Wednesday 7 February 2018 (17h50) :
Weinstein affair: Celebrity lawyer JEFF HERMAN also accused of rape

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Jeff Herman, go-to attorney to the stars in Hollywood sex-abuse claims, has recently propelled himself into the spotlight by representing Harvey Weinstein accusers Kadian Noble and Dominique Huett.

However, as an investigation by The Hollywood Reporter uncovered, Jeff Herman himself was accused of committing rape by his teenage receptionist in 1998.

Herman had also previously been disciplined in two separate incidents of dishonesty and misconduct, one of which leading to his banishment from a Florida courtroom.

Nonetheless, and for reasons that bewilder us all, Herman has managed to become the go-to lawyer in sexual abuse cases in Hollywood, appearing on television talk shows, and publishing paradoxically named essays such as: “It isn’t easy, but here’s how you bring down powerful men accused of rape”. Herman has always been open about his past mistakes, IRS frauds, foreclosure actions against his properties, and suspension of his licence to practice law. However, one issue he has failed to mention publically is that he was himself accused of rape in 1998, as mentioned before.

The victim was his teenage receptionist who had been working at his Miami law firm for only a couple of weeks when the assault occurred. In the police report, available for all to read online, the young woman recounted how Herman invited her to his home, tossed her on his bed, removed her shorts, digitally penetrated her, demanded oral sex, forced her to satisfy him with her hand, to her repeated protests.

The receptionist handed in her resignation in the following days and reported the assault to the Plantation, Florida Police Department. The police recommended prosecution, but alarmingly, prosecutors declined to file charges. The young woman never sought attention over the crime, or money from the attorney, and was deceivably let down by the justice system.

When contacted by The Hollywood Reporter for a comment on the recently unearthed police report, Herman simply mumbled "oh crap", his previous answers prefaced with long, halting pauses.

This leads us to conclude, the big-headed, self-proclaimed "aggressive, passionate and skilled, nationally-recognized trial lawyer and advocate for survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation", is nothing more than a little, little man, trying by all means to make it big and using the Weinstein affair for profit.

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