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G8, Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission

Monday 4 June 2007

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And while about the G8, world government and the Bilderberg Group, let’s not forget Bilderberg’s sister club, the Rockefeller-funded Trilateral Commission. While European conspiraloons tend to focus, quite understandably, on Bilderberg the Trilats are very rarely mentioned.

Why is this so, especially when it is the Bilderbergers who are the more secretive of the two?

Bilderberg was founded, in the early ’fifties, as essentially an Atlanticist group meant to bring together capital’s big business interests in Europe and North America. At the time it was feared there was a real danger that western European countries might adopt a neutralist outlook and, in consequence, be pulled into the hegemony of the Soviet Union. Hence, it was natural for the great and the good in both Europe and North America to conspire together in exclusive ’private clubs’ like Bilderberg to prevent that from happening and to keep democracy (ie western capitalism) alive.

It was through no accident then, that the group gets its name from the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Holland where it was founded with the late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands as its figurehead.

The Trilateral Commission sprang from the Bilderbergers when one of its principal members, Esso or Standard Oil’s David Rockefeller came into conflict with his fellows over whether to include Japan in the club. To introduce an Asian economic power into what was a club of rich Caucasians, it appears, was simply not on!

So Rockefeller funded and set up the New York-based Trilateral Commission in 1973 with Zbigniew Brzezinski as its intellectual architect. Significantly, its inaugural meeting was held in Tokyo.

The Trilateral Commission has a strong working relationship with the Council on Foreign Relations, itself the sister group of the UK-based Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House). It is divided into three regional sectors, North America, Europe and Asia. Many of its members are also Bilderbergers with the same mutual interests for the development of globalization, the so-called economics of ’neo-liberalism’ including wholesale privatization of anything that moves, the new world order and corporate capitalist totalitarianism.

When conspiraloons refer to the mysterious Illuminati it’s easy enough to dismiss them as fanciful conspiracy nuts. The Illuminati appear to have existed in past centuries. The head of the Seventeenth Century Order of Freemasons, the Duke of Brunswick, once accused them of having infiltrated masonry using black magic, mesmerism and the art of suggestion to program victims.

“I have been convinced that we, as an Order, have come under the power of some very evil occult Order, profoundly versed in science, both occult and otherwise, though not infallible, their method being BLACK MAGIC, that is to say, electro-magnetic power, hypnotism and powerful suggestion. We are convinced that the Order is being controlled by some Sun Order, after the nature of the Illuminati, if not by that Order itself.”

Whether or not the Illuminati still exist in name or in some other form, such as the masons, is an interesting question. But what is clear enough is that organizations like Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission not only fit the conspiratorial description given to the mysterious Illuminati but, in the more prosaic light of day, that it is they who actually deal with the nuts and bolts of manifesting the new, totalitarian world order.

So, to avoid being dismissed as a conspiracy nut or a conspiraloon (a term proudly used by blogger, Stef Zucconi in the face of supercilious sniggering from the MSM’s whores) it makes eminent sense for activists to focus on groups such as Bilderberg, the Trilats and the CFR as the obvious conspirators whose history is there for anyone who cares to research it to see.

Anti-globalization activists are advised, therefore, always to refer to Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission in conjunction as complementary ’private clubs’ behind the G8.

For these are REAL organizations whose raison d’etre is an ongoing conspiracy. The mainstream media dares not mention them because it would be more than its jobs are worth. The MSM work to promote them. Hence their conspiracy of silence about the conspirators.

But if you, too, are a conspiraloon who likes to do his or her own research I would recommend you to do a search for the "Trilateral Commission" using your searcher to find its website and reference in Wikipedia and so on.



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  • Well presented, but not, as you hint, equivalent to alien abductions and the like. The Trilateral Commission, which has been systematically ignored by nearly all media, revolutionized American politics. David Rockefeller, essentially an introvert without his brother’s sociable skills, created quite an organization. Indeed, get your hands on the TR literature dating back to ’75 and there you’ll see virtually all of Jimmy Carter’s Administration listed
    , from Cyrus Vance to Brezezinski. Why is this important? Because Rockefeller - a Republican and politically correct mercantilist - saw the opening created by Jerry Ford’s stumbling moment in the sun. Realizing the Republicans had no chance, he - almost like Citizen Kane changing the newspaper’s staff - moved a rather conservative Globalist group into the White House.

