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Daily Show Spoof Leads To Firing Of Broward Art Guild Chief

by Open-Publishing - Friday 22 July 2005
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Daily Show Spoof Leads To Firing Of Broward Art Guild Chief
By Jamie Malernee, Staff Writer
July 22 2005

Once again, there’s controversy over "Controversy," the Broward Art Guild’s May exhibit — this time brought by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

The guild’s board of directors on Wednesday fired executive director Susan Buzzi, who has worked there at least 10 years, after she appeared in a Daily Show spoof on an explicit art piece without consulting them.

"They called a secret meeting of the board and fired her," said board member Kate Barnett, who voted to keep Buzzi. "She wasn’t communicating properly with them.' I said,Go for it. Publicity is publicity.’"

The explicit art depicted an Arab sheik having his way with President Bush over an oil barrel, an image the artist said he created to protest the role of oil in the Iraq war. Buzzi sparked a censorship debate when she moved the piece in response to a complaint.

In the Daily Show segment, which aired last week, Buzzi became flustered when questioned by correspondent Ed Helms. The spoof also pokes fun at the man who complained about another local artist featured in the exhibition for his depiction of Pope Benedict surrounded by Nazi images.

Michael Friedman said Thursday that he does not regret complaining, but he does oppose Buzzi’s firing.

"I never thought any of this would happen," he said.

Buzzi she said she’d been given no explanation. "I think I’m going to pass out," she said.

A woman at the guild hung up when a reporter telephoned seeking comment.

Barnett added that most of the executive board is made up of new members looking to replace Buzzi so they can have more control.


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  • These people really need to develop a better sense of humor. I bet the same people that found this image offensive would be the same people that would have thought it was hilarious if it was Clinton instead of Bush.