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Massive "End the Occupation" Protest in Baghdad Dwarfs the "Saddam Toppled" rally: Photos

Saturday 9 April 2005

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Chanting "No! No to terrorism!" and "No! No to America," thousands of supporters of a radical Shiite cleric who once led uprisings against U.S. troops called Saturday for American forces to withdraw from Iraq, staging a massive protest at the same square where - two years ago to the day - protesters pulled down a towering statue of ousted Saddam Hussein.

Compare the protests- which one looks like the ’voice of the people’ to you?

The protest reflected frustration with the U.S. government, which is slowly handing security responsibilities to Iraqi forces two years after taking control of Baghdad. U.S. officials have said they won’t set a timetable for withdrawal, promising to stay until Iraqi forces are able to secure the country.

Thousands of Iraqi Shi’ites loyal to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr hold a demonstration in Baghdad’s Firdos Square April 9, 2005 where a statue of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was pulled down by Iraqis and American soldiers two years ago. The rally was called on the second anniversary of the fall of Baghdad with protesters demanding an end to the U.S. military presence in Iraq and a speedy trial for former president Saddam Hussein. REUTERS/Ali Jasim

Thousands of Iraqi Shi’ites loyal to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr hold a demonstration in Baghdad’s Firdos Square April 9, 2005 where a statue of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was pulled down by Iraqis and American soldiers two years ago.[Reuters]

The supporters of radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, whose Mahdi Army militiamen signed truces last year with U.S.-led forces, filled Firdous Square and spilled into nearby avenues, waving Iraqi flags and burning effigies of U.S. President George W. Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Saddam.

Protesters carried the coffin of a senior al-Sadr official who was gunned down late Friday in Baghdad. Two others were wounded in the ambush on their car.

U.S. and Iraqi security forces kept a close eye on the march, with U.S. soldiers standing behind blast walls and armed soldiers watching from rooftops.

Iraqi Shi’ites loyal to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr hold cut-outs of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, and U.S. President George W. Bush during a protest rally in Baghdad April 9, 2005. The rally was called on the second anniversary of the fall of Baghdad with protestors demanding an end to the U.S. military presence in Iraq and a speedy trial for former president Saddam Hussein.

Iraqi Shi’ites loyal to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr hold cut-outs of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, and U.S. President George W. Bush during a protest rally in Baghdad April 9, 2005. The rally was called on the second anniversary of the fall of Baghdad with protestors demanding an end to the U.S. military presence in Iraq and a speedy trial for former president Saddam Hussein. [Reuters]

Al-Sadr had stayed out of the limelight since leading failed uprisings last year in the southern city of Najaf and Baghdad’s Sadr City neighborhood.

But he has stepped up criticism of the United States in recent weeks, mainly by organizing Saturday’s protest, which he hoped would draw a crowd of 1 million people.

Officials organized the demonstration with the Iraqi Interior Ministry’s promise of protection. A group of protesters and police spent all night securing the square.

Roads in central Baghdad were closed to traffic as streets filled with people.

Sunni Muslim clerics also called on their followers to protest on the two year anniversary of the fall of Baghdad, but a senior official in the influential Association of Muslim Scholars, Jalil al-Shemari, said their followers would not be joining in the rally at Firdous Square. He would not say where or if his followers would protest.

Other marches were held across the country to demand that the United States set a timetable for its withdrawal.

Forum posts

  • This picture says it all. Are these ’foreign terrorists’ or regular people that are sick of a military occupation?

    • I am an American, and it is good to see that your standing up for your rights. I for one, never believed in going into Iraq. First of all, there has to be a reason. Since there were no weapons of mass destruction, and Saddam had nothing to do with 911; our reason for being there is illegal. I have been in that area with the military (I am on retirement status after 22 years) back in the summer of 2000; I was in Saudi Arabia for close to 6 months. I have an understanding of what is going on there. Keep up the good work; but remember, you are fighting the illuminati that is going to usher in the anti-christ.

    • Or people who don’t speak English and have no idea what the signs they’re holding up say?

      Average, everyday Iraqis who are being taken advantage of and manipulated by a marginalized wanna-be theocrat who is desperately trying to take power?

    • Ah come on, you’re saying hundreds of thousands of people don’t know what they’re protesting for? How insulting.

      Whether you know what the sign you’re holding says or not — you know what America has done and is doing is wrong — now they have Talibani for President and for this American I don’t even have to turn up the volume to look into that man’s eyes and declare him more than just ’dodgy’. So sad.

      Wake up America, Please.

    • Contrast of crowds in pics told you nothing huh?

      It’s we Americans whom know nothing when our Media continues to open the news hour with the “Massive” anti-Saddam statue pics they forged & we swallow it hook line & sinker.

      Best Regards

    • How do you know they don’t speak English Mr Wiseguy? English is taught in Iraqi schools from the age of six.

    • > Average, everyday Iraqis who are being taken advantage of and manipulated by a marginalized wanna-be theocrat who is desperately trying to take power?


      Remember two years ago when the pictures of Saddam’s statue being toppled by a supposed mob of newly liberated Iraqis was all over US news?

      Do you remember?

      You’re the one being manipulated by a wanna-be theocrat who is desperately holding power in the US.


    • You have no come-back for this. Its time the imperialist leave. Enough is enough.

    • I have traveled frequently to the middle east. English is taught starting at primary school age. This goes for Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and many others. Not only do they speak it, they can read or write well also.

    • These protesters put up english sign so Americans get some messages. I think they are not aware that Americans generally only care about themselves and the only time they look outside is when to grab other’s resources. They needed to satisfy their jewish driven greed.

    • Very well said.

      In fact at the time of the Saddam statue toppling in 2003 it was proven that the small crowd of Iraqis there were aides to Chalabi flown in for the occassion.

      Anyone who doubts that the Iraqis want us out should read some blogs by real citizens of the nation.

      The poster who said this was manipulation by a minority probably knows a lot about that kind of work. I’m willing to put down real money he is one of the paid message board spammers that get money from nonprofits funded by the Scaife, Coors, and/or Bradley foundations.

      There can be no negotiation, there can be no quarter, there can be no surrender.
      and let the last living human being bury the rest of us.

    • exactly. It’s good to see that someone knows the truth.

    • Your last remark is what sits in your colon. There are better words.

    • I completely agree with your comments just want to add that vice president Dick chen himself give us a main reason for this War and he said they did it for Isreal and now they want to do the same thing in IRAN and for the same reason wake up fellows before repeating the same blunder

    • "Average, everyday Iraqis who are taken advantage of and manipulated by a marginalized wanna-be theocrat who is desperately trying to take power" .....Average, everyday Americans who are taken advantage of and manipulated by a marginalized wanna-be theocrat who has taken complete power......things are the same all over the world.

    • When it suits you the Iraqis are educated and speak English when it suits you the Iraqis do not speak English and do not know what the signs say they are holding.

      Do you recall the countless photos of the highway signs in the news from the start of this war? I believe you will find them to be both in English and Arabic — I ask you, what does that say about Iraqis?

    • a)Under saddam such demonstrations would have led to the death of everyone. We are helping iraq gain freedom. The mere existence of such a demonstration is a testament to american values.

      b) al zarqawi is in iraq. We have to be there because Zarquwi is there. What do you plan to do about him?

      c) our response to 9/11 isn’t about killing those responsible for 9/11. That would be like going to japan in wwii and seeking out those respoinsible for pearl harbor without realizing there is a whole country devoted to continuing to attack the US. Zarqawi and some of those chanters screaming "death to america" represent radicalzed jihadists who need to be challenged. That is why we are there and not sitting back here waiting to be attacked again.

    • Poll after poll demonstrates that 93% of Iraqis think it is good Saddam is out of power and 70+% are optimistic about the future. It is not a lie that Saddam was hated universally.

      Are you aware that Americans are highly respected in places like Lebanon, Iran, Kuwait and even in Iraq? Allwai got 25% of the vote even though he was an american appointed stooge. Talabani is Kurd and the Kurds are totally pro-american and they have 25% of the vote. Iraqis are not universally against Americas presence and your portrayal is slanted in a negative way against America. I suggest you wake up.

    • A thorough review of the neo-conservative warmongers leads an open mind to one conclusion:


    • Sure there are WMD...we are using them in the form of uranium munitions. 11,000 of our soldiers have died of radiation cancer since Gulf War I. What do we think this is doing to the people who live there? It’s a dirty little secret our government is covering up and lying about.

      Well, it is good to see at least they can demonstrate. Here you show up at a social security speech of bush’s and if you have an anti-bush or antiwar bumper sticker on your car, you’re carted out of the place.

      It’s funny when they talk about liberating the Iraqi — because if people are paying attention, we are losing our freedoms daily.

      Everyone needs to call your senators and tell them not to even think about giving more $$$$ to Halliburton for Iraq. They can’t even account for the money we already gave them...and te Iraqi people are quite capable of doing it themselves. We need to give them the money because we cannot trust our own govt. They have lost millions of dollars, there is evidence of money laundering and corruption (see my Representative Henry Waxman’s website for more info about this - he is Representative in Santa Monica and West Side Los Angeles Area of Malibu, Beverly Hills, etc). He has enough to put Cheney behind bars for years....but with republicans stealing elections and ruling the govt....a lot of good that does us.

      We still need to call our senators next week though and tell them not to even THINK about giving htem more money for a war which had no exit plan because they never planned to exit.

      Use emotion in your voices when you call...let them know we are angry and we may have lost most of our rights but we, the people, still have the mandate for a little while longer and bush and they work for us. Mandate, my foot...

      Anyway, way to go Iraq.......good for you with the demonstrations. I wish we had the courage but if you can believe’s scary here now to speak out against our government.

      You get a lot of American you get The Practice and Boston Legal. I bet you don’t...I bet they don’t want you to see those programs. If you do get them, you might enjoy. They are often about losing our civil liberties — the fight for freedom is not in Iraq. The fight for freedom is for our own rights right here and right now in America. They are declaring war on the citizens. We’d better wake more (misnamed) Patriot Act and we’re pretty much cooked.

      Sharin Bowers
      Southern California

    • Well, another redneck weighs in...helloooooo, the people in Iraq are highly educated and many of them speak English.

      Why don’t you educate yourself in order to protect yourself with the my mother used to tell me, education is a gift to myself and truth is my protection and heavy artillery.

      I also suggest you go read Riverbend’s blog. She is a young Iraqi woman and I bet her English puts yours to shame. You are apparently not very educated or sophisticated, and you probably have not traveled much, because you do not realize Iraq is full of some of the best doctors, professors, even best engineers in the world. Her blog is called "Baghdad Burning." If you can google, you can find it. Start from the beginning. You might learn something. And as my mother said - you don’t learn for me or for your teacher, you do it for YOURSELF, my friend.

      That kid can probably not only read that sign but he probably wrote it, and he would probably score higher on an English (and history and geography) test than you.

      Get yourself educated and stop embarrassing the rest of the Americans who know Iraq is full of intelligent people, and many of them are fluent in English.

      Sharin Bowers
      Southern California

    • What you say is so true. The time is now whether your an Amerikan or what ever country you call home. The time to live what you believe is now as we our on the cutting edge of history. We are beginning to experience the "birth pangs" of Matthew chapter 24.

    • Zarqawi is a straw man created by coalition intelligence agencies to justify a continued western military presence in Iraq. He was first reported killed in an April 2003 airstrike by coalition fighters, then he was reported as having survived the attack only with a leg blown off. Now he’s supposedly running around the globe doing Bin Laden’s dirty work.

      The interesting thing is that claims that Zarqawi is behind ’terror’ bombings never have a named source, and the evidence is never revealed. Secret evidence is always the hallmark of totalitarian operatives, not the representatives of free republics. This guy is a figment of a spook’s imaginations, designed to justify an unjustifiable occupation of a sovereign nation to idiots who are out of the war zone.

    • Iraq is not now, nor ever was, an immenent threat to us.
      Our invasion is based on pure lies.
      You say a demonstration is proof American values are now in Iraq? You should remember WHO put Hussein into power. WE DID.
      We put that murderer in power, then we took him away. Aren’t we great and compassionate?
      Haven’t we done Iraq a service?
      Keep believing the propaganda. You are a model citizen for the Bush Cabal. When your kid dies in Iraq or Iran(God forbid. I do not wish this on you) maybe you’ll ask why none of the REAL QUESTIONS have been answered. The official 911 story is a lie.

    • Zarqawi would have been ineffective if Saddam were still in power. Not that I am sympathetic towards him and his regime, but they were wary of Islamists who opposed secular governments like that of their Baath Party. Al-Qaeda only became a factor in Iraq after Saddam was taken out and the borders left open for infiltration. During the 80’s, Saddam was a necessary evil in the Middle East for the Republicans under Reagan. He unfortunately was the bulwark against Shiite theocratic expansion from Iran. Only time will tell if the invasion and occupation of Iraq was a wise move on Bush’s part.

    • Don’t you silly fools realize that roadblocks and home searches are necessary for security right now... security that allows freedom, which makes these protests possible?

    • These are the same arrogant attitudes that permeate the Bush administration, Faux News and the silly "Plan for a New American Century." Anyone who has traveled out of the states and speaks a second language can easily find out that most of our neighbors around the world know more about us than we do about them. Many speak several languages and understand more about co-existence than Bush, Cheney or Rum-filled ever will. I am constantly amazed that the most ignorant amoung Americans are also the most arrogant. We have a nation filled with half-literate people, a president with open hostility towards learning and academia and a cabinet full of people with half-baked theories grounded on foundations of information so full of holes that they resemble sponges.

      We, Americans, are not the most learned. We are not the most educated. We are not the most benign. We don’t have the right to stomp all over other people’s culture under the delusion that somehow our ways are better. While there are many good people in our country, they seldom get into leadership positions. Our country has been committing great wrongs on behalf of a small cabal of ignorant, arrogant and greedy people. We should be apologizing to the people of the world for not being more vigilant in choosing leaders who are wise, kind and humanitarian.

      To those reading these postings, I apologize for the person who posted the remark about someone "exploiting Iraquis who don’t read English." This does not reflect the sentiments of those of us in America who are better mannered and better educated.

    • So some think we are ’there’ (Iraq) instead of ’waiting’ to be attacked again? Do you think that if those wanting to attack us again are in Iraq that they could not spare a few men and let them attack us?

      After all, it only took 19 individuals, they tell us, to attack us on 9/11 and to perhaps alert you, 17 of them were Saudi Arabians, the very pets of this administration! Joe C.

    • yesterday I posted here my opinion and I don’t see it here TODAY, WHERE IS IT? My opinion is the same of 70% of the world - Bush is more terrorrist than Zarqwai group- Bush is a president and make a shame war, killed 100.000 iraqis and many US soldiers, and his greed isn’t freedom- every body knows WHAT IT IS- Ah, all in Bush is insane- the US media is insane, 60% of US people is insane. GET OUT OF THE IRAQ

    • Zarqawi and others were not in Iraq before the American basterad invaded the peaceful Iraq. Some of the Americans are still blindfolded to see the lies of Bush an Dikky and still stand naked behind them. Wake up stupid Americans and fight for your democracy before it is too late. Iraq resistence freedom fighters will surely win and your barbarous armey will be defeted as in Vitnam. You See it already in the thoudands of the dead and wonded soldiers cominig during the cover of darkness. WAKE UP AMERICA... WAKE UP

    • Allawy 25%, I rest my case:

      Talking about manipulation, How’s this for manipulation?

      For your information, Iraq gave us the “Purple Finger” by voting for the pro-Iranian Religious Zealots. The United Iraqi Alliance got 48.2% & 140 seats (of 275).

      Second were the Kurds with their Independent aspirations with 25.7% & 75 seats

      Allawi whom had the intelligence to separate himself from any ties to the foreign coalition by pleading for reconciliation with the Sunnis & the Baaths got the 13.8% & 40 seats.

      The guy whom was “Bush’s man” (not Allawi whom Our media & you are trying to manipulate), was Ahmad Chalabi.

      Chalabi was invited four weeks before the Iraqi elections to Bush’s inauguration where he was paraded for public view and maximum exposure by sitting him with Laura Bush at this inauguration.

      Bush’s man, Ahmad Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress party got “ZERO” seats.

      Since we Americans suffer from a short memory span & in particular with foreign names, our media has now manipulated Chalabi for Allawi because we Americans can’t tell the difference.

      Best Regards

    • Are you on sauce?

      The Atheist Socialist versus the Islamic Religious Zealots are at the opposite end of the political spectrum.

      Besides, with >one billion Muslims, there’s too many of them.

      Best Regards

    • Masive demonstration shows the Iraqi public is unhappy with the occupation. Is there any country that accept being occupied by an invading force?

    • That deosn’t hold water. We abetted Al-Zarqawi’s war against Saddam.