    Sure, Carter talked about the poor, but he was far too ineffectual to do anything about traditional, Democratic issues. And Rockefeller was sure of that. He also had a sense that Carter was destined for only one term, which is why he in particular was chosen, as opposed to more prominent candidates. Which set the stage for Reagan, and from that foundation, came the Neocons.

    In retrospect, there hasn’t been a genuine FDR-style Democrat in the White House since LBJ. Regardless of what you think of Clinton, he was bolstered by the growth in tech stocks, IPOs, and and a boom that was inevtiable with or without him. Also, he followed much of Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America, i.e., repealing affirmative action, etc. Arguably, Clinton was the best Republican president in the modern era.

    Why the Centrist positioning? Why rely on Dick Morris to guide him through the maze? Because he didn’t want to end up like Carter - the dustbin of history personified.

    Last but not least, check out "The Crisis of Democracy" written in part by Samuel "The Clash of Civilizations" Huntington in 1976, that is if you can get your hands on it. In it, the three writers posit that the problem with democracy is, well, too much democracy. It’s startling, really. It’s virtually the same argument that was explored by the Neocons in response to the unrest in the 60s. Why did those rebellious kids storm the castle? Becuase they could. Why? Because they were too free? Too much democracy.

    Unfortunately, what many people, particularly on the left, never seem to get, because they’re obsessed with chasing conspiracies, is that since 1975, the move to the center and the right, ranging from religious fundamentalists to Neocons, as well as TR, is well documented. You could hold up in a library for the next couple of years and never finish reading all the substantiation for the New World they’re been creating for over 30 years, ranging from George Gilder to Arthur Laffer, Milton Friedman to the PNAC.

    This movement - conducted mainly by civilians and intellectuals - is not remotely like the secretive Masonic rites, the Illuminati or the fabled Elders of Zion. There are no secret handshakes. Every word, every plan, from the Zionist protection of Isreal to the neoimperialist reorganization of the Middle East, from lower taxes for the rich to the nouveau brand of Monetarism that strensously aims to dampen inflation regardless of the harm it may cause the middle class is right there in black and white, or should I say, black and blue.

    As far as I can tell, the elaborate scenario that suggests WTC 1, 2 and 7 were wired with explosives - as well as all the concentration being devoted to this one issue - is a waste of time. WTC 7, by the way, was loaded with supplies, many of them flammable and explosive because it was designated as a storage depot for emergencies. But, let’s say for instance a sinister American team did these things. Long before they set a fuse in place, or trained Islamic hijackers to fly, or aimed a rocket at the Pentagon, the Republic was in peril. Not because of what happened in secret meetings but because of what happened right there in plain sight. Right there for virtually everybody to ignore.

    More and more W. is being compared to Adolf. Certainly there are mysteries and secrets regarding the Third Reich. But for the most part "Mein Kampf" was candid and comprehensive and was often given as a wedding gift. Just as the future was right there in front of millions years before it happened, so too has the future been there for Americans to see. But, somehow they’ve been far too busy to pay sufficient attention. Too many of them are still studying the Zapruder film looking for the man on the grassy knoll, or examining charred remains from 9/11
    looking for the bogeyman. Hey America, the bogeyman’s in office and he’s been doing everything his scriptwriters told him to do and if you care to spend a few worthwhile hours you too can find out what’s really going on.

    • G8, Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission
      4 June 2007 - 11h50 - Posted by 64.**.116.**

      Thanks for your detailed and interesting comments. It’s good when someone treats a subject in depth as you do. My article, as you know, describes just the tip of the NWO iceberg. It was meant to point out the glaring omission that so many anti-globalists make by obsessively focusing on the Bilderbergers.

