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WikiLeaks saga elicits Censorship & active Genocide Ignoring by Australian Mainstream Media

by : Dr Gideon Polya
Friday December 17, 2010 - 06:01

Two major features of WikiLeaks are that (1) the leaked cables simply provide documentary confirmation what sensible people had surmised already about the war criminal, genocidal US Alliance and US state terrorism; and (2) the real scandal that neither WikiLeaks nor Mainstream media (MSM) will report the horrendous carnage of 8 million dead so far in the US War on Terror.

Below is documentary evidence of how one of Australia’s leading "liberal" newspapers, The Age (Melbourne), actively censors reportage of this ongoing, largely Muslim Holocaust and Muslim Genocide.

A widely-published, 5-decade-career scientist, I retired from my laboratory-based research 7 years ago (although I still teach a major course to second year university science students).

Inspired by Polish war hero Jan Karski (who tried to tell an unbelieving world about the Nazi Holocaust in Poland as it was happening) and appalled by Western Mainstream media, politician and academic ignoring of the ongoing US-imposed genocides (notably the ongoing Palestinian Genocide, Iraqi Genocide, Afghan Genocide and fossil fuel-driven Climate Genocide), I have been very active researching and writing to bear witness about these ongoing atrocities.

While I publish extensively around the World, I am almost completely excluded from presenting this urgent humanitarian message within Australia.

However I have found a hole in the Mainstream media (MSM) Wall of Silence via what is arguably Australia’s most liberal Mainstream medium, The Age newspaper of Melbourne.

The Age has an online version and invites reader comments on articles in a section entitled The National Times that is distributed to other newspapers of the Australian Fairfax media empire. I have been regularly making such comments under my own name (Dr Gideon Polya) but have noted considerable censorship of my comments if Israel or Zionism is mentioned.

However in recent weeks such censorship by The Age reached an extraordinary level such that most comments I submitted re the WikiLeaks saga were censored (I hasten to add that I don’t know who actually does the censoring at The Age).

I have concluded that what the Censor does not want readers of The Age to read is the real scandal that neither WikiLeaks nor Mainstream media (MSM) report the horrendous carnage in the US War on Terror that now totals 8 million dead, mostly from war-imposed deprivation. Some salient examples are provided below.

1. The Age republished an article re WikiLeaks by Simon Jenkins in the UK Guardian entitled ”In the future the only secrets will be spoken ones” (The Age, 30 November 2010: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/po... ). 64 comments (all but 4 from anonymous bloggers) were published but The Age evidently did not want its readers to read that from Dr Gideon Polya: “Full praise to WikiLeaks and Australian hero Julian Assange for exposing the pure evil of violent US imperialism. It is a national disgrace that the US lackey Australian Labor Government has rushed to support its war criminal US and Israeli friends and is threatening Julian Assange with a politicized Australian Federal Police (AFP) investigation. The AFP would be better employed using its resources to investigate spying, suborning, terrorism-promotion, criminality and treason in Australia by pro-US and pro-Zionist non-Australians, Australians and dual citizen Australians. Indeed I have sent a detailed, lengthy and documented dossier to the AFP (and to media and MPs) about 50 areas in which Zionists threaten Australia (Google "50 ways racist Zionists"). An AFP response to my complaints about the Australian-complicit Israeli terrorist forging of Australian passports for deadly terrorism purposes and the violent kidnapping of 5 Australians in International waters by Australian Israeli terrorists was that "no Commonwealth laws appear to have been broken". Indeed a huge Elephant in the Room scandal is that while the Mainstream Media (MSM) report the more juicy and personal WikiLeaks diplomatic releases, they simply won’t report horrendous Truths that are readily accessible from authoritative UN, scientific and other sources e.g. 1.4 million violent deaths in post-invasion Iraq (US Just Foreign Policy), 0.3 million annual under-5 infant deaths in Occupied Afghanistan ( UNICEF), 2.6 million under-5 infant deaths in Occupied Afghanistan and 2.0 million under-5 infant deaths in Iraq under Sanctions in Occupation (UN Population Division) and 1,000 child deaths each day in the overseas American Empire under Obama (Google "Hey, hey, USA").”

