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Digital Signals, Digital TV

by Open-Publishing - Thursday 29 January 2009
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House Votes Against Delaying Switch to Digital TV
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They are not telling us what digital signals are really being used for... just so you know:

"Military sensing and communication systems operate in challenging electromagnetic environments where very high linear dynamic range is required to detect small target signals obscured by a strong background of interference, jammers, and clutter. The difficulty is compounded by the increasing tendency to require that these same systems also receive over a very broad bandwidth. Given system bandwidth requirements, the dynamic range offered by current electronic systems is far short of what our sensors require."


DARPA was also instrumental in developing machines that pierce our clothes and give crystal-clear images of our naked bodies and ground penetrating radar.

Newer systems of ground penetrating radar are classified, the older systems have been demonstrated on national television — viewers were treated to a black and white x-ray style view of people walking around inside their homes.


Forum posts

  • It’s the digital bands that the government will be using with the help of broadcasters against "We the people..." [just like they did with the help of telecoms on warrantless wiretaps] via advanced digital technology.

    Their mission:
    The manipulation of electrons in digital, analog, and mixed-signal circuits for sensing, processing, and communications.

    The generation, detection, and modulation of photons (light) for imaging, communications, and sensing.

    Exploitation of the processing tools and materials from semiconductor technology to build electro-mechanical structures at the micro- and nano- scales.

    The switch to digital is about more than just a clearer picture on your television set, I believe it is to get a — clearer picture FROM your television set.