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Was Gary Webb ’Suicided’ To Kill New Book?

Tuesday 28 December 2004

By Charlene Fassa

Before all articles, legitimate questions, and informed speculation critical of Webb’s alleged ’confirmed’ suicide are automatically tossed in the ’memory hole’, or are destined to endlessly travel through the ’conspiracy belt’ - I have some new and important revelations that need to be factored into the Gary Webb death equation, including information that he was working on a NEW book that he would soon finish.

And what would people think about Gary Webb’s OFFICIAL airtight ’confirmed suicide’ pronouncement - if they were to read an email containing a recollected conversation between Jon Roland and Gary Webb about this very subject: the possibility of Webb’s being "suicided", where Webb confirms that if he’s found dead it would never be a suicide.

In case you’re wondering who Jon Roland is, he’s a constitutional reporter; he’s also the founder and the webmaster at . I called Jon to clarify the details around the revealing email he had sent out to various listserv groups, shortly after Webb’s death. When I spoke with Mr. Roland, I asked him approximately when he had this conversation with Webb.

Jon said, "after the Mercury articles were written, and Gary had been living in Sacramento 3 or 4 months." Jon also reiterated that Gary had a cache of evidence, left over from his writings that had never been published, which made him concerned for Gary’s life.

I found this email and other incendiary information I’ll be discussing about Webb, from an excellent article on Gary Webb’s death by reporter Virginia McCullough at:,ga...

Here’s the email -

Original Message -----

From: "Jon Roland" <> To: Sent: Sunday, December 12, 2004 3:57 PM

Subject: c-a] Obituary: Gary Webb, investigative reporter, author of "Dark Alliance",

Gary Webb first came to attention with his series for the San Jose Mercury News, "Dark Alliance", which presented evidence the CIA supported the importation of cocaine into the United States. See

I spoke to Gary and in the conversation he indicated he had a lot of evidence that did not appear in his writings. I cautioned him that the CIA might contrive to "suicide" him, and he indicated that if he died it would not be suicide.

The CIA has experts on producing authentic-appearing "suicide notes". If you ever get a report like this about me, you can be absolutely certain it was not suicide.

— Jon

Another gem mentioned in the McCullough piece is that Gary Webb was working on a book! That’s right a BOOK, according to Luis Gomez, a fellow investigative reporter associated with the Narco News School of Authentic Journalism. Luis had worked with, learned from, and admired Gary. Here’s a quotation from his heartfelt eulogy to Webb, full text:

"Chief Gary, pardon this digression, but did you finish that book you were working on? I remember that a few months ago everything was up in the air while you looked for work, but when you wrote to me again for the last time, you were already a reporter again. So I suppose that it is finished, because a journalist does not leave work hanging, and you were one of the best that I’ve known, that I’ve read. Now, I hope it gets released, so that we can find out what you were doing these last few monthsÖ because I really don’t know, and that ignorance makes me cry, chiefÖ"

So where’s the manuscript? Why are the "confirmed suicide" mongers stridently asserting that Gary wasn’t working on anything before he died? Who benefits from this lie? This begs the questionóif Gary was indeed working on a new book, what kind of book was it? Well, we know he had evidence laying around about the CIA, the Contras, drug trafficking, etc. I think we’re safe in speculating his book probably would have been related to this subject matter in some way.

Unfortunately, Luis can’t help us here. So I’m going to get a little help from my friends at Liberty Lobby Forum. The rumor mill was churning hot and heavy at Liberty Forum and Webb’s death was addressed with an attention-grabbing post: Did the Israelis pay a Visit to Webb?


To summarize: allegations are made that Webb was working on a new book exposing the hidden Jewish element that is the controlling factor behind drug trafficking in South America. Apparently, a huge drug war in South America is about to erupt. It’s characterized as a massive power grab against South American Jewish-drug-lords. According to this scenario, Hugo Chavez is playing the foil, and is planning to clean-up drug trafficking in his neighborhood, or at least look as though he is, by militarily moving against Columbia. The prize is control over the illicit $50 billion cocaine and marijuana market. According to this speculation, Webb was "suicided" by Mossad because he was getting ready to break this story via his new book. Is the above true? I have no idea. I’ve not been involved with any research about South American drug trafficking. But, I do know and it has been reported that Chavez has purchased MIG-29’s from Russia. And at this point, it’s anyone’s guess as to what Gary’s alleged book contains. One thing is for sure, this sort of material would be his bailiwick. Does this information merit further investigation? I think it does, although some may disagree. I’m merely bringing this to the attention of serious researchers and truth seekers. It’s up to them to decide if the material merits more study.

At this point, let’s revisit "Freeway" Ricky Ross’ comments about Webb in an entirely new light.

After all, he was one of Webb’s primary sources for the Dark Alliance-CIA Drug series. Let’s remind ourselves of this fact, Webb based his reputation and career on much of what Rickey told him. If Ricky Ross was a "good enough" source for Gary Webb, meticulous researcher that he was, then he should be a good "enough source" for us. So I ask you, reader: "Why would Ricky Ross all of a sudden turn into an unreliable source NOW?" At any rate, here’s an excerpt from a recent Kevin Booth interview by Alex Jones. It’s based on a telephone conversation between Kevin Booth, a documentary film maker who’s working on a film about the drug war, and "Freeway’" Rickey Ross who is serving time in prison for drug dealing and related crimes. It centers on Ross’ comments after learning about Gary Webb’s alleged ësuicide’. In the recorded phone conversation, Freeway Rickey corroborates what Luis Gomez tells us: Gary was working on a project. Additionally, we learn via Rickey that Gary had told him that he was receiving death threats and harassment from government types.

Here’s a segment from Alex Jones’ interview of Kevin Booth:

KB: Right, it was all these cartels. So, like you said, he (Freeway Ricky Ross) was in the Victorville prison, right above Los Angeles there and the last time he spoke to Gary, which wasn’t that long ago, he told me that Gary was still working on the story. This was the kind of thing that Gary was never going to give up on because Gary felt like he could just keep going with this forever and uncover more and more people and exposing more names. But he (Ricky Ross) did tell me that Gary knew he was being followed. Every time he drove somewhere, there were always cars following him around. He said he knew it was government people ... The entire transcript and audio of the conversation between Ross and Booth is available at:

Doesn’t it make you wonder - where the hell are Gary’s papers and research documents, evidence, etc.? I’ve heard nothing about them from the mainstream stenographers - have you? Sam Smith is wondering too. He’s a "Scoop" reporter who wrote: Sam Smith, The Gary Webb Case, full text: :

"One clue still to come: did Webb leave his files with anyone he trusted or have they disappeared? It would have been highly unusual if he had left them for law enforcement officials to find, especially with the threat they might pose to sources. In any case, somebody’s got them now." I have a hard time believing that Webb wouldn’t have at least safely hidden his more sensitive information, etc. in case of a hit, at least to protect his sources if for no other reason. I can’t help but wonder if someone out there has safely stored some of Gary’s stuff for him, or even a manuscript of his almost finished book? It would be sad if those who got to Gary also got his materials.

Then this from "Remembering Gary Webb" by Alan Goodman

"Gary Webb paid a personal price for his work. When I talked with him, he was acutely aware that people get killed for revealing the kinds of horrors he uncovered. He was very concerned for the safety of his sources in prison and in Central America. The DEA raided the office of the literary agent who was helping Gary get a book contract. Shortly before we met, one of Gary’s associates had been run off the road by a military vehicle in Nicaragua". So now we have even more testimony that Gary was aware of the possibility of being "suicided", and that he was concerned not just for himself, but also for his sources.