2. The Age subsequently published an article by the Fairfax China correspondent John Garnaut entitled ”The Chinese have Kevin Rudd pegged” about the WikiLeaks revelations about former Australian PM Rudd advocating US military action against China (The Age, 6 December 2010: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/po... ). 96 comments (all but 1 from anonymous bloggers) were published but The Age again completely censored my comment (although it did finally publish a version I censored myself). My original comment that The Age did not want its readers to read was as follows: “The WikiLeaks release reveals former PM Kevin Rudd as a dangerous warmonger suggesting war on China and Australian deployments in Pakistan as well as attacking China’s sovereignty over Tibet and Taiwan that predates UK sovereignty over Scotland. I agree with Coalition Shadow Foreign Minister Julie Bishop that PM Gillard should clarify Australia’s position re war against China and war in Pakistan. Having attempted to wreck Australia’s mining industry through massive taxation the Labor Government is now jeopardizing the China market that enabled Australia to survive the GFC unscathed. Peace is the only way but silence kills and silence is complicity. Julian Assange is a world hero and should be Australian of the Year for exposing the lying US warmongers, subverters and war criminals. It is an utter disgrace that the Australian Labor Government in threatening Julian Assange is putting the protection of the pathologically violent, dishonest, war criminal and climate criminal US Government against the protection of an heroic Australian citizen. Rudd should be sacked. Indeed the dangerously incompetent Gillard Labor Government should be sacked. For decent, pro-peace, pro-Planet Australians the crucial electoral strategy is to Put Labor Last until it returns to traditional Whitlam era values, totally rejects the deadly invasion and occupation of Asian countries at the behest of the Americans and takes serious action on climate change (zero CO2 emissions and 100% renewable energy by 2020 according to the much-acclaimed BZE ZCA2020 Report) that acutely threatens most of our Asian neighbors with massive physical destruction.”

3. The Age published an article by Fairfax writer Charles Purcell entitled “Truth, power , and an age-old divide” (between young and old power) (The Age, 8 December 2010: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/po... ). The Age published 43 comments (all but 5 anonymous) but again found 2 successive comments by me unfit to print: “Some very dubious age-related assertions in this article. I am an older Australian but have been "talking truth to power" all my adult life. Back in the 1960s my car was adorned with a big sign saying "Nazis killed Jews. We kill Asians" (we still are) and I took part in the 500,000 strong Washington demo against the bombing of Cambodia (our ally is using robots to bomb villages in flood-devastated Pakistan). In 2010 the members of our local Climate Action Group are overwhelmingly over 50 years old. Julian Assange is a hero for freedom of information and the Australian Labor Government stands condemned not just for its immoral secret dealings with the US, betrayal of pro-peace, pro-truth Labor supporters and its attacks on WikiLeaks but for its dangerous perversion of rational risk management that is vital for the security of Australians and which fundamentally requires FOI. The WikiLeaks release of US documents about "US friends" in Australian Labor comes 35 years after Phillip Agee published his personal account as a CIA operative in Latin America (see "Inside the Company. CIA Diary"). As I remember, Agee’s job in Ecuador was to "run" the Head of the Trade Union Movement, the President and Vice-President (whose mistresses both wanted Cadillacs) and the Leader of the Opposition. Agee’s account instantly transformed my understanding of Australian politics, with confirmation provided when the retiring CIA chief in Australia praised his special "friends" by name (the WikiLeaks documents are supposed to go back to 1966 so more confirmation may be in store for us)."


