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Bush confused by earpiece, embarrasses self and nation, again

Saturday 19 August 2006

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El Supremo answers a question about the illegal wiretapping...

About the 1:20 mark of this video Bush appears to be confused by the message fed thru his earpiece.

We... I made my position clear about this war on terror and I... by the way, the enemy made their position clear, yet again, when they... when we are able to stop them.

The transcript doesn’t do it justice... you gotta watch this for knee-slapping comedy.

It’s okay to get a sentence mixed up, but an intelligent person ought to be able to recover and re-state the point into some sort of logical sense. Bush doesn’t do that.

It is obvious to anyone paying attention that Bush must be impeached immediately for violating our constitution and breaking the law. Remember Nixon? Buy beyond that, we must laugh him out of office for this nonsense and embarrass him to the point that the world understands that we are not a nation of idiots, despite being ruled by one, and the elite understand that they should try a little harder when they put up a puppet president.

Forum posts

  • I was addicted to crystal meth and it made me edgy, over-confident, and dazed and confused the next day. I think this president is doing drugs. He may just be a dry drunk.

    Something is not right. He is suffering withdrawals or hangover.

    • The president is drinking, and doing drugs. He is either doing cocaine, or using a stimulant like meth. I have seen other video footage of him being jumpy, and constantly licking his lips. He is obviously taking stimulants.

    • Oh yeah. You can get ephedra supplements that the corrupt government in cahoots with the pharmaceutical giants is trying to ban again. The FDA is appealing the overturning of the ban by Tena Campbell in Utah. I say go stock up on ephedra supplements at to fight back. Go for Black Ice ephedra as it is better than Stacker 2 and 3. Their Midnight Stallion is the strongest. It will absolutely fu*k you up and keep you up for 12 hours straight.

    • Nope. Not drugs or booze. Looks more like a case of bipolar disorder to me. No wonder the world is in such a turmoil with this madman at the helm of this country. And things are not going to get any better. Wait and see

  • Why is this man still president? Where are the wise leaders?

    • For an answer to this question, you have to remember that Bush wants advisors that look dumber than he does. He picked men whose intellectual abilities are applied only to figuring how to carry out the PNAC agenda largely because doing so will fill the coffers of Carlyle, Halliburton and the other companies that they secretly (or not so secretly) hold stock in. Bush also doesn’t permit the law to get in the way of his desire to be the richest man on earth, supreme leader of the world, Emperor of all space and largest hypocrite ever born. On this same note, he is not a native Texan, we’re long on wit and common sense, he has neither quality. Add to that his apparent deafness and you have the magical unravelling persona. Bush is internally disheveled.

    • There are no wise leaders in the US. We need a foreign leader to undertake the task of reconstructing the government. Repugs or Demogogues are fatal for the US.

    • You got a foreign leader called: "Olmert"

    • " Why is this man still president? Where are the wise leaders?"

      Where are the wise leaders indeed. Unfortunately, anybody with a grain of wisdom is not ALLOWED to rise to positions of "power". Also, anybody who is wise, in the true sense of the word, has no "desire" to have power. The very people who "desire" to have "power", are the very ones who OUGHT NOT have power. Power, and carrying out said power, is a function of ego. Ego is the one true "block" to wisdom. I think it is safe to say that ANYONE, in any part of the world, who is in any position of power, is lacking true wisdom. In the place of wisdom, is cunning, deceit, and any number of vices (vice is the root of vicious). Not being in posession of wisdom does not imply lack of intelligence. On the contrary, I think the "leaders", or, rather, self-appointed elite, are quite intelligent, and will excercise said power for the sole purpose of retaining power. The truth of the matter, is that the world of normal, everyday people, with the capacity to empathize with another humans suffering, has been hijacked by a bunch of psychopaths (aka, those who have a psychological pathology). While this information is suppressed, there has been proven, through scientific protocol, that there is a small minority of "humans", on the planet, that, at a genetic level, lack the capacity for empathy. Do a google search on the term "ponerology", and follow the threads, which will help you to gain, at least in an intellectual sense, an understanding of the "system", as it were.

      The truth of the matter, is that there are plenty of people, with the wisdom to lead. The biggest problem is, that anyone with this capacity to truly "lead" towards the end of betterment of mankind as a whole, and has the will to attempt to manifest said goals, is marginalized, smeared, slandered etc., so that in the minds of the general population(through the use of mass media), they are viewed as crazy, unstable etc.. Until people wake up to the FACT that, in the words of Colin Powell, the "fucking crazies" have hijacked the world, no change for the better can take place.

