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Beirut Times Exposes Jesuit Gen. ’Black Pope’ And Vatican’s Hidden Agenda?

by : Greg Szymanski
Wednesday January 2, 2008 - 22:17

American media remains silent, showing how Vatican-led NWO controls free speech? Eric Phelps again tries, this time in overseas publication, to rip-off the Vatican’s scarlet veil of deception.

By Greg Szymanski
Jan. 1, 2008

Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, was recently interviewed by the Beirut Times, the official newspaper of the Lebanese and Arab Americans in the United States.

In his interview, Phelps again tries to rip-off the scarlet veil of deception surrounding the Vatican and Jesuit Order. The question must be asked why have foreign newspapers taken over for the U.S. mainstream and alternative who have time and time remained silent regarding the Vatican and Jesuits high-level connection to the New World Order?

The reason is both organizations are controlled by the very same people controlling the top levels of the Illuminati-Jesuit scheme to bring about a One World Order and One World Religion.

Although Phelps’ appearances are few and far between in the U.S., he has appeared numerous times on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal. But save a few other small radio outlets his voice is silenced by most of the alternative and all of the mainstream media.

Considering the gravity of the Pope’s crusade in the Middle East and its dire consequences for Americans, the Phelps interview is posted here so more people can finally understand how the New World Order really works.

After reading it, ask yourself why the blackout on popular shows like Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Glen Beck and many others? Is there a hidden agenda afloat in the alternative media? If so, Americans need to know without manipulation by media whores perhaps really working for the New World Order.

Here are Phelps’ comments as presented in the Dec. 31, 2007 Beirut Times:

Attempted Answers to Specific Questions And the Fate of Lebanon as per the Design of the Society of Jesus

Before commencing the body of this text, the author recommends the reading of his book, Vatican Assassins: “Wounded In The House Of My Friends.” Therein, the reader will be informed, fact-by-fact, as to the origin and perfection of the Jesuit Superior General’s International Intelligence Community. That Community is overseen by the pope’s Sovereign Military Order of Malta headquartered in Rome and directed by its Grand Master, Andrew Bertie. Thus, the Jesuit General, also known as “the Black Pope,” controls the entirety of the American Intelligence Community, including but not limited to, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Office of Naval Intelligence as well as the intelligence arms of the Army and the Air Force.

An accurate understanding of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 overseen by Knight of Malta Francis Cardinal Spellman further confirms the reality of a unified American Intelligence Community, which is the foundation for the pope’s International Intelligence Community, including Nazi-founded INTERPOL and Soviet KGB/FSB.

This Unified International Intelligence Community was built during Rome’s Second Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945) and perfected during Rome’s subsequent Cold War (1945-1990). A brief chronology will be now provided as a summary of events of the Twentieth Century as covered in detail in Vatican Assassins: “Wounded In The House Of My Friends,” third edition.

1. During the Black Pope’s World War I, called “The Great War,” the Protestant German Empire (the Second Reich) was destroyed. On its ruins, the Roman Catholic German Third Reich would be erected, fully prepared to fulfill the Order’s Council of Trent in killing accursed “heretics and liberals” throughout Europe and Jesuit-ruled Russia (alias, “U.S.S.R.”), the Order having been formally readmitted into Russia by Lenin after its legal expulsion by Tzar Alexander I in 1820. During this time Jesuit Nazi fascism, overseen by a separate Jesuit entity called the SS, would be united with Islam in that calculated destruction. It was for this reason that Hitler and Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini worked together from 1941 to 1945 while based in the once Protestant, then apostate, Masonically-ruled city of Berlin.

The collusion between Jesuit Nazi Fascism, Jesuit Soviet Communism, Islam and Labor Zionism is undeniable, all four factions being ruled by the Black Pope via high-level, illuminized Freemasonry and financed by the Knights of Malta directing the pope’s International Banking Cartel based in the Old City of London and New York City. Therefore, we should not be surprised to see the pope’s Lebanese Intelligence Service (overseen by the Jesuit Provincial in Beirut) secretly working with Islamic intelligence commanders of several factions, including Saudi Arabia, for the ultimate destruction of both papal and non-papal Christians in Lebanon. As the majority of Bible-reading Christians have been purged from Iraq under theguise of the Order’s “War on Terror,” even so will it be in Lebanon.

2. During the Black Pope’s World War I, the Masonically-ruled, Islamic Ottoman Empire would be defeated and dismembered after Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors Sultan Abdul Hamid II and Kaiser Wilhelm II (who had fired anti-Jesuit, Masonic Prince Bismarck) carried out the pope’s Armenian Genocide, murdering nearly two million non-papal Christians via the Grand Orient Lodge’s Masonic “Young Turks.” The tool of the Society of Jesus to bring this massacre to pass was its Masonically-directed, apostate Protestant British Empire (ruled by Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and Knight of Malta King George V), which Empire had also been slated for ultimate destruction. Jerusalem would now be taken from the Moslems, or rather given away by the Order’s Masonic Sultan in 1917 (the Sultan’s “defenders” of Jerusalem surrendering the city to Masonic British General Allen by without firing a shot!), to be under the military power of Britain until Israel’s War of Independence (conveniently aided through a military “mistake” by Haj Amin al-Husseini, Masonic commander of Palestine’s Arab Moslems) in 1948.

