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Conversations on Chemtrails- The truth about what is happening in America

by Open-Publishing - Wednesday 23 March 2005


"It’s happening again . . . woke up this morning to clear blue skies here in the lower Hudson Valley . . . three hours later, the entire sky is criss-crossed with chemtrails, and there are three or four planes up there continuing to lay them down . . . these are NOT contrails . . . the patterns have no relationship to the flight paths in or out of New York airports, but literally cover the entire sky . . . someone is spraying something, and I’d sure love to know just what it is, who’s doing it, and why . . ."

"I’ve been getting e-mail from a friend in upstate NY for a couple of weeks on the chemtrails in her region. We noticed them over Green Bay starting in 1999-they are not contrails."

"Upstate NY here too and they are everywhere"

"A week or so ago I saw 12 different trails making an * rather than an X. One jet went straight and then turned exactly on one of the lines and paralleled it. If these were commercial flights, I would be really nervous to have so many planes converging on one central axis. I was driving at the time and til I got back they had blended into one grey scummy cloud. I was really sorry I missed that shot.

I’m not convinced they are deliberately trying to spread disease or affect our health, could be a by-product or not happening at all...then again, if they are told they are "helping protect the world/ozone layer" etc etc,that might make them feel better about doing these flights. I honestly don’t know...I just have a lot of questions about these things.

BTW..my son just said they are "chemtrailing" right now as I type this -easy to see with the almost full moon."

"I’ve noticed that I see persistant contrails (chemtrails) more frequently as I travel inland. Though they do occur in NH where I live, they seem to be more prominent in the hudson valley and inland areas of New York, for example. The fact that they are relatively INFREQUENT here causes me to think there is something to the phenomenon. We do get the classic patterns about once per month, more frequently in the summer. If they were just normal contrails, wouldn’t they be seen all the time, since most commercial air traffic follows a regular schedule? Of course, conditions in the upper atmosphere could play a role, but then again they are seen at all times of the year."

"Every one thinks I’m crazy about this subject too, but I can’t find any other explanation for what I’m seeing. I’ve lived around airports my whole life, but never have I seen the trails that have been showing up for the last couple of years. The morning will start out nice & sunny, but after the planes have made a couple of crosses or circles in the sky, we have overcast for the rest of the day. Why do people insist that there is nothing going on? Does no one look up anymore?? And not just when the planes are going by...you have to watch those trails for an hour or two to realize they aren’t just "ice crystals". You can actually watch them disperse in the air. Yesterday there was a nice rainbow ring around the sun from whatever was in the air. My question is...do people not want to believe that this is happening? That there is a section of people in the government that is doing something so top secret that no one would know what they are doing and that they have some sinister plan for what they are doing? Is that why everyone tries so hard to debunk it?? All I ask is that people start looking up...and if there was ever a bunch of people who I would trust to find the truth in this matter, it would be here at DU..."

"What are the visible differences between "chemtrails" and contrails? Defend your assertion."

my father was in the service, and I grew up on Air Force bases . . . I know what contrails look like . . . they are essentially water vapor, and they disperse quickly . . . chemtrails, on the other hand, not only remain in the sky, they actually spread and essentially become clouds . . . a trail laid out at, say, 10:00 am is pretty fully spread by noon . . .

"Are you sayint that 3 or 4 planes are going back and forth making clouds or that you can see 3 or 4 planes doing so at any given time."

that’s exactly what I’m saying . . . if you watch the planes, they lay down these extremely long trails . . . after they end their run, if you wait a few minutes you’ll see a new trail starting from roughly the end of the previous trail, but heading in a completely different direction . . . further, if you look at these planes through a telescope (which I’ve done), you’ll see that they have no markings whatsoever . . . just plain white planes . . .

"Is it possible that the cloud patterns are related to flight paths out of any of the other major cities in the Northeast and/or Canada? New York is just one of the cities up there with large and numerous airports."

highly doubtful . . . the patterns literally cover the entire sky . . . I can’t imagine that established flight paths could be so intersecting . . .

"The clouds you see are condensation trails created when the exhaust of airplane engines is emitted into a layer of the atmosphere where the temperature is below the freezing point of water. When the relative humidity of the atmosphere at altitude is high the trails persist ... where the air is dryer the clouds evaporate. This phenomenon has been noted for many years."

but these don’t evaporate . . . they stay there, and they expand, and eventually they cover the whole sky . . .

try this experiment . . . next time you wake up to a clear blue sky, watch it throughout the day . . . chances are that, by mid-afternoon, the blue will be pretty much gone . . . much like this . . . that fuzzy wide "cloud" in the center of the photo was once a thin trail . . . if it were a contrail, it would have dissipated rather quickly, not spread out the way this one has . . ."

"Thank goodness someone else here is taking this seriously. All I have to do is go outside today and I can see it. I left for lunch an hour ago to blue skies on one side...haze on the other. There were two white planes leaving long trails across the blue when I went in for lunch. When I came back out they were spreading out with mare’s tails. I expect by the time I leave work tonight, it will be cloudy again...Oh, and we were supposed to have snow again this week...but we haven’t. Did I mention that Minneapolis is 2 foot short of snowfall for the season??"

"I see them things all the time. At first I thought it was all just a bunch of Art Bell nonsense then I started noticing every time there is a big display of the chem trails people start to get flu like symptoms like crazy. I have no idea if it is some evil plot to get us all sick or just a byproduct of whatever the hell they are doing. Either way something is going on that they aren’t telling us."

"Same thing here in the Ohio valley. Those posters who want to ridicule can just keep on laughing. I have an open mind about this, but I tell ’ya, somethin’ ain’t right.

I don’t think we’ve had one entire day of bright sunshine since last October, at least. I asked this question on another thread, but got no answer. If anyone knows where I can find a log of precipitation/weather conditions for a particular area of the country, over time, I’d sure like to check it out. I’ve tried to find something on NWS, but no luck.

I’ve lived in this area of the country all my life, and I know what normal weather conditions are here"

"And just to get back to the subject...The morning blue skies have been changed to that murky gray sky. I think the last time I can honestly say that I saw consecutive sunny skies were the three days after 9/11 when all the planes were grounded. Why is it okay to believe in JFK assassination theories, Roswell theories, PNAC and all these other things, and every one jumps on the bandwagon to discredit this? All I’m asking is for someone who knows about these things to check into it. I’m not a chemist or a physicist or a pilot. I’m just another startled American trying to figure out what happened to the great country I grew up in..."

"it’s that stuff the gummint uses to turn perfectly rational people
into stark raving republicans. I’ve always suspected it existed . . . just thought it was in the drinking water."

"Considering how some of my formerly ultra-liberal friends have done a complete 180, nothing would suprise me. My best friend is like a freaking pod person."

what if they actually are spraying something every day? . . . wouldn’t you want to know about it? . . . and do you believe that this is something the current administration wouldn’t undertake if they had a reason to do it? . . .

given what I observe with my own eyes on a regular basis, I know that what I see in the sky is more than contrails . . . the what, who, and why I haven’t a clue about . . . since I trust my own eyes coupled with my 58 years of observing what’s happening in this country and around the world, I’ll need a good, logical explanation for what I’m seeing (again, NOT contrails) before I stop worrying . . .

I don’t have to see proof that something is being sprayed . . . I need to see proof that something’s not being sprayed . . .

“No matter how paranoid you are, what they’re actually doing is worse than you can possibily imagine!” . . . Ralph Gleason


Forum posts

  • I see chemtrails almost daily over Marshfield, WI. We also have one of the largest medical centers in western WI, coincidence? Perhaps. I dare to speculate on the reason behind these trails. I’ve read everything from enhancing cell tower mind control, to weather modification (presumably stop global warming?), to modifying human genetics. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I DO know that these have a negative impact on human health. During times of heavy spraying I’ve noticed a signficant increase in the number of admits to the hospital (where I work). The death rate goes up in the nursing homes for elders and more people seem to experience upper-respirator problems or infections.

    The other strange thing I’ve noticed is that the planes doing the spraying make little if any noise. I’ve heard commercial jets fly overhead and you can distinctly hear the echo of the jet engine. These planes are suprisingly stealth. It seems unlikely these are just contrails from these planes. I’ve seen contrails from behind these planes as well. What I can’t explain is when a contrain mysteriously elongates and turns into a chemtrail then stops and becomes a contrail again. If this is because of sudden dramatic atmospheric changes, I haven’t seen anything like it before.

    If you people are looking to take action against whatever this is these planes are doing, I suggest not going through the usual demonstration/media alert/mobilization process. Feel free to try this, but you might not get anywhere. Do a google search for "Wilhelm Reich". Reich was a student of Freud’s who later moved to the US to study natural science. He discovered what he called Orgone Energy which is similar in many ways to electricity, but has many unexplained behaviors which include life enhancing effects. He did a lot of study on atmospheric phenomena and developed something called the Cloudbuster which he used to cause or distroy clouds or storms in the atmosphere. He claimed that while natural "healthy" clouds were held together with this Orgone energy, smog clouds and pollution (chemtrails?) were held together with DOR (deadly orgone energy) which he linked to a great number of human health problems. Crazy huh? It just might hold the key to fighting chemtrails if you accept his paradigm. Google "chembuster" after you’ve read a bit about Reich and his ideas on Orgone energy. People have constructed these and testified that they are able to disapate chemtrails within a 90mi radius. Although I have my doubts about whether they can completely counteract all the stuff being sprayed out of these planes, they might get rid of the bulk of it.

    Good luck to all! These are crazy times we live in.

    • Hello-I live in the north western Sierra Nevada Mountains of California at around 6000 foot elevation and have observed for the better part of a decade increasing chemtrails. It is particularly disturbing to begin the day with a clear blue sky only to have it be totally overcast via chemtrail action by afternoon. The advent of which steadily has increased. When I speak to others the attitude generally and I guess not surprisingly is one of apathy. When we travel in any direction I continue to observe this creepy event. At times it makes me claustrophobic, like being under a can of RAID insect spray. It is mind boggling to consider the actual individuals piloting these aircraft. Although I generally lean toward being quite an optimistic person I’m sorry to say that this seems like a hopeless and helpless situation. The fact alone that it goes on day in and day out and that folks every where are not even reacting is terrifying. So much so that I wonder if perhaps the status quo of apathy might just be the path to follow for my own sanity. JS

    • I live in the Cleveland Akron area and have seen these silent aircraft completly cover the sky with clouds of some sort in the space of an afternoon. They fly in a straight line leaving a stream behind them and at first I thought, Gosh, the Gov’t is spending an awful lot of money these days on fuel for these "fighter" planes. That’s what every one thought. Until the aircraft starting going back and forth in the sky. It lookes like weaving. Then the aircraft disappeared and the trails left behind spread and spread until the sky was covered. People began having breathing problems and asthma attacks are on the rise. I have asthma myself and when the sky is covered with that molten lead, dirty grey color I have to get treatments. The sky has been covered here for 2 days and I lost my voice altogether. Speaking is painful and I can taste a metallic edge on my food. Does anyone get that horrible taste? It’s not overwhelming, just a hint of it. Tuesday I saw 3 aircraft coming our way from the east and one of them made a 90 degree angle and went south. The trail was still there so I held my book up and put it on the edges of the trail and it was 90 degrees. That was Tuesday. This is Friday. Gray skies since Tues. I’m done with this message. Maybe we should just go to the President and ask him.

    • When Corporations (including HUGE drug Companies) run the Country, the more illness the more business for them, the more money they make!! Same with Iraq.. the more psychologically impaired soldiers the more antidepressants they sell. Remember it is ALL about money!! They will do anything, and don’t care if people die.

    • On rare occasions I am able to get someone to look up and realize something is very much amiss. I have been astounded, however, on many occasions by the willful blindness of so many. It would be accurate to call this the Age of Chaos. Ordo Ab Chao indeed. We shall see. Keep your eyes open my brothers and sisters; the ride is about to get intense.

    • I agree 1000%%%%%%%%%%%%% You are Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What makes you think there are human pilots abord those "planes". What makes you think they are a plane? I know they are high up. I heard one with a prop engine sound and then the plane dissapeared along with the prop sound and the chemtrail it laid at exactly the same time on a perfectly clear blue sky! If nato cant run this many sorties, and they appear simultaneously 24 hours a day over every land mass and ocean equally, then, well you get my point. Why has no one ever seen them land? Why is there no ID? Why are they the same the world around? Chemtrails have blood serum to transport nanobacteria for genetic modification and disease dispersal. They have barium and aluminum for 3d xray and communication blocking from outside the planet. Barium and aluminum are also the atmospheric 3D conductors for HAARP and the GWEN system. Get a grip, the future is changing, and fast.

    • I live in Northern California on the coast and constantly see the planes leaving chemtrails. Almost every day I watch the sky go from totally blue to completely overcast by 3pm when I get off work! Yesterday there were five planes all flying paralell spreading whatever poison of the day

    • A scientist here in Denver has been able to analyze particles from the chemtrails. He discovered they are dried red blood cells (RBC’s) with virus material inside the RBC’s. When the RBC’s connect with mucous membranes - in the nose, mouth, throat or lungs - the viruses activate and cause illnesses.

      The chemtrails are suspected to be a joint venture of government and BigPharma actions to keep the population feeling lousy - especially those with poor immune system function. That way we spend more money for so-called "health care", thus supporting the very system that is making us ill.

      Our only defense is to strengthen our immune systems - and create a public outcry about the chemtrails!

    • A scientist here in Denver has been able to analyze particles from the chemtrails. He discovered they are dried red blood cells (RBC’s) with virus material inside the RBC’s. When the RBC’s connect with mucous membranes - in the nose, mouth, throat or lungs - the viruses activate and cause illnesses.

      Regarding the above information, I too live in Denver, CO and would be most interested in obtaining more information about this scientist and a way to contact him or her. Thank you for any help you can provide. I’ve tried the usual route of writing letters to elected officials (what a joke) and trying to make people aware - who refuse to look up and face the facts.
      Thank you in advance for any information you might be able to provide.

    • Well said...Here in tampa , Florida we(at least those of us who are aware and give a hoot) wake up to blue skies each morning only to be bombarded by mid-morning and have milky white skies to look fwd to by afternoon.It’s an almost daily occurence.
      I have spent hours documenting the spray patterns on video and the subsequent morphing the trails undergo;however, 99% of those I share my info with could care less about it,unreal.

    • i also live in tampa and lay in the pool and watch them spray. i have to go inside because something tells me not to lay under them for long. my sister moved to tampa and had the doors open during the fall and winter and now has upper respatory infection so bad she is on a inhaler every day and she never had breathing problems.

    • I agree with everything that you posted, but its not just about money, money is the carrot in front of the corporate donkey to get its participants into line and to further the agenda, we are talking world domination, a prison planet that’s corporatized by these maniacal soulless elitists, much of this agenda will be played out and fashioned under the hammer of “population control” agenda 21, but will be sold to the masses as global sustainability…

    • Im in U.S. new mexico i see the streaks form clouds what is it why is it we need to unite worldwide and cast out the demon this is happening globaly to much power given to small groups constantly disrupting the balance of life will require a heavy toll

    • We need to unite and stop the madness take the power away from these bastards they are useing our money to exterminate us un believeable

  • These kind of "trails", depending on wheather conditions, are probably created by planes or even
    high travelling industrial fumes.

    • This may well be one of the most ill-informed and ludicrous statements I have ever read on this subject.

    • Seeing is beleiving you BRAIN DEAD ASS!!!

    • It is amazing how dim witted most people are...it’s because society has programmed them to only be concerned with themselves and their needs...the only way any majority of people will notice anything outside of their selfish,narrow-minded world would only happen if a chemtrail fell on their beemer or suv and crushed it.

    • Youv’e been drinking the koolaid....

    • definitely a major contributing factor... add that along with 80% of the population on drugs [ prescription and/or other]... the ’dumbing down’ of Amercia... the propaganda they call the ’evening news’... and majority of people who are docile because of fluoridation and/or drugs... and hey, possibly the chemtrails!

  • One weird thing I noticed a few days ago was a highflying jet which put out 3 very distinct trails, but here’s the kicker- two were close together, and one was off to the side. I can’t imagine any normal engine configuration which could accomplish that.

    • I have also noticed these patterns in the sky in MA. I have been seeing this for the last few years and didn’t know if it was just more air traffic.

