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Documenting a Lie by the 9/11 Commission

Tuesday 9 August 2005

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Michael P. Wright
Norman, Oklahoma

One of my goals is to contribute to the assembling of firm grounds for a new and honest official 9/11 investigation. Readers are invited to see an email from me, sent to the Commission in September 2003.

Just focus in on one aspect of it, for right now. I informed them that Zacarias Moussaoui had a meeting with Mohammed Atta, in Oklahoma City. See the second page of the letter. This meeting was reported by the LA Weekly.

Additionally, it was discussed on the Fox News O’Reilly show by Larry Johnson, former Deputy Director of the State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism (May 11, 2002). I have the video of this broadcast.

On pages 246-247 of the Commission’s final report, they discuss Moussaoui’s activities during that period. They write: "KSM also states that Moussaoui had no contact with Atta, and we are unaware of evidence contradicting this assertion."

That is a lie. I told them about this meeting and documented it for them. Go here for their statement, in a .pdf document at the Commission’s website. See page 247:

Some will disagree with my specific explanation about official misconduct enabling
9/11, but I think we can have wide agreement on the need for a new investigation.

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