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Counter G-8 in Chicago, 2012

by Open-Publishing - Wednesday 27 July 2011
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Demos-Actions G7 - G8... USA

Needed in Chicago, May 18-20.

1. Political puppet Art, music and theatrical direct actions such as brass bands which follow the cops around playing music and well rehearsed flash mobs all around the surrounding area to let people know what and why the dissent against NATO and G-8 is about using guerrilla theater acts in the park downtown.

2. Oppression Relief and Rescue teams for people getting abused, tear gassed, etc. by the cops.

3. Media Surveillance teams that will watch the cops and be the media. Put the CPD and the Mayor on trial for planning and training to violate humn rights of dissent.

4. Legal aid teams for the radicals and those disconnected from Peaceniks and liberals.

5. International fly/train/bus-tillas. Jam it up in Chicago. Including boat flotillas coming in from all over lake Michigan

6. Muslims and Latinos March on Chicago in 2012

7. A counter summit with radical anti-capitalist solutions. The liberals will have thier usual reform message but the better world must reject fascist liberalism as well as fascist neo-conservatism.

Be your own leaders and organizers. Make it happen.

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