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9/11: Premiere today: Top 15 to boycott/leaflet "United 93"

Tuesday 25 April 2006

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9/11: Protest "flight93" movie today in NYC.

Here is why:

1) The movie is based on a myth and lies. 9/11 was an Inside Job.
2) Physical and Investigative Evidence shows clearly, that there was no
shutdown or crash in Shanksville.
3) Debris had been planted in Shanksville, photos put on hold for 4.8 years.
There was also lack of green primer on the debris or wasn’t anything of
ground or grass singed, where the debris had been located.
4) The 2006 cockpit transcript contradicts with the 2002 transcript and the 2001 ATC tape.
There are huge discrepancies between what family members heard and Newsweek concluded from reading a transcript
5) The last 3 minutes until the official crash time are
still missing
6) The U.S. Government itself orchestrated and
penetrated all Sep11th attacks
7) Cell Phones do not work at high altitude, especially in 2001.
8) The timeline of the alleged cell phone calls
has inconsistencies and contradictions, also with the
cockpit transcripts.
9) The movie claims falsely that passengers killed two
of the alleged suspects.
10) The tail number N591UA of the official Flight93 was
noticed during April 2003 on a flight to LA
11) The cockpit recorder, built by Honeywell,
had missing front parts.
There should be 25 HOURS of flight data information,
complete with timestamps, but this info was never
In the original ATC audio tape the pilot is recorded
twice within 40 seconds, while the transcript claims,
it took 8 (!) minutes until he was able to talk again.
12) The original ATC tape suggests, that the pilot was
part of a bomb terror drill crew.
His script "they have met our demands" was later changed
into "WE have OUR demands".
13) The bio of some of the passengers is linked with
military-, government and high tech companies.
Two of the passengers worked for CENSUS Bureau.
The reason of their trip was not disclosed.
14) The pilot must have spoken in english,
as also heard on the ATC tape.
Air traffic Controllers otherwise couldn’t have got
them translated. Therefore the claim, that arab speaking
passengers had been in the cockpit, is a bold lie.
15) The credibility of the film crew of the "United93"
movie is under strong dispute, since even their actor
Lewis Alsamari has been denied entry to the US to attend
the premiere.

more info also at

First 9/11 movie premieres in New York,,1760948,00.html

Tuesday April 25, 2006

The Tribeca film festival, Robert De Niro’s New York
movie bash, is opening this evening in a blaze of
headlines with the premiere of the 9/11 film United 93...

Forum posts

  • it does not matter what you perceive it to be they create there own reality. And the Hollywood JEWS who control the media are willing acomplishes hahahahahhahahaha

  • Hollywood always does a bad job or joke on history.

  • Great article. It’s really a shame how much these other people believe in their government. Wake up people! The government is 100% responsible for 9/1. If you did some actual research and looked at actual evidence instead of just believing everything the media tells you, you would realize how gullible, naive, and not the least bit patriotic you really are. Again, great article and keep up the good work.

  • Well, let’s see. You only managed to get every single claim wrong.

    Is your post a parody? Have you ever, once, even looked into the mountains of evidence that you so casually dismiss?

    At Shanksville over 1,100 people from SEVENTY-FOUR agencies and organizations were ON THE SCENE. On 9/11 these included:

    • 8 Police Departments
    • 7 EMS Services
    • 8 Fire Departments
    • 10 Emergency Management Agencies
    • NTSB
    • ATF
    • FBI
    • CISM
    • Red Cross
    • United Airlines

    Guess they were all fooled, huh?

    I saw a lot of yahoos at the premiere of "United 93," but I’m not sure I saw anyone as inept as you. Which one were you?