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Another Question Which Officials Won’t Answer About Nick Berg

by Open-Publishing - Friday 13 January 2006

Attack-Terrorism Secret Services USA Michael P. Wright

Michael P. Wright — Norman, Oklahoma, USA — mpwright9@aol.com

When agencies and officials refuse to answer questions, their silence is revealing
in its own special way. I have received very little cooperation in my search for answers about Nick Berg.

Before attending the University of Oklahoma in the fall of 1999, Berg had earlier been a student at Cornell and the University of Pennsylvania. Why would
someone who could attend far more prestigious eastern schools choose OU? I have wondered whether Berg had an association with David Boren, OU’s president. Boren is the former U.S. Senator widely known as the mentor and patron of the inept ex-CIA boss George Tenet. Shortly after the 9/11 attack, TIME reported that the two of them were having a "leisurely breakfast" together in a Washington hotel.

Recently it came to my attention that Berg had once been enrolled in a study abroad program in Uganda. This was operated by the Brattleboro School for International Training.


This fact led me to wonder whether Berg had received a David Boren scholarship. These scholarships are provided by the National Security Education Program (NSEP), and recipients are expected to fulfill a service requirement.
Working for the intelligence community is one of the options by which this can be done:


I received nothing but evasion in response to several email inquiries about this. On December 30, I wrote to the NSEP and mentioned Berg’s experience with the Brattleboro School. I asked if he had been a Boren scholarship recipient.

From program associate Ariel Schwarz I received this reply:

"From which school are you writing? Are you the campus representative? I’m happy to answer your questions, but some information cannot be provided to the general public."

I wrote again and informed Schwarz that names of Boren scholars for 2005 had been made public and provided this link.


Schwarz did not answer. When I am greeted with the refusal to answer a question which I know an agency has the legal right to answer, I suspect a cover-up, and that the answer is "yes."

Other agencies by which Boren scholars can fulfill their service requirement are Department of Defense, Departement of State, and Homeland Security. From biographical information which has been published about Berg, there is no indication that he ever worked for any of these agencies. Instead, he arrived at the University of Oklahoma, whose president is David Boren, who is known to have close ties to the CIA. In the summer of 2001, Boren arranged for CIA agent David Edger to be appointed as a "visiting professor" at OU. Edger, a specialist in clandestine operations, had earlier been responsible for surveillance over the Hamburg Al Qaeda cell.

In 2004 Berg was operating as a self-employed contractor in maintaining cell phone towers, and he traveled to Iraq to pursue this endeavor. While he was in Iraq in March 2004, for no apparent reason, U.S. authorities ordered their Iraqi police collaborators to arrest and detain him after he had announced his intention to leave that country. They put him out on the street at a time of escalated violence, he was kidnapped reportedly by insurgents, and later beheaded. There are still many mysteries and unanswered questions about this episode.

To confirm that Berg had been a Boren scholar would be an opportunity to place an important "dot" in the dot-connecting exercise which could yield a true picture of his experience. Why am I not surprised that once again I am greeted with refusals to cooperate?

I have suspected that Berg was the individual, described to me as a white American male by an OU librarian, who bought the 9/11 hijacker’s airline ticket from a computer terminal in that facility. The OU directory confirms that Berg was a temporary employee in the Lloyd Noble Arena in the fall of 2000. OU officials have refused to answer the simple question of whether he was working in the library in the summer of 2001. The person who bought this airline ticket was never arrested.

Was it Nick Berg, doing clandestine service for the CIA or FBI, in fulfillment of his Boren scholarship obligation? It is most interesting that the NSEP refuses to answer the question about whether he had been a Boren scholar.

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  • I don’t get it.......If the assorted government security services were to start beheading imprisoned terrorists [and videotaping the proceedings], the leftists of the world would squeal and whine like pre menstrual women, but this stupid, mercenary, pseudo intellectual little Jew gets his head sliced [slowly and painfully] off and all the lefties scramble to try to justify it.........a double standard is logically indefensible...............

    • Thank you Mike for posting this information. Those who choose to continue not to read and understand the facts that are printed are in denial.

      US has stumpled to depth of no return, Bush and his rotten polical gang have destroyed our trust, truth, freedom, rights, and continues to mislead this country on facts of Iraq War, Sept. 11, now he is working on the world leaders to invade Iran, Does this not sound like another twisted mind that led us to Iraq and the millions of have died.

      The journey Mike has taken us on with his reference sites should be appreciated. The light is at the end of the tunnel if we just allow it to
      be turned on. Mike has thrown the switch along with others with their research and postings.

      Do not allow your party in name only guide you to side tracked thinking.
      Both parties need to take the dollar sign off their foreheads and start representing the people of this country and respect other countries.

      Instead Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rummy and the rest of them go around spilling more lies and yes trying to talk war
      again. Bush and his gang it does not bother them all the dead and injured that will never have a normal life. He stole that from all of you.

      The money those who have been caught in this latest is a disgrace to this country. Its shows they are bought.

      The cover ups as Mike points out in so many of his well written sites , I thank him and others.

      Its up to all of us to demand answers and the truth.