      We protected Al-Zarqawi in Nothern Iraq so he could conduct his terrorism against Saddam & where he (Saddam), could not reach him.

      Bush had ”THREE” chances to nab Al-Zarqawi: Link:


      Then our Media manipulated these facts by linking Al-Zarqawi to Saddam saying Al-Zarqawi had a miracously real flash & blood replacement leg in Baghdad for his ”Amputated leg” Fantasy; courtesy of the same Mediamanipulations.

      “Amputed leg” in Baghdad for real one he now has links:


      Best Regards


    • Um, very heavily Photoshopped signs in the one picture. Idiots.

    • Yes I do agree, Americans are following our leader into infamy. We follow President Bush like the germans did Hitler, blindly with full trust in his judgement. Wake up America, we’re the bad guys now!

    • " but remember, you are fighting the illuminati that is going to usher in the antichrist"

      Prophecies like that serve no purpose but to scare people. Biblical prophecy is why the U.S. is doing what we have been... Christ can’t come back unless Jews hold the holy land. That is why biblical prophecy needs to be canned. Don’t need it—serves no beneficial purpose. (Revelations itself was almost thrown out of the bible by one book in the ecunemical synod where they determined what books would BE the Bible. IF you want conspiracy, how about the books that were kept out that stated christ’s philosophies of no church? At any rate, Revelations was written as a warning about bordering countries at the time and was in no way actual prophecy.

    • For the ’Person’ who said : "Under saddam such demonstrations would have led to the death of everyone. We are helping iraq gain freedom. The mere existence of such a demonstration is a testament to american values"

      Here’s the reply

      1- Several demonstrations did take place under the rulership of Saddam, and which your media never cared to show. Only armed rebels were eliminated by the Iraqi army. As You’re not from the Middle East and you’ve probably never been there wither at the time Saddam was in power, makes your credibility to state such statments very poor indeed. Your information is limited to what the media presents to you. And your media information about Saddam is as true as the story of the existance of weapons of mass destruction and the link of Saddam to the 9-11 attacks, ie nothing but rubbish and lies. Saddam was no angel, no nowaday leaders or politician is(Americans themselves should know better) but he certainly was doing a much better job in Iraq than the Americans are doing the moment. Same thing applies for Al Zarqawi and the whole Al Qaeda myth. It’s strange and funny that no one in the Middle East has ever seen or heard about such groups other than those presented by the American media and the Pro-American Al-Jazeera network, which by pure coinsidence happened to broadcast from Qatar, where the largest American military and central intelligence base in the Middle East is located. The Iraqi resistance groups operating against the American Army in Iraq is a real national resistance lead by Iraqis themselves from all sects. The American media always tries to link it to Al Qaeda and Al Zarkawi just to create an illusion that those attacks are carried out by terrorist groups, and that it is not Iraqis but outsiders behind the resistance. Another rubbish lie.

      2- For the past 2 years, the American army has caused more death and casualties among Iraqi civillians than all those caused during the whole Saddam era.

      3- Last but not least, and as for the ’helping Iraqis gain their freedom’?? ’a testament to american values’?? we heard LIVE and in PERSON people who reacently fled from Iraq and many others who were released from Abu Ghreib prison talking about how Americans were granting their freedom and demonstrating the American values. Just ask the number of wives and daughters that were raped in that prison alone. As for the rest of the stories, the several sick photos and videos that were released by the press, and for reasons which I will not disclose at the moment, are more than a clear evidences to that.

      Conslusion, thank you for your generous help, but WE DON’T want it and WE NEVER asked for it in the first place. If you want to help anyone gain their freedom, start with your own. Your children are being sent to fight wars based on lies.

      Peace be upon all who have faith in the One Creator and who are seeking the truth and his guidance.

    • Only time will tell.....2 years later, time has told, the whole mess is based on lies of a lying administration, and only people who do not want to know the facts support it.

    • I think it is a sign of progress that thousands of people can hold a demonstration in Iraq...

    • My father killed many Germans on the bombing missions over Germany in WWII, he said that when they returned to the base that there was every kind of booze waiting for them and they stayed drunk on their off time. Then they all returned from the great war all alcoholics, the Vietnam soldiers all returned drug addicts, as well as alcoholics, two generations of men rendered out of comission by substance abuse, The next gereration of Americans will also find a way to numb the pain of a violent and senseless war.

      The U.S./Vietnam war lasted for 10 years and killed more than 58,000 young American men/women and more than 1,000,000 Vietnamese people, and nothing good was accomplished there, only ruined lives, poverty, and the destruction of a once beautiful rainforest and all of its creatures. But the worst part was that it was all based on lies fabricated by our government, a government that now can not be trusted, yet one that has never been held accountable to its people by its people for what it has done. A government that is repeating this pattern of war profiteering by lying about the need to attack another country, one that had never threatened us. We will be in Iraq for generations, just as we are still in Germany, and Japan despite SIXTY YEARS of occupation and the populations of both countries wanting us to leave.

      Is this policy a government by the people? We have lost ALL representation in the government, and in the voting proceedures, is this progress? All of this waring has made us hated and much less safe around the world, is this where the people want our government to be taking us? Are we going to continue this wrong path into the future? Do we really care about our country? Or are we fighting among ourselves to keep from having to confront our form of government and address what we as citizens can do to change this? We need as humans to strive to evolve past violent conflict and find ways to share the planet.

    • The reason for Saddam’s removal is he murdered 1.3 million of his own people. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Signed - The majority of America

    • ????????? My opinion is the same of 70% of the world - Bush is more terrorrist than Zarqwai group- ???????

      Go join Al-Zarqawi then.

    • WOW!!!!!!!! Are you the guy who claimed Bush blew up the World Trade Center?

    • 1.Do Americans grab other’s resources? 2.Who is jewish that drives me to become greedy? Please enlighten me with facts.

    • This American, who has believed all along America had no right to invade Iraq, wishes the American news media would show pictures and videos of this demonstration. Saddam, I was told, had 100% of the popular vote. I can’t help thinking if the Iraqi people really wanted him gone, they would have dumped him long ago - without any help from outside countries. With brutal dictators, people know where they stand. Cross them and you’re dead. Mind your own business, and your chances of survival are not bad. People must acquiese to be dictated to and told what to do. Just now the Iraqis are showing spunk.

      If my advice were asked, which it hasn’t been, I’d recomend that Iraqis hold another election without the involvement of any American puppet influence. Iraqis could then agree to honor the results and to ignore entirely any pseudo authority claimed by the invading forces and their collaborators. A basic ground rule, though, must be the rule of law, and absolutely no violence, killing, kidnapping, stealing, raping, discrimination against any citizen on the basis of religion or lack thereof, gender, age, national or ethnic origin, etc. should be tolerated. Offenders should be banished to some place like Syria or the United States. A death penalty would be as hypocritical in Iraq as it is in the United States. Two wrongs do not make a right! Would-be bombers especially should be banished to the United States. They are the main excuse for the American military presence, and sending them to the U.S. would create the implicit requirement that the American military is needed at home!

      Will you print this? I’ll be checking....

      Your True American well-wisher.

    • BRAVO ! All this senario is part of a process to takeover the rest of the world (muslim world) as Europe and all western nations are allready under control of the small group which has 90%.of the wealth on this planet .

      Who are they ?The so called nobles (blue blood), who own the multinational corporations,the big banks and their fraudulent practices, the freemassons with their satanic rituals, the Zionists who manage the violence and terrorism.

      The whole thing coordinated with the blessing of the Vatican. These MANIAC (psycopaths) want to install a world dictature

      Many who have done their research come to that same conclusion.

      We can say that the poor people of the middle east are fighting for the rest of us and if we had any brain and honor we the people of the west should stop supporting our politicians and DEMAND PEACE

    • Does your 1.3 million figure include the 500,000+ children under the age of 5 who died under sanctions imposed by the U.S. - that Secretary of State Madeline Albright said "was worth it"? How many of that 1.3 million were killed by chemical and other weapons provided by the U.S.? Where have you been? - a reality-based American

    • forget Iraq. Let’s get to the real issues. Peak Oil, dwindling resources, World Domination. When are we going to bring the real perpe"traitors" of 911(the manufactured catalist of the current deadly situation) to justice? When are Cheney, Rove, Wolfowitz, George I, Rumsfeld, Blair, Rice, George II, et al, and both imperialist, colonial country govts, the US and England, going to answer for their treason? For their inhumanity? For their blatant, murderous greed?
      It’s up to us.

    • We called our insurgent whom fought against a Foreign Army in our soil, “Patriots”

      Best Regards

    • Peace to you!

      Strange that Bush will go into Iraq claiming we need to because of 9/11, but won’t go after bin Laden in Pakistan.

    • The battle for freedom is being fought here in the USA, but people are opposed to freedom now. Here in Kansas last week people voted to put discrimination into the state constitution. Folks are sometimes dumb enough to fall for this ’divide and conquer’ form of politics.

      We will all reap what is being sown.

    • "our response to 9/11 isn’t about killing those responsible for 9/11. That would be like going to japan in wwii and seeking out those respoinsible for pearl harbor without realizing there is a whole country devoted to continuing to attack the US."

      The logic of this entirely escapes me, and suggests a serious convolution of facts. Japan DID attack us at Pearl Harbor. Not ONE Iraqi attacked us on 9/11. Indeed, Saddam Hussein despised Bin Laden, as anyone who studied the situation knows. The vast majority of Iraqis had no designs on the USA. The logic of this statement is so bizarre, and so contrary to facts, that there must be some propoganda that the writer accepts as truth, and therefore continues to support the war against the people of Iraq.

      There were no WMDs, and Hans Blix stated that before the war. The Iraqis are worse off than before the war, and the world is a MUCH more dangerous place.

    • No. He is obviously a guy who is better informed then you are. His assessment is spot on.

      As far as protecting America from terrorists, bogging down our military in an occupation, and spending hundreds of billions of dallars pissing of normal Iraqi citizens and alienating our allies has done nothing to make the U.S. more secure. It has gotten bush reelected, and put a lot of money in the right peoples hands. And THAT is what is important, right?

    • Wow are you one of those poor deluded clowns in such abundance on this planet?

    • Do you even know who the Illuminati is and how freaking powerful the Brotherhood of the Illuminati are? These are not the the kind of guys that you mess around with. They could easily wipe out the American Mafia, The Italian Mafia, and the Japanese Yakuza in one swift stroke. Beware of what you say.

      Educated in America

    • More of the outside world speaks english than you think. If you’ve ever been outside the U.S. you would start to realize this. Secondly, the protestors know we speak English and are trying to get the message across to us, the occupiers. Why are you assuming the Iraqi people would not be intelligent enough to realize they need to protest in English?

    • I work with Photoshop daily as a graphic artist and have manipulated quite a few images for my own mischievious ends and I’m curious as to which picture you are referring to. If you are talking about the wavy areas of the photos around high contrast areas, this is because the images are jpegs and low quality and the way a jpeg compresses information sometimes causes this effect and you will see this on positively undoctored jpegs as well. I think the photo depicting the cutouts of Bush looks a little suspicious because in the one at an angle in the very back the white border of the sign has the same thickness as the front signs which could indicate either a foam sign or possible manipulation of the image, plus I don’t exactly see any protestors just signs. The last image of protestors holding signs show highlights on the paper and appropriate curvature and wrinkles and distortions of text you wouldn’t see with a photoshop job plus the front sign looks like someone ran out of printer ink while they were making it, something that would be extremely difficult to recreate in Photoshop.

      Because the images are low quality jpegs, it is really hard to say though. It’s pretty easy to pass off what you don’t agree with as being doctored if you have a political agenda, though the one I agree does look suspicious. I don’t think it out of the realm of possibility that people in Iraq are protesting our occupation, or that our media would rabidly go after sensless yellow stories and ignore a protest in another country.

      Let the viewer beware I guess.

    • — -"if this is to be Armageddon, so be it---"
      Obviously a statement straight from the keyboardof one who is addicted to the manaical dogma which in large measure drives the agenda of the murdering zealots who are raping the Middle East today. In their chaotic minds they foresee the "last battle" and the chosen few being somehow raised above all the mayhem in preparation for their welcome into "heaven". They are many, in the USA, and they WANT this to come to pass. That there WILL be a battle of devastating consequense for humanity there is little doubt. Idiots are spoiling for it. There will be no "rapture"; only death, cruel hardship, environmental destruction and sorrow. And the God who is Love will be crucified for the thousandth time-----

    • name one iraqi that has "attacked" the u.s. can’t name one? thank you. if people in a country hate people in another country, or if they hate the invading country’s politics, there’s nothing wrong with that. hating us does not give us the right to go in there and murder people; whether they hate us is inconsequential. if i were them, i’d hate us too... actually, i do hate our government’s politics on this issue. if that means i hate america (which it doesn’t) then so be it. i do not have to be "over there" or "the other" to realize what we are doing is wrong and imperialistic.

      point: the iraqis are not devoted to "attacking" us... even though they have rights to that desire... especially after all the hell we put that country through. they simply want the u.s. to leave.

    • Yep! It is the ordinary everyday citizens of iraq that want occupation to end!

    • you are high!!!!!!!!!!

    • I see Al-Qaeda trying to bleed us in Iraq to ultimately weaken popular suppoprt. They wont attack unless they have completely lost Iraq or in an unlikely case have beaten our democracy push. Only then they will attack. The last thing they want is to strengthen our moral. They dont want another WTC at this time.

    • These people look at the end of their tethers, justifiably!

    • do you really believe that? do you believe everything the right wing spews? if there were no oil or natural gas in the region the u.s. government [mobil exxon etc.] wouldn’t even care the middle east existed. [except israel]

    • What do you mean usher in the anti-christ? America re-elected him and he is here right now!
      This is a Canadian’s view.

    • Do you have this photo in high resolution, please send it to

    • Zarqawi wasnt in Iraq at all before the US went there. There was no insurgency before we went there. 0000 Americans were killed by Iraqis before the US showed up. There were no car bombs, no pipeline fires. Why is it that so many of us Americans are so overconfident-well were there, and were right, and well win. Im not so sure. Were definitely not right, we are there, but weve already lost. Remember Vietnam? Remember the last time you went downtown and saw all the bums? Guess where they come from? Thats right, Vietnam vets. You know why there were so many Vets homeless after vietnam as opposed to WW2? THEY WERE KILLING CIVILIANS. That messes you up inside. So now weve got hundreds of thousands of kids and adults over there, doing just that, killing civilians, and we cant even give them a valid reason why. IF WE STOP KILLING THEM, AND GET OUT, THEY WILL NO LONGER HAVE AN EXCUSE TO BLOW STUFF UP, AND IRAQIS CAN BEGIN TO REPAIR THEIR COUNTRY.

    • oh would that be true, and you know this how??? If you truly believe what you espouse why not enlist, and gather a number of YOUR compatriots while at it ... then perhaps several fathers and mothers can return totheir families .... and you bring up 9-11.... what ,pray telldo you really know about this event, will you offer evidence, forensics, credible and factual challenges to the ’Official" account .... or do you already stand convinced ..... My response to ’those responsible for 9/11" is to hold accountable those who swore to protect and defend ......Not happy w/a different view, opinion ....??? LEAVE ...... and by the way US NAVY ’68-72 ... no one needs to know what i did, it’s history, I look forward to preventing a repeat ....

    • Zarkaoui was not in Irak before the war, Stop lying to naive americans who did not know the geographical position of Irak. Irak is 20000 Km far from U. S. how can Saddam attack U. S. Stupid people!!!!!!!!!

    • Correct. "Al Qaeda" or "The Base" is a residual manifestation of the Russo- Afghani war, later called the "Afghan Trap". The tactic of drawing the enemy into a quagmire and chipping away at the stone is certainly not new. In this case it may have been a work of genius or a cosmic stroke of luck-on the part of global terrorists that is. Fact, the neoconservative movement whose most powerfull advocates were appointed to the highest offices of the U.S. government in 2000, had clearly stated their aims for the United States to be the leading millitary power in the world. Through the Project for a new American Century and the Baker institute an outline for the removal of Saddam Husein and control of Iraqi oil was written and distributed in the late 1990s. This information was in the public domain, accesible by anyone with a computer and internet connectivity. The attacks on the WTC and Pentagon were clearly a provocation on the part of "Al Qaeda" to initiate an invasion of countries known to be "of interest" to the Neocon movement. It is a re-creation of the Afghan Trap only this time the U.S. is taking the place of the Soviets. The ultimate question is, Who is funding the jihadist now?

    • You are for the most part correct. Just remember the United States is not a communist nation.

    • They hate you because you are not a GOOD muslim. PERIOD. AND THEY WILL KILL YOU. The U.S has done nothing to the extremists.NOTHING. Iraq in general does not hate the U.S. Only the hardliners. Why dont you personally take your good natured thoughts and negotiate a truce with Al-Zakarwi? See what happens!

