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’US Troops mutiny in Iraq’

Monday 5 September 2005

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US Embassy in Baghdad inquires into reports that American troops in Iraq have mutinied against their officers.

WMR has learned that the US embassy in Baghdad is checking into reports that U.S. troops in Iraq, including National Guardsmen, Army and Marine Corps Reserves, and regular military troops from Louisiana and Mississippi, have mutinied against their officers and are demanding to be immediately sent back home to help their families.

It is not known whether the reported mutinies involve physical violence.
The reports of rebellions among U.S. troops are filtering out of the Green Zone and at Baghdad International Airport from Iraqis who are working alongside their American counterparts at both locations.


Forum posts

  • Maybe they aren’t Bush’s little robots afterall.

    • Maybe some of them were horrified at hearing their Mother and Father, and brothers and sisters being called refugees.

    • don’t forget being called "the insurgency" if they’re still in New Orleans.

  • The Air Force has already brought 500 of their service men and women home to help their families in the flood zones. What is WRONG with the other armed forces! It would seem the cold heartless acts of the White House reaches far and wide. The Army, Marines and Navy should take their cues from the Air Force and not Bush and Gang.