    • I cant believe anyone is thinking they could be imune to chemtrails. Ive watched the entire state of Coonecticut for years been pasted at time with them. Also in Manhatten and elsewhere abroad. They very often precipitate a storm front, a day in advance or 12 hours. They also are on clear days as well. Anything strong and hard and wide that just starts and stops in the sky is not a contrail . Where would the plane have gone as it glided seemingly starting and losing engines.
      I love the pics on here I once saw chemtrails make a letter A whether by accident or not it was over famington CT area. last year. ----Eric in CT Scoonman2@aol.com

  • first comment here ever; hi yall, I just noted that the demounda item has racked up 184 comments so far on this topic, that prompts this one (a first too) on the ultimately slight differences between purposefully malevolent chemtrails vs nasty side effects of increasing traffic caused vapor trails; kinda like unconscious actions that supposedly follow a staked out and verbalized scenario rather than the other way around. Shades of the infamous protocols if you ask me.

    so far I’ve skipped the items on chemtrails at portland.indy etcetera but it needs to be said that: OK it’s exhaust from very guzzly engines and the older they are the more stink, heavy metal mist, etcetera. The way the left is blind to immigration ’gratings’ is similar to how the right ignores pollution problems, showing you they are equally but opposingly far off target and missing it, hit their adversary taking aim from across the misty divide — yes, it can for the proverbial drop that tips doubt into positive conviction and marginal sunshine into a frigid haze (I witnessed this in the eighties as it happened in Geneva, switserland) but how are you going to slow down use of air travel opps with your rumourours fantasies heh?


    • US Patent #5,003,186 (excerpt)


      And I Quote:

      "One proposed solution to the problem of global warming involves the seeding of the atmosphere with metallic particles. One technique proposed to seed the metallic particles was to add the tiny particles to the fuel of jet airliners, so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner was at its cruising altitude. While this method would increase the reflection of visible light incident from space, the metallic particles would trap the long wavelength blackbody radiation released from the earth. This could result in net increase in global warming.

      It is therefore an object of the present invention to provide a method for reduction of global warming due to the greenhouse effect which permits heat to escape through the atmosphere."

      SO ... Jet engine exhuast ... cruising altitude ...metallic particles...

      Maybe the idea of chemtrails is not so crazy after all.

  • The first step in this investigation would be to take samples of these chemtrails. It seems that would be relatively easy to do. Maybe it’s already been done. Without some kind of hard evidence I’m afraid all our concerns will be looked on as paranoid schizophrenic delusions. Anyone know of any such reseach?

    • I have been noticing a lot of these trails in Manitoba, Canada. These last two days have been not only heavy with traffic but also high flying north - south routes. These routes are odd in that I am only 60 miles from the U.S. border. Planes flying either way should have to stop in Winnipeg to clear customs (U.S. and Canadian) I have been paying close attention to the chem-trails for about two months, since reading of them on weatherwars.com. The day will start as a clear sunny day, by 10am the trails will be mostly east-west, then slowly spreading out to become cloud cover.I have also seen the rainbow effect around the sun. I haven’t witnessed any health irregularities, although within 48 hours of activity there is a drastic change in the weather. Sometimes a warm spell, sometimes snow. I can’t explain what’s going on, it just doesn’t feel natural.

    • I bet you’d be suprised they’re spraying every day, to some degree or another, just watch the sky for an hour in any given day, watch the jets, there’s often one or 3 pouring it on. You may not think twice about it as it often vaporizes rather speedily, much like TRUE contrails, but careful observation appears to reveal the blue sky turning to a whitish haze, accumulating eventually oftentimes to coalesce, ever so subtley into chemclouds, and various pseudo strattas, just because you don’t happen to see overt spraying, it’s a daily even nonetheless, in my humble observations.

      Watch even the least assuming clouds these days and strange looking shapes, perhaps even "symbols", that you’ll see over and over again once you notice. They have at least often enough, straight edges, geometric shapes, mixed in with cobwebby tattered appearance, these aren’t the clouds I remembered for most of my life. Check out the following links for further in depth research.

      www.carnicom.com ---- http://dminoz.blogspot.com/ ---- www.Bariumblues.com -----http://tracers.8m.com/tracers.html ------ www.hemtrailcentral.com

    • You’re absolutely right about the constant daily (and nightly) spraying — even when the more obvious white lines aren’t visible, the milky veil is there. You can tell because at night the stars are so dim, although there are no visible clouds in the sky to obscure them. There is no longer such a thing as a truly "clear" sky, and there won’t ever be again.

    • For information about on-going research on chemtrails, go to www.carnicom.com

      This spraying started in 1996 and is now reported from many different countries around the world.

      They seem to hit the heavily populated areas the hardest. My wife is sensitive to the barium salt spray these aircraft leave behind, so we live in a lightly populated area of the Oregon coast. We only get the drift from trails laid down over the ocean. Weather pictures from space are sometimes very revealing as to chemtrail patterns and activity.

      They seem to spray in advance of rain clouds, which results is little or no rain falling. We are now in the worst draught on record.

    • See carnicom.com - plenty of research.

      Don’t let the naysayers get you down. I used to be one.

    • carnicom.com

      The chemtrails are found to contain barium, aluminum, and human blood components!

      Rest easy! Our leaders know we have barium and aluminum deficiencies!

    • Carnicom.com
      Field research has been done.
      Aluminum, barium, blood cells, and other nasties.
      The atmosphere has been altered.
      This is by far the best and most informative site.

    • What could be so important that so many planes are deployed on virtually a daily basis in so many areas all across Canada, US, UK, Europe, etc., making grids that expand oily looking cover to obscure our skies, year after year?????? It must be extremely costly! What could justify the cost and effort to conduct this all the time.

      I got asthma in 1998 after a bad bought of bronchitis that lasted for 6 months. My nephew also has asthma now. I don’t remember anyone with asthma until these last few years! What is going on that is so costly, must be done on a daily basis, especially if it is a bright sunny day, and be done at night too????

      This cannot be good.


    • I too live on the north oregon coast and have noticed the same. Sunny days which have been more often this winter turn hazy as strange elongated ’clouds’ roll in off the ocean. Some days the jets fly over and lay lines above us which in a short period of time spread out to form clouds-like sturctures and hazy skies.

      I have pointed these out to others and most say it’s not what clouds used to look like around here. Very stange indeed.

    • It seems that I read about somebody recovering rain or snow and analyzing the melt water and found aluminum oxide I think.

    • Regarding, "I AM SURE YOU CAN TAKE SOME AIR OR RAIN SAMPLES.....",-------I live in the western New York State area and I just recently sent some samples of a substance that covered my car on a heavy chemtrail spraying-activity afternoon. Where I live, they typically start spraying around 2:30 PM and keep at it until about 6:00 PM, at which time the whole sky is covered. Then that whole gray, hazy cloud cover settles in, and the sun is gone. On this one late-summer day, my whole car was covered with hard, clear, "drops". The windows and the painted surface—the whole car. It looked like a car looks when it is covered with sleet. I could not even scrape the "drops" off with my fingernails; that’s how hard they were. I am waiting for the lab results to come back. I don’t want to elaborate any more, as I don’t want to take the chance that I might have my efforts at analysis compromised by having written this. There’s much more to my story; but I can’t go into details until I hear from the lab. I do believe we must be very aggressive when we tackle this issue, by calling your local Environmental agencies. They go by different names in different states and areas. Also, if we make calls to our local Health Departments and firmly tell them we want to know what’s going on—what is being sprayed above and allowed to drop down upon us. I have certainly done that in my area. If everyone make at least two phone calls of inquiry every time there was spraying activity, they would eventually have to deal publicly with the issue. The answer I have gotten each and every time is on the level of "I’m not familiar with anything like that." But I’m only one person making calls to people. If all of you, in all your areas of residence, made calls......someone would have to make an accounting for all the questions from the public. I absolutely believe it is not an "innocent" thing; or else we would be informed of the good deed being done for our protection and our health protection by our government saviors. Because of the silence and avoidance, it is a giveaway that what is being done is detrimental to our health. You have to agitate the authorities in the Environmental/Health agencies. We’re being made sick in several different ways by this stuff that’s coming down after the spraying activity. Also, our pets can be severely affected by these sprays. And if you have kids and their toys are out in the yard, their toys can get covered with the chemicals/organisms/etc. that are falling down. It’s not disappearing from Point A to Point B (the ground). It’s landing. In my opinion, the purpose is to make us sick....keep us distracted....see what mixture works in what ways. What affects the respiratory system; what stuff they can concoct in an aerial brew to make our skin develop rashes and sores; what combo will make our eyes and throats burn the most. I feel like we’re in a huge petri dish. And it makes me incredibly angry. If this "Chemtrails" article is still posted when I get the lab results back, I’ll write more.

    • The Fallout ( often seen as what some call chemwebs....spiderweb-type material which stick to branches and lawns and cartops or gel-like substances ) from Chemtrails have been analized and found to contain barium, aluminum oxide, polymer fibers, DNA and various other nasties.

      If you see such, try attaching them to a piece of tape and hold them under a balcklight in the dark. They glow!


      carnicom.com, rain water analysis. eastlundscience.com, HAARP, weather mod. etc...

      Why don’t you become informed, before making assanine statements about "so called" subjects that are clearly above your head? No pun intended. Maybe you are not ignorant,but a willing disinformation dupe for the government, if so, what you do will come back to you, in spades!!!!!!!

    • A scientist in Denver did just what you suggested - took a sample of the chemtrails and found them to be dried red blood cells with viruses inside them. They activate upon contact with mucous membranes - mouth, throat, nose, lungs, etc, and create illness.

    • There is no doubt that chemtrails are bieng laid accross the continent. I did manage to get an article in the local paper of Steinbach Manitoba Canada regarding chemtrails.

      Doing the best I can to spread the world as I have children and am concerned about their future and what may lie ahead for this planet!

      I live in Vancouver bc and have ventured accross the border into Bellingham Washington and even there around Bellingham bay the sky was covered with chemtrails, the skies looked like a scene from hell it’s self.

      For those who refuse to beleive what they see, they are not in touch with reality.

      This chemtrail buisness has certainly raised the ire of countless thousands of people and yet we are not a force to be contended with by the governments responsible for turning our skies Into what looks like oil spills and ungodly red trails...............what is to become of us and our childrens chidren?

    • Hello Joe—I live in burnaby and i’m looking for others to meet with and talk about what to do about the chemtrails. today is july 21, 2009. I began noticing the trails last year!(where was I??) now what concerns me the most is the nighttime spraying which makes such a horrible chemical smell I have to shut all the windows and take my kids in the basement to sleep. as you know it’s pretty hot this time in the summer so shutting the windows is a last option. i am very concerned for my children. both suffer symptoms. previously i didn’t want to meet with people because i was afraid of being noticed. but now i feel that we really must do something...how much more suffering do we need? if there is anyone out there who lives in the vancouver bc area please try to reach me so we can meet on this. i am just an ordinary school teacher, yoga teacher, parent....and i want this garbage to stop now! we need to get together because no one is talking. not sure how people can get in touch...i don’t want to broadcast my email address...but post something and we will go from there...thanks and god bless....emzu

    • Hi there, if you are still looking to help form a grassroots movement to ban spraying in Vancouver,
      visit Vancouver-Chemtrails on Meetup, visit www.vancouverskywatch.com.

      I caught on to chemtrails in April 2007...when low flying planes deliberately sprayed the skies over Blue Mountain park in Coquitlam.

      I couldn’t believe what was happening even though it was happening right in front of my eyes. The planes sprayed some whitish colored substance, which in less than 1 hour transformed into a thick haze, obscured the sun, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped. Most everyone left the park after that.

    • 120% true brother sons of !@@#$%

    • Lets do this come together and figure a way to stop this where ever u are any state any country the people in the free far outnumber any governments they work for us not the other way around im in new mexico contact me if you want to stand organize take out the trash

  • Here in New Mexico the chemtrails have been evident for years, a fact probably related to the nearby Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia Labs, and the site of the the first nuclear explosion at the Trinity Site.

    However, some say that they are the harmless (to those on the ground!!) result of the high - altitude degradation of composite materials in commercial aircaraft. The recent case of an Airbus A310 that completely lost its rudder on the way from Havana to Montreal supports this theory. It would be useful if observers could relate chemtrails to the type of commercial aircraft flying. I’ll bet that they’ll find that it’s Airbus planes.


      Did you know that the pilot of the plane requested emergency landing at
      Ft. Lauderdale Fla. airport, and that they refused him permission to land.
      The pilot returned to CUBA and safely landed. When he was refused
      permission to land the pilot had the PA system on so the 250 passengers
      could hear the control tower deny permission to land. Thats the thanks
      CANADA gets from the usa, remember 9/11 when airports were shut down
      in the us, and CANADA granted us bound airplane from EUROPE to land in

    • I wonder if ther is a connection with the alcoa co.damming an entire glacier in iceland in order to smelt aluminum?If aluminum is a major component of the aresol spraying ,it would take millons of tons to do it on a global scale.

    • May I apoligize on behalf of the U.S. for not according your Airbus the courtesy of a safe landing in Florida and also....especially for the negligently,crassly delayed response of our "President" Bush in thanking Canadians for their warm hospitality in our time of grief and need.

    • you are a DUMBASS. First, the pilot would never have the mike hot keyed for the passengers to hear and he never declared and EMERG. He contacted his airline and because PR had repair facilities, it was best to return to Cuba. You are a DUMBASS!

  • Chemtrails are only part of the story of the weather manipulation going on in our skies.

    Check out this website for more info, and photo evidence:


    Also check out the photos I’ve been taking of the skies over Dallas-Fort Worth. It’s hard to believe all this is natural (I’ve certainly not been seeing it all my life, only recently):


    • Here in S.E Okla. If there is any blessings in CHEMTRAILS.. We are overloaded..We do get our share,and MORE. I figure someday with these sprayings in and around sun, SUN will just catch fire and burn.. As u know bible says this time round earth be destroyed by fire.

  • I live in the Minneapolis-St Paul area and for the last several weeks we have been getting blasted with chemtrails. The day starts out beautiful and within hours the planes are up and spraying and the next thing, clouds all over. There has also been an explosion in upper respriatory illness here. Everyone seems to have "caught" the illness or knows someone with it.
    Symptoms: Fever, body aches, then cold symptoms settling in the lungs. It lasts 2-3 weeks. People are just very tired no energy for weeks.
    I have been watching them here since 2000 when I got up one morning and found a very fine greenish spider web material all over in my neighborhood. Thought it might have been some industrial waste blowing until I got to work 15 miles away and found the same thing. I scooped some up and kept it in a plastic tube. Within 24 hours after that, I became violently ill. Fever of 102-3 and vomiting with such force my toes almost came up. I was like that for 24 hours and then it began to recede. I went to doctor and they had no answer. I have also had a rash on my body for the last 5 years that no one can make go away and the doctors can’t explain. I have tried everything. Anyone with similiar symptoms ?? Anyway, that same day after about two hours I noticed the spraying for the first time. I have been watching since 2000. We get it in cycles. We hadn’t had any for quite some time but this spring has been a constant pounding of spraying.
    The local weather news dismisses the trails as "a common" result of jet activity.

    • I live in the St. Paul area too, and the chemtrails have been going strong since a week ago Monday. Lots of trails and then the gray misty skies. After a couple of days of this stuff I usually feel sluggish and tired.

    • Hi, live in maine. i see those spider webs here all the time. these are white in color. and all over the area.

  • I am not entirely convinced that what people are seeing is a government plot. I work in aviation, dealing mostly with weather related issues and flight planning. Here are some things to think about:

    1. Global warming has affected the entire planet, and probably the atmosphere.
    2. Barometric pressure has a large role in our weather.
    3. The number of small particulates in the atmosphere has increased dramatically over the past 30 years, giving those small water droplets from the vapor something to stick to.

    If one looks at the sky on a very low humidity day, you will see those contrails disappear as in days of yore.

    There were atmospheric studies done by NOAA in the days after 911 when there were no planes flying. What they found was that due to the volume of aircraft flying and the number of small pariticulates in the air on most days, cloud decks do indeed form.

    The observation that the aircraft are all flying in the same lanes is correct. There are jet routes for different altitudes. They are 8 miles wide. Each a/c flying is assigned a route based on their destination and altitude. They are separated by 1000’ vertical and 5 miles horizontal. So, just like when you hit rush hour traffic on the freeways due to limited volume capacity, the same thing happens in the air. Thus, long delays in the evening on the east coast. Throw a thunderstorm in there, well, you know what happens.