According to James A. Wylie’s The History of Protestantism, Volume II, Book15, page 386, Loyola’s first quest was to take Jerusalem from the Moslems:

“The war in which Loyola and his nine companions enrolled themselves, when on the 15th of August, 1534, they made their vow in the Church of Montmartre, was to be waged against the Saracens of the East.” [Emphasis added]

Clearly, Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, fully intended to reclaim Jerusalem for the pope as did every Crusade during the Dark Ages, save the First Crusade. In fact, the two cities preeminent in the mind of every Jesuit professed of the Fourth Vow are Jerusalem and Babylon. Rome is merely the base of operations until the Order can move its commercial capital from London to a rebuilt Babylon (Revelation 18), and its religious capital from Rome (Revelation 17) to Jerusalem (II Thessalonians 2:3-4) hosting a rebuilt Hebrew Temple in its midst (Daniel 9:27; Matthew 24:15). At the time of World War I, both cities were within the jurisdiction of Islam’s Ottoman Empire. Therefore, it had to be broken up if Solomon’s Hebrew Temple and Babylon were to be rebuilt. The 33rd Degree Freemason and Royal Institute of International Affairs member, which the Black Pope used to divide up the Ottoman Empire, was the arch conspirator in the deliberate sinking of the Lusitania (1915) and the murder of 100,000 White Protestant British soldiers at Gallipoli (1915), Winston Churchill.

After the infamous Treaty of Versailles concluded in 1919, the nations of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, and Palestine (Israel) were created out of the former Ottoman Empire. The Jesuits, via their high Freemasons directing the Versailles conference in Paris, carefully laid the foundations for the future creation of these new nations. Britain would rule Iraq (Babylon), Jordan and Palestine/Israel (Jerusalem). France would rule Lebanon(Beirut) and Syria (Damascus). Thus, we see that the Black Pope used theBritish Empire (his creature since the tyrannical reign of King George III) to oversee the world’s two most important cities in the eyes of the Order:

Jerusalem and Babylon. The building of Jerusalem would commence; but the building of Babylon would have to wait until after this present, American-ledCrusade and war of Moslem/Shiite annihilation in Iraq and Iran. Then Babylon could be rebuilt with its precursor in Dubai. Apparently, the Masonic Sunni and Wahhabi leaders subject to Rome (including the Black Pope’s Masonic House of Saud) have united for the destruction of the Shiites(formerly, the greatest Moslem enemies of the Jesuits, their past leadershaving expelled the Order from Iraq in 1969), while Shiite leaders of todayaid in that murder, betraying their own people into the hands of Americancrusaders, including the pope’s Knight of Malta-owned, “turkey-shooting,”U.S.-based, Blackwater Group mercenaries.

The French Mandate issued at Versailles, based upon the pre-arranged Sykes-Picot Agreement (1916), enabled France to begin occupying Lebanon and Syria. Lebanon became a republic in 1926 and achieved independence in1943, during World War II. Its first president was a “heretic” [according to Vatican characterization] Greek Orthodox lawyer and former journalist, Charles Dabbas. He in turn governed the republic that was filled with “accursed heretics,” including non-Roman Catholic Christians slated for “extirpation” pursuant to the BlackPope’s Counter Reformation Council of Trent. They included Maronites and Greek Orthodox; their future murderers would be Sunni and Shiite Moslemsacting as the “Sword of the Church.” For that murder to transpire, the French would have to go, as they had been the protectors of all “Christians”within the Ottoman Empire.

Since 1943 Lebanon has been an independent republic secretly ruled by the Jesuit Order from their military fortress, St. Joseph’s University in Beirut. The Jesuit Provincial for the Order’s Near East Vice-Province residesin Beirut and is pictured below; the province is composed of Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. Thus, Beirut is the heart of all Jesuit military activity within thenation and region. http://www.companysj.com/v143/meeti...

Fr. Jan Bronsveld, 2007 Jesuit Provincial for the Near East Vice-Province Local Master of Hezbollah and Government of LebanonSecret Master of Lebanon’s Intelligence Services

The most important Jesuit of all, the Provincial for the Near East Vice- Province for eighteen years, was none other than today’s Jesuit General:

Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, 1990s Jesuit Superior General, 1983-Present Provincial, Near East Vice-Province, 1974-1981 Incited Lebanese Civil War in 1975 Ordered to Rome by Jesuit Superior General Pedro Arrupe, 1981 http://www.30giorni.it/us/articolo....

