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Climate change denialism, non-reportage, lies & censorship mean Boycott Murdoch Media & similar MSM

by Open-Publishing - Saturday 23 July 2011

Media-Network Australia Gideon Polya

The non-Murdoch UK and Australian mainstream media are just about as bad as Murdoch media in terms of an appalling pro-war, pro-American imperialism, pro-Zionist, genocide-ignoring and Democracy-perverting record. However the Murdoch media in Australia are virulently right-wing and have an anti-science climate change denialist agenda that threatens Australia and the World. Accordingly the non-Murdoch media are quite happy to castigate Murdoch media over the UK phone hacking and police bribery scandal while ignoring the really huge and deadly crimes of Murdoch media of warmongering, ignoring horrendous war–related deaths and terracidal climate change denialism.

The Murdoch media have a disgraceful, anti-science, climate denialist line that represents a major threat to Humanity - climate genocide from unaddressed man-made climate change is set to kill 10 billion people this century. That is why I am arguing around the World that decent people should Boycott Murdoch Media (Google "Boycott Murdoch media"; see "Boycott Murdoch Media and other MSM over Egregious Censorship, Warmongering and Climate Change Denial", Bellaciao, 21 July 2011: http://bellaciao.org/en/spip.php?ar... ).

The Age On-line today (22 July 2011) published an article by Michelle Grattan about the calls by Greens Senator Dr Bob Brown and PM Julia Gillard for an inquiry into media in Australia in the wake of the appalling Murdoch media scandals in the UK (see "Pressing news to discuss. There is a case for an inquiry into our media, but it must ask the relevant questions": http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/po... .

Any educated causal reader of the Yellow Press of White Australia immediately discovers its Black Heart of censorship, non-reportage and false reportage, most notably in relation to climate change by the Murdoch media.

A 5 decade career scientists and 4 decade academic teacher, I am a relatively rare example of an Australian scientist willing to make informed public statements in the public interest. However I am frequently censored in look-the-other-way Australia that simply wants to keep on polluting until the World makes it stop.

I made 2 such informed comments about this article but in both cases my comments were completely censored by The Age, one supposes for containing facts that The Age does not want its readers to read or to know (for more details of the article and the censorship see: http://gpolya.newsvine.com/_news/20... ).

Comment 1:

"PM Julia Gillard is again being "tricky" in calling for an inquiry into Mainstream media (MSM) in Australia but ignoring the key Elephant in the Room issues.

1. Foreign ownership. US citizen Murdoch’s News has about 70% of Australian city daily readership and has a grossly disproportionate say in Murdochracy Australia affairs. Thus both Rudd and Gillard made craven pilgrimages to Murdoch in New York. Fiji’s anti-racism and anti-corruption military leader Frank Bainimarama has taken an appropriate step against Murdochracy and foreign ownership of media, forcing Murdoch to sell the Fiji Times to a Fiji citizen.

2. False reportage. The Murdoch media are notorious for disseminating false, anti-science climate change denialism in a process that has perverted both public education and sensible public discussion about the urgent need to effectively tackle climate change. One cannot stop creationists, flat earthers or climate change denialists from spouting their dangerous rubbish but there needs to be an automatic, public, credentialled, science-based mechanism for countering this intellectual abuse of children in particular.

3. Genocide commission and genocide ignoring. Australia-complicit post-1950 US wars in Asia alone have been associated with 26 million war-related deaths, so far - but this carnage is essentially unreported in Australia. The Australia complicit WW2 Bengali Holocaust (6-7 million Indians killed by the British) is essentially unknown in Australia."

Comment 2.

"What gross hypocrisy over Australian media by the slavishly pro-US Gillard Labor Government which is trying to censor David Hicks telling Australia about his 5 years of torture at the hands of neocon Labor’s American friends by seizing his royalties - a dangerous precedent because one can imagine a decent government seizing the profits of Australian mainstream media for supporting Australia-complicit US Asian wars that have been associated (so far) with 26 million war-related Indigenous Asian deaths since 1950 that are of course not reported by Australia’s appalling mainstream media.

The Elephant in the Room crimes of the Murdoch media - and to a lesser extent of other Australian Mainstream media, notably the cowardly, unethical, taxpayer-funded ABC - involve (1) censorship, non-reportage and under-reportage, most notably of the huge crimes of the US and its war criminal allies and (2) dangerous, anti-science, false reportage in support of the fossil fuel Lobby and climate change denialists, noting that climate genocide from unaddressed man-made climate change is predicted to kill about 10 billion people this century.

Indeed my carefully researched and composed prior comment on this article has evidently "gone astray", most likely because it contains authoritatively-sourced facts that The Age (arguably Australia’s most progressive medium) does not want its readers to read or to know (Google "mainstream media censorship")."

For more details of censorship of informed, credentialed, non-anonymous, professional comment by The Age see "Mainstream media censorship": https://sites.google.com/site/mains... , and "Censorship by The Age": https://sites.google.com/site/mains... and http://agecensors.blogspot.com/ .


If one is genuine ("fair dinkum" in Australianese) about tackling climate change one must Boycott Murdoch Media for its irresponsible climate change denialism and only access other similar Mainstream Media (MSM) electronically (see “Boycott Murdoch Media”: https://sites.google.com/site/boyco... and “Boycott Murdoch media to stop climate genocide”: http://boycottmurdochmedia.blogspot.com/ ).