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Bush-Cheney Paranoia: ’Domestic Terrorism’ & the National Security Service (The New SS)

Monday 25 July 2005

(7-18-05) Talked with an FBI agent last week, someone
I haven’t talked to in about ten years or so. He was
with a domestic terrorism task force in the Western
regional FBI office in the mid-1990’s. This was at the
peak of what the FBI thought was a potential crisis
with “domestic terrorism,” i.e. the so-called militia
groups. As everyone knows, the militia groups reached
their peak of influence in the mid-1990s.

At that point, the FBI was becoming increasingly
concerned. Consequently, in 1994, the FBI established
a nationwide, Domestic Terrorism Task Force that was
concentrated west of the Mississippi, since that is
where the militia were most active.

Anyway, this guy is retired now but he was
telling me that they had offered him to come back, and
that the FBI is now forming a whole new domestic
terrorism task force because they see that the militia
groups have begun to become reconstituted.

The FBI had the militia groups so well
penetrated by 1996 that the militia groups effectively
fell apart because everyone in these militia groups
began to distrust everyone else, believing them to be
a potential FBI informant. That’s how the FBI was able
to effectively end the militias — by spreading fear
and mistrust within their own ranks, which is always a
cheap and effective way to end an anti-government

However, the FBI has seen signs that these
militia groups are now being reconstituted. And they
are concerned that the economic stress in the nation
due to Bushonomics is proving to be fertile breeding
grounds for the reconstitution of militia groups.

Why? Because millions and millions of jobs have
been exported under the Bushonian jobs export program.
There has been a record number of bankruptcies, 10
million bankruptcies under this regime thus far. There
is a record number of people losing their homes within
the lower economic income strata. There are increasing
restrictions on firearms (what the FBI calls creeping
restrictions) some of which are contained in the
Patriot Acts. In addition the Bush Cheney Regime is
becoming increasingly confiscatory towards assets,
combined with the new reinstallation of ‘body writs’
for those who do not pay their bills.

You put this all together with a 50% increase in
the use of prescription antidepressants that has
occurred under this regime, as well as a one-third
increase in the consumption of hard liquor, a 25%
increase in the consumption of tobacco, and the huge
surge, (which we talked about in an article a few
years ago), in petty crime, petty larceny, swindles,
and frauds. These are the stresses and anxiety from
the effect of Bushonomics.

People can’t pay for their Prozac. They can’t
pay for their booze. And now the FBI has indications
that the militia groups are being reconstituted under
more hard line and dangerous management because there
are millions and millions of people in this country
who are desperate. And this is fertile breeding ground
for anti-government activities.

He also said that the Bushonian regime gives
fuel to these groups to re-solidify by their
increasing restrictions, contained in the Patriot and
other acts, and their refusal to back down on the
sunsetting of the most onerous parts of Patriot I and
II, as well as their willingness to expand and to push
forward with the national identity card act and other
repressive measures.

The FBI had stopped doing this for a period of 8
years, but they have begun to once again monitor
conspiracy radio and conspiracy publications. He said
the problem was that the conspiracy radios and
publications now have drawn in more people than ever
before - people who have lost their jobs under this
regime, have lost their pensions, have gone bankrupt,
or have been among the 50 million citizens under this
regime that have lost their health care insurance.

So they’re obviously fodder for anti-government
movements, and that’s what the FBI is concerned about.
Ergo the new National Security Service has been formed
within the FBI, the New SS. Concern also comes out of
the Office of Homeland Security, the Department of
Justice and the Office of Internal Security, that not
enough money can be quietly diverted from existing
programs to expand the Civilian Inmate Labor Facility
(CILF) program quickly enough.

The concern is that Bushonomics is creating many
more millions of BOVOBs (pronounced boe-vobs), or
Burned-Out Victims of Bushonomics than can be
potentially housed on federal lands. He said, even the
FBI, internally, uses the same language that former
KGB General Primakov, a Department of Homeland
Security advisor, did regarding Section 215 under
Patriot II, when Primakov called for the establishment
of an internal American gulag on federal lands. He
said the FBI uses the same word — ‘gulag’.

They’re concerned that not enough CILFs can be
built on federal lands, and that these gulags cannot
be created fast enough to house enough people versus
the number of people that are now in a state of
economic decline in the nation.

