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Dr Gideon Polya

Greens uphold but Coalition & Labor destroy humane agenda of Oz PM Whitlam

Thursday 23 October 2014

Courageous, anti-racist social humanist and former Australian Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam (1916-2014), has died at the age of 98. Gough Whitlam was a courageous, intelligent and visionary social democrat who transformed Australia in 3 short years (1972-1975) before his removal in a US-backed Coup. Whitlam gave Australia womens rights, equal pay for women, no fault divorce, Aboriginal rights, Aboriginal land rights in the Northern Territory, universal free access to health services and tertiary education, rejection of explicit racism and abolition of the White Australia Policy [1-3].

Gough Whitlam came from a privileged upper middle class family and was a Queens Counsel (QC) barrister. A veteran of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in World War 2 he joined the Australian Labor Party (ALP) after the war and courageously crashed through to reform the ALP and make it a social democratic party for all thoughtful and aspirational Australians as a well as for trade unionists.

Pro-peace, pro-humanity, and pro-human rights Whitlam transformed Australia in a mere 3 years before his removal in a US-backed Coup by a CIA-linked Governor General Sir John Kerr on 11 November 1975 (The Dismissal). Tributes have flowed for Gough Whitlam and his immense, enduring social legacy but the appalling Mainstream media of Murdochracy, Lobbyocracy and Corporatocracy Australia have ignored the horrible reality that in the 4 decades since his Dismissal, both the 2 major political groups in Australia, the conservative Liberal Party and National Party Coalition and the Right-dominated Labor Party (known collectively as the Lib-Labs or Liberal-Laborals) have sought to roll back his pro-peace, pro-humanity, pro-human rights, pro-education, pro-equity and pro-opportunity legacy.

The pro-peace, pro-humanity, pro-environment, pro-equity, pro-opportunity, and pro-human rights agenda of Whitlam is in stark contrast to that of the pro-war, pro-Zionist, pro-fossil fuels, anti-science, anti-environment, climate criminal, war criminal, US lackey Lib-Labs. Indeed the Whitlam agenda very much resembles the pro-peace, pro-humanity, pro-environment, pro-equity, pro-opportunity, and pro-human rights agenda of the Australian Greens. The Labor Party was angered when the Greens published a picture of the late Gough Whitlam above the Greens logo and referred to his landmark decision to abolish university fees (a position reversed by the subsequent Hawke Labor Government).

Progressive Australian journalist Ben Eltham writing in the Alternative Australian web magazine New Matilda has stated the appalling obvious that is being resolutely ignored by the Mainstream journalist, politician and academic presstitutes, specifically that many of the great advances under Gough Whitlam are being reversed or weakened by the dominant neoliberal culture: “Since 1975, Whitlam’s achievements have never been under greater attack than today” [4].

Below is a summary of PM Gough Whitlam’s social democracy achievements (with subsequent actual or attempted roll-backs by the neoliberal, US lackey Lib-Labs in parentheses):

1. Whitlam sought greater independence from America.

Whitlam sought more balanced, peaceful and friendly relations with Developing countries, a policy that was not only humane but eminently rational with 3 billion Asians and Africans, half of them Muslims, between Australia and Mother England. Whitlam raised the ire of the Americans because of his opposition to the Vietnam War and Israeli state terrorism and his demand for clarity over the Pine Gap spying establishment in Central Australia. (After the US-backed Dismissal of PM Gough Whitlam in 1975, the Australian Labor Party recognized that its central policy must be “all the way with the USA” and that necessarily included fervent support for genocidally racist Apartheid Israel. Deviations from Washington or Tel Aviv were subject to extreme punishment. Right wing Labor Opposition leader Mark Latham wanted to bring Australian troops home from Iraq “by Christmas” but was publicly vetoed by the US ambassador in the 2004 election. Right wing Labor PM Kevin Rudd opposed the Iraq War, proposed destruction of Afghan opium poppy crops, mildly objected to Apartheid Israeli violation of Australians and Australian sovereignty, and wanted a big Mining Tax on mostly foreign-owned mining companies – he was removed in a US-approved, Mining Company-funded and pro-Zionist -led Coup on 24 June 2010. Up to 2,500 child-killing US Marines were stationed in Darwin under Labor PM Gillard with more adumbrated by the Coalition plus more joint exercises and more nuclear-armed ship visits).