      There is a saying that you may have heard - The truth will set you free. What most people don’t hear is the second part of that phrase, namely, that - it may make you miserable first.

      Concerned citizen of Earth

    • Excellent! Well put !! Now will somebody with the Proper Authority PLEASE go after them all of them, Bush Cheany, Rumsfelt, Rove, Rice, & any not mentioned! Or is this the best we could do?!

    • What wise leaders? If the stupid American people could vote for this RICH MAN again they would. RICH FAMILIES are our masters as they have always been. The AMERICAN GREED MOTTO: MONEY, MONEY, MORE MONEY, MORE MONEY, MUCH MORE MONEY, MUCH MORE MONEY, ALL THE MONEY, ALL THE POWER, NOW WORSHIP ME FOR I AM A GOD. And most of you idiots buy it. So enjoy your REPUBLICAN trip to HELL, you deserve it.

    • Stupid American (as every brainwashed death personhood in the world) voter are just happy ignorant slave working for bankrupt debt note at no value. FREEDOM=NO GOVERNMENT OR NO CROOK LEADERS

      There is no MONEY anymore just TOTAL slavery of the bankrupt cartel banksters.

  • Protect us from him!!!!


    And those TV clowns trying to make sense of something, that had NONE!
    No wonder, the world is already laughing. All the pride of America id going down the drain, because of an idiot she picked up for a president.

    • We dun care if he is bad for you but he is good for Russia/India/China just as Arafat was good for you and bad for Arabs.

  • I, a Canadian, just want to post my heart felt condolences to the fine American people about the condition of their government and their president.


  • ya... somethin is wrong here.... apocalypse if you would do us the honor?

  • White knuckle drunk on crack again?

    Sure looks like it.

  • Look again after he finishes, turns his back to the press and, as he is walking away the big guy on his right appears to hand over something to him. Or is Bush handing him something ? The ear-piece ???


  • I do not know whether he is on drugs etc.

    What I can see, however, is a man who is deeply troubled, who has completely lost his ability to concentrate.

    Has be been taken hostage by his handlers who are taking him down a road leading to new atrocities with much worse suffering that was created by 9/11?

    This is the first US president who has given up completely to even appear to be an honest broker in the Middle East. He is shipping illegal munitions to Israel in support of an illegal aggression on Libanon.

    When the president received Israel’s prime minister Olmert in Washington D.C., it was obvious who of the two is the boss, and it is not Bush!

    This man looks as if he is trapped and that he is subjected to extorsion. I feel truly sorry for him and for us all because of the evil that we will face over the next years, and which will happen because this president has allowed it or maybe has encouraged it actively with his ill-informed sort of Christianity.

    He does not understand that he is a disposable goyim, and that the Zionists do not respect him or his life more than they do the lives of Muslims. (1 million Muslims are not worth one finger nail as top Israeli clergy has expressed it so honestly). He is just a useful idiot!

    • I agree. This is ultimately a person to be pitied, not hated. (especially after he is hanged for war crimesin an International Court .) Bush is a lightning rod for his puppet masters, and when everyone vents their anger on him, his role as president has been carried out successfully.

    • This is President Greg Stillson. We are trapped in THE DEAD ZONE.

      Where is Christopher Walken?


    • Video of a dry drunk, not yet recovered, pray for him.

    • you will find most of the world has civilized itself beyond hangin’.
      no noose is good noose.

    • All GW supporters shall name their sons after their beloved model Prez GW. HA!!!

    • You know if this was not true it would be damned funny!But instead it is scarey......We need to get him out of a position of Power,Impeach Him

    • You know if this was not true it would be truly funny,but it is REALLY SCAREY! And he is running our country. Something had to be done!

    • This is SCAREY and he is the President that sends shivers up my spine

    • aw, Dubby is jest a-doin whut come nacheral fer a PNAC-puppet, dont be too hard on th’ buey.
      caint everbody be a Real Texan... why shore he got th’ hat an’ all, but that BS smells like BSE.

      but nevah mind the Mad Cow in the What Hause, what terrorises ME is the sub-puppets who can watch this poor act day after day, verbal "typos" and all, and STILL proudly display their Bucher-Chinny bumpah stikkaz.
      - Teflon "intellect", nothing seems to stick.

      truly, we are doomed.

      - posted with sad regret by a direct descendant of the USMC founder of Quantico base, who was a *** BriGen, Sojourner and 32* Mason.


    • He hasnt a clue what he’s talking about... seems a bit bored by the question..... seems to think waffling on will do ok. Where is his brain? On holiday? Has he passed his english SAT?
      He could do with high school english classes !

    • Every Nation gets the leader it earns!