      Many of them don’t seem to have a clue about the Trilateral Commission so when you mention it to them you are greeted by a silence! I can only attribute this dangerous lack of awareness to the fact that the mainstream media whores -certainly in Europe- never mention the Trilats as it’s more than their jobs are worth. In North America, the conspiracy of silence is not so tightly controlled so you do get to hear about them from time to time.

      All the more reason why the European anti-globalists need to be woken up.

      I’ve included your comments on my blog article which you’ll find at

      I take your point about the futility of going on and on about whether or not the WTC buildings were detonated. But the 911 affair in its entirety IS very significant because it was the excuse that Bush, Blair and their ilk used to start a phony “war on terror” and to introduce a raft of totalitarian legislation as well as to upturn the Constitution in the USA and Magna Carta and Habeas Corpus in the UK.

      So, in that sense, 911 was a premeditated event meant to create an artificial watershed. Blair let the cat out of the bag when, in a speech not much later, he said to the effect that the ‘kaleidoscope had been shaken’ and when the pieces fell into place a new world order would have come about.

      You are, of course, totally correct to condemn the Illuminati/Reptoid freaks whose inanities just give the more serious investigators a bad name. It is ironic that it is the very media whores who sniggeringly refer to ‘conspiracy theorists’ who, in refusing to publicly discuss influential groups like Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission are the worst conpirators of all!

  • Venceremos, I’m really pleased with what is happening as many like your self are starting to put together all the pieces of this enormous puzzle. There are many others who are trying to get the word out even though for some, it’s been dangerous to do so. Please accept that there are many parts to what this is.

    I lived in a family for more than 26 years who joined a crime organization shortly after getting married. Unfortunately, I doubt if they or anyone else in the family knew what the future would be like. For me the family experience was strangely terrifying with dealing with people who were progressively and overly paranoid. The more they learned of what they committed the family to, the more paranoid everyone became. Murder, attempted murder and much more became the family norm.

    Their business is Property Development and their job was to launder criminal money straight into property using Mortgage Fraud with big Banks. They stayed away from using Recorder of Deeds Departments because they perceived them as being out of control with corruption. They felt the big Banks had too much to loose and stayed with them.

    Of course, because their business was developing property, they always had problems with people who weren’t happy. Some of their customers after complaining ran into more trouble then they wanted and some ended up getting harmed. I know of a few that were ended up as attempted murder. One in particular forced them to stop because any more attempts might attract too much attention. So they had to settle with totaling two of cars and putting him in a hospital.

    The family’s connection with this Organized Crime system was mainly with Government people who explained their connection being with another Secret Society called “Le Cercle”. I was told that Bilderberger, Trilateral Commission and others were involved as part of the top organization structure. So to me, you’re correct with who’s on top but please consider that there are Secret Societies linked into this too. I would suggest that the comments regarding who is effectively doing the dirty work should include other Secret Societies such as “Le Cercle” as mentioned above.

    The family constantly bragged about being involved in “The World’s Largest Criminal System” and there is good reason for this. It extends beyond our shores into the UK and elsewhere as you also described.

    But where are they getting their money from? And how long has this been going on? I know some of the answers and will offer them below. The answers by the way are within what the family did for the criminal system.

    The family’s job as mentioned was to launder money straight into property. They were laundering money coming from “Gun Running & Huge International Weekly Drug Shipments”. The Gun Running part involves the Drummond Corp and Chiquita which are currently in the news. But few know that large International Drug Distribution is a big part of this too. Also it includes other companies such as Pepsi and Coke too so we can’t dismiss that there are many other companies involved with generating the incoming cash part of this. But when you look more closely, this gets a lot worse as to who else is involved and what else they are doing.

