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How do I leave the church?

by Open-Publishing - Friday 21 January 2011
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How do I leave the church?
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In order to formally leave the church you need to complete a "Declaration of Defection" form. We have automated this process so that, in 3 steps and with only simple details, we can produce all the required documentation. We also generate an accompanying cover letter that you are free to alter as you see fit. Alternatively, you can download a blank PDF http://www.countmeout.ie/samples/DeclarationOfDefection.pdf or HTML copy http://www.countmeout.ie/samples/DeclarationOfDefection.htm of the form and fill it in yourself.

The defection process is as follows:
1. Click the button on the right and complete the 3 step process. Only basic information is required;

2. Download & print the documents and fill in the remaining personal details;

3. If you have access to your birth or baptismal certificates you may want to include a photocopy, along with a copy of your photo ID;

4. Post or fax the completed documents to the diocese address or fax number that we provide (or find your diocese details here);

5. It will be noted in the baptismal register of your parish of birth that you have "Defected". Following this, you may receive confirmation that your request has been processed (why not send us a copy? All of your personal details will be blanked out);

6. You have now formally defected from the church.

Why would someone want to perform this act? Read some of our reasons or find out the implications of performing a defection and the answers to the most common queries in our Frequently Asked Questions.


Forum posts

  • I just sent a letter with my name and date of birth to the local church authority headquarters where i was baptised. i didn’t even know the date of this baptism, as child.
    I briefly explained that since years I don’t follow what they preach, don’t attend anything, and the world is full of valuable sensible information, the church message being very empty in comparison. So there was no more point that they count me as a follower and they should remove me from their registers.
    Few weeks later they replied with an extract of baptism certificate and a mention "has given up his faith on [date]". That was all. So it worked!
    Be careful, some people had trouble because they asked to be un-baptised, and it’s no really feasible. It’s definitely easier to just declare "give up that faith" without metioning jesus, the bible, nor baptism.
    Good luck, and remain friendly when you write, whatever your true opinion is!