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Daniel Patrick Welch

Damaged Candidate Clinton Can’t Call Out Trump

Friday 27 May 2016

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Interview about Clinton’s weak ass "takedown" of Trump. What a circus. The game is unraveling as the Annointed One proves herself such a shitty candidate that she can’t even hold her own against the proto-fascist clown who was supposed to be her ticket to the oval office.

“This is the problematic thing about Clinton’s campaign against Trump. This initial foray shows what an uphill climb it is going to be. Clinton comes out and tries to attack Trump for profiting off people’s misery by making money—or hoping to make money—off the housing money.

“You’re talking about a billionaire. And this is capitalism, and this is how they make money. The real criminal aspect of this is going back to the repeal of Glass–Steagall, of deregulating the banks, of making it inevitable that this would happen – oh, that was done under the previous Clinton administration by the way.

“I mean she is fully backing her husband’s polices all through his two terms. It’s something you cannot just accuse someone else of the crimes that you had an advisory role in bringing to fruition, not to mention the fact that if you take those same banks who organized The Big Short, if you will, and then see that they paid her tens of millions of dollars over a short period of time for speeches, which is clearly a payoff. You don’t get paid that much for a speaking fee unless someone who tries to buy influence in return. It’s a joke. It’s a complete fraud.

“And when you look at Clinton as a candidate, this is why it is so possible that she could lose to someone like Donald Trump. As craziest as he sounds, as racist as his comments have been, he is a clown, but his comeback was entertaining. Americans don’t care… but they can tell a real one from a fake one. And it’s funny to listen to his slamming of her saying, ‘What else I would do. I am a businessman. That’s how I make money.”

And he’s never been anything but upfront about things like that whether you hate him or not. She on the other hand is living this dual life, of pretending to be on par with the ordinary citizens when she is anything but. She is the quintessential establishment-anointed candidate. She is who the neocons want; she is the one who the neo-libs want. She owns that chair in the Oval Office to do their job, and she acts like it. She looks entitled, arrogant, and superior, and fake. She comes across as completely fake.

“And that’s the problem, that’s her problem, not Bernie Sanders’ problem, not Donald Trump’s problem. If Hillary Clinton loses, it would be because of Hillary Clinton the candidate – the liar, the criminal, the warmonger, the inauthentic politician who can’t seem to float a line without it sounding rehearsed and triple-checked, and the architect of so many of these horrible policies, and the cheerleader for the war on Libya, for the super predators’ demonization, and the ‘94 Crime Bill, all of these horrible things that had led to disastrous consequences for black Americans. Now she just wants to use them for their votes, and of course to throw them away after the election, the same as Obama did, the same as any Democrat has done since the Civil Rights era. It’s a fake democracy and a sham. And to see her coming out and trying to hit back looks very weak and, frankly, ineffective.”

(c) 2016 Daniel Patrick Welch. Reprint permission granted with credit and link to Political analyst, writer, linguist and activist Daniel Patrick Welch lives and writes in Salem, Massachusetts, with his wife. Together they run The Greenhouse School. Welch has also appeared in numerous television and radio interviews, and can be available for comment and analysis as his day job permits. Please contact to schedule.