    The weekly shipments coming into Chicago, as an example, are $100 Million in size and around Chicago they are split up between Chicago, Florida and New York. I know from the family that Chiquita and Drummond (and others) are a part of this also. However, it’s important to remember that there are OTHER weekly shipments equally as large that are coming in from Mexico headed to OTHER parts of the US too. Few know about this. But few also know that ALL shipments coming in to Mexico with this criminal group are “PROTECTED” by corruption that guarantees safe passage to the shipment(s) destination(s). As explained to me back in the 90’s, speedboats run out to ships to pick up the drug shipments. The drugs are brought back to a residence where they are loaded on trucks. These trucks freely drive across the border(s) without being checked. The drug shipments coming into Texas, as an example, are then loaded on another truck that also ships “Peppers”. The peppers cover up the drug smell. The “Pepper Truck” then heads up to the Chicago area where it is redistributed to the other areas.

    It doesn’t take a brain scientist to look at the Pepper Truck path and question who were the Governors of those states. The family threatened me back in the 90’s that if I talk about this, I would end up as what was happening to others in the state of Texas. It was explained to me that it’s really simple to set someone up, that in the end they’ll be put away for life or even executed. Also, if you wanted the job of driving the Pepper Truck, all you need to do is attend the largest growing Christian Church on the West area of Chicago and ask a high level Minister for a job. He would direct you to one of the people who is directly involved in the Drug system. I witnessed this myself while in a “Men’s Meeting” that met early on Sunday morning. I’ll also offer that some of the Churches property sits on property once owned by Organized Crime. The family often talked about who owned this property and that he “has a good thing going”. I know a lot more but this is enough for now. There is a lot about this church that needs to come out but what was important to explain is where a large portion of their money comes from. But to understand this, there still is more….

    If you add up how much money may be coming into the US just in Drugs, it’s in the Billions per year!

    There is currently a Federal trial in Chicago involving Hollinger and Conrad Black, among others. Please note that the family often talked about the involvement of Sun-Times and others. If you research into all the companies involved UNDER the Sun-Times, some of what I’m talking about should be more obvious. Along with this are Former Governor Thompson, Perle and many others including large Corporations, Chiquita, KKR and other corporations.

    While going through my divorce in the mid 90’s, I moved my software company into a small office. It wasn’t long before all of my workstations were contaminated with “data collection” software especially designed to be a part of the Windows System. Luckily because hard drive technology was growing in size, instead of reinstalling my Windows system(s), I elected to move up to bigger drives. Believe me, there isn’t any commercial software that will remove their snooping software and this situation for everyone including you, may still exist now. Currently, I only have one computer that works and it isn’t connected to the Internet, although I have people constantly breaking into my system possibly through my network card. If you don’t know, there is a lot more to say about how Wireless Homeports work and “the holes” in all the hardware that may allow break-ins to happen without being directly connected. I need to mention that a close friend of mine has a laptop that like many others has a built-in wireless port. Even if she switches OFF the wireless link, they still break in! It looks as though the wireless connection switch ONLY turns off an indicator light!

    When I analyzed my Office hard drives, I learned that all of my data was being sent out on the Internet in small segments to a conglomerate of Big Corporations on the West Coast. While working with the Cook County Police, I prepared a document along with printouts of logged activities that included IP addresses and more. The Police Sgt REFUSED to accept any of my documents OR my hardware even though I had an ongoing case with them. I’ve known from the family that the County Police Commissionaire is involved in the criminal system too. Frankly, you’d be very surprised to know who all is involved, (Bush family, Clintons and many more).

    Also, I’ve had a significant amount of experiences that should question Microsoft’s Windows developments, as recently someone from Microsoft has attended the latest Bilderbergs meeting. I’ve known from the family that Microsoft is also involved, more on this later..

    Please accept that it’s my opinion that there should be NO excuse for Vista to behave the way it has. Some reports state that Vista is as bad as XP and some are suggesting staying away from using it. Being someone who has developed software, and has experience with using snooped equipped Windows systems and dealing with constant break-ins, there is a good reason for this. Considering my proposal about Windows, consider questioning what else the NSA has been doing with wire tapping US Citizens and possibly reasons why. If there are ongoing Federal Investigations, it would make sense to try to manage how those criminal investigations are doing against the criminal system. The family often said that out of every 10 Politicians involved, 7 are Republicans and the remainder are Democrats. Hence, there really isn’t a Political system as their efforts are in trying to rule over our information systems and our Political systems.

