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Collapse of U.S. Economy Imminent

Saturday 21 January 2006

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In its attempt to establish a world empire dominating every nation on the planet, the U.S. has exhausted its ability to finance the expansion and the country now faces imminent financial collapse. From all indications, it looks like 2006 will spell the end for America.

Consider these five important points:

- Point #1
The U.S., Great Britain and Israel are preparing to attack Iran. As it appears the main reason for invading Iraq was to stop it from selling oil in Euros, likewise Iran has plans to dump the dollar come March 2006.

- Point #2
U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow issued a warning recently that the U.S. Government is on the verge of collapse - as the statutory debt limit imposed by Congress of $8.184 trillion dollars would be reached in mid-February - the government would then be unable to continue its normal operations. Considering the current total U.S. debt stands at $8.162 trillion dollars, once the official debt ceiling ($8.184 trillion) is reached, the U.S. government’s credit abroad (its borrowing power) is gone. Those countries (mainly China) who presently keep America afloat by holding U.S. Treasury Notes, will most likely no longer continue doing so.

- Point #3
Bank Of America and Compass Bank managers (probably all other U.S. banks too) have been instructing their employees in the last few weeks on how to respond to customer demands in the event of a collapse of the U.S. economy - specifically telling the employees that only agents from the Department Of Homeland Security will have authority to decide what belongings customers may have from their safe deposit boxes - and that precious metals and other valuables will not be released to U.S. citizens. The bank employees have been strictly prohibited from revealing the banks’ new "guidelines" to anyone. (however, employees have been talking to friends and family)

The next time you visit your bank, ask them about it - then ask yourself, why is this information being kept secret from customers and the public - what’s really going on?

- Point #4
FEMA has activated and is currently staffing its vast network of empty internment camps with armed military personnel - unknown to most Americans, these large federal facilities are strategically positioned across the U.S. landscape to "manage" the population in the event of a "terrorist" attack, a civilian uprising, large-scale dissent ,or an insurrection against the government. Some of these razor-wired facilities have the capacity of detaining a million people.

- Point #5
The Patriot Act and the US Senate’s vote to ban habeas corpus (Nov 14th) - along with George W. Bush having signed executive orders giving him sole authority to impose martial law, suspend habeas corpus and ignore the Posse Comitatus Act, have together pretty much destroyed any notions of freedom and justice for Americans.

- Summary:
The U.S. economy is broken, the United States is bankrupt - the unchecked spending by this administration, the illegally waged wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, the cost of unprecedented weapons and military build-up - have all contributed to an irreversible emergency which is threatening our nation’s existence and our very lives.

Hospitals are closing, major corporations are declaring bankruptcy and/or moving their companies overseas, the monopolized news media spews nothing but lies, and our fearless leaders have turned out to be only ruthless criminals hell-bent on destabilizing our country and robbing us all.

Be aware - we stand at the threshold of total ruin - the international bankers and war profiteers care little for our lives and families - these demons worship money and all things vile and evil - they have very much to gain from war, misery, disease, famine, chaos and death (our deaths).

We are right on the edge - the Treasury is already overextended - the U.S. government cannot (and will not) care for its own citizens’ needs, nor secure our borders against illegal aliens - plus, the whole "terrorist" thing is a cruel hoax perpetrated against a trusting citizenry - and only designed to instill fear and garner support for the genocide taking place in Iraq.

Should America (along with British & Israeli forces) launch a war against Iran, or another country, without yet paying for, or even recovering from the current losses in Iraq and elsewhere - the costs of such of an invasion will overwhelm an already crippled economy and push the U.S. over the edge into oblivion.

- Question:
Considering the U.S. Treasury Notes that China currently holds (which keeps the U.S. economy going)...

Do you think China will continue to support a country’s economy (the U.S.) whose military launches a nuclear strike against its neighbor (Iran) - thus delivering a blanket of radioactive fallout over western Chinese provinces - killing hundreds of thousands, if not millions of its citizens?

I think not.

Factoring in the aforementioned points of "preparation" engineered by U.S. authorities, I’d say there’s a stinking rat in the woodpile ...can you smell it too?

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Forum posts

  • A fear based economy.

    Publication of Bin Laden tapes - the stock market goes down.
    Bush farts - the stock market remains silent.

    But serious, how can somebody who got any education put up with this?

    Time for a change, but do it fast!

    • by Ed Haas

      In November 2000, Iraq stopped accepting U.S. dollars for its oil. Counted as a purely political move, Saddam Hussein switched the currency required to purchase Iraqi oil to the euro. Selling oil through the U.N. Oil for Food Program, Iraq converted all of its U.S. dollars in its U.N. account to the euro. Shortly thereafter, Iraq converted $10 billion in its U.N. reserve fund to the euro. By the end of 2000, Iraq had abandoned the U.S. dollar completely.

      (and thus the invasion of Iraq)

      In March 2006, Iran will take Iraq’s switch to the petroeuro to new heights by launching a third oil exchange. The Iranians have developed a petroeuro system for oil trade which, when enacted, will once again threaten U.S. dollar supremacy far greater than Iraq’s euro conversion. Called the Iran Oil Bourse, an exchange that only accepts the euro for oil sales would mean that the entire world could begin purchasing oil from any oil-producing nation with euros instead of dollars.

      The Iranian plan isn’t limited to purchasing one oil-producing country’s oil with euros. Its plan will create a global alternative to the U.S. dollar. Come March 2006, the Iran Oil Bourse will further the momentum of OPEC to create an alternate currency for oil purchases worldwide. China, Russia, and the European Union are evaluating the Iranian plan to exchange oil for euros and giving the plan serious consideration.

      Is it mere coincidence that the Fed will begin hiding M-3 the same month that Iran will launch its Iran Oil Bourse, or is there a direct threat to the stability of the U.S. dollar, the U.S. economy, and the U.S. standard of living? Are Americans being set up for a collapse in our economy that will make the Great Depression of the 1930’s look like a bounced check?

      If you cannot or will not make the value and stability of the U.S. currency of personal importance, if you are unwilling to demand from your elected officials, an immediate abolishment of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the fiat money scheme that the banking cartel has used for nearly a century now to keep our government and our people in a state of perpetual debt, then you are faced with but two alternatives, abject poverty, or invading Iran.

      The plans to invade Iran are unspoken, but unfolding before our very eyes.

      by Ed Haas


      # # #

    • As a casual observer of this, wouldn’t Iran’s interests be best served by firstly giving up its nuclear ambitions temporarily as this would preempt any justification for attacking Iran AND continue with its plans for the IOB dealing with Euros and/or Dollars and then continuing with it’s nuclear ambitions in sync with the E3 and Russia and China.

      Maz (UK)

    • But, in the present juncture and given the policy of the US Government, which is not a policy for the people of the US, nor even a policy of the US Government itself, if indeed there is such a thing as the US Government,the colonial aggression against Iran will take place, even if it were demonstrated, without the slightest doubt imaginable, that Iran never had, does not have, and can never possibly have any nuclear energy,let alone nuclear weapons.
      Right now, the US Government, or rather the people who are pulling the strings and monitoring the whole process,are, even more dangerously than the Nazis, forcing the entire planet into war.
      Difficult times, dark and gloomy and frightening ones are awaiting Humanity, simply because of the madness and insatiable greed of a minority of criminals.
      The war against war will have to start in the US itself, with the collaboraion of honest and courageous and intelligent persons wherever they may be from.Not all Americans subscribe to the nonsense of their Governments, not all Americans believe in the fantasy of Manifest Destiny; not all Americans think that the only way out is unprovoked aggression.
      Bush and his acolytes are as un-American as can be.It were time the people told them to step down and face justice.

    • As a casual observer, didnt Iraq work with the US by showing it had no WMD’s, infact after the invasion it was shown Iraq had none? It reminds of the bully in the school yard with the question "Do you have a problem?". Answer yes, your gettting beat up, answer no your getting beat up, dont answer and your getting beat up.

    • I admire your prose, friend.

    • Russia´s Atomic Energy Agency has for some time offered to conduct Iran´s nuclear enrichment in Russia in order to ensure that Iran does not complete the full nuclear cycle on its own soil. I expect that in the coming weeks Iran will accept the Russian offer, which in turn will send the US, Israel and their EU poodles scrambling. The concern has always been about uranium enrichment and not conversion, and with this issue resolved the warmongers will find it impossible to refer the issue to the U.N Security Council. Let´s face it, as of right now Iran has not broken any international law or failed on any of its obligations under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), even as they removed United Nations seals on its uranium-enrichment facility in Natanz. It is their inalienable right to complete the full nuclear cycle under the treaty, providing the conversion and enrichment lead to civilian purposes only. After years of unfettered access to Iran´s nuclear facilities the IAEA has yet to produce a single shred of evidence that supports the claim that they do indeed have a nuclear weapons program.

      I found it interesting the other day when Jack Straw stated he was not in favor of starting new negociations with Iran, or even supporting the Russian proposal. That was the first time I am aware of that he rejected the Russian proposal publicly, and one has to wonder why? If the issue really is uranium enrichment and the Russians, under IAEA supervision, enrich the uranium in Russia, then why the worry? That would guarantee the Iranians the nuclear energy they are seeking and eliminate any concerns the international community might have regarding a clandestine weapons program.

      Bottomline, the war in Iran was planned at the same time the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria were planned. The Zionist cabal in Tel Aviv and Washington are just looking for an issue the can use to rally the troops and cement public opinion, and nothing works better for that than fear mongering. These are the same lies they manufactured previously to justify their illconceived war in Iraq, just regurgitated. Sadly, though, with a compliant media and US public that is sleepwalking into tyranny they will get their wish I´m sure. Everybody knows this issue will be resolved militarily, and that´s why Russia (maybe even China) is rushing to equip Iran with all the military hardware then need to protect their nuclear facilities and inflict serious damage against US, Israeli and UK installations nearby. Iranians have time on their side, as the longer the military option is delayed the better prepared they´ll find themselves to confront an attack. As well, the delay will afford them the opportunity to open their bourse and send the US dollar spiraling downward.

      My prediciton is as follows
      1. Iran accepts Russia´s offer to carry out the uranium enrichment in Russia.

      2. The investment community reacts positively to the news, with oil and gold prices falling(BUY ON THE DIP!!!).

      3. The US, Israel and EU-3 scramble to react, either flat out rejecting the offer as being too little too late, or rush to fabricate new evidence to support their bogus claims of Iran´s clandestine weapons program, all in an attempt to refer Iran to the UN Security Council. (who knows, maybe we´ll even be treated to another wonderful performance by Colin Powell at the United Nations, can´t wait to see that ugly movie a second time!)

      4. The Axis of Evil (read US, Israel and UK) are unable to get Russia and China onboard and fail in their attempt to refer Iran to the Security Council. (India, with a new pipeline deal with Iran might even balk.)

      5. The Iranian bourse is scheduled to open in March. Elections for the 17th Knesset will be held in Israel on 28 March. The Fed will hide the M-3 effective March 2006. The US mid-term elections take place in June. My guess is that something will happen during April or May. I don´t think the international community has the appetite for yet another unjustified, illegal war, particularly if Iran accepts Russia´s enrichment offer. All these new Osama videos surfacing, the foiled plot to kidnap Leo Blair, Al Qaeda´s threat to attack UN offices in Pakistan, etc. When you are desperate you´ll do anything. It pains me to think about the possibilities here.


    • From what I understand Iran has a population boom, and they all want more things (technical term for more stuff, light’s, ovens, TV, heating, running water, fridges etc), things need energy.

      To put this in perspective there population is as big as the UK or France (both about 57 mil) and has got to this level form the mid 1950 when its was about 2 mil apparently (dammed if I can find the article were these numbers came from so they are probably badly remembered and out of whack sorry).

      They are approaching or have reached peak oil production. Natural gas is underdeveloped so lots of scope there (check for data), but do they use their own oil and gas to power their own country or earn foreign reserves by selling it to others. Well apparently there is no peak nuclear yet so nuclear power stations will allow them to meet local needs and still sell oil and gas to others. The plus or minus side is the by-products of power generation from nuclear sources is you get waste that can be used in war (another profitable business)

      If it was your money what would you do, use your own recourse reducing you country net wealth, or seek new opportunities that will make more money.

      Remember your world view is not theirs. One mans freedom fighter is anothers terrorist.
      Knowing something is possible means more and more people will get access to it; the nuke club will go global as will the bio warfare club and the chemical warfare club. Our only defence is education not aggression. And those that control the media control the education of the masses

      Just my 5c worth for what its worth

    • First, please consider how easy credit has been available to all, lines of credit, credit cards, home loans, car loans at 0% to sustain the american car manufacturers.

      Then consider the shrinking of the middle class, the amount of money the feds are printing, the fact that the feds are now not going to report M3 statistics.

      Also consider the impact of credit on money supply, it is new money, but not directly accounted for by the feds. By creating ’credit’ we are also creating inflation. Now you might say, well where’s the inflation? You don’t see it much from the low cost items you buy at walmart that are manufactured by chinese workers who make $5 a day, but you rather see it on Oil/Gas that everybody needs to use on a daily basis, whether it be to power up your car or create synthetic products.

      Most of these things are measureable.

      Now how long do you think we can sucker the rest of the world to be our ’slave’ for a few mere dollars? What does the USA have to offer for the dollar in terms of exports? What is manufactured there that an Indian, Chinese or Japanese person would want? Surely not a car, a television set or an even an iPod. The dollar is of course simply wanted because of it’s apparent stability, for different nations to trade amongs each other. And each one has to ensure they have sufficient US dollar reserves to buy pay for their oil bill for the month. What’s a nation’s oil bill? Well simply the cumulative amount of oil purchased by all suppliers in the country. But I think most people on here are familiar with this concept and no further elaboration is required.

      One way out of this debt mess without too much of an impact on our standard of living is the devaluatin of external us dollar holdings and the conversion of internal dollars to a ’real us dollar ver 2.0’. Where you simply tell the asian countries who hold over 50% of the us debt, that their dollar is now being reduced to 10% of it’s original value. This would immediately reduce our debt load by about 36 trillion dollars. Imagine what you could buy with those savings..... The trick here would be to get them to ’agree’ to this. Personaly I think all these other countries would get quite pissed, but then how many friends does the usa have left abroad?

      The Mongol empire fell, the Roman empire fell, and guess how the usa took over the UK empire? They copied their manufacturing process, and started selling to the world, creating a demand for their ’stuff’ and ’currency’. That is what China is doing with our manufacturing, and India with our services. They are not bad countries, they simply play by the rules and it also helps their population, just like it helped ours get where we are.

      A lot of this stuff about prisons, camps, war can be quite frightening but are often exagerated to contrast with the current situation and make a point. There are however interesting coincidences that can be seen sometimes in the media like different countries all brining down legislation to track firearms at around the same time... The 911 story full of holes... Blix and Ritter saying no wmd in Iraq. The apparent suicide of Dr. Kelly... (

      But of course our gov’t would never do bad things, and are always honest. I was amazed to see a list of crimes comitted by senators and congressmen floating around the internet. Look at the current scandals and charges going around the whitehouse, congress... Abrahamoff, DeLay, Rove, Cunningham.....

      I also remember the days when we were flying to different member countries of the security council (non-permanent members) to forgive billion in loans to maybe influence their vote on the Iraq issue.

      March 2006 is not that far away, let’s see what happens with the Iran Oil Exchnage. 2 months, let’s wait and see! Good luck to you all!

    • Look to how a defenceless IRAQ was treated to see how your scenario would be useless if the USA is deciding and defining "reality" as to the "danger to to the world..." is handled. We are in the 9th crusade with the third world war looming. Attaking IRAN would be the igniter of greater conflict and bring more into an active war. The steel walls will come down around the Fascist hive that the USA will finally become all the faster. Read your history here and abroad to see the paralles.

    • Oh, how naive some people still are.

      Iraq had no WMD’s and never claimed to but they were still bombed.

      If they say they have given up nuclear ambitions, the whitehouse simply says. ’we know they are still operating these tests underground’

      Iran gets bombed

    • My Dad taught me that when someone in a combative mood gets in your face with that sort of query then the safest thing to do was to belt them first. He should be president.

    • I think Iran will continue thumb its nose at the United States, threatened the state of Israel, do everything to justify an American and Israeli attack in March, and then at the last minute make a deal with the Russians to produce their nuclear fuel, thereby leaving the United States and Israel no excuse for their attack. The attack will come anyways, but the whole world will know that it could not be because of any nuclear threat from Iran, but instead naked savage aggression on the part of Israel and the United States.

    • Since when do U.S. midterm elections happen in June? The elections are in November.


    • Should americans pull their money out of banks and stock markets? This article is scary!!!!

    • 1) Why would the Iranians need to do either a) develop its own nuclear power infrastructure, or b) develop n alternative to the petro-dollar? Either one would seem to be enough to provoke the United States or Israel into some kind of preventative action. It would not be any safer for them, therefore, to put one on hold just to appease the U.S.

      2) Would the Iranians be any more successful doing one of these projects at a time? Perhaps they don’t have the resources or personnel to do them both. However, I suspect that the success of their project requires both. If there is any truth to the claims about Peak Oil then not only would a diversified oil economy, at least some of which independent of the U.S. would be of great benefit to the world outside the U.S. grasp. If there will be a diminishment of oil production, now’s the time to develop alternatives.

      3) Won’t the United States find some other pretext to invade or ruin the Iranian nation and economy even if there was no nuclear infrastucture program, or any attempt to develop an alternative to the petro-dollar. I suspect there would be based just on the fact that Iran is cocidered an evil country independently of these issues.

      4) Has the Iranian effort to develop its own nuclear power infrastucture violated any part of the non-proliferation agreements that it has signed onto? I thought there were reports that it has not violated anything but the desire by the United states that it develop no nuclear power or weapons capabilities. I thought that the Iranians have claimed that wmd development was against their religious principles in any case.

      5) Will the E.U or the Latin aAmerican countries side with the U.S. or with Iran in the event of real military action in Iran? Is there a 1914 scenario beginninmg here?

    • I am wondering why Warren Buffet is totally out of American currency in deference to Euros? And I am wondering why people are beginning to haord gold-I have several well-heeled friends who are doing this-what do they know I don’t?Something else, we are allowing unchecked illegal immigration over the borders and the cost of people coming in illegally-from everywhere-is higher if they are uneducated and impoverished as illegals often are. We are so far in debt there is no way of backing out and I have heard that the government is developing a duel-level currency-one for overseas that is more valuable than domestically circulated.

    • You can read all the history books you want,History can’t repeat itself unless you let.

      _IF__you believe in GOD,Open you mind with logical thaughts of this,

      GOD created MAN,man can/shall never be the boss over GOD.

      MAN created the GOVERNMENT,government can/shall never be the boss over man.

      GOVERNMENT created the CORPORATIONS,CORPORATIONS can/shall never be boss over government.

    • Primaries are in June, and how many congresional districts in the US are not gerrymandered to such an extent that the primary is in fact the election? The writer was probably refering to the primaries.

    • they need another 911 style event (and soon) to garner public opinion for strikes/war because the russians and chinese will not let un sanctions pass. the statements the iranian president is making suggest he may be imposing his own ’sanctions’ by cutting oil supply ala russia-ukraine.

      if the eu countries all start making statements like chirac’s recent ’nuky’ one (would have expected that from sarkozy, not him) think the iranians may not want euros for their oil/gas...perhaps euros with some gold/silver in a mix..this will surely bring on war..

      the 911 style event could be tricky with material like this in cyberspace


    • What if Iran says they won’t do the oil in Euros if they can build the nuclear plant? I see that as a more viable "out" than the other way around. If what you say is correct, and just look at Noth Korea who is not starting a borse to trade oil in Euros, this might call off the war.

    • Mr. Haas,

      I believe I can get your very eloquently written letter republished in a free e-zine with 500,000 circulation. (I am an editor for a paid sister publication to this one.)

      If of interest, please write me at and post here that you have done so. At that time I will give you my normal contact information.

    • A little off topic but the peak oil theory is bunk.

    • Amen, brother! Lets wake up the people around the world as to what is going on. It affects all people in the world.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. Let’s hope the Iranians come to their senses and do just that.
      In fact the rest of the world should avoid any new conflict with Bushies and just let the current economic work it’s course and the ever expanding influnce of China and to a lesser extent India should bring about a total collapse of the US system. Incidentally, I think US influence around the globe is on a well deserved slippery slope.
      Could it be that these arrogant rednecks and their Zionist friends actually want to bring about Armageddon? I’ve read about something called Rapture.
      Taz (UK)

    • Here’s the latest numbers from the US Dept of Energy. If you can prove me wrong, go for it.

      Global Crude Oil
      1.3 trillion barrels left
      30 billion barrels pumped per year
      1,300/30=43 years left

      US Crude Oil
      21 billion barrels left
      3.2 billion barrels pumped per year
      21/3.2=6.5 years left

      Global Natural Gas
      6,000 trillion cubic feet left
      100 trillion cubic feet used per year
      6,000/100=60 years left

      US/Canada Natural Gas
      255 trillion cubic feet left
      26 trillion cubic feet used per year
      255/26=9.8 years left

      What part of "running out of domestic oil and natural gas in the next 10 years" doesn’t make sense here? It shocks me how people can stare at these numbers and deny the problem! The only thing worse than promoting irrational fear is promoting ignorance.



    • Another bit to add to the oil thing

      Kuwait stated oil reserves not true if resent publications are to be believed. See link below

      If any agency uses false figures to project available oil do you think they may have the dates wrong?

      So some one fudged the figures in Kuwait. Don’t panic no other country would be greedy enough to lie about there reserves to get more production quota or keep the market from panicking/collapsing or looking for cheaper alternatives. Why should we there is decades of cheap oil left so it would not be cost effective to do so.

      Every one stop being interested, and carry on as normal, oh look the deck chairs need rearranging to see the pity iceberg

      Kuwait Confession

      Brent rises $2 after Kuwait reserve report

    • The question is what is your gut telling you what to do about the stocks.I would think if you are small time and you will need this to survive if things hit the fan.Its what risks you can afford to take .Good luck

    • Two things come to mind. one is the 500 year supply of oil, located under 4 states in the Rockies, verified by a friend of mine who found oil for then "Gulf" he was a trained Geologists with doctor in front of his name in several fields. Thsi was done by Nixon who called for the creation of the EPA in the early 70’s, then they quitely went about the business of making this oil off limits thru/via enviromental concerns.

      Number 2, what if some of the experts are right about oil not coming from those dinasoars and plant life forming the oil, but the roation of the earth and the chemicals within the earth producing it constantly. The oil being used as a scare tactic and helping to keep the folks in charge, in charge, and keep the tax dollars and big oil, pharma, bucks coming in. this would also help to justify wars for the sake of oil. God help Americans if they can’t fill up the RV or Hummer of their choice. Just a thought.

      an ex-pat, maverick, downunder

    • We don’t have education, all we have is deception; that’s why we put up with global mess.

    • How odd that Iran elected such an extremist to power. I wonder who all had a hand in that. As is rightly stated, if Iran dropped all nuclear intentions then how could they possibly be picked on? But alas, that wouldn’t provide the hawks with the "justifiable" reason to defend freedom and to rid the threat from these bad, bad, terrible people would it? Funny how things work out - and what’s in the news isn’t really the news as all the interesting stuff is going on quietly, in the background...

    • War with Iran The U.S. military dose not have the ability to confront Iran at this time.

    • Education? How about just a brain? I am not seeing who wrote this. Do you know?
      all diversions so we forget that Bush is spying on all of us...... Bonnie

    • Like the Indians, ’eh? They can bend over backwards and the white man will honor them with more genocide. The lesson is to never surrender to this white man u.s. conquerer hypocrite liar.

      To rebel is right, to disobey is a duty, to act is necessary !

    • So does this mean we should pull all our money out of
      the banks prior to a major run on those banks?

    • "Are Americans being set up for a collapse in our economy that will make the Great Depression of the 1930’s look like a bounced check?"


    • Here’s some interesting commentary and a different viewpoint.


    • Does this mean that I will no longer be able to use my veterans benefits for school. Will i lose my disability compensation.

    • Your problem is the "source" of your information. I don’t have to prove their wrong, I just have to prove the gov lies and lies and lies about everything. As a judge once said to me as a juror (the whole jury), "once you find that a witness lied in one thing, you must assume he lied in all things". That is something I have lived by since that day. If its good enough for jury trial, its good enough for politics.

      They all lie daily in every damn department once they cleaned everyone out who had integrity and honesty. They are gone from the CIA, the FBI, the State dept, the Justice dept and every single one of them lies about everything. Were have you been???? LOL

    • as far as bio-tech is concerned it appears the genie has already escaped with no hope of putting it back in the bottle. watch the video on The pathogen causing this new and emerging illness is, in fact, a stray target of C3 genomic and proteomic research, and it now spreading briskly and is for sure to gather momentum. It is a very slow acting pathogen which does make sense in regards to what is being discussed here, the logic being they cannot purge the population overnight as they would assuredly be found out and burned at the stake. watch the video,

    • "But serious, how can SOMEBODY WHO GOT ANY education put up with this?"

