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FRANCE 2005 :

by Open-Publishing - Saturday 11 November 2006

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FRANCE 2005:
November 10/11/12, 2006 — WMR has obtained purposely cryptic e-mail sent by U.S. intelligence assets to a French government official in July 2005 accurately warning of the infiltration of French immigrant groups by neo-con intelligence assets trained in the United States to foment rioting in the largely Muslim immigrant banlieus of Paris in November 2005. WMR has previously reported on the involvement of elements controlled by French Interior Minister and presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy in triggering the rioting. WMR has also reported that the rioting in France also involved, according to information presented in a new book in Germany, elements of Mossad’s special warfare Metsada and LAP (psyops) units.

Fri, Jul 8, 2005 12:08 am
Perhaps your people would be interested in something which is in development here (for the past nine months.) A training program for recruiting, across your region, persons from sensitive positions (and those in the national forces which you used to work with) is being finalized. It’s aim is to increase the "control" and "vision" within your system and related systems by those interested parties here. This program is based on training programs which have been used in certain "hotspots", but is being specially redesigned to function in your "neighborhood." They intend to roll out or begin this program this fall. Their hopes are high to have a full "viewing" capability within your (and neighboring states) agencies within one year. The designers of this program and their actual systems are available for your side to "monitor" and learn in advance if your side is interested.

Further, a program is being developed to give a greater understanding of the "reactions" observed and their statistical occurrence during "questioning" and other investigative "techniques." This is also a program which can be "observed" if you side has an interest.

The first program I mentioned here is very directly aimed at yourselves and your networks. Their intentions are to carryout infiltrations which will give control by their planners of your systems, after they have that "viewing and human component" under control. They will begin training for this by fall in large numbers, pilot programs exist and are being used to give feedback to the program designers currently. If you can understand this subject matter then you should also understand that your side’s ability to "know" and "recognize" these "recruiting methods" would give you a considerable advantage. Having access to those who are designing this program would give you an ability to turn the use of this program to your own side’s advantage.

Perhaps we should discuss this matter to assure that you understand the implications.

Intelligence insiders warn that French Socialist presidential candidate Segolene Royal remains somewhat naive to the threat posed by Sarkozy and his forces in engaging in false flag operations and unprecedented use of French technical surveillance means to spy on Royal, her live-in boyfriend (the French Socialist Party General Secretary), and her supporters.

WMR receives additional evidence that neo-con operatives in France and U.S. were behind French riots blamed on French Muslim intifadists.

The above e-mail was followed by another May 2006 exchange, which has been edited to remove personal information, between the U.S. interlocutors and a member of the French government about the false flag rioting:

De: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@marne.pref.gouv.fr>
Objet: RE: Last years subjects back again..?
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 16:54:45 +0200

(French government response in brackets)

-----Message d’origine-----
De : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.fr]
Envoyé : samedi 13 mai 2006 01:57
À : xxxxxxxxxx
Objet : Last years subjects back again..?

Your news services are interesting to watch these past weeks, no? It is related to our discussions from last year rather directly.

(absolutely right.)

Last January your connections suddenly lost interest in what we planned to tell them (note the changes at the M of Interior at that time

(that may be the explanation about the fact i had to change the way to consider it. new orders.)

Then for nine months I told you that we had information that we could discuss only at great risk. I hinted on the subject and told you specifics of threat to your work, your people in the "rues" and moreover told you that the control for these actions was coming from this side. I tried my best without throwing my life and my families lives "to the dogs" (note that your press sometimes leans heavily toward the NEOCON dogs here

(completly right)

newspaper language sometimes use strange comparaisons ) to tell you what would happen. Unfortunately your connections there did not want to hear these matters and their mistakes left you all unprepared for the October/November events

(you just said what is THE thruth.)

In June I told you that they would begin training for the people who would be leading "the problems" in your streets and that by September those people were already being deployed for action at the end of October...you remember well, no?

(oh yes.)

Then after those "problems" when your people lost control of your streets, just as I had described months before, your leadership made horrible mistakes in trying to avoid further problems in the street.

Then more problems in the street...which I had also mentioned by phone in the fall if you remember...Now the current media fight on that investigation and the money trail. If the warnings I gave you last year were to go to that highest of offices

(some heard, most forgot),

your leaders might begin to understand the depth of the game being played against them. This may help them in the immediate future....the planners are not done with this attempt to remove V and replace the old man near retirement. They need and want your gov to be on their side for their next big "game". V has just said that military options are not the answer in that "game"

(I can’t imagine sherman tanks on the streets, but the police is nox equiped as an army & the result is approximatively the same .)

Perhaps they are in need of this information on the events of last year? If they can use this information to knock down their current problems...specifically note that the person who was investigated for monies received, was also the same man who made inflamitory comments during the "problems" in your streets

(is it surprising !?)

....his statements were planned and asked for from the planners on this side to increase the "problems"...which were further inflamed after his comments. The big picture and the size of their problem may need some focusing for them to see. You remember my questions about your leaders last fall? Now you understand my question better maybe

(so much !) ?

V can now use the failure of that minister last year to show who controls that same minister. The events of last Oct/Nov WERE forcast acurately by me and were communicated to you, and that ministry did not allow you to communicate further. The results you know too well. Think of taking what you have and making use of it now. Those communications were sensitive and carefully written, but useful I think. I have all copies here myself as you should have saved also.

(I also kept everything.)

The following is an e-mail (in French) written by the U.S, interlocutors in August 2005, warning of the impending neo-con-inspired rioting in France. The email basically reiterates what had been previously reported:

De : xxxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@yahoo.fr]
Envoyé : vendredi 19 août 2005 03:39
À : xxxxxxxxx@free.fr
Objet : Les amis

Mon cher ami,
Tu a comprendes le sujet de discussion. Le location de bureau et les nommes des touts a le bureau, j’ai la. Le homme qui ecrire et fait le design est mon ami pour vingt cinq ans. Mon ami a fait les programs pour le education des hommes active en "les sables sans la plage". Le education commence avec un version public et continues avec le version privee. Le engin de nouveau program, en la sens vrai, c’est la meme. Mai le cible est vous, direct. Ils ont fait cette program

pour ton terre contre ton travail. Si tu comprendes "les’etudiants" nous avons rencontre ici (l’article dernier), les problemes ont implicite. Avec cette program les rues de tu vont etre dangerous pour ton travail et les affaires de ton gens.

Si tu vu comprendre et vue le program, il y a possible. Je peu ouvrir la fenentre. Si tu a la vue de program, tu peu fait l’observation de les similarities en le education et en les habitudes des’etudiantes. Les habitudes sont le methode pour tu trouver en ton rues les gens qui ont le danger. Tu conprendres?

Si je donne la, nousn avons un grand problem, mais les’issues ont trop grande a ignorer. Si le program est succeder, vous vont manquer controle en ton rue. l’information est exact avec le location, les personelles, et les bureaus impliquent, le date de commencement des ’activities. L’information est un "rue" a nous, si les bureaus ici compredent les connections. Tu comprendres?

In the above emails, "V" is a reference to Dominique de Villepin, the French Prime Minister who is an opponent of Sarkozy. "The old man" is a reference to President Jacques Chirac.