      I feel sorry for all the people that have been killed in the name of freedom!!

    • I think you just gave the explanation of what is wrong with Bush.He actually believed he was in control,but is nothing but a flunky for his handlers.

    • i keep being reminded of harrison bergeron..the vonnegut book..(do you have your visor on?)

      you know, the funny line about ’anyone of average or lower intelligence can be president’

      i think vonnegut was actually a bit gentle when it came down to it. i see things in a much
      darker light.

      he said the elite were dumbing people down for ultimately benign reasons. perhaps he didn’t
      predict the malevolence that now seems so transparent today among our elite.

      and this is a guy who was in dresden when it was turned into a bonfire.

    • .....sad but true

    • The neocons came from the Nazis who created Hitler. They are doing the same thing to Bush. Kissinger did the same thing to Nixon. I think they do it by slipping weird drugs into his food.

  • Well, I certainly don’t pity him at all. He’s led a life of total privilige and wealth and earned or deserved none of it. He has the overall demeanor of a petulant, spoiled little boy who has just been informed that this time, he cannot have his way. He has lorded 9/11 over everyone’s heads for five years now and the public is beginning (finally) to grow weary of it which is bad news for W because it’s all he’s got. He is so incompetent he can’t even improvise his own BS, he needs it fed into an earpiece instead. he gives the distinct impression that he has no idea what he’s even saying at times. He’s only allowed to speak unfetered while he’s at one of those goofy photo-op things, like last week when he made an ass of himself at the HD factory.

    I agree that at times, W exhibits many behaviors associated with stimulant use. The jaw movments, the overall twitchiness, the pauses in his speeches when he appears to be racing to the point where he needs to stop and allow his earpiece to catch up. During the 2004 debates, I thought he was wired for sure. He’s probably on Adderall or Ritalin, he appears to definitely be one of those ADD personality types as it is. But I think that many of his weird mannerisms can also be associated with his personality itself. Bush is a glad-handing frat-boy type, folksy and goofy and when he’s faced with having to discuss anything serious, he is obviously wildly uncomfortable. He has no leadership abilities at all, he is capable of parroting the same talking points to receptive crowds but chokes violently under pressure from anyone who dares question his authority.

  • The world leader or leadership is an anachronism in itself. In the 21. century people should decide and not a board of crooks.
    Yeah, Bush loos funny and he acts funny, but remember, he has the power to launch nukes - pretty scary, huh, America let a drug addict decide their fate.

  • If the Constitution is upheld and the wiretapping is stopped I get a funny feeling the terrorists will do something terrible to show US just how bad we really do need it.
    After looking at this video it is clear this Man is not in charge and looks very dazed and confused.

    Good Luck World

  • We should all be deeply concerned that our President’s mental state is such that he cannot speak in a coherent manner. It doesn’t matter if it is because of stress or because of drugs. In the final analysis our country must have a leader that can be depended on to make well though out decisions. President Bush is becoming increasingly erratic. The only thing that gives me greater cause for concern is the prospect of having Dick Cheney as our President - should George Bush no longer be able to serve.

  • he’s clearly suffered some extensive brain damage as a result of long term alcohol and cocaine consumption. in this clip, it’s obvious that he’s been fed responses a few words at a time—the breaks between his statement don’t seem logical. he isn’t looking for the right word or framing a thought, he’s simply waiting while the next three or four words are being fed to him by his puppetmaster behind the scenes. In order to be a dry drunk, you need to be abstaining from alcohol, but I’ve seen him drunk on many occasions. So he’s still drinking. Pediatricians instantly recognize that he exhibits all the traits of an adult survivor of fetal alcohol syndrome. Barbara Bush is a famous drunk. I’m sure she drank right through her pregnancy with george.

  • The transmitter is under his jacket and on top of his left shoulder. It is hidden in plane sight.

  • Once again the President has made me so proud.

    It just shows you what a college education and graduate school

    does for people who coast thru life.

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  • To use Judge Judy,s words; this man is dummer then a rock.

  • Yet another prime example of our babbling idiot President making a Jackass of himself....

    Yet again......