      I think the problem is this; that you think you are educated, what kind of grammar did you study?

      With the abusive system today, teachers are being forced to “teach to the test” thus leading to statements like "But serious, how can somebody who got any education put up with this?" as proper grammar. This is plainly the dummying down of this country because of the bureaucrat’s idea of no child left behind!
      Not that I think any should be left behind, but rather that the PARENTS take the RESPONSIBILITY to educate their children; not just rely on the fact that they have the Right to an education.

      Yes they do have that right as a child to be taught and the PARENTS; NOT the state & federal government have the RESPONSIBILITY to teach them! Thankfully we do have a system of education but because of the lack of pay for the teachers this system has broken down to the point that we have no proper education to even form a correct sentence of:

      But seriously how could an educated person allow this to continue?

      Sorry if you think I am picking on you, I am not, just the broken system, I too come from the public education system of, “Los Angles unified school system” back in the 70’s it was much harder than, but still one could be lost rather easily. I never graduated but I took the Right to get an education and applied My RESPONSIBILITY to go after it and… Look ma I can spell too…

      The point to my rave; simply this: If we as United (as in standing together) States (as in all peoples) Citizens’ (as in having rights as well as responsibilities) VOTE and MAKE our VOICES HEARD it is our fault!


    • just you watch’ to war can bet on it....once again.....follow the hallibertton gets a big slice’o’the pie...welcome to the end of the roman empire pt.13.

      smell the fallout

    • Primary elections in some states are in June, but the main season runs from March to September.

    • Hey, they brought Bin Laden out of retirement, isn’t that good enough? Maybe Bin Laden will try to kill some more American liberals - this really hits the Bush administration where it hurts.

    • Do you mean like Sadam did when he gave up his weapons of mass destruction. The U.S. cares little whether their target countries comply.

      The neocons have an agenda to fulfill and have demonstrated that they will stop at nothing. It is a government gone amuk.

    • You are to generous my friend! George W. Bush, and his entire cabal should be tried for treason, and executed in the public square for the whole world to see.

    • The plot against Leo Blair was nothing to do with any form of terrorism but a bunch of extremist nutcases who allied themselves with Fathers 4 Justice in the UK.

      What angers me is the French and the British point of view in this, in the late 40’s America told those two countries they could not have nuclear weapons yet went ahead and did it anyway, it was ironic that with the UK, none of the nuclear projects could have existed with British expertise as it was Cambridge that split the atom, not as more widely thought, America who in fact started a fission reaction that was controlled but again British and French scientists collaborated in this and were still told no.

      So France and Britain are here and now, stating to all and sundry that Iran cannot follow its sovereign and independant right to pursue alternative energies, you never heard Britain and France squeal so badly when America told them no but now it seems these two countries forget their own histories.

      The US is getting ready for something, across the south west of England a full squadron of B-52’s was exercising we think with full AWACS support and low level fighter support, this will be where the payload will be delivered and it will come from British soil.

      Blair has sold the British military to Carlyle in any case if you watch the Qinetiq sell off and who buys it, he has become a traitor to his people by selling them into a war of huge human cost, sold the British into the beginnings of WWIV and all so he can cozy it up with his best mate Bush.

      EU countries no longer have death penalties, Blair should stand trial for treason and there should be an exemption of the DP just for him.

      My money is actually on Putin breaking out of the American ring of fire he found himself surrounded with, by working with Iran and Syria on mutual defence treaties, Bush is mad but is he mad enough to go head long with Russia, especially after it was revealed that the US anti-ballistic systems are still non functioning, with Russia successfully testing low level flight "untouchable" nukes and also Russia’s claim to have particle curtain technology, what we see is America launching nukes at Russia that bounce off, Russia launching nukes at America that hit home every time, Bush would lose if all is as said.

      But Iran could in fact accept the enrichment and ask Russia to "protect" her investments, we are forgetting that Russia has two large military contingents sitting in Syria, Bush thinks that if he rattles his sabre at them, the Russians will withdraw, Putin won’t and again Bush miscalculates heavily.

      China also has used heavy threats as well, it stated that anyone wants to interfere with China’s imports from the Middle East can talk about it with that large Chinese fleet and carrier group that is lurking near the Gulf, US forces are at their limit in Iraq so no help there, could China hold off the American fleets...?

      I think that if the US goes into Iran then the US will find itself under fire from a few directions, I thought it very good when Putin heavily armed Iran just before Xmas with state of the art Russian hardware and weaponry, Iran has also taken on more Kilo’s and ex Soviet Cruisers as well, shame they couldn’t land their hands on a Super Typhoon eh?

      So all in all, if Iran can stop making anti Israel remarks which alienate the worlds view, then Iran could get through this, each time the Iranian President makes one of his "wipe Israel off the map" type statements, world sentiment goes against him as he drops the ball.

      I think it is time for the brown trousers...


    • For Iran to give up its nuclear program would not be in its best interest. Iraq did that years before it was attacked. We attacked anyway. It is common knowlege now that no reasonable person can deny, that the US knew that Iraq had no WMD, so we made up "intellegence" claiming that it did. Iraq attempted to appease the US. It got them invaded and occupied. Iran learned from that experience. It has concluded that it needs to arm itself, including with nuclear power. It will make no difference however. We will have an act of "terrorism" at home and we will attack Iran, and then...? This is a very bad scenario, to say the least.

    • It really doesn’t matter where the oil comes from. It isn’t created overnight, and it isn’t likely to replace itself within our lifetime. Trees grow back, too, but that doesn’t mean the forest cover is unlimited. You can still cut them all down and then have none. It’s nice to think that a few thousand years from now, the human race may be able to have another try at technological civilization. But then again, it may not.

    • Watch for the date JUNE 6th 2006. Could be to good to pass up by the Satanists in charge in Washington. 06-06-06

    • Sorry the so called plot to kidnap Leo Blair was by "Fathers For Justice" not some hairy bloke in a cave in Afghanistan.


    • You have my vote on the punishment for treason! So, how do we pull that off again????

    • I agree with your insight on the date of 6-6-06 , seeing that all those rascals like numbers and stuff like that. I also have been watching that date and telling others also since Nov 05. after hearing the a New Movie is planned to be aired on 6-6-06 MARK OF THE BEAST. Go figure huh? Just a coincedense or do we see a patern here. along these same lines a similar Parrallel played out in Late 2005 where buy there was a 2 part Movie on TV " CATAGORY 9 " about Huge Tornadoes. Within that two week period follow each showing is when Our Midwest was hit with some of the most Deadly Tornadoes ever, and they were out of season also, as reported.
      I think their wheather modification program was working perfectly then huh?
      Here is the Biggest question I ask everyone. with all these catastrophies that have been happening back to 9-11, why hasn`t any person of Notiriety died are have been seriously injured in any of these? Those odds just Don`t happen. There was a Senators wife killed supposedly on the Pentagon plane. And she was ready to publish a book on all the Clinton scandles.. how convienant. Is it the entertainment Field that is prewarning all the Minons to stand clear or am I over thinking this. I don`t think so... Not with them odds

    • January 29th in Texas City or Houston. January 31 to February 2nd Charleston, SC there is a nuke drill taking place. Could this be another false flag operation? The same folks are in charge that "managed" the Hijacker Drill on Sep 11th.

      Some folks say the next target begins with the letter K.

    • Extremely well put about the God -> Man -> Government -> Corporations food chain. Unfortunately most Americans are too beer and footballed, baseballed, basketballed, hockeyed or otherwise time consuming side-lifed to understand or be aware of what goes on around them. Their mentality is to let the Government take care of things for them.

      Mr. Franklin, Mr. Payne, Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Adams, they’d all roll over in their graves to see the level of stupidity allowed to be created by Government in America. "Those that choose to give up liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security" - those words ring loud and clear now, but what can be done so late in the game?

      I believe in God, I respect my fellow man because God created them too, and love my country, but despise my Government and their Corporate schemes.

    • Oil and gas have been obsolete for 50 years. There are alternative fuels such as water for example that are workable and free to all asl souces of energy. Oil and gas have been kept as a only source, as we know it today, to keep control of us ALL and further control our destinies. End of Story

    • I know someone that has this. It is truly frightening, and he says it’s a nightmare to live with.

    • Is this called Morgellons? Is that what you are talking about?

    • I agree with the article, kit has been long comming, and I feel that in my lifetime I will see the fall of the U.S.
      The greed is rampant, the need for power, and control is beyond our thinking. It has been planned and set up for the last 90 years.
      We the individuals of the United States, must stand together or we will fall alone.

    • apparently those energy figures have been very much fabricated. go to and find out more.

    • I always wanted for the OPEC to go off the dollar peacefully, but after 911 and watching Arab extremists in action, I’m at odds.

      Actually we been the primary bag holder for years cause our dollar been suppoting globelism for many years before 911. WTC accelerated the process, but the dollar has been in jeopardy for years before that. This problem is not only ours, but also for those holding these dollars.

      They will lose their best customer and we will surely go back to producing our own goods and living as we should have been.

      I really doubt if the US is concerned about Iran or other Arab Countries accepting other than US dollars to settle their books.

      If the Arabs use Euros, the Europeans, China and India will be primary bag holders, then their currency will be spread all over the globe, plus they will have major losses in their current US Dollar holdings. Moreover their present dollar holdings will eventually effect their currency values and they will not be able to expand globally.

      If Iran used China’s currency for petrol she will lose her biggest customer and likely some European customers.

      Things are bad, but we must careful for what we are wishing for.

      America is the best place we’lll ever have the pleasure of living in.
      As for the terrorists distruction is the only cure for them.

    • George W. Bush is plaining on excapeing to another country before we get him own Treason.

    • Amen. Don’t forget to include the jesuits.

    • Funny, that is how we were led to iraq in the first place. Does the phrase "pre-emptive war" draw any parallels?

    • Vote? Like our votes matter anyways! The Illuminati puts into office just who "THEY" want in office. Voting is just a game to make us "feel" like we have a voice.

    • “Los Angles unified school system” back in the 70’s it was much harder than, but still one could be lost rather easily. Harder than what Mr educated?" The delusional leading the disillusioned; GOD help us! (I’M NOT PICKING ON YOU BY THE WAY)

    • I just hope that they are unable to make fuel out of water

    • Iran HAS no ’nukular ambitions’.

      Just like the German Reichstag (parliamentary building) has been torched to help the nazi’s expel communist influence (recall that germany had the ONLY profitable communist government, but that the international banking families living there were not happy with this and paid for hitler’s rise to power. Hitler turned on them out of fear they would eventually usurp him by funding his "successor" when they felt like it. As the Rothchilds were jewish, he went off on ALL jews, and missed the only ones he should’ve killed... the Rothschilds. Go figure he screwed up BIG.)

      The same way the nazi party torched that building to build their credibility that communists were the evil of the world, instead of the banking cartels, which Benjamin Franklin (who spent YEARS in england seeing first hand how the english national bank destroyed the wealth of that nation) and Jefferson who wrote on several occasions that if Congress were to give up its power to control currency and trade, and give it up to a private party, this private bank would usurp americans’ way of life. Jefferson is also quoted as writing to James Madison before the ratification, that "If there were a single ammendment I would make to the constitution, I would take away the governments ability to borrow money."


    • Everything changes in this world.It is a change that makes evolution.There will be no collapse of the US ecomomy.Simply it will be reduced to a great extent.That reduction in economy will mean a great loss of jobs and will considerably lower the standards of life for americans other than the top class,that is company owners,bankers,politicians and executive management.The US position as a military dominating nation over the rest of the world will remain for probably another generation, and that will be the main reason for the upcoming US economy decline.The US will be replaced as a superpower military dominating the world by China and its allies whoever they happen to be at that time.US economy decline will not be as a result of capitalism and its values as some might suppose,it will be the result of dictatiorship and militarism,not any different than Nazi Germany,which the US is being transformed into,by its leaders and government.

    • "Bush and his acolytes are as un-American as can be" are very mistaken, sir.

      Bush....saving your lily, liberal, pansy-ass whether you like it or not.

      You, sir, are the one who may be the most un-American of all because you refuse to see the situation for what it is....we just may have no choice but to go in and do what has to be done and against human beings who have demonstrated that they cannot and will not be reasoned with.

      You need to get real, mister.

    • You’re full of crap and REALLY UNDERESTIMATE your fellow Americans. And I thought I was hard on people!!!

    • You’re so full of it....just full of crap.

      George....saving your pansy-ass whether you like it or not.

      YOU, sir, should be made to apologize for your RIDICULOUS post in the town square to George, face to face, AND then I personally should get to flog you with a cat-o-nine tails.

    • It depends on what one is "disobeying", you moron.

      God "OBEY" authority. He sets up kingdoms and is perfectly capable of bringing them down, believe me. Quitcherbellyachin’ and go find a hobby or something.

    • "It is common knowlege now that no reasonable person can deny, that the US knew that Iraq had no WMD, so we made up "intellegence" claiming that it did. Iraq attempted to appease the US."

      It is common knowlege, and the reason it is common, is that commonly, people like you are extremely uninformed, and have an exceedingly short attention span. WMD was never a major reason reason for the war, that is just the part of the discussion you heard during the five minutes you were listening.

    • If this is true that Iraq did away with the dollar. Why was Sadam found in a cave with U.S. MONEY

    • No.

      Nuclear energy makes for great economic efficiencies, and being a signer of the NNPT they have a RIGHT TO ENRICH URANIUM.

      There is no threat to Zioland, they ofcourse having 100’s of nukes. MAD theroy ensures the peace. As a matter of fact if a third world country wants to avoid a US invasion - a nuke FTW!

      As a matter of fact Iran isn’t a threat to you or me at all. It is a threat to oilco’s. It will be pose more of a challenge to the ISraeli’s - let the Zionists deal with it.

    • include the nasty freemasons and the illuminatis,may they burn in hell forever,amein!

    • and you too! shall burn in hell with bush ah ha,ha,ha,ha

    • you need to repent ,and styfle your tongue and your threats or i’ll call on the Lord of all Lords no exactly what you filthy devil!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I see it like this. I would look for the government to continue the reports that Iran is attempting to develop a nuclear device, after which one might also expect some form of terrorist attack in U.S. We might see this after Iran is somehow drawn into the Israeli/Lebanese conflict, followed by U.S. support in the media of any Israeli retalliation. Nonetheless, after 911 it should be easy enough to see how quickly we Americans give up rights in order for a little supposed protection from the government. Sadly enough most American people don’t seem to understand that terrorism on U.S. soil starts in Washington.

    • Please support your ’nothing wrong with Bush’ attitude with evidence . . . LOL

    • Wow! You can’t even speak (or write, in this case) correct English!! Seriously, are you expecting me or ANYONE to deem you credible when something such as this spills forth from your feeble mind: ".. how can somebody who got any education...."? Are you expecting people to take you seriously? Then, when trying to pursuade people into thinking the outlandish, delusional notion that the US economy is certain to collapse, you use dignified and erudte terminology such as "fart". You’re sharp. You’re an impressive, masterful, dare i say, SUPERB forensic mastermind! Well, I’ll tell you this, you’ve got ME convinced! Excuse me while I go & withdraw all my money, shove it into a coffe can & bury it in my back yard! I’ll bet you consider as zenophobic (I know I spelled it wrong on purpose) anyone or anything whom or which does not agree with your radical & unsubstantiated claims. Right?

    • Melodramatic mensa-wannabe! Produce empirical evidence, please. (Look it up.)

    • As a casual observer you casually missed what actually occured... in reality.

      Throughout the entire Clinton administration, Saddam Hussein thwarted ALL, (yes ALL) UN, not USA, but UN Security Council demands to allow inspectors in to find and destroy what ALL (ALL, yes ALL... I will type it again so you can finally GET IT: ALL) the members of the UN Security counsil members agreed were WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!! Hello people! It wasn’t your favorite "demon" or "Hitler" (Goerge W.) but the UN SECURITY COUNCIL!!!!!!!!

      That body determined, UNANIMOUSLY, that Iraq had, held, maintained, and HID WMD’s. United Nations Security Council Resolution 687 passed in 1991 (hmmmmmmmm... who was President then?) called for Iraq to unconditionally accept the destruction, removal, or rendering harmless all chemical and biological weapons and all stocks of agents and all related subsystems and components and all research, development, support and manufacturing facilities; all ballistic missiles with a range greater than 150 kilometers and related parts and repair and production facilities and agree to urgent on-site inspection. Not good enough?

      That same world-governing body went on to state that it was aware of the use by Iraq of ballistic missiles in UNPROVOKED (emphasis mine) attacks and therefore of the need to take specific measures in regard to such missiles located in Iraq; concerned that Iraq has attempted to acquire materials for a nuclear-weapons programme contrary to its obligations under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons of July 1968.

      What happened?? Saddam, whom all you liberals are so wont to defend, did NOT comply nor did Bill Clinton lift a finger to make him comply.

      Then the UN Security Council passed Resolution 1441 which states in part (READ THIS BLEEDING_HEART LIBERALS!):


      (Again, a UNANIMOUS UN Security Council, NOT George W. Bush)

      “Recalling that its resolution 678 (1990) authorized Member States to use all necessary means to uphold and implement its resolution 660 (1990) of 2 August 1990 and all relevant resolutions subsequent to resolution 660 (1990) and to restore international peace and security in the area,

      Iraq has not provided an accurate, full, final, and complete disclosure, as required by resolution 687 (1991), of all aspects of its programmes to develop weapons of mass destruction

      Iraq repeatedly obstructed immediate, unconditional, and unrestricted access to sites designated by the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), failed to cooperate fully and unconditionally with UNSCOM and IAEA weapons inspectors, as required by resolution 687 (1991), and ultimately ceased all cooperation with UNSCOM and the IAEA in 1998,

      “Deploring the absence, since December 1998, in Iraq of international monitoring, inspection, and verification, as required by relevant resolutions, of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles, in spite of the Council’s repeated demands that Iraq provide immediate, unconditional, and unrestricted access to the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission , and regretting the consequent prolonging of the crisis in the region and the suffering of the Iraqi people,

      Iraq has failed to comply with its commitments pursuant to resolution 687 (1991) with regard to terrorism, pursuant to resolution 688 (1991) to end repression of its civilian population and to provide access by international humanitarian organizations to all those in need of assistance in Iraq

      rectifying Iraq’s continued failure to comply with relevant Council resolutions,

      With vitually YEARS to move, hide, dismantle, destroy or otherwise conceal weapons, missiles and their production & launch sites, that’s what Saddam did! Wouldn’t YOU? The WHOLE UN Security Council KNEW, they didn’t suspect, they KNEW Iraq had WMD’s. What more do you people need?????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Mark, Mark, Mark... you are well spoken but simple. Did you read what I posted? The war in Iraq was/is not unjustified nor illegal. Read the resolutions, man!! The fact remains that liberals have such a political zealousness that it blinds them to truth and makes them (read YOU) not merely disagree, but hate, and lie about, their opponents. Undeniable FACT: until Geoerge W. nobody, NOBODY had the balls to enforce the the long- and oft-ignored demands of the UN resolutions which Saddam simply LAUGHED at! And again, nobody had the balls to unseat the heathen, murderous, barbarous, sex-crazed, bigotted, genocidal, avaricious, woman-oppressing, equal-rights-violating, bad-moustache-wearing, evil-seed-bearing, piece-of-filth that is Saddam Hussein. Go ahead... rip on George W. and defend that worthless piece of humanity and all the crimes he committed the very LEAST of which were the crimes in violating and breaching many, many, many, many, many UN Resolutions.... which, by the way, justified the war... Mark.

    • Wow... simply brilliant!

    • What makes you think the Chinese Government cares about it’s people? I’m not aware of a lot of involuntary organ harvesting going on in the U.$..

    • Who do you think is buying those organs - Chinese peasants?

    • The whole Nuclear Story is a hoax by the media (especially Reuters!!!).
      They just need another excuse just like with Saddam in Iraq to invade the country. Otherwise nobody would support such actions. A scapegoath is always necessary to commit such a crime as was the case with Saddam Hussein. Now He’s dead and as we know the dead can’t talk. The current President Ahmadinedschad probably has just this purpose. I wouldn’t be surprised if he"follows" Saddam as soon as his "job" is done!

      Don’t forget: there is no free media!!! All media is owned by rich conservatives who are biased and just care for their own wealth. They don’t care about the people at all! To them we are just Goym (which mean less worth than animals!) always remember this...

    • Please don’t be so naive!

      Just open your eyes and start to educate yourselves. The threat is so obvious, but by watching all those mainstream media channels and actually believing them, too of course this story sounds crazy.

      Everybody should look on this site for more information. I urge you to click on the Audio file on the top of the Page (Smith-Money-Masters-disclaimer 2.6 mb)

      The truth is about to emerge!

    • You are totally right about this!

    • The suggestion of popular uprise as the means of correction is as old, as human society itself. What is new in our present situation however, is the vastly improved means of control by a minute minority. The main problem of humanity is the level of degredation deliberately inflicted on it by the ruling minority. It is doubtful, whether humanity is capable to recover. But the question remains; Are there any other options? Slavery is unacceptable!

    • why do we continue to remain complacent and naive and blindly tolerate what is happening before our eyes?? The U. S. Economy is not healthy — it is pretty obvious. One don’t need a bachelor or master’s degree to understand that under our present situation is dire and we all should awaken and make it known that we are aware and will correct our errors..

    • So true!! They are resposible too and anyone who tries to hold them responsible the ACLU steps in to cover them.

    • i agree that bush and the world bankers care for money and power only. they also want to reduce the world population so that they their families and friends have all the goodies left in the world. the bush family have made billions from every war since the us civil war. we will never have any piece in the world until the bankers are replaced with a fair and equal system of money for all people. the us manufacturing is all but gone in the country sold out to the greedy and crrookedcorps. they are building the space platforms with the sucker tax payers money so they can blow out while we all get cooked down below. as i am 75 i now feel the game has to be played out and who ever survives will know better and not let the evil ones have 90 % of the pie again. , i hope. good luck to those who make it out alive., eugene tano orig. n.j. usa

    • yea.....lets go in and take back our country.....get the crooks out such as bush and all the little rats that are stealing america blind ......get rid of the feds and irs and the bankers that have destroyed america.....only one man can do the job (dr. ron paul) ......or we will see america go down like you never seen it before food no gas all the truckers will stop then see what will happen the gov already is in stalling check points in all the weigh stations they have all your imformation.......its time to take it back......

    • correct on every point, good job. The U.S. is finished and the collapse is about to happen. the attack on iran will finish us. I my opinion, the U.S. died when those vile bankers got the Feferal Reserve Act passed in 1913

    • too late , by doing nothing for so long change has come to us !

    • You have also conveniently failed to mention that a lot of illegal biological and chemical weapons were supplied to Iraq by the western powers during the Iran - Iraq war.

    • As If Afghanistan and Iraq had anything to do with the inside job 9/11.
      What make’s you think anything said or done could have prevented these invasions.
      Ziebig Brezinski in his book The Grand Chessboard. Years earlier had predicted conflict in these areas the elites need to control the energy resources.
      Their global money system starts breaking down if industry is at a standstill.

    • Do you not think you have been spoon fed some crap from the government controled media to justify their actions?

  • An item or two of interest:

    Back in the mid-early 1970’s, Lynn LaRouche (yes, that famous one,) suggested and to a degree started advising the Arabs on forming a Arabdollar for oil exchange. His ideas got the ear of King Faisel of Saudi Arabia and in 1975 the king was killed by an assassin. The killer turned out to be one of the king’s nephews who had a girlfriend while he studied in the U.S. who was CIA. There were all kinds of speculations and data — all of it was coverd up over time and the story forgotten.

    Item 2) The countries who are holding large amounts of dollars cannot readily dump them in any large quantities because it will make their remaining holdings worth less in propotion of the value lost in selling the dollars. They must more carefully. But in the long term the dollar will be worthless — 9 out of 10 venues are dollar losses, while one is dollar parity in the medium term and that is war... Sigh.

  • It would be very interesting to hear if other Americans have also discovered how their banks and Homoland Security are discussing what to do with their personal property.

    Keep in mind that many of today’s bank deposit boxes have Diebold locks on them - Diebold, the same folks who delivered the presidency to the shrub.

    • Read the No Child Left Behind Act carefully, then take a look at a state’s implementation policy for it (Illinois, for example). Now add in the way the Workforce Investment Act has been amended prior to reinstatement; once banned faith based, and corporate interests are in and consumer and children’s advocates that were mandatory have been removed. When put together, an agenda to corral, institutionalize and put to work anyone who is low income, minority or disabled.
      Congress has gone so far as to draft a parental notification law that states " Because of the subjectivity of psychiatric diagnosis, it is all too easy for a psychiatrist to label a person’s disagreement with the psychiatrist’ politiical beliefs a mental disorder"
      As far as the banks go, I started taking my money out iin small zmounts last month

    • Just heard today that our local banks (rural ohio) are getting the same training regarding keeping people from their money and safe deposit boxes. Found out when a friend went in and asked her banker friend what to do with some money that they got from a land sale and the banker friend said to get a tin can and bury it in the back yard. Didn’t go into great detail but it was a wink and nod kind of situation. Don’t know how long the training has been/will be going on but will try to find out more tomorrow.