For the second time a carefully researched, non-anonymous and usefully referenced comment by me on WikiLeaks has failed to make it in the National Times. A self-censored version below. Ultimately WikiLeaks by Australian and World hero Julian Assange is about overcoming Mainstream media and politician censorship and directly promoting Freedom of Information which is vital for rational risk management and the safety of Australians and indeed all people worldwide. WikiLeaks documentary revelations about US subversion of Australian and other governments and institutions is predated by 35 years in Phillip Agee’s "Inside the Company. CIA Diary" in which he describes his work in Ecuador "running" top government, opposition and trade union leaders as US agents. This was for me an instant revelation about US-subverted Australian politics that is now being further exposed by WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks is importantly providing insider evidence about US espionage, war crimes, subversion and collaborators around the world. Agee also noted that a CIA colleague had an exciting time "running" Ecuadorian terrorists who would bomb Catholic Churches (these atrocities then being blamed on Communists). There is a wealth of subsequent information about US backing of terrorists (including nascent Al Qaeda and the Taliban). We await further WikiLeaks documents about US state terrorism and Australia’s role in such atrocities. The "age divide" assertion in the article is unsubstantiated and dubious - there are plenty of decent Australians young and old who are opposed to Australian-complicit US wars, invasions and genocides (violent deaths and non-violent avoidable deaths from deprivation so far total 4.4 million in the Iraqi Genocide, 1990-2010, and 4.9 million in the Afghan Genocide, 2001-2010).”

4. The Age published an article by The Age writer Kathleen Murphy entitled “New cables reinforce image of Arbib as compulsive player” about the secret, WikiLeak-revealed connection of Labor Coup Plotter Senator Arbib as a secret informer to the US (The Age, 9 December 2010: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/po... ). The Age published 40 comments (all but 3 anonymous) but again found my comment unfit for its readers: "Ms Murphy jocularly dismisses Arbib’s special relationship with a dangerous foreign power that the Amercians sought to keep secret from non-US nationals. However the fact remains that thanks to Arbib’s secret relationship with Washington the US was warned of moves against Kevin Rudd in 2009 whereas PM Rudd was only made aware in the evening of 23 June 2010. Wheels within wheels. Australia has been a lackey of the US since the US-backed coup against PM Whitlam in 1975. Mark Latham was vetoed by the US Ambassador in the 2004 elections. George Bush intervened outrageously in the 2007 elections. The Labor Party has been a craven lackey of Washington but according to the WikiLeaks 2 of the main pro-Zionist plotters in the Coup against Rudd were US informants. If a member of the Australian cricket team were found to be giving secret advice to the English he would have to retire to the Home Country but MPs being secret informants of a dangerous, nuclear terrorist, war-making nation is far more serious. However US lackey Labor turns the other cheek over the forging of Australian passports by US-backed Israel, the violent kidnapping of Australians in international waters by Israeli terrorists (including dual citizen Australian Israeli terrorists) and massive illegal seizure of Australian citizens’ property in Palestine by Apartheid Israel. Now Labor turns the other cheek over (as revealed by WikiLeaks), the spying on Australians ordered by Hillary Clinton, warmongering against the Chinese and Pakistanis by Rudd, and "informing" of the Americans by 3 pro-Zionist Labor MPs. Sensible and patriotic Australians will put Labor last forever."

5. The Age published an article by intelligence insider Paul Barratt praising WikiLeaks and entitled “The net will win against deception” (The Age, 13 December 2010: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/po... ). While The Age published 67 comments (all but 6 anonymous) it evidently regarded my 2 successive submissions as unfit for its readers: "The WikiLeaks revelations are useful documentary confirmation of what sensible observers had already concluded about the humanity-violating villainy of the US and its variously cowardly, corrupt and violent associates. Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks associates are heroes who have increased the security of Humanity by these revelations. However the consequences of WikiLeaks to date are very limited and may be counterproductive in some respects. 1. It is likely that legislated draconian penalties for whistleblowers in the US and US lackeys like Australia (as urged by rightwing US politicians) will make such FOI even more constrained than before. 2. More specifically, the US and Australia etc may follow ultraconservative urgings to go down the route of legislating that WikiLeaks-style whistleblowing is "terrorism" (e.g. already in Australia a donation to a Gaza orphanage may be rewarded by life imprisonment under Anti-terrorism laws whereas donations toward the Palestinian Genocide can be tax deductible). 3. The WikiLeaks saga has given the public the utterly false impression that the Mainstream media (MSM) in the Western Murdochracies and Lobbyocracies are fearlessly reporting the truth whereas the MSM in practice have erected a Wall of Silence based on self-censorship, censorship and lying by omission that is very difficult to penetrate. 4. Whereas WikiLeaks US cables revelations so far are about the variously informed, correct and authoritative opinions of various US diplomats, the MSM resolutely refuse to report horrendous realities that are readily accessed from authoritative UN agencies, courageous American insiders (e.g. Phillip Agee, William Blum, Daniel Ellsberg) or the medical literature e.g. 2.6 million post-invasion under-5 infant deaths in Occupied Afghanistan."


