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Sibel Edmonds: Still Silenced, But Why?

Friday 31 December 2004

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by Jim Hogue

It is fair to say that the Bush administration, through the efforts of Attorney General John Ashcroft, has confirmed its complicity in the 9/11/01 attacks. In his legal appeal to Judge Reggie Walton to silence FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, Ashcroft has inadvertently, through the very language of the appeal, provided eloquent proof of treason and misprision of treason within the highest levels of government.

Their refusal to release the report of the Inspector General, and their original gag order to “block discovery in a lawsuit of any information that, if disclosed, would adversely affect national security” raises obvious questions (still unasked by the mainstream and progressive media) as to WHO is being protected. The gag order itself provides the answer to another obvious question (still unasked by the mainstream and progressive media) as to WHY the gag order was sought.

In Ms. Edmonds’ unimpeachable testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee almost three years ago, she named countries and people who had contributed to the attacks of 9/11. At the time, the FBI had evidence from Colleen Rowley, The Phoenix memo, and other FBI translators. Twenty-five more whistleblowers have joined them. Who would be damaged by the release of the reports? Who is being protected?

Nearly three years ago, Sibel Edmonds provided unimpeachable testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Why is she still under a gag order? Who’s being protected?
What Ashcroft has done is to admit that those who have read the reports (Ashcroft himself plus the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee including Senators Grassley and Leahy) know the identities of the countries and persons who are responsible for the attacks. And he has confirmed that those responsible must be protected. The press and the Democrats and Republicans in Congress agree.

The connections of the Bush administration to the cover-up of the 9/11 attacks provide the material for the most important topic that our media could address. But it doesn’t. Why?

That is treason by those who committed the acts, and it is misprision of treason by those who know of their guilt but remain silent.

It is most significant, legally, that Senators Grassley and Leahy have repeatedly demanded that Ashcroft release the Inspector General’s report. Note, they “fear that the designation of information as classified in this case serves to protect the executive branch against embarrassing revelations and full accountability.” Senators Grassley and Leahy are telling you WHY it is classified. Their letters serve as documentary, exculpatory evidence—for them. They have cleared themselves in advance of misprision of treason. Ashcroft has not, and cannot. The time for that would have been before 9/11, not after. In fact, he has heaped evidence upon himself by taking such an active, personal roll in the case.

The Inspector General’s report contains confirmed evidence of intentional, not accidental, criminality. The validity of the evidence has been confirmed by Senators Grassley and Leahy, and by the FBI. It has also been confirmed by Ashcroft. In his appeal to Judge Walton he stated, “. . . statements in this declaration are based on [his] personal knowledge,”—knowledge that “military secrets are at stake” and that disclosure of the facts would “cause serious damage to the national security interests of the United States.” In his decision, Judge Walton agreed.

We are getting closer to parallel confirmation of Ms. Edmonds’ gagged testimony from independent sources. These sources have uncovered, either through personal knowledge or exhaustive investigations, the same names and countries that Ms. Edmonds may not disclose. Nor may she confirm such reports. But common knowledge of the journey of heroin from Afghanistan to Western Europe to the US provides a road map. On that map are the countries of Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Turkey. In the documents are names like Atta, Ahmad, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Dostum, Khalilzad, and Bin Laden; and groups like Al Qaeda, the ISI of Pakistan, and the Taliban. The names of companies like Enron, Halliburton, Bechtel, Unocal, and Bin Laden Group appear connected to the off-shore banks that hide money for three infamous families: Marcos, Bush, and Bin Laden. And the same names, like Bush, Cheney, Rice, Bin Laden, Zelikow, Woolsey, and Giffen, intersect in the perpetration of unspeakable atrocities in the quest of empire and power.

Let’s get it right and sort out the criminality. Pinochet was finally indicted. Who’s next? Get out your knitting needles, Madame. The records must be kept.

Those who know of the guilt of traitors but remain silent are chargeable with misprision of treason. Why haven’t they been so charged?
I interviewed Ms Edmonds on my radio program on Dec. 10. She expressed a deep conviction for exposing the truth and an artless disbelief in the utter failure of our press and elected officials to do their jobs.

There is a laughable side to this story. It pertains to the gate-keepers of empire, the status quo, treason, and despotism. These gate-keepers are the progressives. Have you heard this story from any of them? Bernie Sanders or Ralph Nader? The Nation? "Democracy Now"? Or do they marginalize those who talk of these things? The connections of the Bush administration to the cover-up of the 9/11 attacks provide the material for the most important topic that we could address. And the de facto confession of Ashcroft in this complicity is an open, infectious wound. It is the most important topic, along with election fraud, that our press will ever have the cowardice to ignore.

One wonders, especially after hearing interviews with retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern: where is the line this administration will not cross, while the scribblers of our free press shield treason for their daily bread?

Ms. Edmonds’ petition to Ashcroft to declassify the Inspector General’s Report is at HERE and HERE. The author wishes to thank Karl Schwarz for some of the parallel research referred to in this article.

The quotes from Attorney General Ashcroft were taken from the Memorandum Opinion of Judge Reggie B. Walton in Civil Action No. 02-1448 (RBW), U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, July 6 2004.

The letter from Senators Grassley and Leahy to Ashcroft was written on July 9, 2004.

Jim Hogue, a retired high school teacher and professional actor, has been doing a Vermont-based listener-sponsored radio show each week for over 10 years. Prior to 9/11, the show was literary in nature, but since then Hogue’s coverage has greatly expanded.

See Hogue’s first interview with Sibel Edmonds.

See original at: or

Forum posts

  • Lady’s and Gentlemen and members of the Jury take a good long look at the evidence that as been presented before you.

