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Bellaciao GB - A message to all Italians in the UK and to their British friends

by Open-Publishing - Tuesday 11 October 2005

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Dear friends,

we would like to ask your help in disseminating this message.

There will be elections in Italy on the 6th of April 2006, and in preparation for this the coalition of the left is holding primaries to choose the candidate who will run against Berlusconi.

We recently formed the Bellaciao Collective of Great Britain, a group dedicated to supporting the political activities of the progressive sections of the Italian diaspora in the UK (more on the group at the end of this message). Through this group we have now obtained the establishment of a polling station in Manchester for the primaries of the left coalition.

The poll will take place on Sunday 16 October from 9am til 10pm. All Italian citizens currently living in the UK, even temporarily (i.e. students to, for instance), have a right to vote in the primaries.

We would be grateful if you could send this message to all the Italians you know who live here in the UK, to let them know this is happening. All those who are interested in voting should contact us ASAP at bellaciao@riseup.net

The candidates are: Fausto Bertinotti, Antonio Di Pietro, Clemente Mastella, Simona Panzino, Ivan Scalfarotto, Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, Romano Prodi. More information on the candidates and the primaries can be found at www.unioneweb.it.

Thanks in advance for your help!