  • I am no fan of the current U.S. administration, or of the U.S. tout court, but how do we know this is not just idle scaremongering? The information is not sourced. And why would the U.S. launch a war against Iran in the next few months if the government and economy of the country are going to collapse soon? How on earth can a country whose government and economy has collapsed carry out a war (thousands of miles away)? This article doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

    Social Democracy Now

    • To the contrary, there are literally thousands of source articles which go into great depth about the impending attack on Iran - you must devote a little time finding/reading them.

      I know an invasion of Iran sounds scary, insane even - still, we must face the prospect of this invasion and the realities of its consequences.

      You will never hear the real reason for attacking Iran - more than likely, just as the self-inflicted wound of 911 was used to create public support for the genocide in Iraq, another "terrorist" event will precede war against Iran.

      In addition to shoring up the U.S. dollar (at the expense of countless innocent lives), I can think of many reasons the U.S., Great Britain and Israel want to attack Iran. As with Iraq and the whole region in general, some of those reasons are:

      - assist Israel in its Holy war against Islamic nations in the middle east

      - secure another permanent U.S. military base in the region

      - insure a conduit for George Herbert Walker Bush, Sr.’s ongoing illicit narcotics trafficking

      - rob the natural and cultural wealth of Iran

      - develop & refine population control tactics to eventually be used against Americans

      - test biological and chemical weapons on real people (including U.S. troops)

      - control a vast field of the world’s accessible oil reserves

      - create and maintain a market for arms manufacture and sales

      - charge U.S. tax payers billions for more "work" contracts that are never honored

      - continue to kill & cripple America’s young men/women ...leaving the country defenseless against NATO troops once Bush declares martial law and the Constitution is suspended

      It’s no secret how the Bush administration uses every opportunity within the controlled media to launch dismissals of any facts and its agents go to great lengths to avoid telling the public the truth and accepting any responsibility.

      Americans have been duped by a criminal, fascist regime intent on dividing further the gap between the haves & the have-nots, the ultra wealthy and the poor. Since Americans won’t get off their fat lazy assess and assemble in unity against these traitors who’ve seized control of the country, the nation’s imminent destruction is now at hand.

      Never kid yourself, the international banking community is a full partner in a British/Israeli plan to destabilize and destroy the U.S. - they will do everything in their power to avoid diverting funds and resources away from their military objectives in the Middle East.

      Besides, the ultimate goal is to DESTROY the United States anyway - in order for the elite to move more quickly towards their globalist agenda - "they" win either way.

      Don’t ask me who "they" are specifically, however, I think it’s more than apparent that whoever the entity is, they are fully committed to enslaving the sum of mankind everywhere, even if they have to poison the entire world in the process.

      # # #

    • But if the invasion of Iran is to be carried out under the pretext of another "terrorist" attack, where will this attack take place? Maybe I am placing too much faith in the common sense of my countrymen, but it seems that if another terror attack happened in any major city in the US, people would be just as likely to not give a damn who did it and blame BushCo for letting it happen again (oor just blame BushCo for doing it).

      Maybe that’s what the concentration camps are for -even the administration knows we won’t fall for that again.

    • You wrote:

      "And why would the U.S. launch a war against Iran in the next few months if the government and economy of the country are going to collapse soon? How on earth can a country whose government and economy has collapsed carry out a war (thousands of miles away)?"


      First you need to realise that the economic collapse of the US will not effect those in control of the country, only the population, the little people - they will carry the can. You also need to realise that war is very good for the economy, and essential in times of economic depression (regardless of the fact that the depression has been manipulated). War generates large orders for "defence" (more appropriately "offence") contractors - companies like Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin etc. (and don’t forget that many politicians have positions on the boards of these companies and/or lots of stock holdings). The money that the government uses to pay these contactors comes from the sizeable US "black economy", which is sourced from stolen iraqi oil and natural resources, CIA drug traffiking etc etc. So the US economy will "crash". The leaders will remain in power unaffected. US citizens will lose their jobs, many will lose their homes. Many will struggle to feed themselves. Meanwhile, the "war on terror" will continue.

    • Dear People,

      Some of you folks really need to get back on your medications. America is now the "Great Satan" to you. Good is evil and evil is good to you. George Bush is evil and Senator Kennedy is good. A social democracy is preferred over a republic. Amorality, immorality are preferred over morality. Elvis is alive and God is dead. Whew! I’m so glad that I am 65 years old. You don’t even have a clue what’s wrong - not even the slightest clue.


    • QUOTE another "terrorist" event will precede war against Iran UNQUOTE...YES! Osama BL just happened to threaten the US about an imminent attack, giving the US population fair warning. It’s just like the puppet show where the actor changes his voice depending what persona he is acting. So now you know it’s coming any time soon, then it will be traced to Iran as part of the axis of evil, and there you go. Already Israel is blaming the latest bombing in Tel Aviv on Iranian subjects.

      Another thing: QUOTE continue to kill and cripple America’s young men/women...UNQUOTE yes! And those who are not Iraq vets have a high chance of being hog-tied by their own obesity. McDonald and all fast food operators are part of a conspiracy to render the population too fat to fight!

    • Why do people keep babbling about Bush being a Fascist? Fascism is National Socialism. Bush is an International Socialist, that is, a Communist. He has shown a dislike of Americans amounting almost to hatred. The only National Socialism or Fascism that Bush supports is Israli Zionism. I suppose the answer to my question is that Liberals can’t bear to criticize their beloved Communism and so have to blame Bushes crimes on their hated Fascist enemies.

    • So what you’re saying, then, is that the US economy won’t collapse, because the Iran war will function as a Keynesian stimulus. I think you’ve just conceded my point.


    • Wrong, there are thousands of articles of scaremongering. The specific claims are never substantiated. Indeed, this article makes some highly specific claims professing inside knowledge. Such statements could be entirely made up. How does this writer know what’s happening in top financial circles? Come on, a fraction of a fraction of a percent of the world’s population are tuned in to what’s being decided in elite financial circles.

      I find it amazing that so many people think they know what the neocons are planning to do. I think they’re keeping us guessing, but if they’re going the United Nations way, there’s a few months of intimidation to go (at least) before they would get to the point of attacking.

    • Thank you! I have been reading this drivel for the past half hour wondering exactly who these paranoids were and had finally come to the conclusion that they were just the same old hate America first crowd with their " I hate ’W’" and "I hate the Jews" and "The world will come to an end if the U.S. is left under the control of someone that I didn’t vote for". These folks would be better off trying to figure out a way to stop the "rogue planet from the invisible solar system" that other nuts claim is on its way to destroy the earth.

    • You said it! iam from california and you just said what I keep saying to people, there Fu$#%$^&* brain dead out here.

      Keep fighting the good fight.

    • we all know who they are the Illuminati,skull and bones,33 degree masons,which is the beast system to come 666 and is now here for all you bible believers,Rev 18th chpt says this will be destroyed by Jesus Christ in one hour,have heart folks we may starve to death and be in concentration camps of fema,but in the end these bastards wont be able to buy a lousey hotdog,we true believers must keep our faith,hell I am a 63 yr old vietnam vet,they those wonderful dem s are as evil as the bush fascists,stock up on food and ammo and ride it out is my advise.

    • Mike,

      You’re an idiot. Bush is truly evil. So is Cheney. Those two, along with others, engineered 9-11. Wake up.

    • You need to study Italian fascism more than German fascism. In democratic capitalism, the people (supposedly) own the government and the corporations according to democratic capitalistic propaganda. In socialism/communism, the people (supposedly) own the government which owns the corporations according to socialist/communist propaganda. But in fascism (in the Italian Mussolini sense, predating Nazi Germany by more than a decade in the 1920s) the corporations own the government and the people (look up the quote to this effect by Mussolini himself in the Encyclopedia Italia). The three systems form a very fascinating trio of three triangles in the end. Draw three triangles. Label one triangle democratic capitalism. Label one triangle communism (or its euphemism, socialism). Label one triangle fascism (in the Italian sense). On each triangle label each vertex: the people, government, and corporations. For each ownership direction that I state above, draw an arrow from the appropriate owner vertex to the appropriate owned vertex. This will be one of the early stages in your journey to deprogram yourself from the propaganda that you constantly receive.

      In this Italian sense of fascism, the Cheney administration’s (with Bush as a mere figurehead) America is truly fascist. Instead of one man one vote, we have one dollar one vote in a government that is entirely controlled by corporations, enacting laws to assure direct corporate control of the people and indirect corporate control of the people via a government controlled by corporations. What is funny (in a vomit-causing sick laughter-in-disgust that sane commonfolk living in Nazi Germany of the 1930s must have felt) is that the died-in-the-wool flag-waving average Republican doesn’t see how this great democracy is being dismantled one stage at a time.

      What is personally horrifying to me is that I am ethnically German, whose ancestors immigrated from German states in the 19th century. Until the Cheney Administration, I always wondered what the heck happened in Nazi Germany and why commonfolk didn’t fix the big problem in their government. I always wondered what it was like to be a common person in Nazi Germany. I wonder this, because as an ethnic German I wonder if a German is born with Nazi German tendencies built into the DNA. Sadly, my casual wondering over the years has been horrifyingly answered since 2000.

      May God have mercy on us.

    • Dear Mike The wise speak only of what they know. I believe it is you who have no clue. It has always amazed me how alike we humans are to ostriches, particularly in America, the land of the enslaved and home of the terminally deluded. We have a propensity for burying our heads firmly in sand, leaving you know what exposee to exploitation. And there seems no lack of jackels hanging around happy to do the deed. God help all the sheeple, we’re gonna need it.. R

    • To the 65-year-old American ridiculing those of us against the Bush administration:

      I can well understand that you don’t want to think of our government as a nation carrying out evil deeds, and neither do I. (I’m also American, at least right now, and used to support what I thought was generally a ’good’ institution). However, it is indeed doing so. For your own protection, you must learn why so many of us are so critical of the current administration, and U.S. government policies. Otherwise, you will never understand - and will die not knowing what’s really going on...

      If you’re interested, some worthwhile books, in alphabetical order :

      "(The) 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions", by D. R. Griffin ;
      (This author is a calm, analytical writer - who really does his homework... He has appeared on C-SPAN)

      "9/11 Synthetic TERROR - Made in USA", by W.G. Tarpley;
      ""Addicted to War - Why the U.S. Can’t Kick Militarism", by J. Andreas;
      "American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush", by K. Phillips;
      "(The) Best Democracy Money Can Buy", by G. Palast
      (details how the 2000 Presidential election was stolen);

      "(The) Book on Bush - How George W. (Mis)leads America", by E. Alterman & M. Green;
      "Bushwhacked : Life in George W. Bush’s America " , by M. Ivins, L. Dubose;
      "Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil " ,
      by C. A. Fitts (Foreword), Mi. C. Ruppert ;

      "Forbidden Truth: U.S.-Taliban Secret Oil Diplomacy, Saudi Arabia and the Failed Search for bin Laden", by W. Madsen (Foreword), et al;

      "Had Enough? : A Handbook for Fighting Back" , by J. Carville ;
      "Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance (The American Empire Project) ", by N. Chomsky;
      "Killing Hope : U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II_Updated Through 2003", by W. Blum ;
      "Neo-Conned! Again : Hypocrisy, Lawlessness, and the Rape of Iraq", by J. Sharpe (Editor), D. O’Huallachain (Editor);

      ** "(The) New Pearl Harbor - Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11 (Updated Edition with a new afterword)", by D. R. Griffin;

      ** "(A) People’s History of the United States: 1492-Present", by H. Zinn;
      "Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower" , by W. Blum;
      "Rogue State: America at War with the World" , by T. D. Allman;
      "Stupid White Men ...and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!" , by M. Moore;
      "Weapons of Mass DECEPTION", by S. Rampton & J. Stauber;
      "Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush" , by J. W. Dean ;
      "You’re Not Stupid! Get the Truth: A Brief on the Bush Presidency", by W. J. Cox .

      (note: The books with ** in front are VERY important books, in my opinion. They’ve literally helped open my mind. )

      PS- The recent speech by Mr. David Ray Griffin (concerning the 9/11 attacks, entitled, " 9/11 and the American Empire: How Should Religious People Respond? " ) can be read here:

      PPS- For anyone who still thinks U.S. presidential elections are actually democratic, below are some URLs about the stolen 2004 U.S. presidential election:

      (Still-good as of 5/2005) :
      Row After Columnist’s Article On Stolen 2004 Election
      Worse Than 2000: Tuesday’s Electoral Disaster
      Kerry Won. Here are the Facts.
      Media Black Out on Vote Fraud Allegations
      Why We Must Not "Get Over It"
      (this is a re-direct from Green Party’s site,
      Congressman accuses Ohio of stonewalling, obstructing state’s recount
      Ohio Attorney-General’s attack on election protection attorneys draws mountain of documentation on state’s stolen election, including new study on exit polls

      General URLs about our election system: (Bev Harris)

      Peace to you,

    • So you were 25 years old the year I was born. I can’t imagine your perspective, or knowledge is all that much different from mine. So do tell. Give us a clue.

    • 40 years old mike, your right.have no idea whats going on enlighten me please.the cook

    • Isn’t war one of the best ways to get your economy going there is no doubt either the U.S or Israel will attack Iran, they better think twice because it probably won’t be a walk over like the Iraq war.

    • I think your comments are very amusing and without substance and sarcastic.

    • Now where the hell are all of those tens of millions of Indians? They were just here in the Americas a few centuries ago. Oh well, they must have gotten bored with the scenery and left.

    • Mike,
      Go back to listening to Rush Limpballz tell you what to think.
      Go back to sleep.
      All is okay.
      Everything is fine.
      Your gov’t cares for you,
      right up ’til they kill you.

    • What’s not right about the Osama Bin Laden audio tape. One thing that the Bush administration does well is manage perceptions of the public. Amid protests over the NSA wiretapping, the extension of the Patriot Act, and the nomination of neo-Fascist Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, an audio tape on Osama Bin Laden is sent to Al Jazzera. On the tape, Bin Laden suddenly veers from being a traditional right-wing Wahhabi fanatic to the right of the House of Saud to a leftist progressive. The tape by Bin Laden was quickly verified as "authentic" by a CIA that is now firmly in the grasp of neo-cons under Porter Goss.
      However, the tape is an obvious fake being used by the Bush administration to scare Americans into believing "Al Qaeda" is making plans for another attack and an attempt to link Bin Laden to Democrats.

      The reason the tape is as phony as Niger yellowcake documents and Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction is as plain as day. Bin Laden quotes from the introduction of a book written by long-time Washington, DC progressive author and journalist, Bill Blum. Bill was once an editor and contributor to Covert Action Quarterly, a magazine devoted to exposing CIA operations like the arming, funding, and training of Bin Laden and his mujaheddin guerrillas during the Afghan-Soviet war.

      The Bush perception managers are either incredibly stupid or are trying to ensnare liberal journalists as aiders and abettors of Al Qaeda, something that is certainly within their scope. Bin Laden quotes the following passage from Blum’s book, Rogue State: "If you (Americans) are sincere in your desire for peace and security, we have answered you. And if Bush decides to carry on with his lies and oppression, then it would be useful for you to read the book Rogue State, which states in its introduction: ’If I were president, I would stop the attacks on the United States: First I would give an apology to all the widows and orphans and those who were tortured. Then I would announce that American interference in the nations of the world has ended once and for all.’"

      Bogus tape alert! The Bin Laden tape plugging Bill Blum’s book Rogue State is a ridiculous neo-con forgery and we Americans just beleive whatever the White House tells us. Next thing you know the White House will say that Iran is threatening us with their nuclear weapons and delivery systems just like Iraq did.

    • Just how can you possibly not see the evil of George Bush and his Junta, what does it take, he lied to start a war that has killed many thousands, he and his cronies have plundered the US economy of billions of dollars, this so called "Christian" fights for his right to torture people, this monster allowed a huge American city to be destroyed and purposefully, and now he says he breaks the law, because he wants to, and he will continue to do so, he swears as he says the the Constitution is just a G.D. piece of paper, and you think he’s a good guy. Have you every felt like being an American First, rather than a republican First?

    • Mike,

      What really needs to happen is for everyone to get off his or her Medication! Eat right so that they can have a clear head and then maybe some of us will learn from history that we don’t know whom we can trust. If this type of misinformation continues it could cause the war! It is misinformation because the Corporate Government is a de facto government and is already broke! That is why they had to create privy tokens for all of us to use as money! When they want the game to be over is when it will be over. And until enough people learn about the de facto government nothing will happen. When enough of us learn the truth then they most likely will close the banks.

      Now that you are 65 maybe you will have some time to learn that it is up to the people and in my opinion, there is not enough people that know the truth! I don’t even know if I know the whole truth and until we get enough whistle blowers we may never know for sure!

      /S/ Steven Pattison

      Ps. for all you people that don’t know, the people that want to know who you are have the ability to find who you are no matter if you use your full name of not!! If you want to know who I am do a word search on for "Steven Pattison".

    • EXCELLENT COMMENTS !!! Good for you ! How can people STILL BELIEVE in the goodness of our government ? The American people are completely deceived and some of them LIKE being deceived and so they stay that way ..........OSTRICHES IN TOTAL DENIAL !

    • THEY include the Brzezinski-Kissinger crowd. There are some right wing sites that have a list of statements made by these guys AND Bush 41 AND Clinton with regards to turning the USA over to a "communist" global government — RUN BY CORPORATIONS.

      Whether it’s Fascism or Communism is a debate with no end. Col. Mandell House who founded the CFR had high praise for Marx and for implementing Stalin’s ideal. (Jimmy Carter had 278 CFR people on staff and was essentially ’elected’ by their "sister" org, the Tri-Lateral Commission created by Rockefeller and Brzezinski.)

      SO, Communism as practiced by Stalin, probably yes.

      Communism as represented by grassroots anarcho-syndicalism — grassroots democracy, watchful oversight by the people — that’s a different communism.

      Mises or Rothbard called the Neo-cons something like "inverted communism", certain elements of Stalinism mixed with Hitlerist Fascism. It doesn’t have to follow any formula exactly.

      One thing it’s not is Liberty.

      Look up the or stuff on the Tri-Lateral Commission. It’s not a sewing club or a poker club. They meet to run the world, and they are not elected. Nuff said.

      BTW, Zbignew Brzezinski FOUNDED Al-Qaida
      and here’s a quote by him:

      "The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values (of Liberty). Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities." ---
      Zbigniew Brzezinski

    • Yes, I totally agree with this comment! Only people who are brainwashed and do not know real History can call G. W. Bush a "fascist". And why, for heaven’s sakes are they doing this ad nauseam? He is a total Communist, who is more and more the look-and-act-alike the murderer and super-dictator Joseph Stalin, yet nobody seem to mention his name.

  • "With the Voice of the Dragon"

    Inasmuch as Jesus is referred to as "the Lamb"—who taught the ’resurrection’ as a Doctrine of ’Rebirth’, and who stated that Satan is the "father of lies" (John 8:44)—the beast with ’two horns like a lamb (sic) that speaks with the voice of the dragon’ (the voice of Satan, the voice of the media—Revelations 13:11) is a symbol for Christianity; which, like Judaism and Islam, teaches, instead, that the resurrection’ is the physical raising of a dead body from the grave.

    But lambs do not have ’two horns’.

    Goats have two horns.

    Thus, Christianity is the Teaching of Jesus to the same extent that ’lambs have two horns’. And, thus, the ’separation of the sheep from the goats’ (Matthew 25:33) refers to the separation between those who believe the Doctrine of the ’resurrection’ as taught by Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jesus and Mohammed as opposed to those who believe the doctrine of a physical ’resurrection’ from the grave.

    Those who believe that the ’resurrection’ is a Doctrine of ’Rebirth’ are on the ’right hand’, while those who believe that the ’resurrection’ is not a Doctrine of ’Rebirth’ are on the ’left hand’. (See, also, the parallel Revelations in the Koran.)

    In addition, the "whore of Babylon" was, first of all, a symbol for, especially, the economic power of Rome (the city built on seven hills).

    Theologically, the "whore of Babylon" refers to the fundamental errors of Jewish, Christian and Muslim theology concerning the ’resurrection’, which constitute the foundation of the current international economic system.

    Economically, the "whore of Babylon" can only refer to the United States and its economic allies; primarily Christian Europe and other countries whose economies are tied very directly to the economy of the United States (Japan and South Korea, for example).

    Translation: the initiation of a war with Iran will result in the collapse of the international economic system as described in Revelations 18 (6+6+6).


    posted by Michael @ 1:51 @

    • blah blah blah blah.... we have been hearing that the US economy is going to collapse for years now. The debt credit economy in essence could go on and on for many years........

    • ...oh yes, you are invincible, you’re bullet proof, you are part of the greatest, most powerful, well-informed population on earth - NOT - you are delusional, selfish and critical - you don’t give a damn about anyone but yourself - nothing at all matters unless it’s your ass on the line.

      Yet this time, your butt is overextended and the rest of the world’s problems are about to be placed at your doorstep - I can probably say in all honesty that you deserve it too.


      # # #

    • Sorry, but the U.S. and its economy are not invincible ...Americans continue to believe they’re bullet proof, that they’re part of the greatest, most powerful, well-informed population on earth - NOT - most are delusional, selfish and apathetic - the majority don’t seem to care about anything unless it’s their own a*ss on the line.

      Yet this time, their tails are overextended and the rest of the world’s problems are about to be placed at their doorstep - I can only hope that I’m wrong.

      # # #

    • I’m not unwilling to agree that the debt-credit economy can ,and probably willmgo on for years,if not endlessly.My only concern is : who’s gonna pay for it ?The poor from all countries,from the poor countries,of course, but the poor from Europe and the US too.
      For how long are we gonna alow this to go on ?

    • The anglo american globalized market dictatorship have now since it started in Bretton Woods, finally reach it´s end.

      Any move by backtied puppet little-brittain is a dead end, while the rest of €U must abandon the sinking ship, This means that the USraeli satanic forces only option is to continue thir path towards final destruction...

    • I gather the Treasury informed the British Government we could not afford a war with Iraq, but we went in all the same. Now the European Commission is about to trigger legal action against the UK over an excessive budget deficit.
      Expect the pound to fall?
      If Iraqi oil is worth $100-150m a month and the war costs (the American taxpayer) $5billion a month, it is easy to see who is making the money and who is profiting? War sucks.
      Southern England

    • oh ok then......shall we just wait until america goes bust.

      let them carry on destroying the world until the bust.

      yeah sure,disinfo.

    • There is so much more (probably) going on behind the scenes that people don’t know about, yet fearmongers propose doomsday scenarios looming on the immediate horizon. Always have, always will. The ruling class knows what it is doing, and is acting on plans made with full intelligence available. I think you have to trust them to do what is best, even though at the same time I don’t understand it, but that is just because we don’t have full knowledge of all of what the real facts are. Sometimes an action can seem strange or "bad", but without full knowledge of the alternative scenarios that were most likely to have played out, but a snapshot view of a seemingly "bad" action is meaningless, divorced from all the other relevant facts and possible scenarios. I admit I don’t understand the reasons why the admin does certain things, but in the grand scheme of it all, they’re interests are at maintaining US hegemony and strength.
      As much as I have patriotic blood, I also see a need to support the decision-makers. As Churchhill and others have commented, during war, there are truths so precious that they must be guarded with lies. You’ve got to figure that the enemies of the US would desire to de-stabilize its economy. In such a threat, a response would be expected, as a defense.

      How can Iran justify needing nuclear power, when it is sitting on oceans of oil ? I tend to be anti-nuclear, since, while in theory fission is a viable source of energy, history has shown man’s ability to safely implement it from an engineering standpoint is not on parity with operational theory. Building further nuclear plants leads to more pollution in an already-dirty world. Since they are not likely out to use this solely for "energy" purposes, one must weigh a world scenario where Iran is armed with nuclear weapons. This goes against the nuclear non-proliferation treaties many nations have been working on since the early 1960’s, and Iran having nuclear capability seems on its face to be a step backwards. It is indeed a delicate situation we face - a lttle scary, but our leadership is experienced and informed and will do the right thing.

    • You are correct. Your economy could go on and on for many years. I hope it does.But......
      If kept on spending beyond my means, I would be in trouble.
      If I kept on borrowing money, I would be in trouble. Why? Because I do not have the means to pay my loans back but I am still spending money like there was not tomorrow. Something has to give and that could be my economy. Sound familiar?

      I do wonder why gold is at an all time high. Do you?
      I do wonder why countries are shying away from U.S. currency. Do You?
      I do wonder why large corperations are moving out of your contry and setting up shop in foreign countries. Do you?

      You have a great country with great people. I should know beacuse I’m Canadian and I hope your land of the free stays healthy for many, many years to come.

    • An AGENT are you?