    • well, you better change the title, because it’s being blasted over pretty much every NATO country.

      i am in London and see this crap almost every day, like many i have a photo collection.

      all i can say is that the latest mobile-phones are a blessing because it means always having a camera on hand.

    • Extreme put out a CD in the 1990’s entitled "III Sides To Every Story". The recurring theme throughout the album is that each story has three sides - your side, my side, and the truth.

      The truth in this "chemtrail" matter has NOT been definitively arrived at, and I am constantly both amused and saddened to see how both sides remain closed-minded to the others’ viewpoints and arguments. It is very reminiscent of the "faith-based" belief system we call "religion".

      Having said that, you might think I am neutral on this issue. I would simply say I do not know the truth (don’t you wish you would hear that more often? We’re all so damned opinionated, it almost seems to become a habit to have an opinion)... What I am is an extremely logical person, and as such believe strongly in the scientific method as being the singlemost valid route to discovering the truth - as long as it is able to be studied by our current scientific knowledge of course - black holes and quantum physics being two such topics that are on the cutting edge. "Chemtrails", however, are NOT cutting edge. They are seemingly related to human activity (as opposed to UFOs, for instance), and therefore are EASY to study. Are they not? Sure, gotta fly high in the atmosphere, and that’s expensive. Yadda yadda yadda. Point is... "chemtrails" CAN be studied directly, hands-on.

      Logic, therefore, dictates that in this instance, the burden of proof is on the "believers" to PROVE to the world that this phenomenon is real. Now I’ve had this argument numerous times with certain "believers", and the second we begin the discussion, the name-calling begins. I become a Federal agent - FBI, CIA, NSA - with only one purpose, to disinform. I become an "idiot" or a "comedian" for not being able to "see" what they see in the skies.

      Quite honestly, the "believer" crowd has done themselves NO favors if they ever wish this issue to become valid. I have not seen a single thing - on Rense or Carnicom’s sites, or anywhere - that presents the "chemtrail" phenomenon as being studies scientifically. It’s all visual evidence (which proves what?) - from the "golly gee whiz will ya look at that?!" types...

      Three sides to every story. We know two sides here. One side says "oh it’s nothing, ignore them, they’re just misguided conspiracy nuts". The other side says "See, they are doing this to us and are denying and covering it up." So... What is the truth? How do we arrive at the truth? Logic goes a long way, people. Study the phenomenon scientifically, and publish peer-reviewed results.

      Like it or not, that is how the Western world operates. Buck the system if you like, but to logical people like me, that only comes across as you saying "Well, we really DON’T have any proof, but we’ll kick and scream and yell and call you names until you listen to us." It often borders on being entirely juvenile, if you ask me. I’ve actually heard things like "they’ve brainwashed you into believing in the scientific method." My honest feeling is that some of you just don’t understand science, and therefore do not know how to argue your concerns scientifically. That’s fine - but you need to get someone on your side that can.

      Until the "chemtrail" crowd presents their evidence in a scientific manner, and works WITH the "debunkers" (as I am sure to be called if this messages remains posted), I fear that we will still be arguing about this 40 years down the road, just like we still argue over JFK and Connolly’s injuries being caused by a single "magic bullet".

      (putting soapbox away for another day lol)

    • I have observed these chemtrails for about 9 years now. I have photographed planes starting and stopping their spraying in a linear line, not changing altitude. Also I have noted that the ’trails are far lower in the atmosphere than previously, and That IS a Giveaway to the real chemtrails.
      I have also filmed planes spraying, while another aircraft at a similar altitude but a ways to one side was not emitting a ’trail ..yes both were multi engined large jets.

      Lastly, there is a satellite photo circulating around that shows chemtrails over the eastern half of this country..*all* of these ’trails are parallel to each other, running east- west, and cover from New York to Florida. They are maybe 20 miles apart the whole way.

      How can this be anything but intentional spraying? You seriously cannot believe that that many ’trails are terminating at airports. Email me for this photo if you don’t have it.

      L DeMers

    • I live in Greendale Wisconsin, a suburb just South of Milwaukee. On many occasions I have seen both chemtrails and contrails in the sky at the same time. The contrails dissapper very quickly, the chemtrails are visible much longer. How can you have two different patterns in a local area of the sky at the same time if they are both natural causes? If this is such a natural phenomena, why don’t meteorologists (local weather forecasters) have an explanation for us?

      There is an extensive website: http://www.carnicom.com/contrails.htm for those interested in more information on the nasty side of chemtrails.

    • Within this post I have given anyone who wants to know the facts, the SPECIFIC scientific theory, the proposed method with the DETAILS OF IMPLEMENTATION, the means by which to accomplish these goals, the COST ANALYSIS of such undertakings, and the OBSERVED results of increased albeido, all from REPUTABLE, VERIFYABLE sources with links for independent verification. There are many, many more sources, which I could cite, but this shall suffice to prove the theory.
      If you really want to know what’s happening around you have a good look.
      Authorized by Congress, or sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences, senior researchers, faculty, theoreticians, atmospheric scientists, department heads and CEO’s from a multitude of prestigious institutions. The Smithsonian, Harvard, General Motors, Cambridge, MIT, Yale, World Resources Institute, National Center for Atmospheric Research, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Oxford, Brookings Institution, Columbia University, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Carnegie-Mellon University, Princeton University, Brown University, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory;
      A SUMMARY:
      In Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming: Mitigation, Adaptation, and the Science Bases conclusion, the N.A.S. (NATIONAL ACADAMY OF SCIENTISTS) found that the most effective global warming mitigation turned out to be the spraying of reflective aerosol compounds into the atmosphere utilizing commercial, military and private aircraft. This preferred mitigation method is designed to create a global atmospheric shield which would increase the planet’s albeido (reflectivity) using aerosol compounds of aluminum and barium oxides, and to introduce ozone generating chemicals into the atmosphere.".
      Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025, A Research Paper Presented To Air Force 2025 by Col Tamzy J. House et al. (August 1996): http://www.au.af.mil/au/2025/volume3/chap15/v3c15-1.htm
      HERE’S the DATA:
      1) Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming: Mitigation, Adaptation, and the Science Bases
      2) Geoengineering: A Climate Change Manhattan Project
      http://www.metatronics.net/lit/geo2.html#two (Jay Michaelson, published in the Stanford Environmental Law Journal, January, 1998)
      Pollution drying up rainfall by Michael Smith, United Press International, Science News (February 17, 2002):
      Farmers and forecasters fear drought problems looming across Canada, Canadian Press, (February 24, 2002) on Yahoo News: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/020224/6/k002.html
      Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - Drought Watch on the Prairies: http://www.agr.gc.ca/pfra/drsites.htm
      National Drought Mitigation Center (USA) with excellent maps showing drought impact: http://drought.unl.edu/impacts/us/usimpact.htm
      USDA Drought Information Center: http://drought.fsa.usda.gov/news.htm
      Rivers down to barest of levels 57 waterways at historic low flows in drought, analysis shows by Traci Watson and Paul Overberg, USA Today, (March 28, 2002): http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2002/03/28/usat-cover.htm
      Mayor Declares Drought Emergency for New York, Reuters - Science, (March 26, 2002) on Yahoo News:
      Prolonged drought drains Montana businesses by Becky Bohrer, Associated Press (April 8, 2002) in Billings Gazette:
      UN warns of severe water shortages by 2025, Ananova (March 22, 2002): http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_550615.html
      Barium “specific heat” and drought inducement: http://www.carnicom.com/drought1.htm
      DYN-O-Gel full patent:
      Check any Material Safety Data Sheet and you’ll find barium clearly marked: “DANGER! MAY BE FATAL IF SWALLOWED” with the “Health Rating: 3 - Severe (Life)”.
      EPA list of hazardous air pollutants:
      Environment Canada:
      READ two articles on http://globalresistance.worldbreak.com/ entitled:
      www.popularmechanics.com/ science/military/1997/2/weather_wars/
      www.defenselink.mil/news/ Jun2000/n06022000_20006025.html
      afsafety.af.mil/AFSC/RDBMS/Weapons/ dteam_directed_energy_weapons_safety.htm
      "Over The Horizon Radar"
      Weather Modification"
      "Directed Energy Beam"
      "Agenda 21"
      Navigate to "Alaska"
      Hit the "Identify releases on this map" link.
      Interestingly, the line item above it lists "Acid Aerosols" - with a weight only 26,000 lbs or so greater than the barium emissions.
      Now, I don´t want to say that they are lying to the NIH about where they dump the barium (land/air), but since barium seems to be a major ingredient in these aerosol experiments, perhaps there´s a connection.
      Perhaps Mr. Carnicom could comment on whether the proportions here match the composition of the aerosols he has been studying?
      EPA Facility Number: 99702LSNRF2258C
      EIELSON AFB, AK 99702-2299
      Emissions Estimates:
      Chemical........................................Lbs/all years
      (1995 and after ´Acid Aerosols´ Only) ...............360,000
      HYDROGEN FLUORIDE...................85,027
      Other chemicals: .........................................49
      TOTAL: ........................................... 828,063 lbs
      A theory has been presented, using reputable scientific supportive sources, data which is irrefutable in it’s credibility, processes which are accounted for in official budgets, with scientific analytical procedures for review by standard scientific candidates and accredited peers, JUST AS IN ANY SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL.
    • This phenomenon began in September 1998. Driving through Lowell, MA stuck in rush hour
      traffic I noticed 2 large three engine jet aircraft with no markings flying about a mile apart
      on a parallel course at
      VERY low altitude over the city spraying a heavy white substance from each wing tip, there
      was NO vapor trail being created by the THIRD engine in the tail. The aircraft were Boeing MD-11 passenger or cargo versions- engines available in these aircraft were:General Electric CF6-80C2, Pratt & Whitney 4460, and Pratt & Whitney 4462 -11, (my dad was a designer for
      Boeing) so I know what I’m talking about.
      At first I speculated they were dumping fuel, but since there is no airport in this area and both were flying at such a low
      altitude the obvious answer seems to point to deliberate dumping of a chemical over a
      heavily populated area. This was at 5:00 pm , clear skies. Ever since that day I have been
      observing similar activity but noticed the altitude is higher. Metallic taste in mouth (Baruim)
      One note: they seem to avoid areas around airports with spraying- rather unusual.

    • Regarding the SCIENCE of studying "chemtrails"... thanks for that lengthy post. Found the final segment quite interesting - the NLM SIS ToxMap link... Your post highlighted (for unknown reasons to me) the AFB in AK. I decided to check for Ba across the whole US out of curiosity.

      Turns out Ba seems to be a very common thing. In fact... if you check, you will find that the top three sites reporting releases of Ba are all in the same business...


      Electric power generation. But... these releases were "land". So I looked down the list for any "air" releases. The first two on the list were similarly related:



      A little further down the list is another power station... but this one filed under an "air" release:


      Can one of you "chemtrail" folks clue me in here? What does Ba have to do with electric power generation? What does Ba have to do with agriculture, specifically with sugar production?

      If you are as informed as you say you all are on this, then you must understand where and how Ba is utilized around the world.

      You provided this link, and got me curious - any answers for me? Thanks. :-)

    • Found a document via a search for "industrial use barium":


      Doesn’t really mention power generating plants. What does ToxMap actually do? Is it a database of reports of accidental releases of chemicals? Or is it a database of normal, everyday emissions of chemicals, such as perhaps the barium is emitted by power plants burning of coal or oil?

    • Found my own answer on the connection between Ba and power generation:


      "Coal contains traces of naturally occurring minerals and metals. When coal is burned to produce electricity, these trace constituents are oxidized and small concentrations are released into the air, water, and land. Allegheny Energy’s coal-fired power plants release some or all of the chemicals listed below."

      Barium is a silver-white metal used in X-ray procedures and in the manufacture of steel and glass. Barium compounds are relatively abundant in soils. Plants and animals ingest barium in their diets and some plants (such as Brazil nuts) have high concentrations of barium. Barium also can be found in some well water, and trace amounts of barium compounds can be found in coal. When electric generating facilities burn coal, combusted barium compounds attach to ash particles. The vast majority of the ash particles are captured before they can go up the facility’s stacks. In large amounts, barium could cause breathing problems, kidney damage, and muscle weakness. Since barium occurs naturally in soil, experts who assess risk say it is unlikely that the small concentration of barium in power plant ash significantly increases the amount that occurs naturally."

      So... seems as if the "chemtrail" crowd has something further complicating their efforts... there is now a known and monitored source for atmospheric Ba.

      Has this fact been accounted for by Carnicom, et. al? Somehow, I seriously doubt it, but... if so, show me a link!

    • I can appreciate your logical mind and the need for the scientific process. I myself am no scientist, barely graduated high school. If you have not written me off already, I would challenge you on the issue of chemtrails.

      Chemtrails for me are not some idea or theory read about on the web, accompanied by grainy video stills with arrows showing me where to look, ala bigfoot. I only began investigating chemtrails online AFTER I had seen them with my own eyes, and seen the planes in the act of creating them.

      I invite you, sir, to look up at the sky. This is the only logical way to see chemtrails, though not for the lack of photographic evidence. Believe me, the photo cannot do it’s subject justice. If you had been here. in rural Mississippi today, or for many days past, I would like for you to deny the existance of CTs or the aircraft spraying them.

      This is nothing that is hidden, or , quite logically, even open to debate. Of course I cannot tell you WHY they are doing it, or WHAT it is they are spraying. But you would need to be blind to harbor any doubt that SOMETHING is going on in the sky every day. And yes, most people are blind to it. I cannot explain THAT, either.

      Nor can I explain why multiple large jet aircraft would spray and spray over a region of mostly farms, fields and woods until the blue sky is completely hidden behind a thick curtain of chemical haze, and continuing into the night. This past week has witnessed it over and over. This "whiteout" attempting to pass for clouds, streches to all horizons, while they continue to lay trail upon trail.

      I am in contact with people from all around the country, and even Canada who have the same situation. I do not know where you are, but I challenge you to simply go outside and look UP.
      Can you believe your own eyes?

    • Wow. I don’t have time to read all of the comments here, but this one’s the best so far. You are absolutely right that science will prevail if allowed to. That’s just not as much fun though. Plus I’m sure the Chicken Littles’ will think the lab is in on it too.

      I usd to fly a little Cessna and had to learn a lot about the different types of clouds to pass the test. Clouds at different altitudes take on different appearances. For instance, the whippy, horsetail looking ones are over 50,000 feet. From our vantage point on the earth, it’s hard to tell what the altitude of the cloud is. Whether the air is freezing up there or not can have a big effect on how the cloud looks. And clouds are simply water, but they will pick up aluminum or another chemical from the air on the earth as it swings by. Did you ever think that all the air we have is mostly recycled from somewhere else? That means Mexico City air (the worst) will blow by your house at some point.

      And if there are black helicopters (or airliners) dropping these chemicals, why aren’t they doing it in say Mexico to stop the illegal aliens from coming across our border? (NOTE TO THE HELICOPTERS, FLY OVER MEXICO), NOT THE U.S. And before you climb out of your chair over the last comment, remember there are armed guards in Mexico who shoot and kill anyone who tries to get into Mexico from Guatamala.

      Oops, I got off the subject. But it is interresting to read these. If you could invent a test kit for people to buy and check out their air, I bet it would be a good money maker.

    • eastlundscience.com

    • I live in Milwaukee also, and have often wondered "Am I the only one who is seein this ,and am I going crazy?" Well I am 44 years old and I do not recall seeing the skys have a milky haze like this all my life.looking back now I realize this is a recent phenomenom.Predictable patterns reproduced in different places on different days,the ’tic tac toe’ grid, the the ’multi-intersecting crosses’,’multiple parralell lines’ even the rare’pitch fork’ which i have pictures of.I AM NOT A NUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Just a regular working class guy with kids and bills and hobbys,with average powers of observation and deduction ,and my gut tells me some thing is wrong!! if there is any one else in the area with the same questions I have I would like to hear from you.

    • wow, you are so right

  • I am a dj in Lexington Kentucky and believe me, the chemtrail "phenomenon" is not limited to just sprawling urban areas. I seen chemtrails in Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnatti, and all of the other cities roads and towns in between. Weather control? Spraying us with disease? Human Cropdusting? I do no know, but I know that these are not conrails. One morning I saw at least 4 planes spraying, but spraying what? There need to be some answers to these questions. It is obvious that the mainstream media is controlled by our government and we need to be proactive and get to the bottom of this. Get the word out to everyone.