  • As an American, I want to say to the Canadian, I could not have said it better. I love your post the most! To the Americans who voted for Bush, I quote the Canadian.. How can Americans be such imbicils and infidils? After all we are supposed to be the superpower of the world. I guess that is why we will no longer be a superpower in 2008. We’ll make the same mistake by voting for another Zionist and a closset supporter of the Iraq war, Hillary Clinton. Provided Bush Does not postpone the election because of the "global war on terror". Wake up, America. Why let this man scare you into giving up your feedom (NSA, freedom of speech, domestic spying). That scares me more than terrorism! You’re playing right into Dick Cheney’s, Karl Rove’s, Donald Rumsfeld’s hands. As long as Americans live in fear the government holds you right where they want you — in the palm of their hands — puppets. Good luck when America goes bankrupt or Hitler rises to true power. As Howard Zinn, for those of you who are intelligent enough to know who he is, he said the smartest thing the youth of this country can do is go to Canada or New Zealand. He is a very wise professor, who is well respected and knows his shit. I’m glad my husband and I moved our children out of America. To the Canadian — Thank, thank, thank you, for the humor. Americans are the laughing stock of the world and worst yet, is they do not even knw it.

    Irish Rose

  • "to the point that the world understands that we are not a nation of idiots,"

    That is impossible, because we are indeed a nation of idiots, very stupid, TV and sports addicted idiots who believe what they see on TV and live accordingly.

  • Well, i read somewhere that Bush was high on cocaine, when daddy was pres, and that now he’s a new born christian.

    One baseball guy, who go to school with bush, told in a canadian show that he do smoke pot with bush. sorry bad english! :P it was in a french-canadian show, i think, dont remember, but that baseball player plays for the expos of montreal...

  • This is clearly a besotted man talking. I feel that years of cocaine abuse are also coming back to haunt him, he cannot recover thought processes from a simple concept being piped to him in his earpiece.

  • Can someone call a Republican please. Perhaps they can translate

  • Someone call a right winger!! It´s an emergency. We need a translation here.

  • watch his right hand as he walks away from the podium...

  • What a joke. Has he passed his english SAT?

    Maybe he should take english classes.

    He looked bored by the question ....... waffles any old rubbish then goes off to
    recharge his batteries.

    Where is his brain? On holiday in texas?


  • "Those whom the gods would destroy,they first make mad."

  • Why all of the fuss over a typical Jr. Bush moment? He’s not glib and he’s arrogant, but he has to speak to the press from time to time. What do expect from him - The Gettysburg Address? Bush’s problem is that he IS NOT on something. Someone, please give him a beer or a quualude.

  • it is obvious that if america is under dictature (what i really think so), that this "thing" can’t be the dictator.

  • What makes the man dangerous is that we are tempted to interpret him in a humorous way. We forget that George W. Bush is the president of the only super power of the world and that his handlers are aggressively pushing the limits of his (meaning their) power under cover of a "war situation".

    The trouble with the "war situation" is that 5 years after 9/11 there is no credible evidence of any kind of terrorist organisation with which USA can claim to be at war. Also Bush’s latest story of "stopping people from killing people" on airplanes has collapsed as none of the UK suspects had flight tickets and many of them never owned a passport.

    The Hollywood script of fluid explosives remains in the realm of the film industry and has nothing to do with realities. It makes a good thriller theme for a film, that is all.

    Watching the video of Bush it becomes apparent that the president is close to complete breakdown, no doubt caused by his knowledge that a new 9/11 or a nuclear attack on Iran is going to take place next week or next month. I do not think that any amount of alcohol or drugs will help him, and I would not be surprised if he commits suicide or is suicided within days or weeks.

    In that case it will be the Evil in Chief, Dick Cheney, the puppet master himself, who will take power. He will command the US to go into battle in naked aggression, or to help out Israel which will have started the larger war of aggression the Middle East by attacking Iran, which has signed and according to IAEA upheld the Non Proliferation Treaty, which Israel has not.

    So the only wars we can speak of are the US’s and Israel’s international wars of aggression and the war against the US Constitution and people. The insistence of wiretapping US citizens is part of the latter war and leads right into tyranny.

    When the call for war against Iran is sounded by Dick Cheney, let it be a call to raise and go to Washington and take back the Constitution and the constitutional rights of the American people. Make sure justice is served to the many in power who have served two masters and taken money from a foreign nation, which has repeatedly been caught in spying on the USA. Do not hesitate to charge them with high treason and to take the consequences.

    Do not stop there. There is apparently no US politician getting anywhere without being bought and being morally compromised by their handlers. So do not stop with the politicians. They are the small fry. Proceed straight to their handlers and back men by following the money trail and prosecute them without hesitation even if the rot goes straight up to the "top" of society in finance, media and cultural life. We have Sharon’s word for it that it is Israel which is in running the US, so be prepared to face the consequences!

    Let not the guilty escape under the cover of claims of anti-semitism. It is not the issue, the issue is that we have a war on the US Constitution and the US citizens, and the criminals have to be served justice. If there is a high percentage of Jews involved in this crime, so be it, it has been their choice, and remember, we are not punishing them for being Jews, but for being criminals.

