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Hypocrisy is Democracy

by Open-Publishing - Monday 29 November 2004

Edito Democracy International Yamin Zakaria

"Corruption and hypocrisy ought not to be inevitable products of democracy,
as they undoubtedly are today" (Mahatma Gandhi 1869-1948)

by Yamin Zakaria

If you criticize the Talmudic inspired policies of the Jewish state, ethnic cleansing
the Gentiles to make way for the chosen people of God you are an instant anti-Semite.
Ironically, whilst constantly claiming victimhood the Jewish state is imitating
their former oppressors as the notion of ‘chosen race’ is similar to the notion
of the master Aryan race of the Nazis. Yet, this type of overtly racist policy
is supposed to exemplify the only so-called democracy in the Middle-East! And
it is the same democracy that fears the overwhelming number of Palestinians swamping
the Israeli-Jews as it argues against the right of return for the Palestinians
displaced since 1948.

In a true democracy all citizens are equal with the power to vote. The ‘majority rule’, regardless of their racial and religious identity, is the essence of democracy; a manifestation of some sacred ‘truth’. So, why the only ‘democracy’ in the region fears the potential numerical majority arising from the return of the displaced Arab population? Is there no faith in the core democratic principle of ‘majority rule’? Zionist chauvinism coupled with the underlying Talmudic values, particularly its regard for the Gentiles (non-Jews) would shed some light into that fear and a lack of faith in genuine democracy. However, no one is interested in these fine details, as they are too busy praising the ‘democratic’ credentials the Jewish state. Let’s not forget it is fashionable to be anti anti-Semitic and pro anti-Islamic.

This vague notion ‘majority rule’ has no boundaries by its definition. As the majority in the US elected George Bush it must follow that they also endorsed his previous policies. Therefore, also approving the right to incarcerate, tortures, rape, sodomised boys and even execute prisoners in places like Camp-X-Ray, Abu-Ghraib and other US-run horror chambers. Hence, by the dictates of democracy, such practices are now ‘legitimate’ for the US government, representing the face of the leadership of the free world.

Accordingly, the majority of the Americans applauded the recent carnage in Fallujah and elsewhere. The earlier conduct of the soldiers in Abu-Ghraib style coupled with the mass media demonisation has already desensitized the masses. So, they had no problems in seeing their Marines shooting a dying man whilst calling the Muslim martyrs cowards! No problem in watching their Marines desecrating Mosques, after all God is on the side of Bush, according to his evangelical generals and high-priests; the non-Christian world is in the camp of Satan. In the mean time the secular-fanatics around world remain silent in the face of such crude religious fanaticism and wait for an opportunity to release their hypocritical tongues against Islam and Muslims, which is fashionable and easy, since the Muslims do not have a voice to respond with.

The incidence of the Mosque execution was deliberately aired so that it becomes a good diversion from the entire carnage and the victims largely civilians remain faceless and nameless. Whilst the technical breach of the soldier’s action is discussed, the implicit idea implanted in the minds of the masses is: the rest of the soldiers are behaving in a manner that is acceptable.

Now, the NBC News producer Dan Abrams who may also have been inspired by the Talmud says Geneva Convention should be discarded whilst killing Iraqi’s, meaning the US can do what it pleases without inhibition as it is already engaged in such practices on the ground. What Dan Abrams does not address is how the US soldiers captured should be treated. Most likely he will scream Geneva Convention as did Donald Rumsfeld before Abu-Ghraib! This only confirms that as the Americans grow obese through their disproportionate consumption of world’s resources they are demanding from everyone else to reduce their intake, otherwise in their eyes the rest of the world is greedy!

When the mothers in Iraq exhibit their natural emotions whilst burying their children, they are described by the media as people of ‘hate’. But what type of emotions could have generated the wanton abuse, torture and unprovoked killing of Iraqi civilians in Abu-Ghraib, Umm Qasr, and other US-run prisons? What sort of outlook could have led to a US pilot firing into markets, schools and demonstrators? What sort of mindset could have led to the execution of injured men in Mosques? These are all manifestation of real hate, fostered and inculcated by the xenophobic media. Despite these examples, the victims of the US led aggression are classified as fascists (the equivalent oxymoron is Islamofascist) and the actions of the US government and its soldiers are proclaimed as a manifestation of democracy!

