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The falling Max Ehrich

By : celbbetty

Once a rising Hollywood star Max Ehrich sparks many questions and growing concerns. The young American actor, singer, songwriter and dancer who used to be on high demand for multiple artistic projects has slowly disappeared from the radars. Let’s hope for the nominated Daytime Emmy Awards talent that he has not brought his current drug addict’s role in “The Path” to real life, as some have speculated on social media.

26 year-old Max Ehrich known for his appearance in the famous TV show “Under the Dome” and High School Musical 3 has been far more discrete in Hollywood over the past two years despite intensive use of social media. After a promising start from the years 2010 to 2015, what happened to the young man’s once promising career?

Here are the major reasons listed on the web:

Family issues

A sensitive Max Ehrich seems very close to his mother Rhonda and his father, Bruce, both living in his hometown of Marlboro, New Jersey. His activity on social media and numerous grateful posts towards his parents prove it.

Recent tweets from the young man about his father might explain his step back and potential troubles: “Plz send healing prayers to my incredible father”. Even though Max didn’t reveal his father’s illness, the emotional young man might have been harshly affected by his father’s worsening condition.

Chaotic relationships and sexual awkwardness

Looking at Max’s private life, observers can only observe a deep unease. In July 2017, Ehrich and the 22 year-old actress Veronica Dunne ended a three-year relationship. According to the celebrity gossip website JustJared: “The news come just after Max tweeted the message ‘I am single,’ letting fans know that the longtime couple wasn’t together anymore.” Dunne stars as the lead role of Marisa in the Disney Channel series “K.C. Undercover.”

Max Ehrich has recently been spending a lot of time with the 19 year-old actress Bella Thorne, but according to media accounts, the relationship is “strictly professional”. His sinuous private life might be an explanation to what has been long suspected: Ehrich’s closeted homosexuality.

Indeed, while Ehrich is officialy straight and has very publicly dated several female actors, he is reportedly bisexual and has had several relationships with men. Actor Chris Colfer allegedly had a relationship with Ehrich. No doubt his sexual orientation appears to be a burden for the insecure actor, who has been criticized for failing to support LGBT rights. Despite been rumored as bisexual since the start of his career, coming out at his age and at this stage of his career might prove difficult for the emotional young man, who also relies on a decreasing cohort of female fans. A declining amount of roles in successful TV shows and movies might have worsened the pressure and stigma on Ehrich.

Psychotropic addictions?

As seen on many occasions, this deep unease with one’s sexuality might lead to something more: an addiction to alcohol, medicines or drugs. This is the question many people are asking in Hollywood after having seen Max with his new girlfriend Bella going to a coffee shop half-naked wearing a dirty Superman trousers and smoking what might be weed.

His relationship with the trashy young girl makes fans wonder if the soap star will be able to recover from this difficult personal phase. Some speculate whether he will ever come back on stage with the freshness and smile that made people love him.

Currently, Ehrich is in pre-production for a role in some TV movie called “Bad Publicity,” which is set to be released in June 2018.

Good looks and talent?

Just as Macaulay Culkin and many other young promising Hollywood stars at their time, Ehrich has always been casted for his beautiful smile and fresh face.

The roles he has played in the past are all quite naive and relatively simple. Now that the New Jersey actor is fast approaching his 30s, more demanding roles may prove difficult to get. At this crucial time, Ehrich seems to be lost and struggling in an unforgiving industry.

Welcome to the real Hollywood life.

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