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Our Beautiful Horns (Op-Ed)

by : Robin Baneth
Wednesday December 15, 2004 - 13:10


I am about to engage in some tough love here. Please forgive me, but what is wrong with us, America?

JPEG - 3.8 kb

My friend lives in a blue state content as can be. Shortly after Black Tuesday election 2004, he told me to stop sending him my political opinions and chill out. He threatened to add me to his junk senders list. He said that he would pray for me.

A day later, I began the first of now 12 articles regarding the OBVIOUS vote fraud in Ohio and Florida that occurred six weeks ago. http://www.inthesetimes.com/site/ma... The rhinoceros herd grazes while remaining humans dance for you. Sometimes the The Conspiracy of Complicity in America, the Cult of Quiet gets annoyed. I complied with my friend’s request and stopped sending him electronic messages, I now send them to you. Not sure if that is what he wanted. Don’t blame him, he has a rhinoceros horn too.

We, readers, are too absorped in our day-to-day affairs. We love our cable and internet and cell phones; we may be employed and we might have a nice meal and get laid tonight. Some of us play with our children and save for their college. We assume that three Partisan-owned voting machine companies are ok. We are the problem but look at our beautiful horns!

We don’t care that people waited 10 hours to vote in Ohio? We are jaded.

We don’t care that Warren County, Ohio locked out the media during the vote count? Let’s not waste time voting next time.

We don’t care that Gore had 16,022 removed from his vote total after it was posted on CNN? The world ridicules us.

We don’t care about the exit polling discrepancy? Next time it rains, we will probably drown while looking up.

We don’t care about the back door draft? Not our problem, right?

We don’t care about the astronomical deficit? Irresponsible.

We don’t care that abortions are up 16% due to gag orders on our teachers and health professionals? Sinners.

We don’t care about about the privatization of social security? Let’s not retire, dummies.

We don’t want cheaper medicines from Canada or flu shots? What do we care about?

Honestly, what is wrong with us? We have what we need so we don’t mind that we have a president who neglects the unemployed, our troops in harm’s way, starving people, the cold, the bleeding? That makes America simple and selfish. That makes America ammoral, unchristian, and retarded. We are rhinoceri.

Do we really want that on our epitaphs? Do rhinoceri have epitaphs? Maybe just hoof prints.

None of us want to nation build, yet our country is nation-building.

None of us voted for Bush, yet he is our president.

None of us want the re-newed NASA star wars program, but that is precisely what Tom Delay and gang just allocated billions for while cutting Education. After all, what good is it being rich and powerful if 3/4 world wants to kill us? We need to protect ourselves. Big government is fine if we are talking about the military. Note: Delay (a.k.a. "The Grinch" is the one who quashed Holt’s Voter Paper Trail bill in 2003 since that would have impeded progress. http://holt.house.gov/issues2.cfm?i...

All of us want more jobs in America, but that would thwart Bush’s "volunteer" army and cheap labor source.

Rhinoceri don’t need clean air or water. We don’t think about our mortality. We think about big screen TVs and presidential blow jobs.

JPEG - 3.5 kb

Vote rigging is setting the "slot machine" to never make a payoff. Kerry/Edwards was the payoff. Vote tampering is hiding the fact that the "slot machine" hit a payoff. Cover-up after the fact. Vote repression keeps people from voting (gambling) at all. Not enough machines. All have occurred here. http://www.freepress.org/department...

In Ionesco’s, The Rhinoceros: "In the local government office where Berenger works he witnesses that the staff are gradually turning into rhinoceros. Eventually Berenger finds out that Daisy and he are the only human beings left. To his surprise Daisy then too turns into a rhinoceros. Berenger concludes he will then fight against all the rhinoceros." http://vzone.virgin.net/numb.world/...

GIF - 11.9 kb

What is it going to take to get off our leathery mammal duffs? Just keep breathing, grazing, crapping, driving, and then decompose. Just be quiet, it’ll blow over. My what beautiful horns we have. Horns are 100% Diebold-compatible. So much better than when we were human.


Robin Baneth, M.S., M.A.

Raleigh, NC




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Commentaires de l'article

> Our Beautiful Horns (Op-Ed)
Wednesday December 15 - 18:33 - Posted by a6843f4b596003fd...


Dubya won the election, get over it. Your Kafka-esque analogy illustrates your own self-loathing and intellectual dishonesty. Dismissal of the majority rule as being ignorant, selfish, and hypocritical only amplifies your sore-loser attitude.