    • Mr. blah, blah, blah: Thank you for your vast insight. You should do absolutely nothing then. Continue to sit on your apathetic butt (which is most likely bloated also) and be a sheep. That’s just fine. Be smug, skeptical, and caustic towards any and all information that threatens your limited view of the World. Keep waiting for the "truth" to appear on CNN and Fox News. Maybe you might get some valuable information from People Magazine too. Do you not think that over the last couple centuries there have not been literally millions of intelligent people who lost their lives because they were unable to pull theirs heads out of their arses until it was too late? And I guarantee you there were many with more education, money, and "connections" than you have. Are your affairs in order? Do you truly own your house or vehicles? Any money in the market or savings accounts? How much water, food, or batteries do you have in your home right now? What do you think your neighbor is capable of if pushed to the brink? That’s fine though. Go to Starbuck’s for your latte, put those new 20 inch rims for the Escalade on the credit card, and watch some soothing T.V. tonight. Forget all about any and all distressing information, regardless of its accuracy. Just do nothing, it’s your choice.

    • Right on my friend - I couldn’t agree more. This whole thing is stage managed nicely. The elite have the plan - then use the media to sell it and we live the role.

    • MR., Most of your canned diatribe is identical to the mushroom feeding of the other media(?) AP READERS........when you weasels want to turn a buck, the first line of nonsene is WELL informed, Most Intellectial, etc and then refer to those same sheeple as apathetic......the priest/media and monk/professors in conjunction with the secret meeting chosen few have all the appear to be a small tale teller doing the will of your double speak guys hate the pres. and VP ........As both are kin of robert the bruce, I personally hold them in high regard.....THE BRUCE whipped the lousy BRITS aRses.........oh,you’re not a brit are you ????You guys don’t realize the Irish and scots have lived like cagged animals since the 1100’s.......WELL PILGRIM, those days are over !!!!!!You better climb on the celtic IRISH bandwagon soon or YOU’LL FIND YOURSELF CUTTING BAIT !!!!!!! EH,JOLLY GOOD...CHEERIO,CHEERIO...

    • Iraq oil is worth about US$4 Billion a month (1.9MM x $70 per bbl X 31 Days).

    • I don’t doubt that the credit economy can keep going for some time....the question is how long?
      The longer it goes on, the worse the economic fundamentals will get, and the worse and harder to avoid will be the fall.

      If you want to read some serious economic discussion of this, try reading Bonner and Wiggin’s best-selling book "Empire of Debt: The Rise of an Epic Financial Crsis". (That is, if you can find a copy....last I heard Amazon was sold out.)

      It is a serious discussion by real economists, and is recommended reading by some of the leading economic journals. If found it so riveting, that I couldn’t put it down, until I had read it straight through.

      The assumption of many people like you, is that Asian countries like Japan and China will be forced to continue buying US debt, because if they don’t, the US economy will collapse, and so they would lose their export market, and that would hurt them too much. So, in self-defense, they will continue to buy worthless US bonds.

      That is, indeed, the only thing that is keeping us from collapse at this time.

      But, throughout history, the fundamental value of a currency, is based on the economic output of a country. As China becomes the major manufacturer in the world, and the US output shrinks to almost nothing, the fundamental fact is that our currency has no real value, and we are just buying time by assuming that the Asian countries will continue to bail us out, by buying our debt.

      The trouble is, by selling debt, we are in essence, printing more money. By issuing no-interest loans, and continuing to fuel the economy by consumer indebtedness, inflation is inevitable. (In fact, inflation is starting to take off.) As long as there is inflation, the price of gold will go up (gold has more than doubled, since Bush took office, as a result of his incredibly high deficit spending).

      The longer we fool ourselves into thinking the Asians will bail us out, the worse inflation will get, and the higher the price of gold. At some point the Asians will increase their gold holdings (countries like Russia have just announced they are doing just that.) For China to increase their gold holdings by just 5%, I think I heard, would mean something like 67% of the world’s gold supply....thus resulting in another phenominal increase in the value of gold.

      The point is, these factors are completely out of our control.

      The longer our debt economy lasts, the worse off the economic fundamentals will be. And there has never been a time in history, when the economic fundamentals didn’t rule in the end.

      My worst concern, is that if, and when, we finally collapse, how will we be able to recover? In previous economic collapses, we were still one of the only industrial countries in the world. So, it was just a matter of finally getting it together, and getting the capital together, to fund our recover. But now, with places like China and India taking the economic lead, with people working for 16 cents/ could we ever recover to the point of competing in the world, without lowering our standard of living to that of a third world country?

    • You are a disinformation plant, employed by the criminal government. Lies, lies and more lies.

    • Good grief, you’re off your fucking rocker.

    • It might seem brutal, but they had it coming.
      Big time.

      Destroyed their own country, and millions of their countrymen, in a worthless imperialist war with their own blood-relatives (the Tsar, Kaiser and King of England were all first cousins).
      They were arrogant, selfish, venal, corrupt, decadent and imperious bastards.

      In fact, Bolshevik elimination of the rotten and treasonous Romanovs may have been one of the few arguably justifiable "crimes"attributed to Lenin and Trotsky.

    • I’ll bet that you think that execution on these lines is what you’d want for anyone that doesn’t vote as you do, right?

    • Thats why we got m-16 and f-16!

    • Amen brother you nailed it.I coundnt agree more.P.S TO THE REST OF YOU OUT THERE,WAKE UP.THE ALARMS BEEN GOING OFF FOREVER ALREADY.

    • goes to show how unsmart you are.

    • To: "THE BRUCE" (?)
      From "S.I." (an American, which I presume you are, as well)

      What’s with the above spiel? It almost seemed as if you had a personal vendetta or something, in your response (?) If you are going to critique someone’s opinion - Please do it politely, in a respectful manner, and coherently (!). Also, I’ve a question for you - Your comment, "As both are kin of robert the bruce, ..." means what exactly? Simply that you support Bush & Cheney? Looking forward to reading your reply.


    • good on ya mate. the bully should always be flogged

    • Although I firmly believe that the Cheney Administration is pure evil, here is how the American economy in its current dire trouble can be made nearly invincible:

      1) Convince nearly all governments worldwide to absolve the USA for all future crimes against humanity and to not bring such a case in the new International Criminal Court (ICC).

      2) Secretly develop several new weapons systems, for which there have been a few clues that they are under development in the USA:
      2A) convenient assassinations [DoD]: a microwave beam weapon from space that can literally cook the flesh of any world leader who refuses to comply with the USA’s crimes against humanity;
      2B) convenient genocide [DoE, to bypass treaties that the Cheney Administration interpret as governing only DoD]: a genotype-based fatal disease that kills only one targeted race/ethnic group, such as those who are viewed by bigots as the lesser races of the historically Third World who are now leaving their centuries-old solar economy to compete for petroleum consumption and such as those who posess large quantities of resources needed by a world-domination empire;
      2C) satellite elimination [DoD]: a beam weapon that can deflect a satellite from its stable orbit to re-enter the atmosphere and burn up.

      3) Enact laws and enact mortgage-lending practices that create 3A) a large amount of consumer debt coupled with 3B) stern foreclosure/bankruptcy laws where unpayable debts cannot be erased but which must be worked off until paid in full with interest.

      4) Enact laws and executive orders to establish the following three drafts, for which foreclosed/bankrupt people can be re-assigned as needed worldwide.
      4A) a universal-service military draft for *all* young men and young women to serve one of the "uniformed services" (not only Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Space Force, but also Coast Guard, CDC, FBI, and the new Secret Service Uniformed Division a.k.a., Secret Police) for nominally two years, but with stop-loss extension of the tour-of-duty up to age 36;
      4B) a medical draft for nurses, physician’s assistants, and medical doctors with preference for people up to age 36, but without strict upper age bound;
      4C) a special-skills draft for imperial world-domination needs as they arise, such as fluency in enemy-du-jour languages and Ada (and perhaps mainstream information techonologies), but also perhaps manning an oil rig in the Middle East or working on an assembly line in China, again with preference for people up to age 36, but without strict upper age bound.

      5) Expand the power of the Office of the President of the USA so that no authority anywhere within or outside the USA can limit how the President performs his chief-executive control over the Executive Branch and enforcement of the laws on the books.
      5A) A big part of this is the concept of the Unitary Executive, where all authority for governing how the president does his job is granted solely to the President himself and which cannot be limited in any way by Congress or the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS). This transforms the presidency into a near-dictator, who, yes, must obey the speed limit while driving as an individual, but whose office has limitless powers as long as there is at least one thread of interpretation of at least one law that can be contorted into a presidential enforcement of that law, such as interpreting Patriot Act as free license to spy on all Democrats as terrorists.
      5B) Another big part of this concept is exectutive signing orders where the president at the point of signing a law passed by Congress, reiterprets what that law *really* means independent of what actual language that Congress passed. This executive signing order becomes the law that is enforced by Unitary Executive, completely eclipsing the original wording that Congress passed. Here the corporate-fascism tie-in is obvious: the executive signing orders are not recorded by a unit of the government as is the case for Congressional laws, but instead by West Law Publishing Corp.

      6) Recognize that Peak Oil has occurred or is on the verge of occurring right now. Recognize that China and India and Africa all are becoming affluent enough for large percentages of their population to start competing with the industrialized world for natural resources, especially petroleum. The currently-known oil fields can support only a worldwide population of around 1 billion, instead of the 6+ billion that we have today.

      7) Stop the trade of crude oil in any denomination other than US dollars. Since the end of WWII, all crude-oil trade has been denominated in dollars instead of British pounds. This forces all countries worldwide to hold dollars in reserve, instead of a gold reserve generations ago. This is what made the post-WWII expansion of the USA economy possible. It must be preserved AT ALL COST (and thus justifies all other bullet points in this list). Saddam Hussein was trading crude oil in Euros, starting in 2000 until his removal. Iran is scheduled to start the Euro-based Iran Oil Bourse in March 2006. Expect action against Iran to assure that the Iran Oil Bourse ceases to exist.

      8) Add all of these to a stew-of-power and stir and cook gently for the next several decades. Use genotype-targeted biological weapons to genocide 5 billion people to match the population to the supply of oil. Seize control of nearly all of the crude oil worldwide. Force all countries to buy their share of USA-controlled petroleum with US dollars. As human resource shortages occur with the loss of 5 of the 6 billion people on the planet, encourage foreclosed/bankrupt people to work in a foreign land as a new class of colonists or, if they refuse, draft them. Re-establish a new colonial system via a world-dominating American Empire. Aim the microwave oven in space toward any unruly world leader to boil their blood. Aim the satellite knocker-downer at any space-capable enemy’s satellites. Assure through Unitary Executive control that the President-as-near-dictator can enact this plan without annoying disruption from Democrats in Congress or some do-good-know-it-alls-for-life on the Supreme Court.

      Again, I consider all of this revoltingly evil to the Nth degree. But what is the alternative? Overpopulating the world to no end with gasolene costing $10 or $20 per gallon as China and India all start driving vanity SUVs? This is the fundamental shortcoming of the Democrats supposedly in opposition to all of this: the Democrats have no answer to these fundamental problems. The pure-evil line of reasoning at least partially addresses the problems. In this scheme of a world-domination American Empire, the dollar and the American Economy would be quite firmly propped up, perhaps permanently as the American Empire would never allow a rival to emerge once this regime is in place.

    • Gold is not at an all-time high! THe old high was about $850, and we are currently at $553.60.
      Mover Mike

    • What evidence do you have for "Point #3 Bank Of America and Compass Bank managers (probably all other U.S. banks too) have been instructing their employees in the last few weeks on how to respond to customer demands in the event of a collapse of the U.S. economy - specifically telling the employees that only agents from the Department Of Homeland Security will have authority to decide what belongings customers may have from their safe deposit boxes - and that precious metals and other valuables will not be released to U.S. citizens. The bank employees have been strictly prohibited from revealing the banks’ new "guidelines" to anyone. (however, employees have been talking to friends and family)"?
      Mover Mike

    • Dear "Posted by 71.***.224.**

    • 1. It was either Kissinger or Cheney who PROPOSED nuclear power for Iran --- when the Shah and his Israeli-trained SAVAK death squads were still running things.

      2. The ruling class sure DOES know what they’re doing. Absolutely. They knew what they were doing as they looted most of Latin America supporting a few dictators and driving the population into starvation, destitution, and terror.

      They knew what they were doing in Angola, El Salvador, Honduras, Vietnam, East Timor, etc. etc.

      3. But they would never do that to American peasants because ... because ... because ... WE’RE SPECIAL!! THEY LOVE US!! LOOK AT HOW THE RULERS LOVE "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE". Now they can seize your family home no questions asked. The Supremes said so. But only for "the good of all", i.e. for a developer to make a fast buck.

      They would never plan Martial Law inside the USA, would they??
      Well, according to Gen. Tommy Franks they would.
      According to Rummy’s DHS and Pentagon, they would.
      What about P2OG, Rummy’s plan to "provoke" terrorist attacks.

      We don’t need to guess, we only need to watch what they do and listen to what they say.

      GOOGLE "Operation Northwoods" it’s not fake.

      Militarized Police State (audio),
      Frank Morales says it will be run by Pentagon:
      Rumsfeld’s "Operations other than War"
      FEMA’s original title = Federal Emergency Military Action

      Criminalization of the State - by Chossudovsky
      "Criminalization of the State", is when war criminals legitimately occupy positions of authority, which enable them to decide "who are the criminals", when in fact they are the criminals.

    • claiming that someone "hates" or is "hating" is enough a reason for me to ignore what you have to say. people who are passionaltely against anti-defimation usually appeal to emotions rather than logic. it seems that that is the case with you. be gone with your unecessary comment.

  • Source material would have added credibility to this article... In particular the part about the banks gearing up for a major run. The reports of US concentration camps have been presented before on the internet, but again, with no credible evidence that I’ve ever seen.

    So actually this is an opinion piece, not a report.

    thank you notepad for your opinion

    • Note on the prison camps: I have personally seen two of them at Ft Dix, New Jersey. They are seperate from the military prison or Stockade as they call it. The facilities consist of military style barracks buildings surrounded by twin razor wire fences. The camps are enough to hold 2,000 & 3,000 people and are now empty. The construction sign on them reads "Department of Defence"not "Bureau of Prisons" like normal Federal prisons.

    • re: concentration camp reports "on the internet". Using older Terraserver data to establish "report" bona fides, all the camps listed in those various websites in the state of Georgia exist. They are, for the most part, apparently little used but staffed prisons, i.e., empty for the most part, just sitting there. Visual verification on the ground back up was made. Other states, no idea. Other people will have to verify those.

  • Yes this could be possible but make take several years I think

  • The SHEEPLE in this nation of MORONS are committing suicide.
    We are referred to buy Zionist Israel as Goyim. They call us CATTLE!
    The USA is now the JEWSA! Anything Zionist becomes polluted and rots like the
    flesh of a dead human or animal. We are swiftly rotting.
    There is a deathly disease on earth, it’s called Zionism and their fellow travelors
    in Washington DC and elsewhere.
    Ben Franklin once said " We have given you a Republic, IF you can keep it".
    Sadly, we have not.

  • That stinking rat was dying in the woodpile when JFK was murdered on Elm St. in Dallas, TX. not incidently far from Crawford, TX. Remember all the flower children and hippies back in the sixties (1960’s) telling anyone who would listen that there was something wrong with the government back then??? And how all the meatheads would respond proudly, I might add (don’t like America? Love it or leave it!!!) well you now have no choice any more. Time tells all, does it not?
    Better get some strong soap and water to clean the odor from the stinking (now dead rat), you know the rat we use to call personal freedom and peace. The odor is going to get stronger very, very soon!

  • I wholly agree that this country is in a mess. During the revlutionary war, there was a flag raised that had a snake on it, with the motto: "Don’t tread on me"! It is time to raise that flag once again in this country. If the people of the United States wake up in time, this country and freedom can be maintained, if not, then they will suffer the consequences, no matter how terrible they may be! It is up to every citizen to contact their Congressman and Senator and voice there displeasure at the corruption and greed and usurption of power of the Executive, they will listen. If they don’t, which is their choice, then the American Public has a right to make changes at the ballot box. There is a distinct possibility of another 1776 in this country, if this mess is not cleaned up soon!

    • That particular flag was raised after 9/11 as per policy for the Navy. All ships were flying it, don’t know if they still do.

    • alas, alack when a person foregoes personal responsability for there own thoughts, words and actions and allows another to take over their lives, wiether it be only one or millions this is what happens and down through history has happened. a person fears their own their own power more than their weaknesses until a person decides to take control of what comes out of their mind, their emotions, their mouths and hands people will be manipulated by the power/ greed dominated lower evolved persons who are mostly motorvated by a fear of loss of control. who are still on their path of learning but not as far along as others.
      Remember everyone comes from selfishness/me conscienceness and works towards generosity of your "soul" (not to be confused with any religious dogma). It takes many lifetimes and we were all at that stage at one time. this doesnt condone thought, words or actions than endangers another person health, wealth or happiness. it has been proven we are all one race all differences we preceive are cosmetic.
      "a wise person does not put temptation in the path of those who cannot resist it" or the karma will be theirs as well. you may not agree with me, but from a soul’s point of view all events that happen to you is a lesson at some level wiether it be personal. nation or world

  • It is true that the war with Iran is coming soon. The big question is how the united states will kill two birds with one stone. The other country in question is Syria. When these countries signed a mutual defense agreement, this could not have worked better for the US. Now when they attack one country they will attack the other one in kind. However my hat goes off to Iran for forming alliances with Russia, China, India, Brazil. If anything it has the US thinking consequences in 2005, but the NeoCons in power are pushing ahead with their powermad scheme in 2006. I want to be somewhere else when war breaks out. As we well know that to beat a bully(US), you cannot do it individually, but when one is willing to stand up against him/her (Iran), all those that wanted to fight him/her will get the courage to jump in the foray and together beat the living crap out of the bully.

  • George W. Bush (Shrub) is just a puppet! A member of Skull and Bones and connected with the Illuminati and following their orders towards New World Order and complete global control. He has fooled lots of Christians and this administration has manipulated so many Christian Churches.
    Bush is NO Christian! Right now I can tell you that there are a growing number of Non-Bush supporting Christians that have not been fooled that think there is a strong possibility that this Bush administration is the ANTICHRIST that the Bible speaks of! Bush may be the Littlehorn, King of the North, Son of perdition! The Antichrist is actually more than one person, but Bush has a big part of it. I also want to add that I feel that 911 September 11th 2001 was staged and the Trade Center towers were demolished by explosives, Why did they ship off the scrap of the World Trade Center towers so fast and didn’t allow an investigation? and Where’s the plane that struck the Pentagon? No debris anywhere around the Pentagon? Adolph Hitler sruck the Reichstag building to blame it on an enemy and to bring fear upon his people, Well, The Bush family has ties to Hitler! Look it up! Prescott, Bush (Grandpappy) to Boy George, helped finance Hitler!
    The U.S is in Serious trouble!

  • If Iran is attacked by Britian, Israel or the USA or anyone else the whole world economy will be in ruins. I suspect Iran, if attacked will lauch all it’s missles at the Persian gulf’s oil infrastructure resulting in no oil leaving the gulf. All ecomomies will suffer greatly.

    I am counting on human greed to avoid a world war and a total economic disaster. I hope the powers that really do control the world want to continue to keep getting rich and will try to protect thier mega profits. In a twisted sense I am counting greed to prevent a total world disaster. (How can Haliburtan make any profits for it’s master in a radio active wasteland?, How can Big Phrama rape the public if we all broke?). I am counting on these greedy bastards who control the White House to talk sense to Bush and the rest of the Neo-cons in the only languge they know. Money.

    Being a Canadian from Alberta, if this Iran issue gets out us control and goes very bad, I can see the USA sending it’s army north up to Canada to seize our Tar Sands Oil. The USA energy options will be very limited. A certain central American Oil producing country will most likely blow up thier own oil fields rather that let the USA take it by force.

    • With Stephen Harper as Prime Minister of Canada, there’ll be no need for the U.S. to send military forces of any kind into Alberta. George Bush’s Canadian buddy will hand the oil sands over to the U.S. in the name of "strategic cooperation", or some other excuse to sell the nation out.

      Harper’s rapid rise from nowhere to the most powerful man in Canada, and the scandal that burst out of nowhere to discredit his only real opposition, are not accidents. He won’t reveal his financiers to the public, but it’s obvious to anyone with a critical mind that he’s Washington’s PAWN.

      Harper attended the Bilderberg annual conference in 2003, where all this was most likely worked out. FYI, Paul Martin wasn’t invited to attend.

    • A scandal that burst out of nowhere?,no wonder why were in trouble with people like you having the the power to vote.There is not much difference between Bush and Martin as far as being lying crooks only in scale and ability to wage war.Would you happen to be from Ontario?

  • It would be nice if someone would or could confirm the statement that Bank of America and Compass Banks have been instructing employees about what to do in the event of an economic collapse.

    This should be easy enough. You CANNOT keep that kind of info secret, but you have to be careful about posting something like this as fact until you know for sure.

    I am very close to someone who works in the banking industry. While it isn’t Compass or Bank of America, they have heard nothing regarding how to handle customers if a crash comes.

    Their bank has started to tighten their loan requirements as of last September, but apparently nothing to do with a coming financial collapse.

    If you have spoken to someone who works at Compass or the Bank of America and they have
    confirmed that they have been instructed what to do in case of a collapse, please contact me.
    I would truly appreciate it.

  • More fear mongering. I’ve seen lots of blogs claiming the same nonsense, but not one of them has anything documented or anything solid to prove it.

    I may not like what’s happening, but I sure do not like the unsubstantiated rumors and fantastic claims out here.

    • Yeah. I agree. Tons of ’fear-mongering’ but then again, it might be an astute observation.

      None of us know how this will shake out. None of us. We’re playing a guessing game while travelling on unknown grounds. Most people have gut-hunches of how it will play out. But we won’t know for sure, until they start to bring the curtain down.

      This is a waiting game.

    • Your right!!

      I remember Nixon saying "I may be paranoid but that doesn’t mean there not out to get me"

  • When American goes into another depression [ as planned by the luciferian trillionairs and their satanic new world order ] you will not take Canada with you. Your neo-con ridden government created your own shit hole to drop in and Canadians have been crapped on by the US enough times to know when to leave you and your "my shit don’t stink" world to your own creation.

    • to posted 216---81
      I was just wondering if all Canadians hate the us people or is it just you and a few others and why exactly?
      Canada is my neighbor.I travel across the boarder often and spend my money there.
      This small town I live in has many Canadians living here and many come here to spend their money at our local casinos,businesses,ect.If they love their country and government so much and hate us so much then why are they buying homes and property here??
      Just curious.

  • Ok, ok, you’ve painted us this rosy picture of the future, but what about all of the bad stuff you’ve left out?

    • For the missing pieces of how the collapse is going to be navigated "successfully", see my 8-bullet-point post above with the same IP address.

  • Over the past few decades I’ve observed shrill warnings regarding the imminent collapse of the US economy and/or impending war. Neither has happened, really (discounting the recent actions in Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Aghanistan and Iraq, which were not expansive). It has seemed like a 30+ year continuous barrage of fear-mongering. Many of the unconventional political and economic pundits have wanted to sell their books and newsletters. Preaching gloom and doom, peppered with an extra helping of urgency, makes for good sales. So, retrospectively, it has been wise to not let one’s self be unduly agitated by, well, agitators.

    That said, I observe that there is plenty of evidence now that a major disruption our way of life is imminent. Can illegal immigration continue unabated? Can the loss of jobs offshore continue apace? Can the deficits, both internal and international continue and grow? I’m sure that you, dear reader, can think of other issues that cannot continue unabated. This means that change is on the way. The question is, will it be fundamental, cathartic change or gradual, incremental change. For the past several decades,the change has been gradual. An example: in 1965, I could buy gasoline for 25 cents per gallon. Now it is almost $2.50 per gallon. That is a 10-fold increase (900%) in 40 years. That change, though gradual, is undenyable. It can be verified by unbiased observation. Okay, we can, and have survived that increase. Our world has not fallen apart. But I worry that we have been lulled into complacency. The straw that breaks the camel’s back comes to mind. Solid systems can endure a seemingly endless stream of injury and yet survive, perhaps crippled, but survive. Until the breaking point is reached. When the breaking point arrives, change that beforehand was gradual and incremental, becomes sudden, dramatic and cathartic.

    So are we at that breaking point?

    Gosh, I don’t know. But I understand the concept of a breaking point. I also understand how people can be lulled into a false sense of "security" when year after year they are warned about impending doom and nothing really significant happens.