He said the solution is to establish a whole new
type of terrorism task force, but to rely more heavily
on intelligence and to get the CIA involved now that
the CIA has expanded domestic intelligence powers
through the National Intelligence Directorate, headed
by John Negroponte. This is the National Security
Service (or The New SS), an elite group of FBI and CIA
agents, which will have nothing to do with
“international terrorism,” but will be used against
dissident groups within the United States.

We’re waiting to see a picture of Negroponte in
jack boots, holding a swagger stick. With a monocle
and his new all-black uniform, the outfit would be

It’s interesting to observe how deeply the FBI
has become involved with and that this
entire organization that former RNC chairman, now
chairman of, Ed Gillespie has put
together. The FBI is increasingly using
to recruit a new crop of informants.

The FBI isn’t showing their hand. They’re not
telling any loyal citizens that they’re actually being
an informant for the FBI. They’re allowing to stand as a seemingly separate
organization. And they’re selling this to radical
pro-Bush faction citizens under as
fighting sedition in the nation.

In other words, this is the first time I believe
this has ever happened in the history of the Republic.
In essence, they are now taking the millions of people
who have been victims of economic policy and labeling
them as potentially seditious because of it.
Eventually these people will become so BUD-sterized,
(Broke Useless and Depressed) that the reconstituted
anti-government groups will become increasingly
appealing as citizens become more desperate. Even this
guy admitted that the FBI is fully aware that
Bushonomics has created a new, ever-growing, permanent
underclass in the nation. And that’s what concerns him
because underclasses can quickly become seditious when
a regime is on a policy to consistently restrict
citizens’ civil rights and to strip citizens of their
constitutional protections.

He also noted that a lot of the victims of
Bushonomics couldn’t even spend $500 on a gun. The key
is that you keep the victims of Bushonomics broke. You
keep them down, so if they got no money and you keep
them down, they’re no threat.

That’s the joke I used to use. If you can’t
afford the tank of gas to get to the militia meeting,
then you’re definitely not a threat.

While I was talking to him, he was in Washington
attending one of the retired FBI agent dinners. The
FBI has a large organization of retired agents. A lot
of them have become private investigators. But he said
that the tone within the Bushonian Regime now is fear.
They know that their policies are causing the nation’s
economic decline, so they fear the population now.

And that, he said, drives paranoia, and you can
see this in the faces of George Bush and Co. That’s
why, despite elections next year, in 2006, and despite
the fact that pro-Bush faction Republicans told the
White House to let much of Patriot II sunset and then
pursue it after the November `06 elections: We’ll
create another incident that will whip up public
support and flag- waving that we can hide it in, and
reconstitute it, the White House has refused. They put
a lot of political capital behind defeating Democratic
and moderate Republican efforts to cancel or get
around the sunset laws. They are going full steam
ahead with the rest of Patriot II, and intend to go
full steam ahead with Patriot III.

This is a symptom of paranoia, and they know
that their paranoia is justified because it is
Bushonian economic policy that is causing the economic
decline of America.

The International Monetary Fund has directly
linked Bushonomics to the United States being a power
now in decline. These things have made the Bushonian
Regime cloistered, and they now have a fortress
mentality. Effectively it becomes the Bush Cabal
against the rest of the planet.

This, of course, is a dangerous attitude for a
regime, having such broad powers under the Patriot
Acts, like the power to cancel elections permanently.
It’s very dangerous for a regime, particularly a far
right-wing regime whose intent is to consolidate what
remaining wealth is left in the nation before the end
comes. It becomes increasingly paranoid, since it has
been given extraordinary powers to perpetuate itself
in charge of the country and to virtually command
power forever.

You’ll also notice that there is no hard
right-wing religious faction at the top. The regime
still uses them and manipulates them for their
political and financial support, but that’s all. Their
influence stops at a certain level in Washington. It’s
like the so-called ‘useful idiots’ in the old Soviet
vernacular. As long as they’re useful.

We have mentioned this before on, and it’s worth mentioning again —
that 1% of the entire wealth of the nation per annum
is being transferred to the top 1% of citizens under
this regime because of disproportionate tax cuts and a
whole variety of other measures that are fiscally
designed not to stimulate economic growth — as the
regime would let us believe — but to concentrate
wealth even further while what wealth remains in the
country can still be concentrated.