    Being a European I am strongly against capital punishment, and if you can, sentence them according to the law, but institute a five years cooling off period before doing anything irreversible. Show true Christianity, not the kind of Judeo-Christian rightous aggression which Bush heeds. Make the revolution the opening of a better and kinder chapter in US history, not a worse.

  • Years ago, some friends who had escaped from behind the Iron Curtain and I had a discussion about the art of lying. I was amazed at how easily they lied. They were amused by my bumbling whenever I tried to lie. They explained, when you live in a free country, you don’t need to lie. But, when you live in a country that’s not free, you have to lie to survive. Government support has to be seen as absolute and unconditional ... your feelings can’t betray you. Lying becomes as natural as breathing.

    I think Mr. Bush has not mastered the art of lying. If you watch him, the idiocy becomes most apparent when the whopper comes out. It betrays him every time.

    Maybe he uses drugs. Maybe he’s drinking again, and maybe he simply knows he’s lying. When he talks about something as wrong as trashing his Constitutional obligations, or the human sacrifice his wars typify, or the so-called good coming out of one of his really bad policies, the man is incapable of completing a cognizant thought.

    Does that excuse him? Of course not. it simply makes it easier to spot how phony his position is, because you can always tell when he’s lying. That’s why it’s important to watch him ... no matter how funny, or painful it is. The man is a bad liar. His lying betrays him every time.

  • The axis evil is upon us, Bush Blair and Sharon, are sworn to alter the middle east to their personal design.
    george bush may be a xenophobic fool, but if we allow him free reign, we too are culpable.
    all the bllod of palestine, Iraq and soon Iran and syria will not wash away the sadness the evil and theguilt.

  • i saw george bush on the television last night, and i desperately wanted to just run to him,
    throw him to the ground and piss on him,
    because that is what he has done to us.
    the popular car bumper sticker, " join the army, go die for israel"
    is just too true,
    Do you think the Israelis would benefit if we all pissed on them too ?

  • you made me laugh when you said;
    "we will erase messages that are abusive xenophobic or sexist"
    this maniac is killing people, your priorities are out of order here.
    we must work together to get this maniac out od office.
    no one is more abusive xenophobic or sexist that he and his cabal

  • he doesn’t pass anything on to anyone —he salutes the air. he is clearly showing his disdain for the media. like when he flipped off the cameras a long while ago. he is going to get to the point were he won’t be taking any questions , just giving statements. and wasn’t that darth cheney next to him?

  • The transmitter is under his jacket and on top of his left shoulder
    (notice the bulge). When he moves in certain ways, the wires can be noticed
    under the jacket.

  • It took 20 years, several elections and cooperation between 2 "cooperative" parties to get the 5 or so people into these curent critical leadership positions. These people do not have have the interest of the US in their heart. IF you impeach the puppet, it is now the actual string pullers that come to power. They use him because they would not take the chance of embarassing themsleves. All this person in the highest office does, is embarass himself (if this is possible) and embarasses the United States to the world. I just wonder why everyone keeps questioning and can’t seem to make the final and realistic conclusion. They are not for us people and this war on terror is a "buzz word" to a war that has been here since the beginning of time. Remember Ross’s famous comment of the giant sucking sound? Well, we are being sucked dry of our money, our military, our jobs, our rights and freedom and our constitution destroyed. All these issues we have seen introduced by the puppet including social security, health care, the flag burning, marriage and more are nothing but agendas written a long time before these people came to powers to keep fear in people, move our attention away from the "big" picture and make us dependent on "their help" while furthering the interest of a "few" world people. So why do we keep questioning? Are we looking for a miracle to happen?
    Listen closely to what the puppet says about what he will be doing. it could be the flu, the weather, the border and martial law could be declared. Listen closly, he knows the script well. It is worth looking across the border and watching the crisis in Mexico unfold. It could be the future of things to come especially with open borders. How long do we stand and scratch our heads and is the clock past the point of no return?

  • Thats a real shame - can everyone stop making fun of him please. Intellectual bullying is wrong and far to easy for this retarded target.

  • The elite chose this kind of dumb President so that they can later explain everything with his poor mental health. Hitler was mad, so everything happened during Nazi Germany didn’t have to make sense. I never believe that a single man will be given from the elite enough power and freedom to take the destiny of entire nations under his responsibility.

  • He may be an inarticulate dolt here but when he spoke to Alberto (Big Torture) Gonzalez he was cysral clear in his speaking. Here is an illicit (cause I made it up) oral re-creation.