We now shall be able to understand the mass-murder of Lebanon’s resident, non-papal Christians at the hands of Rome’s Moslem “warriors for the Church.” This will ultimately bring us to the Black Pope’s creation and temporary backing of Shiite Hezbollah as well as the Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists (ruling the pope’s revived “Kingdom of Jerusalem”—Israel) and thus the Mossad and military commanders of the Israeli Defense Forces. Between these two military powers were the “heretic and liberal,” non- Roman Catholic Christians who were being annihilated in the most recent Israeli-Hezbollah War (2006). Tortured and murdered by Shiite Hezbollah and bombed by the Israeli Defense Forces, the Christians of Southern Lebanon were just more victims of Jesuit military maneuvers, the Black Popedirecting both sides of every conflict and thus the resultant diplomatic resolutions. (We see this scenario repeated in Israel over and over again.)

The “extirpation” was merely the Council of Trent enforced once again amidst the confusion of Shiite Hezbollah’s rocket attacks into Israel killing another group of “accursed infidels,” the racial Jews within the borders of the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Genesis 15:16-21).

Body of Questions

In light of the above background, the following questions will be addressed with additional supporting facts:

Question 1: “The public impression has been that Iran finances Hezbollah, and that Saudi Arabia financed Saad Hariri and Fath al-Islam. Can you offer convincing, specific evidence that CIA/Saudi Arabia finances Hezbollah?”

Response 1: There is no question that CIA/Al Qaeda/Saudi Arabia finances Shiite Hezbollah. The leaders of Hezbollah must follow orders or they will be terminated as was President Kennedy in 1963, as was Hezbollah’s Abbas al- Musawi in 1992, as was King Faisal of Saudi Arabia in 1975. (It is most intriguing that Faisal was murdered by a close relative who had just returned from the United States. No doubt, Georgetown University was involved as per the Hollywood American movie/video titled Syriana.) The open but false policy of the CIA is to oppose Shiite Hezbollah (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/mai... in support of Lebanon’s Sunni Moslem Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. (Siniora was trained by Jesuit Coadjutors in Beirut at the American University—once the Syrian Protestant College (1866-1920) but now manned by Knight of Malta-directed CIA assets—and was employed at Citibank in New York City, said bank being ruled by the Knights of Malta. (A past head of Citicorp, the holding company for Citibank, was U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and JFK assassin, Knight of Malta William Simon.) Yet the secret but true policy of the Jesuit/Nazi/SMOM-ruled CIA is to back Shiite Hezbollah through Saudi Arabia for the annihilation of all “Christians” (including “liberal” Roman Catholics) in Lebanon. It is most telling to observe that there are no more Jewish communities in Lebanon or Iraq, the poverty-stricken majority Jews having been forced to flee to the pope’s intended Jewish graveyard, Israel.

Lebanon is to be a complete and total, political Islamic state, as are Turkey, Egypt, and Syria. No Christian of any stripe is to ever be seated in government if Wahhabi Saudi-financed Shiite Hezbollah and Syria (ruled by Jesuits in Damascus) succeed in fulfilling its mission. Lebanon’s old, anti- Jesuit, French protectors are gone (the Order being re-admitted into France in 1942 after which, in 1943, Jesuit Coadjutors Henri Petain and Pierre Laval cut loose Lebanon for the future annihilation of Lebanon’s Christians by the Black Pope’s Masonically-led Moslem hordes as was the case in Orthodox Armenia). The Jesuits rule the region via their Provincial in Beirut. With his help, nearby Orthodox Southern Cyprus, now in the European Community, is to be taken back by Turkey as a consolation prize for not being allowed into the pope’s Roman Catholic European Union, thereby evacuating and/or destroying the Greek Orthodox people of Cyprus which destruction began in 1974 at the direction of the pope’s CFR/Knight of Malta “Court Jew,” Henry Kissinger (“Henry Killinger,” as the Cypriots call him). This means the expulsion of the British military and British ex-patriots from Cyprus, and the Islamic-block nations are to be united under the all-seeing eye of the Black Pope’s Jesuit Assistant ruling that Moslem-populated Jesuit Assistancy. (Presently there are ten Jesuit Assistancies in the world.) This united Moslem block will then enter into an alliance with Russia for the purposed invasion of North America at the close of Rome’s Twenty-first Century Crusade.