We are now transferring 1% of the entire wealth
of the nation, per annum, into the hands of the top 1%
of the nation. Never before in the history of the
planet has any government been able to accomplish
that. This is such an enormous concentration of wealth
at the top.

The real cost of this is ever-increasing debt.
This is also accomplished through so-called
“Privatization,” which increases budgetary cost, and
manipulation of tax cuts, which effectively raise the
net tax burden for those earning less than $76,000 a
year, while reducing the tax burden for those earning
more than $250,000 a year.

Will the former FBI man take the job? Yes. He
said many of the retirees are going back. They’re
still young enough to go back. Many are going back
because they see it as one of the few safe places to
be when times get tough. He said the FBI is using a
projection that it will be controlling a population in
a post-economically collapsed environment in 5 years’

That’s what they believe. They believe that
they’re going to have to control a population and
establish the mechanisms necessary to control a
restive and seditious populace in a post-economically
collapsed environment. They don’t see any other
option. This guy said — How do I know my federal
pension check will still be good in 5 years’ time? How
do I know I’m going to eat? How do I know I’m going to
be given fuel when there’s fuel rationing? He’s a
50-something guy.

To understand all this, you only need to look
at, not only that which has happened in this regime
with the increased use of narcotics, liquor and
tobacco, but 10 million bankruptcies. The American
Bankruptcy Institute is predicting that there will be
20 million additional bankruptcies in this nation by
2010. The NCCI, National Credit Council Institute, is
predicting that the foreclosure rate, already at the
highest since the Great Depression, will double by

I’ve been accused of gloom-and-doom scenarios
before. But now is the time, for the very first time,
when government is actually beginning to operate on a
gloom-and-doom scenario.

And who better to understand the gloom and doom
coming than those fostering the economic policies that
are causing the generation of said gloom and doom? And
their minions, like the workers of the FBI.

But in the last analysis, he’s right when he
said — This is shades of the 1980’s, where a lot of
guys in the FBI felt this way because they all had
their hands in something dirty. They felt obligated
not to retire and to stay connected somehow because
everyone was concerned about their own dirty laundry.

Now this is a new scenario, in which retired
guys are saying — Hey, why not go back? Or how about
going into a higher paying, privatized cutout type of
deal? These guys know that a lot of them don’t have
the skills to go into the corporate world. They
understand a government paycheck and government
bennies. They understand that they can dip their hands
in the till and have little scams going on the side,
as long as it isn’t big money. That’s what these guys

Now is the time for citizens to be concerned —
when a right-wing regime begins to become paranoid
because it knows the stress that its economic policies
are creating. Then you combine that with the vast
expansion in governmental power within the White
House, particularly for the current regime to
perpetuate itself literally in perpetuity, and the
creation of a panoply of new government agencies
designed specifically to control the citizenry.

So with Bushonian paranoia and “domestic
terrorism,” the noose on the American people tightens

But we were talking about the 1980’s, and he
said — Look, if you ever get your offshore safe
deposit box under the name of Mr. Smith well-stuffed
by now, you’d best get on the ball.

And he’s right: It’s like the 1980’s again. Look
at the dramatic increase in the old Republican fraud
favorites — securities fraud, insurance fraud, real
estate fraud, oil and gas fraud.

Look at the dramatic increase in these frauds,
the old Republican fraud favorites to use the word s
of Chief Republican Fraudster Major General Richard V.
Secord from the 1980’s that have occurred under this
regime. He said, the reason you see that happening is
because people that didn’t get theirs in the 80’s or
were forced to give it up in legal fees or whatever
because they had to become scapegoats, everybody knows
this is the last opportunity to get your offshore safe
deposit box stuffed.

The pressure is coming to do everything that he
has just mentioned for the FBI to get back into
things, domestic terrorism and all that, and put
together this intelligence network, the National
Security Service. He said the pressure is coming from
the top. It’s coming from wealthy Republicans.

They’re concerned about their own safety in the
future. And I’ve noticed this too — the paranoia that
exists now within the ranks of wealthy Republicans
that have ties to the regime. Should the American
people ever understand all of this, and what has been
done to them and what is going to happen to them, I
don’t care how many machine-gun-toting guards you have
in front of a gated, wealthy Republican community,
you’re not going to keep the BOVOBs out. It’s a
fortress mentality the top 1% have.