    • Uhhhhh Oil for food scandal? Turn off the blinders! Are you sauced? Stupid?

    • This truely is the begining of the end upon which the truth will eventually come out. Our government for the most part is evil, at least the main players are. This insane insanity will end one day very soon and truth will take its rightful place. Hard to believe that our government has gotten away with so many criminal acts. They will surely pay for their sins.

    • How can Saddam attack the United States? WOW!!! I know Iraqi’s should have a better arsenal than a musket and camel. The whole fucking world sold Iraq top notch weapons. Hell, even Osama did it with our own commercial airliners.

    • LO fucking L Yes I too believe you should enlist and invite all your likeminded friends. Go hunt Zarkawi and shower him with love.

    • This war does not resemble Vietnam.You dont have Russia to protect you like N. Vietnam. There are only 2 scenarios for the Americans to pull out. A stable democratic government is in place OR you are about to get nuked!!!!!!!!!!!! If the YANKS leave under a cloud of defeat----- you and your country have about 10 minutes to celebrate. God Bless!

    • If there were no oil in the middle east. No one would be there. That includes camel jockeys,mosque worshippers and sand monkeys.

    • don’t call the americans stupid, it’s not their fault gw bush cheated to get in...

    • the US is in point of fact not communist but we fill every definition of being a facist a dictionary definition.

    • wow! do you really believe that the arabs arrived after the oil wells were drilled? that area was the seat of civilization. it did not appear out of the sand because of oil. duh! maybe a history book would do you some good.

    • You are so right China Daily re Illuminati et al.

    • I’m sorry, but you have been brainwashed. things are not as you have been told. turn off your tv, it’s all corporate lies.

    • He did. He had help. Go to, watch the videos which have been in essence banned from tv, and see for yourself. I know it is extremely difficult to fathom, we have grown up believing in the system. The system has failed.

    • Ad hominem.

    • Your statement mostly true. In my Germany Since WWI class we discussed the different qualifications of a fascist state, which includes, amongst other things, A) an Extreme Sense of Nationalism that pinpoints anyone of dissent as un-patriotic, B) A fond ardour for the army and a strong show of Militarism, C) A One Party System that refuses to accomodate or recognize any other political group and D) quote "muscle-men," or an internal police force that uses both physical prowess, intimidation and fear to keep civilians in line. As of now, the United States is close to filling most of these requirements; but we have not yet developed a well-oiled internal police force (though we’re certainly on our way) and the Democrats still have a smidgeon of political sway—even if it’s mostly lip service.

    • Not a sign that they’re absolutely cheezed off?

    • not sure- but guessing this is the photo that yahoo news deleted

    • If Bu$hco keeps borrowing money form the Communists we won’t need to debate if we are a communist nation, because they will own us lock stock and barrel and won’t even allow us to join they will just own us.

    • Do you know anything? Because you certainly do not know any history.....take some time to educate yourself before you go public.

    • What good does a book crammed full of crap do anyone? Look at how many wars )400 just in recent history) that religions have caused. And for what? If God wants all of these wars, why doesn’t he fight them himself.....or can’t he get it up anymore?

    • The sanctions put on iraq by the U.S Killed over a million children and the war has killed 600.000 people you killed 2 children a few days ago
      The "CREATOR" of the old testement would be pleased to hear the remarks on this page, The same god that destroyed
      sodem and gamora,told ezeikil to to bake his bread on human excrement because isreal was not kosher, made adam and
      eve crawl and grovel for eating an apple, flooded the earth(300BC???? .LOL)put the dinasour bones here to trick us.
      gave us a brain but if we use it we will go to hell,put the mans G-spot in the anus,Give men urges that no matter
      what you do, you will kill about 3 million lives(you say the the unfertilised egg is a life then why don’t you hand
      sperm out in church to save those lives).
      I think your god may be the devil.
      You are obviosly an idiot if you had half a brain you would see bush is a racist nazi but I spose your god is a
      racist even though his so called son was black.
      What about over 600 000 Iraq civilians dead, depleated uranium ammunition, unexploded cluster bombs,phophoras and
      napalm being used on civilians
      Also Abugriab,Guantanamo Bay and secret renditions taking not just men but women and children to be tortured, does
      that not ring alarm bells or are they just heathens to you.
      your tax dollar is funding that(Terrorism).
      What of All the other countries you have medled in for there resources. On this page and in the media there is talk
      of going into Iran.
      Comeing from the most evil nation in history. Can’t expect much in the way of any good. as far as the meek
      inheriting the earth and the bibles revelations is concerned maybe the fruit cakes better go read your bible again
      “I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth"last time I checked the earth is round so has no
      corners. “The first angel blew his trumpet and as soon as the mysterious notes sounded, hail and fire, mixed with
      blood, were dropped on the earth; a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of all trees, and every blade of
      grass was burnt." Um a third of the earth what part of the world would that be. I doubt it would mean the middle
      east as the Muslims are better christians and I think the christian god would prefer Osama to bush as His only son
      was persecuted by the romans the same as osama is persecuted by the ameicians. this qoute Not revelations but just a
      interesting one for people who say they follow the bible.(get your gun outyou got some cleanseing to do) Exodus
      31:15, “six days shall work be done, but the seventh day is a sabbath of solemn rest, holy to the lord; whoever does
      any work on the sabbath day shall be PUT TO DEATH” I like this one...maybe I should become a back
      qarentee (Exodus 21:7-11 NLT) When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of six
      years as the men are. If she does not please the man who bought her, he may allow her to be bought back again. I
      just wish the romans had given the Jews back there land when they turned christian.
      Though I pitty the children you will kill, I know you will get slaughtered As it’s taken longer than world war2 for
      you to get to the stage your at in Iraq now plus you bombed the shit out of it for over ten years before the
      invasion, You will get slaughtered unless you use a Nuke to stop the fantasy Nuke.
      Also you can dream and cry bloodlust all you like China and Russia aren’t going to let you so Na Na Naa na Na there
      guns bigger than your gun and they got the BOMB.
      I wonder in 20 years time when your kids are still paying for this war will they think it is worth it if any of us are servive this madness.

  • Anyone notice how the media always calls Sadr ’radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’? He seems like a reasonable fellow...Maybe he is not so radical. And who could be more radical than Bush and co?

    Image Hosted by

    Is it possible he has the right idea here?

    Image Hosted by

    • As an American, I have always thought the war in Iraq was a terrible idea. That being said, I think this article is disingenuous. If anything, the disparity in participation in these protests is a sign that democratic reform in Iraq has been meaningful: a protest of this size under Saddam would have been inconceivable, because its participants would have been imprisoned, tortured, and/or killed.

    • While it’s true that a protest of that size in Bahgdad would have been impossible under Saddam Hussein, it’s also true that since clown Bush and his thugs are firmly in power in America, a similar protest on the same scale would be just as impossible in Washington

    • > it’s also true that since clown Bush and his thugs are firmly in power
      > in America, a similar protest on the same scale would be just as
      > impossible in Washington

      Can you please get a grip? Bigger protests happen in Washington, DC, several times every year. There were a number of anti-war protests in 2003 that were estimated as having between 100,000 and 200,000 participants. We don’t know how many protestors were in this recent Baghdad protest (the article just says "thousands"), but presumably you’re not going to let the facts stand in the way of your prejudice.

      The left will only be able to prevail if we are credible. Just randomly saying emotionally charged, but hideously stupid, things like "a similar protest would be impossible in Washington!" just encourages people to view us as bozos, because that’s the sort of stupid thing a bozo says.

    • Trouble is OUR media won’t tell us about the massive protests against our fascist leader that happen here in the USA. Nothing to see here all is well, freedom is on the march....

    • It is becoming a scandal around the world about the state of the U.S. media. In the most repressive countries we are being laughed at by a media that carries fake news reports by paid "reporters" and "townhall meetings" that only Bush supporters who have been pre-approved to attend are even allowed in. It seems that this president is only the president for those people who have background checks and are pre-approved and AGREE with him. Under Bush, our country has become the old Soviet Union including Pravda and the ministry of propaganda. But worst of all most U.S. citizens seem to be oblivious to this and just do not sleepwalkers guided by an electronic joy stick. As the media has been consolidated and there are only 4 players, if you do not have a computer (50%), you will only be exposed to distorted news or down right lies.

    • How can you talk about credibility when the party of the right will not admit that they have made any mistakes. As to the size of the protest gathering, yes there were protests in DC over the last year, as there were in many cities across the US. The consistent fact between the Bagdad protest and the American ones is that we ahve to rad foreign newspapers to see that they actually happened. The Republican party and the American press has lost credibility with the real American people.

    • You are incorrect to say that a protest of that size would be impossible in Washington. Those types of protests are indeed possible in the USA and have happened. I don’t know from where you got the idea that they are not possible. I am scratching my mind trying to figure out why someone would make such a statement.

    • Really??? What transpired at Bush’s inauguration???/ Does that strike you as something that would be consistant with "freedom and democracy". I know people there and they said that they felt less free (moving around Washington DC) that day than in Eastern Europe before the fall of communism.

    • Not only do I agree with getting the American dogs out of Iraq... I feel the WORLD should unite against America.. and DEMMAND the draft-dodging Murdering Coward Bush be turned over to the world court and tried along with his lackeys for war crimes and either executed or imprisoned. Further... the world needs to be watchful of American Corporations and their bought and paid for government officials on their knees before them getting fat on a protien rich diet. These pigs care NOTHING of the things common folk the world over care about. This country is hopeless since the corporate / government coupling was completed with the traitors Reagan and the slime ball he dubbed a "true American hero" Ollie North.

    • Saddam Hussein is gone and when Iraqi’s understand the likes of al Sadr are keeping an american presence there, then they will know how to end the occupation. Iraqi’s need to understand that the areas of the world that are at peace have an american military presence nearby. Maybe Iraqi’s should welcome the security america brings and worry more about the religious nuts like al Sadr.

    • The problem with you liberals is you mistake "protests" with actual action. There is nothing wrong with protesting but remember the point of a public display is to demonstrate political interest for a cause, a specific activity but liberals never have a specific activity you want to do. It’s all about the protest. That way you can feel good because you protested even if you never accomplish anything. When republicans were upset with Gov. Davis in California we didn’t hold big rallies and protest. We organized a recall petition, got it on the ballot and elected Schwarzenneger. That is how republicans deal when they are unhappy about something. They do something which changes things. They don’t go to useless demonstrations, wear blue jeans, put up placards to insult people etc... Then you call us stupid!!!!!!!

    • I’m sorry Moqtada. You’re not getting a muslim fanatic iranian theocracy not because the US doesn’t want it but because your fellow Iraqis don’t want it. We are not walking away so you can arm your militias to intimidate people like the Taliban did in Afghanistan or Iran. The Iraqi people will get the state they want which is a free country.

    • HEY PEOPLE, WE IN BRAZIL DID NOT SUPPORT THIS SHAME BUSH’WAR, AS MANY OTHER PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD INCLUDE IN USA, so why pretending IT will give freedom to Iraq?- We here have asked who gives right to USA be the world’ police?- Let’s be just, get out IRAQ fast - NOW. OTHERWISE, AS WE ALL KNOW THE "BOUGHT’ MEDIA DO NOT AIRS THE IRAQ PEOPLE PROTESTING APRIL 9. USA -what ’s kind is your democracy? CNM, FOX only airs news good to Bush’ADMINISTRATION- IT SEEMS THESE CHANNEL ARE BUSH’DEPARTMENTS.

    • Sounds like he has the right idea to me!

    • Apparently the person who wrote this note hasn’t tried to take part in a protest recently and carted off five miles or so to a "Speech Free" zone. We no longer have free speech in ALL of America...we now have to be hidden away out of site. Or they separate people into various groups so it looks like small amount here or there. They always under-estimate the numbers and if they show it on tv, it looks like a piddly little group.

      So yes, people are trying to demonstrate here, but it is getting more and more difficult to do so. Speech free zones in America — can you imagine? Well, this is what it has come to here.

      Sharin Bowers
      Southern California

    • To solidify your perceptive observation regarding the possibility of protest in Washington, one need only learn about the protests against the Republican National Convention in New York City, 2004 presidential elections. Not only did the mainstream media overlook the size of the protest, but many Americans were detained on Pier 51 in an old bus depot reportedly abandoned due to toxins like asbestos, etc., contained within. Our own government arrested (I believe) over 2000 citizens, incarcerated many for over 3 days without allowing them their constitutional rights. America is not the country it used to be nor our citizenry as cognizant and upright as they once were!!! As an American and a Christian I DO NOT agree with the policies and supposed ’morals’ of this administration. I was against American occupation from the start. I’m sorry many of my fellow Americans have closed their eyes and ears by watching the mainstream media and not truly questioning the motives and tactics of this administration. Bring our troops home and give the Iraqi people space to rebuild and once again govern themselves.

    • Repulicans resort to breaking the law or changing it to suit thier agenda. They just pay some else off. Anything to get what they want with no reguards to humanity. Just greed for the rich. They hide and lie behind the face of religion to rally those poor sheep in behind them. First the white hourseman to bring war upon the earth. Hiding behind a white cowboy hat. The red states. The red horse man coming to take peace away and turn people against each other.

    • It seems you have forgotten the times Iraqui people demonstrated and were shot at by occupying forces of the USA! Occupation is wrong!

    • So what? That’s the usual comeback when criticism pops up—but that people wouldn’t have been able to protest in saddam’s day or in the US if the US were a full blown police state means nothing. It only means that what people are protesting against never changes

    • Regarding the downfall of California’s Davis...if you will do a bit of digging you will find out that you were manipulated by your own party, who wanted Davis out and went to unethical extremes to make him the fool, and conspired to manipulate the energy "crisis" in your state. You fell for it, as did thousands. The plan was found out and even some of the voicemail, etc., has been published. Did any of you who knew about this cry out against the plan - not that I could see. That makes you co-conspirators and supporters of an administration that will literally do anything to win, regardless of the consequences.

    • Hmmn, take another look at those photos. Could they fit any more people in them? No, these protests are friggin’ huge - those STREETS are full - it’s way more than 10’s of thousands, way more. Quit spreading propaganda for your nazi masters. We the American people are onto you.

    • What does protesting archive?Has protesting ever made a difference?
      What is democracy???Where on earth does democracy exist????
      Stalin of Russia once said" The outcome of any election is not decided by the people who vote,it is decided by the people WHO COUNT THE VOTE" this makes alot of sense when you really think about it.

    • The United States government via the C.I.A. was a big supporter and funder of the "Taliban" so who is really the Taliban if not this government? And you state the Iraqi people will get a free country out of this mess we have made, when do you think the people of the U.S. will get a free country?

    • Keep away from Fox News.

      Here are a couple of links of our police repression against the Iraq Anti-war demonstrators in Washington DC on the eve of the Iraq OIL war.


      By the way, our Constitution’s 1st amendment says:

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances


      This means, the Cops should have been aiding those demonstrators in the exercise of their constitutional rights of the people to assemble peaceably, & to petition the Government for a redress of their grievances” instead of bulling them into the sidewalks where they sprayed & beat them up.

      Best Regards

    • "Would you please get a grip".

      If you think it’s that simple to protest, I direct your attention to an article I read online not long ago, I think it was about April 5th,05, on MSNBC online where the "STORMTROOPERS" in Lansing Michigan were tear gassing some colledge students that were partying in the streets after a basketball game as they did for years until now. These students were NOT rioting or unruly, just having fun and getting gassed for it. And how about the inaguration of Bush’s second term. Protesters were forced behind fenced-in areas blocks away from the ceremony. OK, how about this one? Whenever Bush was in a town to pander his new Social Security scheme, people who were against his ideas or had anti Bush logo on their person or vehicle were NOT allowed to attend the meetings. Excuse me, but I think your idea of being able to protest was in the days prior to the enactment of the "Patriot Act" which is NOT directed toward terrorists in this country, but against its very own citizens who don’t follow Bushs’ propaganda. Until we, the people of the United States, and citizens of other countries stop arguing and bickering over lame non issues such as who did what, the abortion issue, gay rights, and smoking and other trivial issues, and realize who is gaining from these wars and arms sales, we’re going to slide more surely further into a total global police state. If you’ve read all the comments here as I have, you’ve seen the term "ILLUMINATI" used several times. THESE PEOPLE ARE FOR REAL! THEY are the ones that are gaining from all the wars, THEY are the ones gaining from the arms sales, THEY are the ones perpetrating the global unrest and terrorism to push their agenda of TOTAL WORLD DICTATORSHIP. A good website to find out about who these people are is:

      He has several books out on the subject if you like to read. Although I don’t necessarily agree with everything in them, the material is well researched and will give you an idea of what’s going on in the world.