    We don’t need any more Sibyl Edmonds here in this court although the evidence that she as given is irrefutable.

    May I just state for the record that never before in my 50 years of being a prosecution lawyer have I come across so much overwhelming evidence from the crash proof lawn of the Pentagon to the perfectly preserved passport that survived the impact into the tower.

    Never before am I so convinced of the complicity of our president and his associates in the slaughter of over 3000 fellow American’s …and all for their own profitable gain from the war and it’s crimes that was to ensue in Iraq.

    I put it to you members of the jury that you should find the commander in chief of the armed forces and the vice president guilty as charged and the crime of treason be met with the maximum penalty under that law.

    Lady’s and gentlemen of the jury I call for the death penalty and nothing but the death penalty… for any other sentence would be an affront to the common decency and the integrity of the law before the American people and worse before god.

    Lady’s and Gentlemen and members of the Jury I rest my case and pray that your verdict be true

    • I agree with everything but the death penalty- that would be like an easy out. I’d rather see hard labor for these criminals. Visualize bush, cheney, condi and the gang digging ditches and eating prison slop- now that’d make a great reality show!

    • Its so obvious that our government was complicit! There are a hundred "smoking guns" out there that prove their guilt. Of course, there will be whistle blowers. They will have gag orders slapped on them in the name of "National Security". Of course, if they continue to talk, they will conveniently be found dead, and it will be ruled a suicide no matter how much evidence to the contrary. As more whistle blowers surface, it will just give our government more reasons to put us in a police state. We can’t have people talking now... can we?

    • And prison rape, too!!! That would be divine justice, would it not?

    • Bush to ’Gitmo!

  • I was all set to learn from this article, but it fails to give any specific information to back up the assertions like "unimpeachable testimony" and "confirmed facts." Maybe the writer is aiming at readers who know the story already and don’t need the story background. I, for one, DO need the story background and I learned nothing about it from this particular article.

    I’d appreciate anybody who can refer me to a factual summary or transcript of the situation this article is commenting about. Speaking for myself, the article lacks substance and brings to mind the typical neocon voter who incessantly CLAIMS to be backed by the facts without troubling to actually learn or teach any demonstrable fact.

  • YOU the American public are going to have to wake up or this world is heading straight for the crapper.

    • From here in europe, the mainstream internet/newspapers are starting to pick up on the "theory" that the american government helped plan the attacks of september 11th. (To incite the nation into the tradition of war, on behalf of of the war industries, and of course for the benefit of isreel.)
      Either they knew, or they did not. Having followed the story here and at many other sources, one can only conclude that they did, it stands out like a proverbial sore thumb.

      Yesterday the "Independent on Sunday" ran the whistleblower article, deep inside the paper, but nevertheless, they were willing to run with the "possibility" of u.s. government complicity.

      When did Chirac get told? Who told him? When did Blair know? How?

      How many americans will it take to overthrow the monsters at the white house and the pentagon?

    • I personaly have never believed that the US government was complicit in the action of the bombing of the World Trade Center.

      There are many things the US government at all levels has been and is complicit in, that this seems a red herring to me. Something to distract us from reality, to further an illusion prompted by the present actors in the government and which again we all seem to be falling under.

      I have heard Sibil Edmonds on Democracy Now. She has spoken of seeing documents before 911 that tell of such potential activity.

      That this was covered up and ignored seems as valid to me as the ignoring of the warnings of the tidal wave that hit so many nations, nations that had advance warnings that were ignored.

      It is a matter of both incompetence, and that this has not happened before.

      The fact that Bush did nothing after the first tower was hit, and the military did nothing after the first tower was hit, seems to me far more damning.

      At least they knew the tower was hit, and an early warning system against attack was in place, yet nothing was done to stop the second plane.

      Who make the decision to knock out a plane full of people of course.

      But if they saw it getting closer and closer, which they must have, why did they not hit it then. They were afraid if would fall over New York City and do damage?


      Was there a moment, where it was not over the city, and they decided it was going to hit the tower?

      None of these questions it seems to me have been adequately answered.

      Secrecy is of course always at the governments defense.

      That we allow the continuation of secrecy in governments is to our own detriment as democracies, and as free people of the world, and is proving the demise of such freedom.

      What would happen if the story was disclosed?

      Are there a few people who would be in danger? Get them back to the US.

      Are there some nations, which means some leaders, who would be damaged?

      The US by not having truth is sinking further and futher into complete totalitarianism.

      But with election fraud, the appointment of a President, for the second time, all this is really mute.

      The Empire is here. It began sometime in early 2000 when Florida was determined to go to Bush. It will continue for many more years.

      Anyone who understands the message below will understand much. Only in passing should one think of Bush. What the message truly signifies is the passing of the world’s present most powerful nation.

      It was written, long, long time ago.

      The quote:

      A king sits upon a throne; behind him stands a figure veiled in black

      It signifies one who will suffer misfortune in the height of his career and whose fall will be dangerous in proportion to the height he has attained. The native will be too apt to depend on his own powers and will essay feats which will be beyond his natural powers. Ambition will lead him into dangerous positions, and at a weak moment he will fall. Let this be taken as equally affecting his physical, moral, and social welfare.

      Sepharial’s translation of La Volasfera, Taurus 23

  • In order to understand the politics of today we must delve deep into where the governments don’t want us to go. That’s where the money is going. So please understand how the illness for business works:
    Happy reading and I am sure we can create a better world, for our children..

    • How can we create this better world they have the power and money. I really want to create this better world.

  • Where is the media on this one? Talk about the biggest story of all time just swept under the rug. They are afraid of what our great democratic government might do to them. No wonder the rest of the world doesn’t want to follow our form of government. How can the senate and the judicial department stand by and allow Sibel to be gagged?