A number of these high-security, wealthy
Republican, gated communities are purposely being
built around military bases, so they can have easy
access and protection. Then they can be hustled into
an underground bunker on short notice.] When the
hordes of BOVOBs come.

It was pressure from the real estate industry
that opened up the sale of closed-down, and soon-to-be
closed-down, military bases for development. Not only
that, but the federal government even finances some of

Another displaced population is the number of
wealthy Republican gated communities that are being
built on former military bases. They’ve got gates,
they’ve got walls, they’ve got underground bunkers.
Everything is blast-proof and radiation-proof.
Internal power and water systems. There’s even air
strips, so you can get your Lear jet to the Cayman
Islands in a hurry.

The new infrastructure for the National Security
Service and allied agencies will reorganize the
country into an almost unrecognizable state.

The post-Patriot III infrastructure will start
at the para-militarized Neighborhood Watch
Association, which will act like an intelligence
gathering capacity at the grassroots level. It will be
used for informing on citizens who are considered to
be seditious - ‘sedition’ being defined as anyone who
would publicly criticize the regime or its policies,
or anyone who would attempt to reveal any crimes being
committed by the regime or its immediate members,
including the great and all-powerful Bushonian Cabal.

That would then go up to the Civilian Defense
Force (CDF), (which is operational now at the state
level, although it’s only a shell) which would report
on a national level to the Office of Internal
Security, which is also just a shell at this time.
Again, these will be shells no longer — once posse
comitatus is overturned.

What’s going to happen is that law enforcement
and intelligence then becomes broken up. The so-called
NorthCom command already operates as a shell in
Philadelphia. The government has already leased
buildings there, with about 30,000 square feet of

NorthCom will be the creation of the so-called
5th Service Branch. There will be a 5th Joint Chief
that will be added. NorthCom command will be in charge
of the nation’s law enforcement. Post-Patriot III,
after the overturning of posse comitatus, the nation’s
law enforcement will be militarized and will be under
the command of NorthCom.

But there will be, also, a separate intelligence
function that will exist at both the local, state and
national level, as we have just described, with a
whole separate internal setup.

Now, this defacto “Gestapo,” (and I can’t think
of any other way to call this new National Security
Service) would not be under the jurisdiction of
NorthCom command, but would be actually under the
jurisdiction of the National Intelligence Directorate,
chaired by John Negroponte.

However, I think the real control would not be
Negroponte’s. This is not Negrponte’s forte. People
forget, but Negroponte is really a diplomat. He
doesn’t have any experience in operating a “state
security service.”

Porter Goss would be the much more likely
candidate given his extensive experience in the
formation of CIA controlled right wing paramilitary
groups in Central America during the 1980s.

Porter Goss has actual experience in the
repression of a civilian population. He is a lot more
qualified than even Heinrich Himmler whose only
experience was raising chickens.

Therefore, I think what would happen, since the
National Security Service is going to be staffed with
so many men from Langley, the de facto control would
fall under the Agency and, more specifically, under
Porter Goss, since he has more field management in
agent provocateur activities.

The new National Security Service is going to be
composed of a core of former CIA and FBI domestic
terrorism task force guys.

The primary function is to prevent the old
militia groups from reforming and being used as a new
mandate by grassroots Republicans, particularly to
stand in opposition to any policies of the state. Also
the structure will be what I call a greater system of
informants to effectively inform, and thus control,
label, and collect names of all citizens considered to
be “seditious.”

Also, for the first time, this new linkage is
being made. The regime knows where its policies are
destroying the nation’s economy. The regime knows that
it has created tens of millions of BOVOBs (Burned-Out
Victims of Bushonomics) and that petty crime is
increasing by these people, who are increasingly

Football games and McDonald’s isn’t going to
keep them docile anymore —because they haven’t got
the money for their $2 hamburger. And football is
increasingly going pay-per-view.

We are seeing the linking for the first time of
the commission of crime in order for BOVOBs to get
money for seditious acts against the State.

In other words, a whole new class of political
crime is being created, wherein a BOVOB, who’s seen
his trailer confiscated, his beat-up pickup truck
repossessed, his factory job’s gone to Bombay, becomes
increasingly desperate. He’s got a fat wife and a
couple of fat rug rats, so he goes out and sticks up a
7-11 or commits some petty larceny to get a couple
hundred dollars.