2. Whitlam opposed US Asian wars.

Whitlam opposed the horrendous US wars against Vietnam , Cambodia and Laos that were ultimately associated with deaths from violence and war-imposed deprivation totalling 15 million, 6 million and 1 million, respectively [2]. (With the exception of Whitlam, all post-1990 Australian PMs variously participated in US Asian wars associated with deaths from violence or war-imposed deprivation totalling 4.6 million for the Iraqi Genocide, 5.5 million for the Afghan Genocide, and 40 million in total).

3. Whitlam brought Australian troops home from Vietnam.

Whitlam’s first actions on gaining office were to arrange for the immediate return of Australian soldiers from Vietnam, the freeing of conscientious objectors from prison, and the cessation of the “birthday ballot” conscription of young Australian men for killing Asians. (All Lib-Lab PMs with the exception of Whitlam sent Australian forces to US Asian wars that since 1950 were associated with 40 million Asian deaths from violence or war-imposed deprivation).

4. Whitlam defended Australian sovereignty over Pine Gap.

Whitlam wanted clarity over the function of the joint US-Australian spying facility at Pine Gap in Central Australia. This facility had (and still has) a key role in US nuclear terrorism and Whitlam’s concerns are among the key reasons for the US-backed Dismissal. (Under successive Lib-Lab Governments Pine Gap operations remained secret and are key to spying on everyone in the world for the US and Apartheid Israel and for targeting war criminal US drone strikes from Africa to South Asia ).

5. Whitlam defended Australians’ right to know.

Whitlam sought clarity over the function of the joint US-Australian spying facility at Pine Gap in Central Australia, this raising the ire of the US and leading in part to his Dismissal. (Successive Lib-Lab governments have been obsessively secretive and are about to pass bipartisan-supported “anti-terror” legislation that criminalizes reportage of intelligence abuses).

6. Whitlam famously visited and thence recognized China.

As leader of the Opposition and thence as Australian PM Whitlam visited China. He “got away” with visiting “Communist China” at the height of the Cold War despite howls of protest from the racist right because his visit was quickly followed by that of war criminal and mass murderer US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. China is now Australia’s biggest trading partner. (According to Wikileaks, Labor PM Rudd suggested US war with China to the Americans and former Labor Opposition leader and Australian Ambassador to Washington, Kim Beazley, offered Australian soldiers in that eventuality. The Coalition and Labor Right are Sinophobic and Russophobic and partners in the US policy of “containing” China and Russia. In a great irony, former Coalition PM Malcolm Fraser, who was appointed caretaker PM by Governor-General Kerr after he dismissed PM Whitlam, has become an important critic of Lib-Lab Sinophobia and other policies, stating that “Slavish devotion to the US [is] a foreign policy folly for Australia” [5] ).

7. Whitlam was pro-science and pro-intellectual.

Whitlam was a thinker and definitely pro-science as reflected in private comments, public comments and support for universities, research, the environment and intellectual pursuits. (The Lib-Labs are anti-science, in being effective climate change denialist, pro-coal, pro-gas, and anti-environment, and for variously slashing university, Australian Research Council (ARC), Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) and industry research funding. The Lib-Labs recently passed draconian legislation providing for 10 years in prison for scientists who mention to non-Australians any of thousands of items in a 353-page Defence and Strategic Goods List under the terms of the US Alliance-inspired Defence Trade Controls Bill [6]).

8. Whitlam was pro-universities and pro-higher education.

Whitlam was an intellectual, funded expansion of universities, and made tertiary education accessible to everybody regardless of parental wealth (see item #9 below). (Under Labor PM Bob Hawke’s Education Minister John Dawkins, Hawke Labor “Dawkinized” and dumbed-down research-plus-teaching universities through fusing them with non-research, teaching-only Colleges of Advanced Education ( CAEs). Labor PM Julia Gillard slashed billions of dollars from the universities. The present Coalition Government is starving and deregulating higher education, with adumbrated hugely increased Federal Government funding of Mickey Mouse private tertiary institutions such as that which gave PM Abbott’s daughter a $60,000 “scholarship”).

