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by Matt Norman Victoria, Australia

Dear Roberto,

I have read with much disgust the plight who have yourself in, with regard to comments made by you or your webpage relating to “Shipyards of St Nazaire

I would like you to keep me fully informed of what your government or judicial system does to you about this matter. I will bring the full force of public opinion onto the French Government and Justice system if you are not able to speak your mind and speak freely about issues of your country.

French people should NEVER tolerate a Government that holds free speech hostage to the very existence of a free country. France is a beautiful country with amazing people and culture. If for any reason France decides to fall back into the dark ages by hurting those with something to say that France will suffer for its ignorance.

Stand up as Peter Norman stood up that October night in Mexico City 1968. He wore a badge that said he supported the Olympic Project for Human rights. In other words he risked his life at a time in History that it was not cool to stand up for black people.

As Peter Norman nephew, I now stand for all human rights / civil rights issues. One of those issues is the fact that no human being should be stopped from speaking out about any issue, any time.

You have my support and I will help in any way you require.
I am watching this case with great interest. Free Speech is our right as Human beings. Without it we are nothing.

Kind Regards Matt Norman

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  • The French government is the same group that engineered the Rwandan genocide, why would they flinch at destroyng the media?