Then consider this cautionary disclaimer by the iconoclastic Voxfux, who mentions that he and Gary had communicated in the past, excerpted from his no-holds-barred rant on Gary Webb’s death. You can read the entire article at: . "I published a "disclaimer of death" in 2001. My declaration stated in advance that if is (sic) was to be found in a scenario that appeared to be a suicide, that it was not a suicide. That declaration made a little noise back then - now all the other researchers are publishing similar disclaimers and declarations that they are not suicidal nor will they ever be suicidal."

Is Voxfux merely paranoid, or is he a realist? Too bad Gary didn’t sign a similar public declaration. But there’s still time for us. Maybe we should construct a website dedicated to these types of declarations - a type of suicide protection insurance. Additionally, it could serve as a memorial to those who have already been ësuicided.’

So, where am I going with all this? I’m positing that the carefully crafted impressionistic picture that was feed to us about Gary Webb’s suspicious death ---was just that. In other words, it was a psyop. Of course, an INDEPENDENT investigation would uncover more facts and details about Webb’s death that would inevitably change the carefully crafted, initial picture. And isn’t that a primary reason why there will be no real investigation? It’s all about perception control, isn’t it? If you carefully limit the scope and the quality of information about a subject effectively, people are restricted in their ability to critically think in that arena. And those who try to open up the flow of information once it’s been officially shut down ---those people are labeled conspiracy wackos.

It’s mind control pure and simple, a form of invisible mental fencing. Since I’m feeling pretty artistic today, I’m going to try and create a different picture for you to view. I’m sure you’ve heard this before: it’s not what they tell you that’s really important, it’s what they don’t tell you - that’s where the greater truth lies.

And I can’t help but wonder how we in America got stuck with such an absurdly low standard when it comes to pronouncing a death an official suicide. A distinct possibility sounds more like another way of saying maybe! Yet, that was the official statement made about Webb’s death by coroner Lyons. It sounds more like an official pronouncement that’s heard in a banana republic, not in a democratic republic. Is this representative of the rule of law or the arbitrariness of a dictatorship? What happened to "beyond a reasonable doubt"? In England "beyond a reasonable doubt" is the standard used to declare a suicide or a murder, although it’s not being applied to the Kelly case, another who was likely ësuicided’. Not having an independent investigation is an easy way to protect the guilty. And here’s another piece of illuminating information reported by Virginia McCullough, the reporter from NEWSMAKINGNEWS.COM in her piece about Webb’s death:

"The [moving] company’s estimator, Steve, had talked with the homeowner [Webb] recently, and he had felt that the man seemed saddened or depressed. The homeowner had just sold the home for $321,750 and said that he would be moving in with his grandmother who lived nearby."

First, what strikes me as suspicious is how quickly Steve echoes the official spin that Gary seemed depressed. And here’s where Steve loses all credibility for me: Steve the moving company estimator, knows the EXACT amount of money Webb’s house sold for? Excuse me, but if a moving company employee asked you how much your house sold for, would you give them an exact dollar amount? Instead, wouldn’t you throw out a rounded up figure like in the 3oo’s or something more general? Then Steve tells us all of Gary’s belongings are boxed and ready for storage. Again I find this odd. People on the verge of committing suicide are more likely to give away or sell their belongings. That’s a lot of work to pack and label all those boxes and then arrange and pay for storage. Frankly, most clinically depressed suicidal people wouldn’t have had the energy to initiate and finish a project like that.

And while we’re on the subject of personal belongings, it seems to me that if Gary were on the verge of killing himself, he would have given his beloved motorcycle to one of his sons or another family member. Suicide is the ultimate in letting go, so why all the hanging-on?

And then Steve tells us Gary is planning on moving in with his grandmother, who lives nearby. Why haven’t we heard from the grandmother about why Gary was going to move in with her? My bet is that if the reason he was moving in bolstered the "confirmed suicide" theory, we would have heard a few sound bites from her. Bottom line is — I don’t think "A Better Moving Company" should be let off the hook so easily. Hmmm, Mossad, moving companies, drug turf wars in South America, exposing hidden Jewish elements that allegedly control the South American Drug trade --- which could have been the topic, or a topic in Webb’s new book? This is what investigations are for - to check out these red flags and leads and see where they go.

Don’t you think it’s important that Jon Roland tells us that according to Webb, he still had in his personal possession potentially incriminating evidence that was yet to be published. And then there’s Webb’s concurrence with Roland confirming the unlikelihood of a Webb suicide. This tells us that Webb would remain a target and closely watched, and gives us a reason to DOUBT he would take his own life. Then there’s Alan Goodman’s interview with Webb. He tells us how concerned Gary was for his sources and by implication for his own life. So, Gary knew he was in constant danger. Wouldn’t that danger escalate if he were writing a new book? I don’t think Luis Gomez added the aside about Gary’s new book, in his moving eulogy to Webb in order to be provocative. And I don’t think Gary lied to him either. ëFreeway’ Ricky Ross also said Gary had told him he was continuing to work on this material, and he says Gary knew his life was in danger.

Need I mention why very few people knew Webb was working on a new book? Remember, Webb was said to be very concerned for the safety of his sources. It seems to me he would have wanted to protect his family, keeping them "out of the loop" by not telling them about his new book.

My picture looks something like this. Gary Webb was working on a new book that implicated more people in high places who didn’t like the idea of an expose book blowing their cover. In all probability, the book was an extension of his previous work. I think Gary was smart enough to have stashed a copy or copies of his manuscript somewhere safe. As far as selling his house and moving in with his grandmother, that very well could have been done to lower his overhead so he could spend more time finishing his book, and therefore wouldn’t have to get another job to make his mortgage payments and cover his expenses. We don’t know how much Gary profited from the sale of his house, but he may have garnered a bit of financial cushion with that sale. This can be checked into via public records at the local recorders’ office.

California is an open state for real estate information, and the amount of his previous mortgage and the sales price would be there. The difference would have been his, approximately. Also consider this: if Gary were in the black after having sold his home and he was about to commit suicide, why not send a check to Sue Bell, his ex-wife, with one of those (computer generated?) letters Gary (or someone pretending to be Gary) allegedly sent to family members? That to me would have been a stronger indication of his intent to kill himself, rather than merely making her a beneficiary of his bank account, which he may have done because of death threats. If we were to have a legitimate investigation, we could potentially confirm some of this - maybe even find a copy of his manuscript.

Phone records could be retrieved, as well as email correspondence; interviews could be done with colleagues, suicide notes examined by a forensic graphologist—and on and on. My guess is if Gary did write the alleged handwritten suicide notes, it was under duress - maybe a threat to harm his family, or else? But I bet the letters that went out to family members just before his death were computer generated. An autopsy could have revealed by checking under Gary’s fingernails for skin, foreign blood cells, DNA, etc. that there was a struggle. Gary’s blood could have been checked for any injected drugs. You can fill in the rest. Sadly, by now his body has been cremated, or will be soon. I’ll end with an insightful quote I found from Gary. It was in a Dec. 17th 2004, tribute article to Webb by Bill Conroy called: "Gary Drew Blood".