9. Whitlam introduced free tertiary education.

Free tertiary education was variously available in Europe. Whitlam’s introduction of free tertiary education for Australia suddenly made tertiary education accessible to all Australians regardless of wealth. This was a huge advance on the social humanist agenda of maximizing human opportunity and happiness. ( Free tertiary education was reversed by the Hawke Labor Government with introduction of the Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) loan system enabling the students to pay off the re-introduced fees over many years as a levy on earnings above a particular level. The current Coalition plans to greatly increase fees and hence HECS Debt, interest payments and hence the worsening wealth-based social divide. Students doing a basic Bachelor of Arts degree may now start postgraduate adult life at 21 with a HECS debt of $100,000).

10. Whitlam introduced Medibank (now called Medicare) and free health services for all.

Whitlam introduced free hospital and other medical services for everyone called Medibank (now called Medicare). This was a major social humanist advance that saved lives and suffering on a huge scale and also saved the poor from crippling penury from medical costs. (Neoliberal greed inevitably meant the growth of private medical insurance, ostensibly for “the doctor of your choice”, that enabled the well-off to avoid long delays in public hospitals and get immediate attention. The current Coalition Government proposal for co-payments for medical attention is part of a neoliberal push for a wealth-based US-style health system which sees 45,000 Americans dying from lack of medical cover each year and 1.5 million Americans dying from preventable causes each year [7]. About 80,000 Australians die from preventable causes each year [8]).

11. Whitlam stood up for Womens Rights and Equal Pay.

Gough Whitlam, backed by his marvellous and forthright wife of 70 nearly years, Margaret Whitlam, stood up for womens rights and in particular for equal pay for women. The free tertiary education reform also greatly empowered women. (Under the Lib-Labs child care is still not fully tax deductible while negative gearing costs for prosperous investors investing in equities or property are tax deductible. There is still a large gap between male and female earnings in Australia. Appallingly and appallingly ignored by Australia’s Mainstream media presstitutes, 34% of Australian women and 16% of Australian men have been sexually abused as children [9]).

12. Whitlam gave Australia the 1975 Racial Discrimination Act.

Whitlam Labor’s 1975 Racial Discrimination Act outlawed Federal racial discrimination and was important for human rights and Indigenous Australian human rights in particular as well as outlawing racial discrimination in immigration. (The 1975 Racial Discrimination Act was grossly violated by Lib-Labs in relation to Northern Territory (NT) Aborigines and the Coalition Intervention in the NT with the backing of racist Labor. Labor in government also subsequently violated the 1975 Racial Discrimination Act in relation to Afghan refugees fleeing the US-, Zionist- and Australia-backed Afghan Genocide and Tamil refugees fleeing the US-, Zionist- and Australia-backed Tamil Genocide) .

13. Whitlam legislated Land Rights for NT Aborigines, notably the Gurindji People.

The Indigenous Australian Gurundji People of the NT had gone on strike for many years for decent pay from the British Lord Vestey who owned the Wave Hill cattle station on Gurundji land. Whitlam legislated Land Rights for NT Aborigines, most notably the Gurindji People. (The removal of Whitlam from office forestalled further such action. In the 21st century there is big Lib-Lab pressure for Aborigines to quit traditional land in remote areas and move to towns for key services).

14. Whitlam addressed urban Australia and suburban services, notably sewerage.

Whitlam was conscious of the basic needs (e.g. sewerage, schools, roads) of ordinary suburban Australians, 90% of whom live in cities or towns. Whitlam addressed urbanization in both the city suburbs and in towns in regional Australia (Albury-Wodonga straddling the Victoria and New South Wales border being a major example). (The climate criminal Coalition favours dirty roads over badly needed rail services to outer suburbs, noting that rail transport of people is 20 times more energy efficient than car transport. Successive neoliberal Lib-Lab governments have favoured horizontal, outwards spread of Australian cities rather than vertical, centralized growth ).

15. Whitlam introduced major family law reforms and no fault divorce.

Whitlam, a Queens Counsel (QC) barrister, introduced major family law reforms and notably no fault divorce. (Under Lib-Labs forced removal of children from Aboriginal mothers has reached an historic high notwithstanding the “Sorry” to the Stolen Generations by Labor PM Kevin Rudd) [10]).