    Some thing else, there have been reports of hundreds of “Prison’s” that are supposed to exist around the US. They call them, Detention Centers or Retention Centers. I was told about these Prisons back in the early 90’s from the family. They threatened me with saying: “When the CHANGE comes, you’re either WITH US, or YOU’RE NOT! If you’re not, you’ll end up in one of the Prisons.” Believe me, this is real!

    They explained “The Change” as starting from an enormous collapse of our economy and isn’t this what it currently being set up?

    There’s another part of this that is serious and most troubling. We all depend upon Hospitals to help us in time of need. But a Hospital can actually be a bad place if someone doesn’t like you. When a family member had to be in the Hospital, the family always hired guards with medical backgrounds to watch the door. This isn’t a joke!

    I was told in the early 90’s that around Chicago there are three Hospitals that are used for “eliminating people”. I’m not going to tell you what the family called them. I have a close friend who lost a friend in one of them. Her and members of her family will testify in court, if need be, that this person was murdered. At the same time they were setting this friend up for murder, this same Hospital was calling my office demanding that I personally pay them a Sales Call. Please accept that I don’t do work for Hospitals and even told the caller this many times. However, he said that the Hospital President insisted that I personally come out, which I did. Upon doing so, I narrowly missed having more than a three car accidents going in each direction. As the family explained this, they try to harm you enough to make sure you visit the Hospital, so when you’re in the area around that particular hospital, that’s when they will try to harm you. Once you’re harmed and at the hospital, it’s guaranteed that you’ll never leave alive.

    Regarding my friends murdered friend, you should know her background and also the families involved in her life’s background. By knowing this, you may start to understand more.

    Please be aware that the recent murder of Alexander Litvinenko using specially made Nuclear material, used as a poison, was explained to me by the family back in the early 90’s. If you look around the news, little to nothing has been mentioned about this problem existing here in the US. But according to the family it does and has for a long time. Poisoning is one of their favorite methods for eliminating someone. While in my Office, I often found stored food in my small refrigerator with broken seals and earlier on, some of this food made me seriously ill. Frankly, anything that eliminates someone without question is what they use.

    To summarize, as we realize how “they plan” and “organize” through “what structure”, the other sub-groups that I know of personally come into view. They consider themselves as being “The World’s largest Criminal System”. Also it’s important to include the Vatican Bank as it’s a huge MOB financial connection. I’ve personally been out to dinner with the family at MOB places where we met MOB people. The family during 1996 was entertaining purchasing into Gus Boulis’s Casino Boat business that he was thinking of expanding in New York. The family thought about it but really wanted to be part of his Florida Business but in the end decided not to go forward. However, during this time, the family was told that a few others wanted to be partners along with them in the Casino Boat Business. Guess who these other people were?

    There are man other parts that I haven’t mentioned however one that needs to be brought up is the Military connection. There is a huge criminal element within the Pentagon. Many feel they know this, but many don’t realize that they are in ways “working along” with the other criminal group that was mentioned above. I know they are working together from the family. I often said that the communication link went from where I was, somewhere around Chicago in a Laundromat, all the way up to the top of our Government. If we wanted to know something all we had to do was ask and within the next day or two, we would be told the answer.

    There is so much involved and this is huge. It’s very difficult to leave certain topics out when trying to make sense with valued points. Viewing the top tends to explain the organization structure but there’s a huge sinister side that also is part of this structure that needs to be brought out too. What I didn’t mention is their Mind Control side as well as a lot more. For all of us, their attack has been going on AGAINST us for decades. It’s been a slow progressive move to where it is now. And as things go, the situation has become very serious to where there it’s almost overwhelming to deal with. But even though it at times appears hopeless, I have a positive feeling that this will end.