    • Oh yeah Sadr and his Mahdi Army are real caring peace loving gentlemen. I fought against them for almost 8 months during my year combat tour in Iraq. There so nice and caring they killed a couple of my friends and wounded a few others who have to life with those injuries for life. I also agree Bush and his gang are radicals too. But the only reason Al-Sadr stopped the fighting and other things was he was told to do so or be banished by The Grand Ayatollah Al-Sistani the leader of Islam in Iraq.

    • Well said ! The right are people of action while the libs analyze our actions.Always has been and always will be.

    • Hmmm. And how would you ’Republicans’ deal with an invading army?

      P.S I am a Registered republican and don’t agree with the war and I wish you folks would stop destroying my party.

    • Any sources of information on America’s invasion of Iraq or the real perpertrators of 9-11 come from mind controlled, socially conditioned sheep unless they take into account the organisation known as the ILLUMINATI.

      The Neo-Conservatives and their puppet Bush are merely a front for the ILLUMINATI; a centuries old network of totalitarian extremists who control the USA, Great Britain, Israel and the EU.

      9-11 was an inside job carried out by ILLUMINATI within the USA government as a excuse to begin invading and dominating the entire region from Lebanon to Pakistan. Al-Qaida is an invention of the CIA - it is a mental construct dreamed up to create an "enemy" in the Middle East.

      Yes, the ILLUMINATI want to steal oil from the Arabs and Iranians but oil is just a by-product compared with their ultimate aim -

      an entire planet governed by a One-World-Government with a brainwashed, micro-chipped and financially enslaved population with the ILLUMINATI at the top of a rigid hierarchical society.

      We are very nearly in this situation - the ILLUMINATI control the banks, media, governments, education and military of ALL the greater countries that comprise Western Civilisation. If you want a modest idea of the seriousness of the power of these psychotics; imagine the fictional crime syndicate in the James Bond movies known as SPECTRE - and magnify that at least 1000 times.

      If anyone really wants to understand who is really behind 9-11, the Iraq invasion, African genocide etc. etc. etc. investigate the ILLUMINATI on the Internet and ignore all newspapers and television.

      There are 1000s of sites so perhaps the very hard evidence that 9-11 was an inside job is a good place to start. I promise you, that when you begin discovering that all this is totally REAL you will feel sick to the core as you realise the world you thought you lived in is a piece of fiction.

      Most importantly, make sure other people know about it.

    • Dude, you’ve seen way to many James Bond movies!

    • I never used the word republican. I am not a republican but a democrat. There are alot of democrats who support the war. Being a republican or a democrat has nothing to do with the war. I dont think you should be allowed to vote!

    • Hey Brazil. We dont care what you think! All you have to do is keep smokin your grass and provide us with that great Brazilian porn.

    • You must be a "Christian" man from the United States. Men control the United States and they are all good "Christians" they firmly believe in the trinity....Football, Porn, and God, or maybe its Porn, Football, and God. It is part of their culture, they dominate through violence and their God rewards them for their behavior by allowing them to objectify women and degrade them at every opportunity. Look at their immoral behavior and their immoral God that they worship. That is all they have, their heros that can kick a ball, degradation of their women, and a God that is perverted. Poor America.

    • True words: "Not because the U.S. doesn’t want it"....the U.S. does want it at least we can agree on that. The U.S. backed Saddam every inch of the way and the same criminals in the white house that are manipulating things in Iraq today are the exact same ones that backed Saddam until they all double-crossed each other a den of snakes and theifs. Don’t keep coming here to display your ignorance. Learn the facts before you come trolling for Bush. At least get up to speed on the U.S. history and its involvement with Saddam, otherwise you just look like a fool.

    • Too bad they didn’t get you too you stupid bastard. Maybe we will get lucky and the D.U. will render you impotent and steril. We do not need anymore brain impaired people on this planet. Keep this in mind if you find a bitch stupid enough to let you fuck her.

  • The Iraqi freedom fighters are insurgents and the not U.N. backed coalition the freedomizers?

    The murder for phony and greedy reasons should leave the country. Syria is leaving Lebanon enforced by the U.N..

    Who can trust an Organization like the U.N. which has obviously double standards. Dafur murders bad,
    American, Britain and Israelin murders are enforcing democracy. How sad.
    Million of Iraqi children lacking food, water and health supplies. The genocide supported by U.N. decisions goes on.

    • > The Iraqi freedom fighters are insurgents and the not U.N. backed coalition the freedomizers?

      The "coalition" is not backed by the UN. In fact, the UN considers the invasion and occupation illegal under international law.

    • American revolutionaries are called "heroes" for getting their country out of the clutches of occupying Britain; whereas, Iraqis who want their occupier to get out are called "insurgents", why?

    • Insurgents are foreign to Iraq. Iraqis who want their occupier to get out are called "The Iraqi Resistance." Your way behind dude. Id suggest you get an education before you post.

  • what part of... "Get the Fuck Outta My Home" don’t uou understand?

    to the dickless wonder who mentioned the signs being in english... what do U expect?!?!? Ever think that may be so the fascist evil hillbilly ameriKKKan children soldiers over there would get the picture?!?!?

    • Child soldiers is exactly what they are. It’s time to stob babbling about "Support the Troops". Fuck the Troops. No more excuses for Bush and no more excuses for the American Soldiers. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! And no more excuses for the American people of which I am one. We are all at fault, the government, the stupid soldiers and the stupid people. What shame. No more sentimentaltiy about supporting the troops! They are trained to be morons. Soldiers are people who get used and it doesn’t matter what government they are killing for. The US governmnet doesn’t give a shit about them whenever they think they can get away with it.

    • " as everyone is voicing their opinions here...One more soldiers’ wives here to ask if you all are enjoying our freedom of speech? If there are so many people that understand what is really going on over there, why are soldiers not coming home? Why are we going billions in debt...cutting dependants benefits...EVER WONDER WHY NOONE WILL ENLIST? WAKE UP DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
      My husband is still over there and won’t come home for 6 more months,...How many soldiers have to die before we realize that all the money in the world will not make a difference if there isn’t anyone to stop and stare at it! If we could open our eyes and actually declare that Bush is a moron...The american people are self righteous beyond belief about how grand we are...well, news flash..if we know we are run by morons...take one guess? anyone? Do not sit by and rant and rave about something while americans die every day!

      How is it that all of us who know what the media isn’t showing half of the violence, and won’t ever be shared..Glorification overload! Stop spending billions of dollars to rebuild cites, let alone countries , that we are bombing ...Pull Out Our Troops...let them come home and get it over with..! This country has so many internal issues that won’t ever be glanced at when we spend millions to feed others when we are starving ! We have homeless here that need shelters...





    • What a relief to see others have absolutely no support for "our boys". they had a moral obligation to objectively analize the fecal matter Swine Bush and company was spoon feeding them and they chose to go murder and torture for the pig. They are not fighting for my freedom. They are by definition accessories to murder. but since you can’t drag all the cowards before the world and make them pay as the Nazis did at Nuremburg, drag the perpetrators of the mass murder before the courts and mete out true justice... not the type the corporate government in this country expounds to. These dogs not only screw the world,...they screw their own people. And the tragically comic part matter how chaffed our posteriors become... there’s always enough "patriotic" fools to rally ’round the flag for swine like Bush,..Haliburton and every other American Corp. that out-sources jobs...buys the government whores, then write their own legislation for our "lawmakers" to vote into law.

    • Please, come up with a plan. I know what kind of person Bush is, but that doesn’t help. He has just begun a four year term, has almost complete control of congress and is not looking to be re-elected. So what do we do to survive him? If you have some thoughts, be all means share it with us. Perhaps if the majority of the country could get on the same page, we would stand a chance! I am sorry for all that have lost their lives in Bush’s war, as well as those who will be left disabled for the rest of their lives, not to mention the rest, who will never be the same. Protests seem to do no good. There has been a movement afoot to impeach him since before he was re-elected and that has proven fruitless. I am out of ideas. I even worked as a volunteer for the democratic party during the presidential election, and I’m not even a Democrat! I suggest we all stop the name calling and get productive. Lets hear some ideas and get to work!!


      I feel for you. I really hope we all can end this madness by working together. The PNAC political conspirators who achieved their coup in the USA must go. To the International Criminal Court eventually as defendants!

    • Hi to the Soldier’s Wife

      We’re trying, we’re trying. You are so right that it is time to wake up Americans. This war is not about liberating Iraq. We are losing our liberties and social programs and everything America stands for right here.

      They support our troops by sending them into uranium munitions. I don’t want to alarm this soldier’s wife, but 11,000 soldiers have died of radiation/cancer who served in first Gulf War. Usually it is in the form of liver or kidney or spleen cancer.

      The powers that be don’t want to talk about this. They do everything they can to shut down journalists reporting on this subject. They have dumbed-down Americans believing it is they, the ****moral**** half who support the troops while sending them into this. Nuclear phsyicists call our soldiers our idiot government sends there "throwaways."

      Well what about the Iraqi people who have to live there in it?

      Amazing — we are using WMD to find WMD....that’s pretty disgusting when you think about it.

      As the very wise soldier’s wife just said — the way to support the troops is to BRING THEM HOME NOW. Stop killing people who did nothing to us. Stop it already.

      And btw, to soldier’s wife....noooooooo, we didn’t elect him. He stole this election just like the Supreme Court ILLEGALLY gave it to him in 2000. They have the e-voting machines and they aren’t about to get rid of the very machines which put them in office.

      There they are telling us all about free elections and we can’t even get free and fair elections here. We try to talk about it and they roll their eyes....there was a 1 in 680,000 chance that bush won that election according to statistical experts out of Berkeley University. Bush lost but he is in anyway and if we don’t wake up and demand our rights to vote and have our vote count, we are going to be destroyed. Those exit polls were right...and we Americans should have taken to the streets like our Ukranian friends did when their exit polls didn’t match.

      They are taking away everything America stands for and I want to throw up when I hear bush talk...can’t people who did vote for him see that this is not the moral choice? All you have to do people is look in your own heart. Stop listening to words, and start watching the actions of the people running this country into destruction.

      To Soldier’s Wife, I pray your hubby comes home happy and healthy, and bless your heart for facing the truth and not being yet another one of those wives who say their husbands are fighting the """"good"""" fight.....I don’t know how any war based on lies killing innocent people, destroying our relationship with the rest of the world, killing and using our own young people to steal oil and gain contracts for already rich corporations — does anyone in our country a lick of good except the rich and powerful.

      If they want your hubby to go back, let me know...I’ll try to help you any way I can to keep him from having to go back. (if you want to reach me write to me at and I will get back to you --- we have to start protecting our soldiers who are smarter that the idiots sending them to fight their wars of greed and control).

      This is just WRONG and bless your heart for knowing it and admitting it.

      Sharin Bowers,
      Southern California

    • Praise you, lady! Every day that I am well, I carry my sign on a street corner in Corpus Christi: "SUPPORT THE TROOPS! BRING THEM HOME NOW! ALIVE!

    • Here is a famous quote from Nazi war criminal Hermann Goering, Hitler’s designated successor and the second man in the third reich.

      ""Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on
      a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of
      it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people
      don’t want war neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in
      Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the
      country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to
      drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist
      dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no
      voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.
      That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked,
      and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the
      country to danger. It works the same in any country."

      Hermann Goering

      History is bound to repeat itself! From the "Order of Deathshead" to "Thule Society" to "Nazi Party" to "Skull & Bones" a consistent ideology of death exist and George Bush and John Kerry and both connected to it. Left and Right is a false paradigm designed to divide our great nation while the organized criminals continue to take advantage of the sheeple. There is a great evil behind many of our leaders and corruption that has grown like intelligent cancer. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

    • Do not blame Bush for this problems.He did not create the problems and if you look closely they existed way before he came to power.The man is jus doing his job

    • Iraq did nothing to our Country.

      Further more, A previously defeated Iraq with one-thirteenth the size of our Country (one-fifteenth if the UK included) & a defense budget of one three-hundredth (396 Billion in relation to Iraq’s 1.4 Billion), was never a threat to, "Our Country".

      At least Hitler picked upon somebody more “His Size” with Holland (one fifth, Germany’s size), when he pounced through that unfortunate Nation in the spring of 1940.

      Following are the Defense Budgets of various Nations in 2001.

      The runner up, Russia in "Real Dollars" is way, way over-rated, due to an artificially high, "Russian exchange rate".

      Also, Russia is now going through an expensive phase down period, closing down those huge pools of manpower-hungry military structures from the USSR era & they cannot even pay the salaries of the military professionals.

      Note: The Present Pentagon Budget is now planned at 400.5 Billion.

      Defense Budgets 2001 (in Billions) link:”>click here for 2001 Int. Defense Budgets link

      United States $396.1

      Russia1 60.0

      China1 42.0

      Japan 40.4

      United Kingdom 34.0

      Saudi Arabia 27.2

      France 25.3

      Germany 21.0

      Brazil1 17.9

      India 15.6

      Italy 15.5

      South Korea 11.8

      Iran $9.1

      Israel 9.0

      Taiwan 8.2

      Canada 7.7

      Spain 6.9

      Australia 6.6

      Netherlands 5.6

      Turkey 5.1

      Singapore 4.3

      Sweden 4.2

      United Arab Emirates1 3.9

      Poland $3.7

      Greece 3.3

      Argentina1 3.1

      Pakistan 2.6

      Norway 2.8

      Kuwait 2.6

      Denmark 2.4

      Belgium 2.2

      Colombia 2.1

      Egypt 2.1

      Vietnam 1.8

      Iraq 1.4

      North Korea $1.3

      Portugal 1.3

      Libya 1.2

      Czech Republic 1.1

      Philippines 1.1

      Luxembourg 0.9

      Hungary 0.8

      Syria 0.8

      Cuba 0.7

      Sudan 0.6

      Yugoslavia 0.5

      Best Regards

    • DO NOT BLAME BUSH???... HE IS JUST DOING HIS JOB??? who do you work for? are you kidding me? this is ridiculous, this is what my fellow americans mean when they say "WAKE UP AMERICANS" the fact that our american soldiers are dying day by day IS a problem and tell me who created it?

    • Are you saying your husband joined the military for free biscuits and gravy? Hard to believe. Its hard to believe that you never mentioned that he contributed to the removal of Saddam Hussein.Its hard to believe that your worried about the nation’s debt while were at war. It is hard to believe that you didnt mention that he is risking his life to save yours and mine. No your worried about your fing insurance benefits. How do you think the insurance biz in Iraq is right now. Are you fing kidding?

  • End the war NOW Bushies- admit it was a horrible mistake. My son is there-he shouldn’t be-he signed up to protect the homeland as in USA....He and other real soldiers (not the yahoos Bush dazzles by his presence) will tell you the Iraqis want them GONE, which is obviously why they keep shooting at them. How about you and the wifey go take the Baghdad tour now, Mr. Bush? This president and his people are breaking our military and leaving our country wide open to God knows what. And they say opponents of the war "hate America"??

    • Have you noticed that they’re playing it like there’s no tomorrow?

      The economy too! Not just imperial expansion at oil(bad pun) costs.

      They’re expecting the "rapture", ya know? Good "Christians" all.

      But I have news for them! The rapture happened on march 23 1987
      and it took *all two* people who’s theology was perfect.

    • This is absolutely hilarious! Simply the best comedy site on the web, "Bellaciao" never dissapoints. The left is now arguing in favor of theocracy [except in any
      "Christian" nation of course], If America was edging this close to an actual theocracy the left would be screaming bloody murder and the more radical leftists would be hoping Europe would nuke us. This reveals once again that the left is animated by two things: 1. unthinking, reflexive, violent murderous hatred of America.and anything American. 2. Homosexual attraction and a fascination with sodomitic sexual practices.

    • You are hilarious, all of you right wing religious fanatics love to define your biases as America. For your information, the country belongs to all of us and just because we do not agree with YOU, does not make us un-American. The only "leftists" I know and I am proud to be a free thinking American are much more concerned and patriotic than you right-wing propaganda spreading nut jobs who love to say that unless the rest of us agree with your definition of being American then the country does not include us and we hate America, you are a pig and you support mass murder and trashing the once proud name of my country around the world, so I think it is you who are un-American, or you would care more about what the rest of the world thinks America stands for and our once good reputation, so go fuck yourself.

    • What did happen on March, 23 1987?

    • What leftists? Everyone who disagrees with you? I have not heard one single person argue for a theocracy— except the Cheney administration trying to institute one here in America. But one thing is for sure, when a bunch of radical religious fanatics do take control of Iraq, forge closer ties with Iran, and begin to assert themselves in a number of unpleasant ways, it will be the Cheney administration that the world has to thank.

      But you should probably keep telling that particular lie. It is what you rightwing psychopaths do best: shout the most ridiculous lies that you can come up with from the rooftops, over and over and over, until, eventually, the weakminded begin to absorb them through osmosis. I hate to say it, but it apparently has worked for you pretty well so far.

