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Analysis points to election `corruption’

by Open-Publishing - Friday 1 April 2005

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Analysis points to election `corruption’

Group says chance of exit polls being so wrong in ’04 vote is one-in-959,000

By Stephen Dyer

Beacon Journal staff writer

There’s a one-in-959,000 chance that exit polls could have been so wrong in predicting the outcome of the 2004 presidential election, according to a statistical analysis released Thursday.

Exit polls in the November election showed Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., winning by 3 percent, but President George W. Bush won the vote count by 2.5 percent.

The explanation for the discrepancy that was offered by the exit polling firm — that Kerry voters were more likely to participate in the exit polling — is an implausible theory,'' according to the report issued Thursday by US Count Votes, a group that claims it's made up of about two dozen statisticians. Twelve -- including a Case Western Reserve University mathematics instructor -- signed the report. Instead, the data support the idea thatcorruption of the vote count occurred more freely in districts that were overwhelmingly Bush strongholds.’’

The report dismisses chance and inaccurate exit polling as the reasons for their discrepancy with the results.

They found that the one hypothesis that can’t be ruled out is inaccurate election results.

The hypothesis that the voters' intent was not accurately recorded or counted... needs further investigation,'' it said. The conclusion drew a yawn from Ohio election officials, who repeated that the discrepancy issue was settled when the polling firms Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International disavowed its polls because Kerry voters were more likely to answer exit polls -- the theory Thursday's report deemedimplausible.’’

Ohio has been at the center of a voter disenfranchisement debate since the election.

What are you going to do except laugh at it?'' said Carlo LoParo, spokesman for Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, who's responsible for administering Ohio's elections and is a Republican candidate for governor.We’re not particularly interested in (the report’s findings). We wish them luck, but hope they find something more interesting to do.’’

The statistical analysis, though, shows that the discrepancy between polls and results was especially high in precincts that voted for Bush — as high as a 10 percent difference.

The report says if the official explanation — that Bush voters were more shy about filling out exit polls in precincts with more Kerry voters — is true, then the precincts with large Bush votes should be more accurate, not less accurate as the data indicate.

The report also called into question new voting machine technologies.

All voting equipment technologies except paper ballots were associated with large unexplained exit poll discrepancies all favoring the same party, (which) certainly warrants further inquiry,'' the report concludes. However, LoParo remained unimpressed.These (Bush) voters have been much maligned by outside political forces who didn’t like the way they voted,’’ he said. ``The weather’s turning nice. There are more interesting things to do than beat a dead horse.’’
Stephen Dyer can be reached at 330-996-3523 or sdyer@thebeaconjournal.com


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  • anyone with half a brain knows the jerk really did not win the election.Having said that, now all you bush supporters are going to get what you deserve,the total desruction of your murderous regime,the collapse of your blood dollar,the imploding of your land of the free.hang on,and no Jesus is not coming out of the sky to save you,you will have to save yourselves

  • If Kerry had somehow overcome the shenanigans of the vote riggers you can bet the Republicans would be crying foul in some way right now, not finding "something better to do". Democrats and Republicans have abused the vote system in some way throughout the years and it is time to establish a system that is fool-proof as far as allowing this type of situation. We can put a man on the moon but we can’t have fair and reputable elections? Yea right!

  • Yeah! What can you do? I get so mad and frustrated when I read these articles. We all
    know the election was stolen, but what can we do? Bush & his crowd are invincible and un-
    touchable...everyone just yawns! Does anyone care? Where is justice? Our Democrat leaders
    are so compromised they live in fear of even criticizing our "dictator" let alone taking any action
    that might upset him. I’ll put my faith in the "dictator" and his cliques’ justice in the next world.
    May be a long time to wait, but justice will surely be meted out.

    • One thing progressives can do is get democrats to quit insisting on a non-goy (jew) on the presidential ballot, In 2000 gore had lieberman (what was that all about). In 04 the dems gives us Kerry "the used to be a jew " and his scary wife - a very rich and scary jewish queen if I’ve ever seen one. WHy - the US is only 2% non-goy - the rest are goy!

      And now, the DNC with Dean - the even handed dude (with his jewish wife) - who, while claiming to be even handed, hired AIPAC mob boss Grossman to be both his campaign leader and now his second at DNC.

      The Repugs never put a Jew on the ticket - of course they give them jobs in the DOD and DOS and as talking heads on the tube.

      The ’Bubba’ voter will never elect a jew - what we politically correct types call the liberal media - bubba calls the jewish media.

      We need a goy voice in politics. America is goy. The rebirth of the Jewish image problem is raising it’s head again. When Jews stop allowing Zionists and Israel to steal and kill in their name - maybe that will reverse.

      Jews are not a race - they are a cult/religion, like catholics and muslims and pentacostals. Once leadership gets us to agree to fantasies like life after death and a coming mesiah - they will get us to beleive and follow wherever their lies lead us and out children.