    Personally, I suspect that the breaking point is near. I deduce this from reports of specific actions, such as is reported in the post to which I am responding. But there are other, more subtle, indicators too. For example. Can anyone please tell me what we, as a people, look forward to? If you have children, what career would you suggest they pursue? Financial services (which is largely counting other people’s money?) I’m not saying there are no opportunities. But I do see that the range of opportunities for all social strata are more and more limited. Does anybody who thinks really want a job working for a large corporation? Do you really like swallowing all the BS that large corporations force their employees to accept? The reason all this BS in corporations is supportable is that somebody is still paying the bill for the non-producitivity that it causes. For example, Sarbanes-Oxley rules. Who benefits from the application and review of Sarbanes-Oxley rules? Certainly not the productive classes. Hell, the mature black lady in the corporate cafeteria who makes my lunch is 10 times the contributor to social good than the army of Price Waterhouse Coopers consultants who swarm over the company, searching out evil-doers who have not complied with the "rules." But that same black lady can afford a house only by the auspices of Habitat for Humanity. She is one of the working poor. Okay, you say, twas ever thus. Yes, true enough, but never to such an extent. Most of the people I know - including myself - are engaged in activities that do NOT PRODUCE WEALTH. The highest paid people in the country are the least productive. They may be clever, but they neither create nor produce. And most worrisome is that nowadays, if you’re "smart" you are trained to aspire to to such endeavors. The best and the brightest wash around in the production of others, over whom they feel superior. The illegal Mexican who tends their grounds, the poor Chinese who makes their toaster and microwave and so on. Putting aside the issue of moraility here, how long can this last?

    • Learn the system, take scalps - financially I mean. Make paper gains convert it to commodities. Gold an silver have intrinsic value to everyone (even if they don’t know it yet). The thinkers are always early, we have a little time. Fortune will smile on the one who uses reason as his guide. You are your own worst enemy or best friend. Oh yeah, buy a horse, grass grows to create energy. Collapse is always immenent, staved off by slight of hand. Or if not - watch MTV, play XBOX everything will be fine. Divorce - run off with the girl from the office, your fleeting happiness is the greatest good. Live in unreality - tom and katie what are they doing today, definately more important then paying attention to my husband. My word? Who really cares, everyone lies, they are only white lies so my actions don’t hurt anyone so they are ok. Consequences? What consequenses - my neighbor has more than me, I deserve to steal, he won’t miss it. Integrity? I say, do, and think different things and it works for me - why have it? Blah - relativism at it’s finest, consequences always come home regardless if you want them to or not. Works the same on an individual, societal, or world level - unrefutable law of existence. So ignore it all until they come home to you if you want - your happiness today is the most important thing - right?

  • Do you have any link which reflects what you said about Bank of America communicating to its employees about the event of an economic collapse or major disruption?

  • How are they gonna fight their wars with everyone in Camps ?

    • If attacking Iran will keep the US economy from colapsing, then an attack is probably a good idea, right?

    • not if your an iranian

    • THEY will use YOU!

    • U wrote that if it will keep the US ecomony afloat its a good idea to attack Iran!!

      Again another selfish Yank!! u state your prepared to kill, maim, torture just so your dollar stays stable.

      how Fkn pathetic, u deserve what u get!

  • Seeing how an attack on Iran is one of the major components of your prediction of doom, it would seem that you are one of the bunch who’d allow Iran it’s "right" to develope such weapons...despite Irans recent call for the complete destruction of Israel.

    Israel is said to possess Nukes and yet has still not chosen to use them on Iran or any other country, nor has Israel or the U.S. called for the complete destruction of any country

    Iraq had also been calling for the complete destruction of Israel along with other Arab/Muslim states in the region. Had Iraq been allowed to fully develope the weapons which disapeared just prior to the Iraq war we would have seen a nuclear exchange in the region anyway.

    Iran, Iraq, and Syria have been paying families of suicide bombers in Israel who accomplish goal of killing Israeli’s....the continuing attempt to destroy the state of Israel which began with the 66 and 48 wars when Israel first met with Arab/ Muslim attempts to wipe them out.

    Israel defended itself in the 66 war after being surounded by hostile forces and thereby, Israel gained the so-called "Occupied Territories" while simply defnding it’s right to exist.

    In my opinion, the major difference between Israel and the Arabs/Muslims is that Israel has never called for the complete destruction of any peoples while the Arab/Muslims have been parading around the planet blowing up busloads of women and Children while calling for the complete destruction of any Non-Muslims, especially Israeli’s and Americans because the Americans defend Israel.

    If there is a comming War and Financial collapse of world markets, I would venture to say that the major reason is do to Arabs/ Muslim inability to live in any region without seeking the destruction of Non-Muslims..such is the case In the Philipines, Kasimir, Chechnya, Indonesia and many other places where separate Islamic states are sought by those who would impose their religious beliefs on others such as woman covering their heads or being shot or even beheaded in places like Afghanistan, etc.....I hope your prediction is wrong, but if it’s right, it seems inevitable

    • You are wrong about Israel.

      In the early years when David Ben Guren was leader he stated their goal was to encompass the whole of Palestine

  • Paul Bremer stated recently after the Iraq invasion electricity was restored to preinvasion levels. The problem with it was with the end of Iraqi sanctions more consumer electronic products began to flood Iraq demand more electricity than the current infrastructure was able to provide.

    If Iran wants to produce Nuclear Energy couldn’t it not sell excess energy to Iraq, since the power brokers of Iraq would undoubtedly be Shias anyway. This way the region could have extra oil to sell on the world market place and wouldn’t need to use it for domestic electrical production. Iran could provide a stable territory to build energy plants, which its neighbors could benefit from the excess production.

    Regardless of what the President of Iran states, I don’t believe for a moment they would ever, even if they had them, deploy nuclear weapons in anger against Israel, especially if Israel would simply not stimulate aggression toward the Iranians. There are too many Palestinian Arabs that could be exposed to Iranian nukes.

    In the end the Iranians will have their place as global leaders. There is much western society could learn from them, especially the way their justice system treats child molesters. They are desparate to learn from western sciences. Those on both sides must give up their sacred cows and accept each side has virtues all people could benefit. Everyone loves their children, we must all learn to respect our distant brothers wishes to better their own families.

  • This is why I closed my safe deposit box last year and left one jumbo sized paperclip inside. When people make fun of me and ask, Where are you going to keep your money, in a shoe box? I respond, No, the same place a bank keeps its money, in a safe. And for those who keep cash in your bank’s safe deposit vault, you are violating the agreement and the cash can be taken.

  • The debt ceiling has been prefunctorily lifted many times before. This next one from 8.18 trillion will be no different.

  • While i dont rule-out an invasion of Iran, especially considering how carelessly they are seeking to build nuclear weapons, i doubt that atomic bombs, which would kill Chinese nearby with fallout would ever be used, when conventional weapons like smart bombs are available. So i think the Chinese argument of them not standing by as we bomb Iran does not apply here. I think whatever we did in Iran would have very little effect on the chinese unless they have advisers there (who knows).

    • If the Chinese threaten to dump the US$ they hold, might make a confrontation less likely. Such a move would not do the chinese economy any good if they followed through...but whoknows?

    • First off....the debt ceiling will be raised, so that point is less than moot. Next, even with this, theres a finite limit as to how much debt a nation can incur without consequence. The world economy is nothing more than a ponzi scheme. Everybodys happy so long as the interest is paid. A collapse occurs when people demand the principle back. In terms of the U.S. debt, once we encounter difficulty selling our ’new debt’ to foreign holdings, it amounts to the same thing as ’unable to continue to service’ or ’a depression’. However, a few things to bear in mind. 1. A devalued dollar helps devalue the debt. 2 . Foreign holdings do not want a dollar collapse as they have a bunch of them. 3. The Fed has begun, more apparently than ever, to ’shield’ the true worth of a dollar by clandestine actions. So whats gonna happen? I suppose at some point Israel will bomb Iraqi Nuke development sites. The U.S. will intervene depending on Iraq’s response. Possibly the Oil Bourse will be hit as well. The dollar will begin to slide but not catastrophically. The U.S. will use this heightened animosity to station troops along the Iraq/Iran border in perpetuity. There will not be another major terrorist strike on U.S. soil. Not needed. There are two things wrong with this world view. 1. War is profitable for some but leads to a nations economic decline. Read that ’short term OK long term bad’ 2. The U.S. produces less and less of the things that the world needs ie energy food and hard products. If we DID war wouldnt be that bad for us. People would continue to buy stuff from us that got blowed up. But we dont.
      Bottom line....The U.S. is definitely courting disaster with a notion that ’strong arming’ smaller nations will benefit us in the long run. It wont, what it does instead is over extend our resources to the point of collapse. I think most people understand this either objectively or intuitively.

  • It wont much matter once bush and israel nuke iran. WW3 will be just around the corner. The united states government government is preparing to nuke a sovereign country who has just as much right to have a nucleur program as india ,pakistan ,ISRAEL or the united states. This war is gonna get ugly.

    • I still don’t see the connection between "future nuclear weapons in Iran" and "soon-to-be nuclear response against Iran". Why does everyone assume that the US is going to use nuclear weapons? Is it because that way it is easier to get the job done? Because otherwise they have no conventional military option?
      The best public consciousness trigger for this kind of response would be a staged terrorist act with a small nuclear weapon...

    • Iran right to nuclear weapon? I don’t think it is "good" for us or the world for more countries to have nuclear weapons; especially a nation having so many religious fanatics. It is called "nuclear proliferation" and if allowed to continue will destroy cilvilization as we know it. No to Iran having nukes or possessing the capability for making nukes.

    • America will self inflict another wound though this time it will be a small nuke.

      Therefore getting support to Nuke the terroists who will happen to be Iranian.


    • some of us say NO to the USA building "tactical nukes" and prpounding a strike first policy.
      I don’t think it is good for the USA to have nukes, because they demonstrably USE the damned things.

      Iran has the right to maintain the power of balance, and your posturing is simply rank hypocrisy

  • after reading this article, I drank a bottle of clorox

  • It’s funny how much people love stories about death and mayhem; and the impending end of the world. You claim the Bush administration is "evil" and relishes in all the "evils" of the world. Then you, Mr. Notepad go on to relish the destruction yourself. The world can’t afford to let the U.S. collapse, and if it is in the power of the majority of the world who depends on their economy, then the U.S. won’t suffer the massive collapse you’re so bloodthirsty for.
    Infact, it may only be the beginning of a more noticeable decline if they manage do not manage to prop up their debt once again, which is equally likely.

  • If your have corroboration of those claims, I`d like to see them. Though I wouldn`t at all be surprised at their veracity.

    John Manning

  • Much as the Illuminati/New World Order does not like the idea of alternative energy sources that are not under their control, it is time to allow them to flourish- or go down with everyone. Allowing new devices on the market that create energy without petroleum (and there are many) would cut the cord between Americans and oil producing nations. the Iranians would have to "eat" their oil! Of course, a strong America is not in the interests of the Powers that Be- because they want stronger governments to collapse so that they can come in and introduce their "fix-it" (give us MORE power) plan! The Third Reich did not die— it just went underground.

  • Please define "collapse" in the context of your story. Then a judgement can be made regarding this story as being worthy or just another rant.

  • For the rest of the world the complete and total collapse of the USeconomy can only be a good thing.
    As a Canadaian, I do look forward to this happening.

    For one, people like Ann Coulter will shut her "cake hole" and contain her total ignorance of Canada.

    For another, growing economies like Canada’s western oil fields will be able to contract out to a third world nation where labour is much cheaper than at home - where the economy is booming and unions are destroying job opportunities. Soon, Canada will have to attack the Unities States to prevent it from changing its currency from the Canadian Loonie to something else. But then again, Americans do need Canadian Freedoms and democracy.

    It’s so unfortunate that the once noble and proud people of America are now so damned ignorant of what has happened right inder their noses. They used to have a nice country with caring people.

    Now Americans are just our retarded neighbours to the south.

    • As a Canadian to another fellow Canadian.Do really think we would be uneffected by a total collapse of the U.S economy and our number one trading partner.The results will knock you off your fictional high horse or is that an ass your riding as in DUMB ASS.

    • As a proud Canadian myself I have to worry about just where Canada fits into all of this... So far not much is said but one has to wonder. Our economy is strong and things are booming. Do the Bushco’s think that once their economy is in the toilet they can then look north???

    • Since Canadas only protection lies with America I think that you Canadians should be extremely worried about whether or not America survives any slump. You Canadians have always depended on the strength of Americas military and so your military was never much good for anything beyond serving coffee and donuts to the fighting men of the world. I never did appreciate the smugness of other countries that acted as Canada does.

  • I still don’t see a source for this "info" having been posted?

    anyone? anyone?

  • Nice Fairy tale. The dumb ass liberals and democrats will swallow it hook line and sinker.

    • Hey Dumbass:

      Ha, ha, ha. I’ll be laughing when you’re stuck in the states with your moronic friends who voted for the Bush/Cheney gang of murderers during this economic collapse. You’ll be in the concentration camp with your W sticker. You oughtta move to the redneck areas of Florida and paste a giant flag on your truck. Yeah, buy that flag at Wal-Mart, too.

  • People still don’t understand that the perpetuation of the oil monoply is a vital interest for Jewery and Israel. The Shah was overthrown because he dared to order 34 nuclear plants from the US back in the 70s. This is Irans’ real crime; the nuclear bomb story is the same sort of lie as Iraks "Weapons of Mass Distruction." The presnet American government exists only to serve Israel.

    • BTW Israel got FREE oil from Iran under the Shah right up to his demise in 79. Subsequent to his demise the colossally uninformed, no, make that ignorant US taxpayers supplied it from other sources. Now theese criminals seem to think they are entitled to free oil from Mosul throught the pipline that runs across the top of Iraq through Jordan to Haifa. I welcome this impending disaster because it will be the end of real axis of evil.

  • ...........................WHAT ARE YOU ALL COMPLAINING ABOUT ??????????????

    “We the People” would be just fine if only we could control our government and our spending. We can’t, and this is all the proof you need to know that you are being controlled by someone else and that you are not free. That someone else is called the Central Bank or Federal Reserve formed by deception when most of Congress was already on vacation in Dec. 23, 1913, followed quickly by the Unconstitutional Income Tax. J. F. Kennedy tried to dissolve the Federal Reserve by replacing the Federal Reserve Notes with the United States Notes and he was assassinated for it. And the United States Note was thereafter immediately removed from circulation.

    In the late 1960’s foreign governments began requesting that the US exchange the dollar for gold. Not having the legally necessary gold reserves (since the gold reserves where stolen by the “Feds” and shipped overseas mostly to Switzerland), R. M. Nixon quietly placed the US into bankruptcy August 15, 1971. Then by striking a deal Saudi Arabia, the dollar and petroleum became permanently connected along with military force. Yes, they actually killed our President who Constitutionally tried to restore the gold backing of our currency and “We the People” did nothing about it. Now that finally the world is fed up with the worthless paper money and wants to adopt a healthy alternative called the Euro as the international currency we complain?

  • >I think not.

    At least you got that part right.

  • The plan is to "Accidentally" bring about a full blown nuclear war, that will end in the destruction of the mass of the human race.

  • As to your five points:

    1.) The United States will not attack Iran at this juncture for the same reason that you can’t take all of the territories in the game "Risk" in one move: overextension. If we bomb the nuke plants, Iran & Syria will respond, and we need to commit ground forces to occupy these countries as well. We can’t pull forces out of Iraq yet, and there aren’t enough troops stateside to do it either, even if we give guns to the cooks and medics. The nation won’t stand for a draft, either, now that the war in Iraq has gone so horribly.

    2.) The US will simply raise the debt ceiling, just like they did last year. The debt may be 8 1/2 trillion, but the payments are much less-around 450 million I think. If we have a GDP of 12 trillion, we could have a debt of around 200 trillion, which won’t happen for decades.

    3.) This sounds like an urban legend, just like the one that went around about 15 years ago, where people were supposedly getting Social Security checks with "666" printed on them.

    4.) This is another urban legend, one that has been around since the 80’s. A concentration camp with a million people? Come on.

    5.) This one is actually true, and this is the real boogeyman that we should be afraid of.

    PS: You other people, lay off the Jews. My girlfriend’s one.

    • Your living in denial, Bra.
      3) Talk to people about it, how can it be legend if it happened last week. Legend of the week. anyone who reads this should invest their money in gold and silver wafers by the sound of things.

      4) has a video of one of the camps from a parking lot prespective, I like how they made a Independant news video of this legend. And alaskas camp can supposedly hold 2 million. What i am trying to figure out is how do you americans react when you drive by 2 miles of barbwire that looks like an abandon prison? Do you phone your congressman? Are you curious about these massive empty prisons? Don’t you have any care about how your tax dollar is being spent? Since the answer is no for these questions I have a feeling that you have financed your own enslavement.

      Note to All: I used to do this to- you cannot refer to JewSA and such as the majority of jewish people are just as clueless as the rest. Don’t let the few rich jews that refer to us as goys, cattle, sheep, whatever, to give the jews a bad name.

  • ...NEO CON BOY HERE... MWAHAHAHAHAH Don’t worry.. Nothing sexist, xenophobic, threatening or commercial below.. Just the opposite point of view :).

    The anglo-american axis already dominates every nation on the planet, get over it. We are just maintaining our dominance. We’re pretty good Hegemon’s. The French, Germans, Chinese, Russians, etc totally blow as Hegemons and the Japanese aren’t interested...

    Point #1: The Iranians hold an insignificant amount of Foreign exchange reserves. If they dumped them all it would be no big deal. The Euro has not been successful because the ECB set interest rates to a measly 2%. The Iraqis, Saudis Qataris, and Kuwaitis are nominally on our side , or at least their governmetns are, and won’t join some screwy Iranian plan to end American economic hegemony...

    Point #2: People have been predicting the move away from U.S assets by the Chinese forever.. Not going to happen. Where are they going to put their money anyway? Besides a lot of the Chinese economy is dependent on the Chinese government continually transfering money from their citizens to the government through state directed lending and what better way to do that then lending the U.S the money to buy goods from Chinese corporations that would be just too low margin to stay in business otherwise.

    Point #3: Hmmm... Unsubstantiated rumors... Do you have any links? I would be interested and amused... They didn’t prevent safety deposit box utilization until 2 years after the crash of 29 so I’m not too worried. Gold is inching up there though.. Pretty cool since I got a lot. They did stop publishing M3 which was kind of interesting

    Point #4: Fema? Oh no not the black helicopters.. help... I have been hearing about these things, for at least 10 or more years...

    Point #5: What does this have to do with the economy? China doesn’t have any of this stuff and their economy is booming... Why can’t we stay on topic. This also applies to point #4

    Anyway... If you are so super badass and you think the collapse of the economy is imminent you might want to sell 10 year dollar swaps, buy gold or go move to a shack in Siberia.

    • You have to have money to make money.. Most of us posting one this blog are poor working stiffs. My "hi-tech-computer-job" is paying me about 2/3 of what it was paying me back in 2003... it was either get the lower pay or see my job outsourced to India.

      Even with this, there is still pressure to outsource it. I was able to be make a comfortable living in 2003 and to put some money for my girl for her future. Now that has been used up. I rent; because of the fear of outsourcing. I would have liked to have bought a house and have another child to my family. I cannot understand how many people simply are not realizing nor thinking of what is hapenning as far as living.

      I am not sure with all of this IOB and all; but if it happens, I hope the new model is a lot more humane.

  • The US cannot defeat Iran, but it can defend itself. So the upcoming attack on Iran will be Bushco’s last hurrah before its eternal vilification within US and world history books. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show whilst Bushco finally destroys itself completely in 2006. Bankers are laughing—they don’t hate you or me—they just want to finance your house! YOU are the one in power, as City of London, et al and Asia fight over who will finance your premium American property. That is in large part what the underlying economic fight is all about. And brief review shows that Bushco will be laughingly replaced by the bankers as soon as any sort of real financial threat from Asia arrives. Do you really think the bankers care whether oil is denominaterd in dollars or euros? Of course they don’t care—euro is a Western currency just like the dollar. So to keep the financing on US property going, rather than ceding it to Asia, the bankers will be more than happy to slash Bushco’s throat and leave it by the side of the road. And it goes beyond the US To Latin America, where emerging socialistic democracies are going to have a lot of stable real estate to finance in productive areas with nice climates. The bankers want that action too.

  • I’m sure you are aware of this already. In 1933 with the National Banking Act? The United States went bankkrupt and pledged its citizens as colateral? The Federal Reserve is not employed by the U.S. Is this so? We have never come out of bankkruptcy?We were a republic? The eagle was only placed within our logo since 1933 and the original was the double headed phoenix bird ?

  • a bit apocolyptic?

    #1, remains to be seen. Doubtful. see:
    #2, I don’t get it, a routine debt ceiling increase with the dem and reps blaming each other. Why would the chinese stop buying Ts now, ignite a trade war, and watch hundreds of billions of their dollar denom T drop in value.
    #3 government is full of contingency plans. You don’t need an economic collapse for the Feds to confiscate gold for "national security." It’s been done before. What happens to gold mines, and our shares, nationalize those too?
    #4, a lot of iranians in the US. Be sure they installed sleeper cells for terrorism long before confronting the US on Uran enrich.
    Question, if the Fed and BOJ can play gold like they clearly did Friday, why can’t they hold it under $550 or $600 indefinitely. What incentive does Fed, ECB and BOJ have to let gold go over $600. If they can manage the huge FX market, why not gold?
    Many of the fundamentals that support the gold outlook today like twin deficit and US asset-based economy, negative savings etc have been around for years and no one has ever been able to identify the tipping point. People, myself included always under estimate the cleverness and power of ’government’ and its puppetmasters.

  • Every point well taken. As for Point #3 Any fool that would keep their money and precious metals in a safety deposit box is a fool.

    • >As for Point #3 Any fool that would keep their money and precious metals in a safety deposit box is a fool.

      Then where to keep them?

  • This stuff about the dollar and oil is so stupid.

    It makes no difference what its priced in. What makes a difference is whether you can convert freely from dollars into euros etc. If all you do is change what its priced in, and leave the rest of the markets alone, it makes no difference at all.

    Think about it for heavens sake. If they don’t want to hold dollars, they can change them tomorrow. If they don’t want to hold euros they can change them tomorrow. If its priced in euros, you just hand over the same amount in dollars, they change them or they don’t. Or you change first, and then buy, and then what do they do? Its a global totally free market in currencies.

    The problem will not occur when people change what they list things in. Any more than it matters what they list Brent Crude in. The problem happens when they won’t take your money.

    A bit like the corner shop. It lists prices in euros. So what? Its when you cannot change your pounds or dollars for euros that things get sticky.

    Now, is there any sign that is happening?


    • You’ll need to read a lot more to understand the US petro-dollar recycling process. By what you replied I can see you’re not up to speed on the economic front. Good luck.

    • Mr/Ms 88 162 has no idea what "reserve currency" (the US Dollar) means, nor does s/he probably care since it would require a bit of work to grasp how it works and how it benefits the US economy in direct and indirect ways. Nor does s/he know that the British Pound Sterling was once the world’s reserve currency before the "Empire" collapsed after WWII. A petro-Euro vying with the petro-dollar for world hegemony as the reserve currency is a BIG concern for US policymakers, and an eventual supercession of it over the petro-dollar could possibly create a Weimar-like or Argentinian inflation that would have us all scurrying to Home Depot to buy wheel barrows. But, this scenario, if it comes to pass will take many years to come to fruition. In order to stop it, the only recourse would be naked aggression by the US, which is already afoot, if you all haven’t noticed.

  • I agree that things are escalating and the NWO is closing in rapidly.
    The time scale appears as you say.
    Whart clinching dominating factor leads you to believe it is imminent? It would be interesting to know because I have been researching the NWO for a long time and the time scales are often deceptive. Regards Indie. Email:

  • Your post is full of lies and distortions. We may invade Iran, I hope not. We may have a recession, I hope not. But we will not have an economic collapse, no matter how much you wish it was so.

  • alas, not a single, solitary "street fightin’ man" in the whole of Amurka

  • yeah, we’ve all heard similar things, in different flavors and perhaps different tongues... when are folks like you going to pull your head of out the sand or simply take a deep breath and realize, they the f**king sky isn’t really falling after all.

    Your whole schtick about Iran switching from US dollars to Euros for oil —if it were true—could have significant impact; as you told a previous commentor, the interplay there is complicated and it does count. BUT IT’S JUST NOT FLIPPING TRUE that Iran will do this or is planning it.

    This SAME SCARE MONGERING idea was floated right before the Gulf war about Iraq; how bogus...

    As for the FEMA stuff and "interment" camps, ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. First, you give no other supporting documentation; it’s as if you’re looking into a crystal ball. And now you’ll probably point me to that out-dated and long debunked posting floating around on the Net about a FEMA solicitation for land in which to set up disaster centers or some much nonsense.

    People like you slay me... what a way to live your life, in constant fear.

  • China will have agreed to provide joint-security (occupy) in Iran and perhaps Pakistan. China will do this for oil and for continued access to Western markets. China will also continue to buy US debt and thus secure the current structure of the world economy.

  • I just happened to stumble upon this web site and I now feel compelled to write what I KNOW to be truth.