      God help us.

    • To the person who says it is hilarious reading our notes and if the US was edging toward theocracy (we are literallly fascist - don’t believe me, go look up the definitions of fascism) the left would be screaming.

      We are screaming. Where are you? Watching Fox or CNN? You aren’t going to know anything truly going on if so. Also, Sinclair is probably in your neighborhood...they ware worse than Fox and CNN. You apparently are not getting the truth.

      We left have been screaming our heads off. The thought has occurred to many of us that we hope one of our enemies bush is pissing off will come and rescue us, even if it means attacking us.

      You are out of the loop, bud--- turn off that Fox and Sinclair TV and get yourself educated — apparently you are not reading or looking at the right sites. I’m surprised to find you here. You must have gotten lost, eh?

      I love that last line of yours — the right are hilarious...I have never seen so many homophobs in my life. LOL It’s probably none of your business what others do but for some reason it really bothers you.......pssssssst.......don’t tell anyone but that is a sign of a homophob. LOL

      Sharin Bowers

      Southern California

    • So true, we are WIDE open... GOD HAVE MERCY on us for lies and murder of others as well as our own people. Bring the troops home. Leave sovereign countries alone and begin to deal with our own issues Mr. President!!!!!!! How long before WE REAP WHAT WE’VE SOWN??!!!

    • Your post proves that you are an idiot! All you have to do is visit any city in the heartland of America on a Sunday to witness the millions of unthinking hordes who lap up the garbage and lies in their local churches. The bible is a cesspool of violence and cruelty. Read it closely, my friend, and then ask yourself who is the unthinking fool. When Bush proclaims that he is a born again Christian he backs up these morons. When Bush upholds the cruelty within the bible, a book I would bet that he never seriously read, he promotes hatred and cruelty. How easy it then for unthinking fools such as yourself to promote the killing of babies when Moses commands his armies to do the same. Find that verse in your glorious bible. Abandon faith, and discover reason. O wait, that would involve thinking on your part. Instead, slip on your brown shirt and fiddle with yourself in your basement.

    • To the person who believes all christians are unthinking half-wits.

      Bush claims christianity but his actions speak louder than his words. Nero burned Rome and blamed it on the christians. So, then christians began being hunted and killed. They were thrown to lions or set on fire and used for ’lighting’ on the way to the coliseum. Ever wonder where the term "Roman Candle" came from. I believe W’s actions will backfire on honest christian people. The hatred you spewed forth in your post is evidence of my supposition. I believe that is exactly what was meant to happen when Georgie "dubya" Shrub claimed belief in christianity. The truly sad part is that a great many christians fell for his deceptions.

      Bush says he’s a christian, courts the christians, starts a war based on lies for the goals of papa Bush’s New World Order and now it’s all the fault of the christians. I bet Bush turns his back on the christian. We’re already seeing it but that’s another post. The fruit of Bush’s life is not that of a true follower of Jesus Christ. I Do Not excuse my fellow christians for not being informed about this lying Bonesman. Nevertheless, not all christians have their heads in the sand, nor do we support this fascist administration. This is not LEFT or RIGHT wing. That whole concept is a divisive method used by the Globalists to the furtherance of their ungodly and ultimately doomed, New World Order.

      To all Christians out there.... WAKE UP this is that which was propehsied by the Revelator at the Isle of Patmos. Persecution is coming to American Christians. To all others... you Can have PEACE with God.... Believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for your sins and you will be saved! EVERY MAJOR RELIGION (go study before you react) prophesied the end of the age (or endtime) coming at or near the year 2000.

      BTW, if you go and study what most of the globalist believe, you’ll find that it’s eugenics (or racial purity) and their goal is to bring about the New Age Christ and his supposed reign of peace. They worship a god they call Lucifer. Read Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike for further reference or H.P. Blavatsky, or check Lucis Trust website. Anyway, christians know this false god as none other than the serpent called Satan. Read the 14 chapter of the book of Isaiah to find his origins. He is a created being who rebelled against his Creator. First, all devout (those who will not compromise their belief that salvation is by faith alone in Jesus Christ) must be done away with. Wake up people you are being conditioned to accept this so called Cosmic Christ as the messiah/budha/saviour/mahdi of every major religion. You are also being programmed to except the slaughter of thousands upon thousands of innocent people because they believe in Jesus Christ. Ever notice that every nut job on t.v. shows or in Hollywood claims to be a christian. hmmm.... it’s funny they call it t.v. ’programming’ or is it? This conditioning process is 24/7 via T.V. , magazines, music, religious leaders, etc.

      Even so come quickly Lord Jesus!!!

    • What a joke! Christians always claim to be victims and yet they’re always the ones doing the violence. Nero blamed the Christians? Ha. There just a few references in history to the Christian community in the first century A.D. other than the ones claimed by the bible. Ever ask yourself why the gospels don’t appear in their "realized" form until around 160 A.D? Over the centuries the Christians have systematically inserted their presence in the books they kept and burned the books they couldn’t "accomodate." No, my friend, Christianity has and will always be a dangerous cult. I wish them no ill will, but when they begin to talk of the end of days, like yourself, I know that one of minions will somehow try to make it happen. This is the world’s great fear, a prophecy of end of days made real, not through a supernatural event, which is hogwash, but through some horrific chain of events made manifest through the "misguided" beliefs of our leadership. As an athiest, I love this world. I don’t want it sacrificed because you believe it less than glorious.

    • Ever hear of projection? Your post is so full of unthinking hate and homosexual attraction that maybe you might want to have a visit with your pastor to relieve yourself of these demons before they destroy you and those around you.

    • The Christian church has managed to supress archological evidence, and other written acounts that are conclusive evidence that the church itself started the fires not Nero. Much like the Pearl Harbor story, where there is evidence that the government had different warnings that the Japanese would attack, and like the 9-11 attacks (52 warnings and they were still "So suprised", but found it to be just the thing to garner public submission for war and killing of large numbers of people and a perfect grab power. The Church needed an issue to increase popular support through that trusty old stand-by martyrdom. I know it takes a long time to erase myths, but the truth should be thrown in every now and then so that it won’t be completely forgotten.

  • Enough with the sentimentality of what a good job American troops are doing in Iraq. They are carrying out a disturbed policy invented by mad men. They are trained to kill and to enjoy the killing. They are generally ignorant, abusive, hostile, violent and stupid in their actions.

    We can no longer afford to allow ourselves to be confused by the rationale that says we should discriminate between those who give the orders and those who carry them out - or the people of America who support the government in it’s self destructive annihilation of all things human. This is about America’s self-destruction as much as it is about the destruction of the Mid East.

    We are all to blame for this madness. If the news is a commodity then the current state of affairs can be blamed squarely on the American people because when shopping for news they are purchasing Michael Jackson and leaving Iraq on the shelf. America wants to know what really happened. Did Michael really give Jesus Juice to the young cancer patient?

    America is not interested in why no WMD were found in Iraq, Why the government lied about the invasion and why a hundred thousand people are dead. They aren’t even interested in who knocked down the Twin Towers. No thoroughly convincing, complete and credible explanation has ever been given.

    Nothing will change in this country unless the economy collapses. That will limit the Freedom to Shop and have the effect of changing the focus of attention. Americans and stupid and superficial.

    Meanwhile Iraq is not selling. Watch Michael and Baretta replace reality with reality TV. Sit back, relax and soothe your weary bodies with the warm swirling tension breaking feeling of free falling off the edge of the earth together.

    • As an American who is paying attention, I can tell you the whole thing sickens me! What to do? Our elections are rigged, so our vote is worthless, can’t vote them out. ( the Neocons) As is evidenced by these photos, Iraqis have more freedom to demonstrate than we Americans enjoy. Our media is corrupt. It now appears that it is acceptable to threaten Judges if you are a member of the House or Senate! Additionally, my own government may even be spying on me right now!! I doubt seriously that I’m very interesting but, you get my point.

      So any suggestions?

    • um like i said, this is a government that violates our sacred constitution, so that basically means that if u serve these thugs at this point and time, u are the traitor yourself, so i have no sympathy for the troops, i can see a few people in this site claim they have sons over in iraq, well all i can tell u is that i hope ur sorry pieces of shit mutherfucking reject kids get thier sorry asses whipped, cause thats what happeneds when u serve the people that violate our sacred constitution, steal money, peddle drugs, overthrow governments, pay jouranlists, fund illegal propangada operations, pre screen people, ext...............

      but i wanna get to a more important issue here, its that the government is getting bigger and bigger, aren’t these supposed to be the republicans leading the charge in D.C.? why do we have institutions, that the soviet union had, like a homeland security department and an intel director........oh, cause maybe america is turning into a communist command and control state, u heard it here correct people. The country is already being monopolized by a few elite, like the soviet union, the feds are already putting these commie institutions as i mentioned, like homeland and intel director......i guarantee you that within 20-30 years from now, if america even exists, you wouldn’t tell if this was america or the soviet union

    • Read The United Vegetative States of America at;


      The author asks a simple question;

      "Why is it that the common Americans are not out on the streets protesting the horrendous actions of their administration and the sinister complicity of their media?"

      This is the question. This is what I want to know...when is enough enough? Where is the line people? I ranted already but I’m gonna rant again...this article is absolutely one of the best I have read on SC in a long time. Its the hypocrisy of it all. The sickening, deep hypocrisy of a brainwashed population that worships this fucked up nation and its fucked up government. And here we are doing fucking NOTHING! Why aren’t we in the streets? Why? What does it take? We are witnessing a true fascist takeover of our nation and we do fucking NOTHING! WTF do we mobilize? How do we start a mother-fuckin revolution because that is whats needed. These fuckers won’t stop unless they are met head on with force.

      There should a million people marching toward Washington RIGHT NOW and not leave until the bastards are led out of the whitewash house is chains. A million people surrounding the whitwash house singing and beating drums. Making speeches 24-7 against the murder and mayhem this bunch of vile criminals have created. They have made the poor poorer and the rich richer. They have raped the environment. They have murdered 100,000 innocent people in Iraq. There should be non-stop chants and spontaneous outbursts with fists in the air. There should be huge crowds dancing and spinning...a huge, monumental protest the likes of which the world has not seen. These fucks ignored the world protests against the invasion and destruction of Iraq now its time to force them out. Its time to surround the whitewash house with innocent people and dare the fucks to harm us...Tiananmen Square x 5. I’m thinking of that man standing in front of that tank and here we are watching this shit go down without as much as a gathering except on some anniversary of one the fascists worst atrocities...WTF?

      I’m telling you people if you think this will solve itself or that some political decision will stop this you are WRONG...dead fucking WRONG. Fascism is on the march in Amerika. Religious zealotry is hijacking or land. The constitution is being burned before our eyes by those sworn to protect it. The corporo-christian takeover is in full swing. This is not a drill...this is not a drill. This is a true takeover of our government institutions by a gang of war-mongering, greedy and wealthy corporate whores backed by a delusional christian army that is soaked to their bones in blood and hypocrisy.

      What the fuck people...WHAT THE FUCK!

    • I believe that you and Proud as Hell Army Wife have it about right.


    • Let’s have no illusions about where we are. Gangsters are in charge, and nothing and no one will be allowed to challenge their dominion. They are waging aggressive war to cement their position and that of their allies: the energy barons, the arms merchants, the construction and services cartels, the investment bankers. These power blocs now command monstrous resources and unfathomable profits; they can buy out, buy off or bury any force that opposes them. Meanwhile, they use the loot of the stolen Republic — its blood and treasure — as fuel for their ever-expanding war machine: Bush now has a "secret watch-list" of 25 more countries ripe for military intervention, the Financial Times reported.

    • You asked for a suggestion? Here is one (I am starting one in in my home town and will pass it on the internet as far as possible) that will overcome phony elections, the cowardly media, and get rid of the creeps in the House, Senate and Executive branches and give the middle class a good honest feeling of flexing their muscles.
      Always remember, the middle class is the majority by far in America.

      Start a boycott of the top three oil companies. Do it in such a way that they lose lots of money (their first greed). Here’s the way: Regardless of oil prices at the pump, boycott for six straight months. That’s right...a minimum of six months. If the price is not reduced by 40% then continue the boycott for an additional 12 months. Whip their greedy ass. We are now at 18 months. So help me God, it will work. The key is bring them to their knees and keep them there until it severely hurts their money pocket. Burn them hard the first time then greed will be replaced with honest fear that the boycott won’t happen again. Politicians will be scared like hell. Start one and spread it over the internet.


      To start a boycott is a wonderful idea, but you didn’t go far enough. These pukes have their grubby, blood soaked hands in everything you buy including your clothes, home, your new car, your utilities, all those useless high interest credit cards you carry, etc. You would have to boycott EVERYTHING to make any kind of difference. And the young would have to absolutely refuse to join any military or be drafted into it. Then, there would have to be a well supplied militia to protect us from an invasion by their cronies. This filth will stop at nothing to acheive their ultimate goal of total world domination, and the trimming of the world population by about 80%. These scum of the earth are for real people! THEY are the reason for the arms sales and global unrest. THEY create the wars and loan money to both sides to buy arms and supplies and reap huge profits from it. So a boycott of a few thousand people of one facet of their monopoly will do little to "stop the greed" It would take the entire population to boycott everything to even make a dent in their bankroll. It’s not money their after, it’s global domination. Another little known fact is that the United States Congress, nor the Treasury is in control of printing or valuating money, THEY are. You might say,"But the Federal Reserve is where the money comes from and it’s a government bank." Well, that’s true in a sense. That’s where money comes from. But in reality, it’s a PRIVATE bank owned and controlled by the very ones you seek to boycott.
      If I’m able to post another website here, it’s

      If you want to research the money game, go to the David Icke website, look on the left of the page and scroll down to where it says "TELL THE TRUTH". On this page, scroll down to: "FEDERAL RESERVE PRIVATELY OWNED". Another article on this subject is further down this page called: "PAPER MONEY and TYRANY"
      There are many other articles that may be of interest also. It helps to know who you’re dealing with for informed opinions.
      Just one more note before I post this. It dosen’t matter where or from whom you buy your gasoline from. It all comes from THEIR refineries. Keep that in mind.

    • Dudes, I think y’all are a little misinformed. The majority of people in the United States are happy. People love this country for freedom of choice. You can be poor,wealthy,religious,non-religious,straight,gay, black, white,red or even F@!king purple. WHO CARES!
      Who would want to live any other way. There is no one controlling us! We are in charge of our own life. If we want money we earn it. If we dont...... well I guess we don’t. Im proud to live under the umbrella of the U.S avoiding persecution from the Husseins,and Bin Ladens of the world. NOBODY WILL EVER TELL US WHAT TO BELIEVE,HOW TO DRESS,HOW TO ACT, WHERE WE SHOULD LIVE. If a country disagrees, fine.Agree to disagree.Though, If you threaten us WE WILL KILL YOU!

  • the only truth here while Iraqi 100% reject occupation of THE USA and ISRAEL..The only people who doing the actual resistance are the Sunni Iraqi and the shaitt hitting themselves with chain that was based on lies by the 200 years ago manufactured by the jews in Teheran. So the shiatt only doing the word aganist occupation and no real usual in their history.

    Occupation will be remove from iraq by the will of the actual iraqis the sunni. No question about. Iran and iSarel and USA are the loosers!

    AL-Iraqi Al-Haqiqi

  • The Aerican right is Insane! They are the Fox Nazi’s! They are changing the laws to create a country rule by a very few! They act more like the Racial Islam than leaders of a free nation! These are greedy fools who are pretending to act in the interest of the rest of the UNited States! We need to leave the Middle East to the Middle East! Let China build the pipe lines after all they are going to get the fruits and all the benefits at the Iraq’s and the US expense! All peoples of the world are paying for a debt that we do not deservse or ask for!

  • I am an Australian who was opposed to the invasion and is appalled (but not surprised) by what has taken place in Iraq in the last 2yrs. It is my hope that all Iraqi’s can pull together, regardless of religion, race etc, and eject this evil from your country. The Bushies know that a united Iraq is a very dangerous thing for them indeed, and that is why they have tried to keep you all divided, but if Iraqi’s can join together for a common purpose then maybe something good can come out of this terrible mess.

    • first of all, who the fuck really cares about the troops, i don’t give a shit, they serve a government that violates our sacred constitution, steals money, is involved in the drug trade, funds illegal propangada operations, pays jouranlists, cooks up and distorts intel, and stages terror......just to mention a few crimes of the traitorous thugs in WASHINGTON doesn’t that basically make u a traitor for serving these clowns? thats why i have no sympathy for any punk that joins the military, i hope they get thier sorry asses blown up, it doesn’t matter to me, cause that would mean less idiots doing whatever washington D.C. tells them to do.......people need to wake up and identify who the real traitor is, ITS WASHINGTON D.C.