16. Whitlam attempted to "buy back the farm" from foreign miners.

Whitlam attempted to raise billions of dollars in loans to get Australian ownership of major mineral resources (e.g. minerals, coal and gas), Unfortunately, the Arab Oil Crisis due to Apartheid Israeli militarism lead to a worldwide economic downturn that involved higher inflation and unemployment in Australia with restricted access to capital. Whitlam Labor’s attempt to raise money from oil-rich Arab sources rather than traditional “White” European sources was a red rag to Australian racists and led to the “Khemlani Loans Scandal” beat-up that helped damage the Labor Government when the king-maker Rupert Murdoch’s Media Empire that helped install Whitlam in 1972 turned against him in 1975. (Labor PM Kevin Rudd attempted to get a better share of mining royalties in 2010 but was betrayed and removed in a US-approved, foreign Miner-funded and pro-Zionist-led Coup. PM Julia Gillard drafted a toothless Mining Tax. The Coalition opposed the Mining Tax which it abolished in 2014 with the help of the Mining billionaire Clive Palmer MP’s Palmer United Party (PUP)).

17. Whitlam secured welfare for single mothers.

In addition to his pro-women actions in relation to family law, free tertiary education and equal pay, Whitlam legislated for welfare for single mothers. (Labor PM Julia Gillard drastically cut welfare for single mothers and the present Coalition Government has the same callous attitude.

18. Whitlam espoused opportunity for all.

Whitlam was a social humanist who believed in maximizing the opportunity for everyone to better themselves. This is in stark contrast to the currently dominant neoliberal agenda of maximizing the freedom of the rich and advantaged to make wealth from the world’s ’ physical and human resources with benefits “trickling down” to the poor and disadvantaged. ( Whitlam’s social humanism is utterly rejected rejected by the pro-One Percenter neoliberal Lib-Labs. The One Percenter and Ten Percenter share of national income has steadily increased in the Anglosphere countries including Australia since the Whitlam era [11] ).

19. Whitlam sought peaceful engagement with Asia.

In addition to opposing US Asian wars, Whitlam sought friendly relations with Asian countries, most notably Indonesia, Japan and China. (The cowardly and racist Lib-Lab policy of helping the US in killing Asians and devastating their countries has meant that Australia is complicit in 40 million Asian deaths from violence or violently-imposed deprivation in US Asian wars since 1950).

20. Whitlam abolished the White Australian Policy.

Whitlam’s predecessor as Leader of the Labor Party was Arthur Calwell a traditional Labor racist who is remembered for his appallingly racist comments about Asians e.g. “Two Wongs do not make a White”, “We can have a white Australia, we can have a black Australia, but a mongrel Australia is impossible, and I shall not take the first steps to establish the precedents which will allow the floodgates to be opened”, “We will not let the yellow hordes contaminate our golden shores”, “ Japanese women should not be allowed to pollute our shores” and “No red-blooded Australian wants to see a chocolate-coloured Australia in the 1980s”. What was popularly known as the White Australian Policy excluded non-Europeans from Australia from 1901 when Australia’s first Prime Minister Edmund Barton in debating the Commonwealth Immigration Restriction Bill (1901) stated “The doctrine of the equality of man was never intended to apply to the equality of an Englishman and the Chinaman.” Whitlam abolished the racist White Australian Policy in 1974 [3]. (Successive racist Lib-Lab Governments permitted the New White Australia Policy that makes acquiring visas for travelling to Australia much more difficult for non-Whites that for Whites and “Honorary Whites” like Japanese ).

21. Whitlam advanced human rights, especially for women and Aborigines.

Whitlam advanced human rights by abolishing conscription, abolishing the White Australia Policy, opposing Apartheid in South Africa, opposing Israeli state terrorism, stopping Australia’s involvement in Vietnam, promoting equal pay for women, legislating NT Aboriginal land rights and through the 1975 Racial Discrimination Act, (There has been gross Lib-Lab human rights abuse in relation to children, refugees, Muslims, subject Asian populations and Indigenous Australians).