    I am an American. Born in the state of Kentucky and I have lived here all my life. I have been in 49 of the other states and during those travels I did see a similarity to my own beloved home of Kentucky. Those similarities are as follows..
    Here in my state poverty is RAMPANT. There are no jobs of any decent calibur, only WalMart, McDonalds and the like. The majority of people can afford to shop only at THE DOLLAR GENERAL STORE or THE FAMILY DOLLAR STORE, living on minimum wage barely pays the bills. The people in my community struggle with worry constantly due to the recent EXTREME increase in the price of natural gas and electricity. I am actually uncomfortably cold as I write this post. Along with the lack of employment comes the lack of health insurance, the people of my community must choose to pay either the heating bills or for medical attention which carries with it insane medicine costs. All with VERY LITTLE assistance from the federal government. Substandard housing is the norm here. Mobile homes or very old homes which you must cover the windows with plastic and stuff rags into cracks to keep out the bitter cold. The jobs that ARE availabe are using imported mexican and romanian labor, working them non-union in our local oil refinery which happens to be the fourth largest refinery in the USA.
    The last time I checked, the national poverty guideline was like $25,000 a year and that was some time ago.
    I was a union steel painter from the time I graduated high school in 1987 until I was hurt in an off work accident in 2000. I am now disabled and support a family of four on $10,200 a year. Very much below the poverty level.
    And what is alarming to me is that the number of people who live in my state under these exact same conditions is tremendous.

    Substandard food
    Substandard clothing
    Substandard medical care
    Substandard dental care
    Substandard housing
    Substandard automobiles
    Living week to week
    Living month to month
    No possible way to get ahead or establish a savings
    No jobs
    Demands for property tax
    Demands for automobile tax & insurance

    I see nothing positive in any of this.
    I see no way out and no body who cares....

    SOMETHING is going to happen.
    It has to.

    And my points cannot be argued because I live this reality EVERYDAY.

    Ike in Kentucky

    • I am deeply sorry that you live under such conditions in the good ole US of A. Nobody abroad would believe this is possible in the richest country in the world. I live in NY and we have so many homeless on the streets and elsewhere. There is so much suffering in the world, and all I can say, and I say this because I have a strong faith in God. Even though this life leaves alot to be desired, if I pray, read my Bible and surrender to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I know that it is only a matter of time, before I will reign with Him eternally in heaven. There will be no more tears, or sorrow or poverty or sadness. So when things get really tough and rough, I say, Lord give me patience, give me endurance because I know in the end, it will have been worth it. I thank and praise Him. And if you know what I am talking about, I am very happy. If not, seek the Lord, and commit your life to Him. It is the ONLY safe place to be.

    • Uh...if Kentucky is so bad...have you considered...MOVING?

      Or do all the nation’s roads end at the Kentucky border?

    • ike 

      i hear what you’re saying. my heart goes out to you and your family. my husband and i live in oregon, the state that is supposedly #1 for children who go hungry everyday. i don’t really believe in stats much though and i believe no state is above or below another anymore when it comes to poverty. my husband makes $1.50 above minimum wage. I make $.75 above minimum wage. we’re both smart, educated people. i am grateful for the income we do have given we recently went through a period where we faced homelessness. but that being said, it also sickens me to know that the work we are doing—hasn’t seen a real income increase in YEARS. in fact when i was in college (late 1980’s), i had a customer service position that at the time paid $7.00/hour. today, very similar positions pay $7.50-$9.00/hour.

      most of the available jobs here in our area are at one of the box stores (mart stores as i call them). finding any job with decent benefits is almost non-existant unless you work for the local government. and for those positions, most require bi-lingual. and unless you know someone, forget about it. my hub works 36-40 hours a week with no benefits. competition for even min. wage jobs is very tough. when you’re over 35 or so and applying for such a job and your competition is a high school kid or college student, guess who the employer hires? it took over 2 years for my husband to finally convince an employer to give someone his age a chance.

      despite our incomes, my husband and i are still in need of some government assistance. housing costs have gone up greatly since we moved here in the late 90’s but incomes have not—around 56-58% of our income goes to our rent compared to just around 30-35% about 7 years ago. SICKENING we have seen our style of living decrease drastically and it sickens me when some have told us our problems can be solved by moving elsewhere. naive idiots not to mention lacking in empathy. these same people have only slightly been effected by the failing economy and have profited off of the housing boom in our state. of course they’re also in debt to their eyeballs—at least my husband and i have no debt and we own our car. my family? they’re in palm springs now for the winter, enjoying retirement, playing golf, leaving behind their 300,000K homes. not that i’m it’s just that if they were my age, doing the same work and living the same lifestyle now as they did 30 years ago, THEY WOULD BE IN THE SAME SITUATION AS I AM. do they get that? yes and no. oh they’ll admit i speak some truth, but then it’s a change of subject about having another piece of pie or something. not that i expect them to give over their wealth to me and exchange lifestyles. i certainly don’t wish to see them suffer the way my husband and i have. but god............i cannot imagine having a child—at any age—and seeing them struggle and suffer in any way and not be willing to give what i could to help alleviate some of the suffering (especially the UNNECESSARY suffering—which i believe most suffering is). sharing of the wealth is a beautiful concept and could be a saving grace for the world if only people would be willing to see a few things: namely that we are all worthy of all of live’s wonders and gifts, that we are all connected, we are at our core all the same and no one "deserves" any more or any less than another.

      the home we live in is substandard but our city considers it livable. i must put towels around the door to keep out the cold. when it rains hard enough and the wind blows in the right direction, some of the rain seeps into the front door molding. i wipe down moisture from the 50 year old aluminum windows daily to keep the mold spores to a minimum. we have mold growing inside the walls in our bedroom and in the bathroom. i know because now and then it makes its way through the wall. an applied bleach solution temporarily solves that problem. the home needs a new roof, new siding, new front door but still—city claims it’s livable and so we cannot force the owner to do anything about it. he did finally put in a new patio door—only because the old one literally fell out one afternoon after i opened it. we had been telling him it needed replacing—it was very loose and was a pain to open and shut. thankfully i was able to catch it. if not, it would have crashed onto the concrete patio.

      the ironic thing is—our rent is below that of other similar homes.

      no one should have to live like this, whether one works or not. attitudes must change. hearts must open. minds must expand. the class system isn’t a system that any evolved person would support. us vs. them. i deserve more than you. the concepts of rugged individualism, work your a@@ off and suffering are archaic and serve only to destroy. we have overconsumed, over populated and have hoarded wealth and power, creating a heirarchical (spelling—sorry) system.

      a friend of mine told me a few years ago that the old ways (of working for a living) will no longer work. she told me this after i was laid off in september of 2001 from a high tech company. she was right. self-employment, i believe, is going to become a growing trend. (aside from my part-time "work for someone else" job, i have a very part-time biz—i pick up dog poop. i only have 2 clients so far but i intend to create more as the rains ease up. it isn’t glamourous—but at least I AM IN CHARGE by undertaking such an endeavour.) although my concern is that if there is an economic collapse, people won’t be spending their money except for the necessary items of survival and picking up dog poop doesn’t fall in that category. maybe then though there will be an opportunity to create small communities where people barter their skills and services. that actually feels better to me than this global economy/big city living we have going on. sure, we’re all connected and all. but i think true success out of any potential collapse will arise when people rely on one another at the local level.

      until such a (possible) time, i’m not sure what to believe, what is truth. it’s best to weigh things against your own experience before taking anything at face value. funny how we are manipulated and trained into believing our own government, our religious leaders, our teachers. why, they would never mislead us. so dang sad that we’re encouraged to believe them over our OWN inner guidance. thankfully i was born with a rebellious, idealistic side and always had a distrustful eye to ANY adult i didn’t know telling me what the truth was.

      we are taking precautions and are stockpiling food, water and other supplies we deem necessary "just in case". if we had the cash we would be buying gold. we have a few gold and silver items but certainly not the amounts some of these fatalists are saying we should have. ($25k in reserve gold minimum i have heard. i just laugh and ask "ok being you believe in a coming collapse and believe in community and helping out your brother/sister, you willing to help out those like myself who haven’t had the financial success you have had to BUY such amounts of gold??" so surprising that i never hear back from these folks when i ask such a question. odd how many of these folks have really PROFITED off of the same system they claim to despise and speak out against. they own the homes and have their own businesses or work for large corporations. blah blah blah) government is corrupt. find me one nation with a government that isn’t and i’ll pee on a spark plug. secret societies—do they exist? are they behind government policy making? i have read so much information but haven’t experienced it directly myself so at this point i cannot say for sure. gut feeling though? wouldn’t surprise me. the prison camps?? same thing—wouldn’t surprise me if they exist.

      i’m an idealist, but a part of me keeps hearing a phrase in my mind, along the lines of the monopoly game. "those with the most money (and/or power—same thing really) at the end, win." question is—are we going to allow the end to be THE end?

    • Uh...if Kentucky is so bad...have you considered...MOVING?
      Or do all the nation’s roads end at the Kentucky border?

      WHY is it this is so often the answer??? It’s simplistic and naive. Don’t you get it?? THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING ANYWHERE and yet it is—all over the country! And it is only spreading. Would you want to move from your home? If you were making $10k a year to support your family, would you have the money to move to a new state? You aware of what that costs?

      I have an idea. If you are really concerned about this man, if you really think you have some solid answers for this man and his family (who remember is on disability and has a family to support), why not offer him and his family a place to stay in your home so he can give life a new chance in a new situation, a new area.

      That is my challenge to anyone who offers such a comment after hearing of someone’s struggles.

    • Ike is telling it like it is.
      I live in Pennsylvania. I am not in Ike’s situation. I have a job with decent pay. But, I should add, only by the grace of God.
      Oh how easy it is to criticize the Ikes. And oh, how easy it will be for most of us to join him in hopelessness.
      If we don’t care about the Ikes, then we don’t care about ourselves.
      Do you think your success and security is due to your acumen? Maybe a little bit. But more likely, you’re the beneficiary of some luck and the help of others.
      We are rapidly evolving a society here in the US where not caring about others is not only acceptable, but virtuous.

      Good luck, Ike. Most of us will be joining you real soon. Perhaps you can give us guidance then in the tricks of survival.

    • I am an outsider....... non american.

      But I can only say that I feel a sense of pity for Americans at the moment.

      New Orleans, racism, your hidden poverty and most of all the misplace arrogance which brought your country to all those things.

      Americans have to cool down and ask themselves if the government is REALLY working for them and if not for who .

      The government should belong to all people and if this is not the fact their will be terrible times ahead for all, rich and poor.

      Their are many people who are happy to be the new Rome, but hey do not understand the destruction which came to the Romans at the end of their reign............ read about.

      I can only say, don’t be blinded by your own anger and look carefully into the situtation and see how you can work together as PEOPLE to make things work in the way that it should........ oh, and drop the empire title, that always attracts trouble..... I’m a brit so I know about that first hand.


    • I feel sorry for your situation.Do you have an email ID where I can contact you. I may be able to help in some way.

  • As a single parent I feel that our goverment does not care about what is or will happen to the people here . What has happend to the freedom we once knew? To many people are afraid to even leave their homes due to what is going on in their neighborhoods. to many police think they are the goverment and will stalk people.
    Gas prices are so out of control as with a lot of other things. I know there are a lot of so called interment camps built in the US and a lot of them have been revamped. There are a few right near me. Why are people blind to this is beyond me.

  • Uh.......This has been said since day one. Interesting theories....but not truth.

  • I don’t know where you got your information from but, its totally wrong.
    If america is so bad than why do so many people from other countries flock to get in?
    America and Canada has all religions cultures and people from different races.

    Collapse of U.S. Economy Imminent is when those who found a new life here goes back to their home land.

  • don’t you think you are being a bit dramatic?

  • I think you are right up to a point. I have been waiting for years for the collapase of our economey. You are right on track about our Congress and the rest of the bankers and vultures that keep feeding off our dead economey.

    But you are totally off base on Iran. I grant you we will go in and knock out their nucular capibility. But not with nukes, but with convential wepons, but not troops. If we do it will be Special OPPS. We will pay with higher oil and if we don’t freeze their funds both in the US and EURO we will pay big time. If we do freeze their assets, it will help check the damage they will do to us, or else they can pay for the damage.

    Thats what I see............ Chuck Chase, Executive Director, Eastern Oregon Mining Association

  • Hello Fellow Americans,

    Can someone please help me to understand the petrodollars, petroeuro issue? I can’t seem to find definitive info on this subject. I’ve read that Saddam was going to stop accepting petrodollars and switch to the petroeuro and that is the real reason why we attacked Iraq! Also, President Chavez of Venesuela was planning on doing the same and the CIA was attempting to oust him! Now we have Iran threathing similar actions as the two above and our goverment has set the crosshairs on that country, making the excuse that Iran is attempting to build a nuclear arsenal. How does buying oil with US petrodollars benenifit the US? Please help me to comprehend this confusing issue. Please be as succint as possible, Thank you. GOD HELP US!

  • Well it seems to me rather simple, everything right down to the little details of what is happening right now have been planned out and are predicated on a collapse of the world economy, eliminating billions of people, the Illuminated Ones will buy up everything on the cheap, having plundered the monies to do so, from the people they are about ready to screw over, this scenario has happened many times in history already, and whether there is war with Iran or not, the US can blackmail the rest of the developed world that aren’t already on the team by our now choking off the oil production from the middle east. China needs to keep selling our products in the US, or goodbye to their economy, plus we can stop them from the oil they need, besides they’re already players in this, as well as Russia and Japan, I think Europe, especially Germany and france are the only real opposition that worries these people at all, but again we can shut them off, we learned well from mother England what the worlds best navy can accomplish, control the trade corridores and you control the world. So we aren’t in Iraq to take their oil, just to control it, and it will be the same with Iran, and for that matter Saudi Arabia. Now after these wonderful people bankrupt the world, and have seized as much of other peoples property as they can, they will start the same process over again, its on a cycle of every 40 to 50 years or so. Now if they do miscalculate and they bring about a total global conflagration they will hide in their bunkers for several hundred years and come out to a completely depopulated world, ready to repopulate it with their superior gene stock, and they won’t even have to go through the motions of legal proceedures, it will all be theirs by default, no one else left to claim it, and they can get together with their fellow supperior people from around the world and admire themselves for how clever and wonderful they were to have screwed all these people, why they actually used the people to screw themselves, I’m sure that will be of great amusement to them.
    So I think its rather simple what is going on, a dangerous gambit for us of course, and dangerous for anyone of the illuminated Ones who don’t go along with the plan, and for potential interlopers like Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo, who try to take it all for themselves, but otherwise, its going right as planned for these Superior Ones.

  • Guys look how long we’ve been going along (somehow) and yet there has been no financial collapse when it should have taken place years ago. Things are very bad. The housing bubble still hasn’t burst and I’ve been reading on that one for at least 4 years. Things were bad in 2000. What has kept us afloat to now???

    Quick cash generating techniques you can use anytime you need extra money...Copy and paste
    if link doesn’t work.

  • It’s not over Iran selling oil in Euros instead of dollars, it IS about protecting Isreal from an INEVITABLE nuclear attack by a Moslem country.
    I believe that the USA should not be involved in a futile, suicidal attempt to protect a FORIEGN country.

  • Well, Ed, if you’re right what can we do about it?. I suspect you are just another Bush hater and conspiracy nut but even if that is not the case I say again what can we do about it.

  • If all would only consider the Peaceful Solution

  • This is a very informative article. Thank you.

    Much of the info is something I knew from other sources, and anyone who knows any Economics can see that economic trouble is all but inevitable: Government tampering with the economy, a new Fed chair who is a thorough-going Keynesian, the outrageous government spending and the fact that so many people are up to their eyeballs in debt.

    See for the Ludwig von Mises Institute and learn Economics.

    What I did *not* realize was something I should have, and you pointed out. And that is the part about safety deposit boxes. I believe it, as it fits right in. Precious metals should be put in another safe place. They will take those away. It happened before during Roosevelt. I still don’t know why people just turned their gold over because they were told to.

    This time a sizeable minority of people are a bit more sophisticated and won’t do something just because they are told. So, the metals will simply be taken, no questions asked, with the cooperation of bank employees.

    We have been losing our freedom for decades. I wrote an essay on how I think it happened. It’s rather long but I hope you will read and comment on it. .

    Alice Lillie

  • Oh lord this is silly. DHS controlling access to assets? Statutory debt limits? Anyone who paid attention in civics class knows this is fearmongering. I’ll make sure gets ahold of this one.

  • Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

  • John Titor was right!

  • As horrendous as this sounds, this is unfortunately the whole plan. America can’t establish a World empire by itself, it needs to merge with all of America into one big United American Nation which will cover everything from the very top of Canada, to the very bottom of Argentina. Total financial collapse is the perfect excuse for the creation of an American superstate as South America’s economy has never been all that strong and they’ll be only too happy to join. The same has already pretty much happened to us in Europe (we even have our own grotesque, Illuminati inspired flag for Christ’s sake) and after that only the Far East remains to merge with itself. Then, and only then will the Illuminati be able to control us all. There is still time, but the VCR is no longer on play, they’ve now pressed the fast forward button. If there is a God, I hope he helps us soon!

    • I have just recently heard of the the Illuminati. Where can one find true, accurate information on them?

  • When I read articles such as this one, I take them with a grain of salt. Where are your attributions?

    From where did you get this information?

    If I see attributions, places where I can check that the information I am reading was first disseminated, I more readily believe what is being said.

    Please give these attributions. I don’t necessarily disbelieve what you are saying.

    Congress has been known, in the past, to "bump up" (i.e., raise) the debt ceiling. Why would they not do it again?

    I appreciate your taking time to read this and hope you will in future list attributions.

    Best regards,

    Liz Ursitti
    fellow lover of America

    • All of this is well documented. One simply needs to have been paying attention for the past 5 years (or more) and to connect the dots.

  • To the whacko who wrote the above article.
    There is a rat in the woodpile. It is you. You need medical help.

    • What’s really scary is that people other than the author buy into this garbage. Some of you people need to get a serious grip on reality. Better yet, just commit suicide already. Please. I mean, why prolong your suffering under this evil dictatorship? (ROFLMAO). The best thing about Bush is that he successfully coaxed all you wackjobs out of the woodwork, so the sane amongst us can get a good idea of exactly how many nutjobs are really out there.


    • Deficit, soup lines, homeless, collapse, depression. Continue to try to scare people into voting Democrat while Republican’s set policy and actually do something while in office besides stuffing interns with cigars.

    • Until the American sheep wake up and get over their "bread and circus" mentality, ain’t nothing gonna change! First of all this fraudulent money system isn’t about taxation it’s about CONTROL. Any government that can print money at will for virtually no charge and then charge interest of top of it is an out and out FRAUD. The sheeple are too involved with their berad and circuses and until more and more of them lose their jobs and their homes the status will remain quo.

  • All the why’s and wherefore’s notwithstanding, it’s totally obvious that between the nuclear wars and the incurable sexually transmitted diseases and the contaminated, defiled food supply that mankind does not have much hope of surviving the present situation. War, famine and pestilence are knocking at the door. The real question that no one seems to want to tackle is "What are we going to do about it?" beside gripe and complain on boards like this one!!

  • To ALL:

    I believe that there is a lot of people posting everywhere that are not true Americans! The only way I believe we can keep the people that shouldn’t be posting is to not reply to anyone unless they use their Christen Name!

    All right reserved,

    /S/ Steven Pattison

  • You article is total crap

  • Dear Forum,

    I would appreciate ideas about what to do to protect life-savings in banks accounts in case of an imminent US economic collapse or if occur overnight a change of the dollar name to other currency name.

    Thank you in advance for your kind hints,


  • I don’t know what the author of this article has been smoking, but it’s way too potent! The upcoming missile attack on Iran may have an initial ’knee-jerk’ reaction in the stock market but won’t have any long lasting negative effects on the U.S. economy. Removing the nuclear threat from a bunch of crazies will make the world a safer place.

  • Sounds like wistful thinking! But it will never happen.
    America is the future of the world and God is on our side.
    Only the Godless that believe in killing those that are not of their faith,
    are envious of Christianity and our freedom.
    America is a multi cultural race bound together by the ties of freedom.
    You only delete the messages that do not agree with your opinion.

  • Do you have any support for all of these points you raise???? Where, for instance, can I read about the internment camps, the banks instructions about safety deposit boxes etc.

  • U S Govt debt is not unsecured. China and others will collect U S assets after the collapse. The repo man is coming to collect on Americans’ personal debt too using the new eminant domain powers. Those open borders go both ways, I’m outta here. Hilary used the plantation analogy at just the right time because American slavery is back, the confederates won after all. Gil Scott was wrong, the revolution was televised, we were just watching something else.

  • How do we get confirmation that the eminent collapse of the U.S. Government and the U.S. Economy is not a hoax?


    • No one...that’s NO ONE knows what is going to happen. All the information on the direction of the economy and the price of gold is just guessing. Granted, some may have a better insight to make a LITTLE better guess. Just remember 1999 and the lead up to and through Y2K. That was pretty scary, wasn’t it.

  • Sounds right on the money. Anyone notice the strange coincendence of 911 and the number 77. It just so happens that this year is the 77 year since the stock market crash of 1929.

  • Dear Sir,
    I totally Agree with you that pysically US will be bunkcrupt, but legally it has been so since it broke off from the Gold in 16 Aug 1971 by President Nixon. this is not surprising to any one exept the American people whom bein taken for a ride.see below what senator Senator Richard Pettigrew in 1922,

    The master ...... declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles

    The convention which framed the Constitution of the United States was composed of fifty-five members. A majority were lawyers—not one farmer, mechanic or laborer. Forty owned Revolutionary Scrip. Fourteen were land speculators. Twenty-four were money-lenders. Eleven were merchants. Fifteen were slave-holders. They made a Constitution to protect the rights of property and not the rights of man,: Senator Richard Pettigrew - Triumphant Plutocracy (1922)

    If these people who has made yr constitution you have been sold to foriener long ago God blessess Americ. these crooks who wage wars and create enemy as they create Money from the thin
    The master ...... declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles

    And Israel is always the one who takes the fruit, Congratulation America, in fact I should say wake up America not to congratulate it, American down fall is every bodys one, but that America of American People, so God blessess American People.

    Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East." : John Sheehan, S.J. (a Jesuit priest)

  • This is the result of the artificial manipulating of economy since 2000. Feds hold a large quantity of real estates in the case. To keep the value of these estates, they keep the interest rate low so you all have seen an booming housing market. (Because the mortgage rate is low) The market thus lose the function of natural adjustment and reach its dangerous end.

    When the dollar is at an unpractical rate for years and debt reaches its historical high, a collapse is inevitable. Beware this government will activate a "terror attack" in the name of Al Qaida. To blame the coming economic crisis to terrorists. The recent Bin Laden’s tape is part of this plot. (to justify the "terror attack" to Al Qaida. Here are messages I wrote about it five months ago.

    331. Interest rate (8/2/05)

    At first, I thought the "terror attack:" on US would take place in early August. Because Feds arranged a trip for my relatives at that time. The trip will cover New York and Canada from 8/6 to 8/13. Anytime if possible, Feds always arranged a trip in the case because it’s easy to plant to arrest during a trip or murder by an accident. The latest travel Feds arranged was in April. In that plot, H.A. gave a final date to fix garage door on 4/17 which I viewed as action date of Feds. It coincides with the return date of my relatives. That China trip took almost one month vacation date on my relatives so I thought there would be no more trip for them this year. But when Feds needs it, people have to obey, so do the companies they work for. It reflects the eagerness of Feds. (When I use the word "Feds", I mean D.O.J. and its accessories FBI, DEA... , not Federal Reserve.)

    Why pick up this time? Because on 8/9, Federal Reserve likely will once again raise the bench interest rate. As I have said, Feds bought a lot of houses in my case, so they desperately try to make the interest rate low to keep the house value high.

    What did they do to keep the interest rate low?

    1. Intimidation on financial group not to raise the rate too fast. A trick Feds is good at. Despite the covert intimidation, there was an open one in last August(2004) when Feds raised alert of certain financial area to orange code. When people doubted, they said it was from a seized computer of Al Qaida. The seized Al Qaida was finally proved an informant of Feds.

    As a result, Federal Reserve collaborated. Greenspan dropped the interest rates from 6.5% to 1.75% in 2001. (A 4.75 drop in 12 months) House market boosted. Now the economic situation forces Federal Reserve to raise the interest rate to anti inflation and housing market balloon and maintain dollar from collapsing. Greenspan raised the rate in a measured (stagnant) step. (A raise of 2.25 in 12 months from 1% to 3.25%)

    2. To reduce the employment. A high employment means a hot economy that enterprises will chase capital investment to deal with the increased wage, raw material etc. That will significantly push up the interest rate. .

    Bush administration carries out a weak dollar policy which makes merchandise made in US cheaper to the foreign buyers. Dollar depreciates almost 1/3 to Euro and 20% to Japanese Yuen. Bush also cut the tax to let people have more money to spend. (It’s a trick though. He lets people spend on their debt. He has a historical budget deficit. People have to pay off the debt later by paying more tax)

    Do these policies work? Yes, it creates demand but does little to boost employment. Because Feds tried their best to reduce the employment. How?

    (1) By outsourcing jobs. When it was criticized, they threw out a strange theory that outsourcing will benefit US economy in future.