Presently, the Jesuits are “extirpating” the Christians in Lebanon in the same, exact manner as they are “extirpating” the Orthodox Christians in Serbia. Roman Catholic Croats and Moslem Albanians, backed by America’s Jesuit/CFR-directed military and CIA, murdered tens of thousands of Orthodox Serbs in the 1990s. At this moment the Order is usingNATO to back the same two factions, the Croats and Albanians, continuing the killing of those most “accursed and obstinate Serbian heretics.” JesuitRoman Fascism (its greatest military champion being the CFR-ruled U.S. government with two huge fasces on display in the House of Representatives) and Islam work together today to “extirpate all heretics from the face of the earth.”

That combination was used to put down the Spanish Republic from 1936 to 1939 via Francisco Franco directed by Cardinal Segura; to murder the Serbs during World War II via Himmler’s SS-directed, Franciscan-led, Croatian Ustashi overseen by Archbishop Stepinac from 1941 to 1945; and toattack the anti-Roman Catholic, Coptic Christian nation of Ethiopia via Mussolini directed by Cardinal Secretary of State Eugenio Pacelli, killing700,000 Black Ethiopians. That extirpation now extends to Lebanon.

We now must focus on Wahhabi Saudi Arabia. The Jesuits instituted Wahhabi Islam in the mid-1700s via the British Empire. One of its key operatives within the British Secret Intelligence Service was 33rd DegreeFreemason Sir Richard Burton who made a pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina in 1853. By 1932 the British working with Mussolini (whose advisor was theSecretary to the Society of Jesus, Pietro Tacchi-Venturi) established theOrder’s oil bonanza within the heart of Islam, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Mussolini, hailed as the “Protector of Islam” in 1937, gave arms and supplies to Saudi Arabia’s first King, Ibn Saud.

Il Duce Benito Mussolini, 1937 Roman Catholic Fascist “Protector of Islam” Advised by Jesuit Pietro Tacchi-Venturi

Saud’s personal advisor was British Intelligence agent and English Knight of Malta Sir John Philby who was himself a Wahhabi Moslem. In 1933, the Saudis gave their oil concession to Standard Oil of California (SOCAL), controlled by the Knights of Malta through Rockefeller ownership. Years later, one of those Knights active in SOCAL would be JFK assassin and CIA Director, John McCone.

The 1930s commenced the Order’s quest of hording the world’s gold and oil. The wealth of the once mighty, White Protestant nations of Western Civilization would be redirected into the coffers of Saudi Arabia after the Second Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945). Simultaneously, America’s oil wellswould be capped, its Alaskan pipeline would be used for the oil needs of Japan and Americans would pay more at the pumps, further indebting the American Empire to Saudi Arabia, which hates the Lord’s Abrahamic covenant-bound, racial Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites. (Not a single synagogue orBible-reading church is allowed in the pope’s Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.) The massive wealth directed into Saudi Arabia would then be used to buildthe commercial powerhouse of Wahhabi-Islamic, Jew-hating Dubai while secretly building an international Masonic Islamic Terrorist Network. ThatNetwork would be overseen by the Black Pope’s International Intelligence Community and its money would be laundered through the Order’s International Banking Community. The Black Pope’s International Drug Trade worked by the Sicilian Mafia (overseen by the Archbishop of Palermo) and orchestrated by the Jesuit General’s CIA-led, International,Intelligence Community (including Al Qaeda) and International Crime Syndicate would also be used to finance his Terrorist Network. All the while,those historic White Anglo-Saxon Protestant nations outside of continentalEurope (England, Scotland, America, Canada, South Africa, Rhodesia, andAustralia)—having abandoned the public honoring of the Reformation English Bible, The Authorized King James Version of 1611—would continue to descend into the status of mere third world nations with huge nationaldebts, no middle class, no individual liberty and treasonous political leaders in the employ of the Vatican thereby returning the Modern Era back to the Dark Ages when the pope was the universal monarch of the world. Saudi Arabia is the bank for Rome’s International Islamic Terrorist Network. (In the 1800s it was the Order’s International Anarchist Terrorist Network, which assassinated at least fifty heads of state, including TzarAlexander II (1881) and President William McKinley (1901)). If the Jesuits have ruled Saudi Arabia since its inception in 1932; if the Jesuits have directed the CIA since its inception since 1947; and if the Order dictates policy to the Saudi monarchs as it has since King Ibn Saud; if the Company is building its Masonic Islamic International Terrorist Network for the purpose serving as a common enemy to unite Europe under Rome (via the European Community) while using this same CIA-directed Islamic Terrorist Network to financially and culturally destroy apostate Protestant Western Civilization; if the Black Pope’s “oil bonanza” of Saudi Arabia finances Al Qaeda;


As the covert master of Saudi Arabia, the Black Pope uses his Wahhabi Kingdom to finance his international, Islamic jihadist Crusaders—as secretly intended from the very day of the Kingdom’s creation. Hezbollah is one of the jihadist groups according to Rome’s CFR-controlled U.S. News and World Report. Published on Dec. 15, 2003, we read from “The Saudi Connection,” page 28:

“The high-flying Carlyle Group has made fortunes doing deals with the Saudis. Among Carlyle’s top advisers have been former [SMOM] President George H. W. Bush; James Baker, his secretary of state; and [SMOM] Frank Carlucci, a former secretary of defense. If that wasn’t enough, there was the staggering amount of Saudi investment in America—as much as $600 billion in U.S. banks and stock markets.”