22. Whitlam reduced the voting age to 18.

Whitlam reduced the voting age to 18 arguing that if they were old enough to die for Australia in wars then they were old enough to have a say in elections. (Lib-Labs and media presstitutes are involved in gross deception of the young in a spin-driven, look-the-other-way Australia. Thus, for example, Australian Mainstream media and Lib-Lab politicians deceive the young by steadfastly ignoring the realities that (a) Australia’s historical Carbon Debt from greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution is $1.7 trillion and increasing at $300 billion each year and (b) undergraduate teaching can be provided for about 10% of the current cost using casual academics and for about 1% of the current through part-time expert accrediting assessments for top quality courses emplaced for free on the web (MOOCs) by top institutions like 152-Nobel-Laureate Harvard and 83-Nobel-Laureate MIT [12, 13]).

23. Whitlam initiated protection of wild Australia.

Whitlam was pro-environment and commenced protection of wild Australia e.g. stopping barbarians drilling for oil on the Great Barrier Reef. (In the 21st century, anti-environment, climate criminal Lib-Labs are threatening forests, ecosystems, species, and the Great Barrier Reef. Under the climate criminal Lib-Labs Australia (population 24 million) is one of the worst annual per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) polluters. Australia’s annual Domestic plus Exported GHG pollution is about 2 billion tonnes CO2-e , this giving an Australian annual per capita GHG pollution of 83 tonnes CO2-e per person per year as compared to the World average of 9 tonnes CO2-e per person per year and Bangladesh’s 0.9 tonnes CO2-e per person per year [14]. The climate criminal Australian Coalition Government and Labor Right are effectively climate change denialist through resolute commitment to climate change inaction and in so doing is committed to climate criminal One Percenter and Ten Percenter wealth acquisition at the expense of young people and future generations).

24. Whitlam fostered intellectual debate.

Whitlam achieved leadership of the Labor Party and thence of Australia by overcoming the traditional class warfare and racism of the traditional Labor Party and bringing on board educated, middle class Australians to unite with the Trade Union movement to get a better deal for all ordinary Australians. (The honest debate espoused by Whitlam has been replaced by lying Lib-Lab spin. Major matters such as Australia’s huge Carbon Debt, free tertiary education, and the Neocon American and Zionist Imperialist (NAZI) perversion and subversion of Australian politicians, journalists, academics and institutions are strictly off limits for public discussion).

25. Whitlam opposed Apartheid.

In 1971 Australia hosted a tour by the South African rugby team, the Springboks. 6 Australian players refused to play against the race-based Springboks and Whitlam’s predecessor, Coalition PM Billy Mc Mahon declared that their behaviour was a disgrace and insisted the tour would continue. Whitlam placed a government ban on sporting tours involving South African teams, a policy that was retained by subsequent Coalition and Labor governments. (The Coalition and Labor are extremely pro-Zionist and are the strongest supporters after the US of nuclear terrorist, genocidally racist, democracy-by-genocide Apartheid Israel that excludes 72% of its Palestinian subjects from voting for the government ruling all of Palestine).

26. Whitlam supported human rights for Palestinians.

Whitlam gave recognition to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and approved the establishment of a PLO liaison office in Canberra. Under Whitlam, Australia also voted for a resolution equating Zionism with racism at a UN women’s conference in Mexico. According to the pro-Zionist Australian Jewish News “Whitlam, the prime minister who shines brightest in Labor’s pantheon, had an “immoral, unethical and ungrateful attitude” towards Israel, his nemesis Bob Hawke allegedly said” [15]. (The Neocon American and Zionist Imperialist (NAZI)-perverted Australian Lib-Labs are the most fervent supporters of Apartheid Israel after the Zionist -perverted US).

27. Whitlam supported Arab Australians.

Whitlam moved away from the US and more towards the non-aligned movement and criticized Israeli attacks on Lebanon as “terrorism”. In arguing policy of “evenhandedness and neutrality ” with the hostile Zionist Lobby Whitlam stated “You people should realise that there is a large Christian Arab community in this country”. (The Coalition and Labor Right try to outdo each other in slavish support for Apartheid Israel even when it is violating Australians and Australian sovereignty. Under the Lib-Labs Australia has proscribed 19 organizations as “terrorists”, all being Muslim in origin and including 4 Palestinian, Lebanese and Somali groups (Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and Al-Shabaab) opposing violent and deadly foreign occupation of their countries, variously by Apartheid Israel, the US or the US Alliance. In contrast the Lib-Labs removed from its list of proscribed terrorist organizations the Zionist terrorist organization Irgun that killed Allied servicemen before, during and after WW2, collaborated with the Nazis, and was responsible for the violent ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948. Fervent Lib-Lab support for the Zionist-promoted US War on Muslims involving 12 million Muslim deaths from violence or violently-imposed deprivation since 1990 is linked to widespread and entrenched anti-Arab anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, anti-Muslim terror hysteria in Australia involving verbal and physical attacks on Muslims and most appallingly on Muslim women [8, 16-18]).