    • I live in Atlanta, and here too, it is absolutely infuriating. No sun. The ’secret govt’ is doing a lot more than just trying to control the weather, they are trying to thwart the evolutionary process of humans and the planet for their own dark agenda; too keep humans inslaved. The sun does a lot more than just shine and help crops to grow, it also facilitates humans to ’grow’ as well; spritiually and emotionally. They would like nothing better than to keep us in our place, however, how can anyone or anything thwart God; what arrogance.

    • the worst part about chemtrails is not necessarily how they make me feel physically (though i have come down with respiratory ailments after jogging under chems kies) it’s how the make me feel both psychologically and emotionally. i feel incredibly disempowered when i see them and i believe that’s part of their function, to dampen our spirit and weaken our wills.

      these people are not only wreaking havoc with our individual systems, but the entire biosphere as well.

      they need to be stopped.

    • I’ve noticed in my area, i.e. NewEngland they’re only trailing the Southern sky now as opposed to the whole sky if you will. It’s almost like we’re only allowed to have one or two at the most, sunny days a week. Then the trails come again. The trails now turn into the most bizarre cloud formations instead of the hazy blanket effect. I’ve asked people who’ve been around at lot longer than I if they’ve ever seen formations like that in their life and the answer is always no. I’m taking about formations that looke like laser cut ferns, maybe 3 or 4 in a row attached to each other like paper dolls. If the average Joe is noticing this you know our local TV weather people are seeing the same thing.

    • Here in San Diego we’ve had chemtrails since the early ’90s, becoming ever more frequent in the years since.

    • i live in huntington,wv just 2 hours east of you ,yes its every damm day they will take a beutiful blue sky and in 2 maybe 3 hours its overcast ,it most likely rains the next day if not that evening ,sometimes its overcast for 3 days.if you will watch this going on you will see a silver ,chome type cylnder ,go across the sky like a ufo ,no wings just like a chome plated pill...,i do belive its makeing us sick i was never sick untill i moved here from alabama in98, but i here its happening there too, also people need light , isent it odd that lack of light will make people depressed ,they have to wear uv visors in alaska when its 6 months of darkness , whats odd or funny not ha ha but odd funny is most of the drugs you see advertised on tv are for depression....

    • I have taken photos of hundreds of chemtrails in SW PA. They occur during a wide range of weather conditions. I once saw and photographed a chem-emitting jet being closely followed by a another jet in a most un-commercial flight pattern. Maybe the tag-along plane was measuring the emissions of the trail jet.

      Even if this is a side-effect of commercial jets, it is still a terrible thing. These trails certainly are having a huge impact on the environment.

    • Silver City, NM, population under 12K. retired here about 2.5 years. Surrounded by desert and national wilderness for many dozens of miles in all directions. Heavy trails since we got here. Heavy respiration issues, as well. Top half of my lungs feel as though I’ve been sucking cement dust for the last month. This is not a juniper allergy. Both my partner and I get it during heavy spraying. We wake up sneezing and coughing. "Honey, I think I’m coming down with something again." Then one of us looks out the window. "Happy chemtrails, to you..."

      Weather channel and satellite images show zero clouds. The sky looks like a checkered blueberry pie crust. Binoculars reveal soundless little white highspeed, high altitude planes, spraying white trails. By noon, no sun. Weather channel still shows clear skies.

      Day after day after day after day. Locals who grew up here say they have never seen anything like it.

      Here’s a thought: Edward Teller, Father of the Hydrogen Bomb presented a 1997 proposal on seeding the atmosphere with barium and aluminum, to combat global warming. Watch movies from the eighties and early nineties containing shots with sky in the background. Watch movies subsequent to 1998. Look for chemtrails in each. Think about what you see or do not see.

    • On Monday of last week and lasting for 5 straight days the skies above St. Paul/Minneapolis were painted in Chemtrail grids all week. A fellow worker and I counted over 75 trails on Monday alone. Today, March 28th, they were at it again. It’s sickening, and nobody says anything about it on the networks.

  • I see them all the time in the San Francisco Bay Area. I wondering if there is any connection between the chemtrails and my clogged ears. My ears have been getting more and more clogged for four years now. Other people I talk to are having similar ear problems.

  • I’ve been dying to tell this to someone. I lived in California until 6 years ago when I moved to Bulgaria. I had been aware of these changes in ’contrails’ before the ’chemtrail’ news appeared. I watch the sky a lot.

    I’ve read that they are appearing over all NATO nations. When I moved to Bulgaria I was relieved to see ’normal’ contrails. Until last week; now we have them too, and Bulgaria joined NATO this year.

  • These contrails are everywhere and I mean everywhere. Here in southern Idaho around Boise anytime you can see the sky there are contrails to be seen. Sometimes they are a few and sometimes they nearly blot out the sun. The budget to put these up must be enormous and if you try to find out anything about them you will get the ’run around’ of an unbelievable magnitude. If we have a day here that there are no contrails it is a day that is remarkable.

  • has anyone done a study on the number of commercial flights per month, over the last 40 years?

    I have a feeling that the number of planes in the air at any given moment, have increased dramaticly, over the last few years: more planes in holding patterns too. have you been to an airport of late??


  • I live in the Northern Adirondacks of NY and have seen a pattern of spraying. If the winds are coming from the North ,the planes fly East/West. If the winds are from the East or West, the planes fly North/South. If the winds are from the South then NO planes are flying.We live very close to the Canadian Border. Also when visiting family in RI I notice the planes when the winds are blowing IN from the ocean and NO planes later in the day when the wind shifts OUT to sea.
    IMHO it is a global population reduction program. Twenty years from now instead of a baby boom there will be a baby drought. I don’t care very much for Pat Buchannan but his book Death of the West seems to point to that end IE. dropping birthrates but population staying stable via immigration.They are not killing us they are culling us.

  • Western Vermont...Lake Champlain...absorbs a regular dose of whatever it is....and at night there is no
    escape to the slow brainwashing process ... contrails are a part of the background sky of most outside scenes..
    on TV. For those in doubt...if you can not bend your head towards the sky....chances are you Can stare straight
    ahead at the screen...Wake UP America!

    • Lake Champlain has been getting a dose for years. they are spraying as I write this...heavy today....makes halloween look weak in comparison.........

  • Learn about chemtrails---easy to hard concepts:

  • It’s not lunatic to say these are chemtrails its lunatic to say they are not or are contrails. I’ve observed slick, oily rainbows around the sun on hot summer days as well as cooler spring, automn and winter days. Contrails never did that. Here around Toronto, Canada every spring when the snow melts one can see the winter build up of the chemtrails, they resemble fine cobwebs on the ground and they are everywhere. Just look closely at the grass where the snow has just melted and you will see them. For those who want evidence, its staring them in the face and only a lunatic would deny it.

  • Here in the uk I have been seeing chemtrails since late ’98, and barring a few months early last year, ( ’94 ) there has not been a single week gone by without at least one heavy spray day. Sometimes it has been every day. Some six or seven times in the entire period from ’98 to now, I have noticed people coming down with the same flu-type ilness. By the same, I mean same symptoms, same progression, from nose and throat to the chesty catarrh some days later. And the length of time that the illness lingers around before symptoms disappear, though different on seperate occasions, tends to be the same for the general population for tha particular occasion. If one person exhibits symptoms for only two weeks, then everyones symptoms last only two weeks.

    Spraying is being done in such a way to make use of the prevailing winds. In the uk, the wind blows west to east eighteen or nineteen days out of twenty and during this time the spray planes down the west coast outnumber the ones operating the east coast easily six to one. On days when the wind blows in the other direction, the situation is reversed, and the east coast is inundated, and the west coast left more or less untouched.

    Finally, I have seen three planes disappear from sight. The first was when stuck in traffic on the M1 > M40 junction late one summer evening, about 18:30, still three hours daylight left, clear blue sky apart from one small fluffy white cloud. A plane came out from behind the lone cloud leaving a trail that was thick and white, like pressurised cream it was so thick. As I watched the plane travel at an angle from my left to right, and toward me, the opacity of the trail started to diminish, and at the same time the plane also started to vanish, literally fading from view over a period of five seconds. I hasten to add here, my view of the plane was not interrupted, I did not take my eyes off it, and fail to "re-aquire" it, I watched it go from a solid dark grey, four engine military type plane, resembling the ’hercules’ transport plane used by the royal air force, to totally invisible. The altitude of this plane could not have been higher than about 8000 feet judging by the apparent size. As a side note, I am reasonably good at judging distances. This begs the question to me as to WHY do the people doing this feel the need to use extemely exotic technolgy to disguise their actions ? Indeed, WHO is doing it, as no-one has thus far managed to prove that optical wavelength stealth technology is anything but a dream for aircraft designers. If there is no such technology in existence, then it would seem that the only candidates left are the ones who don’t come from here.

    • I am glad that I am not the only one seeing vanishing planes. I was visiting my friend when I heard and saw a fighter jet fly by. Just before it went into the clouds ,and it had a ways to go, the jet and the roar completly vanished. The roar came back and the jet reappeared and flew out of the of the cloud bank. I guess the Philadelphia Experiment is alive and well.

      One afternoon the sky in Portland, Oregon was filled with chemtrails. Disgusted, I went and got my binoculars. They aren’t the best but what I saw knocked me for a loop. The first thing looked like a farmer’s silo with fins on it. It was flying very very fast and left a very large single thick plume. Was told later that object I saw was a rocket. The next chemtrail was a twin trail left by a big lumbering jet. The jet had a red orange body with white to silver wings. The third flying thing I couldn’t distinquish but it looked like a golden boot, low nose and high back. All of these flying devices made not a sound and all were heading north. Most all of the trails here are things flying north. They are very high above and barely visable to the naked eye. How I wish I had the money for a good telesope!

  • Living in Houston, there are days of heavy trails formed by multiple, visible aircraft, into a grid pattern. This grid pattern expands into a translucent "cloud cover" within a few hours after first flights are seen. The cover slowly descends over the course of the day, with planes flying additional sorties and leaving their trails. Commercial aircraft is visible during this period with slight to no contrail activity. The next day, you may have the same weather conditions, and the clear blue sky remains as no flights (other than commercial) are occuring.

    While there are numerous speculations as to the purpose and effect, multiple sources reveal barium and aluminum residue on plants, groundcover etc. It therefore seems appropriate to increase alkalinity in the diet to offset the metals’ effects in the body. Conscious ph balance is good for you anyway.

    When I see activity in the sky, I make it a point to mention it to passersby and let them see and register it for themselves. Eventually, a critical mass will be aware of it and it must be discussed in the media. Of course, it will be a spin story, but then the wheels of change are in effect.

  • I remember reading on Jeff Rense a few yrs. back that our Gov. ordered several million body bags, is the cemtrails connected to this, God help us if so.

  • i have been filming chemmies for more than 5 years pretty steadily over montana, my home in particular, but all over montana through all seasons. i film nearly daily throughout all hours. also anywhere i have travelled such as washington, idaho, and a trip to dulce,nm among other travels. we are chemmed 24/7 with periodic days and nights of clear skies. in particular the blocking of the sun is of paramount importance as anyone who observes can see. dna/rna and the gene evolution. rays of the sun as neccessary for our change. sun is life. what is in the chems? viruses, erythrocytes, jp8, barium, WNV, and who knows what else ( alien ET goo? ) in the nano world we are being sprayed with. the best way for the world to get to the bottom of this problem real quick would be for SAM to come to humans aid. SAM would provide evidence of the mass genocide and evil perpetrated upon the inhabitants of earth. so. here i say.... TAKE ACTION.

  • This is also happening here in England. Exactly the same. The same mystery aircraft too. I have tried writing to newspapers and journalist but get no response. Some say it has to do with HAARP. They are spraying some kind of aluminium barate that makes the atmosphere more conducive to electromagnetic signals and ELF. Others say it is to counteract global warming by stopping the sun’s rays getting through. Whatever it is, they have no damn right to do this and a massive cover-up is going on. Journalists must wonder about this too. All anybody has to do is look up at the sky.

  • Who funds this? It must cost a fortune for planes, upkeep of planes, and fuel for the planes. Who is flying these planes? This is going on worldwide. Someone should speak up.

  • I live in Albuquerque, NM and have seen the craziest winter with more precipitation since 1885. But the most amazing part is the overcast skies that have consumed most of our latest months. We are known for our beautiful blue skies most of the year. My sense on this is the effect on the adrenal and lung systems created by an inversion layer, whereby the toxins that are normally released into the atmosphere come back at us. By doing this the immune system gets comprised and the body weakens. As an alternative allergist, I am seeing more and more respiratory infections and degenerative disorders.

  • I sail on Lake Superior, have done so for 15 years now, and have been seeing a tremendous increase in the chemtrails over Superior, shortly before a front passage. These are almost always aligned in the sky so that they drift towards Milwaukee/Madison, WI. -about 150 miles away.

    Upon sailing in the Thunder Bay, Ontario area, we saw heavy chemtrails being formed over our heads as we crossed the lake, with planes turning their srays off and on as they flew their patterns. This is normal up here. has been since the late 90’s.. Nobody has the guts to find out why they are doing it, but doing it they certainly are.
    The Canadian Government has admitted that the Chemtrail spraying is indeed happening, and that it is a cooperative program with the US Air Farce.

    What remains is what is it, and who has authorized it, and why.

    Here is where the investigation hits a dead end. No one at an official level will even check samples of the stuff they are spraying, with the EPA saying that they don’t do that kind of thing..!?

    The junta that is now passing for our Chief Executive and his cabinet have managed to obtain power in several areas that previously were independant to some extent, are now all under control of the Whitre House staff. That includes all of the CIA, which will make sure that future "adventures" of the Iraqi mess type will get whatever intel is needed to justify any White House goal. In other words, this whole system of government is dead and under control of mega corporations, banks and folks that are not even American.

    Nothing will change until the main component of the right wing support wywtem is disabled somehow. That is the religious right. When will they wake up? When will they realize that they have been led into supporting the demise of their own country..


    L DeMers

  • There has been almost daily appearances of chemtrail activity over the Cleveland-Akron area (Ohio) over the past several months. I have contacted the governor and the Ohio Air National Guard ---with no results. They are putting on an act that they do not know what I am talking about and insist that no one else has contacted them about this issue. I know that both responses are lies and I invite every resident of this state to demand accountability from those who are responsible for leading and protecting Ohio. This activity, until proven otherwise, is an invasion of our airspace and I consider it to be a covert attack on the people of this state. We are being slowly poisoned. If you live long enough you will eventually find out that I am correct.

    Concerned in Ohio

  • 3 - 28 - 2005 Enough, already! Some rich and brave person with a Learjet or somesuch needs to get up there right after a spraying and take samples of the chemtrails for analysis. No use griping forever without knowing just what we’re dealing with. Also, those planes have to land some time. Where do they take off from and where do they land? Maybe the pilots of those planes know what they are spraying . . . .


    An illusion it will be, so large, so vast it will escape their

    Those who will see it will be thought of as insane.

    We will create separate fronts to prevent them from seeing the
    connection between us.

    We will behave as if we are not connected to keep the illusion alive.
    Our goal will be accomplished one drop at a time so as to never bring
    suspicion upon ourselves. This will also prevent them from seeing
    the changes as they occur.

    We will always stand above the relative field of their experience
    for we know the secrets of the absolute.

    We will work together always and will remain bound by blood and
    secrecy. Death will come to he who speaks.

    We will keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while
    pretending to do the opposite.

    We will use our knowledge of science and technology in subtle
    ways so they will never see what is happening.

    We will use soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in
    food and water, also in the air.

    They will be blanketed by poisons everywhere they turn.

    The soft metals will cause them to lose their minds. We will
    promise to find a cure from our many fronts, yet we will
    feed them more poison.

    The poisons will be absorbed trough their skin and mouths,
    they will destroy their minds and reproductive systems.

    From all this, their children will be born dead, and we will conceal
    this information.

    The poisons will be hidden in everything that surrounds them,
    in what they drink, eat, breathe and wear.

    We must be ingenious in dispensing the poisons for they
    can see far.

    We will teach them that the poisons are good, with fun images
    and musical tones.

    Those they look up to will help. We will enlist them to
    push our poisons.

