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Let me count the ways.

Part One

By Peter Fredson

July 31, 2005

I have been keeping track of George W. Bush and his shenanigans for over 6 years. I have thousands of files on his doings, sayings, and atrocities. I did not start out loathing him, but was curious about how this callow, shallow, inarticulate, culturally-incurious, spoiled rich boy could possibly have been entered into the political arena by party bosses.

His early years shed no light on his leadership ability. His rich powerful daddy got him into good schools and jobs. He got into a cultic fraternity and was attracted by people who thought aggressiveness is the key to wealth and fame. His family got an eminent domain on a very desirable spot of land and practically stole the property from its owners. They made a ball-park with taxpayer money and young George was some sort of team manager. Then they sold out the property for many millions of dollars and George walked away a rich boy. He also became an assistant to his daddy to seek and exploit oil reserves, in the course of which they became friends with Saddam Hussein, numerous oil Sheiks, and acquainted with Osama bin Laden.

There is not much of note to relate for many years. He was the usual spoiled arrogant rich boy, petulant, alcoholic, coke-snuffer, and woman boinker.

Somehow he fell into the hands and plans of the Far Right extremists, who envisioned him as a poster boy for their schemes, whether as a dumb puppet or as an aggressive Leo Straussian neoconservative. He fit right into the get-rich plans of all of his corporate acquaintances. Then he got religion, full-blown, born-again, rebaptized, hallelujah-shouting, Praise the Lord, Bible Reading avid Christian. He accepted all of the biblical injunctions, attended numerous services, meetings, get-togethers, revivals and ingratiated himself with Jerry Falwell and his Christian Coalition bigots.

Evidently his Far Right and Corporate sponsors thought he could fit into their most stringent mold, and he, by his demeanor and actions, made it plain that he would uphold their most dear objectives: maximum profit and converting bible injunctions into constitutional legislation. He plainly accepted all of their shibboleths concerning abortion, gays, marriage, dirty words, Ten Commandments, women’s inferiority, relief, homelessness, unbelief, proselytizing for Jesus, and all of the conservative Republican slogans and issues.

The Republican Party bosses groomed him into the governorship of Texas, where he distinguished himself by executing the greatest number of people in our history, by ruining the education system, and beginning his divisive tactics for America. His arrogance, pomposity, swaggering and smirking became legendary in Texas. His inarticulate rhetoric and speaking in religious code evidently endeared him to the heart of Far Rightists.

Whether by design or serendipity or the influence of others, Bush was able to pull together the three most powerful forces in America: Religion, Politics and Wealth. He cultivated friendship with important people, especially the neoconservatives and attracted enough corporate money so that he had to use a rake to scoop up all their contributions.

The neoconservatives loved his aggressivity, dogmatism, go-to-hell attitude, and his declarations concerning stringent moral attitudes combined with his insatiable desire for power. They decided to make him president under their tutelage and guidance. He was just dumb enough to accept their blandishments without thinking about consequences (not that he has ever thought much about consequences of his actions.)

His daddy had enough clout and know-how to install him at the top of the Republican ladder. George fully exploited all of the adverse publicity due to Clinton’s lack of penis control, and the Republican moral indignation was thick enough to be cut with a broad axe. Bush’s egomania was allowed to grow until it encapsulated the world and everything in it. A few political rivals tried to stop him, but his combination of religious, political and corporate sponsors overcame all opposition. Lordy, how the money rolled in!

To be continued….

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  • Manager of the football team? The stories I read said that he was their cheerleader.

    • He isn’t talking about Dubya’s college years, but about the team that his daddy owned, and of which he magically became "manager’