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Dr Gideon Polya

ABC 80th: Open Letter re lying & censorship by Australian ABC (like UK BBC)

Wednesday 4 July 2012

The Australian ABC (the Australian equivalent of the British BBC) started its operations 80 years ago. Unfortunately the taxpayer-funded ABC, like the UK BBC and other Mainstream media of the Western Murdochracies and Lobbyocracies, has failed its audience by serving up censorship, lying by omission and lying commission to the detriment of public safety and public morality. On this 80th anniversary I sent the following Open letter to the ABC, to other Australian media and to Australian MPs in the national interest and indeed in the interests of Humanity and the Biosphere.

Dear Sir/Madam

Open Letter to MPs & media re taxpayer-funded Australian ABC lying & censorship

The Australian taxpayer-funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation (the ABC, Australia’s equivalent of the UK BBC) is celebrating the 80th anniversary of its first radio broadcast on 1 July 1932. The ABC has a sorry history of politically correct racism (PC racism) and lying by commission and omission as a variously UK-, US-, neocon- and Zionist-subverted state propaganda organization like the similarly defective UK BBC. Some examples are provided below from my book “ABC Censorship” (in preparation) of what the ABC evidently does not want you know. [1, 2].

1. Australia produced 24 million tonnes of wheat in 1939-1945 but by withholding grain shipments to starving India (building huge emergency grain stores for the purpose) Australia was complicit in the 1942-1945 WW2 Bengali Holocaust in which the British deliberately starved to death 6-7 million Indians for strategic reasons. Grain imports (in millions of tons) for India in 1942-1945 were as follows: 0.03 (1942), 0.3 (1943), 0.6 (1944) and 0.9 (1945). [3, 4].

2. Australia has participated in all post-1950 US Asian Wars, atrocities associated, so far, with over 20 million refugees and 38 million Indigenous Asian deaths from violence or war-imposed deprivation, most recently 4.6 million (Iraq, 1990-) and 5.6 million (Afghanistan, 2001-). [5, 6].

3. Australia has a secret genocide history involving complicity in over 20 genocidal atrocities e.g. (refugees and deaths from violence or imposed deprivation in parenthesis) the Palestinian Genocide (7 million refugees, 2 million invasion-related deaths since 1936), the Iraqi Genocide (5-6 million refugees, 4.6 million war-related deaths since 1990), the Afghan Genocide (3-4 million refugees, 5.6 million war-related deaths since 2001) and the Aboriginal Genocide (2 million untimely deaths since 1788, 9,000 avoidable deaths annually out of an Indigenous population of 0.5 million, the highest avoidable death rate in the world). [7, 8, 9, 10, 11].

4. Australia is complicit in war criminal mass infanticide in Iraq and Afghanistan, US Alliance-occupied countries in which post-invasion under-5 year old infant deaths total 2.0 million (Iraq, 1990-) and 2.9 million (Afghanistan, 2001-), 90% avoidable and due to gross Occupier violation of Articles 55 and 56 of the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War which unequivocally demand that an Occupier must provide its conquered subjects with life-sustaining food and medical requisites “to the fullest extent of the means available to it” (The World Health Organization, WHO, informs that the “annual per capita total health expenditure” permitted by the Occupiers in Occupied Afghanistan is $69 as compared to $3,382 for Occupier Australia). [9, 10].

5. In a 2009 report entitled "Solving the climate dilemma: a budget approach" the WBGU, that advises the German Government on climate change, estimated that for a 75% chance of avoiding a 2C temperature rise (EU policy) the world can emit no more than 600 billion tonnes CO2 (carbon dioxide) between 2010 and zero emissions in 2050. Australia’s high Domestic plus Exported greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution means it had already exceeded its fair share of this terminal GHG pollution budget by early 2011. Australia’s huge mineral resources and the bipartisan Government and Opposition policy of unlimited coal, gas and iron ore exports mean that Australia will exceed the whole world’s terminal GHG pollution budget by a factor of 3. [12, 13, 14].