In his article, Conroy decided to call Chuck Bowden to get his take on Webb’s alleged suicide. According to Conroy, Webb had confided that: "he Gary would trust Chuck Bowden with his life". That’s why Conroy decided to call Bowden. The quote was part of a conversation between Webb and Bowden. In 1998 Bowden had been working on an Esquire article that validated Gary’s work, Dark Alliance. Bowden flew to Sacramento to interview Gary for his Esquire piece. "He (Gary) was drinking Maker’s Mark whiskey,"’ Bowden recalled, "and I remember he slapped his hand down on the table and said, ’I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I believe in conspiracies.’ "

I believe that Gary Webb’s death is being sold as a "confirmed suicide" when in reality it’s a "confirmed conspiracy." I also believe that Webb was "suicided" to kill his new book. To those of you who would say, "you can’t PROVE Webb was working on a new book." I say, "you can’t prove he wasn’t."

Forum posts

  • This column appeared on Rense, so it MUST be true!

    • Thanks for the comment troll! It’s not about being right or wrong it’s about critical thinking and ’open’ debate. How much do they pay you guys...anyway???

    • We’re paid enough where we can afford to buy and sell offal like you every day. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean we aren’t out to get you.

    • I knew Gary personally, and my first reaction to the news was crushing grief, followed in short order by disbelief. The first question I asked was, "What was he working on?" Gary was no stranger to death threats, and if he had a book in the pipeline, then you can damn well believe that there were people angry or threatened enough out there to want to kill him. The idea of him committing suicide is harder to believe than the idea of him being "suicided." Either way, he’s gone, and the grief will linger. Farewell my friend.

      Ashley Kennedy

  • Webb offed himself (or faked his own death) to hype his novel post-mortem.

  • Charlene,
    Scary article. One we all must heed. More and more it appears that ’truth kills’. Either your opponents the greed mongers, or you , the truthtellers. Thank you for this.

  • She’s not a truthteller, her grammar sucks. What the hell kind of word is suicided? When did it become a verb? This is what happen when your child’s education is controlled by liberals.

    • ’Her grammar sucks....this is what HAPPEN (my caps) when your child’s education is controlled by liberals’. Whose grammar sucks?

    • Obviously the poster was taught by liberals.

    • ..or the literary Bush..

    • "Suicided" : A term used to describe a person who is murdered and their death is made to look like a suicide , so no real investigation of their death takes place . It isn’t likely to be in a dictionary , but I’ve heard the term used before .

    • "Suicided" is like the term "disappeared". If someone "disappears", with no obvious evidence of kidnapping or foul play, the person’s been "disappeared". It’s part of the new terminology from living in the modern times. People DO get "suicided"—meaning that someone kills the person, and makes it look like a suicide. My uncle was "suicided" during the Reagan administration, May 17, 1972...when Reagan was gov. of Calif.

    • Okay then God wanted him to do it...for God’s sake, is that Republican enough for you?

  • This is baseless conspiracy mongering. If you assert something, the burden is on you to provide evidence. NOTHING in this article indicates suicide. The ’evidence’ only works if you first assume Webb was murdered. This is circular reasoning.

    Also, the author conveniently left out the most ludicrous portions of Rick Ross’ story as related on Alex Jones’ program. Folks, one-story houses do not have balconies. The pictures at the bottom of Ruppert’s article on conspiracy kooks and Webb’s suicide shows Webb’s house to be a simple one-story house. Ross LIED. There is not any way for the Ninja-type surveillance described by Ross to have taken place.

    The sick individuals attempting to make a buck off Webb’s suicide need to be ignored.
    Also, the Alternative News Providers pushing these stories need to be castigated.

    • How come you’re so defensive about it ?


    • Ruppert Vs. Jones - Fighting For Gary

      Ross never said that Gary chased people off of his balcony—Booth paraphrased that while he was on Alex Jones show. Ross did say that Gary was being harrassed and that he was still investigating.

    • On the contrary! One story houses have decks that look like balconies and, if built on a hill, have decks that look like balconies that are 20 feet off the ground! I don’t believe for a moment that Gary killed himself. He had too much going on that he was intensely interested in and was making progress at it. Those buying the suicide story need to wake up to the new reality we are living in. This is not the America you thought you grew up in. Gary’s published work was one proof of that.

    • Methinks thou dost protest too much.

      The believers feel sick at heart, while the others add insult to injury with foul, grammatically- incorrect yammerings.

    • Some people need to check out The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion , then examine the fall of monarchys over the last 2000 years and the circumstances surrounding them .

      For some it would seem the truth is all too scary and blind trust in those who have the most to gain is the safest way .

      Wake up and start asking questions please for the sake of the children now and to come.

      Peace !

  • Of course, the CIA/MOB/Octopus
    that murdered Gary Webb are doing their best to Silence
    and bury the whole thing. Of course, they don’t want Anyone Else
    doing any digging, any detective work regarding the whole
    Gary Webb murder, nor, do they need anyone else getting into
    their Business...Which is as you know Dealing Drugs,Black Ops,
    Murder Inc.

    how far will they go to silence and supress the truth?


    more of the attacks
    by Agents of Disinformation




    it only Evolved
    into the Joint Terrorism Task Forces
    The MultiJurisdictional Task Forces
    in other words
    all intel agencies
    are all in on it all together now
    to silence and supress the truth
    and to control Political Activists
    and to silence Patriotic Dissent!
    And to keep their Black Ops
    from being revealed!!!

    • If COINTELPRO was involved in Webb’s "suicide", there wouldn’t be any remains to be found - he’d have simply "vanished" if the cabal wanted to silence him, not kill him and make it look like a suicide. Shadow governments don’t like to leave evidence lying around...

    • Someone else trying to get the truth out:


      Google Zaps 9/11 ’Terror Drill’ Research
      Fintan Dunne


    • "Suicide" is all the rage! Everyone’s doing it! David Kelly, the UK’s expert on WMD, did it (before he could explain where those WMD that the UK/USA/France sold to Saddam actually are). Don’t worry about the fact that top doctors in the UK question the official WHITEWASH and have found gaping, 9-11 sized holes in the "suicide" theory. Don’t worry about the FACT that Kelly had already suggested that he might be "found dead in the woods" (as he was) through establishment foul play.

      What about the bloke who wrote the book exposing Bush’s cocaine snorting past, his arrest and the way he got off the charges with "community service". He decided to commit "suicide" too! After Bush had his book burnt (sorry, pulped). Perhaps it was to sell more books as some moron above suggested!

      Then there are all the microbiologists in the UK who have apparently committed "suicide" or have been killed in strange accidents. Must be a cult or something, hey sceptic spooks?

      Don’t forget the "suicide" of the woman who accused Bush of rape. What!? You don’t remember that one!? Well, that’s the American media for you - CONTROLLED.

      And then Gary decides to top himself. But he didn’t want to settle for the usual methods - he needed to make his "suicide" more spectacular than all those listed above! So he shot himself in the head. Twice!!!!! Pull the other one. My chin is sore from all the rubbing.

      Since "suicide" is so popular perhaps we can look forward to Bush getting in on the craze. We live in hope ... God Bless everywhere BUT America.

      Angry Manc - Manchester UK

    • ...Vince Foster’s suicide was FAKED too, right?

      Clinton’s body count outnumbers Dubya’s.

      Susan Coleman: Rumors were circulating in Arkansas of an affair with Bill Clinton. She was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head at 7 1/2 months pregnant. Death was an apparent suicide.

      Larry Guerrin: Was killed in February 1987 while investigating the INSLAW case.