    I’ll write more another time…

    Marty Didier
    Northbrook, IL

  • Please also read:
    Pentagon ‘Coup’ Completes Military Takeover Of United States Government

    Marty Didier, Northbroook, IL

    • Sure, capitalism-imperialism is a vast "network of organized crime" with big centers co-ordinated by central "big brother" manipulating power and possessing extended means to protect itself !

      I promoted the idea of "Living Democracy" back in 1997/98, and for a while doing a research of this appelation fell on my name and my published articles on the site after 2002, but soon after 2003, I was attacked by "black-out" virus and lost all my data(repeted for fourth time since 1997!). What I suggested was to re-create a Fifth Communist International ( Isn’t it strange that no communist for over 60 years even blamed slightly Stalin-Molotov’s big compromise during Yalta’s talks, between 1943 Cairo to Tehran talks where the famous trio Roosevelt-Churchil-Stalin gathered, and it’s 1945 final Yalta signature, for abandonning officially the CI, the only international organization that could create big surprises for the imperialists and their secret criminal-genocidal international, such as Russia 1917, Germany 1920, Spain 1936, China 1924-49, Korea 1940-1950, Vietnam 1935-1975 ! But the "big brothers" don’t like surprises, this is why they accorded to Stalin from East Europe, China or Neutral Yugoslavia, got Greece, Italy, Iran, Turkey, and most of all The Official Abandon of The Third Leninist International, a precious tool for international class struggle, global analysis of our forces and those of our enemies and the vitally needed structured global strategy etc... ! I still cannot understand Lenin’s complete abandon of Marx’s Gotha program’s Critical writings for precisely doing what is needed for massif socialization - completely abandonned by adoption of the non-socialist program of New Economic Policy NEP in 1922, this is not Lenin, and his assassination attempt by a "socialist revolutionary" from Caucasian Oil fields ( Rothschield-Rockeffellers territory ??), which very much contributed to lessen his life, I suggest to analyse still lenin’s remains also for various poisoning traces used in 1900-1930 too !!! Later on, curiously no attempt is made to follow the scientific socialism and develop mass socialization means or methods, neither leading communists talk about it for decades ! It seems to me that what lacks for communists is the big unknowns that why Stalin executed so many scientific communists such as commerades of central committee and those German commerades of Third Communist International involved in Chineese Revolution ( I know this by reading recently Mao - biography done by Jung Chang a former red guard and Jon Halliday a Britt. proffessor collaborating possibly with MI5, for getting hold or possess as many old & original Chineese Communist Party Documents, or old diplomatic sources, destroyed/lost later by CPC after 1934 - 1960 long march to after take over of power in China !!! ) And what about strange assassinations of German commerades Rosa Luxenbourg, Karl Liebnecht and others in 1920, for abortion of German Revolution, or in Spain or other parts of the world ( not mentioning Trotsky’s, whose precious aid for Mexican Revolution could only heart USA!! ) ???? Why not make a reasearch on them ? Why this part of KGB files are still kept out of reach (or partly destroyed ???) we lack enormous amount of historical data, communist documents or capitalist & imperialist data-documents, lost or hidden concerning 1830-1989 in order to have a correct and scientific analysis and conclusions for communist movement !!! Why every Leninist Party is easily infiltrated and eventually possessed by revisionists in every country since 1950’s on ???

