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Israel’s Masada Attack Palestinian Prisoners

by Open-Publishing - Friday 22 April 2011

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Hundreds of Palestinian have died inside Israeli prisons and now an Israeli television channel has aired shocking footage of Israel’s so-called Control and Restraint unit, or Masada, attacking Palestinian prisoners.

Activists have demanded people in charge of the operation, carried out in 2007, be charged and the family of one of the victims told Al Jazeera that they would consider suing Masada.

Al Jazeera’s Nisreen El-Shamayleh reports from Seida in the occupied West Bank. (17 Apr 2011)

For years Israel has tried to hide this tape, and now it has been exposed. Israel’s Channel 2 aired the story on “Uvda”, a “60 minutes” style program.

A search in prisoners cells and tents in Ktziot, a huge prison for Palestinians near the Egyptian border, ended up with the guards shooting prisoners in their quarters, killing one and injuring others.

The whole operation was unnecessary, intended to promote self-confidence and to “boost morale” among the guards. As can be see near the end of the video, some guards are clearly enjoying themselves (not everyone – others are trying to prevent the situation from getting out of hands).

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Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails have gone on a one-day hunger strike in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) to protest the inhumane treatment by the Israeli prison guards.


Coinciding with the Palestinian Prisoners Day, the detainees are trying to draw attention to the violations and human rights abuses against Palestinian political prisoners, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Earlier, Israel’s Channel 2 TV station released a video footage showing Israeli forces in a surprise attack on prisoners in Israel’s desert prison Ktziot in Naqab (Negev), which sparked riot.

Israeli forces respond with deadly live ammunition. One Palestinian, Mohamad al-Ashkar, sustains injury in the head from a bullet shot at close range. He later dies due to the injury. Dozens of others also sustain injuries during the attack.

The footage also shows medics being prevented from treating the wounded Palestinians.

Family members of the Palestinian prisoners have been enraged by the recent video footage.

Human rights activists are demanding those responsible for the killing of Mohamad al-Ashkar to be put on trial, but were skeptical that this will in fact happen due to the legal system in Israel.

Meanwhile, relatives of Palestinian prisoners and human rights activists gathered outside Israel’s Shata prison on Sunday to commemorate the Palestinian Prisoners Day and to protest Israel’s inhumane treatment of Palestinian prisoners.

Palestinians in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) and those living in Israel came out together to demand the release of their loved ones.

“We visit prisoners frequently to listen to their cause, and fight for their rights and release,” said Jamal Zahalka, an Arab member of Israeli Parliament.

“We have been in struggle since 1936. I am here today to voice my solidarity with all Palestinian prisoners, including my son,” said Raese Abdel-Qader, mother of a Palestinian prisoner.

Despite Israeli claims that torture and abuse of prisoners have been outlawed and no longer occur, Palestinian prisoners continue to accuse Israelis of physical and psychological abuse, medical negligence and refusal to allow them to see visiting relatives.

Around 8,000 Palestinians are currently held in Israeli jails, the Press TV correspondent said.

Over 200 Palestinian prisoners have died inside Israeli prisons so far, according to Palestinian officials, who say that the deaths were the result of torture, medical negligence and shooting.