    • It was written-

      > "traitorous thugs in WASHINGTON D.C ... so doesn’t that basically make u a traitor for serving > these clowns?"

      Indeed. The real question is whether or not to identify these collaborators, and perhaps all Bush supporters and apologists (including media), in order to indict them and prosecute them for crimes against humanity at an appropriate War Crimes Tribunal. Average voters who are complicit by ignorance could be sentenced to public works and re-education programs while higher ups, starting with republican precinct officials, would face long prison sentences at hard labor working to rebuild the societies they have looted and plundered. The death sentence should be reserved for active military and cabinet level officials and their elected masters.

      It is not for nothing that successful revolutions are followed by firing squads.

    • thanks for confirming what i have always believed about liberals.

    • lol its funny that these people call everybody in the room a modern day liberal, when they are guilty themselves of being one right now.......hey why is the government growing bigger and bigger? and why isn’t bush doing anything about it? why are the borders wide open? we got record numbers of illegals coming in, and why the hell is bush proposing an amnesty? wow, thats pretty conservative......uh huh......and why is bush stealing U.N. programs like faith based, pumping more cash to the corrupt U.N. and even bringing the country back into UNESCO. Bush even praised the U.N. and even said that we had to go into iraq cause saddam broke U.N. huh? wait, i thought according to the neo-cons, the U.N. was a corrupt why do they at the end of the day end up following thier resolutions?......unbelievable, bush is like clinton on steroids, he’s endangering our national soverignty, but people who are stuck in the fake left-right paridigm fail to see that. You know, i find something very interesting, the people who were sucked into that stupid election based thier arguments on personal attacks (oh kerry threw his medals on the lawn, bush went awol). People who were sucked into that phony election couldn’t see that both canidates were for intervening in iran and pro-war, and for the globalist internationalist agenda.....America has been hijacked by a bunch of scum ball internationalist traitors, if you people can’t see that, i feel bad for you.

    • Wow!!!!!! I think you should join Al-Qaeda

  • Remember Paul Bremer? yeah, you remember that $hit bag, who doesn’t know where billions of dollars went, well he was the guy(under bush), that shut down Sadr’s newspaper in the first place.

    Sadr took to the streets, we made nice with him and said, "join the democracy", untill he realized that the democracy only included him as a figurehead. So then they fought again, "this time we mean it, come join", again we spit in his face at the iraq national assembly. He boycotted the election as being a farce of players who have been exiled for decades and others who were part of the baath regime. In short, US puppets, plain english, nation building.

    Signs in english?

    Ummm, most americans can’t even point to Iraq on a map, never mind speak english, you expect them to understand what they are saying in Arabic. They tried protesting in arabic, we didn’t understand that see, so they got on their computers, yes they have computers there and they printed out signs, yes, they also have printers, paper, and ink...not bad for savages that had the best university in the region huh?

    Too bad americans aren’t so resourceful, we like it when government tells us what to think, after all, war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.

    Check it out:

    Defenders of the Constitution coming home to the Patriot Act

    • Bush and Cheney are guilty of many crimes and should be held accountable for them. They deserve to be incarcerated in the same manner they are incarcerating people who are being held without due process.

      All the Senators, Congressmen and Bush who have children should have to put a uniform on their own kids and send them over to Iraq to fight. Let’s see how long this war would last if that were mandatory.

      The U.S. soldiers are following orders. But, it is every soldier’s duty to DISOBEY orders that they deem to be illegal. The entire war in Iraq was not only illegal, it’s a sham.

      It’s a sad day when our military troops are used to further the interests of big oil business.

      It’s a sad day when people or should I say sheeple are so blind as to agree to having their freedom usurped by the government in the name of protecting their citizens.

      I’d rather take my chances with the terrorists coming here to the U.S.A. and fight them directly than to try to fight against what I believe this administration has in mind for this country.

      The atrocities committed against the Iraqi people and their lands is unconscienable.

      The U.S. news media (i.e. Fox, Cnn and their ilk) are not news media. They are propaganda machines run by the big business people themselves. So what do you expect. Want some real news? Go to the internet and look at foreign news agencies.

      I am tired of being hated, laughed at and called stupid because I was born in the United States by the rest of the world.

      Yes, I too believe the elections are rigged and there is no hope of getting rid of these pundits.

      So, what is left?

    • Careful now Americans, your Government is going to start calling you terrorists if you keep talking like that and then they will take you away for "security purposes" otherwise known as sticking broom handles up your ass (news flash- that doesn’t happen only at Abu Graib prison). You’re lucky now if they will even tell you what charges are against you.

      Man-o-man, America was a great concept, too bad you got all messed up by the neocon illuminati bigoted facists, corporate greed and disgusting bloated executive salaries, war profiteers, Haliburton, Enron and S&L fiasco etc etc. (and soon to be Social Security "reform" hahaha) and now I hear James Gannon was stolen as a child to be one of many child homo-sex slaves to your military and government leaders? Was Martha Stewart really so bad to go to prison? And if Terri Schiavo was such a burden maybe the army could have spared one of their GI’s (after some sensitivity training of course) to take care of her and make sure she got fed.

      I’ll never understand how come you didn’t riot and riot and RIOT when the official 911 story was so ridiculous or why you continued to blindly follow your lying government into wars instead of following Ghandi’s example of tactics like passive resistance by refusing to work leading to more and more massive strikes. Home of the brave? Nope, its the land of the scared shitless, can’t even get it together to do anything more than wave some signs at the occasional protest and feel courageous because you might have done so outside of one of the government approved "free speach zones". It’s freaking unbelievable how far America has fallen.

      You Americans are in so deep now it will be a miracle to rise back into the sunshine and become the fair and just society you might have been- or at least you used to show promise that it was something that you might someday become.

      Oh well, living in a world mostly controlled by a Nazi/US Stupid-power isn’t so bad if you are a priveleged white guy like me, except for the recurring nightmares about all the children’s lives that have been brutalized and destroyed by the Amerikan war machine, and the fear that some FBI/CIA or other security program will read this rant and come get me to stick a broom handle up my butt.

    • The jews are the owners of american media, as well as hollywood. Ever seen a film about the 43 occasions prior to Hitler that the jews were rounded up and "progromed out"? From England... Spain...Portugal....

      Google search.... JEW EXPULSION.....

      Small wonder, with nearly all the presidential advisers being jewish, or pro-israel, that the u.s. invaded Iraq.

      Then there was 9/11, with the pentagon`s favourite son, the rabbi zakheim at the controls.

      Then there was vietnam, fabricated war to give boeing a boost in turnover.

      Then there was the u.s.s. liberty, attacked by Israel.

      Then there was vote-rigging in Florida 2000.

      Then there was the vote in 2005.

      Oh, and of course, who lent Hitler the money to re-arm?

      Who wanted to frighten those jews into leaving europe for the m.e.///// Who wanted that oil?????

    • This whole thing is a tragedy that has been planned since they conned Saddam into invading the rest of his country that had been given to a English collaborator when they pilled out of the middle east.This was done to cut of Iraq from the gulf,and the place really eas the 19th province of Iraq.
      Why didn’t Bush 1 finnish Saddam?He would have had to pull the troops out and go home.No bases in the middle east no control of oil,no shield for Israelie perfidity.He kept Saddam going for these purposes,he needed a junk yard dog who’s chain he could rattle every now and then in order to creep control on the whole area.When the time was right,Bush2 & neoconmen,pull a Lucitania Pearl harbor Pueblo,and invade and kill 100,000 more to add to the million the sanctions killed.All for a long planned empire expansion for Builderberg.There is no way anyone but God can stop them.Everyone else can be bought off or killed with impunity.

    • Adolph wrote: "Small wonder, with nearly all the presidential advisers being jewish, or pro-israel, that the u.s. invaded Iraq."

      Ever hear of a guy named Karl Rove? Since you like to google stuff, try googling his name with the word Nazi, then read about his family heritage. How about Condi Rice? Yep, she looks the part too doesn’t she...but you hate her for other reasons, don’t you? You deserve a boot in the nuts, you illiterate swine. Of course so does President Bush and his gang of profiteers and whores.

      Sol Rosenberg.

    • Yes, there is a big fat JUICY Zionist problem in America. These parasitic humanoids put themselves wherever there is power. Wherever there is a strong country and a strong race, the blood-suckers will latch on and begin to leech and abuse the good people of that land.

      I am English and my country expelled the parasites in 1290.


      Oliver Cromwell’s proto-communist revolution (of the 1600s) was financed by the same vampires, and silly Oliver let them in again. After this date you have a resurgence in production, bloodthirsty exploits and of course, empire-building then you have the degeneration of the culture and the decline in moral standards. This is known as boom and bust, or in my own peculiar parlance "The Jew Effect". Then the parasitic financiers moved on and followed the flight path of the noble white Europeans who fled degenerate Europe... To the New World, America.

      When the Nazis collaberated with the Zionists to expel the Jews from Germany, no-one really wanted them! I cannot imagine why...can you?

      Grudgingly, a few countries here and there consented, but this wasn’t enough for the Zionists, they wanted the Jews to settle in Palestine, and Palestine ALONE. So, even though they had the chance, the Zionists let their own people die in the concentration camps (mainly from Typhus, NOT the fabled "gas chambers"...). Furthermore, the European Jews were seen by the Zionists as being an inferior breed, and not really worth worrying about. Such nice people these Zionist fellows, I DONT THINK.







    • For those who are looking for a concrete suggestion about what we should do in a country that is so controlled that our actions seem pointless..... Since a hugh percentage of intellectuals and corporate managers (who may or may not be intellectuals) are foreign born (who have usually benefited by a first class education in their home country, or at least somewhere else), they should take a stand against what is going on in the USA and return to their home country (.....or just about any other country of their choosing) and do something about making the economy of other countries improve. If the USA economy was not propped up by the brain drain from other countries where would that leave these right-wing money-grubbing bastard’s.........If the USA economy was to decline to the point where it didn’t have the money to finance all the mischief it gets up to, then maybe we could all be safer and the third would economies may start to improve......I noticed that Australia is actively looking for people with all sorts of qualifications.....engineers, scientist, educators, technicians, hairdressers a web search for the country of your choosing and get out of here before you are locked up!......other counties are much more in need of rightthinking people!

    • sol, i absolutely agree with u, this war isn’t about jews vs. the world or muslims vs. America, or what not. The war is about the rich vs. the poor, And bush just happeneds to have elite friends who are supposedly black, white, asian, jew, and muslim. So far sol, the elite are winning. Oil prices are going up, they’re making record profits. We have record number of defense contracts, the middle class is being wiped out, thanks to the rising oil prices, many independent truckers for instance cant’ compete with bigger truckers that have ties to the government (which i mind you, is unfair in a free market society). The world wide tyranny the elite wanna push towards the poor is growing each and every day.

    • LOL!!!!! What planet are you from?

  • omg american arrogance drives me nuts! I said it before, this war will not end until the american soldier body count rises to what americans might consider unacceptable. The Iraqi body count could rise into the millions and we would still here bush saying "I said it from the beginning of this war that it would take time, but we must stay the course...blahblahblah." Let us take for classic example a soldiers wife from texas who wants the war to end not because of the harm it is causing to the very real people with very real feelings of pain and suffering in Iraq, but because her husband, an american soldier, might be killed. Also, we do not need to be reminded from americans that the war is wrong because there was no wmd found. The entire world outside of the u.s. knew this war was not about wmd from the beginning. Everyone knows this is payback for sept.11. This is the mighty u.s. showing the muslim world what happens when you mess with texans.

    • This is the mighty u.s. showing the muslim world what happens when you mess with texans.


    • OMG, you are truly mistaken if you think it’s payback for 9/11. 9/11 was planned and carried out by our government as a pretext for war. problem + reaction = sollution.
      or thesis + antithesis = synthesis It’s simple Hegelian dialectic.

      Then, the blind, so-called, patriotic american follows along unwittingly or wittingly assisting the demise of this once great nation. Which was Btw, founded upon Judeo-Christian principles. I’m not saying all the founders were christians; however, they were certainly heavily influenced by christian principles.

      I would recommend all who visit this site to visit Alex Jones’ website at or

  • The plan is simple, every man woman and child could contribute just $5.00 to a BRIBE FUND each year and this would bring in 15billion dollars approximately yearly. With this money, we could compete with big business for our "representatives" representation, and in most cases we could actually out bribe these same big businesses. It is a proven fact (please one of you right wing nutjobs argue this one) that the way to get the congress (DeLay, to vote in our favor is to give them the moola, green, shekels, grease, bread, well you know what I mean. Even unelected representatives wouldn’t matter.......who ever pays the piper calls the tunes.

    This would be the best $5.00 you would ever spend and would turn over a new leaf in the pages of freedom of speech and democracy. Think about it.

    • Im a right wing nut job and I’ m in. Ill have to be the treasurer though. I dont trust you potheads.


      "Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on
      a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of
      it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people
      don’t want war neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in
      Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the
      country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to
      drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist
      dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no
      voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.
      That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked,
      and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the
      country to danger. It works the same in any country."

      Hermann Goering
      (1893-1946) Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe, President of the Reichstag, Prime Minister of Prussia and, as Hitler’s designated successor, the second man in the Third Reich. [Göring]

      April 18, 1946

      Nuremberg Diary (Farrar, Straus & Co 1947)

    • I don’t just want our kids home, I want the lying filthy media held accountable.

      Hear that FOX?? WERE COMING FOR YOU!!!!

    • Oh sure.

      And here we have a small amount of people blasting away with anti American rhetoric. I mean really, the Illuminati? Oh no look out it’s the Zionist occupation government coming for you! You all need to pull your heads out of the sand and listen to what you’re saying. Your words and attitudes alone discredit you.

      On a different note...
      May I quote something from this very page? Thank you I will.
      "caution : we will erase messages with caractere [sic] defamatory, abusive, xenophobe, sexist, the threats, politic and commercial advertising..."
      Most of these posts should be deleted if this rule was followed without prejudice. Just the xenophobic portion alone would get a great many of them deleted.

    • To the dude who thinks he is smart with the NAZI, BUSH comparison. Please take an hour to research isolationism in America pre WWII.Somewhere along the line you will learn 61 million died during WWII.Then ask yourself why isolationism is non-existent post WWII. Hell, you might even learn that we invaded Iraq to prevent another Hitler.

    • Saddam as Hitler? Ridiculous hyperbole by the ridiculous right. We helped create that little monster Saddam by backing him with weapons, and money during the 80’s, and now we want to claim that he is Hitler because he wouldn’t play ball by letting us build a pipeline across Iraq among other things. Saddam invaded Kuwait because he was pissed because after playing along with America by invading Iran, we refused to bail out his debt. Fascism by definition is when government and corporate forces join together for financial and political gain. Ever wonder why Hitler so quickly gained the favor of certain weapon’s manufacters after his seizure of power, or why companies in America like IBM, and others, with the backing of people like the Bushies’ granddad, loved him so much as a good business opportunity? When governments surrender to the ammoral mantra of corporations, everything is on the table, and patriotism becomes just another way to sell lies to the masses.

    • You moron,

      Here are the facts of a few of the worst genocides in the 20th century-

      Adolf Hitler (Germany, 1939-1945) 12,000,000 (concentration camps and civilians WWII)

      Hideki Tojo (Japan, 1941-44) 5,000,000 (civilians WWII)

      Jozef Stalin (USSR, 1934-39)13,000,000 (the purges)

      Saddam Hussein (Iran 1980-1990 and Kurdistan 1987-88) 600,000

      Please convince me isolationism has nothing to do with the amount of deaths Hitler,Tojo, and Stalin committed versus Saddam Hussien.


      Here is the REAL definition of fascism.

      1.a. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

      b. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.

      2. Oppressive, dictatorial control.

      Here is YOUR definition of fascism.

      Fascism by definition is when government and corporate forces join together for financial and political gain. LOL

      TO ALL - This is typical of the pot smoking left. Full of conspiracy with no facts. PURE FANTASY!!!!

      The only problem with democracy is guys like this get to vote.

    • Grandpa, you old lush, your posts over and over leaving out the numbers of humans murdered by your beloved "capitalists" is laughably blind. I know its hard for someone from the most fucked-up generation to see the large picture, the Europeans, have been murdering people for capitalism for several centuries, the U.S. Americans killed more than 1million just in Vietnam, never mind all of the Koreans, Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Indians, Nicaraguans, El Salvadorians, on and on and on. You miss the point. IT IS NEVER OKAY. They do it, we do it....its all for money gramps and it is never okay. Yea, even our government is full of crooks, and you should admit that, you’re too old to continue to pretend you do not know this.