“That kind of clout may help explain why the House of Saud could be so dismissive of American concerns on terrorism. Official inquiries about bin Laden went unanswered by Riyadh. When Hezbollah terrorists killed 19 U.S. troops with a massive truck bomb at Khobar Towers in Dharhan [Saudi Arabia] in 1996, Saudi officials stonewalled, then shut the FBI out of the investigation.”

Thus, CIA/Saudi Arabia finances Hezbollah as it does Al Qaeda. Further, both jihadist factions are controlled by the Moslem Brotherhood which is directed by high, Islamic Freemasons from the Grand Lodges of Cairo and Istanbul. This is never spoken of in any alternative circles.

Question 2: “What is the purpose behind the emergence of Fath a-Islam in Lebanon?”

Response 2: Fatah al-Islam (“Conquest of Islam”) is a radical Sunni Islamist terrorist group with links to CIA/Al Qaeda. Formed in November of 2006 and led by Palestinian refugee Shaker al-Abssi, it gained notoriety by opencombat with Lebanese forces at the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee campin May/June of 2007. The pope’s CFR-controlled U.S. government openly classified the group as a terrorist organization, while at this moment there are sixty-two (62) Islamic terrorist training camps on American soil under thecovert direction of the CIA/FBI. (This fact was provided to the author by a former Arab Palestinian who was a member of the Moslem Brotherhood and a Palestinian street-fighter in Israel. He is now a Bible-believing Christian and his ministry is to Arab Moslems in America, leading them to the true Lord Jesus Christ of the Reformation Bible.) Al-Abssi was backed by the Syrian government as well as the Lebanese government for the ridiculous reason of “fighting Hezbollah.” Secretly, both Sunni Fatah al-Islam and Shiite Hezbollah work together for the complete Islamic conversion of Lebanon while making incursions into Israel for the killing of racial Jews—as intended by the Jesuit General. The same policy will be used here in the U.S.

It is most intriguing to know that U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, a CFR member and 33rd Degree Freemason, and Saudi National Security Advisor Prince Bandar (“Bush”) bin Sultan have provided funding to Fatah al-Islam “to counter” Shiite Hezbollah. The truth is both factions work together at the top via their leaders beholden to the Jesuit Provincial inBeirut as did the leaders of Nicaragua’s Contras and Sandinistas who served the Archbishop of New York City, John Cardinal O’Connor. The Jesuits have used their CFR-controlled U.S. government to openly finance a factionthat is intended to lose after its purpose is accomplished. This was done withthe anti-communist Hungarian patriots in 1956, the anti-communist Cuban patriots in 1961 at the Bay of Pigs, and the anti-communist Nicaraguan Contras in the 1980s. This may also be the case with Fatah al-Islam, built to be betrayed in the future—but this author doubts it. The group is backed by CIA/Al Qaeda, is financed by both the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. Thus it appears that Fatah al-Islam will be used to continue to draw to the forefront the real, uncontrollable enemies of Rome’s Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists ruling Israel for execution by the CIA/Mossad or IDF, while destabilizing the Lebanese government to the end that Lebanon will not protect its “Christians” of whatever stripe.

Question 3: “What is the hierarchy in Beirut?”

Response 3: The Jesuit Provincial in Beirut is the man of total power in the region. That man is Jan Bronsveld as previously given. He has the complete support of the Black Pope’s International Intelligence Community, including the CIA, the Mossad and both Lebanese and Syrian Intelligence.

Question 4: “Who are the assassins among the Jesuits in Beirut?”

Response 4: The assassins in the area can be drawn upon from many factions controlled by the Jesuits. Assassins could be used from any one of the Masonic Islamic terrorist groups, any one of the national intelligence agencies overseen by the Knights of Malta, a member of the Order’s Masonic/SMOM International Crime Syndicate, or “lone nuts” at the disposal of the Company. In any event, no high-level assassination is carried out without a direct order from the Jesuit General advised by his Assistants in Rome. Themurders are planned after extensive reports from the General’s Provincials in the region and under the advisement of his Assistants after pointed deliberation. The “Father General’s” Assistant for the region is fully apprised as to every significant event in the Near East Vice-Province by meticulous reports from Jesuit Provincial Bronsveld.

Question 5: “What Lebanese politicians work for them and in what capacity?”