      Kevin Ives & Don Henry: Initial cause of death was reported to be the result of falling asleep on a railroad track in Arkansas on August 23, 1987. This ruling was reported by the State medical examiner Fahmy Malak. Later it was determined that Kevin died from a crushed skull prior to being placed on the tracks. Don had been stabbed in the back. Rumors indicate that they might have stumbled upon a Mena drug operation.

      Keith Coney: Keith had information on the Ives/Henry deaths. Died in a motorcycle accident in July 1988 with unconfirmed reports of a high speed car chase.

      Keith McKaskle: McKaskle has information on the Ives/Henry deaths. He was stabbed to death in November 1988.

      Gregory Collins: Greg had information on the Ives/Henry deaths. He died from a gunshot wound to the face in January 1989.

      Jeff Rhodes: He had information on the deaths of Ives, Henry & McKaskle. His burned body was found in a trash dump in April 1989. He died of a gunshot wound to the head and there was some body mutilation, leading to the probably speculation that he was tortured prior to being killed.

      James Milam: Milam had information on the Ives & Henry deaths. He was decapitated. The state Medical examiner, Fahmy Malak, initially ruled death due to natural causes.

      Richard Winters: Winters was a suspect in the deaths of Ives & Henry. He was killed in a "robbery" in July 1989 which was subsequently proven to be a setup.

      Jordan Kettleson: Kettleson had information on the Ives & Henry deaths. He was found shot to death in the front seat of his pickup in June 1990.

      Alan Standorf: An employee of the National Security Agency in electronic intelligence. Standorf was a source of information for Danny Casalaro who was investigating INSLAW, BCCI, etc. Standorf’s body was found in the backseat of a car at Washington National Airport on Jan 31, 1991.

      Dennis Eisman: An attorney with information on INSLAW. Eisman was found shot to death on April 5, 1991.

      Danny Casalaro: Danny was a free-lance reporter and writer who was investigating the "October Surprise", INSLAW and BCCI. Danny was found dead in a bathtub in a Sheraton Hotel room in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Danny was staying at the hotel while keeping appointments in the DC area pertinent to his investigation. He was found with his wrists slashed. At least one, and possibly both of his wrists were cut 10 times. All of his research materials were missing and have never been recovered.

      Victor Raiser: The National Finance Co-Chair for "Clinton for President." He died in a airplane crash on July 30, 1992.

      R. Montgomery Raiser: Also involved in the Clinton presidential campaign. He died in the same plane crash as Victor.

      Paul Tully: Tulley was on the Democratic National Committee. He was found dead of unknown causes in his hotel room on September 24, 1992. No autopsy was ever allowed.

      Ian Spiro: Spiro had supporting documentation for grand jury proceedings on the INSLAW case. His wife and 3 children were found murdered on November 1, 1992 in their home. They all died of gunshot wounds to the head. Ian’s body was found several days later in a parked car in the Borego Desert. Cause of death? The ingestion of cyanide. FBI report indicated that Ian had murdered his family and then committed suicide.

      Paula Gober: A Clinton speech writer. She died in a car accident on December 9, 1992 with no known witnesses.

      Jim Wilhite: Wilhite was an associate of Mack McClarty’s former firm. Wilhite died in a skiing accident on December 21, 1992. He also had extensive ties to Clinton with whom he visited by telephone just hours before his death.

      Steve Willis, Robert Williams, Todd McKeahan & Conway LeBleu: Died Feburary 28, 1993 by gunfire at Waco. All four were examined by a pathologist and died from identical wounds to the left temple. All four had been body guards for Bill Clinton, three while campaigning for President and when he was Governor of Arkansas.They also were the ONLY 4 BATF agents killed at Waco.

      Sgt. Brian Haney, Sgt. Tim Sabel, Maj. William Barkley, Capt. Scott Reynolds: Died: May 19, 1993 - All four men died when their helicopter crashed in the woods near Quantico, Va. - Reporters were barred from the site, and the head of the fire department responding to the crash described it by saying, "Security was tight," with "lots of Marines with guns." A videotape made by a firefighter was seized by the Marines. All four men had escorted Clinton on his flight to the carrier Roosevelt shortly before their deaths.

      John Crawford: An attorney with information on INSLAW. He died from a heart attack in Tacoma in April of 1993.

      John Wilson: Found dead from an apparent hanging suicide on May 18, 1993. He was a former Washington DC council member and claimed to have info on Whitewater.

      Paul Wilcher: A lawyer who was investigating drug running out of Mena, Arkansas and who also sought to expose the "October Surprise", BCCI and INSLAW. He was found in his Washington DC apartment dead of unknown causes on June 22, 1993.

      Vincent Foster: A White House deputy counsel and long-time personal friend of Bill and Hillary’s. Found on July 20, 1993, dead of a gunshot wound to the mouth — a death ruled suicide. Many different theories on this case! Readers are encouraged to read our report in Strange Deaths.

      Jon Parnell Walker: An investigator for the RTC who was looking into the linkage between the Whitewater and Madison S&L bankruptcy. Walker "fell" from the top of the Lincoln Towers Building.

      Stanley Heard & Steven Dickson: They were members of the Clinton health care advisory committee. They died in a plane crash on September 10, 1993.

      Jerry Luther Parks: Parks was the Chief of Security for Clinton’s national campaign headquarters in Little Rock. Gunned down in his car on September 26, 1993 near the intersection of Chenal Parkway and Highway 10 west of Little Rock. Parks was shot through the rear window of his car. The assailant then pulled around to the driver’s side of Park’s car and shot him three more times with a 9mm pistol. His family reported that shortly before his death, they were being followed by unknown persons, and their home had been broken into (despite a top quality alarm system). Parks had been compiling a dossier on Clinton’s illicit activities. The dossier was stolen.

      Ed Willey: A Clinton fundraiser. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on November 30, 1993. His death came the same day his wife, Kathleen, was sexually assaulted in the White House by Bill Clinton.

      Gandy Baugh: Baugh was Lasater’s attorney and committed suicide on January 8, 1994. Baugh’s partner committed suicide exactly one month later on February 8, 1994.

      Herschell Friday: A member of the presidential campaign finance committee. He died in an airplane explosion on March 1, 1994.

      Ronald Rogers: Rogers died on March 3, 1994 just prior to releasing sensitive information to a London newspaper. Cause of death? Undetermined.

      Kathy Furguson: A 38 year old hospital worker whose ex-husband is a co- defendant in the Paula Jones sexual harassment law suit. She had information supporting Paula Jone’s allegations. She died of an apparent suicide on May 11, 1994 from a gunshot wound to the head.

      Bill Shelton: Shelton was an Arkansas police officer and was found dead as an apparent suicide on kathy Ferguson’s grave (Kathy was his girl friend), on June 12, 1994. This "suicide" was the result of a gunshot wound to the back of the head.

      Stanley Huggins: Huggins, 46, was a principal in a Memphis law firm which headed a 1987 investigation into the loan practices of Madison Guaranty S&L. Stanley died in Delaware in July 1994 — reported cause of death was viral pneumonia.

      Paul Olson: A Federal witness in investigations to drug money corruption in Chicago politics, Paul had just finished 2 days of FBI interviews when his plane ride home crashed, killing Paul and 130 others on Sept 8 1994. The Sept. 15, 1994 Tempe Tribune newspaper reported that the FBI suspected that a bomb had brought down the airplane.

      Calvin Walraven: 24 year on Walraven was a key witness against Jocelyn Elder’s son’s drug case. Walraven was found dead in his apartment with a gunshot wound to the head. Tim Hover, a Little Rock police spokesman says no foul play is suspected.