    "No Court in the country has even 1 division to enforce a decision such as this. Not even the Supreme Court commands a single military unit with which to prevent us from doing what we want to do."

  • I believe that it is impossible for one person to, all by themselves, be mixed up in as much corruption and confusion as this President appears to be involved with. If you go to and read the problems that are coming down on this and previous administrations, I believe it will help you understand why Mr. Bush seems to always be so confused.

    How could anyone keep their mind on the things that are needed to help this nation when they are scratching so hard to develop programs to keep people from finding out what is really going on behind our backs. Mr. Bush is not smart enough to devise such an array of problems all by himself. The people from several administrations have been involved in developing and carrying out this fraud and now it is up to this President to try to keep all the rest of them from paying the price. Lets pray that he can’t do it.

    This is the largest scandal ever devised and one that will be a shock to the whole world to fine a way to try to recover from. Mr. Bush has allowed himself be taken over by evil and therefore he will be the fall guy when this all comes out in the open, which hopefully will be before he gets us in any more trouble than we are already in.

    As you read these reports, starting at the oldest, you will be able to follow previous events with a better understanding and perspective of the cover-up that has been carried on by the many institutions involved in world government. You will understand why it is so vital to them to keep everyone outside of their circle in the dark by whatever means.

    I hope that this will help you in your education, and that it will help you to realize the need to become involved in educating everyone you can of the importance and need to do everything possible rectify the present situation.

  • As an American who did not help re-elect ’this’, I have one word:


  • As a politically neutral British citizen , used to hearing Blair’s repetitive ramblings in his blind obedience to Bush, it is quite plain that they are not in control of their own minds. Their lack of human conscience in illegal warfare, torture and imprisonment of thousands of innocents wherever they’re directed, whilst claiming to be Christian, plainly shows insanity. And ol’ George is totally off the planet, the wall and his trolley. What wouldn’t you give to have them in a room where you could ask them serious questions, without aides or ear-pieces, and keep them there ’til they answered sensibly. Taking plenty of food with you , of course.

  • Israel runs America, so blaming Bush, you better blame Congress as well, and every elected official who belongs to a Masonic Order, or accepts money from AIPAC.

    As for the Canadian laughing at Americans, soon you will be with us, once the CFR gets their wishes. Canada will be merged with America, Mexico, and South America. One new nation, with less freedom. Laugh it up..........

  • You americans are not this lucky to get rid off this retard you have for president . But also think this . AMERICAN VOTED FOR HIM TWICE an estimated 55 million did . If I was living there I be looking for the faster way out for me and my family . Think people over 55 million people there are lower grade than your president is .NOW THIS IS SCARRY.

    • As a Brit I get VERY annoyed at the suggestion that Americans vote for their president. They DON’T.
      The Electoral College votes for the President. The American people vote for a political party and the Electoral College chooses the president. See Article ll of the United States’ constitution. The same article that makes the President supreme commander of the United States’ armed forces.
      Just to keep the record straight and stop blaming the Amercan people for presidential failings


  • Just think, this worthless sellout carries around the "football" - a remote control device which launches and detonates nuclear weapons. Bush is a "legitimized" murderer with the capability of slaughtering 100’s of millions of people on a whim. It’s pretty obvious this Israeli/Rothschild controlled traitor does not have the best interests of the American people in mind - nor does he give a damn about other nation’s citizens either.

    Nothing short of an insurrection will suffice to put this country on a more noble and fair course — and I’m not talking about the UN or NATO or any other "one world order" force to help us. Americans need to resign themselves to cleaning their own dirty laundry.

    # # #

  • ...gee, I feel so much safer now (not).

  • I feel sorry for the American people with George Bush being your president - God help him....

  • Join the National Writing Campaign. Send your letters to—

    gw (guess who)?
    Animal House, USA

    No street address needed. Everybody knows where he
    lives. Everybody knows his name.

  • HAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh puuleease get rid of this guy. Dumb all over and a little ugly on the side!
    Getting tired of these lying criminals. my IP is ... 81.22.343.44

  • We need an intelligent leader, just out of curiosity, I wonder how much Bush family has in theire Swiss bank account before and after 2001... hmmm..

    • Check out the ’Skull and Bones’ and what their interest lies, total control of wealth and power, of course that includes controlling resources. Where do you think the world’s largest deposit of natural gas lie? You got it? How about oil? Well Iraq may not be the 1st but it sure has plenty to go around.. Bush needed the 9/11 to get their plans in motion, whether or not you believe that, it sure made lots of people rich!

