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Attack-Terrorism UK Trinity

Witnesses said police moved in at 11.30am with officers carrying machine guns and wearing gas masks, and they sealed off Tavistock Road and the adjoining crescent.



Armed police have surrounded flats in West London.

They seem to be centering on a house in Notting Hill inhabited by someone called "Mohammed"...

The streets have been cordoned off and there have been several shots.


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lifted from Sky news:

A siege has developed in west London as part of a major armed operation connected to the London terror attacks, with one of the suspected would-be bombers reported to be the target.

One eyewitness has said that a man is inside a flat and police are surrounding the property in an effort to get him to come out.

Lisa Davis told Sky News: "We’ve got two men standing outside the flat right now. They have guns pointed upwards at the flat.

"They’ve been telling him for about 20 mins now to get his clothes off and get down."

?!?!?! Get His Clothes Off? And Get Down?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

She said that a siege situation was developing and that more police were joining the operation.

"It’s a very multicultural block. It’s nothing flash by any means," she added.

As Lisa spoke, Sky News cameras watched officers in balaclavas arrive at the scene and spent time getting their equipment organised before moving off to join the operation.

A number of explosions had earlier been heard at the scene, possibly the sound of police entering the property which was the object of the operation.

The operation is connected to the failed bombing attempt on July 21.

An SAS man moves in http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/...

Special forces moving in

Sky News’ correspondent Martin Brunt said: "This is a serious operation - rather more substantial than the raids we have seen in the past few days.

"It is half a mile or so from where a bomb was left on Thursday last week and discovered later by a member of the public."

Witnesses said police moved in at 11.30am with officers carrying machine guns and wearing gas masks, and they sealed off Tavistock Road and the adjoining crescent.

Tavistock Road runs close to Westbourne Park Tube station where the man who attempted to blow himself up on a train near Shepherd’s Bush on July 21 got on to the network.

One local resident, named Patrick, told Sky News: "The first thing I heard was what sounded like a very loud explosion.

"I put my head out and a policeman shouted ’get to the back of the building’. I waited in the bathroom for about 15 mins before I came back out.

"The noise that I heard was an extremely loud bang. Anyone with a brain would know that it was either a bomb or a controlled explosion."

Armed police have surrounded flats in West London.

They seem to be centering on a house in Notting Hill inhabited by someone called "Mohammed"...

The streets have been cordoned off and there have been several shots.


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’Bomb suspect trio’ held in raids

Scotland Yard said the arrests had given them their "best day yet"
Two more of the failed London bombing suspects are believed to have been arrested as police carried out a number of armed operations in west London.
They are thought to be the men wanted for the 21 July Oval Tube and No 26 bus attacks, the BBC has been told. A third bomb suspect is already being held.

A fourth bombing suspect has been arrested in Rome, said the Italian interior minister Guiseppe Pisanu.

Police arrested three people in raids in Notting Hill and north Kensington.

Officers have also arrested two women at Liverpool Street station.

Gas masks

Police are still questioning Yasin Hassan Omar, wanted over the Warren Street Tube attempted attack, who was arrested in Birmingham on Wednesday.

Muktar Said Ibrahim, 27, from Eritrea, suspected of leaving an explosive at the back of a bus in Hackney
Yasin Hassan Omar, 24, suspected of trying to bomb a Tube near Warren Street. Arrested in Birmingham on Wednesday
Third man, so far unnamed, wanted over attempt to bomb a Tube train between Stockwell and Oval tube stations

In pictures: London raids

Anti-terrorist police are still looking for a fourth suspect in connection with an attempt to bomb a train at Shepherd’s Bush, and possibly a fifth man.

BBC crime correspondent Neil Bennett said he had been told that two of the men arrested in Friday’s raids were believed to be wanted in connection with the failed bomb attacks.

They are Muktar Said Ibrahim - suspected of trying to bomb a bus in Shoreditch - and a man, who police have not yet named, wanted over the attempted Oval Tube bombing.

Scotland Yard said they believed the arrests to be highly significant and described Friday as their "best day yet" since 21 July.

The properties raided on Friday are in a Peabody Trust estate in Dalgarno Gardens, North Kensington, where two arrests were made and the Tavistock Road area of Notting Hill, where police arrested one man.

Eyewitnesses say they heard three shots and a large explosion as officers wearing gas masks entered one property.

Map of West London raids

In Dalgarno Gardens officers were continually shouting at someone in a flat to come out. They were addressing him as "Muhammad".

The police asked him: "What is the problem? Why can’t you come out?

"Take your clothes off. Exit the building. Do you understand?"

One resident from nearby told BBC News 24 she had heard police shouting warnings at a flat.

She said: "We were aware of somebody answering, saying, ’I have rights’.

I feel really odd that this is happening on my doorstep!

Vishal Vora, North Kensington

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Officers told other residents on the 350-property estate to "get inside now".

Scotland Yard said they were not aware of firearms having been used.

In an separate raid in Notting Hill one eyewitness says a man dressed in a white forensic overall was taken away in an unmarked police car.

Another has spoken of seeing three other people being taken away in a police van.

Chris Stokes told BBC News: "We got told to move out of the way by armed police and within about five minutes we heard three gunshots go off behind the block of flats at Tavistock Crescent."

Allan Sneddon, who lives nearby, told BBC News: "There was this almighty bang... big enough to shake the ground."

BBC Correspondent Jane Hughes said: "Police are regarding this as a very significant event - a very significant piece of police activity. "

She said loud noises heard by witnesses may have been explosives used to blow in the door to a property and CS gas may have been used to subdue people.


Dalgarno Gdns: Police surround flat on Peabody Estate and urge man to come out. Two arrests made
Tavistock Rd/ Basing St: Area cordoned off and one arrest made

Edgware Road station has opened for the first time since the 7 July bomb attacks.

The Rail Maritime and Transport union (RMT) - the biggest trade union for Tube workers - is calling for more rail guards on trains and better emergency training and equipment, including breathing apparatus for rail staff.

Nine men were arrested by police in Tooting, south London, on Thursday, bringing the total number of people held under anti-terrorist laws over the London attacks to 20.

A major police operation was put into operation on the UK’s transport system, with officers on a precautionary high alert to reassure the public and deter would-be attackers.

The funeral of Jean Charles de Menezes is to be held in his home town of Gonzaga on Friday.

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