Response 5: The most prominent Lebanese politicians working for the Jesuit Provincial in Beirut are none other than your own Prime Minister, Fouad Siniora (19 July 2005-Present) and President Emile Lahoud (24 November 1998-Present). Siniora is a Sunni Moslem, Lahoud is a Maronite Roman Catholic whose mother was an Armenian from Syria. (According to the Constitution, the President is to be a Maronite Catholic and the Prime Minister is to be a Sunni Moslem.)

Lahoud was commander-in-chief of the army and, thus in fact, a military dictator from 1989 to 1998. In 1998 he was elected president and is the only “Christian” head of state in an Arab country. Any opposition to him is eliminated, thanks to Jesuit intrigue via Rome’s intelligence agencies in the region. Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated by the chiefs of Lebanon’s security forces because he opposed an additional presidential term for Lahoud as backed by the Order’s Masonic President Bashar Assad of Syria, the Jesuits controlling Damascus via Syrian Intelligence. It was reported by the New York Times that Lahoud went swimming on the day of Hariri’s murder. Lahoud is clearly a pawn for Jesuit Provincial Jan Bronsveld and must be removed if Lebanon is to ever be normalized.

Siniora is also Jesuit-controlled, he being tied to international finance via the Knights of Malta at Citibank/Citicorp for which reason he has the backing of Skull and Bonesman President George W. Bush (whose father and uncle are both Knights of Malta), the pope’s United Nations and the surrounding Arab countries. He has included the criminal Hezbollah in his government (as per the desires of the Jesuit Provincial) but refuses to have any dealings with General Michael Aoun’s “Free Patriotic Movement.” Aoun is a true Lebanese patriot and is in great danger of being assassinated by an agent of Rome as was ex-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. General Aoun’s late enemy was the Jesuit-trained President, Elias Hrawi. (As mentioned, Hariri was murdered by Jesuit Coadjutors within Lebanon’s intelligence services, which killing was then blamed on Syria with the secret collusion of the Syrian President. Both Siniora and Lahoud were parties to the assassination and will never be prosecuted for the crime. Meanwhile, the Lebanese people are kept agitated against Syria when their greatest enemies are in Beirut. This same tactic is being used on the American people, they believing that the Moslem world is their enemy when the greatest threat to their personal security and happiness is in Washington, D.C., i.e., Jesuit Georgetown University ruling the CFR/Bush Crime Family in the White House.)

Question 6: “Can you outline what is actually taking place in Lebanon andwhat is the objective for the country.”

Response 6: There are several objectives regarding Lebanon. First, it must be a staging base for continued attacks into Israel. Jesuit Coadjutor Shimon Peres is a co-conspirator against the Lord’s beloved Hebrew/Jewish people in Israel, along with Omert, Assad, Lahoud, Siniora, the Saud Dynasty, Abbas (who wrote his doctoral dissertation on the collusion between the Labor Zionists and the Nazis in carrying out the Eurasian Jewish Holocaust—which thesis is true!), not to mention Bush, Blair and Putin and their infamous

“Roadmap Policy” designed to purposely bring war into Israel for the destruction of the Moslem Mosques on the pope’s Temple Mount and the killing of thousands of “accursed” Moslems and Jews in Israel. (The author is convinced this is one of the paramount purposes for the pope’s American- led Crusade against Islam, called a “Crusade” by Bush himself!) For it was the infamous Jesuit Francis Xavier who cried: “Put me in a place where there are no Jews or Moslems.” 1

The Second objective to be achieved in Lebanon is the elimination of any true, Bible-based, Christian influence in the land. This will be effected bythe Jesuits using their “Sword of the Church,” fanatical Islam. Islam is nothing more than Roman Catholicism for the Arab peoples of color, the half-brothers of racial Jews who also have Biblical promises to inherit. The parallels are striking and once analyzed it becomes evident that the Papacy created Islam to annihilate “heretic” non-papal Christians, “liberal” Roman Catholics and “perfidious” racial Jews. This continues to be Rome’s design and use of Islam (especially with the Black Pope’s CIA-led Masonic Islamic International Terrorist Network), while simultaneously killing millions of Moslems in clearing the way for the building of the third Hebrew Temple for the last and final pope turned “Antichrist” to be worshipped therein sometime after this Crusade is terminated.

Therefore, we will continue to see the betrayal of Lebanese Christians by the government of Lebanon (as we presently observe with the Serbian Orthodox Christians) culminating in their murder by the fanatical forces of a Jesuit-ruled, Nazi/CIA/Al Qaeda/Wahhabi Islam which is the secret master of both Sunni and Shiite Moslem leadership. Once enough Shiites have been

1. Dr. E. Boyd Barrett, Ex-Irish Jesuit, Rome Stoops to Conquer, (New York: Julian Messner, Inc., 1935) p. 180. murdered, Islam will be united under a common banner after the mosques in Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem are brought down by the secret forces of the Jesuit General. (This scenario is portrayed in the movie/video The Order featuring Roman Catholic Jean-Claude van Damme.) Rome will blame her American Empire she fully intends to destroy, just as she destroyed the Third Reich after she had used Hitler to mass-murder the “accursed,” anti- Communist, Russian Orthodox peoples, the “heretic” German Lutheran people, the “heretic and liberal” Protestant peoples of Britain and Europe (especially Czechoslovakia) and the “perfidious” Jews of Eurasia.

