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ESF radio from rampart

Thursday 14 October 2004

Announcing ’radio rampART’, set up to provide coverage of the ESF in
London over the next few weeks...

It’s up now, for testing purposes, so ’tune in’ and let us know how it

Streaming from the Indymedia icecast server in the USA, our feed will loop
various segements from previous events plus some live stuff as we test the
system and learn the ropes during the next few days.

By next days, on the run up to the ESF, we should be broadcasting
completely new content which will include information about the various
venues and initiatives that are doing stuff during the ESF We’ll also
provide details about the workshops, screenings, actions and cultural
events taking place.

During the Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the ESF itself, we
will be broadcasting live from the rampART studio and and maybe even
on-the-spot reports from the streets during the sunday demonstration and

We are looking for contributions of segements, jingles or whatever from
the various autonomous spaces. So get out your mididisc recorders and send
us your content.

Want to get involved, contribute a segment or take a live slot? Please send us your content to, or come to our meetings at rampart- watch the indymedia uk newswire for details, or email us asking for the next meeting.