> Our Beautiful Horns (Op-Ed)
Wednesday December 15 - 20:06 - Posted by 2959eb8dfd5c6566...

Karl & John share a moment with "America"

jokes on you

> Our Beautiful Horns (Op-Ed)
Wednesday December 15 - 21:28 - Posted by 318b103a44e0097a...

Please support your hypothesis. You rhinoceri used to use the L word. Now it is the I word. Yes, we are more INTELLIGENT, nicer, and better at managing money. How can I be dishonest if I am saying what I believe in my heart?

What are you getting for your money? Sounds like you like the high abortion rate, sinner. You like star wars? What do you believe in? Defend your candidate. Argue your issues. YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Prove the incumbent won. You can’t. Go polish your horn, Lemming.

In terms of self-loathing: I own a mint Corvette, 4 cars, have two beautiful children, my wife is a fox and a great cook, and I make $100K a year. I travel back and forth to California. I can run faster than you, play baseball better than you, write better than you, play chess better than you, and f**k (within the confines of marriage) better than you. Tell me what has being Republican gotten you? Hypocrite.


> Our Beautiful Horns (Op-Ed)
Wednesday December 15 - 22:52 - Posted by a6843f4b596003fd...

So, does it mean that outside of the confines of marriage you suck? We don’t care whether or not you spit or swallow, since you lied about everything in that pathetic screed of yours.

Go hither, and wallow in the depravity that is "being on the down low", you pathetic doppleganger f*ggot. You are owed nothing, and are redeeming its face value in spades.

> Our Beautiful Horns (Op-Ed)
Thursday December 16 - 07:37 - Posted by 558275d79cbc6320...

Dear Mr. America,

You are right Dubya won the election. But how? Well honestly with ’skewed’ help from Diebolt, ES & S, Sequia, Triad and Yang Enterprises and lot more (yet to come). Certainly, Ignorance is strength for your party, Avg. population IQ of Jesusland is 99 or below and that of Blue States are 99 or more. (source Wealth of the Nation) You can see the core IQ bank of Dubya voters. Duh as if Dubya has any IQ? If guys like Robin are sore losers then surely your Rove gang are sore Fraud bastards.

Ignorant or intelligent are you???? check out electionsmoking.blogspot.com .......not satisfied??? Try http://shadowbox.i8.com ...........still ignorant run google ’election fraud ohio’ don’t believe .....ohio is all wrong google ’election fraud florida’.

It is a matter time that Rove will have the same fate as his mentor Nixonian mentor Segretti. The segretti’s fate was PRISON.


> Our Beautiful Horns (Op-Ed)
Thursday December 16 - 18:49 - Posted by a6843f4b596003fd...

Dear Dicksmoker,

Wealth Of The Nation obviously made up IQ statistics that played you for a sucker. I s’pose someone with a Harvard MBA in your myopic perception doesn’t have an IQ, when you obviously cannot even create coherent smack. Your grammatical errors and missing punctuation reflect the intellect of someone who falls below the 99.

Peddle your bullshit to the tourists.

> Our Beautiful Horns (Op-Ed)
Wednesday December 15 - 22:59 - Posted by 2959eb8dfd5c6566...

Robin, it’s ok. It’s a corp. lap dog with a fist stuffed.

Probably someone from Qorvis(raided by the fbi this week), weber-shandwick, or maybe dezenhall resources. These are fascist PR firms that have an army of trolls or wannabees, that just go out and do damage control. For instance:

Dezenhall Resources, formerly known as Nichols-Dezenhall, is a PR company whose trademark is its "aggressive" campaigns to counter community activist groups.

Weber-shandwick went into high gear less then 24 hours after 9/11, doing PR work for Saudi Arabia...go figure huh?

The weber family has a long history of dirty dealings and political activism, much like the brownshirts. If these trolls are not them, it’s just people who’ve been duped by them and now feel stupid. So rather then fess up, they will hold on untill the end. We still have people that think we "lost" vietnam because of the hippies...LOL

My grandmother still loves mussolini, "he built so many roads and loved the people". Try saying anything bad, she puts her fingers in her ears, "la, la, la,"

It’s good though, let’s get more here, make the site more popular. *waves* thanks for the free publicity Qorvis!

> Our Beautiful Horns (Op-Ed)
Thursday December 16 - 08:08 - Posted by b40452834cedb2b2...

Take the Bibles out of the hands of those Republipukes and shove them up their asses. Or better yet burn their houses down and run over their retarded kids.