      Besides - there is absolutely no difference between the repugs and demorats - most of out politicos are bribed or being blackmailed by pro Israeli zionists. John Kerry would have sucked just as much as dubya. But one difference - under clinton - the whitehouse staff was 55% Jewish - not all Modesto princesses simply walk in off the street - at least under Dubya the Jewish whitehouse staff is around 35% (go evangelicals). When this all falls apart the repugs will blame the eternal enemies of the evangelicals (the jew) for everything - it’s part of the plan - read Soros’s views on this. Where are the quota pushers - America is 98% giy - why so many non-goy in the whitehouse?

      Dubya sucks - Kerry sucks and anybody whinning about a Kerry loss or boasting about a Dubya victory - they also suck!

      Look beond the repugs or demorats if you cherish the constiution - cause those guys are destroying it. Ben Franklin and T. Jefferson warned about the non-goy cult 200 years ago - maybe we should all dust off our copies of the federalists papers and read some history. Our founding fathers’ predicted this and while we loose focus arguing about who’s candidate should have won - our country is being raped - the constiution is be shredded - and our children are being turned into brownshirts.

      We all kapos to both repugs and demorats - and the judenratz is in DC!

    • 14/88 buddy. The south will rise again.

    • read Soros’s views on this ? please are you able to advise a url for this

  • I am wondering what nice weather has to do with uncovering the truth. Voting fraud is not a dead horse, will never be a dead horse, and the topic of deceit and fraud will not be swept away by some colloquialism of double speak. We the people are not going to be tranquilized by the clever rhetoric of our local terrorists. Thank you S Dyer for your courage and tenacity in keeping the good work rolling along! Hurray for you!

  • The fact that discrepancies routinely occured with vote totals using certain types of voting machines and no discrepancies occured with vote totals using other types of voting
    machines/methods, primarily in Florida, would tell anyone with basic skills in logical thought processing that the totals were altered.

  • Unfortunately the "dead horse" is American democracy itself.

    But it’s not dead. We need but find all the usurpers guilty of treason, and hang ’em!

    • Ask yourself why Kerry had unspent millions left in his campaign war chest...why did Ed Gillespie work as a consultant on his campaign...why did he concede so early...this is a deep reaching epidemic

    • Of course "the fix was in" - Kerry threw the Election from the get go. He took up the "War Party’s" Party Line and was running a "Bush Lite" Campaign. Kerry’s only reason for being in the sElection was to prevent Howard Dean from getting the Nomination. If you look back at the first couple of State’s "Kerry Won" you can see the indications in the first couple in particular. Dean was about to run away with the Nomination and he would have run a Serious Campaign against the Bushmonster. That could not be allowed so we got "Bush Lite" a.k.a. John Kerry (also Skull and Bones like Bush).

    • I do believe you are 100% right on that count. The Globalists are and have been in charge. They pretend to hate Communisim, but actually agree with its tenets to rule the world. The Illuminati is in control of all major political parties, media, and the banks. Even the so-called Federal Reserve is not Federal at all, but privately owned by the elite . McCarthy wasn’t the monster he was made out to be— he knew what was going on....

    • Here you are again you OLD FUCK beating the commie dead horse again. The world will be a better place when you drop dead, you must be about that age by now...75-80 is my guess. You need to join McCarthy where ever he is (hell would be the best guess) the sooner the better.

    • and there you are again ---myopic and profane...

      FYI I’ve been researching and consulting many varied sources and have changed my opinion on an issue or two in the process.

  • The Jewish religion is the bad conscience of christendom, disagreeable but necessary. The only way to rid the world of Jews is to rid the world of christians and, for that matter, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, neo-Druids, etc., etc., etc.

    • 14/88 Maybe we should have brought Hitler back for the election?

    • Stop trying to replace hatred for Bush with hatred for Jews. Scapegoating the Jews is a well known tactic used for centuries to incite illogical hatred and most educated people are not fooled.

      Find yourself some neo Nazi, pro-Palestinian terrorist, brainless propaganda, evil blog to air your grief. People on this blog are interested in honesty, fairness, truth and justice—not your bullshit.

  • What elected official in Ohio would consider themselves a lover of the U.S. Constution, but yet says that this group has little to do or something more important? There is nothing more important than free elections(untampered) unless it’s my family. I would very much like to pass on to my children the America of freedoms, not what we have now. I understand there has to be discipline, knowledge, Christian beliefs, and love and compassion for their fellowman in all the world. I seperate love and compassion from Christian beliefs because they are seperate in this administration. I am probably not expressing myself well, but I know I love this country. It frightens me what is going on now. LYING, HIDING, ACTING LIKE ROYALTY, TORTURE, USING TAX MONEY FOR PRIVATE MEETINGS(PUBLIC,HA!) WAR MONGERING, ALLOWING FRIENDS PROFITEERING RIGHTS, AND ON AND ON AND ON.
    I’m getting crude here, but I want to make a point. Bill Clinton may have had a "blow job" in the White House, but there are dead and dying people (1500+ Americans and untold amount of Iraqis)that this administrtion is responsible for. We certainly replaced Clinton with someone we can be proud of!

    • I never thought much of Bill Clinton but all he wanted on A Friday night was a pizza and a blowjob. Not the deaths of unknown and uncounted innocent people. I know which I think is the least dsestructive but look what happened to him! Impeachment. You are going for the wrong ones, Americans!!