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Bush Marriage in Trouble?

by Open-Publishing - Friday 2 June 2006

Governments USA Wayne Madsen

Just a little info from the Wayne Madsen site:

June 1, 2006 — Rocky shoals for Bush marriage? Informed sources Inside the Beltway report that First Lady Laura Bush has established temporary residence in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC as a result of a tiff with President Bush over an extramarital relationship involving her husband. Mr. Bush’s tryst is said to involve Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. It is not known how long Mrs. Bush plans to remain at the Mayflower, however, her security detail has been present at the hotel during hours when the First Lady would normally be residing in the White House. While she was National Security Adviser, Rice, who has never been married, referred to George W. Bush as "my husband" before she corrected herself and said, "the president." Rice was speaking at a dinner when she made her "husband" remarks.

WMR is tracking the Laura Bush story.

First Lady reportedly discovers that "The Decider" decided to violate his marriage vows — moves out.


Forum posts

  • This story sounds too good to be true. Has anyone checked to see if Laura Bush has a scheduled appearance at the Mayflower? That would explain the presence of the Secret Service. But, if it’s true that Dumbya is carousing with Condi, since she seems to be too old to bear children we don’t have to worry about the Anti-Christ issuing from such a union.

  • Our world is melting down and we’re worrying about this CRAP?!!!!
    Who cares. If true, Mrs. Bush is handling it. It’s her problem.

  • Actually, it IS very important, and it could be VERY VERY relevent.

    pResident bush is widely perceived as a ’fundamental Christian’ by his ’Christian’ supporters. ( Which is a blaphemous lie— as a mamber of secret society ’skull and bones’, he is a luciferian/satanist. His satanic actions are making the people of the whole world despise true, Bible-following Believers— ’tarred with the same brush’ so to speak...)

    If his marriage is in trouble because of adultery, which is breaking one of the Ten Commandments— then he stands revealed as a fake, lying, double-crossing, power-drunk, hypocrite in front of his followers, the nation and the world.

    Not to mention it’s WILDLY, INCREDIBLY, MASSIVELY inappropriate to ’liaison’ with a high-level, policy-making employee...

    Plus, who wants the commander-in-chief with a finger on the nuclear button fighting bitterly with his wife???
    OR getting drunk or otherwise impaired????

    (But I kinda doubt that LB would get upset over a little nooky with a mind-controlled minion... she must be conditioned that in high-level society it happens all the time... marriages of convenience and all... So, it’s either too flagrant to be ignored, or something else, or most likely another ’exaggeration’ from Wayne Madsen—remember when the Fitzgerald indictments were coming for Cheney—NOT!)

    Speak, Laura, speak!
    Tell us ALL about it!!!

    Inquiring minds WANT TO KNOW!!!

    • We don’t need this "revelation" to know bush is a lying,double-crossing, power-drunk hypocrite. We already know that. What I meant was we don’t need this sort diversionary crap to deflect our attention away from what this crowd is going to do to us next. We MUST not take our eyes off the goings on as far as the larger picture is concerned.

    • I absolutely agree with you. I would love to see his false piety publically exposed in an undeniable manner. Of course, the Blind 30% would find a way to remain in denial and explain it away.... Hopefully, however, this would be enough for the Awakened 70% to guarantee his impeachment. If Bill (pig that he is) could get impeached over a blow job, and this guy is a war criminal walking free with impunity forever, there is no sanity nor any justice in this twisted world.

      by TeachYourChildrenWell

    • The tabloids are going to romp all over this one! Apparently the world only cares about illicit sex, and more illicit sex, and yes, more sex and couldn’t care less about anything else, including: waging war under false pretenses; waging war through moronic deficit spending; the continuing and often murderous occupation of a ’liberated’ country that has already had three, count ’em, three elections; the continuing violations of the US Constitution by "Herr President"; & the steady erosion of our civil rights. NOPE, the world doesn’t even care about it’s own quality of life, it’s own future, so long as there are games, easy sex, toys, easy money, and hi-tech circuses readily available, it will be a global, happy camper.
      Only when this corrupt gravy train comes to a screeching halt will the world take notice, as more and more Americans will find it harder to pay their monthly bills on a dwindling dollar and stagnant wages. But the majority will still be blind as to the causes of their gravy train’s downfall. The willfully ignorant and the easily terrified are the easiest people to control and manipulate. Even Laura Bush knows that truth.