Question 7: “Who is financing whom in Lebanon?”

Response 7: The sponsors of Lebanon are the pope’s international bankers financially controlling America, Britain, Europe and Saudi Arabia. Those bankers include the Chairman of the pope’s Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Ben Bernanke, one of the pope’s “Court Jews.” The Fed extends credit to the U.S. Congress which then gives U.S. foreign aid to Lebanon. This makes Lebanon the servant of the Black Pope’s American Empire.

Question 8: “From the list of assassinated Lebanese political figures, can you offer specific details on who killed any or all of them and why each was killed?”

Response 8: I do not have any specific details, but once the reader becomes acquainted with the apparatus of power controlled by the Society of Jesus and its aims, it is relatively easy to deduct why each and every one of the victims listed was assassinated. I shall attempt to add details and the reasons why two leaders were assassinated in addition to former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. This will help the reader establish a formula for finding the answer as to “Who benefits” and “Why.”

Bachir Gemayel: former President-Elect, founder of Lebanese Forces, son of Pierre Gemayel, assassinated on September 14, 1982. The author’s “gut feeling” is that he was assassinated for truly opposing the rising power of fanatical Islam in the country, including the PLO. This is true. Gemayel was a Roman Catholic Maronite “Christian” trained by the Jesuits at their St. Joseph University in Beirut. He led a right-wing fascist group of patriots, called the Kataeb Party, which the Jesuit Order, over time, betrayed into the hands of its Moslems. This includes the murder of Elie Hobeika who participated with the Israelis in the massacre of Palestinians in Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in Lebanon (mentioned above on page 13) after the murder of Gemayel in 1982. The same betrayal was done with the leaders of the right- wing Contras in Nicaragua, the right-wing Cubans at the Bay of Pigs, and the right-wing Chinese led by Chiang Kai-shek in 1949. Right-wing Jesuit fascism always loses in the end to its enemies after those fascists kill the peoples targeted by the Order. In this case it was unarmed Palestinian men, women and children in a refugee camp surrounded by the pope’s Israeli Defense Forces. The lesson we learn from Jesuit-trained Bachir Gamayel is that the Jesuit Brotherhood will set up one of their own students who, after graduation, was then placed in a key position of power, only to sacrifice him in the end after his usefulness has been fulfilled. His execution may be the result of disobedience as in the case of Benito Mussolini (who refused todeport the Jews of Rome to Auschwitz due to the influence of his Jewish mistress) and Yitzak Rabin (who refused to consent to making Jerusalem an international city to be shared with Arab Moslems, i.e., “Palestinians”) or merely to placate another enemy faction also under Jesuit domination.

Renè Moawad: President for seventeen (17) days (1989). Also trained by Jesuits at St. Joseph University in Beirut, he brought hope seeking to end the civil war that raged from 1975 to 1990. Seemingly a virtuous leader and loved by his people, he said:

“There can be no country or dignity without unity of the people, and there can be no unity without agreement, and there can be no agreement without conciliation, and there can be no conciliation without forgiveness and compromise."

This, the Jesuit Order would never allow. Hatred must be festered on the side of the Moslems against all “Christians” if Lebanon is to be conquered by Jesuit-directed Islam. He truly could have brought a real peaceto Lebanon. Therefore, he was assassinated with a car-bomb killing an additional twenty-three (23) people. His murder was never investigated. The common enemy of Syria was blamed, but it was the Order’s Lebanese Intelligence Services who were at the bottom of the execution. Again, the Order sacrificed one of their own students “for the greater glory of God,” the god who sits in St. Peter’s Chair! As in the case of every political assassination, the intelligence community of that nation carries out the termination order issued by the Black Pope. In this way no truly representative, liberal government ruling for the benefit of the people can ever rise to popular power. So it is in Lebanon today; so it is in the United States of America.

Follow-up Questions Q: Many in Lebanon, especially the Christians, have the perception that the Vatican is on their side. What would you say to them?

A: This is the pope’s OPEN but FALSE policy. Never be tricked by it. The pope SECRETLY caused the American-led Crusade against Islam via 911. The pope OPENLY opposes the war. This is typical Jesuit duplicity.

Q: Is Maronite Patriarch Sfeir a party to the plots against the Christians?

A: Yes, if he was not he would be murdered like the nationalist Orthodox Archbishop Marcarious of Cyprus.