6. According to data from the Australian Treasury, the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE) and the US Energy Information Administration (US EIA), under Gillard Labor’s Carbon Tax-ETS scheme Australia’s Domestic plus Exported GHG pollution (in units of millions of tonnes of CO2-e, Mt CO2-e) will be 2,571 Mt CO2-e in 2020 as compared to 1,182 Mt CO2-e in 2000 and 1,708 Mt CO2-e in 2010. [14]. “Tackling climate change” for a “clean energy future” as ostensibly espoused by the Australian Labor Government surely means decreasing and not increasing GHG pollution.

7. According to the 2011 Treasury analysis “Strong Growth, Low Pollution”, Australia’s Domestic GHG pollution was 578 Mt CO2-e in 2010 and will rise to 621 Mt CO2-e in 2020 under the Carbon Tax-ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) of the Australian Labor Government. The ETS approach is empirically ineffective, accordingly disastrously counterproductive and is inherently fraudulent by involving the sale of licences to pollute the one common atmosphere of every country in the world. [14, 15, 16].

8. Concerning the ongoing Palestinian Genocide, of 0.5 million inhabitants of Palestine in 1880 only 25,000 were Jews, and half of these were immigrants; 0.8 million Palestinians were driven from their homes by Zionist terrorists in 1948; there have been 2 million Palestinian deaths from violence (0.1 million) and from invasion-, occupation- and expulsion-imposed deprivation (1.9 million) since 1936; of 12 million Palestinians, 6 million are forbidden to live anywhere in Palestine, 1.8 million (over 50% children) are highly abusively confined without any human rights in what the Catholic Church has described as the Gaza Concentration Camp, 2.5 million (over 50% children) are confined without any human rights in military-ruled West Bank Bantustans, 1.6 million are Palestinian Israelis living as Third Class citizens under race-based Apartheid laws, only 6.7% are permitted to vote for the government ruling all of Palestine, and 100% are the ethnic and cultural descendants of the Jewish and non-Jewish Palestinians at the time of Christ (whereas most Jewish Israelis are descendants of Yemeni, Berber and Khazar converts to a universalist Judaism of the First Millennium AD). Australian donations towards the Palestinian Genocide can be tax deductible whereas donations to an orphanage in the Gaza Concentration Camp could attract life imprisonment in Australia. [7, 8, 17].

9. There are 1 million American preventable deaths each year due to warped US Administration fiscal priorities of spending trillions of dollars killing millions of Muslims abroad (12 million since 1990) rather than saving American lives at home, the breakdown being (some categories overlapping, some not immediately preventable) 443,000 (smoking), 300,000 (obesity), 75,000 (alcohol), 70,000 (air pollution), 45,000 (lack of health cover), 33,000 (motor vehicles), 31,000 (guns), 30,000 (suicides, 20% being US veterans), 21,000 (infants), 21,000 (opiates from US restoration of the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry), and 15,000 (homicides). [18].

10. Similarly, 66,000 Australians die preventably each year, the breakdown being 18,000 (annual Australian deaths from adverse hospital events), 15,500 (smoking), 10,000 carbon burning pollution-derived ), 9.000 (avoidable Indigenous Australian deaths), 6,000 obesity-related), 3,000 ( alcohol-related), 2,100 (suicides), 1,400 (road deaths), 360 (opiate drug-related deaths annually due to US restoration of the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry) and 300 (homicides). [19].

11. Anti-Semitism is injury to Semites for being ethnically or culturally Semitic per se and occurs in 2 equally repugnant forms, anti-Jewish anti-Semitism against 15 million largely culturally Semitic Jews and anti-Arab anti-Semitism against 300 million ethnically and culturally Semitic Arabs and 1,500 million mostly culturally Semitic Muslims. Anti-Semitism in Australia and the world today currently involves (1) sidelining, (2) censorship, (3) collective and individual defamation and (4) physical harm ranging from imposed distress to violence. The ABC sidelines, censors, defames and distresses anti-racist Jews (notably defaming and distressing anti-racist Jews by false identification of all Jews, including anti-racist Jews, with horrendous Israeli crimes e.g. by routine, false use of the term “the Jewish State”. to describe Apartheid Israel). [20, 21].