      I have worked few years on this scientific mass socialization methods following Marx’s methods described in Gotha’s (Lassalian reformist socialism) Critic’s article, and used also Tom Thomas’ researches on "K. Marx Et La Transition au Communism", and going beyond Tom’s conclusions came up with the fact that socialism will be impossible today without 1) a New C.I. with a structured revolutionary strategy & 2) the abolishing of monetary system and it’s electronic credit system concentrated on Dollar-Euro-Yen-Sterling / G7,8,9,...,13 stabilization pact between big central banks, and replacing it systematically by a citizen’s individual merit-credit system of exchange, which is based on a more concrete value system - as Marx explained and sought for the transition method (short of making its complete conclusions before dying !) This credit -merit system helps to develop all individuals who adopt it, helps develop individuals freely and to a maximum speed as promissed by The Manifest ! I think Engels’s finishing of Third Vol. of Capital lacks or ommitted strangely this needed massif work done by Marx to conclude at its ending ( if he had more time to live and finish it in Third, Fourth Volume maybe !?) that money is an old mecanism for digging greater and greater the class differences as it’s global market volume and circulation speed increases ( thus he could also predict the end of the Universal Gold System happening in 1971, because the available limited amount of gold or other precious metals won’t be able to follow the explosion of capital, much less if we consider the electronic credit circulation going in hundred trillions of dollars per year after 2000 ! Marx knew very well the fact that Capitalism, from old searching big empires, in fact needed the expansion for searched of gold deposits, and already in 15th-16th century for expansion of it’s system was hurting on this limitation of Gold and silver stocks and one of the important missions given to Marco Polo or later to famous navigators and especially to well known Cristoff Colomb’s mission to find especially large gold deposits for Spanish Crown, and all naval wars, pirates’ complicity with big powers France, Britain or Holland etc... or The Boer’s War, was also to possess these precious large gold mines and/or to not let the other powers to get hold of their possession ! It constituted more for the famous colonialist division of the world between the Spanish Crown and the Portuguese Crown and generally the war between big empires from old ! This habit we can understand why is disappearing among the famous world market division of the world markets today by the fact that Gold is not the Universal money and has disappeared from monetary bank reserve practise, replaced by G7/8/9,..., 10/13,... mutual pact for IMF regulation, playing the role of World Central Bank for imperialists, of electronic money’s mutual balances within strictly pre-convened variations ! Therefore multi-nationals can mutually create the conventional Global Market, however Marx’s theory still holds that the one most extensively used product ( that is oil ) is still can affect greatly the price and value variation for the dollar-Euro-Yen, etc... , whence the mutual open-secret collusion of all G8/13 for neglecting the most openly violated international laws and UN mandate for the American-British (designers of IMF in 1945 by Brettenwoods Banking Pact !) illegal intrusion in Iraq and violent genocidal war imposed on Saddam/ (Iran complice but wont last before Iran’s Islamic Regime also meets Saddam’s or Hitler’s fate!) since 1980, for possession and/or control of Iraq’s extensive oil fields, and Iran’s to follow, more than 3/6 Millions dead or gone to exile in all over the world not counting the Kurdish and Palestinian/Lebanon’s related genocidal wars 3/5 millions exiled, hundred thousands killed by Nato - Israelli forces !! I stop here , ciao !
      It is simple and concrete , based on individual’s hours spent socially for work or individual-social qualification; it eliminates capitalist crisis, price variations, large disproportionate class differences, it does not have the opacity of capitalist money characteristics, can be completely transparent in global transactions, can be more precise for economic evaluations and socialist scientific evaluations and more precise balance-sheets etc..., a real socialisation tool strangely neglected by Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and all other so called scientific socialists ! Abram

  • There’s still more. I’d like to add another area discussed within the family that surfaces yet another huge drug system with ties directly back to Organized Crime. However it doesn’t stop there as it also includes paths to other countries that when I include family information about Political environments, it suggests even more.

    Lately the news has had articles about the murder of “Nelson M. Davis” (Glen Davis) in Toronto Canada. He owned "N.M. Davis Corporation" that is known as a transportation company among other things. However within the family, there were conversations about a huge operation in Canada along with many other comments. These also included the Five Crime Families of New York, especially the Bonanno Crime Family. Davis is also linked to Conrad Black (the family talked often about Black) who is in Federal Court here in Chicago. I mentioned in one of my posts about The Sun-Times, Hollinger, Chiquita, Drummond, Colombia and other companies along with some of the people connected that this was also discussed within the family. Please note that to me, this has always sounded as one huge criminal system.