    (2) Stop hiring new workers. Big firms did not hire workers when demand increased. Same workers have to do more job. The result you could see from media in later 2003. When they beat the drum to say "Growth is now super-super strong compared to super strong,’’, "U.S. 3rd-Qtr GDP Grew at 8.2% Rate, Fastest Since ’84". They never mentioned about the jobs. They only said the productivity is increased by a double digit. In another word, 10 workers must do the job originally 11 workers did. For this phenomenon, they invent a new word:"Jobless recovery".

    (3) Lay off working people.
    Jobless recovery went into year2004. It was an election year. Bush’s economic advisers predicted in early February that the US economy would add 2.6 million jobs in 2004. But that was against Feds’ interest. Then we saw, "MCI to slash 7500 jobs"(5/11/04), "Dupont will lay off at least 2500" (4/9) "Seagate to cut 2,940 jobs" (May or June 04) "AT&T to cut 7,500 more jobs"(10/8) ..... At last, Bush was unable to make it a positive topic in his election campaign.

    The explanation from Greenspan was that enterprises still lacked of confidence. That in this economy recovery, enterprises had an unusual conservative attitude to increase new capital investment and hiring more people.

    Rare people know all these problem were caused by Feds. Bush’s election, public’s interest are out of consideration. Feds’ interest, how small it is, is always at first place. They control CEO of big firms.(see "291. CEO and company (2/14/05)" and #292) So by outsourcing, controlling hiring and spending, Feds can handle the process of economy. Experts are confusing with the development of interest rate and over-heated housing market. They will understand it if they view it from another angle.

    And now you may understand why China can maintain its currency exchange rate without being punished. It’s all about inflation. A low inflation will help the interest rate low. That’s what Feds want.

  • One thing that all of you keep missing the point on is that the "Bush"’s did it before...

    The current President’s Great Grandfather gave Adolf alongside Lord Beaverbrook all the money he needed to start up his reich, the Bush family have had a long long association with fascism yet it gets buried deep.

    What also annoys me is the way the Israelis cosy up to him, after all, Bush’s grandaddy was caught quite openly doing extensive business with the very same company that produced Zyklon B, surely this is really dancing with the devil on this issue, the Israelis will hunt down ancient old ex SS men yet don’t do anything to put right what Walker or Bush did, or the Ford Corporation even.

    Maybe if the average Israeli found out that the man they kiss on the butt is descended from men that not only caused the original problem with Hitler BUT also traded with the wholesale slaughterhouse that erased so many Jews, they would not be so keen to do business with him after all.

    The info is out there yet no one will make it mainline public will they...

  • You are right on my friends ! I have a book writtten 150
    years ago by an american author who states that the time
    will soon come when the leaders of America would committ
    "national apostasy, which will be followed by national ruin" !

    We have come to that time !

  • There will be no fallout from the nuclear missles that the U.S. will use against the Iranian nuclear sites...The missles will penetrate 20 feet or more underground in order to destroy the bunkers where the Iranians have their labs.

    However, if Israel is attacked by Iran in retaliation to being bombed by the U.S., Israel will have no choice but to use their nuclear weapons on ground level targets.

    What worries me more is a possible "Pole Shift" that may result by these nuclear weapons exploding underground...The Earth may be thrown off of its axis even before the Mayan date of December 2012 that the Mayans have prophesied for this world event.

  • Hi,
    As I understand the Graham amendment to Senate Bill (concerning rights of detainees), the writ of habeus corpus was denied ONLY TO ALIENS, DESIGNATED AS ENEMY COMBATANTS, thus the point in this article, (infering the loss of the ability to request a writ of habeus corpus by US citizens, is false. Habeus corpus is still available to ALL US CITIZENS. If there is something else that has passed that I am unaware of, please let me know. Thanks! Steve

  • Wow.....I must say that as an individual who is not totally in touch with the intricacies of U.S. foreign policy, I am inclined to carefully examine the evidence presented in the article. If any of these events were to occur, I am sure that total chaos would rule the day in America. When we as citizens of America allow our leaders to manipulate us into an "economic coma", we have to take the blame. It is so important for us to stay abreast of what is really going on in our country.

    If one allows an individual to manipulate his thoughts, one can be assured that his actions will be next.

  • Yeah. You all have too much free time on your hands.
    True security lies with knowing and walking with God anyway.
    I’m not planning for these few paltry years on this Earth alone.
    I am eternally secure in His hands. " Not by might or by power,
    but by my Spirit saith the Lord". get on board, Brother....

    • In the book, EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG, which should be required reading for every American, the Russian bride of Lee Harvey Oswald, after Kennedy was shot and also her husband Lee Harvey, she gave very few interviews, but in one of the rare ones, she was asked, "Who killed John Kennedy"? And her response has haunted me ever since i read this book last summer. Hang onto your seats folks, her answer was, The Federal Reserve. Think about that for a while. Tony Rank

  • Thanks again for the five key points that are very true today. America is in serious trouble, and has been for along time. As we near the end of Earth time, the Lord God has something important to say to mankind, the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation are about to be fulfilled. Our country is financially, morally, and spiriually banckrupt, and the Lord is going to break His silence with mankind and send judgments upon the Earth to wake people up to the depravity of sin in the world. Our leaders have been throughly brainwashed by "Dialectical Praxis." It has infiltrated our universities, schools and churchs alike and people are unaware of being sold down the river by our current leadership. May the Lord open our eyes before it is to late!

    Pastor Bob

  • Sirs, Mrs,
    I’m physician and I seaaarch ON CANCER, WITH the Pentagon, USA, US Army Medical Reseazrch and Materiel Command, since 30 years.
    PLEASE VISIT and DIVULGE, if wish, site
    - English anbd Portuguese-Brasilian idioms.
    BILLIONS dollars since 70 or 80 yeaars, MILLIONS scientists, school of medicine, universities, land CANCEROUS STILL DYING.
    VISIT TOO, if courage, on
    section ARQUIVO
    password WAGNERJOSE.
    Wagner Vieiraa, 66.
    From Uberaba city, MG, (ex)Brasil.

    • Has anyone here ever heard of Dr. Ivan Danhof? If you do a google on him, you will find some really interesting articles.

      It’s been reported that he has ’located’ THE cure for cancer in a specific chain of long polysaccharides found within the aloe vera leaf. According to various reports, he had a 94% remission rate amongst Stage IV cancer victims, and 80% overall.

      He was working with Joseph DiStefano, a licensed nutritionist at a clinic in Florida when the FDA (after receiving a series of complaints, not from patients but from the local oncologists) performed a Hollywood-style raid on the clinic, replete with 120 fully-armed agents! The "authorities" then confiscated all supplies of this amazing aloe extract, Albarin, along with all the clinic’s computers and patient medical records!

      Anyone getting the chills yet? Speaking of which, the only known ’side effect’ of the life-extending treatment was a ’slight chill’. Now the $64,000 question remains, "How much were the patients being charged to rid themselves of cancer, and dramatically extend their lives?" Get this, a one-time fee of $1200! Now everything starts to make sense. Follow the TYRANNY!

      This is no hoax! What you just read actually happened, is happening, and will continue to happen as long we continue to feed on the lies that are spewing from the mouths of those in power. The aforementioned scenario is just one example of how those in power (whoever, or whatever they may be) seek nothing other than more power and more control. And that power has to be derived from some other source, in this case, we the people.

      Withholding the cures for cancer and any other life-destroying ailments extends far beyond profiteering. Of course money is a factor in this deadly equation, but the primary factor is, of course, CONTROL. But more specifically, it is FEAR. When we fear, we panic and are removed from our Heart-space, paralyzing our ability to make rational choices, all while leaving the powers-that-be at a MAJOR advantage. We fear what we don’t know. Therefore to defeat fear, we must make ourselves aware. And to do this, WE HAVE TO UNITE! There is no other way. By unifying, we collectively harmonize our knowledge/efforts and synergistically out-power the ignorance of those in power by a factor of...infinity to none!

      As difficult as it may seem to accept, we are now at the brink of the greatest point within the dimension of time. But reaching this ’omega point’ will require a preceding state of absolute EMERGENCY! Why do I say this? Because an EMERGENCY creates the URGENCY for EMERGENCE!

      i.e. - An emergency is the impetus for transcendence.

      Ironically, the fear-mongering tyrants are just a temporary manifestation of a much higher ’benevolutionary’ force that is desperately trying to wake us up from our fallen state. So after reading the material in this forum or any truth exposé, instead of wanting to down a bottle of Clorox, or eat a bottle of sleeping pills, know that all these nefarious events that have and will continue to take place, are actually going to benefit us. It will be these very forces of tyrannical turbulence that will inadvertently SHAKE US AWAKE, inevitably followed by our unification, and finally ending(or is that beginning?) with our Collective Transcendence!

      Well the Shaking has begun, so for those of us that are Awake, the next question we have to ask ourselves is, "How exactly do we Unify?" - Well I’m working on it, but the pay sucks, and I need a lot more help.


    • ON CNN NEWS THIS MORNING: there is a scroll that flows on the bottom of the screen while the regular news is being read. Today, Saturday January 28th, it said: NORTH KOREA DENIES COUNTERFEITING U.S.CURRENCY for use in its foreign purchases. IF THEY WERE REALLY GOOD AT DOING THIS, THINK OF THE RAMIFICATIONS FOR ALL OF US!

  • Well, this surely has taken the bite out of my coffee. What a world we have allowed it to become. Even now, there are people clapping and chearing as the Destroyer in Chief gets up before a micrphone. I was sure my generation wouldn’t see this, but you guys are on the spot! It’s not only happening, but it’s driving the lot of us to hell in a hand basket. All I can say is, Good luck to all and may the real Redeemer and Destroyer of the evil world come and give us a start on what must be a war of Good vs. Evill


  • This is important stuff is there anyway you e:mail this topic i would do it myself but i’m using a computer in a public library and the restrictions they have on it won’t allow me to do it.

  • In other words, the logical end result of America proceeds apace. Excellent news.

  • Yes I smell...smell your bullshit

  • You need a new leader who can unify the world under one simple operating system. I have been demonstrating the system I propose, in part for 30 years in one of the largest companies in the US, and it works perfectly. I partially rebuilt and managed the most profitable, improved, dependable, consistent, safest, cleanest, highest quality manufacturing operations in US history. I never received a complaint from the company or the unions because I resolved every problem that arose and everyone was a success under my leadership.

    I love America, born and raised here with the silverest of spoons in my mouth, but only if the world is united can it survive. China makes 88% of all Walmart products and the free trade deals with Vietnam and Mexico will soon have the rest. The only things the US makes are weapons of Mass destruction and technology advancements. We have alot of salesman, security systems, bankers and gamblers and not enough builders, enviromeental workers and helpers. I want to reverse that trend. I don’t need a salesman, we have the Internet for that as soon as everyone is on line. Its cheaper to ship it to you than it is for you top go out searching for products and having you deal with thieves. And lets clean up our environment and put the advertisments on the product web sites instead of all the signs that pollute the vista and the mind.

    I worked side by side with up to 500 people at a time from most nations and religions while creating the most friendy and prosperous working atmosphere you can imagine. One big family with very few disputes.

    I am the biggest rebel on record in the US courts, I have disobeyed all the leaders of this country since I was 12, and I have continuously acted to demonstrate a better way and expose the leadership and systems that have led this world into this mess.

    Fortunately I have another simple plan that resolves all the issues that concern you.

    Here is a rebellion of defiance, duty, and action you should be very interested in. It has to do with an extremely capable man who parks his chariot in front of a tomb and takes on the Massachusetts Judicial system with a bow and arrows and wins start to finish. Take note of dates, actions, places, times, witnesses and evidence they are all important and only a fragment is listed in this document.

  • Point #2 has already happened as of TODAY, we’ll see if the SHTF on Monday when people go back to work and the stock market opens.

    Fed Debt Limit Breach: U.S. in Technical Default

    In November 2004, lawmakers voted to once again increase the public debt ceiling from $7.39 trillion to $8.18 trillion. December of 2005, as the spending cap neared the limit, Treasury Secretary John Snow told Congress that the government may reach its statutory borrowing limit by mid-February and asked to raise the debt ceiling “as soon as possible.” Since then, Congress has been relatively idle on the issue.

    On January 24th, the U.S. government went into technical default according to the government’s own debt watch website.

    Economist Dr. Chris Martenson is sounding the klaxons and wondering why it hasn’t hit the financial press yet, saying “But the silence is all the more troubling because there is an unprecedented level of government borrowing on the books for 1Q06 with next 2 weeks (Feb 1st to Feb 9th) an especially busy period of time. An ambitious $70-$80b in Treasury paper will hit the market.” He suggests emergency congressional action may be needed to avoid a full-fledged default.

    An earlier Bloomberg article states that covering the borrowing limit “would force the Treasury to use unusual measures such as shuffling money among government pension funds to finance operations.” Which is exactly what happened in February 2003 when the nation came close to default but borrowed against the $48 billion in the government pension fund. A passage from an old CNN article puts things in serious context:

    Congress would be very unlikely to allow government finances to reach a point where there would be the possibility of an actual default on any part of the national debt, given the effect that would have on the government’s credit rating and future interest levels it would have to pay on its substantial debt.

    Between now and whenever Congress finally notices that the government is in technical default, if the funds from shuffling money out of other investments run dry, it’s very likely the U.S. will move from technical default to active default.

    However, raising the spending limit doesn’t adress the root of the problem, which is that Republicans are just as big of spenders as Democrats, even worse. In contrast, Libertarians have long proposed a constitutional amendment to stop government deficit spending and require balanced budgets.

    • Interesting article on

      " ... here’s the simple version: back the dollar with gold, and it’s a solid currency. Back the dollar with a solid manufacturing economy, and it’s a stable currency. Back the dollar with petroleum trading and military force, and you’re o.k. — so long as you’ve got enough military force to prevent oil-rich countries from selling their oil outside the dollar. Because if that happens, then the dollar is backed with nothing but propaganda and it will collapse. "

      B Hecht
      City of Houston

      (My office is one block from the Enron trial)

  • This article sings of memetic infection.

  • I find it amazing how this has made it all around the internet. Yes, it is 100% Bull Shit propaganda by the Bush haters who will do anything to sell their message of fear. This is exactly why the Republican’s control congress and will continue as Democratic KOOKS continue this masquerade. You may get your wish and America may be bankrupt someday and you can thank the liberals who have continually looked to buy votes from every non-productive entity they could find.

  • This article fails to point out that the congress can lift the debt ceiling to whatever it wants and the government can continue to print worthless paper money till the end of time.As long as the world and the American people continue to believe it is worth something and can buy goods and services with it the scam will go on.The GDP is 11 trillion and the government debt is as stated in the article.This is just government debt and does not account for private or corporate debt which is 10 times higher.Its time to get your hands on some real money.GOLD & SILVER.

    • ’To everything there is a season, and a time and a purpose under the heavens...’ All things with beginnings have endings. We can talk until we’re blue in the face - but to what avail. Those who know, already know. Those who don’t know, don’t want to know out of fear. Mankind’s history is marked by war, violence, decadence, etc. It is also marked by times of peace, prosperity and growth. All is cyclic in nature. Bad things are coming. Bad things will pass. Live a good life to the best of your ability and hope and pray for the best. I lived in Asia for ten years - Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal mainly. I know firsthand what goes down. The change is going to come but not before much bloodshed and suffering - America not exempt. America will survive because she is a good nation founded on good principles. She is currently under the control of a gang of ruthless thugs, but they are not America and they, too, will pass.

      So I guess what I am saying is that we can talk about all the a b c’s of what’s going down but it is not going to change anything. I am not advising ceasing discussing these things, just offering my opinion. Oh, and never keep anything in a safe deposit box, peak oil is real, the dollar will collapse and a new global monetary standard will be established that will serve all and not just the select and corrupt few. Know your posts here are being monitored and using numbers instead of names affords you no security. Same with the phone. Be brave. Liberty is worth it. Cowards get cowards fates.



    Has anyone questioned why the new President of Iran would say such inflammatory things as Israel should be "wiped off" the face of the earth and keep thumbing his nose at the UN? Don’t you remember when he was elected as President of Iran not only there were photos of him as a hostage taker in 1979 in Tehran, (a CIA black operation of taking and holding the Americans until Reagan/Bush could be annointed) but American eyewitness testimoney from the US hostages claiming he was one of the Iranians involved? This Iranian President is an Agency Asset and he is saying "bring it on" so the US cabal will have a "legit" excuse (whether another terror attack in the US or some other ruse) for the shadow government to employ (Gulf of Tonkin/ 9-11) for the NEXT STEP of the Project for a New American Century Plan.

  • I hear and read an awful lot of fear, name calling, world peace, ......... . .. . . . . . . Why not turn to the real person of peace? Jesus Christ of Nazereth. I feel ready. From the movie Gladiator - "What we do in life, follows us into the afterlife". You know the greatest secret in life? You have free will and choose where you will spend eternity. 1) Live life for yourself, not according to God’s laws, reject his Son - God sends you where you wanted to wallow in life - HELL. 2) Accept God, His Son, follow His commandments, save others - God takes you to live with Him, life in HEAVEN. Your choice. He just sends you where you wanted to go. A place with God or a Dark place absent of God.

    And now a side note:

    I’ve worked for the last three Presidents. Most of what I read you have no idea of what you speak. Hate consumes, burns, drives and destroys. Expend your energy in an area where it really counts. Treat people decent. Love your neighbors, (yes this means Republicans and right wing types), take care of the sick, visit the prisons, teach the poor to help feed themselves, don’t demand some govt program. Start this from the persons you know. I’ve seen your demonstrations (root word demon). Next time notice the hate filled people, the rock throwers, the masked anarchists, the vulgar, etc......and ask yourself. What am I doing here. Change the world one person at a time. Love not hate. Help not hollaring. Compassion not confrontaion.

    Just some thoughts......................................................

  • The chimp president finally did it. he wanted to eliminate every social program legislated by the democrats. now he is dead set on appointed rightwing supreme court judges who will also overturn roe v wade, protection of privacy, freedom of speech and expression. a fascist government at the top, both houses dominated by followers who are basically asswipes for the chimp president. a military with a plan to corrall the world’s oil supplies for our own preservation. seems to me like hte chimp has accomplished just about everything he wanted. china might turn against us, but we are their no 1 trading partner. they are nothing without us and the west. it is a catch-22. there are no winners or losers. iran is bad, everybody knows this. they should not have access to nukes. they are a terrorist country. we should stop them anyway that we can. we are strong enough as a coiuntry that even if the federal government came to a halt we could continue, perhaps with a vastly lowered standard of living, but the chimp is our president. we trust the chimp, bwhahahahahahahahahah!!!!

    • Russian MP Says US To Attack Iran Late March
      Muslim riots a US psyop aimed at getting EU support for war

      Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | February 7 2006

      A top Russian parliamentary leader has told Ekho Moskvy radio station that an attack on Iran is inevitable and that it will occur on March 28th. The leader of the Liberal Democrats Vladimir Zhirinovsky also believes that the Muslim riots were orchestrated by the US to garner European backing for the military strike.

      Rhetoric has heated significantly in the past week with Donald Rumsfeld yesterday warning that a military option was on the table, echoing the comments of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist who said that the US was prepared to take military action.

      Also, Israeli acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stated that Iran would pay "a very heavy price" if the Islamic Republic defiantly resumes full-scale uranium enrichment to build nuclear weapons.

      Zhirinovsky told the Russian radio station that, "The war is inevitable because the Americans want this war. Any country claiming a leading position in the world will need to wage wars. Otherwise it will simply not be able to retain its leading position."

      "The date for the strike is already known — it is the election day in Israel (March 28). It is also known how much that war will cost,” said Zhirinovsky.

      Commenting on the Muslim riots sweeping the Middle East and Europe, Zhirinovsky (pictured above) said that the publication of the offensive cartoons was a planned psyop on the part of the US and aimed to “provoke a row between Europe and the Islamic world”.

      “It will all end with European countries thanking the United States and paying, and giving soldiers,” said Zhirinovsky.

      The possible inorganic manufactured nature of the riots has to be seriously considered. The three most offensive cartoons that caused the outrage were not even printed in the Danish Jyllands-Posten newspaper but were added in and handed out by Danish imams who “circulated the images to brethren in Muslim countries,” according to the London Telegraph.

      It also appears highly suspicious that Muslims in Gaza City and other places had gained access to a plentiful supply of Danish flags to burn in front of the waiting world media as soon as the controversy broke out.

      It now comes to light that Merete Eldrup, managing director of JP/Politikens Hus, the company that published the cartoons, is the wife of Anders Eldrup. Anders Eldrup is a Bilderberg member who has attended the last five Bilderberg meetings. The Bilderberg Group is a shadowy organization that meets once a year to steer global policy. It is now widely acknowledged that Bilderberg set the date for the March 2003 invasion of Iraq.

      The violent demonstrations, on the back of last November’s French riots, are clearly having the effect of hardening European sympathy towards Muslims, even as the governments of major European countries open the floodgates to mass immigration. This greases the skids for an accelerated invasion of Iran who yesterday announced they were cutting trade with Denmark over the offensive cartoons.

      Director of the Russian Political Research Institute Sergei Markov previously warned that Israel was likely to conduct air strikes against Iran in the spring.

      The window of opportunity seems to be forming for the US and Israel. The White House meeting memo proves that UN consultations and possible sanctions are mere window dressing for a plan of action that has already been decided upon. What remains to be seen is if the US or Israel will attempt to manufacture a staged war provocation to goad the Iranians into signing their own death warrant. The memo, released by QC Philippe Sands, contained details of a discussion between Tony Blair and George Bush where a plan to paint a US spy plane in UN colors and fly it low over Iraq in the hope that Saddam would order it shot down was debated.

  • I think that "Chicken Little" has a lot of current day friends. While it is true that there ARE major problems with the economy, other countries’ economies, political risks both internal and around the is NOT true that these problems are more intractible than they once were nor even worse than they once were. People have been doomsdaying for decades - the late 19th Century was filled with doomsday prophecies and economic panics that spelled the end of civilization - according to some pundits. Even as the 20th Century played out, how possibly could we still be living now having gone through 4 major wars, the birth of the nuclear bomb, the cold war, Communism terrorism run amok... Re: the points noted in the "Collapse..." article.

    1) Doubtful. Iran is doing a lot of posturing - trying to assume the mantle of Islamic leadership...But as of yet, it’s only recent infraction of world peace was its war with Iraq. A peaceful use nuclear enrichment program that they are currently pursuing is shared by many nations that do not have nuclear weapons. And, if Iran does cross the line to nuclear weaponry, they do have their nuclear armed neghbor Israel to contend with. Iran is not likely to provoke or justify a pre-emptive strike by western nations knowing that western nations would do so with full public support IF Iran could be proven to have developed nuclear weapons and deployment systems. Unless Iran develops such weaponry, they won’t be invaded - despite their current rhetoric.

    2) Snow’s warning is the typical political give and take between the Treasury and the Congress - who must authorize a new debt limit. This has been done dozens of times since WWII days. Even as I do not like unbalanced budgets and a growing large national debt, if in fact the United States financial condition is put into a financial statement format [ala a household or corporation], it is easily argued that the USA has a low debt ratio and could actually become far wealthier assuming a greater debt percentage with respect to the economic output.

    3) If there is such a Homeland Security secret stratagem about bank lock boxes in place, I’d like to see a scintilla of evidence to verify it. Gossip by a bank teller is...gossip by a bank teller.

    4) It is true that there are miltary advisers now being utilized in FEMA - to increase efficiency of their operations. And, despite some government officials have called for a military led emergency agency, it won’t happen. FEMA will learn by past mistakes and improve. Actually, FEMA’s recent responses to hurricanes in Florida and Louisiana were faster and better managed than the analogous effots that occurred in the Clinton administration - but there was no hyped Katrina then. As for reviving detention centers ala the FDR days, it won’t happen. That’s one reason why dealing with illegals is so difficult, BTW.

    5) Actually the most repressive presidents [re: Constitutional rights] were Lincoln and FDR. Given what’s already happened via terroism and what the current Islamic terrorists are wealthy enough, capable enough and fanatic enough to do, the Patriot Act has been a reasonably measured response. It is probable that no more than a few percent of ’innocent’ people will ever be affected by it. Although, if you are a part of an Islamic terrorist effort, the chances of you getting nabbed went up considerably.

    Summary: The economy is NOT broken, we are NOT at the threshold of total ruin. The Chinese government are likely to continue investing in Treasury securities - as opposed to their own stock market which has gone done about 15%/year for tha last couple of years. If the Iranians "dump" their dollars they’ll be spending them on something - that something will likely help not hurt western economies. IF a western coalition attacked Iran, no nuclear weapons need be used - China would NOT have a nuclear cloud floating over them. And, the chicken littles of the world are, guess what. wrong again. Buy gold or .22 ammo in bulk if you want to, but my advice would be a good assortment of stocks from US, Canada, Japan, England, Australia and Germany. I’m estimating about a 15% growth in the MSCI World & S&P 500 indexes in 2006.

  • I was in Mexico a year ago and was speaking with a German expatriate there. I told her no one that I knew was for the war in Iraq. She asked, "Then why don’t you do something?" (collective you - the nation) I told her that the people have no power. I always knew that in the back of my mind, but it was the first time I spoke it and faced it. In other countries, people take to the streets, shouting and protesting. If we do that here, we are tear-gassed and arrested.