    They will see our products being used in film and
    will grow accustomed to them and will never know
    their true effect.

    When they give birth we will inject poisons into the blood
    of their children and convince them its for their help.

    We will start early on, when their minds are young, we will
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    When their teeth decay we will fill them with metals
    that will kill their mind and steal their future.

    When their ability to learn has been affected,
    we will create medicine that will make them sicker and cause other
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    We will render them docile and weak before us by our power.

    They will grow depressed, slow and obese, and when they
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    We will focus their attention toward money and material goods
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    them with fornication, external pleasures and games so they may
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    Their minds will belong to us and they will do as we say.
    If they refuse we shall find ways to implement mind-altering technology
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    We will establish their governments and establish opposites within.
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    Our families will never mix with theirs. Our blood must be pure
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    They will bathe in their own blood and kill their neighbors for as long
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    We will benefit greatly from this, for they will not see us, for they
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    The recruits will be called "initiates" and will be indoctrinated to believe false rites of passage to higher realms. Members of these groups will think they are one with us never knowing the truth. They must never learn this truth for they will turn against us.

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    They will never reach the higher realms, for the killing of their own kind will prevent passage to the realm of enlightenment. This they will never know.

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  • I have the game by Microsoft, "Midtown Madness". In it the skies have chemtrails. I find that interesting .

  • Hello, I have been aware of chemtrails for over 6 years in the San Francisco Bay area without a single peep from the mainstream media. When discussing this issure, many think that atmospheric conditions are unknown and describe the chemtrails as water vapor. On a clear blue bird day, one thing is certain that the upper air space relative humidity is not 100% and all water vapor products will evaporate just like your breath or your auto exhaust on a cold day. These chemtrails are colloidal particulate matter blown into the air space to disperse like dust, smoke or volcanic ash. Due the fact that there is an epidemic in upper respiratory system failures, one must consider the facts about asbetosis, black lung, tobaco smoking and other known particulate health hazzards that can be mirrored by chemtrails. For sure, our government is dusting this nation with chemical products that are hazzardous to our health without concern to the massive influence to our lives. Questions arise about being dusted with viruses, other pathogens and airborne particulates that have been performed by government agents in the past without permission or knowledge of the masses.Ezybud

  • I got a good look at one of these white silent planes with binocs and the aerosol spray was coming out from the wing tips.
    I could plainly see the engines and there was absolutely NO exhaust coming out from them. There goes the "they’re just contrails" explaination.


  • Rep Dennis Kucinich tried to warn us but to no avail. [ he ran for president in the last election] In the first draft of the Space Preservation Act [ HR 3657 ] he clearly states that the government should not do chemtrails. If you look you can still find that first draft , it was removed in the bill that was passed. Also in that same bill look at what else he tries to warn us about what the government is doing. By the way we get sprayed here in Orlando Fl once or twice a week.

  • Hi
    I live in good old England and It’s not just the usa that’s getting dumped, I’v been seeing
    them over here ever since lord blair got in, in 1997, anyway if Yellowstone park pops it’s clogs
    you won’t be worring about chemtrails anymore.

  • maybe these are just contrails considering the number of flights arriving and departing from the airports across the country. What exactly is it that "they" are spraying?

  • The real proof of the existence of a bizarre chemtrail war against the population is easily observable when you notice the chemtrail exhaust/plumes which start and stop in-flight. If the proponents of ’normalcy’ regarding chemtrails want to present a reasonable argument, then they have to explain all these sudden jet engine start-ups and engine failures mid-flight, as have been repeatedly witnessed.

    Jet engines do not suddenly start to emit contrails in flight. And they do not suddenly cease operation in flight (without, of course, some aviation event such as the plane falling out of the sky). Coordinated jet engine failure and restarts in-flight with multiple aircraft do not just ’happen’ either. This is selective targeting of a particular area.

  • Please be assured that the governments of the world are not doing anything to hurt you. We are merely trying to reduce the amount of radiation that is getting through, due to environmental damage to the atmosphere. The reason that this is not mentioned in the media is to avoid social unrest and instability or panic on the part of the populace. The economic backlash from a public discussion of this situation would be enormous. Please calm yourselves.

    • perhaps the chemtrail spraying is protection from severe sun spot activity, the sun is in a high cycle of activity at the moment.

    • Please do not be alarmed, its aliens from planet X in CLOSE TIES with our governments. They have come to a peaceful agreement (besides being blown away by the more advanced alien weaponery) TO SPRAY our skies so as to TURN US into the aliens over generations slowly. The ultimate plan eventually is to UNITE our races as one.

    • I have no worries, there, "Please do not be alarmed," because the Rapture Index indicates that you and all Bushites will soon no longer be among us! Give an alien a high five while you’re on your way to the right seat of Jesus, there, sport!

    • As I’m reading this thread I look out the window and see a fresh laid chemtrail, and seeing as how the sun is setting, I don’t think it’s to protect us from sunspots. :)


    • Laura is that you, you little bitch? You always come up with the most witty and entertaining shit, you must be getting all of your wit and wisdom from that cock sucker George.

  • We have Chemtrails in Alaska too. Most notably, on the day of the state democratic convention last year, it was a clear dawn as we drove to Anchorage. We saw two trails laid down before us, then another, and another... By noon there were at least 20 chemtrails criss-crossed over Anchorage, spreading out and turning the sky completely overcast. We could still make out the X’s, but only because we’d seen then progress since early morning. Most people probably just woke up and figured it was just another cloudy day. The people inside the convention behaved like sheep.... was it the trails?

    ps- they still lay trails on a near daily basis. imo, they must have something to do with HAARP. perhaps mind control making the populace submissive and/or emotionally over-reactive...

    • Well using a laser to evaluate the validity of the overhead vapor trails (laced with chemicals or not) has been effectively remedied an impractical choice due to the ineptitude of some ignorant individuals (you are now classified a terrorist to point a laser in the sky.. give me a break! .. The power level of pointers are in the class IIIc range, they are as about effective a blinding weapon as saline solution when pointed at an aircraft .. not much to report about)

      You are left with more expensive means to evaluate the problematic situation besides the fallout from the vapor.. to gather raw samples as the vapor trails are laid out, you would have to use a multistage rocket with sampling chambers to reach the upper atmosphere (at least the rocketry laws allow for a simple rocket to enter the upper atmosphere without a license) the most expensive and the one that can cause a great deal of trouble, is the phased microwave model that evaluates the responses when reflected back.. this one is very expensive and requires a great deal of concerted effort to produce results with (variable wavelength’s within the microwave spectrum are very power hungry to produce and this does not include the equipment needed to read the incoming data) of which only the "government" has the foreseeable monetary means to support...

      Lets face it, short of trying new technological methodologies to analyze the vapor trails (such as refractory qualities, trace atmospheric anomalies, etc...) we are going to be left pretty much in the dark until we as a nation of tax payers get together and "Not Just" demand what is going on to be explained but "back it up" with force if necessary.. seeing as we act as sheep rather then a wolf, I do not see this happening anytime soon so complaining about a situation without concerted effort to change it is a "moot" effort in futility..

      James A.

  • Folks,

    With a global elite who seriously believe that the earth is dangerously over populated , read the writing on the wall ? From ancient writings to present day posting, these people actually believe they will be doing mankind a favor !
    Look on your search engines for the georgia guide stones and the carefully inscribed directives on them . I think the number they say should be on the earth is 500,000,000 ? Read the recorded speeches and lectures of Henry Kissinger , Bertrand Russel and others like them.
    They want a nice managable crowd good and spread out.
    I have for years brought these chemtrails to peoples attention with great examples only to see the glazed stare of unbelief and most thinking I’m a crank. Being retired from the military for ten years now , I see things, and I do resist brainwashing to a good degree. I am learning more to deal with the frustration I feel with my fellow countrymen as to why they insist on being dumbassed sheep,being fleeced, eaten, herd managed , and just not giving a crap. There will be no Boston tea parties for these noodles since their independence and backbone have been bred out of them. Only a shock of numbing magnitude can shake the mushrooms out of their place.
    O.K., enough of me . Follow up on some of the leads I’ve given you before you retort with a blind sheep response. I’ll be gratefull.


  • The chemtrails serve more then one purpose as it should be understood by now that the NWO will not do anything unless they can kill two or more birds with one stone.

    The first purpose is mind control and pacification: to make us basically zombies giving in to the demands of those in control.

    The second purpose is weather modification: contrary to what you might believe, the weather controll is to accelerate global warming - another form of depopulation. With global warming will comes seismic effects and volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, heat waves, etc. which will result in the massive termination of life as we have seen occur and continue to occur in Southeast Asia. Note that the chemtrails are having a basically dehydrating effect on our planet. It’s like taking a giant salt shaker and shaking it over the earth.

    The third purpose is the spread of biologicals that incapacitate our immune systems so that whatever germ warfare they decide to inflict will have its maximum effect - another method of depopulation.

    Now who is behind the chemtrails - The answer is off world aliens masquerading as humans. They already have most of the control over world governments particularly USA and Great Britain and Israel, the military/industrial complex of these same countries and especially Naval, I repeat Naval intelligence. Note that these same off-world alien intelligences are the same ones that influenced Hitler and the Nazi party. Note that the Nazi party never died. They re-emerged in the U.S. after the war under various aliases, such as the CIA, etc. Re-emerged as part of the AMA and pharmaceutical industry also. Drugs are a very big part of this death cult as you will notice how many people die every year from cancer despite the ineffective treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. Should you need more convincing, look at the vaccine industry and the damage it is inflicting on our children - What parent in their right mind would allow their child to be given a vaccine? Anyway, I digress.

    To continue...All the planets in the solar system are inhabited by more advanced beings then ourselves. We should prepare for contact NOW!! The crop circles are being used as a way to contact us by these beings. They are trying to warn us..."We OPpose deception." as was communicated by one crop circle. We should be aware that our govt is being infiltrated and controlled by alien humanoids who do not have our best interests at heart. These are negative aliens with a negative agenda.

    I know this all sounds crazy but remember that you will not hear on the media (as it is controlled by this same group) anything remotely like this except from poor sobs like me who analyze and do research concerning this phenomena. Always look for the stuff the media misses or pooh poohs, stuff they don’t want you to hear (omit), then you can begin to understand where the real truth lies.

  • A CONTRAIL does NOT take place at just below freezing point !!! I has to be MUCH, MUCH colder, because it is making ICE CRYSTALS, not just a hazy vapor as your car exhaust makes on a cold morning. The temp has to be down to minus 75 F. I know because I’ve seen them "up close and personal" during a cold snap in Alaska interior.

    Temperature flucuates at 2 degrees per 1,000 ft of elevation. So,.. At 80 F.,(sealevel) it is only 0 F., at 40,000 ft. To gereate contrails you would have ot fly 37,000+ ft higher.
    So those trails are NOT contrails.. They ARE CHEMTRAILS !!!

  • Chemtrails are contrails made by airplane traffic sheeple. Their rates of persistence or dissipation in the atmosphere is related to relative humidity - the lower the relative humidity, the quicker they dissipate and vice versa. For all of you believers in the chemtrail government conspiracy, your time would be better spent looking for ufos.

    • The "chemtrails" hoax has gone on for about ten years. What people are seeing are simply ordinary contrails. Many whackos out there don’t want the truth to be told, so I created a website which takes apart the "chemtrails" hoax piece by piece and shows it’s rotten core from Day One.

      It’s time to get over this fantasy and come into reality, people. Don’t believe me or anyone else, go to an actual airline pilot who flies these skies everyday, or an atmospheric scientist who devotes his career to studying the skies. There are tens of thousands of these people just waiting to straighten you out.

      Any questions, email me and I’ll do my best to help.
      Best regards,
      Jay Reynolds reality2u30@hotmail.com

    • Can anyone of the chemtrail believers explain why they believe the trails in the sky to be anything other than ordinary contrails? I have yet to hear a good argument. People point to "cross hatch" patterns of trails in the sky. Guess what? That’s what happens when 1) the atmosphere can support lingering contrails and 2) there are strong upper atmospheric winds. Think about it .. you have airliners which emit contrails crossing over certain navigational aids one after another at opposing angles. When you factor in lingering contrails and prevailing winds, you will get a cross hatch pattern.

      Sometimes people complain of breating problems / skin problems. Why on earth would you associate what goes on in the upper atmosphere with how you are feeling that day? Do you know how improbable it is that a particle at that altitude would reach you within a day and wouldn’t be blown hundreds of miles away from you? Upper atmospheric winds routinely reach 100 knots.

      Another thing. Haven’t any of you noticed that on some days, the atmosphere doesn’t even support contrails, even at high altitudes? Here in Atlanta, I’ve seen days where the sky is crystal clear without a contrail in sight. Do you honestly think they shut off the chemtrail spraying when regular planes aren’t producing contrails?

      The burden of proof is on the contrail believers, and until you present some real evidence, no rational person will accept your hunches.

    • Can anyone of the chemtrail believers explain why they believe the trails in the sky to be anything other than ordinary contrails? I have yet to hear a good argument. People point to "cross hatch" patterns of trails in the sky. Guess what? That’s what happens when 1) the atmosphere can support lingering contrails and 2) there are strong upper atmospheric winds. Think about it .. you have airliners which emit contrails crossing over certain navigational aids one after another at opposing angles. When you factor in lingering contrails and prevailing winds, you will get a cross hatch pattern.

      Sometimes people complain of breating problems / skin problems. Why on earth would you associate what goes on in the upper atmosphere with how you are feeling that day? Do you know how improbable it is that a particle at that altitude would reach you within a day and wouldn’t be blown hundreds of miles away from you? Upper atmospheric winds routinely reach 100 knots.

      Another thing. Haven’t any of you noticed that on some days, the atmosphere doesn’t even support contrails, even at high altitudes? Here in Atlanta, I’ve seen days where the sky is crystal clear without a contrail in sight. Do you honestly think they shut off the chemtrail spraying when regular planes aren’t producing contrails?

      The burden of proof is on the contrail believers, and until you present some real evidence, no rational person will accept your hunches.

    • Contrails are left from jet engines and evaporate quickly and do not spread out over the sky.These are very easy to discern.The next time you see these lines appearing get a good pair of binoculars or use a video camera with a telephoto lens.This spray is coming from the tail section or wingtips not the engines . I believe that this is a culling operation as well as something to do with keeping people depressed from lack of natural sunlight. Maybe even deeper on a spirtual level.

    • Contrails do not necessarily evaporate quickly. There have been numerous studies into contrail physics, and it has been proved that contrails can form cirrus clouds under the right conditions. Here is a link to a scientific study done on the subject: http://www.pa.op.dlr.de/~pa1c/JAS57_464-480_2000.pdf

      Thus, we cannot use their lingering as proof, since contrails do this.

      About the contrails which appear to be coming from a part of the aircraft other than the engines. Do you have any photos of this? Second, if you do, how do you know that contrails always form behind the engines? The dynamics of a complex airfoil moving through a fluid are extremely complicated. There is an immense amount of turbulence aft of the trailing edge of the wing airfoil. It might be that the contrails are actually laterally translated outwards due to low pressure areas behind the wing tips. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions and say that since the contrails don’t form directly behind the engines, they aren’t contrails. Just some food for thought.

    • Hey, Jay,
      You are pretty slick, to bad you make little or less sense. For your info here in South florida it is not Freezing at 20000 feet ok? these trails are a product, you understand? Not of ice, ice cannot form at 40 degress, or have you got a government website that proves it can. Jay, If that is your name, you remind me of that white house reporter who really wasn’t. You know the one, the fruit who also had a homosexual website with his picture, is that you? TAP is so huge and has so many agencies involved if this was research into pollution it is pollution.


    • This entire thread is full of rational logical valid arguments for the reality of chemtrails. You’ve just chosen to ignore them. This is a classic manipulative debunking sort of post. The pattern is to repeat that we are irrational again and again while never addressing our legitimate counter points. Why? Simple. You can’t. I guess we are supposed to believe you over our lying eyes and common sense. That is what would make us irrational.

      I have a pretty good telescope too. I know for a fact those are not commercial jets and that is NOT normal air traffic. Oh wait. That was just my lying eyes again. Oops. Forget it. I’ll go back to sleep now like a good little sheeple.

      The real question is...