Suddenly this is going to become a potential
political crime against the State because, after all,
he was a BOVOB. And BOVOBs are inherently seditious,
as Tom DeLay inferred when he said — Look, there’s
been $9 trillion of wealth created under this regime.
Of course, what DeLay doesn’t mention is that $6
trillion of that wealth has inured to the top 1% of
the nation, 78% of whom are Republican.

So DeLay is saying - If you’re not making money,
then you’re not with the program.

But this will be the fulfillment of the
extension of the Patriot Acts in a physical structure
of these agencies. People should not be surprised
about this. So much of the Patriot Acts are drawn from
the German Internal Security Acts of 1934 and the
Soviet Internal Security Enhancement Acts of 1965.

One only has to look at Germany in 1934 for the
model — when the German regime then in power was
making the transition. In other words, it was
establishing a whole new system of state security-and
also linking the commission of economic crimes to acts
of sedition. This is precisely what the Germans did in
1934 and this is what we can expect in the United
States of America today...

By 1935, virtually any economic crime a German
citizen committed was legally construed to be an act
of sedition against the state. Also, by 1936, any
German citizens that attempted to take Deutschmarks
out of the country or convert them into foreign
currency, gold or diamonds to get them out of the
country was also committing an act of sedition.

These are clear historical precedents, and the
power to force asset declaration and disclosure under
Patriot Two, this new TDF 90-22.1, which is a de facto
confiscation penalty for non-declaration, the fact
that U.S. citizens now are no longer safe in holding
assets abroad as long as they are U.S. citizens-this
is, once again, the logical extension of Patriot Act
powers in physical form.

But citizens should not delude themselves. This
regime is not acting in secret. Citizens should
understand where the nation is going and that the
regime is not attempting to hide its desire to turn
the United States from a democracy into a

* AL MARTIN is an independent economic-political
analyst with 25 years of experience as a trader on
NYMEX, CME, CBOT and CFTC. As a former contributor to
the Presidential Council of Economic Advisors, Al
Martin is considered to be a source of independent
analysis for financially sophisticated and market
savvy investors.

After working as a broker on Wall Street, Al Martin
was involved in the so-called "Iran Contra" Affair as
a fundraiser for the Bush Cabal from the covert side
of government aka the US Shadow Government.

His memoir, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran
Contra Insider," ( provides
an unprecedented look at the frauds of the Bush Cabal
during the Iran Contra era. His weekly column, "Behind
the Scenes in the Beltway," is published weekly on Al
Martin, which also publishes a bimonthly
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Al Martin’s new website "Insider Intelligence"
( will provide a
long term macro-view of world markets and how they are
affected by backroom realpolitik.

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    In order to run their wars, they will sacrifice more American civilians.

    I think Bush and Cheney should be transfered for interrogation to Egypt!

  • And this is not only a Bush-Cheney phenomenon, but continues under Obama. The "neighborhood Nazi’s", which were organized as a hyper-patriotic vigilante set of groups, has been discovered to be a great tool to circumvent pesky Federal and State laws concerning illegal employer harassment and retaliation. Those people who were told that they would be "the eyes and ears of Freedom" now unknowingly (mostly - not their leaders who are "paid" to lie) are being used almost primarily to harass and stalk those Federal government employees who report fraud, waste, and abuse in government to Inspector Generals of different agencies, or dare file an EEO complaint against a manager. Certain low-lifes are even paid to bear "false witness" to enrage the group against the target, just as in the outlawed COINTELPRO practices of the FBI earlier in the 20th Century. I can tell you from over 20 years with the National Security Agency at Ft. Meade, MD., our Inspector General will ruin the career of anyone who dares report a manager to him - for ANYTHING. Over the years, the Federal IGs have become the crooked manager’s first line of defense against being exposed as a criminal or even a traitor. There is indeed an evil cabal within Federal government who "put hits out" on Federal employees or even reporters - more often meaning a mass conspiracy to ruin the person than to actually kill them outright, which would beg investigation. This cabal for NSA meets on the 5th floor of the 2B building in the "NSA Advisory Committee" spaces when a target is selected. Then, NSA Security "Special Actions" branch is called in to organize the harassment, stalking, and massive slander campaign on and OFF NSA property.