    In my opinion, there were three attempts to kill Davis. The first one was a fire on a plane that killed innocent people, luckily he escaped. But Davis changed his attitude towards life, did he know something? I believe so, because after the first attempts on me, I changed as well. Davis’s second attempt was when someone attacked him with a baseball bat but the attacker was scared away after other people came on to the scene. One attack I had was when someone was trying to break into my small office during the day. The person was picking my two locks when I heard it. He was able to get one open and started on the second one. During this time, I relocked the first opened lock. Then shortly people entered from across the hall and scared this person away. He could have continued to gain entrance then closed the door, but ran away instead. My office was on the second floor overlooking the parking lot. Another time I noticed a familiar mob person who had been stalking me pull-up and park. He got out and started walking but noticed two groups of people. He went back to his van and made a call. He complained that he couldn’t continue then after a few minutes left. Even though he would have only had to walk through these people to enter the building and probably not be seen in doing his act, he elected to stop and leave instead. This is two out of many more for me. But Davis was murdered with being shot multiple times as he walked up to his car. Whoever it was, there were two suspects and they entered the parking area only minutes before Davis came in from having lunch. It’s important to remember that they knew his schedule well enough to know the right time to be there. Why I’m saying this is because I know they watch you in every way to get every piece of information. They use every trick in the book they can to get that information which includes also high tech.

    Please keep in mind that this huge criminal group doesn’t have any problems murdering innocent people if they know their target will be killed along with the others. In fact they normally would set it up to look like an accident so people wouldn’t suspect anything. Their goal with eliminating someone is to make it look like it wasn’t a hit because if it was, that would make law enforcement probe into learning why and who was involved. They have always shown to be very careful with how they plan their hits.

    From what I remember from the family, the Canada system involves running huge drug shipments for a “Colombian connection with New York MOB links”. But it doesn’t stop there as it continues to Chicago and involves “The Chicago Outfit”, Gangs (Chicago Outlaws and others), Willow Creek Church, South Barrington, IL (mentioned earlier and included “Government People” as well as others), "Palumbo Construction" (family who were indicted in the late 90’s) and more. I believe one of the Colombian connections in Canada during this time was with "Bernardo Arcila" who fled Canada for Colombia some years ago.

    To me, what surfaces from this are questions that need answers! The family talked about many things over the years and when put together require more detail to make it understandable.

    First there are serious questions about the integrity of the Colombian and other Political environments involved in the areas that I discussed.

    Second, mentioned earlier was about the Vatican Bank and I don’t want to dismiss this at all. The family had many issues along with comments about this as well as the corruption within the Catholic Church. Without needing to say more, something needs to be done with surfacing what is happening within the Vatican Bank.

    Third, the MOB really is known to be separate families, but my life’s experience says it’s a huge criminal enterprise with links that are more than astounding. Case in point is with Abramoff’s family history of MOB links that tried to steal Gus Boulis’s Casino Boat Business and ended up with him being murdered only days before Gus was to take them to court for his money. Remember, I was invited to meet Gus Boulis in 1990 and spend a week with him to start a sandwich business around Chicago. I declined the offer. What I’m trying to say is these links are much more than you might want to ever believe. Also the family entertained a joint ownership with Gus’s New York Casino Boat venture that never materialized. Gus had meetings with the New York MOB and that’s probably where the family’s invitation came from. However the family really wanted Gus’s Florida business but in the end of 1996, they decided not to move forward and partly because there were a few other people who wanted in as well. Guess who they were?

    Fourth, considering Davis’s murder one needs also to consider how he was murdered and why he was murdered. I’ll speculate that because if his position and that he changed he became a risk to the criminal system. This group is paranoid and with people who are paranoid, you need to concern yourself with what they think about you. If they worry about you, you’re gone! The links will take anyone researching this all the way to many groups including Hollinger and those involved with the Sun-times. Its one huge system that links other areas too that I won’t mention.

    Fifth, I mentioned about the Detention Camps or Prisons that were used to threaten me as explained in the 90’s by the family. Please understand that this too is part of this whole criminal system. It may be inferred but certainly it doesn’t take a brain scientist to look at the other links that exist in this too.

    I do have a lot more but maybe it’s better for another time…..

    Marty Didier, Northbrook, IL