“A 5-decade career scientist, I have repeatedly but unsuccessfully attempted to report 2 key features of the WikiLeaks saga via Comments to the National Times. My comment on this present article has apparently also gone astray. 1. The WikiLeaks revelations provide documentary, confessional confirmation of what sensible, informed observers had already concluded from a wealth of other evidence about how the Americans attempt to run the World. 2. While Mainstream media (MSM) variously report a selection of gossipy WikiLeaks documents, they resolutely refuse to report horrendous facts about the 8 million violent deaths and non-violent avoidable deaths associated with the US war on Terror, facts that are in the public domain and readily available from UN Agencies and the medical epidemiological literature (e.g. Google Muslim Holocaust, Muslim Genocide). MSM reportage of #1 gives the false impression to the public that the MSM are fearlessly reporting the truth. Sustained MSM non-reportage of #2 is betrayal of trust, deception of customers, holocaust denial, genocide denial and ultimately unsustainable - the US Alliance cannot hope to indefinitely continue the active and passive mass murder of Asians, Africans and Latin Americans without the Awful Truth eventually surfacing. It can be estimated from publicly-available data from authoritative bodies (the UN Population Division, UNICEF, WHO, UN ODC, the medical literature) that post-1950 violent and non-violent avoidable deaths in countries occupied by the US in the post-1945 era total about 90 million - but you won’t get to hear this from either WikiLeaks or the MSM. MSM lying, censorship and whitewashing re avoidable mass mortality violates the dead and endangers the living.”

6. The Age published an article by its diplomatic editor Daniel Flitton entitled “Relations in deep water” about predicted long-lasting impacts of the WikiLeaks-revealed verbal indiscretions of former PM Rudd (The Age, 15 December 2010: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/po... ). The Age published 31 comments from readers (all but 2 anonymous) but evidently regarded my carefully composed comment as also unfit for its readers: “This article may well be right about long-lasting consequences of WikiLeaks releases about Rudd but ignores the key Elephant in the Room matter of foreign lobbyist influence on Labor and in Australia politics in general. Mainstream media (MSM) publishes selected WikiLeaks and have conceded that the leaks are simply documentary evidence from the Americans of what sensible people had already surmised from a wealth of other evidence about ruthless US suborning of decency, foreign politicians, human rights and national sovereignty. However resolutely ignored is the Awful Truth that both WikiLeaks and the MSM are happy to publish US insider cables and other secret documents but resolutely refuse to report the horrendous human cost of US imperialism that is publicly available from the UN. Thus MSM simply won’t report horrendous avoidable death statistics from Occupied Palestine, Occupied Iraq and Occupied Afghanistan (e.g. MSM ignores the UNICEF estimation that 311,000 infants die annually in Occupied Afghanistan, 90% avoidably). Consistent with the WikiLeaks releases about Rudd and his subsequent responses is the Elephant in the Room likelihood that while Rudd is fervently pro-coal, pro-gas, pro-war, pro-US and pro-Zionist, his Labor, US and Zionist "friends" evidently don’t think he is pro-war, pro-US and pro-Zionist enough - and hence the pro-Zionist-led Coup (see anti-racist, humanitarian, Jewish Australian writer Antony Lowenstein "Does the Zionist Lobby have blood on its hands in Australia?"), the Rudd WikiLeaks, Rudd’s blaming of the US and not Assange for the leaks and Rudd’s call for international nuclear inspection of Israel (anagram "e-liars"). Expose the traitorous Zionist Lobby!" ”

