hoffman, Pravda.Ru Legal Editor
LIVE, from the State that brought you Senator Joseph McCarthy, Wisconsin voters now proudly present, fresh from his recall election victory, Governor Scott Walker! At first glance, it is almost unfathomable that anyone with a modicum of intelligence would have voted to retain Scott Walker as Wisconsin’s governor. This, after all, is a man who openly declared he is trying to destroy the rights of workers through a “divide and conquer” strategy; who received 61% of the (...)
Tuesday 13 March
by : David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Ru
A question I’ve frequently been asked since I began writing for Pravda.Ru in 2003 is, “Why did you become disillusioned with the practice of law?” This question is understandable, particularly since, in most people’s minds, being an attorney is synonymous with wealth and political power. I’ve always been reluctant to answer this question for fear it will discourage conscientious and ethical people from pursuing careers in the legal profession—a (...)