    Most people in the U.S. are so comfortable that they don’t care what happens as long as they remain comfortable. Most citizens don’t think past their ability to buy SUVs, houses, and cell phones. If you turn on the national news, you will see the same stories broadcast on all the channels, but at different times during each respective broadcast. We are told what the government wants us to hear. In other countries, people get much more news from all around the world, as I discovered when in Mexico.

    I think it’s too late for the U.S. I think all a person can do is to try to protect themselves from the government by protecting what assests they have privately and/or moving to another country. I am in the process of doing both.

  • Read tomorrow column by Paul Krugman in the New York Times. He is very credible to me, and he paints a scary picture.

  • you are a glitering jewel of colosal ignorance, to list all of your lies and explan them would take all day and you would not get it if i did

  • Honey, Grab the kids, grab the pets, run for your lives the sky is falling!!! Listen, Listen everyone, you all need to practice the collapse drill before it is too late!! Be sure to follow these instructions exactly and specifically as written, it is the only thing you can do to save yourselves:
    Do not wear any heavy clothing, the more lightly you are dressed the better. Be sure to have a good meal before practicing the drill. Let your food settle for at least 1/2 hour. Then, stand up, spread your legs comfortably about shoulder width apart in a solid position of good balance. Raise and stretch your hands first above your head and then forward in front of you. Taking a deep breath, bend at the waist while keeping your knees slightly bent to maintain good balance. Continue bending at the waist and extending your hands and arms until you are able to extend your hands past your legs to wrap around your ankles. While continuing to hold your breath and grabbing your ankles, then tuck and curl your head as far as you can up between your legs. Then Kiss Your Stupid Ass Goodbye!!!
    If you are stupid enought or just stuck on stupid to believe all this crap in the above blog article, then I have some really great beach front property in the middle of the Sahara Desert I would really love to sell you at an incredibly great price!!!!! Wise up you idiots!! Get a job and get a life! You have too much time on your hands and are sipping too much of the funny Kool-Aid. Good lord, I hope you are smart enough to wipe your own ass! --- Jeffro in Indiana

    • Google "The secret Terrorists" Take a good long read and you will see who realy pulls the strings.
      ........The Mother Of All Harlots.........

  • Dude Congress can and will enact laws to increase the deficit whenever necessary as they always have.Secondly it is obvious that Iran is intent on developing nukes and that is the logical reason why we may hit them militarily.Third I have never seen any real verfiaible evidence that our Govt has concentration camps ready for us and can you provide any hard evidence for Bank of America having instructions to restrict safe deposit boxes (this could be possible) Me thinks your extrreme liberal bias is blinding you.


    • Most of you are right on! and wondering what will play out and let me tell you there are real people behind the whole world scene pulling the strings and they have names, you can find them.. Hint they control all of the media and all of the banking. Hence the world leaders and militarys, it’s a nice game to them making them wealthy beyond belief as this has been going on for centuries. The U.S. has been set up to fall this time and be the world villian in WW3 (no shit!). This affects everyone around the world so everybody listen up.

      Just a few zen cohens for you:

      do you wonder why U.S. have become hated throughout the world? (see media control comment, remember hitler?)

      do you wonder why all U.S. industry has been moved off shore and to china?

      do wou wonder why the puppet bush is acting like a raving lunatic? and passing laws like the patriot act, more media consolidation, etc..

      do you wonder why the statements from project for a new american century about full spectrum dominance are still out there for us all to read? (rather than hidden)

      do you wonder why you have heard about Isreal on the news every single day of your life?

      It is about to hit the fan. you can find all the real facts here:

      Start with the times lines for the Money changers and Rothchild family, then the Benjamin Freedman Speech, then everything else with an open mind.

      Don’t bother replying that i’m crazy or racist or alarmist, it just shows how brainwashed you are (we all are!), it’s hard to get your mind around the full extend of this.. read this site, forget the rest, listen to all the MP3s on this site and the daily commentary.. if you can’t handle the truth then shut up and enjoy the ride, otherwise i know there are more than a few good people out there ready to take the next step and understand it all and maybe we can do something about it fast!

    • Who will sell us oil, and how will we maintain
      our living standards if no one will take our paper money and we
      can no longer produce enough for ourselves?

      An enlightening and eye-opening article by Congressman Ron Paul of Texas before the U.S. House of Representatives on February 15, 2006

      " ..Though we don’t occupy foreign countries to directly plunder, we nevertheless have spread our troops across 130 nations of the world. Our intense effort to spread our power in the oil-rich Middle East is not a coincidence. But unlike the old days, we don’t declare direct ownership of the natural resources— we just insist that we can buy what we want and pay for it with our paper money. Any country that challenges our authority does so at great risk.

      Once again Congress has bought into the war propaganda against Iran , just as it did against Iraq . Arguments are now made for attacking Iran economically, and militarily if necessary. .."

      ".. For the most part the true victims aren’t aware of how they pay the bills. The license to create money out of thin air allows the bills to be paid through price inflation. American citizens, as well as average citizens of Japan , China , and other countries suffer from price inflation, which represents the "tax" that pays the bills for our military adventures. That is until the fraud is discovered, and the foreign producers decide not to take dollars nor hold them very long in payment for their goods. "

      Brian Hecht
      Technical Webmaster
      City of Houston


    this george w. bush 3 "CARRIES!"

    You are not new [to this #]
    Neither is me [to this #]
    WE ALL ARE KNOWN! [to this #]

    thisBEAST! "IS!" IS! FINALLY! "HERE!"
    "IS HERE"

  • As the economy gets worse and individual debt soars, American home ownership is rapidly changing. Top level jobs for wage earners are becoming scarce. As people default on their mortgage payments, banks have little recourse but to foreclose.

    Actually this has opened new opportunities for real estate investors who buy and profit from bank foreclosed homes.

    • The extent of the problem of mortgage foreclosure circa 2008 was unknown to the author in 2006 when the post that this post is respondent to was made. Real Estate is is all Tuna! <>; What were supposed to by warm homes in which to raise families have become just another cold item to buy and sell for a profit. The mortgage meltdown of 2008 is the result of the buying and selling without regard to intrinsic value (or the lack of it). Yes the US government can “print money”, all that it wants to, but that never changes the amount of value behind the currency. You have to create some type of wealth by Mining, Manufacturing or Farming it. Otherwise there is no true wealth.





  • Great Post!

    I would also like to point out how Wal-Mart and other similar corporations have been whoring out our economy to China. It’s disgusting.

  • nice try....Europe’s economy will collapse long before the USA’s. Good luck lefty.

  • I smell a whole nest of snakes.

  • If the US economy collapses Biblical Christianity will fill the void just as it did in Rome and the Soviet Union.

  • it may be time to water the tree of liberty. Perhaps the first watering should be the international bankers.

    • here’s why
      iran has .5 million active troops .5 million reserves and 25 MILLION BASSIGE’s (15 million able to be moblaized at one time) which is the iran ver of huzbullah if you will. on top of that they have brand new russian air craft ,russian anti air, russian anti tank and chinease anti ship missles. and if you look deeper you will see that ever since the end of ww2 the us and the eu have been in diract competition to each other. eu has already lost iraq they cant afford to lose iran. not to mension iran stand between russia and the warm seas and russia cannot afford to lose iran to america. here’s the real story iran made the eu oil market knowing damn well america has no power to do a damn thing about it. and they also know since us dollar is the only currancy used to buy oil, it artiffically inflates the dollar by 40 percent. let me explaine that in more detail. everytime a country wants to buy oil they have to buy us dollar on the free market to pay for it first. what that does, is it artificially increases the value of the us dollar. that means we dont really pay for oil with our own money, we pay for oil with the rest of the worlds money. now what iran is doing is they are making a market to sell oil in euros. its a place where all counterys who have oil can come sell thire oil in euros. now if they actually open this market the collapse of the us economey would be imminent and there is no chance of avoiding war. iran doesnt want war american cannot afford war. what iran really wants to do is scare the shit out of us and get paied for it. and i bet you any thing once the democrats come back to power they will get exactly what they want.

      on top of that i can only think of 2 countrys that benefited from the us,iraq war and that would be great briten and israel. which are doing thire best to break off the kurdastan reagin of iraq and bringin the us into war with iran and turkey. both iran and trukey have large portions of kurds living in their country who want to break off and become independent. israel wants its arch enemy iran off the seen and brittin ofcourse as always, wants to become emperor. any way lets all hope this wont happen it will bring down the united states and the middle east and europe. and leave britin standing. and no one wants that colonial pice a shit to rule the world agin.

      mohsen zamani

  • If anything, the economic warning signs you point to are understated. In 2004 I published a novel which said much the same thing. If I can figure this out, it’s got to be bad.

    Justin Oldham
    Author, "Politics & Patriotism: The Fisk Conspiracy"
    ISBN 1933538325

    • I really doubt a "collapse" is imminent, those who pull money out of "thin air" could probably keep the game going a long long time, if that were truly the agenda. Perhaps though it’s meant imminent in the sense that The Banksters are getting set to pull the plug and cash out again?

    • Collapse is always imminent. Just sometimes it leads to a new equilibrium not extinction.

  • I think,you are right

  • 6 Nov 06
    Ninety six days ago the purchasing agency for the People’s Republic of China notified the US Treasury that as of the end of October, 06 they would have an aggregate value of slightly more than US$1 Trillion, and that they would then terminate their purchase of US Treasury and Dollar instruments. The termination happened six days ago.

    As of September 30, 2006, the aggregate North American and Western European banks (only) open derivative position, probably mostly interest swaps, was US$771 Trillion. What will happen if there is a rapid increase in interest rate which places a significant part of that position "out of the money?"

  • I think it’s a plastic inflatable of George Bush, looking out from the White House
    window, for all of us to see.

  • I speak as one voice, a voice born outof Jacksonville Florida... I cofirm the latter message...Lookat the David koresh disposal..notice how long it took the governmentto intervene in a religious activity..our country is supposed to be free...Freeto worship,thats why many people migrated to ourcountry in the beginning. Automatically DavidKoresh and his family was first allthey were doing was building a community. They all beleived in the same way..When anything arises that is in opposition to the US government it is rapidly dealt with and extinguished... So many people holding dark secrets of the government are assasinated everyday for releaseing the truth ....Beleive it or not the US government is not in our best interest.

    If not careful the US is facing another civilwar in the near future...People are sick and tired of the darn lies...Once the secret organization emerges from the under world there and then you will witness this war I speak of...The US is misleading its citizens in beleiveing everything is alright...When in fact If we start a new war against Iran willproove to be most fatal to the US...China ,and Japan will willfully back up Iran...So will Russia! The sleeping Iron curtain will rise again as the bible indicates...The revised Roman empire....Its all about to happen very soon....The world willbe nbothing but a nuclear wasteland if we do not negotiate properly and with respect to other countries... Allof our jobs,there is no guaranteed security with them..They are here one day and gone th4e next....I express to try to trust and reah out forGod almighties hand He is our only hope...Jesus Christ returning to this earth for the second time as prophesied will be the only way to peace and freedom..Otherwise all we have is money hungry politicians who sit at their seat and deliberate and debate on how much they will make this year...It truly sucks ..I don’t see a future outside of Gods intervention and His holy angels setting up His government.
    Pay attention folks we are headed for a hard and inpending fall..A devastating blow to the US Is final and is imminent...The Us is not invincible to other countries attacking us..One day we will look outside our windows and see foreign soldiers takingover our own homes.No one is safe.
    Its inevitable, You must seriously look at this with the eyes of truth! Annonymous.

    • There are far more prophecies than prophets.

    • America has overplayed it’s hand. Maybe a few americans will still believe George W Bush’s lies over why he invaded Iraq. But the world saw what actually is going on in the white house. It was all about the oil and nothing else?

      My wish is that the world turns on the USA and cripple their economy. That would be justice.

    • "There are more prophecies than prophets" and take my word for it, not much reason for prophets to open their mouths at this point.

  • America is in decline and will never again recapture its past power and prestige-America is an evil and insidious beast-a Monster-I truly feel sorry for the real people in America who have been feed a constant diet of lies and deceit-and who have had their trust betrayed and their lives and futures ruined by the war criminals-the people who love to murder children and make money-who foment discord misery and suffering around our world.The game is up.

  • It seems to me that our fears, including my own at times, are usually more the source of our anxiety and lack of direction than our desire to not be controlled or lied to. What is the point of our being afraid? What is the point to hating G. Bush. I am not in love with the man but the facts are that he is still in power for whatever reason. What has he really got to do with each of our individual lives? Do I love my kids or my spouse more or less because G. Bush is there? Am I closer or more aloof to my friends and family because or G. Bush.? Am I proud or less confident of my own accomplishments in life because of G. Bush? Is my total essence really based on who the president is? Is it based on what I fear is going to happen to the country? I do not know really what happens to a person when they die. I do know this however; I want to leave here knowing that I may have in some way been a benificial part of aiding humanity however I can. G. Bush will no longer be in power some day soon, our economy may totally collapse. The banks may close. There may be total chaos but I will hold on to the few or the many that I love and will somehow try to weather the storm. There is a spirit within us all that is not going to be ruled by another. It is not affected by fear, by complaining, or by force. We can use it wisely and possibly save ourselves and those that we are very close to or we can just give up and let fear rule us. If I am going down I probably will not be alone. If we are in dire straits I will hold on to the hands of the ones that I love be they few or many but I will not be afraid of the unknown. From a simple Minnesota farm boy who can no longer afford to drive his pick up truck because of gas prices. I can not go anywhere. My teeth hurt because i can not afford a dentist. I have very little income but i have hope and if i am going down, as i said, I am going down swinging and it is possible that I won’t be alone.

  • It is 2007. The U.S. economy has not collapsed, not will it ever collapse.

    • You are delusional. It is already in the beginning stages of collapse.

    • As the DOW sets a new record high

    • With inflation making every commodity and service more expensive, why shouldn’t the cost of stocks rise, as well? The high DOW merely signifies the spiraling down value of the US dollar.

    • I have to ask a really dumb question here. Is tearing each other apart really going to help us here? I am old now but when I was young people would help each other in times of sickness. In the cities we used to have rent parties to help another tenant in our building when they came up short and could not pay their own rent. Call me far behind the times but I think that the further that we go from caring about and respecting each person the closer we come to loosing everything. I have probably lived too long but that is my concern.

  • The American people are ignorant they prefer to keep up with Paris Hilton than take there head out of there rear end. The American Government is corrupt. The middle class is dead. The only wages that are going up instead of down is Government workers .We re-elect the same old hags back into office to still more.
    R. Forrest

    • 2006 is the end of America? Well, you better revise that

    • I agree. It is Aug. 18 2007 and we are not in a state of anarchy. Also where did you get the information on the amount of debt we are able to reach? Currently our debt is $8,967,843,389,213.90.

    • In August the Federal government plumbed billions of dollars into the market. It would have collapsed. It was saved for a short period of time. The Feds could do this again to protect the market. Eventually this will cause hyperinflation and further deteriote the economy. The global economy will collapse. The United States will feel the collapse in ways the third world nations can’t imagine. When? Soon. Too soon. I am afraid. Afraid for my children and my grandchildren. I wish I could pretend it will not happen, but I live in fear. I hold my grandchildren close and pray, "Not this year, please Lord. Let my grandbabies get a little older."

    • the date is immaterial...the writer is thing is sure...the present money system will one knows when except those who pull the strings...

    • yes, not this year Lord...give me time to prepare...I have been sleeping all this time...

  • Yes, I agree. I believe that Americans are sick and tired of it. We are in ruins and it is very obvious to everyone.

    • if you think we are in ruins, you can see the rality of others countries, here you have to take all the opportunities and work hard and you will see that things are nor to bad

  • Hmmm.. its 2008 ... we still here !! ;)

    in all seriousness, we face some economic hardships but nothing we can’t recover from... well unless Hillary is president .. then you are probably right.

    • Everyone is writing these long messages and yet no one is addressing the fact that this article "Collapse of US Economy Imminent" is a few years old and obsolete. So obviously whoever wrote this article does not know as much as it looks. I just attempted to contact him and requested that the article should at least be updated, so that we have the latest current information - the way things stand today. All these predictions were made and nothing came to pass. It’s a waste of my time. But in todays world no one is held accountable, no one is held responsible because if they were, something like this would not happen if the person feared he would have to suffer the consequences for stuff he thinks up but is not factual.

  • Who ever wrote this is totaly lost in time and space. You will erase any messages containing political advertising, Why don you erase this article that do not say any thing about economics and only echo the same language of the comunist.


  • Jesus people, get a life, what are you going to do about it, really?
    Think of the bellow and how it fans the fire to encourage the coals to continue to burn and sit. This is what money is, a tool used to help the powerful(rich and political) people become more affluent. It’s like a club for kids with lots of zeros! But the decisions can kill this time, and have serious economic epidemics across the globe.
    It’s 3/2008 and the USA is still scrappy and hanging in there, she has lost her housing market, gold is really UP,hmmm. Gas is $4gal. ,The dollar is weak, the economy will turn around just like it did in the mid 90’s, sluggishly, just to be beat down again by hope. You want to know what to do!
    Buy property, invest in water storage tanks, filters, solar energy, and pray for humanity to pull the stick out of its ass. Because we will either burn like a stick of dynomite by 2013 or we will fix our problems with God helping us make the best of it, I didn’t say we’d get out of it, we would instead tolerate our past mistakes and resent the future we thought we were going to die in!!....
    Trust your third eye, your shit is speaking to you, and it’s saying the frag is going to hit the fan unless responsible people like the new president of the USA could do something?-Obama,Clinton,etc....
    We Wiill SEE wOn’t We errgh!W#%#@%&%#@!^#!^:))))):):):):):):):):):)):):>0


    • My friend, how are things in your corner? Five months have passed since your message last April, I have never known such panic going on in the markets as I have recently. Any change of hearts?
      Brenda Kreitz
      Paris Landing, TN

  • 03 May 2008

    Dear Citizens, when are we all going to wake up and understand that as long as the populace in their pride, arrogance, rebellion and ignorance continue to manifest ’self’ will and not turn to the LORD Thy God and understand that our salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ is the most important duty that mankind can undertake for our personal relationship with the God of Creation and that our heavenly Father loves humanity very much and awaits for all us to repent of our sins, iniquities and transgressions against the laws of God; that these evil Governments and Agencies under the control of the so-called Zionist Jews will only be stopped when we as human beings acknowledge our God and learn to love him each day of our lives on this earth. We must remember that life eternal is the most important mission and journey for all of us, and by rejecting and neglecting the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, we also reap what we sow and will pay a terrible price under the wrath of our God who despises a disobedient people. Remember Ciizens, it’s sin and deceit that the God of Creations sees within our hearts towards one another and towards him so in reality we are no better than those who are within the World Governmental Agencies attempting to bring about a New World Order.

  • Wow, it’s 2008. Eventhough the US economy is on the verge of a financial breakdown, it doesn’t seem like your predictions were correct. On the contrary... the US economy is stable, an if it weren’t for Short selling of stocks and poor government intervention of financial instituion our economy would still be strong. Moreover, the WAR on TERROR is going pretty well.. Iraq is becoming stable, and terrorist organizations are no longer welcome in the world we live today.

    • Keep drinking the koolaid, friend.

    • Yes, just your everyday economy’s financial breakdown folks, plummeting stocks, huge emergency bailouts, unstable global economy. But at least the fake war is getting better??

    • Looking at the facts, it appears that the main problem for the American people is that the controle of the monetary and financial issues are concentrated in very few hands, which behave and act against the very same interests of the American people.
      Surprinsing is that every American tax payer (on average basis) contributes with over $4.000,-U$D a year to the well being of Israel.
      Surprising is that the WASP US Politicians have been put out of business and reduced to work and dance to the tunes of the AIPAC.
      Surprising is that the defendents of the AIPAC are the same people who owns the Federal Reserve and have strong ties to Wall Street.
      The actual crisis is not only a financial crisis, it´s a crisis of leadership and lack of clear, honest and just goals for the American People, who, I am sure want to leave in Peace and mind their own business and not be pushed into wars and turned into slaves for foreign people interests.
      Ken Rechtstein

  • If US were to collapse it won’t be end of the world for others. Countries that can produce can feed their population. US will certainly feel the pain and I’m not sure if they’ll ever recover this time.

    At least the world can get rid of the headache with US interfering into the affairs of every single country and focus on their problem first.

    Let them learn to manufacture, produce and consume to required levels. Americans are blaming on the greed of their business houses and looking from outside every average American can be called greedy .. its just that they are not aware of it...they must endure pain during the transition.. can’t help it..

  • We are apparently now in the final countdown towards the greatest economic meltdown in history. Yet few appear to be aware of what lies ahead. We are about to witness the end of the America that we were blessed with, and enter a worldwide age of tribulation and chaos that no one has experienced in living memory

    • The only thing that I know is that I am hoping and praying for us all. One mans prayer doesn’t seem like much but I wish no harm to the U.S. or any of its people. Yesterday I drove through the countryside and saw some old abandoned farm houses. It seems like I could almost hear the kids laughing as they swung in those old tire tree swings. I could see an old outhouse and wondered if it was a one or two holer. I could see the old delapidated summer kitchen where a lot of laughter could be heard and some good food was cooked by many family members. The chicken coop was flat on the ground after years of neglect but it once housed many Rhode Island Reds that the kids really liked. Americas’ people are wonderful and somehow, even if this whole thing collapses, hopefully some of us can pick up the pieces and whatever shape that we are in we can once again help each other like we did on the farm years ago. When Dad was sick the neighbors came and did his chores first and then went home to do their own. When mom was sick the neighbor ladies would do her baking and cooking first and then go home an do their own. If a bad storm came and leveled the house the neighbors would help Dad and Mom set up housekeeping in the hay mow above the barn. Whatever we have to endure we will rise up like the Phoenix and continue with life. Peace and blessings to us all.

    • Looks like this guy was right and all you dickheads saying he was wrong should get fucked in the ass

    • We need to bring back industry to the U.S. - that, and the removal of the fifth column with our government, our organizations and our lives.

  • Looks like its here folks, Unemployment reaches record high, Fed Printing money out of no where...maybe time to stock up on bullets and canned goods...all because of the greed of international bankers...time for a revolution

  • I found this today, Aug. 26, 1009. Where’s the update?

  • Were you wrong OR WHAT?
    Are you a Jehovah Witness? They twice predicted the world would end, as have other assorted and notably pay-me-preachers.

    Look what a mess it is NOW. But still this crap floats. Our "leaders" voted themselves and their Wall Street comrades the treasury. Truly, they are laughing all the way to the bank. The privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank, that is.

    Sure, even Congress is starting to say what Ron Paul and the JBS said for years: AUDIT THE FED. Never been done. They say the gov has no authority to look at a private co. Oh, banker buddies, but we might---have you heard of GM?

    Anyhow, it’s too little too late. NOW you should be predicting our imminent collapse to internationalism in 2010, etc. NOW you should be counting crows and dipping donuts. NOW you should be paranoid.

    Sure, the next diversionary war could be Iran. But only when we unelect EVERY POLITICIAN and force our Sheriffs to uphold State and local law ABOVE usurping federal law, will we have a chance of stopping our collapse.

  • So how is the "change" of the current administration ANY different?

    Everying seems to be accelerated now.

    I for one have started praying more.

  • You must read the black debt book. this has happened before and america has a way of keeping itself in power. Every 80 or so years they deliberately collapse the economy and re build fromit. This is the only way that they will remain a world power. they build it then destroy it and rebuild it again. they have total control. America does owe china money and could never repay what they owe. if they do China willl then become more powerful. they have to pay china for making it all there and then finda way to take back all their profits so they borrow money and don’t repay. China then thinks that america is broke. But in reality there not.That means that if they don’t pay them they got it all for free. Free labor!! america is lying to it’s own people creating a deception.

  • The first thing we have to do is stop the money masters. These economy controlling devil-worshipers have been purposely destroying our nation since 1913. We need to get out debt and print our own biils. Take the power from the Federal Reserve (which is a private corporation might I add) and give it back the the United States government.

    • that’s a good transition to gold standard...the problem will not be permanently removed if the nationalization of federal reserve stays for too might be that the old power players would hold power in a new monetary system

    • America has been bankrupt since the 1900’s, the money makers have been using fake money to get by these times and try to replace them with gold and money they have stolen from other countries and war to cover up the past bankruptcies, its a cycle that never ended till now, only difference is we are dealing with bigger amounts which makes it more obvious, dont forget they have other controlled banks around the world not only america, they can either recover america through printing new sets of money and starting all over again, or let america fall and move over to europe.


  • We came through all of this because the bankers need a bigger collapse...can we say 2014-2015?

  • Hah!! You were very wrong, as America simply raised it’s debt ceiling, then the fed monitized its debt by having the us purchase its own treasury notes to cover its loss of Chinese investment in us securities.
    The us is screwed, but has the power apparently to keep pushing doomsday back.