> Our Beautiful Horns (Op-Ed)
Thursday December 16 - 18:00 - Posted by a6843f4b596003fd...

Is this an example of compassionate liberalism? And they call conservatives fascists...

As for the paranoid conspiracy monger who thinks the source of the rebuttals to the leftist claptrap is a product of Dezenhall Resources - watch your back, nutcase. We are out to get you, your family, and every other marauding group of frothing malcontents bent on committing civil disobedience and giving rise to anarchy. The VRWC is omnipotent, more so than the Priori of Scion.

Assume the position and prepare for the wholesale destruction of all that is contrary to the Order. You have been warned.

> Our Beautiful Horns (Op-Ed)
Thursday December 16 - 22:40 - Posted by a6843f4b596003fd...

Dear Dingleberry,

No one from Qorvis would waste their time trolling this laughable site. They’d just take over the web hosting service they use on a quitclaim deed, and deliberately crash the site while redirecting the site’s domain name to some Russian gay porn site.

This scenario would only be likely, if anyone associated with their organization felt the slightest bit threatened by anonymous commentators to cut-&-pasted op/eds and news articles. My bet is they aren’t.

> Our Beautiful Horns (Op-Ed)
Friday December 17 - 08:45 - Posted by b40452834cedb2b2...

You seem to enjoy trolling this laughable site which only says one thing, you find it intelligent and credible, otherwise you would stick to the RNC site or is that too full of shit for even you?

> Our Beautiful Horns (Op-Ed)
Friday December 17 - 17:14 - Posted by d154ca14c1ba9ae1...

You Intellectual You:

The new word in town is "intellectual." Those people who were embarrassed to be called "liberal" now have a new word to be scared of, the "I" word, "intellectual." Listen to this response I received regarding my 12/15 article "Our Beautiful Horns"

"Robin, Dubya won the election, get over it. Your Kafka-esque analogy illustrates your own self-loathing and intellectual dishonesty. Dismissal of the majority rule as being ignorant, selfish, and hypocritical only amplifies your sore-loser attitude. Regards, America"

Clearly, the country is divided on I.Q. (that means Intelligence Quotient). Mr. Bush’s fans are the ones who sat in the back of the class, despised nerds and academics, ended up becoming auto mechanics or bankers or stock brokers or real estate agents (the money professions). Remember "Revenge of the Nerds?" This is "Revenge of the Greedy White People with Low I.Q." Don’t ask me or Richard Prior about Blackwell’s or Clarence’s or Condi’s color. This administration is more dumb and greedy than evil. See what happens if you don’t study, kids? You can get elected president but you will end up being the worst president in history. Rigged voting machines will help your scorned place in history as well. Don’t eat any pretzels.

The right wing fanatics are just trying to distract or intimidate us from looking at their real agenda which is Star Wars and Social Security disembowlement. They are trying to destroy "the New Deal." Multinational Corporations are not American. There is no social security crisis. They do not love America. There is now NO DOUBT that this election was stolen and we need to take this to the next level. The "majority" has no interest in fairness. I am sure they scoff at "the meek shall inherit the earth."

If you voted for Bush you are an imbecile, you are evil, and you need help. You can kiss my multi-colored, liberal, intellectual ass. We see how wealth is being re-distributed. You rich folk need some cheap labor so make sure you have folks desperate to work so they will dance for you, clean your SUVs, and clean your restrooms. After all, you need places to go to show off your wealth and pee in gold toilets. You deserve it. What good is it going out if things aren’t elegant? Who is going to make it elegant or fight your wars if everyone has $20/hour union jobs? I get it. There are two Americas: The one with I.Q.s over 95 and the other that has no idea how they are being duped into giving away their rights and privileges, presumably all to overturn Roe v. Wade. Remember Kerry was against Gay Marriage too.

Notice this "Mr. America," as he calls himself, this Bush-voter only spent time belittling him or herself (kind of like voter intimidation) and did not intellectually address any of my following CLAIMS: "We assume that three Partisan-owned voting machine companies are ok. We are the problem but look at our beautiful horns! We don’t care that people waited 10 hours to vote in Ohio? We are jaded. We don’t care that Warren County, Ohio locked out the media during the vote count? Let’s not waste time voting next time. We don’t care that Gore had 16,022 removed from his vote total after it was posted on CNN? The world ridicules us. We don’t care about the exit polling discrepancy? Next time it rains, we will probably drown while looking up."

To quote Pro-Bushers "We are right." They have little solid ground here except a typical "cornered rats in cage" response. We have caught them red-handed, licking their own balls.