      Last night I read a report about the Vatican and how it was the number one organization that helped smuggle the Nazis (thousands) out of Germany after the war to protect them from being prosecuted for war crimes. This is somewhat understandable because Hitler was a Catholic and enjoyed the support of the church during WWII (not the pinko commies). Where did this information come from? It came from de-classified C.I.A. (1984) documents. So you see grandpa, even though it is hard to teach an old dog anything new, you should try to keep an open mind and not rely so much on your brainwashed hurray for our government crap. Your generation is so steeped in "we won the war and we own the planet" mentality that you are afraid to examine what is happening for fear it may blow your myths out of the water. You have been beating the drum for the government and your self congratulating cronies for 60 or more years now, it has become a bad habit and by now it has a really bad smell.

    • Im 19 you jackoff!

    • Read boy! Go to the library and actually read a book for your definitions, not simply the one you lifted from your trusty dictionary. Fascism is by definition a marriage of corporate and government power because it works! The propaganda you think as truth is what you readily slop up! But then again you have no choice because you’re owned by tyrants and dictators and you can’t even see it. If you are 19 it will be your ass that dies in a corporate war. God bless your dumb ass when you’re buried because I’ll be the one laughing.

    • We never wanted to build a pipeline across Iraq. Wrong country dude. The pipeline affair was in Afghanistan.

    • Is it a crime to support capitalism?

  • Wow, there sure are a plethora of really stupid Americans posting to this board.

    For the fools who are taking up some sort of rational for our presence there because of Abu Musab Zarqawi…

    Yes, Zarqawi is in Iraq. Incidentally, we’ve known that fact for YEARS! We even knew of his existence in Iraq prior to our invasion. We knew he had his little Ricin lab in the north at Kirma (remember that little detail of the "Northern No-fly Zone?") and what he was planning to do. Our Pentagon even developed numerous operational plans to deal with him, once again, prior to the invasion. What did we do? NOTHING. It seems that it would have been "disruptive" to the invasion - and look what we and the Iraqi people have had to deal with after that monumental blunder.

    The United States did eventually attack the camp at Kirma, at the beginning of the war, but it was too late — Zarqawi and many of his followers were gone. And despite the Bush administration’s tough talk about hitting the terrorists before they strike, Zarqawi’s killing streak continues today, responsible for hundreds of deaths.

    But here’s a real problem for all you “geniuses” to try and figure out – if Zarqawi is in Iraq, how difficult can it be to find him? He is, after all, an amputee. Even an amputee with a prosthetic leg tends to stand out in a crowd. You would think that by asking the question, "I’m looking for a one-legged Jordanian," you would have a fair chance of generating some leads.

    But then again, you guys aren’t that bright…

    • Is al-zarqawi even real? i see no evidence to even prove this guy is even alive, or even exists for that matter.......all the crap about al-zarqawi is coming from the government, which is a totally discredited source of information. This is a governmnent that basically hides evidence (italian jouranlist incident) please, if u want me to believe there’s an al-zarqawi, let private investigators come in and investigate sensative pentagon information. There’s also contradictory evidence about al-zarqawi, the Pentagon keeps changing thier story over and over again......I really believe al-zarqawi is just another CIA prop to make the resistance fighters look bad, even many resistance fighters, when theye got the time to even voice themselves out, even said they don’t know of an al-zarqawi and he’s another black op. They also claimed that al-zarqawi was in falluja, but then all of a sudden when they caved in on falluja, they said "oh whoops, he left, sorry, um couldn’t get him", after killing a few thousand innocent civilians (Another incident where they refused to let independent jouranlists even come in, but i guess thats the new freedom of press in iraq).


    Watch out USA...the commies are here again


    • Pssst... Cold war is over & we won.

      Karl Marx is dead & so is McCarthy, thank God.

      Best Regards

    • lol commies, um look who’s talking, if u support bush, ur the commie, uh, lets see, big government, exploding wealth gap, monopolization of the economy, intel director, homeland security department, half the budget dedicated to the military........uh, weren’t these some of the characteristics of the soviet union?

    • Psssst... Wake up & smell the coffee, Cold war is over & we won.

      Karl Marx is dead & so is McCarthy, thank God.

      Best Regards

    • Dear LOL, Get your head out of your ass, or stop trolling.

  • What is our breaking point? When will we be forced to take up arms against the neoconservatives and the rapture right?


    Nor Cal

    • I wanted to reply to the people who were asking for ideas about how we change things for the better......I mistakenly responded to an earlier note and it got buried higher up .....i have done a cut and paste so that it is at the end for those who continue to read only from the last entry.....sorry

      For those who are looking for a concrete suggestion about what we should do in a country that is so controlled that our actions seem pointless..... Since a huge percentage of intellectuals and corporate managers (who may or may not be intellectuals) are foreign born (who have usually benefited by a first class education in their home country, or at least somewhere else), they should take a stand against what is going on in the USA and return to their home country (.....or just about any other country of their choosing) and do something about making the economy of other countries improve. If the USA economy was not propped up by the brain drain from other countries where would that leave these right-wing money-grubbing bastards.........If the USA economy was to decline to the point where it didn’t have the money to finance all the mischief it gets up to, then maybe we could all be safer and the third would economies may start to improve......I noticed that Australia is actively looking for people with all sorts of qualifications.....engineers, scientist, educators, technicians, hairdressers, fruit pickers, a web search for the country of your choosing and get out of here before you are locked up!......other counties are much more in need of right-thinking people!

      I wanted to also offer another comment that the Provost of a famous US university made when our daughter made a college visit last year.....

      He was asked why the University had a reputation for being so liberal.......his response was that they try to hire and attract conservative faculty to ensure a balance but "INTELLIGENT" conservatives are very hard to find! He is not the only one who has noticed that!

    • Violence is not going to make any difference.

      We need to concentrate on obviating the excuse.

      New technologies and old ones
      that a man can do with a Dremel (TM) tool to improve his (and your) engine by 20%



      We can destroy the rationale by being smarter and being seen. Build it, then drive it to a protest.

      Better yet, Ride your bike with a smile.

    • That already happened...on 9/11.

      The world is sick of this septic tank posing as a country and they are fighting back.

    • When interruptions in utilities becomes longer and more frequent.

    • Bring it on!

    • Lovely thought, but I really think we should stay and fight the growing corporate funded evil in America. If all the good folks bail now, there will be nothing to stop the bastards. And remember these guys have over 10,000 nuclear warheads. Do you really want to deal with them in the future?

      If we want to stop this evil first put in your heart truth, love, and justice. Stop blaming the jews, stop claiming the illuminati, use your head, don’t asssume. These things only make you sound like a nutcase even to those who support your cause. Use the truth, and only the truth. Educate yourself, read substatiated foreign news reports and cite them.

      God be with us all.

    • can i hit whatever your smoking?

  • It is nice to see the voice of the people, and that demonstrations can take place.

  • Encouraging people to continue to seek out more government propaganda and lies is hardly helpful, you yourself need to do some research on the Bushco and do some soul searching if you have any soul left you fascist old fart from the most fucked up generation. You need to sell your bullshit somewhere else, were full up here. The only way to take down our own little Hitler (Bush) is to refuse to buy into more of his lying bullshit and to laugh at stupid people who do.

  • Saddam was responsible for the 1.3million deaths that occured while he was our C.I.A. puppet there is no doubt about that. We are now asking everyone to hold HIM accountable, when are WE going to hold ourselves accountable for putting him in power and arming him to kill. When are we going to hold ourselves responsible for the 1 million children who starved to death because of sanctions against their country? When are we going to stop the continued starvation that is happening today to the youngest and most vulnerable Iraqis? When are we going to stop manufacturing lies to justify what we did and are still doing?

    • Manufacturing lies? Gimme a break lady! People like you have no solutions! You sit, smoke grass and talk conspiracy. Heres a clue for you. Hopefully this comes below the pot smoke. A simple response regarding Iraq’s armament for a pothead. EXAMPLE: You have just recently purchased a shotgun from Walmart. During your daily routine of smoking bud and dropping acid, you have suspicions your Husband is cheating on you.. Overwhelmed with anger, you grab your shotgun and pop him right between the eyes. WHO’S FAULT IS IT? Lets analyze. Is it the bud, the acid, your husband, UMMMMMMM YOURSELF (the right answer), or the evil corporate giant WalMart. Hopefully, you understand this analogy. But just in case Replace you with Sadaam. Walmart with the U.S.A , Your husband with the kurds,shiites,sunni,and anyone else who had a pulse.

      Response #2 regarding 1 million children starved to death. OIL FOR FOOD SCANDAL. Furthermore send me a link to confirm the magic 1 million mark

    • And as you sit there guzzling your booze mr. Joe 24 pack, tell yourself for the millionth time how being from the greatest generation that your booze habit makes you a he-man, and gives you the permission you need to beat your wife. And now that the kids are gone and you can’t beat them anymore too it has all been justified since you have beaten the world. And how shooting at your neighbors dogs and drinking at the bars with the rest of what is left of you old bastards somehow keeps you in power. You are a sad pathetic waste of the oxygen you breathe and we will be happy when you join the rest of the Most-Fucked Up Generation in Hell where you are all going for your crimes against humanity, and ruining the planet. You are too stupid to see that your government (that completely washed your brain) also fucked you over, and threw you a bone.


    • Wow!!!!! An example of what happens when you sniff too much gas!

    • The disgusting calculus of high tech military-industry Amerika grinding Third Worlders into the shit and desert dust for a fistful of dollars. Bring on the ’dozers, guys and the IOF landscaping marauders, all the foreign legion of killers our tattered greenbacks can still buy and together my contracted comrades in hell we’ll pile a mound of ruins in that biblical tradition here where Satan fell, a monument to our great Judaeo-Christian culture in Washington, Israel. Proudly raise Ol’ G’ory on a modern Iwo Jima of re-bar, rubble, protruding bone and human flesh. Sound the bugle and frame the photo, a pledge fulfilled to Freeiraq, the latest protectorate of the US oil industry.

      US of Israel, predator nation supreme, a mean killing machine must “win” in the Iraq theatre, destroy or subvert all opposition and successfully plunder that ex- sovereign nation’s vast wealth, if it is to sustain itself after this massive haemorrhaging of its own blood and resources. Succeed in that goal or not -either way USI paradoxically loses. You can’t save face and holler from the moral high ground after this gratuitous slaughter for a few billion bucks more for the Haliburton mob and the promise of a couple of cents less at the gas pump for the Jim Jones “Christian” coalition freaks that abetted the Bush youngun’s God given Texas chainsaw “mandate” in the first place.

    • Perhaps, you should also lay off the gas!

  • Perhaps the pro-occupation Iraqis should answer this demonstration with a massive march of their own. Hahahahahahaha - just joking.

  • Strange how this type of headline news was not mentioned in our so called FREE press of the UK.


    • Because Al-Sadr’s resistance isn’t exactly new. The left forgot to mention that.

  • NO JOKE. The pro-occupation side was going to, but one guy broke his leg, and the other one didn’t want to march alone.

    • I find it mildly entertaining that so many people seem to be outraged that ’the Americans are so stupid for not knowing what their government is doing’ and that ’Bush is so evil... he’s the one to blame for everything occurring the way it is!’ To the people who identify with this mode of thinking, I’d like to explain to you some factors that your rage appears to be blinding you of. These factors will begin to help you finally understand the world for what it is.
      Number 1... Bush isn’t the one in charge of the U.S.... the U.S. — as well as most of the world’s governments — are RUN BY A CRIMINAL SYNDICATE. Got that? I don’t care where you are from, you’re doubtlessly possessed of the same problem, however to varying degrees. Why? Because people are assholes or are at least capable of becoming assholes under the right circumstances as they seek their domineering places in the world. Assholes who want to rule the world have the perfect environment to do it from over in the U.S. and it’s an American’s fault for that. Shortsightedness seems to be the rule these days for people who want a certain PERSON or PEOPLE to blame — this is ignorance (human beings are all essentially the same in nature regardless of their race or their nationality). Do people from outside America really think that their basic humanities are so different from Americans? Now that’s naive! The U.S. is a melding pot of people FROM AROUND THE WORLD. YOU... THAT’S RIGHT... YOU NEED TO WAKE UP if you think YOU are different because YOU ARE N-O-T. Who you should be blaming is people. That’s right, people. Plain, old-fashioned, mom-and-dad-and-brother-and-sister P-E-O-P-L-E — JUST LIKE YOU. And these people IN GENERAL work their way into the system of government so that they can tweak ’legalities’ however they want. Why would they do that? They aren’t there to "help" people like we think that they are or should?... Nope... they are there to "help" themselves.
      Number 2... Don’t blame Americans for ’electing’ Bush. Haven’t you heard, not only was the voting numbers screwed with when he ran the first time, but many PhD’s are saying that something scandalous went down during the last election in Ohio. THAT’S RIGHT — he cheated... AGAIN!!! What could possibly have happened to allow things to get us here?? Assholes.
      Number 3... In spite of the fact that Bush DID get into office... IT WOULDN"T MATTER IF SOMEONE ELSE DID. Ever watch the Wizard of Oz? Trust me... there is one you never heard of that controls EVERYTHING... he is called "the man behind the curtain." If you want to be The President (or the holder of most other powerful offices in the U.S) then trust me, you wouldn’t even be in the running with a chance unless you’ve already sworn fealty to the true power holders (i.e. everything is absolutely and rigged from the word ’go’). The President of the U.S. is just a friggin’ puppet. Pay attention: The U.S — and THE WORLD — is under a tight grip of people like the man behind the curtain who you never knew actually controlled it all... and btw they — meaning the people who are really in charge — are so good at their game... you can go ahead and forget about making things right again. That’s so over. So go play a video game or something.

    • you’re high! .......... another example of what happens when you sniff too much gas.

    • lets breakdown your comments......

      1. Bush isn’t the one in charge of the U.S.... the U.S. — as well as most of the world’s governments — are RUN BY A CRIMINAL SYNDICATE.

      Typical comment from someone who is farther left than the extreme left. Gimme some facts about who really runs the U.S. Are you sure its not the people?

      2. Don’t blame Americans for ’electing’ Bush. Haven’t you heard, not only was the voting numbers screwed with when he ran the first time, but many PhD’s are saying that something scandalous went down during the last election in Ohio.

      GO SMOKE ANOTHER ONE! Gimme some facts on SOMETHING scandalous. Not someones F@#KING editorial .I want cold hard facts.

      3.The man behind the curtain.

      Your almost right.
      The man behind the curtain is many men and women. WE Americans call it the majority. The majority rules and the minority cries. Always has been always will be.

    • Ok, lets breakdown this comment:

      1. "Typical comment by someone who is further left than the extreme left." I am not left. I am not right. And I am not in the middle. I don’t care about what is apparently important you — narrow-mindingly allying myself with a group of politically motivated peoples and identifying anyone outside of this group as being ’far out.’ Now that, friend, is TYPICAL written large. What I do like to think of myself as is just a modest, independant realist. I don’t have motivations of politically aligning myself. Everyone should understand that they are an individual AND that NO GROUP can accurately represent them in spite of other people categorizing them anyways. These right/left groups that people adore belonging to are pyramids in nature that typically support people who don’t truly care about the pleebs at the bottom. And anyways I just don’t care about identifing my own self the way you apparently do — with need to exhibit gang-like behavior with other people who ’think like I do.’ I will say that people like you are about a nickel a dozen, though! Good job for not being too original! Are you really so concerned with political motivations being the centre of it all to the point that you are willingly to catorgize complete strangers (i.e. right after you just read a short story)? Wow. It seems that you fit perfectly in our society of special interests, then. So what have you really gained lately by ’backing up’ the right? Or maybe now I’M starting to be prejudicial just like you? Well maybe we can form our own little gang — what do you say? Comon, live a little with me here! You can pick the name!

      And as far as hard evidence goes, what do want, a real rock to hit you upside the head or something? That’s never going to happen is it? OK. Fine. I will grant that people should be skeptical when approaching a MYRIAD of things, but answer me this — do you always ask for hard evidence of everything... even of the things that you DO want to believe? OR do you actually take most of the media-fed stuff as something that should be largely believed in? Sometimes I am predisposed to believing things that maybe I shouldn’t be. I admit that. You see, I’ve had too many of my beliefs of ’right’ stomped on by our government. I have seen my own ’evidences’ of how the U.S. government is using its’ power to do strange and awful things — things like fly drugs into this country. The CIA does it all the time. And I know right about now you’re saying "bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. This guy is crazy" Well, tell you what, before you do that why don’t YOU do the research and stop telling other to "prove it." Only someone who is lazy would say that. There is enough evidence out there to convince anyone. No one has to hit you with it. I am not your personal assistant. I am not going to lead you to water and make you drink. I suggest that if you want real evidence (paper trails) you can go to COPVCIA.COM when it comes to my latest accusation, and many more. And in the meantime I’ll be playing video games cause there ain’t shit that can be about it. Not now, at least.