Criticisms to outright abuse are usually licensed under free speech; a pillar of democracy. However, abuse of any religion apart from Islam is silenced under the umbrella of inciting religious hatred. Highlighting the US massacres in Iraq with pictures, not even comments, is inciting violence. But any form of abuse of Islam and Muslims is instantly applauded as a manifestation of ‘free’ speech! Those individuals using the license are given inordinate level of publicity and the usual accolades that follow. Even international institutions (UNISCO) which are supposed to be neutral are awarding anti-Islamic zealots with money and recognition. The UN is supposed to advocate democracy but it can’t bear the weight of democracy internally as the permanent member nations in the Security Council are privileged with the veto power.

The one-sided embedded media coverage is construed as being part of the ‘free’ media (a pillar of democracy) and any deviation is propaganda! Thus, Saddam’s alleged mass graves of millions has turned out to be 5,000 to date is still touted as unquestionable fact whilst airing of live pictures from Iraq by the few Arab channels is propaganda. According to Corporate-Zionists advisors like Richard Perle such media coverage is the reason for anti-US sentiments; not the actual carnage on the ground.

Now, the US in the name of ‘freedom’ is imposing their version of it on the Iraqis like a fascist dictator. Thus, you only become ‘free’ by subjugating yourself to the dictates of the existing god-fathers of democracies! Is it ‘freedom’ by any means necessary? Perhaps this is why that it was democracies that gave birth to Fascism and Nazism. Democracy is perhaps an illusion of a functioning dictatorship, where farcical elections are held with two or three opposing candidates with an almost identical agenda? According to the US marines on the ground ‘freedom’ is attained once you have McDonalds, strip joints with lap dancers and casinos on every corner in Baghdad.

Nobody questions the leading democracies who constantly bark about women’s right whilst busy profiting from the sale of her flesh; the basis of the huge porno industry. We all got a glimpse of the ‘respect’ given to the females held in the US-run prisons. It was these types of men that created the brothels in Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Philippines exploiting the cheap flesh? When they go back home, abuse of their wives and daughters is rampant according to their own statistics. Not a day passes when another prominent Westerner caught in the poor countries of the Far East seeking sex with young children, think of the numbers who are not caught.

Indeed, the constant rise in the level of rape illustrate that the politically correct attitude of upholding women’s rights collapses as soon as an opportunity arises to devour the flesh of the vulnerable. Have you ever seen a group of young men be it football players, soldiers or office colleagues when intoxicated with alcohol how they relate to the opposite sex? Genuine respect is the last thing in the minds of those lads as their conversation barley rises above the waist lines. They demonstrate their ‘freedom’ eventually by fornicating in public like wild beasts. Yet these men have been sent to the Islamic world as the flag bearers of women’s rights!

It is for this reason the unrestrained free men are seeking ways to remove the restraint from the honorable and chaste women in veil, so that they can become ‘free’ for their unwashed and uncircumcised genitals as they demonstrated in Abu-Ghraib! Ask the women in Abu-Ghraib, I am sure they would prefer the beasts rather than those US soldiers!

In fact bestiality seems to be another fad in democracies like the US; a cursory web search would reveal the location of the various websites hosted and the participants. There is no problem in democracy for expressing such values as long as she does not wear a veil and preserve her chastity, the ultimate ‘sin’, a sign of not being ‘free’. Countries rushed of to legislate against the Islamic veil, even though Christian Nuns wears something similar, the Jewish women also used to wear such things once upon a time until it got replaced by the shaytl (Yiddish for “wig”). How is it that the mighty democracies are rattled by a piece of cloth worn by an individual who according to their dictates is only exercising her personal freedom?