      Alan G. Whicher: Oversaw Clinton’s Secret Service detail. In October 1994 Whicher was transferred to the Secret Service field office in the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. Whatever warning was given to the BATF agents in that building did not reach Alan Whicher, who died in the bomb blast of April 19th 1995.

      Duane Garrett: Died July 26, 1995-A lawyer and a talk show host for KGO-AM in San Fransisco, Duane was the campaign finance chairman for Diane Fienstien’s run for the senate, and was a friend and fundraiser for Al Gore. Garrett was under investigation for defrauding investors in Garrett’s failed sports memorabilia venture. There was talk of a deal to evade prosecution. On July 26th, Garrett canceled an afternoon meeting with his lawyer because he had to meet some people at the San Fransisco airport. Three hours later he was found floating in the bay under the Golden Gate Bridge.

      Ron Brown:. The Commerce Secretary died on April 3, 1996, in an Air Force jet carrying Brown and 34 others, including 14 business executives on a trade mission to Croatia, crashed into a mountainside. The Air Force, in a 22-volume report issued in June of 1996, confirmed its initial judgment that the crash resulted from pilot errors and faulty navigation equipment At the time of Brown’s death, Independent Counsel Daniel Pearson was seeking to determine whether Brown had engaged in several sham financial transactions with longtime business partner Nolanda Hill shortly before he became secretary of commerce.

      Charles Meissner: died: UNK - Following Ron Brown’s death, John Huang was placed on a Commerce Department contract that allowed him to retain his security clearance
      by Charles Meissner. Shortly thereafter, Meissner died in the crash of a small plane. He was an Assistant Secretary of Commerce for International Economic Policy.

      William Colby: Retired CIA director was found dead on May 6,1996 after his wife reported him missing on April 27,1996. Apparently, Colby decided to go on a impromptu canoeing excursion and never returned. Colby who had just started writing for Strategic Investment newsletter, worried many in the intelligent community. Colby’s past history of divulging CIA secrets in the past were well known. Strategic Investor had covered the Vince Foster suicide and had hired handwriting experts to review Foster’s suicide note.

      Admiral Jeremy Boorda: Died on May 16,1996 after he went home for lunch and decided to shoot himself in the chest (by one report, twice) rather than be interviewed by Newsweek magazine that afternoon. Explanations for Boorda’s suicide focused on a claim that he was embarrassed over two "Valor" pins he was not authorized to wear.

      Lance Herndon: Herndon a 41 year old computer specialist and a prominent entrepreneur who received a presidential appointment in 1995 died August 10, 1996 under suspicious circumstances. He appeared to have died from a blow to the head. Police said no weapons were found at his mansion, adding that Mr. Herndon had not been shot or stabbed and there was no evidence of forced entry or theft.

      Neil Moody: Died -August 25, 1996 Following Vincent Foster’s murder, Lisa Foster married James Moody, a judge in Arkansas, on Jan 1, 1996. Near the time Susan McDougal first went to jail for contempt, Judge Moor’s son, Neil died in a car crash. There were other reports that Neil Moody had discovered something very unsettling among his stepmother’s private papers and was threatening to go public with it just prior to the beginning of the Democratic National Convention. He was alleged to have been talking to Bob Woodward of the Washington Post about a blockbuster story. Witnesses said they saw Neil Moody sitting in his car arguing with another person just prior to His car suddenly speeding off out of control and hitting a brick wall.

      Barbara Wise: Wise a 14-year Commerce Department employee found dead and partially naked in her office following a long weekend. She worked in the same section as John Huang. Officially, she is said to have died of natural causes.

      Doug Adams: Died January 7, 1997- A lawyer in Arkansas who got involved trying to help the people who were being swindled out of their life savings. Adams was found in his vehicle with a gunshot wound to his head in a Springfield Mo. hospital parking lot.

      Mary C. Mahoney: 25, murdered at the Georgetown Starbuck’s coffee bar over the 4th of July ’97 weekend. She was a former White House intern who worked with John Huang. Apparently she knew Monica Lewinsky and her sexual encounters with Bill Clinton. Although not verified, it has been said that Lewinsky told Linda Tripp that she did not want to end up like Mahoney.

      Ronald Miller: Suddenly took ill on October 3rd,1997 and steadily worsened until his death 9 days later. (This pattern fits Ricin poisoning.) Owing to the strangeness of the illness, doctors at the Integris Baptist Medical Center referred the matter to the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office. The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office promptly ran tests on samples of Ron Miller’s blood, but has refused to release the results or even to confirm that the tests were ever completed.

      Had been investigated by authorities over the sale of his company, Gage Corp. to Dynamic Energy Resources, Inc. was the man who tape recorded Gene and Nora Lum and turned those tapes (and other records) over to congressional oversight investigators. The Lums were sentenced to prison for campaign finance violations, using "straw donors" to conceal the size of their contributions to various candidates. Indeed, Dynamic Energy Resources, Inc. had hired Ron Brown’s son Michael solely for the purpose of funneling $60,000 through him to the Commerce Secretary, according to Nolanda Hill’s testimony.

      Sandy Hume: On Sunday, February 22nd, 1998, Sandy Hume, the 28 year old son of journalist Britt Hume, was reportedly found dead in his Arlington, Virginia home. Aside from the statement that this was an "apparent" suicide, there remains in place a total media blackout on this story, possibly out of concern that the actual facts will not withstand public scrutiny. Worked for Hill magazine, about Congress for Congress.

      Jim McDougal: Bill and Hillary Clinton friend, banker, and political ally, sent to prison for eighteen felony convictions. A key whitewater witness, dies of a heart attack on March, 8 1998. As of this writing allegations that he was given an injection of the diuretic lasix has not been denied or confirmed.
      Died on March 8, 1998

      Johnny Lawhon: 29, died March 29, 1998- The Arkansas transmission specialist who discovered a pile of Whitewater documents in the trunk of an abandoned car on his property and turned them over to Starr, was killed in a car wreck two weeks after the McDougal death.. Details of the "accident" have been sketchy — even from the local Little Rock newspaper.

      Charles Wilbourne Miller: 63, was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head on November 17, 1998 in a shallow pit about 300 yards from his ranch house near Little Rock. Police found a .410 gauge shotgun near Miller’s body and a Ruger .357-caliber revolver submerged in water. Investigators concluded the Ruger was the weapon used by Miller to kill himself. Yet, two rounds in the handgun’s cylinder had been spent.

      He had long served as executive vice president and member of the board of directors for a company called Alltel and was deeply involved in his own software engineering company until the day he died. Alltel is the successor to Jackson Stephens’ Systematics, the company that provided the software for the White House’s "Big Brother" data base system and that was behind the administration’s plan to develop the secret computer "Clipper" chip to bug every phone, fax and email transmission in America.

      Carlos Ghigliotti: 42, was found dead in his home just outside of Washington D.C. on April 28, 2000. There was no sign of a break-in or struggle at the firm of Infrared Technology where the badly decomposed body of Ghigliotti was found. Ghigliotti had not been seen for several weeks.

      Ghigliotti, a thermal imaging analyst hired by the House Government Reform Committee to review tape of the siege, said he determined the FBI fired shots on April 19, 1993. The FBI has explained the light bursts on infrared footage as reflections of sun rays on shards of glass or other debris that littered the scene.

      "I conclude this based on the groundview videotapes taken from several different angles simultaneously and based on the overhead thermal tape," Ghigliotti told The Washington Post last October. "The gunfire from the ground is there, without a doubt."