It is fun quoting myself. I realize the Ionesco may be be a little artsy fartsy for these fanatics, so here is a guide to "Practical Activism:"

Despite his anger at the New York Times and Washington Post for covering the topic, Scarborough is the only one that I have observed that TRIES to make an intellectual counter argument to the stolen election. He is not dumb, he is just an assh**e. Here is MY response to MSNC’s Scarborough (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6667506...). He brings up mermaids first!

"The New York Times and the DC Post covered the Voting story because:

1) The Peterson case is over.
2) 57, 000 reports of voter irregularities submitted to the GAO. Remember the GAO?
3) The Warren County, Ohio media expulsion for unexplained reasons.
4) Method of voting predicted who you voted for in Florida. Boy touch-screens love Bush.
5) Discarded poll tapes in Volusia County, Florida. The same county that registered -16,022 votes for Gore an hour after they officially reported.
6) No irregularity favored Kerry. Shouldn’t it be 50/50?
7) Poorly designed vote tabulation software inferior to paper voting.

Perhaps when they discover Atlantis they will find the missing ballots that were thrown away in Warren County. The mermaids probably took them. Why was voter turnout down -4% in Warren County despite huge increases in voter registration? Average Ohio turnout increased 9-14% but not in the State Capitol or Warren County (the reddest county of all). Did any Republicans in Ohio have to wait more than 2 hours to vote? Hold it, let me turn down my lava lamp. I personally believe Vote Suppression was the issue in Ohio while hacking and tampering was the issue in Florida. Shhh, the cops are coming. At least you tried to deal with some of the facts instead of the sour grapes argument. Let me ask this, are you against printers in the precincts? How do you feel about vote-verifiability and Rush Holt’s bill? Thank you [Scarborough] for opening the door to some intelligent discussion on a real issue that has Republicans concerned too:
1) Cornell McCleary, former minority director of the Republican Party of Ohio, argues that it would easy for computer hackers to hack directly into the machines: "The two points of vulnerability are setting up a computer and hacking directly into the machine, or the line that goes directly down to the Board of Elections." He dismissed the Gahanna incident as a "prank." Prank or not, Kerry’s decision to concede early on November 3 was based in part on these imaginary votes that were either a prank, a computer glitch, or a deliberate effort to boost Bush’s total in Ohio.
2) Although most complaints have come from Democrats and the third-party candidates, Republicans and bipartisan groups acknowledge problems. The Government Accountability Office is investigating election problems. Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio and chairman of the House Administration Committee, will oversee an inquiry next year. The U.S. Election Assistance Commission, created in 2002, is also scrutinizing the outcome. It plans to publish in January the government’s first report on the voting, which will serve as the basis for congressional recommendations and reforms.
3) "We definitely did not have a glitch-free election," said EAC chairman DeForest Soaries Jr., a Bush appointee."

Ok, we know what we are up against. Here are my Call to Arms:

1) Conyers is now the leader of the Blue Region of the country. Let’s call him "President Conyers." Bush is not our president. Ok now we have a leader we can get behind.
2) bi-partisan officials should guard the central tabulators in Ohio and Florida right now.
3) Information technology folks could examine tabulators and voting machines for evidence.
4) Get list of Diebold’s and Triad IT staff; their party affiliation, and criminal records.
5) Ohio must send a second set of electors on Jan. 5. I am now leaning towards paper only balloting; printers are a compromise but at least it is something.
6) We need to identify as many Republican allies, like Chuck Herrin (www.chuckherrin.com/hackthev...) as possible. This will negate the partisan argument.
7) If folks are tired of emailing they should call into TV and Radio programs. Start your own Community Access channel devoted to 100% election. It can be interesting. No end of plots, twists, and turns.
8) We could put signs on our doors at home and if your boss dod not vote for Bush, post at work.
9) Kerry should unconcede to succeed Conyers. Time for him to carrty the ball again, he has had a 6 week vacation.

I have recently made contact with re-count lawyers in Ohio (keep an eye on the Hocking County computer maintenance story). The truth is out there! The Democratic General Counsel for the House Judiciary Committee responded regarding my computer advice on an open case: "Thank you for your suggestions. They were very useful and timely. I have informed the county prosecutor of these questions."

A lot of you are "believers." You have been writing email till you are blue in the fingers. People need to do what they want to do and what they are good at (like me emailing Conyers). That’s a start. "Knowledge is good" (Animal House 1976). Take breaks, but don’t let up. We need you happy and strong. : )

Robin Baneth, M.S., M.A.

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