      Why are there so many people invested in convincing the witneses that they are crazy and irrational? There seems to be a good amount of time and effort spent in trying to derail conversations about chemtrails and to shame the witnesses for even daring to ask these questions. We must be on to something. The real sheeple don’t like it. They want to go back to sleep and ignore the bad news and of course, it makes the men behind the curtain nervous.

      I never in my life fell for hoaxes or got into conspiracies. I’m just not the type. I know this is real though because the evidence is overwhleming and irrefutable at this point. I know it’s happening but I don’t know exactly why. Even my mother believes it and she’s oblivous to most things.

  • I live in Maine, and been watching the skies for 4 year’s. and they spray here alot. seem’s like they spray before a storm. Read some Jeff Rense articles on chemtrails, 3 year’s ago. and been looking up, ever since! it’s unbelevable. was at a 4th of July family outing in 04, and the planes were making x’s and just filling the sky. I was looking up, and had everyone else looking too. but noone seemed to interested. it was amazing! I thought to myself that maybe they were spraying so heavy was bcause it was the 4th, and alot of people would be out door’s. ? who know’s? the summer of 04 was walking dog in an old gravel pit, and looked on the ground, and saw white fine line’s[ like spider webs] about 2 inches above the ground, and 3 inches apart, as far as i could see. I tried to touch them. but they just dissapear when i got near them. Jeff Rense is a good site for chemtrail’s. when it rain’s or snow’s, i stay inside. we got to get more people to look up at the sky’s! Howee11@aol.com

  • Hello people. Hey...it´s happening ALL OVER. Here in Canada across the country big time. I spent two years working in mexico.....well....they are there too.
    These trails ARE NOT.....I REPEAT....ARE NOT vapour trails. These are chemical trails for sure.
    Even here in Prince Edward Island, the smallest Canadian Province (we are on the Atlantic coast ) we see these chemtrails. What purpose do they have?. I don´t know but I´m sure it´s nothing good.
    I think that these are chemicals tried on us. Very mild, very diluted, but sickening chemicals for animals and humans alike. The government offices monitor admissions of sick people in Hospital emergency wards and after a while they (the skunks in government) can figure’out how to do the most damage on a population. Once they have the ´´proportions´´ right, they can use it on enemy countries overseas.
    Most people know here in Canada that the U.S. used Weapons of Mass Destruction in Fallujah but keep quiet about it. We don´t want to offend our neighbours in the south....plus we know full well what your president can do to people that are ´´not with him´´.
    Any way....they ARE chemical trails and THEY ARE harmful to people and animals and they are not going to tell us what it is no matter how much we ask because they don´t have to tell us and they don´t care to tell us either.

    • Just the fact that "officials" are being dishonest and denying these spraying programmes, tells us all that it is sinister and something dangerous is going on that the need to cover up, or keep silent about. Not only is this activity being denied over the years, but great efforts go into scoffing at those who speak out about it. A lot of people seem oblivious and just go about their business, but I have spoken to strangers while this is happening and told them to look "UP" and when they do, they say - oh yes, this is the government and it goes on all the time. People DO notice and either they just feel that there is nothing they can do about it, or it is for weather control or something "safe" like that.

      Well, as far as I am concerned, here in Ontario, Canada, this has been going on since 1997 and it is NOT safe. There is something very wrong with all of this, hence the dishonesty about it.

      I feel it is connected to the appearance of all these strange towers everywhere that people say are for "cell phones"................I don’t like what I am thinking.......

  • I live in a small town in Iowa, and I am here to tell you, a couple weeks ago the chemtrails were laid so thick in grid-like patterns that the once blue clear sky turned a dull gray, and these trails spread so wide that there was no mistaking that these are not your normal contrails. Well it burned my eyes when I looked up at the sky and I began coughing like crazy. Minutes later a was sick with a high fever, and so was everybody I know. It seems this whole town got sick at the same time with "the flu". One person I know even died. I am not making this up. I was sick with high fever for 3 days. I thought I was going to die.
    I was talking to a friend who I have never talked to about chemtrails, and he has no computer, and he said that everybody got sick because of that sh*t they are dumping from the planes. He saw it too. This made me feel better knowing that I am not alone here in what I know and what I see going on.
    I don’t know what the purpose is of these damn chemtrails, but next time they spray so heavily like that... I am staying inside.
    I think we all ought to invest in some gas-masks, because this is for real. There is definately something going on here. I have no doubt!!!

    • I participated in the March 19 Global Day Of Action demonstrations in New York City. The mass gathering of people from the different parts of the city was in the East Meadow of Central Park. Up until about 2:30 PM, the sky over New York was clear blue and sunny. Around 2:30, I saw the first planes start to fly right over Central Park; there was no doubt in my mind as I started to see them lay out the chemtrails above the heads of 1,000’s of us at the Rally that it was a deliberate act . I did not see any planes anywhere else over the City. And the way in which they were flying, zig-zagging every which-way, was even more of a validation of my suspicions. There was no flight path to and from any airport by the manner in which any of the planes were moving. I believe they were directly targeting all of us. Either as intimidation or to attempt to detrimentally affect our health. RIGHT OVER CENTRAL PARK!!!!

    • To chemtrail observers in Iowa, particularly eastern Iowa,

      please visit http://www.mentalgongfu.blogspot.com

      and click on the profile for contact information

  • I live in North Eastern California at an altitude close to 5,000ft. where the skies are clear and beautiful. In October of 1998 we noticed these chem trail patterns in the skies. Having served in the USAF I knew they were not normal contrails. A few days later myself and three close neighbors ended up in the emergency hospitals of this rural area. We all suffered from either heart or respiratory problems. My physicians were stumped as to the cause of my breathing problems. I spent two weeks in intensive pulmonary/respiratory care and continued on medications and oxygen for many weeks. To this day I continue to take a steroid inhaler and go every six months for evaluations. This condition came on suddenly!! The doctors have called my condition "asthma like". I have suffered a bout of double pneumonia, despite the fact that I had a pneumonia shot. From day one I have surmised that my problem stemmed from "fallout" due to what ever was dispersed from the skies.

  • Hello,
    I know we are all busy but if you could check this web site and all opine?
    thanks, Atreyu


  • Hello,
    I know we are all busy but if you could check this web site and all opine?
    thanks, Atreyu


    • The TAP program is for research on air pollution. The scientists involved openly use their names and publish their results. There is no conspiracy here. "Chemtrails" are simply ordinary contrails and no evidence whatsoever shows they are anything else.
      Jay Reynolds

    • Hello,
      I know you will find it hard to believe, but many "legitimate" programs do conceal larger motives. Please, explain why these trails linger and spread out over hours and how no agency will acknowledge this phenomenom. Perhaps you missed the repeated statement that this particulate matter can "offset" the warming affect? Get your head out of the dirt and look up at the sky. Atreyu,out

    • Q- "Please, explain why these trails linger and spread out over hours and how no agency will acknowledge this phenomenom."

      A- Contrails are water vapor frozen into ice crystal clouds. From that point on, they behave exactly as oridnary high altitude cirrus clouds do. If ordinary cirrus clouds enter conditions in which the air is dry enough, they will dissipate. In an area with more moisture, the cirrus will persist. In an area with ice supersaturation high enough, the ice crystals in an aging contrail can be spread out by upper level winds and gather enough moisture to grow. All these attributes are the same for ordinary cirrus clouds AND for contrails.

      Don’t believe what I have told you, or anyone else who tells you otherwise. Go and contact the qualified meteorologist or atmospheric scientist of your choice, they will all, with no exceptions, confirm that what I have said is absolutely true. It’s long past time for this hoax to be put in the dustbin where it belongs. When you do, be sure to remember who told you the truth, and who gave you misinformation.

      Several nations that I know of have been asked to explain what people are seeing, such as Canada, Germany, and the US. It is wasteful of their resources to continue inquiring about every hoax that someone dreams up.

      Here is the joint effort by the FAA, EPA, and NOAA here in the USA:

      Here are responses from the Canadian Government:

      Here is the response by the German Government:

      More questions?

    • Sure. I have a question. Why do these planes fly back and forth in a grid pattern? What kind or a "normal" flight pattern is that? Why do they fly in rows of three or four out of the east off shore where there is no flight path? Why does the sky start out blue and turn into a nasty gray haze after the planes do there spider webbing thing?

      I have seen this with my own eyes...almost every day for months. This is not a hoax. You have to be in deep deep denial not to see something very wrong here. Those are not contrails. I’d have to be daft to think those were normal contrails. I know the difference between normal contrails and this chemical mess being sprayed in the air. I’d also like to know how normal contrails could be coming out of nozzles on the *wings* of a plane. I’ve seen this through a telescope.

    • If these ’contrails’ are absolutely "normal", and you want people to stop trying peek behind the magicians curtain, then you guys better come up with a better explanation of Chemtrails than you just gave.

      We have all witnessed the plane turning the darn pumps on and off while flying, giving their chemtrail a ’dashed’ appearance. Over Lake Superior’s northern shoreline with Canada, I have taken 20-30 photos of planes leaving Canada for the US, with a long billowing contrail behind them. Alongside them and within a few thousand feet in altitude either way, other planes are seen leaving normal short contrails.

      While flying to California from Minn. a few years ago, a plane went past us at a lower altitude. It had a long and triple contrail, from it’s three engines. Each individual engines exhaust trail was seen clearly before it merged into a single monster trail.
      Later another aircraft flew by us on another course. However, it’s long thick chemtrail was coming from the entire trailing wing edge! The tail did not have a trail, behind it, only the two wings did. This may be the difference between these commercial flights who cooperate with this program, and the military flights that simply dump while flying a scheduled pattern.

      Contrary to what someone here said, flights HAVE been followed back to their landings. One that I have read about happened in Las Vegas (McCarran Field?), where the planes were white painted but unmarked 737’s. How they were followed back the entire way, without confusion is still something that I wonder about however. Access to air route radar would be a big help.

      So, any bets on 2012??

  • Chemtrails are happening around the world as a method for weather modification. It is China and Russia vs the US and NATO. The US and NATO have two types of chemtrails, the Russians and Chinese only have one type. There is a difference in chemtrails, not all of them appear alike. Some of them appear yellowish to a milky/merky color. These are what I call "rain enhancement" chemtrails. What the Air Force does is attach endothermic bacteria to plastic strings that are around .2 micrometeres in diameter. This is the perfect size for particles that will turn into ICN (Ice Crystals) necessary for cloud and preciptiation development. The Endothermic Bacteria allows ice crystals to form at temperatures much greater than freezing(32F,0C). This same techinique is used in the ski slopes over the Eastern US for snow generation. The yellowish tint comes from the tint in the plastic fibers. It is an industrial fact that no matter how much refining done to the raw materials to create plastic, a yellowish tint is always left behind. What you are observing is the yellow tint of the plastic fibers. This type of spray is used to enhance rainfall. The Air Force sprayed these same trails across the Eastern US on Mar 24th ahead of a major rain storm. The Rainfall recieved flooded many rivers and costed the insurance companies millions of dollars. The Los Angeles,CA Hail Storm in October, 2003 was generated by the same chemtrails.
    The other type of chemtrail often spreads across the sky as a very solid white and has a reddish tint if the trail is off in the distance. This is a rain drying chemtrail. They are used to prevent precipitation from occuring. These trails often contain ultra fine particles that prevent preciptation from forming in the cloud. As a result the cloud(chemtrails) often contain upto 20 times more water than the air can hold. That’s why these trails spread when normally they should "rain or snow" out. Normally,the excess water vapor turns to ice and then falls toward the ground eventually sublimating or evaporating in the layer below it. But the presence of ultra fine particles (< .01 micrometers in diameter) are too small for the droplets to come together to create precipitation. Thus they remain suspended in the atmosphere.

    • "Chemtrails are happening around the world as a method for weather modification. It is China and Russia vs the US and NATO. The US and NATO have two types of chemtrails, the Russians and Chinese only have one type."

      There is no tangible evidence to believe any of the above, and I predict none will be offered.
      Are you making this all up by yourslf, or are you going to point the finger at someone else?

      Either way, why should we believe what you are saying, without anyuthing to back it up?

    • Yes, NATO is the culprit. Barium & Aluminum are thought to prevent rain from happening to a certain extent, but exposure to these soft metals cause extreme respiratory, heart & mental conditions.

  • I have read with great interest the attempts by some to debunk the chemtrail "myth." Some are posted on this website. The prevailing argument seems to be that these are persistant contrails. If there is such a thing as a "persistant contrail" I have never seen it in many hours spent watching the sky. Contrails invariably dissipate as they follow the jet across the sky.

    One debunker IS persistant. He asserts that contrails may linger for hours, depending on conditions, even forming cirrus clouds. I have never seen this happen. One of them states that commercial aircraft cross navigational aides one after another at opposing angles. I do not doubt this is true, but why would they do it over wide areas of farm and field in a rural area 100 miles from the nearest large airport? Why are these aircraft unmarked? Why are they creating persistant trails that DO linger and DO spread to form cirrus-like clouds at altitudes below 30,000 or even 20,000 ft in warm weather?

    Ultimately all must decide for themselves. Why are these debunkers so adament that you should disbelieve your own eyes? That seems rather obvious. An fascinating attempt at explanation made by a "Meteorilogical ( meteor-illogical lol ) Inquiry Specialist" at Environment Canada can be read at: http://www.holmestead.ca/chemtrails/spring-05.html

    • "If there is such a thing as a "persistant contrail" I have never seen it in many hours spent watching the sky. Contrails invariably dissipate as they follow the jet across the sky."

      Ridiculous. Contrails are just water vapor frozen into ice crystals. no one denies this, they have been known since before WWII. Cirrus clouds are likewise ice crystals. Cirrus clouds can persist and spread, too. the notion that contrails cannot persist is one of the weak foundations of the "chemtrail" hoax, because the same skies you see from six miles below are traveled on a 24/7 basis by thousands of pilots, and observed by many more atmospheric scientists, meteorologists, and associated people. The notion that these tens of thousands of professionals are any less informed than some "Joe" that tells you something on a message board is pretty lame.

      "One of them states that commercial aircraft cross navigational aides one after another at opposing angles. I do not doubt this is true, but why would they do it over wide areas of farm and field in a rural area 100 miles from the nearest large airport?"

      Yes, most aircraft navigate using a network of radio beacons whicvh are connected by a system of "airways" to facilitate traffic control. Some jets which have satellite navigation get permission from traffic controllers to fly direct to their destinations. These planes cross each others paths as they do so, and this happens in both rural and urban areas. You can view what takes place over part of the northeast on my website, to see how it works:

    • Hello "Jay". I can see I have hit a raw nerve. I will give you another argument. as it seems I have not made myself easily understood to you.

      Please explain, if you will, how the same group of planes appears in the skies over my area on a regular rotation to spray CHEMtrails. The same planes, as I have observed them many times. They come around every 5-7 days. If these were civil airliners on a regular schedule, say Atlanta to Dallas, wouldn’t they fly the same route, day after day? Certainly they might be re-routed due to weather, turbulance, etc. but for the most part wouldn’t they fly the exact same route, consistantly? On many days there are no planes at all. I know you’ll have fun with that one.

      Also why is it that these same jets, even when they are not spraying here, can be seen crossing the sky heading to or away from the area they ARE spraying? It is very flat here. A cloud bank, natural or man-made, can be seen from many miles away. And yes I can tell the difference in man-made and natural clouds, even in a distant bank.

      Why would civil airliners cross the sky in all directions, spraying chemtrails that linger to drift on the breeze, spreading into any variety of fantastic shapes? Why would the SAME JET, say a RED one that I see frequently, spray a trail, turn around and then spray again in the opposite direction?

      Before you answer, remember that these are the same jets. At least 3 are DC-9. At least one is all red w/white wings. One is white with a red vertical stabilizer. Several are white w/one large engine on each wing. All lack markings of any kind.

      I await your answers, eagerly. I have no agenda, unless it is to find the truth. My expectations are not high.

