Saturday 13 May 2017 (16h15) :
Judah Ben Hur for President 2020

By : William Morgan

President Donald Trump and Ambassador Judah Ben Hur

Judah Ben Hur Ambassador from the American Republic, and a Colonel in the American Republic Army will most likely challenge President Trump during his 4 years in office as President of The United States of America. The American people, and in fact the world needs someone who is willing to sacrifice everything they must to usurp the Presidency and all its Organs of control over the American people. We know that this little declaration on this website means little too many, but you all know in your hearts, that this planet is in trouble, and we need a Firestarter like Judah Ben Hur to set the world on fire in the minds of the People, and change the course of history for not just Americans, but for the world we all live in. He has the power to ignite a firestorm. The question is are you willing to take the heat? The American Republic Manifestum declaration is a start.

Sincerely, An American

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