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Far Beyond Torture: The Long Dark History

by Open-Publishing - Friday 8 May 2009

Prison Governments USA Chris Floyd

The intrepid David Swanson digs up another damning memo written by that factotum of evil, Jay Bybee. This particular sinister scribbling did not involve the brutal torture of gulag captives, however. No, in this case, Jay had bigger fish to fry for his masters: the murder of more than a million people in a Hitlerian act of military aggression...

And so we come back full-circle in the filthy, bloodsoaked, incestuous nest of American power politics. Bill Clinton is now regarded as a Bush Family "son," his wife is overseeing the "continuity" of a militarized Terror War foreign policy, and Bybee and his fellow war criminals are being protected by the new imperial manager, who has surrounded himself with cutthroats, courtiers and toadies from both the Bush and Clinton administrations.