12. Censorship is inimical to science and rational risk management crucial for public safety that successively involves (a) accurate data , (b) scientific analysis and (c) informed systemic change to minimize risk. Inspired by Polish hero Jan Karski who tried to tell an unbelieving world about the Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million killed, 1 in 6 dying from deprivation) as it was happening, I have been trying to inform everyone of the above outrages but have been regularly censored and then finally blocked from commenting on the ABC Late Night Live radio program website and on the taxpayer-funded, universities-backed and academic–based web magazine The Conversation (backing institutions including the University of Melbourne, Monash University, the University of Technology Sydney, the University of Western Australia, RMIT, and CSIRO). [1, 2, 21, 22].


Australia has an appalling secret genocide history of involvement in 24 genocidal atrocities, 10 of them ongoing, but has had a very good press because of remorseless censorship and lying by commission and omission by politicians, academics and Mainstream media, including the ABC. Australia has a profoundly racist history but the explicit racism of the past has been replaced by a politically correct racism (PC racism) in which Australians profess great “love” for the people they are actively and passively killing through violence or deprivation. Thus while Australia’s first Prime Minister (PM) Edmund Barton declared “The doctrine of the equality of man was never intended to apply to the equality of an Englishman and the Chinaman” (1901), and former Australian Labor leader Arthur Calwell notoriously stated that “Two Wongs do not make a White” (1947), today Australia’s annual per capita Domestic plus Exported GHG pollution is 124 times bigger than the annual per capita Domestic GHG pollution of Bangladesh i.e. politically correct racist (PC racist) Australia today says that 124 Bengalis aren’t equivalent to 1 White Australian when it comes to per capita GHG pollution of the one common atmosphere of all countries the world. [4, 22].

The taxpayer-funded ABC of look-the-other-way, Elephant-in-the –Room-ignoring Australia has an entrenched culture of censorship, lying by omission, lying by commission, politically correct racism (PC racism), de facto anti-Arab anti-Semitism, de facto Islamophobia and de facto anti-Jewish anti-Semitism directed at anti-racist Jewish Australians. Thus in March 2010 a large number of decent, anti-racist Australian Jewish intellectuals signed a petition against the racist and genocidal Israeli "law of return" that gives all Jews (as defined by the racist Zionists running Apartheid Israel) the "right" to live in Palestine with Israeli citizenship to the exclusion of 6 million Palestinians forbidden to live anywhere in the land inhabited continuously by their Palestinian forebears since the literal dawn of history – however an ABC Search of “the entire ABC site” elicits no reference to this important letter signed by numerous, outstanding, anti-racist Jewish Australians. [23].

Australia’s most outstanding journalists Wilfrid Burchett, Phillip Knightley, John Pilger and Julian Assange have all voted with their feet, doing their most important work overseas rather than in Australia with its profoundly dishonest and racist culture of censorship, genocide ignoring and holocaust ignoring, noting that such ignoring is far, far worse than repugnant genocide denial or holocaust denial which at least admit the possibility of discussion. While William Joyce (Lord Haw Haw) was hanged for working as a journalist in genocidal Nazi Germany, nobody would suggest such punishment for ABC journalists complicit in the ongoing, Australia-complicit Muslim Holocaust and Muslim Genocide (12 million deaths from violence or war-imposed deprivation since 1990). Indeed scholars have criticized Western European laws that criminalize genocide denial as inimical to scholarship and free speech. The appropriate punishment for genocide ignoring should simply be the ignominy of public exposure but that is not going to happen in Australia with an unprincipled and cowardly ABC positioned between the appalling pro-war Murdoch media empire and the somewhat more reasonable but still conservative and now seriously threatened Fairfax media empire.

This has been written in the public interest on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the start of the Australian ABC. Peace is the only way but silence kills and silence is complicity. Please tell everyone you can – the ABC certainly won’t..

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Yours sincerely,

Dr Gideon Polya, Melbourne, Australia