28. Whitlam supported the Arts.

Whitlam supported the Arts in numerous ways and this led to a renaissance of specifically Australian culture in literature, art, music and movies . Whitlam’s famous purchase for the National Gallery of Jackson Pollock’s abstract expressionist painting “Blue Poles” for $1.3 million has been vindicated financially as well as aesthetically (it is now valued at $20-100 million). (Labor PM Julia Gillard took an axe to impoverished Australian artists by abolishing use of paintings as appreciating components of superannuation schemes. The Neocon American and Zionist Imperialist (NAZI)-perverted and subverted Lib-Labs and their PC racist supporters are at the bottom of the moral, spiritual and intellectual barrel).


The death of Gough Whitlam at the age of 98 has led to an outpouring of accolades from all sides of politics for this courageous social humanist who transformed Australia in his mere 3 years in Government that were terminated by a US-backed Coup. Whitlam achieved so much that is now taken for granted in principle in Australia – womens rights, equal pay for women, no fault divorce, Aboriginal rights, Aboriginal land rights in the NT , universal access to free health services and tertiary education, rejection of explicit racism, and abolition of the White Australia Policy.

Nevertheless Whitlam’s neoliberal successors – the pro-war, pro-Zionist, anti-environment, anti-science, climate criminal, warmongering, war criminal, US lackey Coalition and Labor Right (aka Lib-Labs or Liberal-Laborals) - have relentlessly chopped away at the Whitlam social humanist legacy and immediately reversed his anti-war, anti-racism and anti-imperialist stance. Unlike any of his successors as PM of Australia, Whitlam actually served Australia in war (in the Royal Australian Air Force). Yet Whitlam’s ethical pro-peace, pro-human rights position has been replaced by the racism, warmongering and war criminality of all of his US lackey successors.

While Whitlam made huge permanent changes for the betterment of Australian society, the political consequences of the US-backed Dismissal of PM Whitlam on 11 November 1975 have been dire. The cowardly, unprincipled Labor Party rapidly adopted an “all the way with the USA” policy in concert with the position of the Coalition. The cowardice, greed, mendacity and racism of the pro-war, pro-Zionist, anti-science, climate criminal, war criminal, US lackey Lib-Labs have made Australia a terror hysteria-obsessed , war mongering, war criminal police state and are set to make White Australia an international pariah.

Whitlam has been criticized by economists for failing to handle the inflation, unemployment and credit crunch realities associated with the Oil Crisis and world economic downturn of the early 1970s but the unethical and unpatriotic Parliamentary warfare by the Coalition in blocking Supply hardly helped. Whitlam can also be criticised for apparently passively accepting the US-backed Indonesian invasion of East Timor that was to kill about 1/3 of the East Timorese population [1-3]. During the Whitlam Government period it appears that Australian Intelligence operatives were assisting the US CIA in the lead up to the bloody overthrow of the democratically –elected Allende Government in Chile on 11 September 1973, but it is likely that Whitlam was no more aware of this criminality than he was aware of US Intelligence moves leading to his own downfall on 11 November 1975.

Decent, humane, anti-racist, anti-war Australians will honor Gough Whitlam’s memory by rejecting the pro-war, pro-fossil fuels, anti-environment, US lackey, neoliberal Coalition and Labor Right (aka the Lib-Labs or Liberal Laborals), vote 1 Green and put the Coalition last. Decent people around the world should (a) inform everyone they can about the ongoing destruction of the social humanist Whitlam legacy in Australia, and (b) urge Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against all parties, politicians, presstitutes, crooks, companies and corporations involved in neoliberal Australian human rights abuses, war crimes and climate crimes.


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