      Ghigliotti said the tapes also confirm the Davidians fired repeatedly at FBI agents during the assault, which ended when flames raced through the compound. About 80 Branch Davidians perished that day, some from the fire, others from gunshot wounds.

      Mark Corallo, a spokesman for the congressional committee chaired by Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., said that police found the business card of a committee investigator in Ghigliotti’s office. Corallo said Ghigliotti’s work for the committee ended some time ago.

      Tony Moser: 41, was killed as he crossed a street in Pine Bluff, Ark on on June 10, 2000. Killed 10 days after being named a columnist for the Democrat-Gazette newspaper and two days after penning a stinging indictment of political corruption in Little Rock.

      Police have concluded that no charges will be filed against the unnamed driver of a 1995 Chevrolet pickup, which hit Moser as he was walking alone in the middle of unlit Rhinehart Road about 10:10 p.m

      Police say they have ruled out foul play and will file no charges against the driver because he was not intoxicated and there was no sign of excessive speed.

    • The beauty of reading through all the schills on various message boards is that once in awhile you happen to come across someone like yourself who knowws the score.

      once you except the fact that all main stream media is nothing more than a party political broadcast for the government, then one can move forward.

      if you become a threat to these people in power then you will become a target.

      Dr Kelly.......hmmmmmm........He stayed in a ’safe house’ for a few days before his murder. MI6 would have had him under observation 24/7.......ask David Shayler.......

      Still, it makes one sleep sounder at night, knowing my hard paid taxes keeps these freedom and democracy christian activists at ’it’.

      be careful what you post, echelon is watching and recording everything we all do. better keeping your cards close to ones chest.

      regards.... a fellow truth seeker.....

    • WHERE is the book ???

    • So what is your point? What are any of the points people try to make to feel better about themselves? Clinton did bad deeds, maybe. Bush is still doing bad deeds. Maybe. These are not single entities, these are members of groups of wealthy corporate flunkies who take orders from their masters who would have them "ended" if they said boo. Look at the whole picture. This is not an issue of us versus them, or Conservative against Liberal, Republican against Democrat. Doesn’t anyone see that the two party system was created by the one group who wanted the common people to be divided and conquered amongst ourselves? When those you want to control are too numerous to face head-on, what do you do? You divide and conquer. Create an enemy for them to argue about. Creating a focus "over there" so no one sees what you are up to "over here." They have no power over the common people unless we give it to them, and we have given it to them by constantly disagreeing amongst ourselves and allowing them ALL to run right past us with the football!! Since when does the FBI tell us the truth? How about a corporate owned Newspaper? The Media? They used to be called the Press, but they are no longer journalists, they are celebraties. The police? Was it the Government who told you? It is all a game with our lives and freedoms as the prize and we prove they have won when we fight to be "right." We waste precious time while they pass laws to keep us in our place. It is time to wake-up and make the lives sacrificed for trying to enlighten us worth something. We can take back our Power as sovereign American cirizens and stop getting caught up in the soap opera of the media. We don’t even vote anymore. If you think the last two elections were legit, look further than your pride. You won’t be sorry. I am not a Kerry fan either so don’t argue. Thank God for people like Gary Webb whether he was murdered or not...RIP

    • "Kings" have, as long as man has been around, always killed off each and every threat to their position of power. Man is thereby demonstrating his rigid position in the animal world.(The only difference being that "Kings", of the species homo sapience, never perform the "execution" personally. They just issue the order ;-)

      Hence, the disposal of a person like Gary Webb, ought to be looked upon as something natural in the world of human animals, and not with astonishment.

      The only astonishing thing around this matter is, that there seems to be numerous people around, who refuses to accept this to be a mere fact of life !. I mean, I believe some of those who write, "Our "King" would not do such a thing", genuinly do belive in what they say. They are not all prostituted hobby journalists.

      Gary Webb is just one brave man killed. Extremely bave, because he knew what he did was suicidal. One man among millions murdered by the leaders of the U.S. of A. over the last hundred years.

      Being a Norwegian, I follow the US scene in amazement. Never has so many people been fooled by so few for so long. I undersood partly the brain washing, when charismatic leaders like Kennedy and Clinton are at the helm, but when puppets like Bush have the position ?

      Could anybody out the offer me an answer to that ???

    • Great response! Yes, I think that a HUGE percentage of the world’s population would like to see Bush and a few other world leaders get in on the craze. It would do us all a lot of good!


    • ... Terrence Yeakey: was a first responder at Murrah building, said it was not what we’d been told; on 1996 May 8, three days before he was to be formally commended for his work there, he slashed his wrists three times, his elbow veins six times, stabbed himself in the throat twice, gave himself rope burns and handcuff bruises, shot himself in the head from temple to jaw without leaving powder burns, threw the gun so far it was never found, then crawled from his car over a mile of scrubby desert and a fence to die ...

      My comment on Israel and Ecstasy seems to have been nuked...but Israel has "attained seniority status as drug-sellers and smugglers," according to Michael Bavli, a former deputy director general of her Foreign Ministry. (Ha’aretz) If Webb was following up his drug work, he could well have pi@ed off a government that has openly boasted it would kill anyone it wanted, anywhere. (UPI)

    • not to say Israel dun it - just that Israel shouldn’t be ruled out just because it’s Israel.

    • People, people, people, it all came out already that the CIA was involved in trafficing cocaine during the "Iran/Contra" scandal in the eighties....have you all forgotten already??? So let us at least start from that point and go forward instead of pretending there is no known history of the CIA and its dealings (no pun intended).

  • Well, it has been just the last week that I have become aware of Gary Webb and his great work concerning the CIA, The Contras, and drugs in L.A....... and now his death! Two shots in the back of the head by a gun with a trigger that was apparently "very hard to pull"....... and then to find out that four journalists working on "Bush Stories" have commited suicide. Well, I am not a psychic, but I can add 2+2 and come up with 4. The whole thing smells to high heaven, and my bet is that CIA, etc. is in this thing up to their eyeballs! A prediction: This will all eventually lead to a congressional investigation and the impeachment of George Walker Bush. Just a few thoughts on the subject.

  • We are all at risk when we ignore stories like this. Stories about people who tried to enlighten us to the truth of what is being done to our fellow humans. Many people just like him disappear into nothingness and are never heard from again. This is not a movie! This just happened in Carmichael, California in December to a reporter, a man who has won awards for his work, is a regular guy, has a real family, and wanted to alert us all to the truth of how our government agencies work on behalf of the "rulers" in America, and others involved such as the Israeli government... How many more honorable and true American Patriots have to die? This is not a new practice, people all over the world have been "suicided" or murdered and then the scene gets staged to imply a suicide. This is done when someone has evidence to back up what they have to say, is too believable or credible with the public and the people they are exposing are too afraid their stories will be believed. Sometimes they just make people seem crazy with "conspiracy theory" disinformation and ruin their life and careers. Is this acceptable to you? It is not to me. I have seen stories which confirm this happens in Israel, America, Russia, and many other so-called Democracies! Are there any true democracies left? NO THERE ARE NOT. Look around and WAKE UP PEOPLE. Our government/military in Iraq has Medical teams taking organs out of Iraqis bodies before they are dead! For money! Lots of it!

    "Believe the common people before you believe the ruling class. Because the common people will not gain in telling the truth and the ruling class has too much to lose in telling the truth."
    Pray for liberation from the game of duality. The only enemy we really have to fear is within.