Q: Do you have any further documentation on Jan Bronsveld, especially to prove that he is the master of Lebanese intelligence and Hezbollah.

A: No. But this is how the Vatican Empire works. The same is true for every country. The Jesuits are first and foremost a MILITARY order. I can prove Jesuit control of the CIA and thus the Secret Intelligence Services of Lebanon. You will never find documents, only circumstantial evidence. The Jesuits are the best jurists in the world, thus they know how to suppress evidence.

Q: Can you elaborate on Hezbollah’s responsibility in killing Christians in south Lebanon during the 2006 war, or that the victims were mostly Christians. Do you have any documentation on this issue?

A: I have the personal testimony of an Orthodox Christian woman who was tortured by Hezbollah and fled into Israel where she was treated along with her children. Hezbollah inciting Israel via its attacks made the IDF the open killers in Lebanon, but it was Hezbollah that caused the retaliation.

Q: The vast majority of those killed were children and women, but I am not sure of the religious breakdown of the casualties. It seemed satanic the slaughter of all these children, about 40% of casualties.

A: Purely Council of Trent.

Q: Fath al-Islam was apparently built, used, and then betrayed. I noticed that the Nahr al-Bared incident begun about two days after Mr. Welch (US State Dept.) returned to Washington from a visit to Beirut (meeting with many officials including the commander of the Lebanese Army Michel Slaiman);

A: The US State Department is completely controlled by the Archbishop of New York Edward Cardinal Egan. Edmond Paris said in 1965 that Archbishop Francis Cardinal Spellman controlled State at the time of the JFK assassination. Anything that State does is treason to Americans.

Q: and Nahr al—Bared ended about two days after US Ambassador Feltman returned to Beirut from a visit to Washington. It was clear there were a "fishy" link b/w the organization and the Administration.

A: Both worked for Rome via Intelligence agents within.

Q: Do you expect the re-emergence of Fath al-Islam after their defeat/betrayal in Nahr al-Bared?

A: Yes.

Q: Was Army Commander Slaiman part of the conspiracy against Lebanon’s army?

A: Yes. Intelligence controlled him as is the case in the US. Thus he was controlled by the Jesuit Provincial of Beirut.

Q: My impression was that the Nahr al-Bared war was created to later justify the need for "security" and a "strong" president, thus paving the way to amending the constitution and making Sleiman president. I felt that was one of Fath al-Islam’s purposes, although I can’t prove it.

A: The proof is in what happened. Know this: whatever happens, it was planned that way. Ask "who benefits" and it will lead to the doctrine of the Jesuits.

Q: You mentioned that Seniora is Jesuit-controlled. Saad Hariri attended Georgetown University. Is he Jesuit controlled as well?

A: Yes. The Order erects its leaders of foreign nations after educating them in their institutions---especially institutions in the US.

Q: Is he with Skull & Bones or with the Knights of Malta?

A: I do not know. He most assuredly is a Freemason controlled by the Grand Lodge of Cairo.

Q: There were some newspaper reports that he was bribing a witness in the investigation of his father’s murder to throw the case so that the truth will never be outed

Editor’s Note: This is the conclusion of the author’s analysis and responses to the questions posed by Elias Aoun. The author thanks Mr. Aoun for the opportunity of providing this service and looks forward to many other opportunities of being of aid in resolving the international disorder caused by the Order, the Society of Jesus.


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Beirut Times Exposes Jesuit Gen. ’Black Pope’ And Vatican’s Hidden Agenda?
Friday January 11 - 19:26 - Posted by 58206866fe87ab3f...

All the information in the above article are mere conspiracy theories and products of extreme imaginations without proper historical facts, scholarly citations and simple logic. No clear thinking historians, scholars, and ordinary individuals will agree with the above data.

Beirut Times Exposes Jesuit Gen. ’Black Pope’ And Vatican’s Hidden Agenda?
Saturday January 17 - 01:39 - Posted by Rich - 8bd64df0bf9f0056...

Well Friend, only a person who is uncomfortable with the facts stated above, Jesuit trained and using Jesuit logic would say what you just said ! Your personal conviction does not change truth; Truth is Truth no matter who believes it !


Beirut Times Exposes Jesuit Gen. ’Black Pope’ And Vatican’s Hidden Agenda?
Saturday January 16 - 13:30 - Posted by bendover - fcde688ce204adb9...

Certainly does seem like a concerned Jesuit speaker here. “A historian who would convey the truth must lie. Often he must enlarge the truth by diameters, otherwise his reader would not be able to see it”- Mark Twain. Many of the details written in this article is in fact recorded and part of history, there should be much more information and facts available on this subject, but considering many publishing houses are ’owned’ by Freemasons then it’s hardly surprising much information has been hidden, deleted, covered-up and embelished by those who want the truth to be supressed-Simples!

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