  • This Talk Of The Air Force Spaying us with Mind Control Drugs is just plain silly, The so called evidence such as pictures, and air samples only prove that there is a lot of air traffic overhead and that a local factory is turning off their pollution control system. all the pictures of the so called "air Force Tankers" that I have seen, when enhanced show civil airliners. Air Refueling Tankers are based on 707,Dc-10, C-130, or in the future 767 airframes, with a large boom on the centerline of the tail. most of these pictures if studied closely show the aircraft to be commercial aircraft on picture perported to be a kc-135 (707) was actually a 747, the large splayed contrail is produced in the 747 by the engines that are slightly canted toward the body of the aircraft to cut transsonic drag. in the summer in the midwest high humidity(70-90%) is common, this will cause watervapor to condense in the vortexes generated by the wings of the aircraft causing a contrail to be formed by the entire wing. the 757&767 are notorious for producing massive wake turbulance (vortexes) that trail for maney miles behind the aircraft. These are so intense that air traffic control must keep other aircraft away from it as it is already suspected of causing 2 737’s to crash. 1 near pittsburgh, 1 at colorado springs the contrail coloration is caused by the defraction of light as it passes through the ice chrystals. (much as a rainbow is caused by defraction of light by rain drops) these trails are just ice chrystals and the by products of engine combustion nothing more. if you look at old films from WWII you will see long lasting contrails produced by B-17 bombers and their fighter escorts and they were all piston driven aircraft as to the patterns, if youj look at an aeronautical chart you will see where the air routes cross each other, maney planes can cross at one time as air traffic control assigns them different altitudes. at least 2000 ft. between aircraft. with a good pair of binoculers and a scanner you can I.D. aircraft passing over. A Great hobby if you live under a commercial air nexus like I do in central Indiana. P.S. The U.S. government doesn’t own enough Aircraft to account for all this so called spraying. If you close your mind to facts just because you don’t like them, you will just be another crazy paranoid that no one will listen to.

    • Actually, it is silly to claim this is just air traffic. This is obviously not normal air traffic. Yuu are in denial and need to wake up. Most of us here are not getting our information from photos or the internet. We SEE this with our own eyes. I didn’t believe it at first either. I didn’t want to believe it because it was too horrible to think about...but I watched the skies and used my common sense and logic. I could not help but see something very very weird and wrong in the sky. This spraying is being directed specifically at PEOPLE. It only occurs on a regular basis over highly *populated* areas. These planes do not follow normal flight paths or patterns and they always erase the blue sky. How is that normal air traffic?

  • I live in New Berlin, WI and my husband and I have noticed the chemtrails each and every day. How can we find out what is being sprayed in our skies? It seems very odd to me that we have never seen any information in our newspaper. I think the president should notify the citizins about what is happening in our skies. It makes what is supposed to be a sunny day into a very cloudy day. This seems wrong to us and we should be informed what is going on. It is interesting to read other people’s comments on what they are noticing in their area. Does anyone have any idea as to how we can find out about what is going on? We have been careful who we even mention this to because for the most part most people select to brush this off and act like this is not important. We do not want others to look at us as if we are over concerned.

    • "It seems very odd to me that we have never seen any information in our newspaper."

      Perhaps you missed these:



      "Does anyone have any idea as to how we can find out about what is going on?"

      Certainly, you can subscribe to the same service the airline caterers use to keep track of airplanes coming in needing their meals delivered. When you see contrails, just login and you will be able to see what planes are flying overhead.

      "We have been careful who we even mention this to because for the most part most people select to brush this off and act like this is not important. We do not want others to look at us as if we are over concerned."

      Well, you certainly don’t want to look like some kind of kooks, do you?
      I wonder what would happen if you asked a real airline pilot, like somebody who flies every day in the sky. Haven’t you ever wondered why they aren’t up in arms about flying along and seeing planes spraying among them? Perhaps this means they really ARE just ordinary contrails, eh?

      Better yet, get some facts and wise up about what flies in the sky! Ask one of these pilots. When they get finished laughing, they’ll assure you that what you see are just ordinary contrails.

      Better yet, stop worrying about silly hoaxes like "chemtrails". Life is short and getting yourself all worked up for nothing is a real waste of time.

    • I’ve been studying chemtrails for 2 years. Definitely beyond a doubt they are very real. For proof, I looked at many old family and friends photos from 60’s to present. I found one photo of a chemtrail in 1994. Since 1998, many outdoor sky picture have the chemtrails. Also some chemtrails are turned on and off through the sky defeating the reason of humidity. Also chemtrails became a daily occurence after the completion of the HAARP facility in Alaska about 1997/98. Why are only NATO countries sprayed? Spraying is not happening in South America, India, China, Africa, except for South Africa. If this was global warming, then, what about the other 4 billion people on the planet that will die? Why only NATO countries?

      I believe that the chemtrails are a type of layer inversion in the upper atmosphere used for weather control by HAARP and local radar, not for global warming. The role is to keep the this chemical layer up constantly 24/7. The aircraft may appear silent but in the desert I can hear them. The chemtrails are up much higher in altitude, 35,000, and storm fronts come in at 10,000 feet. I believe there is a war for the control of the high altitude jet streams that the Russians and Chinese are trying to manipulate with Scalar weaponry on the ground and in their satellites.

      Where do the chemicals in the chemtrails go? If they do fall to the ground, we would have tens of millions of sick or dead people in Europe, USA, Canda, Mexico, South Africa, and an epidemic since 1998. Yes, some people are sicker, but I believe most of the chemicals in the spray actually get burned off or go to space and not fall by gravity to the earth.

      The best site for chemtrails is www.radarmatrix.com

    • "For proof, I looked at many old family and friends photos from 60’s to present. I found one photo of a chemtrail in 1994. Since 1998, many outdoor sky picture have the chemtrails.
      Also some chemtrails are turned on and off through the sky defeating the reason of humidity. Also chemtrails became a daily occurence after the completion of the HAARP facility in Alaska about 1997/98. Why are only NATO countries sprayed? Spraying is not happening in South America, India, China, Africa, except for South Africa."

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but the idea that persistent contrails are anything new is ludicrous.
      Here is a gallery of World War II planes which made excellent contrails no different from those you see today, and will always see since hydrocarbon fuels make water when burned!


      The idea that persistent contrails only occur over NATO countries, or only since 1994 is similarly absurd. One of the best ways to view contrails is from space, and the Shuttle astronauts have taken many pictures of them. Here are some:

      Russia 1992-


      Russia 1989-


      Bay of Bengal 1989-


      Canary Islands 1989-


      Indian Ocean 1990-


      Japan 1992


      Bangladesh 1992-


      Argentina 1994-


      Tasmanian Sea-


      Arabian Sea 1994


      China 1985!


      Khazakhstan 1994-


      Mexico 1994-


      Brazil 1995-


      Sudan 1995-


      "I believe that the chemtrails are a type of layer inversion in the upper atmosphere used for weather control by HAARP and local radar, not for global warming."

      No evidence has ever been presented which would lead to such a belief. Haarp affects the ionosphere over Alaska and is turned off more than it is turned on for research. "local radar" doesn’t control anything, it sends out a radio signal and listens for an echo.

      "I believe there is a war for the control of the high altitude jet streams that the Russians and Chinese are trying to manipulate with Scalar weaponry on the ground and in their satellites."

      There is no war for control of jet streams. That is just whacked out talking. no such thing as "scalar weaponry" either.

      "The best site for chemtrails is www.radarmatrix.com"


      That site has been so debunked, it hurt.



    • "I think the president should notify the citizins about what is happening in our skies."

      He already knows, go back to his visit to Flagstaff Arizona on Sept 13,2002. Get a transcript of his speech. He responded to my three letters I sent in Aug 2002 to the Air Force regarding the man made drought over the Eastern US starting after 9-11. President Bush, "I love the rain... We’re going to do something about the drought." The period from Aug 28,2002 to Jan 1,2004 was the wettest year on record for most of the Eastern US.

  • There is a weather war between Russia and China vs US and NATO.
    My credentials

    A.A.S Phyiscs and Mathematics AACC Spring 2001

    B.S. Geography and Environmental Science UMBC Fall 2004

    Other Courses

    Modern Physics

    Intermediate Mechanics


    Atmospheric Chemistry

    Top off 20 years of predicting weather as a hobbist growing up in the Mid-Atlantic(The toughest place to forecast weather on the entire planet) And I’m a lot better than the NWS, Accuweather, and every other weather service in the Mid-Atlantic.

    Some notible forecasts

    On Aug 4,2003 Predicted 90F+ for August 14th and 15th for the Northeast. August 14th (Major power outage) First 90F day in over a month for the Northeast on August 14,2003 According to the NWO it is IMPOSSIBLE to predict more than 10 days in advance with any type of accuracy. Not only did I do it 10 days but I did it 11 days as well.


    Here’s another article I wrote giving some insight into the European heat wave of 2003.


    Oct 14,2003 a Ferry in NYC carrying several hundred people crashed into a pier from the strong winds created by a powerful cold front that shouldn’t have been so powerful. I noted what the Air Force was doing on Oct 7,2003 and declared a warning for the 14th.


    On Nov 12,2003 I noted that the Air Force was spraying their rain enducing spray the spray I talked about that causes ice crystals at temperatures 10 to 20 F warmer than freezing. At 3:07 am I noted that they were spraying this over Southern CA, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.

    Nov 12,2003 the historic hail storm over LA, and 10 to 22 inches of rain over Puerto Rico during the 12th.

    Totals for Puerto Rico

    Trying to convey to a doctor in Physics, Atmospheric Physics or Meteorology that chemtrails can have significant impacts on the weather is like trying to move a mountain. Yet they are hypocrites to their own Choas Theory. Take for instance what they call "presistant" contrails. They were not suppose to be there in the first place. Nature did not cause them to form. Yet they have an effect on the radation balance over the region they affect. Thus if you had "presistant contrails" cleverly placed over the Flordia Pennisula during a night that might ruin the Citrus Crop, you could increase the temperature by 2 or 3F. Yet according to these same meteorologists this 2 or 3F change in the night time low "had no effect" what so ever on the outcome of the weather. Horse crap! Not only did you save the citrus crop but the warmer temperatures would most likely cause the cold high pressure to weaken slighty which would have implications on the next storm system arriving across the great plains. A change of 50 miles is still a change of 50 miles and the weather was modified. Across the Eastern Seaboard that can mean a difference b/t a blizzard in the cities and the mountains. For a Meteorologist or anyone with a degree in a science field to say that even "presistant" contrails have little or no effect on the outcome of the weather, seriously has zero clue about how the weather works and are failing to understand their job of predicting the weather. (I.E. Stupidity at its best and brightest.)
    There are many applications to modifying the weather. Take the four hurricanes that slammed into Florida over the summer. The Chinese were clever most of late August and September. They would spray their rain drying chemtrails to accelerate the jet stream over China and into the Pacific, which had an effect on the entire global circulation pattern. So everytime it would appear that the next front would pull the hurricane northward out of the Bahama’s the fronts were wisked eastward and the hurricane was allowed to slide underneath the next ridge and slam into Florida.

    • Folks, the poster above has a long history of crackpot claims. Interesting he didn’t mention all his ’predictions’ which never came true, which is most of the time! He also hasn’t mentioned that he claims to be able to modify the weather HIMSELF.

      Here he is in action, writing as "Weatherman717"



      This is some of his BS:
      "And do you know what my purpose this summer is going to be David? It’s going to be to set up a website to aid the Chinese and Russians to help them change the weather over Asia to influence the weather over the US. I’m going to let it bake if I keep getting screwed. So keep talking and when your electric bill is through the room this summer you can partially thank yourself for your arrogance."


    • r Debunker?

      How much do you get paid? Is it really worth it? Do you not have family? Do you not care about the well being of your fellow man?

      Please explain why on a sunny day, low humitity and temps in the 70’s around sea level, between day break and 3pm.. There are NO perstiant contrails in the sky.. There are a few normal quickly dispaiting contrails.. Then 3:30pm and for the next 3 hrs.. The sky right get filled with persitant contrails, that never go away and eventually form high cirrus clouds.. Then at about 6:30 they all stop and we are back to the normal contrails... Also all the while the chemtrails are being layed, I contiune to see normal contrails. Am I really to believe that the atmosphere changed that quickly and then changed back, but only for a few jets?

  • Mr Debunker?

    How much do you get paid? Is it really worth it? Do you not have family? Do you not care about the well being of your fellow man?

    Please explain why on a sunny day, low humitity and temps in the 70’s around sea level, between day break and 3pm.. There are NO perstiant contrails in the sky.. There are a few normal quickly dispaiting contrails.. Then 3:30pm and for the next 3 hrs.. The sky right get filled with persitant contrails, that never go away and eventually form high cirrus clouds.. Then at about 6:30 they all stop and we are back to the normal contrails... Also all the while the chemtrails are being layed, I contiune to see normal contrails. Am I really to believe that the atmosphere changed that quickly and then changed back, but only for a few jets?

    • No, I have never received any renumeration for debunking chemtrails. It is always worth seeking the truth, and spreading it. I love my family and care for my fellow man enough to let them know when they are being hoaxed.

      The answers to your question lie in the realm of meteorology, but a little factual knowledge and common sense can go a long way to explaining what you describe.

      Fact: Contrails and cirrus clouds form at around -40 degrees F

      Fact: Contrails and cirrus clouds persist whenever the air is humid enough to prevent them from dissipating.

      Fact: The decrease in temperature with altitude is called the atmospheric lapse rate. Generally, it is around 3 to 5 degrees per 1000ft. With a sea level temperature of 70 degreesF, a plane flying at 35,000 ft would be expected to experience a temperature of 70 degrees minus (35 times 3.5 degrees, or 122.5 degrees) = 52.5 degrees below zero(-52.5F)

      FACT: Air humidity is not constant, either from place to place, from time to time, or at different altitudes.

      FACT: Once formed, if the air is sufficiently saturated with respect to ice, ordinary cirrus and contrails can grow and spread. This is called the "Bergeron Process".

      Common sense observation shows us that ordinary clouds are not always present in a solid sheet either vertically or horizontally. This demonstartes visually how much variability is present in our atmosphere. That is not the whole story, however, because unseen variability in both humidity and temperature do take place.

      The incident you describe could be due to many scenarios, but it is likely that since you saw some ordinary yet not persistent contrails, air temperature was cold enough to allow them to form. Probably either air which was more humid came over your location and allowed them to persist, or the difference in persistence during the day was due to planes flying at differing altitudes in which there was a difference in humidity in which some planes flew in more humid air, yet others flew in air which was less humid.

      Q-"Am I really to believe that the atmosphere changed that quickly and then changed back, but only for a few jets?"

      A- During this morning, I have watched as our sky went from completely clear to partly cloudy.
      No contrails were seen to have been a contributing factor. Yes, the atmosphere often changes from hour to hour. That is why we have weather. Wouldn’t it be quite boring to have exactly the same conditions forever?

      But I don’t ask you to believe me.
      Any experienced pilot or meteorologist will confirm that what I say is true, and I encourage you to seek out their unbiased opinions, which will confirm that what I have told you is completely true.


    • No, I have never received any renumeration for debunking chemtrails. It is always worth seeking the truth, and spreading it. I love my family and care for my fellow man enough to let them know when they are being hoaxed.

      Here’s my response to you. If you as the debunker you must be someone involved in the Atmospheric Science Community or a pilot. But here’s my question for you. If your so positive these are actually contrails, how come my weather forecasts based on where the Air Force is spraying and what type of spray ALWAYS come out true? As far as I’m concerned, I’m 23 and the best meteorologist there is, was and ever will be on the planet.

    • I’ll not hold your youth and inexperience against you, and hope that others will realize that your last post doesn’t make much sense...............

    • hahahahah! My youth against me? No it just shows that I’m light years ahead of everyone else including people that hold Doctors degrees in the field of Meteorology. My last prediction about the Air Force spraying across Western Canada just turned out to be correct. I was right and there’s not a single meteorologist on the planet that can say I was wrong and guess what I used to make my forecast? Chemtrails.... read it and weep.

      The Canadian Air Force is spraying Western Canada with rain drying clockwise chemtrails, in order to strengthen the ridge across NW Canada. This will allow more cold air to come into the Eastern US ahead of the next system which will enhance the overrunning process on Friday. This will generate larger than expected rainfall tallies for many locations over the Eastern US this weekend. Colder, wetter times ahead for the Eastern US.
      There is a lot more said given the current state of the weather for the Canadian and USAF’s to have to do this.... A big "lake of fire" for this summer"


      The GFS model took the projected high pressure from a max strength of 1032mb, to 1037mb and the only thing that changed over the past 42 hours was the Chemtrails across Western Canada. Paul was right again :-D :-P

  • There was incredible chemtrail activity over Amsterdam, N.Y. between 6:30 and 7:00 am this morning...4/18/05. I took a lot of digital photos and video to document it...at one point I counted 16 chemtrails...it has happened often here but this morning was largest organized display I have seen...did anyone else see it here in upstate NY?