  • We are all at risk when we ignore stories like this. Stories about people who tried to enlighten us to the truth of what is being done to our fellow humans. Many people just like him disappear into nothingness and are never heard from again. This is not a movie! This just happened in Carmichael, California in December to a reporter, a man who has won awards for his work, is a regular guy, has a real family, and wanted to alert us all to the truth of how our government agencies work on behalf of the "rulers" in America, and others involved such as the Israeli government... How many more honorable and true American Patriots have to die? This is not a new practice, people all over the world have been "suicided" or murdered and then the scene gets staged to imply a suicide. This is done when someone has evidence to back up what they have to say, is too believable or credible with the public and the people they are exposing are too afraid their stories will be believed. Sometimes they just make people seem crazy with "conspiracy theory" disinformation and ruin their life and careers. Is this acceptable to you? It is not to me. I have seen stories which confirm this happens in Israel, America, Russia, and many other so-called Democracies! Are there any true democracies left? NO THERE ARE NOT. Look around and WAKE UP PEOPLE. Our government/military in Iraq has Medical teams taking organs out of Iraqis bodies before they are dead! For money! Lots of it!

    "Believe the common people before you believe the ruling class. Because the common people will not gain in telling the truth and the ruling class has too much to lose in telling the truth."

    Pray for liberation from the game of duality. The only enemy we really have to fear is within.

  • I believe that there is a very good chance that Gary Webb was "suicided". It is very easy to believe almost anything of how the powerful do business to protect their own power and hide their corruption.

    I cannot recall who said it, but the article made me think of the quote, "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

    It will take a small army of Gary Webbs and a much larger army of readers and believers to overcome the evil and corruption of the powerful (and powerfully corrupt), but I know that we can do it if we keep spreading the word. We’ll probably have to be seriously threatened for the masses to wake up but the recent events in the Ukraine are a very positive indication of the power of the people.


    • I have said it time and again. The American people need to wake up and possibly have another revolution like 1776.

      Paul R.

    • The Americans could not have another revolution..if someone held a revolution no one would come....the only revolution that could happen in the USa, is a very very very passive one, like don’t wake me up until it’s over......couch potato style.

    • Monday 3rd January 2005 by charlene fassa
      The Americans could not have another revolution..if someone held a revolution no one would come....the only revolution that could happen in the USa, is a very very very passive one, like don’t wake me up until it’s over......couch potato style.

      I could not have said it better myself. Our Savior (Bush) is back in office, and he’ll keep us safe from the Boogey Man (Osama Bin Laden). Now, we can go back to watching Survivor, and not worry about thinking critically about our government.

  • ...maybe, like millions before him in the sad history of Camus’ mystery, he killed himself. But that’s no fun. C’mon, folks. Stop this.

    • There have been plenty of U.S.-supported death squad hits. Just do a Google search for "dirty war" to see the long documented sordid history. But Gary Webb killed himself. See the proof from Mike Ruppert below. Ruppert, like Gary Webb, has also exposed CIA involvement with drugs.

      Mike Ruppert wrote this:


      Gary’s suicide was accomplished with two gunshot wounds to the head. In death Gary proved to be as determined and single-minded as he had been in life.

      Because of the rampant and ill-informed speculation that has been traversing the Internet it is a sad necessity to put this issue to rest right up front. What follows should be a warning and a lesson to all activists and progressives; to all those who dare label themselves as "journalists" without ever once following standard journalism protocols designed to ensure fairness and minimize unnecessary harm to the innocent and those already in pain.

      After arriving in this quiet suburb of Sacramento California I drove to and photographed the outside of the house in which Gary died. The new owners were still moving in and they were extremely gracious. Then I drove to a nearby Doubletree Hotel and met Gary’s family. I note that not one of the so-called journalists eager to cry murder — especially radio demagogue and sensationalist fear monger Alex Jones (See Below) — bothered to pick up the phone, send an email or make any attempt to contact the family or any agency for their observations, wishes or facts. Not the slightest concern was shown by any of them for an already devastated family. The wounded were kicked and exploited when they were already down. For this there can be no forgiveness and no pardon.

      In other words, one of the most fundamental tenets of journalism - one that Gary himself would have honored and demanded - was completely ignored by people who demonstrated that they have no class, zero judgment and not the slightest thought for anything but their own self-serving needs.

      Here are the facts:

      Gary Webb fired two shots from a .38 caliber revolver into his own head. The entrance wounds for both shots were at or near the right ear. However, for the first shot Webb had the gun angled downward which produced a through-and-through wound blowing out his lower left jaw. This was obviously not a fatal wound. His second shot, angled upward, successfully reached the brain, killing him instantly.

      As a former LAPD police officer and detective I have seen several suicides where multiple gunshots, especially from a relatively weak handgun like a .38, using inappropriate target ammunition, required multiple shots. In most cases the second and sometimes third shots were required because the victim made "hesitation" movements as they pulled the trigger, moving the gun barrel away from a fatal trajectory. There are many places on the human head to which a gunshot wound is not fatal (e.g. the lower and upper jaws, the cheeks, the roof of the mouth, the nose, etc.). Only a shot to the brain usually produces death but even that is not always guaranteed. I have seen attempted suicide and homicide victims survive after a .38 "ball" round had passed completely through and exited the opposite side of the skull.

      Based upon an initial statement I received from an unidentified Coroner’s spokesperson on the day of Gary’s death, I and others had suspected a shotgun had been used because of indications of multiple wounds and the fact that one statement indicated that there was substantial disfigurement. At the time, my notes indicated that the Coroner’s staff member had said there was only one gunshot. That led me to suspect a shotgun. (12 Gauge shotguns using 00 buckshot release between nine and twelve pellets, each causing a separate wound.). However, in an initial email to certain activists, authors and leaders who knew Gary, I was careful to use the qualifying word "suspect" because we didn’t know for sure what kind of a weapon had been used and I said so. Given what Gary’s brother and ex wife were to tell me later it’s just possible that the Coroner’s staffer made a mistake. Her phones were ringing off the hook. That happens sometimes and that’s why reporters double check things. The fact that Gary had used a .38 was not disclosed until a December 14th Coroner’s statement and a follow-up story from the Sacramento Bee were necessitated by the hysterical rumor mongering an unbridled publishing coming from the activist-progressive community.

      Both Gary’s ex-wife Susan and his brother Kurt viewed the body and they confirmed the location of the wounds to me when I met them.

      In addition, Gary left multiple suicide notes to family members which were confirmed to be in his own hand by them. He laid his driver’s license out on the bed next to where he shot himself so that paramedics would be able to identify him. He had carefully placed his baby shoes in his mother’s (her name is Anita and she is a real human being) storage bin. He had recently changed his bank account to make his ex-wife Susan the beneficiary. He had made statements to her in the days before his death that if this way the way he had to live he didn’t want to continue.

      There had been no reported deaths threats against Webb and no physical violence directed against him in the days preceding his death. There had been no reported burglaries of his residence and Gary had mentioned no recent difficulties or threats of any kind to his family. Several members of his family had seen Gary in the last days preceding the suicide and nothing out of the ordinary had happened except for the fact that his motorcycle had been stolen. Many friends and colleagues were aware of what writing assignments Gary had been working on for a small local magazine and none of them had to do with the CIA or drug running or major government corruption even approaching the magnitude of the Dark Alliance stories. He had no pending book contract, no publisher and - in fact - couldn’t even get a full time job as a reporter. He was not writing another book.