  • why isn’t this administration run out of office for being the responsible for allowing 9-11 to happen on their watch??? the bush administration IS RESPONSIBLE for 9-11; they were in office during that debacle, they ARE RESPONSIBLE.


    • Something’s probably in the works, folks, and it isn’t going to be pretty. While we’re jerking off over what this bogus retard Karr did with Jon Benet Ramsey flying out of the woodwork...something’s up elsewhere. Heck, I HOPE he’s on drugs and it’s not something else.

    • Im reckon Monica ... or one her followers was under that rostrum jus’ doin’ her job. Tends to distract a guy.








    Spartacus #5

  • Thank god i’m not american. it is a shame to have a president like him


    • It’s going to take decades to fix what this president has broken. Hopefully it can be done.

  • Here is what is going down: 1) there are facts that Israel is conducting wire tapping on American Citizens phone lines for many, many years; 2) Washington knows about it; 3) Washington does not want the truth to come out and is trying to conceal the truth behind the matter. 4) George W. Bush is being dictacted by someone a "mole" from the inside of the White House and is completely under this mole’s hand, spell what ever you might want to say. Someone needs to get in there and expose this mole. This mole and the entire White House Administration is going to distroy not just our future, but the world’s future. I would imagine that the Israel wire tapping has a lot on the Administration. It did with President Clinton, and with a lot of other administrative personnel. I would wonder what it has on Bush and every one else in the Administration? But in my opinion, who cares what they have on Bush, I would rather have the wire tapping out of here and any crap on Bush exposed than what is really going on here.

    "Washington Know it all Insider"

  • Horsefeathers. "About the 1:20 mark of this video Bush appears to be confused by the message fed thru his earpiece." You have no evidence that there is an ear piece and he is being fed the answers. Bush haters always claim such nonsense. Granted, he is not a good public speaker or off-the-cuff kind of guy before reporters, but he has always been this way. Nice try.

  • i have just watched this footage of bush in the uk and find it difficult to understand why this clown is still in office -surely you great american people have had enough of this complete fool representing you -do you have the power of a citizens arrest in your country-if you do what are you waiting for-we have a similar problem with blair in this country-both these war criminals need to be held accountable for the grave crimes they have committed so come on people lets move forward for the sake of our true democratic freedoms-the time is now

    • Most people know its all lies, but the media is controlled at every level- even local newspapers, tv and radio stations are influenced by bush stooges. The democratic party has not only been infiltrated, but overrun by such "moles". My guess is it’s just as bad in Britain- there’s no real opposition to Blair because the Parliament has been co-opted by "Labour in name only" traitors.

      I’ve always thought the Brits were smarter than your avg American, more clued in to world politics, but if thats’ the case, why can’t they arrest Blair and put him on trial for war crimes... which could give Americans the courage to do the same over here.

      Why wait for braindead Americans to wake up to evil Bush? Why not just start the ball of global justice rolling in Britain- your mates in Liverpool could be the heroes of the 21st century.

  • Bush should do stand up. I would quite happily pay to go & see him perform. What a laugh it would be! Just get him to talk about anything or even do a bit of juggling/cartwheels. Just get him drunk or stoned (or both) & watch him go. Man what a hoot that would be. Hee Hee Hee...If my lack of seriousness has offended anyone I do apologise.

    g from Bonnie Scotland

  • The Israeli puppetmaster must have dropped the strings momentarily. Think of the contempt the powers that be have for you my fellow Americans when they foist the village idiot upon you as your leader.

  • Sounds like my mother used to when you asked her a question. She was in the early stages of Alzheimer disease.

  • Baby blue-blood Bushy is just having flashback seizures
    of his Skull and Bones brotherhood initiation days. Not a problem.
    Could even have been a long night before, in the Bohemian Grove summoning demons
    above the altar with the sacrificed virgin with Al Gore, Kissinger, Cheney, ah so many names, so little time.
    Or maybe the Council on Foreign Relations brunch/orgy had more
    on the menu than Bush bargained for.
    I say enough of this Jesuit inspired Illuminati puppet Bush Jr.!
    Bring back "bodycount" Bill NOW! ;>) Sorry, I meant Billary! 8|

  • this is a clear case of utter moral decay. he cant even speak! i say like neil young.. impeach this president, for the sake of history!

  • This guy is INCOHERENT at times, ILLOGICAL at times, and Self-ASSured like dry drunk.. TIME to WAKE UP, Folks !!! ...

    • Politicians are generally dodgy in the extreme, not to be trusted. Power hungry while at the same time incompitent. Bush just happens to not be very good at covering up his ineptitude! I’m English and totally glad we don’t have a president, a Prime Minister (esp the one we’ve got!) is bad enough.

