Thursday 10 August 2017 (12h36) :
Overplaying your hand

Well it does look like the game is nearing the end. The rhetoric reached crescendo and the realization of the fact the more they bark less the others are afraid had hit home. The last efforts, the so called fire and fury that the world had jet not seen, followed by point blank threats of the general boasting of the fire-power available had not have the expected results. Meaning the other side is not shitting in the pants. What now? Well same as with the dog, show it you are not afraid, it will give it up.

The problem is that normal dog has the choice to pretend that okay, nothing happened I can simply walk away. Not so the dog which claimed to be the ruler of the world, the indispensable exceptional kind of dog, that mad dog of the world. It simply cannot walk away, but hell it should have thought before it barked, it should know that if you bark loud enough and the victim still not runs away you better attack in hopes he will then. The problem is that by then you know that he will not run away, because he has nowhere left to run. And you know surely even being the mad dog you are, that once the shit hits the fan and biting starts, he will bite back and it will hurt. Sure you will most likely win this time him being so small and you mad dog are sooooo big, but deep in your small head there is a thought that once you do that the the little people around you claim to protect will also be really hurt and may not be inclined not to blame you for that. Not to mention the fact that the rest of the world will see how exceptional and indispensable you really are, exceptionally mean and maybe should not be indispensable but rather should be dispensed of. To make the world a safer place.

And that scares you doesn’t it, the whole world is not a small pointless country easy to destroy. The whole world is actually much bigger that you mad dog and can, if it will need to make a short process of getting rid of you and safe in the future a ton of money and effort in keeping up with you with weapons. Imagine that. But maybe it’s too late since you cannot be seen like a loser can you? But hell you lost before, sure never admitted to it but lost nevertheless, so what’s another bankruptcy? Make up you mind, do not keep us in suspense too long, we are easily bored and may end up realizing that you are actually rather useless and quite ordinary, the only exceptional thing about you is your meanness and cruelty.

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