      Thanks to the LA Times, the Washington Post, the New York Times and all major print publications in the country Gary Webb had become virtually unemployable in the world of big newspapers or book publishing. Still he was never able to let go of his desire to be recognized in that milieu and those of us who knew him were fully aware of that. Because of the trashing of his reputation and the absolutely unforgivable abandonment he has received from his Mercury News editor Jerry Ceppos, any new Gary Webb exposé in a major publication would have been discredited, discounted and ignored as soon as the major media saw his byline.

      Veteran journalist and American expatriate Al Giordano described Gary’s dwindling hopes and despair in detail in a brilliant essay titled "Do What Gary Webb Did". It is a painful read but well worth the effort for those who have doubts.

      A note warning movers arriving at Gary’s house on Saturday morning, asking them to not enter the house but call paramedics had been taped on the front door. Gary was well-familiar with police procedures from his years as an investigative street reporter. He protected the crime scene for them. He knew that a homicide (suicide) crime scene could not be initiated until after an official pronouncement of death. Police officers cannot pronounce death. Only paramedics or doctors can do that. That was the first step and he knew it. He was careful to leave his license next to where his body was found to expedite the identification process. He was thinking of the paramedics and the cops and making their job easier. He had been scheduled to vacate his house that day because - due to his chronic inability to get a job with a large newspaper - he was unable to keep up the payments. It had been sold and he was moving out.

      Ironically his stolen motorcycle was recovered by the police just a few days after his death.

      These are facts that cannot be faked unless one was to assume that Gary Webb was a willing conspirator in his own murder. The fact of Gary Webb’s suicide is open and shut.

      end of Mike Ruppert article excerpt----

    • I don’t mean to sound cold hearted. I didn’t know Gary Webb, but I will miss him merely for the fact that he was dedicated to exposing the truth. That said, he is gone, and nothing will bring him back. Whether or not he was "suicided" is not as relevant as whether or not we the people will choose to look at the information he brought to light, and hold those responsible accountable for their atrocities. One could make an argument that the government wanted him out of the picture for the information he had yet to expose, and could also argue that he committed suicide to bring publicity to his works so that the truth may have a greater chance of being shared. In either case, it can no longer be denied that the CIA is behind drug trafficking, and that the media is their tool of control. If we hope to save The United States of America we must open our eyes and think for ourselves, and work together as a people to make democracy work for us as it once did. We have to wake up the masses, or they will ignorantly and willfully drag us all into tyranny at the hands of the elite. If you want to know more, please visit my website at and educate yourself.

      God bless

    • It remains a fact, that Gary Webb presented unpleasant FACTS to the public.(Nothing but truth and facts are attacked with such power as we have witnessed in this case).
      Now then, when a unified body of scared suckers; journalists,newspapers, publishers and a lame US public, gang up on one brave man like Gary Webb, they do nothing less but murder the man.
      I have been facing a much similar situation myself once, and shere luck prevented me from committing suicide. Hence, even if Gary Webb pulled the trigger himself,(which I still doubt), he was indeed murdered by the Establishment, the Media and the US Citizens. It was simply murder, whichever way you look at it.

      With sad regards from Norway

    • Mike, I respect you, and have ever since we met eight years ago in LA. Maybe you and Al Giordano are right about this being a super-determined suicide, but I have to tell you, Luis Gomez spoke the truth; Gary said he was working on another book. He told me that as well... right before the second narconews conference in 2004, which unfortunately neither of us could attend. It was my impression that the subject matter was extremely serious in nature, and tied to the previous book.
      So where’s the book? Notes? Anything?
      Maybe it was a lethal case of writer’s block? The dark and suffocating depression that so commonly inflicts those of our ilk? I don’t know what to think, but this entire thing has never sat well with me (obviously, as here I am four years later at three in the morning looking up Gary).

      Ashley Kennedy Boudreaux (I got married)
      aka Ashley the Fearless... from High Times

  • 3:38 p.m. M.S.T. Wednesday 23 August 2006 —

    When I lived in Portland, Oregn last year, I was introduced to a woman in her 30s who had a 12 or 13 year old daughter who she used naked, at parties. The mother also sold drugs. When I turned her in to the police, the D.E.A., a social worker at a private agency, and to the public child services, the child abuse was covered up and I was harrrssed by the authorities there and where I am now. The mother slightly mispelled her name on some of her utility bills and acted in other ways that indicated that she received expert coaching from the government in her criminal activities. I filed internal affairs complaints against the police for not acting on the information about the 13 year old and later when I ran into the mother and her boyfriend, she acted like she wanted to tear off my head with her bare hands. But, the authorities never asked for my tesitimony. From what Ms Fassa has written about Judi Chase, I’m led to believe that the 13 year old is still being prostituted by her mother with the help of some government officials. If anyone want names and numbers, please contact me at: or 1325 South Animas Street, Lordsburg, New Mexico 88045-2605 or 505-542-3587.

    This may seem kind of wierd, but, I think that it has to do with the corruption in Portland, Oregon that I witnessed. About a month ago, the wind blew out a ceiling panel in my bedroom because the roof is being repaired and open to the wind. I noticed starting earlier tonight that every two minutes a light flashes in the room from the darkened attic exposed by the missing panel. Obviously, there’s some type of camera that has been snapping a picture of me every two minutes while I’ve been here on the computer. Because of the harrassment of me in Portland and here, I tend to think that the picture taking right now, may be related to my complaints about the 13 year old girl in Porltand who was being sexually exploited by her mother. Since it’s so wierd and happening right now, I wanted to tell someone who might be interested. I’ve told every authority that could possibly help the 13 year old, so, I’m just concerned about my own safety now.

  • America and the New World Order don’t cease to amaze me...

    How exactly is Gary Webb supposed to have killed himself by shooting twice in the head ???
    Did he die the first time, then resurrect and shoot himself again in the head or something.

    I still wonder how some people live with themselves after cheating or killing or murdering other people or taking over their lands and property......

    Once thing is for sure...the whole world is in slavery to these people (NWO, CIA, FBI, IRS, IMF, WHO, UN, WORLD BANK and their collaborators)....only the Heavenly Father can save us...simply because its apparent that they would not give up without bloodshed.

    its unfortunate that Gary Webb had to pay with his life for "whatever it is that they killed him for"...

    One thing is for sure even though lawyers and judges might keep criminals, assassins and murderers off the hook of jail and wages of sin...nonetheless they cannot bring peace of mind.

  • Ignorance IS bliss. When you go through life with your head buried in the sand and have represenatives of the media who "bleat like well behaved sheep" when it comes to speaking out against $$$$ and power then Gary Webb’s being "suicided" IS unrealistic and something from a movie. I suggest you take the time to research what the CIA has been documented to being involved with since it first began up to the present. Keep in mind this is just the horrific situations they were CAUGHT with. Like a stone cold killer being caught with murder, was this the only victim? Gary Webb is classic CIA revenge and exposure control. Don’t kill him yet. First destroy him THEN kill him. WARNING: Before going to websites or books with actual incidents of what OUR CIA has done in the past-if you don’t have a strong stomach keep a barf bag nearby. Just like everything else it always ends with the bottom line MONEY and GREED.

  • I personally believe he was murdered simply put he was a journalist who believed in putting the truth out there for all of us! He was not done with this story and was I am sure finding out or had already found out enough proof so they felt that they had to silence him! I hope that some how some way the book he was working on finds away to come out! Truth always prevails, In God We Trust!!!!