    • Typical response by a heartless, braindead republican: attack the left by claiming that they are all drug abusing hippies. Truth is, the republican right, and this administration would still go on believing their might makes right even it murders a million Iraqies, regardless of the truth. The wacko republicans are champions of the cheapest kind of fallacy: attack the messenger. Examine the message. Do you want proof? Read several of the articles regarding the crimes done by this administration on this site alone, the vote fraud, the scandals...the evidence is overwhelming. Wake up.

    • This site contains subjective opinions. There is nothing here. Dont be a meathead!

  • The whole basis of this kind of fiasco is found in the racketeering of the Petro-Dollar. The continuing of the War Against Independent Oil Trading has its roots back in the 1970s when Kissinger pressed OPEC into signing a deal that all oil transactions will be paid in Dollars. At a price of 50 dollars a barrel the Federal Reserve only pays 2 cents per barrel as it only costs 4 cents to print a 100-dollar bank note. All other parties pay the full 50 dollars per barrel.
    Any parties who do not trade in dollars will be portrayed as the perpetrators of a pre-planned terror attack on America as Saddam found to his cost after he demanded payment for oil in the Euro back in 2000.
    All of Americas foreign and domestic Policies are loosely based around this racketeering, as it is the only backing the Petro-Dollar has to offer. If oil were to be traded in Euros or Rubles the Dollar would return to its correct value of 4 cents per bank note irrespective of face value.
    The insurance against any deviation from the Petro-Dollar was originally planned back in 1976 and is now referred to as 911. Alas for America this has failed, as the camera was the silent witness on this murderous day in 2001. It is only the fools of America and Vichy Britain who have swallowed the propaganda and it is their suckers who are paying for the Petro-Dollar with their blood.
    I hope this clears up some of the confusion for you.

    • The "conservatives" do not want to know about the truth. They continue to claim they are conservatives but seem not to know the meaning of the word. As the debts soar like the eagel, as government has NEVER been bigger or more intrusive, as wealth is consolidated into 5% of the population, as poverty skyrockets, as the standard of living for Americans falls further and further behind, as the justice system is taken over by the religions, as the environment is sacrificed for greed, the blind "conservatives" continue to defend what is going on without question, and vote against their own interests just to be "right".

    • People of Iraq are going through miseries which they havnt suffered during Saddam era, i found out that violence in Iraq waz rare in last 2 decades before invasion by American who have brought puppet government and PEACE in Iraq...Americans who have killed more than 100,000 iraqis peacefully, who have plundered iraqi people wealth, who have ruined whole infrastructure, what a commendable peace... Iraqi people can do protests..yes they can because they have been massacared, abused....
      I dont know where we are heading, are we making this world SAFE, we people must see and think by our own eyes and mind, not by pampered media

    • Violence in Iraq the last 2 decades was rare before the U.S led invasion?
      Where did you get this information? I have searched for over two years on why we really invaded.
      I have found a variety of reasons. Some that have substance and some that dont.Though, I have never heard this one. I have tried really hard to seek the truth and have found that the truth lies in ones experience.After reading thousands of articles and combing several hundred sites, only a few sites made an impact. These particular sites contain alot of video. To me, seeing is not believing but its sure helps. I watched Fahrenhiet 911 in the theatre and found the film to be impactful.Though I couldnt form an opinion on ones person’s viewpoint. I never saw the Iraqi Truth Project in the theatre. So I had to buy the video. I watched the video and was completely shocked. I have been to sites like Ogrish, and other similar sicko sites. I cannot get alot of what I’ve seen out of my head but I can sleep at night knowing I made the right decision by voting G.W Bush.

  • I guess the over inflated numbers could have been brought on by having all the Shiites mass in one area for a short period of time and being there with a camera when it happened. Just like the camera catching muslim militant terrorist at work trying to keep Iraq in the dark ages. Lets face it....the sooner things become peaceful the sooner the Amerikans will leave Iraq....but the infamous backward militants will lose their reason to fight, so they will never quit.

  • Watch this 1/2 hour documentary if you care to see the big picture.

  • It amazes me that there are still Americans who think that invading Iraq has made their "Homeland" a safer place. It is now three years since the terrible tragedy of 911 and instead of bringing the so-called "mastermind" - Bin laden - to justice, your "mighty" army is being bogged down by a nationalist [and legitimate by geneva convention] resistance movement in Iraq... oh, sorry, they aren’t called resistance fighters, are they - no, your press calls them "terrorists". On top of that your country is being run by the authors of the Project for the New American Century, who openly state that they have had their eye on Iraq oil for at least a decade... How many more of your young men and woman have to die because you refuse to face the truth? Iraq was never a terrorist threat and they never had WMD. The only WMD in the area belong to ISRAEL, who have roughly 200 nuclear warheads. You are being suckered and each day you allow it to go on is, sadly, another day that the world grows to hate you more for you callous attitude towards the lives of innocents.

    • Totally agree, and the slaughter in Iraq will create so much future hatred for the US. BUT ..who will suffer from attacks??? Answer ORDINARY Americans..NOT the billionaire draft dodgers that willingly send poor teenagers to kill and maim and be killed to further line their pockets.

      Wouldn’t be surprised if the ruling neocons in the US are hoping, if not already planning another ’atrocity’ on US people to justify another invasion or draconian law on US citizens.

    • Saddam Hussien has murdered more than Osama and Bush combined. Get a clue dude. Invading Iraq has made the world a safer place.

    • You are stupid not to know that the U.S. armed and gave billions of dollars to Saddam to do our killing for us....he was nothing but our hired killer, do some reading before you make yourself look so ignorant.

  • All political leaders, regardless of stated ideology, are tyrants. Great injustices happen in every country. But one thing I know, before the United State PREEMPTIVELY (and illegally) attacked Iraq, Saddam allowed his people to purchase personal weapons that would required government licenses to obtain, in the United States, if one could obtain them at all.

    The mark of how well a leader is accepted in his country, is how liberally he allows his citizens to arm themselves. Using this measure, Saddam was more comfortable with his people, than the United States government is with theirs’.

    Americans need to get their blinders off. The federal government is a sham. It lacks any integrity, morality or freely-given authority. It’s entire rule rests on brutal, murderous force, and it does not matter to the federal thugs if they are using that force on Americans (Waco, Ruby Ridge) or foreigners (Iraq, Afghanistan...).

    There is not one good reason that the American people should be forced to pay for these ungodly wars so that rich, criminal politicians and corporate executives can get richer. They have orgies over the blood of our sons and daughters.

  • Some of you might like to read the book "Good Muslim Bad Muslim" by MAHMOOD MAMDANI. He’s a US based professor and Researcher. The book traces the history of the muslim people, and based on that, tries to understand the people and their society and culture. It gives you a perspective on how the muslim societies, esp in West Asia, grow to be so "unstable".

    Do read it and form your own opinions, maybe after checking some of the facts stated.

    I think, it’ll help you better understand WHY 9/11 happened, and why is Iraq happenning.
    Some of you might agree after reading it that the US government, esp the CIA, have conducted the worst GENOCIDES of ALL times. The biggest example of that, ofcourse, is Iraq. There are many more.

    Do read it on your own, and get others to read it as well.

  • No one wants to read your propaganda book "Good Muslim Bad Muslim" the real assholes are the "Christians" who condone the mass murder of innocent people in Iraq and other places in the middle east. The CIA backed Saddam into power and supplied him with WMD and billions of dollars in covert illegal schemes right up to the end even the oil for food scandal has the same central players all connected to the Bushes way back to the Reagan Iran/Contra scandal. This is old information and for so many people not to even know what our government has done is incredible, Then a troll comes here and wants someone to read some horseshit to divert attention away from who the real murdering bastards are, the Bush crime family and their minions; the truth is out there people, don’t be fooled by these paid trolls coming here to spread disinformation for pay. Just Google Saddam Hussein and look for articles with the main players...Reagan, the Bushes, Rumsfeld, Cheney....they have a long long sordid criminal record that makes Saddam nothing more than their house boy.

    • If there were a war between christians and muslims the christians would win. God is on our side!

    • Twenty four countries sold arms to iraq. The United States is accountable for 2% of Saddams arsenal.They rank number 9. Russia, France(LOL), and China are the top 3. No wonder France was against the war.

    • If there were really a "God" he would destroy the United States and everyone living there.

    • You are damn right we backed Saddam Hussein. I wish we would have backed Ayatollah Khomeini at the same time.

  • Hey stupid, read Iraqgate and find out the United States real history with arming Iraq.

  • "camel jockeys" "sand niggers", and other racial slurs shows what a vulgar idiot you are. Grow the fuck up you redneck moron.

  • Dear "Christian God is on our side fuckwd" wouldn’t know God if he lowered himself to appear to you. You are a little hateful nothing and you kwwp proving it over and over by trolling here. How much do they pay you for your hatemongering?

    • Who pays me for hatemongering? Get off the conspiracy fantasy you fucking anti-christ. Guys like you encourage the enemy to fight.Its because of scum like you the enemy actually believes they have a reason to fight and moreover win. Do I hate you? Your damn right I do!. You are a disgrace to the free world.You and your dogooder’s preach the antithesis of what made the United States.There you sit nice and cozy under the protection of our military and oppose a war against one of the most evil dictators of all time. Do you have a clue what your doing?? OH HELL YES YOU DO! You spread conspiracy as fact and create hate against the same people who have and are dying to protect the world from ABSOLUTE EVIL.What is worse - is you and the people you follow feel it is your duty to make sure the entire world believes the United States is in Iraq to steal oil. Thats real nice ASSHOLE! There is isnt one FUCKING person in the entire United States who feels it is morally correct to steal. Did we take the Oil in Desert Storm. Fuck No! Why dont you tell the world the truth.Why dont you tell them that we dont buy oil from people who murder to create terror. Oil is power and Saddam or any evildoer will never benefit from the sale of oil. YOU WILL BURN IN HELL ASSHOLE BECAUSE GOD HATES LIARS!

    • I hate you!!!! Is hating evil a sin?

    • Well then God must really hate you. You are soooo full of shit its coming out of your mouth. It must have been said here about a million times this immoral war in Iraq and the murdering bastards that are involved in Bu$hcos warmongering for profits is making this country a target for terrorism. Your phony "making us safer" horseshit is nothing more than totally lame justification for crimes against humanity. You’re probably too stupid to comprehend that. So you will keep repeating how you are such a hero for keeping us "safe" while we laugh our asses off at you. You just don’t get it you idiot, Iraq was never a threat to anyone here and you seem to be the only one left that thinks they were. Meanwhile your God Bush is too incompetant and uninterested to get Bin Laden in Pakistan (guess we know who’s side hes on) or go after the Saudi Arabian people who carried out the attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon. But of course your lack of a cerebral cortex makes it impossible for you to register any truth. So I guess you’ll have to go through the rest of your life being full of shit, and spreading it around, while the rest of us think you are a complete fool.

    • It is is my ideology that is in power. Yours is not. You must remember these conspiracies are as old as your ass! Bush was re-elected. RE-ELECTED YOU ASSHOLE , RE-ELECTED. He was re-elected because the majority of American people can smell BULLSHIT(Oil in Iraq, Saddam’s armament, Bush’s ties to the oil industry...etc...etc)Ahh BULLSHIT. It is all BULLSHIT. 100% Grade A BULLSHIT. Your crap stinks so bad the American media is even sick of it. Give it up man,Give it up.!!!! But no you cant. You are now trying your engrain your BULLSHIT into non-americans. The people who want to learn about America. The people we are trying to free are the people you feed your BULLSHIT to. You are not an American. You will rot in Hell.

    • Hello,

      I’m a Canadian who reads this forum on my spare time. I just thought I’d put in my two cents because i think that’s what all this is about. Speaking freely. I have to say it’s really heart warming to see so many people of this ideology speaking out. But there are some things that disturb me and I guess they always come up when dealing with this sort of thing. There are a lot of people that will spout anti-American slogans or will generally say what everyone else is saying then say something like "It’s all the fault of Jew run media" or then something like "believe in the one true god" Seriously, I don’t think religion should be brought into this. Religion is part of the reason this is able to happen.

      What I find really disturbing is how similar the current state of society in the U.S. (an even in Canada) resembles the book "1984". The style of oppression can dominate because there is no martyrdom. The innocents who died in Iraq, protests, and any sort of opposition are rarely spoken of in the news. Someone spoke earlier of a "revolution". I think that’s a good idea but maybe not the kind they were thinking of. If the people on this forum are so angry and dedicated to changing things. Why dont you organize something yourselves. Start exchanging emails (i think i saw one person do it). I’m sure what i just said is already being done and i only read 75% of the forum because it was so large and i dont have a lot of time. But none the less i just thought it interesting that everybody says these things but never bothered to actually connect with one another.

      Just my two cents

      P.S. I’m not talking about a revolution of carrying machine guns around bombing buildings I was thinking something more along the lines of passive resistance and the spreading of information. Just to clarify.

    • You silly little prat.

  • the difference between the photos is that in the first one, people are afraid to be seen celebrating, because they have 20 years of tyranny under their belts, and the goons that oppressed them are hiding among the civilian population killing all those who oppose them. The latter photos show a people with new found freedoms and the knowledge that they can voice opinions safely, no matter what they are. ain’t freedom grand?

    wake up.

    think (or just erase this so no one else will).

  • the difference between the photos is that in the first one, people are afraid to be seen celebrating, because they have 20 years of tyranny under their belts, and the goons that oppressed them are hiding among the civilian population killing all those who oppose them. The latter photos show a people with new found freedoms and the knowledge that they can voice opinions safely, no matter what they are. ain’t freedom grand?

    wake up.

    think (or just erase this so no one else will).

    • Right on! I agree 100%. You can tell the difference, and its a real shame that other people who see the exact same pictures cant see it for what it is. I have read this entire forum, and the thing that bugs me is people come here with a "Bush hater" mind set...and they basically stand for anything against Bush...instead of researching the facts. SUre there are protests....every country has them. It’s just televised by the so called "un-biased" media more in Iraq because morons like previous posters thrive on it. They thrive on hatred, and got it all in the protests over in Iraq. Why dont you go to Iraq and see how many protests there are? Hardly NONE! In fact if you were to go you may find yourself pleasantly suprised at the LOVE for America...afterall...we helped win them their freedom. If you dont like America, you dont like what we stand for, or you dont like our all means...leave. I’ll buy your plane ticket.

    • afraid of saddams goons? lol not convicing in the least. if that were the case they would just hide in their houses instead of risking their lives confronting the OTHER goons ( U.S military)....afterall all, they were best friends with saddam, had no concern about dropping bombs that killed women and children in the tens of thousands and swaggered into a sovereirgn nation with guns blazing....yet the people STILL came out and faced them down....does it LOOK like the iraqi people are afraid of "goons"?

      if the 30 Kurds paid to attend the toppling of the cheesey statue werent afraid of Saddam, why would anyone else be?

      you pro-warprofit clowns are failing miserably. immoral, hypocritical scum.

      Bush Lied, many died. Fiar the neocon marxist scum.

      for more on the downing street memo:

    • "n fact if you were to go you may find yourself pleasantly suprised at the LOVE for America"

      Why don’t *you* go over....Go right now....Let us know how much "love" for Americans there is.

      There’s no chance you’re purely a liar, is there?............We are all awaiting your vacation pictures.

    • Keep your plane ticket money dude. You can use it for your trip to Baghdad to test your theory. We can’t wait!

    • Listen Christians, I have a question for you:

      Have you noticed that your God can’t seem to get it up anymore?

      I mean, he told Bu$h that "He Da Man" he chose him for president, and he chose him to attack Iraq.

      But the poor old thing used to be the almighty, and now he can’t seem to do shit....its been more than 3 years and all God has managed to do is make a huge mess and murder more than 100,000 innocent people....and now there is a civil war and no electricity, running water, schools and hospitals have all been ruined...and the poor old thing can’t seem to fix any of it.....I guess he is just a tired old has been. Have you noticed?

      I mean if this is your God no wonder YOU ARE SOO MESSED UP. No wonder you are filled with rage and hatred toward people who have never done anything to you or your messed up country. But you are stupid and don’t seem to mind that your God can’t do anything right any more.


  • Now Dictatorship is gone ,unities race to the thrown,Civil unrest for ! to get to the best,who shell protect from bloodshed unprotected,for the progress of produce to shear for the elect for the term of to protect and proseed.

  • I think, Bush and Dick chen are the main criminal to burn the Iraq. It is only for Oil. Oil and Oil. And now they want to do the same in IRAN and for the same reason.

  • Still no one can answer. Would all these protesters be there under Saddam. Don’t think so great to see them out there. Protesting without guns Love It God Bless Freedom & The USA

    • Good news...the Medothists have finally declared themselves REAL CHRISTIANS...they are giveing sanctuary to all military people who refuse to go to kill the Iraqi citizens for Bu$hco....Bu$h claims to be a Methodist....I guess the real Methodists are sick of him giving them all a bad name.....