    • New York? Air traffic there is some of the heaviest in the world. You could determine whether or not these planes are "spraying", or are ordinary jetliners by using this software which allows you to identify the planes.

      That would be far better than taking photos of planes which remain unidentifed. This is an exampe of the way this sort of information which could be of use to you:

      A good portion of the air traffic between the US and Europe passes over Nova Scotia using the "North Atlantic Track" and can overfly New York, or pass down the coast, depending on weather and destination. I di some research into this:

      So, it’s up to you to decide if you want to remain frightened over something you can’t identify, which others have told you is harmful, or find out for yourself.

    • It is military jets. The local police in Saugerties, NY have confirmed it and looked at it with me as I made my complaint. It is not commercial jetliners that I was writing about. This morning I woke up and walked outside and there is was covering the skies in criss cross formation (which the pentagon site states the fact that they do not do, lol) It is becoming an everyday massive occurence here in Kingston, NY and Saugerties, NY. I am going out to purchase a black lite as one site suggests and check out my backyard and house. Then I am going to be wearing a mask. Come to Kingston, NY and Saugerties, NY - it is on the Hudson, and all this stuff just floats down to the city.

  • Yes, all over kingston, new york for the past month. I have telephoned everyone and even notified the local police. I really cannot take this much longer. I go home and it is happening in my village and I go to work and it is happening everyday in Kingston. No one will give you an explanation and the police which viewed it as I was reporting it explained that I would have to go higher up. I have contacted Congress, National Dept. of Health, DEC. Everyone should start to look up and ask serious questions. PLEASE!

    • "Everyone should start to look up and ask serious questions. (...)"

      I’ve got a question for YOU. What is the BEST evidence you can come up with that what you claim are "chemtrails" are something other than ordinary contrails?

      Come on, show us what you’ve got(............)

    • I first noticed chemtrails when I lived in Tarpon Springs in the year 2003. I was a blacklisted, watch listed, highly educated person, who was under every type of surveillance imaginable. I had just fled from the small town of Arcadia after a failed sting operation by the local police in SWAT team outfits. So, when the ominous-looking X marks began appearing in the sky every day over Tarpon Springs, I assumed they were directed at me. At that time, there was no grid-like layering of the entire sky, just the horrifying X directly overhead.
      In 2004, I was living in St. Petersburg when I again noticed the X marks overhead. At that time, though, the spraying continued throughout the day until the entire sky became overcast. My attempts to get a tan were thwarted every day. I did develop a heart murmur, which was revealed to me during a cursory pre-employment exam. I have not been to a doctor in over a decade due to poverty, wage slavery, and constant harassment/firing.
      In 2005, I returned to Arcadia (where my mother lives) and the chemtrails really began in earnest. Every Sunday the entire sky became gray from a massive onslaught . After I wrote to an organization I thought was the EPA, the chemtrails stopped for a week. At the end of the week, a white, unmarked helicopter flew around my mother’s house at tree-top level and then took off. The following week, the chemtrails began appearing every day and blanketing the entire sky.
      Whatever these things are, I suspect they are related to mind control projects because of my personal history with them. I fear that I am endangering a town simply because of my presence.
      The few people I have mentioned the chemtrails to were horribly indifferent, so anything can be done to most people, because they trust the media and government.

    • "Whatever these things are, I suspect they are related to mind control projects because of my personal history with them."

      Yes, please control your mind enough to stop posting silly fantasies.

    • Come to Kingston, NY and Saugeties, NY and see it first hand. The pictures online are correct and not a joke. I would also like to add that Barium is manufactured in China.

    • Well it is an everyday occurence here in Kingston, NY. I see it everyday - today I am going to buy a mask and cover my nose and mouth. If people think I am crazy I will tell them. . . I am also planning on moving. To where? I also now know that the haze over by the Tappan Zee bridge is not just car pollution - all along it was from the spraying up above and drifting down south. As I type I am looking out the window and see the haze and trails. My nose today is actually burning from it. Not much that anyone can do but to tell others.

    • OK, so New York gets a lot of air traffic. You never addressed why all these planes are flying daily over Mississippi. I even told you I had ID’d specific planes. Do you have no answer for me? No explanation? You simply choose yo ignore any information that don’t fit your cookie-cutter responses. I’m really glad you did because it shows better than anything what a phony you are.

      Why do you even come to this forum? If people want to talk about chemtrails why should you care? You are much too eager. But as long as you are here, what about it?

    • All this seems credible evidence,- so many sightings and physical symptoms. Ther must be one pilot or aircraft personnel able to corroborate the evidence or be a whistle blower ??

    • "All this seems credible evidence,- so many sightings and physical symptoms. Ther must be one pilot or aircraft personnel able to corroborate the evidence or be a whistle blower ??"

      credible evidence? So people seeing contrails six miles above them is credible evidence of-what?

      Physical symptoms? Somebody sitting in a room at a computer breaks wind and his eyes burn, call that credible evidence?

      Just check the local sports section for the Hudson Valley on the day this person reported "symptoms". Areawide, hundreds of sports events went off without a hitch.

      There were no "symptoms", folks. Don’t get hoaxed, check things out for yourselves.


    • I hope that someone even an ex airforce person would confirm the activities. My friend in SC said that she has just started to notice the same type of activity but not in great numbers.

    • i would like to also add that today it is windy like the past two days, cloudy. I have not seen any activity. Saturday morning when I woke up I was coughing like something was sandy in my throat, had the chills, fever, aches, headache and felt nausea. All I could do was sleep the entire day until six p.m. and felt somewhat better. I still have the muscle aches on Monday.

    • reiterating:
      I’ve got a question for YOU. What is the BEST evidence you can come up with that what you claim are "chemtrails" are something other than ordinary contrails?

      Come on, show us what you’ve got(............)

    • Let me ask you this then. Remember this is rural Mississippi. I have lived here, on this very piece of land most my 45+ years. Let’s say that these are just normal contrails. But WHAT are all these PLANES doing here in the First Place??

    • You are the one who is living in a silly fantasy if you think it’s normal for unmarked white planes in rows of three and four at a time to fly in waves over an area leaving "contrails" that spread out to cover the blue sky in a gray haze and block out the sun....practically every day. You are projecting a very strange fantasy indeed if you think that by coincidence, these planes come out again when any blue patch opens in the sky and work to cover it, then disappear again...and if you think it’s a coincidence that there is suddenly no such excessive air traffic on the rare days when the sky is blue and the sun shines. If you believe that is normal and makes sense, well...that is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.

      What is insane to me is that people are so apathetic and brain wahsed that they can still claim these aerosol sprayings of our skies are normal or not happening at all.

      Just look up and open you eyes.

  • "The Canadian Air Force is spraying Western Canada with rain drying clockwise chemtrails, in order to strengthen the ridge across NW Canada. This will allow more cold air to come into the Eastern US ahead of the next system which will enhance the overrunning process on Friday. This will generate larger than expected rainfall tallies for many locations over the Eastern US this weekend. Colder, wetter times ahead for the Eastern US."

    The High pressure went from 1032mb projected to a 1037mb high pressure on Friday Morning. And what happens on the front side of high pressure systems? Cold Air, the stronger the high pressure the further south the cold air travels. Is it no surprise that the Mid-West received upto 2 feet of snow this weekend? And it all changed when the Air Force sprayed Western Canada with Chemtrails.. (Something every Meteorologist says DOES NOT exist and is a Hoax).. Yet this 23 y/o wasn’t fooled.

    Midwest, Appalachians Dig Out From Storm


    • ""The Canadian Air Force is spraying Western Canada with rain drying clockwise chemtrails, in order to strengthen the ridge across NW Canada."

      Folks, the above quote is by "weatherman717", who is also claiming to be able to control the weather HIMSELF via "software", and preparing to sell it to China.

      "What weekend plans? Retail manager’s don’t get weekends off... when I sell my weather formula to China I’ll have every weekend off for the rest of my life. It’s almost complete... a few more lines of code and then the data base begins and the model takes shape."


    • cant help but notice the tone of all the "sceptic" posts here... assuredly they dont all come from one person (even tho they read like the same tired script semanticaly), as the GhoulNation keeps many MANY media whores on tap to trade-off "debating" duties.. witness the hilarious sleepers in the AOL chatroom "War On Terror"!
      however one is given to comment that every "sceptic" post thus far seems to come from the same tiny little cooki-cutter mind.

      "show us what ya got!" and somebody does, in spades.

      then again "show us what ya got!"

      (* yawn *)

      sad little ghouls, frittering away their dwindling time thinking they are immune from the Scourge.

      i myself am a lucky bastard.
      i live right under the butt-crack of a highly sensitive military installation which is exempt from spraying most of the time.
      the chems i do see (and they are copious) are to the west, and as they begin to drift over my area, are dramaticaly dispersed/ deflected by an unknown force, probably a military version of a CB.

      significantly, clouds of opal-discolored material begin to coalesce again as the atmosphere drifts to the east.

      but me, lucky bastard that i am, i get to bask in a tiny keyhole of sunshine.

      sometimes its nice being a flea on Unkle Shams ass.

      as for the rest of you, you have my pity and my prayers.


    • Let’s assume the debunkers are correct that all these contrails are an ordinary natural phenomenon, even though we know better.

      If that’s the case, how do we KNOW that some people aren’t using these NATURAL contrails as a cover for spraying of unknown substances? It doesn’t even necessarily have to be our government, despite the prevailing conspiracy theory.

      It is a provable FACT that many of these planes are not accounted for in air traffic logs. Military flights, however, are exempt from such listings.

      It is a provable FACT that many of these planes fly in formation alongside each other and in extremely close proximity, something commercial jets are forbidden to do by law. Only Military planes are permitted to fly in formation.

      It is a provable FACT that many contrails, after spreading out into stringy cloud-like masses, descend well below the altitude at which they should dissipate and melt away, if they were really just vapor condensation.

  • I live in central Indiana. I first noticed strange contrails in the skies immediately following 911. All air traffic in the USA was said to be grounded as told by the media. So the appearance of contrails was somewhat alarming. But what really had me captivated was the ...the only way I can describe my feelings at the time was that the contrailing was so purposeful because of the patterns and shapes that they took as the planes flew overhead. Tic-Tac toe patterns, semi-circles, enormous X’s. The trailing seemed to stay in place for an extended period of time before they dispersed leaving the sky cloudy to some degree. Since that time I have seen contrails so thick in the sky in density, and in number that reasonably one has to assume that it cannot be normal flight contrails. I have heard the term Chemtrails, still trying to assertain the meaning of that exactly and if so what ramifications this has on us globally. Does NASA deny that this is taking place? I would appreciate any useful information that might be realted to an edu site or gov site.

    single mom of 5

  • I live in Orlando, FL. .I have been seeing these trails for the past almost 5 yrs. I stared noticing them around the time i was diagnoised with Leukemia. Not saying that these chemtrails caused it’s just kind of fishy. However i do also have astma and i noticed that around the time when the trails are almost completly spread out i start having trouble breathing, connected somehow? i dont know, but i would sure like to

  • I live in northern fla. and not a day goes by in which the skies are JUST full of this crap!!! I have noticed there doing this more often... I keep track of this daily, and it just gets worse. A note of warning... the chemicals used break down the immune system, check with a health person whom you may know, and see how many people are effected. Did you know there is a medical-chip the size of a hair which can be inserted into a human through a vaccine. Vaccines of any type are very harmful expecially the flu type... Man made bird flu!!!!

  • Most of the people seem to be writing in from the east coast, well it exists on the west coast also.
    We live on Washington peninsula, thinking we would be getting good fresh pacific air and we see chemtrails —everyday we can see through the clouds. I have gotten such a cough and allergy attacks that my ribs hurt from coughing. My nights are sleepless due to coughing. Seeing doctors and being put through all the tests, but my husband keeps telling me it’s from the chemtrails and I’m ready to believe him. BUT, my question is what can we do about it. We have written our senator and congresswoman and do not get a reply.

    • I live in Yuba City, California and the chemtrails are being sprayed here. I was hardly ever sick in my life and in the last year I have had broncitis twice and an acute sinus infection. Right now I can hardly talk due to all the congestion in my chest. December 18, 2006. I have pictures of these chemtrails, but don’t know how to insert them.

  • Hi everybody,

    I’m from northern Italy.

    I started reading about chemtrails just a few days ago, I didn’t know anything about.
    Well, I have to say that in my region too (150km east of Venice) they’re
    spraying a lot.
    It’s a shame, they’re poisoning us, and we are basically resourceless.
    Yesterday, there was a bright and windy day-no spraying.
    Today, when I woke up I saw a thin cloud, then more started appearing in parrallel in the sky.
    It’s a bit anguishing, what about food, vegetables, water, soil?
    What about our little children?

    Have a clear day.

  • I keep trying to tell myself this is normal jet pollution because it just seems too crazy.
    But every time I see them again, which has become quite frequent in the Phoenix AZ area, I have to admit it just doesn’t look right.

    And I get all sinus headachey and a sensation like I have an itch inside my sinuses I can’t scratch when it’s going on.
    A maddening feeling.
    A doctor gave me antibiotics , but they did nothing for it.

    I do have metal contact allergies too and it makes me wonder if this is why I get this itch .

    Like another poster said though, I think this needs to be presented in a manner that doesn’t smack of conspiracy or most will not take anyone seriously who is trying to get to the proper attention to get to the bottom of this .

    It may be better to start screaming about bad jet pollution.

  • I moved to New Hampshire in 2003. I was healthy until December of 2004. Chemtrails are being sprayed randomly. I noticed a slow down of chemtrails in 2007. Almost non existent. Until the bank bailout. As soon as the bailout was given that is when the chemtrails started heavy. Everyday. My husband and I are extremely sick, we are losing our home because I can no longer work. My husband has been unemployed since the bailout. We are all done. Sick and poverty stricken, cannot pay to live anymore. We used to make a six figure income. Those days are gone now. Flu like illness keeps us sleeping for 12-14 hours a day. Symptoms we have: Severe back aches, exhaustion, joint and muscle pain, rapid heart beat, pale, headaches, etc. If there is anybody else suffering with these symptoms please comment. Soon we will be forced from our home. Nowhere to go.
    Sick in New Hampshire


  • I work in Downtown Milwaukee and on st pats day 3/17/09 planes were goin back and forth across the sky spewing crap all day long on one of the best days weve had in awhile in wisconsin. I mean this was so obvious that I even pointed it out to people and they just think your weird and look at you like your crazy and that just makes me think there has to be something to this mind control idea because the truth just stares these people in the face and they completely ignore it and are in utter denial. What was funny is i could see one lone plane way way up probably 10k more feet then the sprayers and his natural contrails were gone in about 3 to 5 seconds compared to the lower planes which covered the entire sky got ten times wider then when they started and we had a nasty haze all over at sunset downtown. I have nothing left for the skeptics anymore. I am glad I am not one of the thousands of mindless sheep anymore.


  • Hey people, a lot of stuff about chemtrails is based on mythology eg "there were no lingering contrails before 1999". www.contrailscience.com knocks that one on the head. There were lingering contrails even from WW2 propellor planes! Most of the chemtrails we see come from passenger jets and there is zilch evidence of passenger jets being equipped to spray stuff. But what we now know is that modern passenger jet engines, while cleaner, do actually make more contrails than old passenger jet engines, even though the old ones had more emissions. Let’s get our facts right before we go off on a tangent and waste our energy which could be used to fight tyranny on the ground.

  • oct 17th,2010

    observed blue sky this week, by midday the sky was criss-crossed with trails. I live in rural west virginia, usually very little air trafic. what was interesting and frightening was that as one plane quit spraying or ran out, another plane who wasn’t spraying anything picked up where the other left off then started spraying. one plane dispersed a faint brownish red color. a few hours later it was cloudy, with a haze so thick. it burnt my eyes to be outside. both my children had to go to dr. this week flu like symptoms no fever, cough, runny nose, headaches.

    also have seen trucks in my area letting out similar substance parked at old mingo logan mine wich is shut down. about 20 tank/chemical trucks all letting out gaseous substance at night.

    I think we have a right to know what this is for.

  • South Loisiana, blue skies, zig zag chem trails as same planes change course and visibly start dispersing what? We do not need rain in south Louisiana or over the Gulf!