7. Finally this week, The Age published an article by media academic Hamish Ford entitled “WikiLeaks gives old media a shot in the arm”, about renewal of journalism through WikiLeaks (The Age, 16 December 2010: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/co...). The Age published 26 comments from readers (all but 1 anonymous) but again found my comment unfit its readers: “Good article that nevertheless, like WikiLeaks, media and politicians, fails to note the real scandal of the WikiLeaks saga, specifically that while WikiLeaks is properly lauded for publishing hundreds if thousands of US-linked diplomatic opinions, this obscures the outrageous non-reportage by the Mainstream media of the actual horrendous human consequences of US imperialism. Violent deaths and non-violent avoidable deaths in the US War on Terror now total 8 million, the breakdown being 2.5 million in Iraq, 4.9 million in Afghanistan and 0.8 million (3,000 Australian) from US restoration of the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry.

In her important novel "The Lacuna" (lacuna meaning a gap or absence) Barbara Kingsolver has Russian Communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky (Lev) and his assistant Van have the following discussion about media (part 3, p159, Faber & Faber, London, 2009 edition): ""But newspapers have a duty to truth", Van said. Lev [Trotsky] clicked his tongue. "They tell the truth only as the exception. Zola [French novelist of "J’accuse" fame] wrote that the mendacity of the press could be could be divided into two groups: the yellow press lies every day without hesitating. But others, like the Times, speak the truth on all inconsequential occasions, so they can deceive the public with the requisite authority when it becomes necessary." Van got up from his chair to gather the cast-off newspapers. Lev took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. " I don’t mean to offend the journalists; they aren’t any different from other people. They’re merely the megaphones of other people" (Google "media ignoring horrendous US crimes").

Silence kills and silence is complicity.”


I am a widely-published 5-decade career scientist who attempts to do his duty by informing the public about the horrendous human consequences of the US War on Terror (8 million dead, mostly from war-imposed deprivation). While I can publish overseas I have virtually no voice within pro-war, pro-US, pro-Zionist Australia and have been reduced to making comments under my name (Dr Gideon Polya) to op-ed articles in the on-line version of The Age, arguably Australia’s most liberal mainstream newspaper.

As documented above, even this avenue has been resolutely closed to me over the last fortnight. Evidently The Age does not want its readers to know of (a) UN-based estimates of horrendous deaths due to US Alliance war crimes and (b) that the real WikiLeaks scandal is that neither WikiLeaks nor Mainstream media (MSM) report the horrendous carnage of 8 million dead so far in the US War on Terror.

The carnage in the Occupied Palestinian, Iraqi and Afghan Territories involves post-invasion violent deaths and avoidable deaths from Occupier-imposed deprivation totaling 0.3 million, 2.5 million and 4.9 million, respectively - evidence of a Palestinian Genocide, Iraqi Genocide and Afghan Genocide as defined by Article 2 of the UN Genocide Convention. However as illustrated above, arguably Australia’s most liberal Mainstream newspaper does not want its readers to read of this, even when it is buried in an op-ed article comment thread in the on-line version of The Age and sister newspapers.

A search of the “entire site” of the cowardly, craven, taxpayer–funded ABC (Australia’s equivalent of the UK BBC) reveals that the very terms Palestinian Genocide, Iraqi Genocide and Afghan Genocide are not to be found (see ABC News: http://search.abc.net.au/search/sea... ), an extraordinary demonstration of racist Apartheid Australian genocide ignoring.

Of course genocide ignoring is far, far worse than genocide denial or holocaust denial because “denial” at least admits the possibility of public discussion.

Peace is the only way but silence kills and silence is complicity. Decent people around the World are obliged to (a) inform everyone they can about Australian and US Alliance genocide commission and genocide ignoring and (b) apply and urge Sanctions and Boycotts against all countries, corporations, politicians and people complicit in these horrendous crimes.

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