  • You know ANYONE could *** that **** up and when there is 23402834 cameras on you and you’re trying to listen to that and think of **** of your own etc you would **** up too.

  • Yet again,

    ’President’ Bush embarasses the American nation, really guys, where did you get this inarticulate, moron from?! Bush and his lack of intelligence & eloquence, is making America the worlds laughing stock. How can such country with such a large population, select such a mediocre person to run the affairs of state?

    His bumbling, vacuous talk, really does make one wonder about this man’s IQ!!

  • LOL !!!

    The entire world hates you, because of idiot people like this !!
    but you still vote for them....
    so, you are really all idiots on a big contry of idiots...
    your empire is really near from the end, wish you all to go to hell !!!!!.

    • "Because we voted for him"

      But we didn’t! The elections were stolen and the media covered it up. Get one thing clear Enki- Bush was never elected- but appointed by the Supreme Court in Dec 2000. Then 9/11 happened and it became "unpatiotic" to question the Moron in Chief.... How did the Good Germans stay silent during Hitler— they were lied to, and they accepted the lies because they had a good life. That’s America now, everyone’s got cell phones and 1000 channels of sports and porn... all by design.

    • "Because we voted for him"


      This is most accurate.

      Europeans and others have long derided Americans for our
      "apathy" when it comes to elections, since such a low percentage
      of American citizens actually go to the polls in national elections
      (typically about 50% of those "eligible" to vote).

      Most of those in other parts of the world do not understand
      the *real* reason why the majority of Americans no longer
      participate in the democratic process. It is because we are
      fully aware that our entire political system is now hopelessly
      corrupt! Therfore, there is not much point in taking part in
      something that has become largely fraudulent.

      During the most recent presidential election, the percentage
      of eligible voters participating was unusually high for recent
      times, around 58% of the total. But the total number of votes
      cast was just over 108 million in a nation whose population
      totals over 300 million persons. Since most citizens over the
      age of 18 are allowed to vote in this country and approximately
      75 percent of the population here is in that age group, these
      are rather stunning statistics.

      In the US, most votes are now cast using electronic voting
      machines. In most states, these machines do not include
      a "paper trail," meaning that votes cast cannot be verified
      outside of the realm of cyberspace. When one votes this way,
      one can only hope that their votes are recorded as they were
      cast. Everyone who owns a computer understands how easily
      computers can be "hacked." Imagine how easy this is to do when
      those controlling the computers are also the ones doing
      the hacking?

      It is no secret that those who control the entire voting system
      in America, including the computers which actually *tabulate*
      the votes, are the same "powers-that-be" who strongly favor
      the likes of the puppet-dupe George W. Bush and his crooked
      colleagues and minions. This also includes the gigantic
      corporate conglomerates who now have total control over the
      mainstream media in the US.

      But even this is of little significance in the final analysis because
      in truth, the entire political arena is also a sham in the US. The
      powers-that-be pre-select both contestants in a two-party election
      contest, so no matter who gets elected, the policies enacted will
      ultimately turn out to be the same. The only difference then is
      the perceived intellectual level of whichever candidate "wins"
      the election. So national elections are nowadays reduced to little
      more significance than a typical beauty contest or sports match.

      The bottom line here is that if the real truth were known to the
      world, it took an awful lot of "creative adjustment" of the
      presidential vote to get Bush installed as president of the US,
      in *both* of his "elections." Among other things, this would tend
      to indicate that by and large, most Americans are not nearly as
      ignorant as our widespread global stereotypes would suggest.

  • Hi
    Please please please impeach your president. I live in the uk. We need rid of our poodle of a priminister also. These 2 idiots/puppets are being forced by some group to do a great wrong to this world. We all need to get together and stop it. What we need is a worldwide revolution. There is no black, white, brown, yellow, jew, christian, muslim, seikh. There is only one race on this planet and that is HUMAN. The sooner we all wake up to this and cut the head off this evil snake the sooner we will have a chance of, repairing the damage we have already done and, living in peace and harmony on this earth once again.
    Peace be to all.

    • "Please please please impeach your president."

      You know, that is a really nice sentiment. As a matter of fact, it is so nice, that it has been suggested by, oh, I’d say (going out on a limb here) 35-40% of the population of the US. It has been mentioned in CONgress by a couple of brave souls. In fact, it has been suggested for about the past 3 years or so. What has come of those reasonable suggestions??

      Let me ask you a question. What do you think the NSA wire-tapping scandal is REALLY about? Think about it.

      Concerned citizen of Earth

    • Well written !

      How I wish that could be implemented.

  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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