Similarly, the assessment of economic prosperity and progress of democracies is given by the increase in production and the mere accumulation of wealth in the hands of the few as opposed to its distribution in society. Wealth is accumulated at a greater rate than it trickles down, increasing the gap between the rich and the poor. Likewise, internationally the flow of wealth increases from the South to the North, from the East to the West. The masses continue to be fooled by economic ‘aid’ forgetting the economic destruction of the ‘debt’! The cheap charity shows are held to inflate the egos of their celebrities and also lighten the guilt of self-centered money grabbing society. In realty they have no shame as their soldiers stole from the Iraqi households, their companies from Iraq’s oil resources as billions of oil revenue are still unaccounted for.

Many are blinded by the technological achievement of democracies, forgetting how such things were applied against weaker nations. Genocide committed against weaker nations with high-tech weapons is portrayed as a civilizing process to bring about ‘peace’. Whilst bragging about ‘peace’ democracies make huge profit from war, death and destruction through their lucrative arms industry. Then they have the gall to lecture others about the proliferation of nuclear weapons, forgetting that it was democracy that used the Atomic bombs against the civilian in Japan and were poised to do the same in Korea, China and Egypt. They littered towns and villages with the inhuman cluster bombs, napalm and phosphorus bombs in Korea, Vietnam and now again in Iraq.

It is the system of Capitalism/Democracy that has been responsible for untold human misery for the last three hundred years culminating in the two World Wars. Remember, such nations driven by profit and ugly Xenophobia eradicated peaceful tribes from the continents of America to Australia, a track record that no ‘fundamentalist’ could ever match!

The silence of the world towards the atrocities committed by the strongest nation on earth attacking the most vulnerable people can be taken as: consent to the principle of “might is right” or a manifestation of democratic values. It was a while ago that I wrote an essay titled “democracy is hypocrisy” implying that other forms of hypocrisy exists; however, looking at the events in the world since that time, I have come to the conclusion that the only manifestation of hypocrisy is: democracy, particularly democracy of those who are waging a war in its name.

Yamin Zakaria

London, UK

Forum posts

  • Whatever facts you bring up, they think they are God’s people and God’s people
    do God’s work! Or?

    The international community should wake up and bring this criminals to justice!
    A total boycott of America, Britain and Israel. No traffic, no economic exchange and of
    course closing of their embassies around the world.

    • I agree. Bring criminals from ALL of the religions to justice, if it is truly justice you are seeking. There is evil bloodshed on all sides.

  • I like this article Yamin, though the rampant sexism you mention is not just confined to non-muslims. I work in an office where the muslim guys when together have less respect for women than animals, talking in explicit terms of degrading sexual practices they perform on their wives. I think it is wider, male/female relationship inequality right across every spectrum of society that needs to be addressed.

  • Yasmin, I know of no Talmudic teaching to which you refer as "talmudic inspired policies," in aggression against
    innocents. If you know of such Talmudic teachings, please identify them clearly. Smearing a whole religion does not solve
    the problem of this ugly bloodshed on both sides. The shedders of innocent blood are evil, no matter what religion they purport to
    operate on.
    Killing and oppressing innocent people is the opposite of Jewish teachings. Remember the Jewish soldiers who refused to go
    on missions against civilians. Jewish ethics are no more reflected in Israeli aggression than is the shooting of Ms. Hassan in the back of the head, the sawing off the head of Mr. Berg and others, the suicide bombings of civilians, a reflection of Islam. To react rationally does not
    mean to propagate further stereotypical hatred of other groups of people and of their religions.

  • You state, " the majority of the Americans applauded the recent carnage in Fallujah and elsewhere. " Most of the respected polls taken of the American people show that the majority is against this war in Iraq. Also, oddly enough, that a large number believe the falsehood that Iraq bombed the U.S. on 9/11.

  • Wow, I have never heard so much hypocrisy in my life. YOU Mr Zakaria are either a CIA agent or someone who thinks they are an intellectual
    but really have a very inferior intelligence.