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BELLACIAO ATHENS: Media control and freedom of speech, Italy before and after Berlusconi

by Open-Publishing - Thursday 4 May 2006

Edito Social Forum Meeting-Debates Cinema-Video Bellaciao GB/US

Thursday 4th of May from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm at the ESF in Athens Room S 208
screening of of the Italian film by Sabina Guzzanti

followed by a debate on

"Media control and freedom of speech: Italy before and after Berlusconi"

organised by Collettivo Bellaciao with:
 Luciana Castellina (co-founder of Il Manifesto, author, reviewer)
 Gigi Sullo (director of the weekly Carta)
 Doriana Goracci (Women in Black, Bellaciao Italia)
 Cecchino Antonini (journalist, Liberazione)
 Angelo Mastrandrea (journalist, Il Manifesto)
 Giovanna Fassetta e Mariangela Casalucci, (Bellaciao UK)

The Italian documentary film, "Viva Zapatero! For that Pinch of Liberty that We Still Have," written and directed by Sabina Guzzanti, highlights the problem of censorship in Italy, freedom of expression and the hard life of Italy’s satirical authors mainly during the Berlusconi governement.

But this documentary is also a message for the next Italian government, an appeal to politicians to do what they promised during the electiotoral campaign. Guzzanti chose the title Viva Zapatero to remind all of us that the Spanish Prime Minister kept his promises, as all politicians in the world should do. It’s a simple thing, but in Italy it has become a difficult endeavor.

So, which is the way forward for Italy now that the April elctions have finally got rid of Mr Berlusconi’s government?

How can we avoid the same mistakes being repeated in other European countries?

Come and join in the debate!

Collettivo Bellaciao
Together we make a difference

Film and debate will be in Italian with English subtitles/translation

Forum posts

  • Today we have moved from the time where media almost exclusively eminated from the money based controllers of society. Today because of their own greed their system is self imploding on it self. The reason is simple. The Internet. What do I mean? Well the internet is largely a distribution media for various types of media which are tied to marketing. But rather than making the medium isolationist as older paper and TV, radio media are, it because of advertising and the desire to increase market share they have opened their channels of culture and awareness to increaase their capitalistic corporate contact in the larger mind control context.

    They believe that they can foist the same type of "consumeristic" mind control agenda as was successful in the subversion in their economic mind control strong holds of consumerism in the established western world. This agenda is based on the concept that convience and self pleasuring will create the apathy to maintain the mind control and the genocide agendas of colonizing the oil regions of the middle east. But to colonize requires an amry that will kill, indoctrinated youth from the home regions and third world countries that will be mercenaries and it requires the economic backing and social acceptance of the colonizing nations. This because of the internet is not completly possible because of the greed factor of connecting to the largest possible mass market of minds and choices in the engine of capitalism.

    You see to reach the most possible minds and influence them you need to allow them to choose their own poison to believe in. From this point the internet represents a medicine cabinet filled with poisons but intermixed with bottles of truth and awareness. A careful review of websites and agendas and linguistic speech patterns reveals quickly to the person with a true desire to learn how to communicate in a form of reality and to recognize because they are very differently worded, which sites are in fact propaganda.

    Here we have a way to learn how propaganda works first hand and to comment and discuss its techniques. This being the fact the mass of social minds are being spilt into two halfs--- one half holding desperatly to the disinformation agenda because of profit and exploitation and bias.. and the other larger mass moving toward a global concensis and understanding of what has enslaved their minds and now are begining to discuss with intelligent words new and different agendas and ideas which they are slowly like growing children being able to do this communication on their own without the needed approval of overseerers or the capitalistic system.

    This larger growing mental awareness of the information model and how and in what ways it influences are the main tools that will enable the change. Because as the right focuses on "terrorism" campaigns of mind control the progressive mind and the matrix free mind will see this as a ploy and will not react as to blame a "scape goated" group but will start to take direct actions and eventually control the system of social interaction without the need for the "leader/deciever" elements. We will be direct information based because the propaganda understanding will force it to be that way. In a sense it will force an Open Source society which is the anti thesis to the oppresion of the current clandestine controlled intelligence psy ops based systems.
    These being an outgrowth of the mind control system established through belief indoctrination systems like business organized religious sysems and non reality modeling of human awareness via old line religions and legacy spiritual systems which largely serve no one expect those emptying the money from the collections boxes.

    THus to evolve it will have to be by divesting ourselves from the point source information model and engage in direct communication via person to person, group to group, and network to network. In this way we can find all our common points the basis of which will be the socializing of the means of living via food, clothing, shelter, and travel. And the realignment to a new type of society not based on the profit equations of labor and resource in a market place but on the creative and quality of life in terms of real security, understanding, real communicaiont and cross cultural dialog. From here the right has no leg to stand on and as long as we continue to disect the disinformation out power will convitue to grow unchecked. Eventually in a short time our collective mass mind will overpower the propaganda of the past leader type capitalistic system and will as a new tree begin to grow into another type of world and reality altogether. The right will be left blubbering on TV stations that no one will watch and do nothing expect practice the now outdated and in effective pagan religion of capitalism that is now becoming a part of history as it is no longer able because of its real agendas and exposed techniques able to manage or lead in any meaningful or useful way.

    Capitalism is dead. The rich are now trying to convince the rest of us that "terrorism" is trying to kill it. Its already dead. "Terrorism" their own capitalistic creataion is trying to bring it back to life.... But no one believes that it is a useful system anymore.. at least 80-90% of the working and poor do not... And when the gun slingers keep failing to believe the lies ... it will finally takes its last breath.. Thank GOD!

    peace and may you seek to understand always what is really happening to you... 7b

    • 66 172 or 7b or whoever you are

      Thank you for your hopeful words.

      There is a wave of light washing across our planet. As more and more people realize and atune to it, the greed, the terror, the "matrix" will melt away. Anyone can become more atuned to light by simply asking for it, light is a living, breathing entity that responds to our call.

      George Harrison, the former Beatle, gave a nice mantra for it. . .

      Give us love, Give us love, Give us peace on earth, give us life, give us LIGHT, keep us filled with hope, help us cope, with this heavy load, to reach touch and greet you with heart and soul...

      keep the faith