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It Will Happen Suddenly ...

Friday 8 September 2006

It Will Happen Suddenly ...

The Grand Finale !.. | 08 September 2006 |
(Forwarded from Sai Grafio)

It will begin suddenly, without warning. Many scandals that will disclose true background about how the System works will shake human masses. Disclosures about how international energetic mega-companies earn billions selling oil, preventing at the same time inventions of free energy to come to public.

Disclosures about pharmaceutical trusts that earn money with "healing" diseases that are spread with viruses created in hidden laboratories. Disclosures about efficient cures for AIDS, cancer and other diseases that are known for quite some time, unknown to human masses. And about world media and censorship there, which is a logical consequence of a fact that few individuals own most worldly known newspaper, media and telecommunication companies.

And finally, disclosures about a secret world government that has most prominent politicians as its puppets and which creates profit out of wars and human suffering for millennia, a small group of beings that you work for in your jobs and voluntarily give them a significant amount of your monthly salary.

When lists with names, supported with facts will be known, human masses will arise. When facts will be known about what is happening in the stock market and where the money really goes, this will create a world stock market crash and fall of the current monetary system. Riots will begin as a consequence of released emotional energy, which was suppressed for so long.

In the chaos of those days members of the Resistance movement will reveal themselves to humanity and give guidance and support. They will penetrate to the surface from their underground realms and bring along technology that will help humanity to get over those critical moments.

They will cure most of currently known diseases with their medicaments. With their free energy sources they will end world energy crisis and stop environmental pollution. They will bring information that will open the eyes of people. Finally, people will realize that they have lived in quarantine for millennia.

Money will disappear and will be replaced with exchange of goods based upon vibrational economy. The Resistance movement will assist in establishing new world government which will be chosen by humanity with its free will and that will lead humanity based on the principles of the Galactic codex.

At that point the energy field of the planet will be cleared significantly. Memories of Atlantis will be returning to people and they will begin to create a New Atlantis, a new civilization of light. Buildings will be constructed in a combination of Atlantean and modern architecture, which will be in harmony with nature. Many will be in a pyramidal or half spherical shape. Spiritually developed individuals will begin to gather in New Age communities, so called islands of light. Everybody there will follow his vision aligned with the divine plan in deep connection with the universe.

When people will release the past, everybody will experience clarity of mind, emotional aliveness and physical health. The basic cell of society in islands of light will not be a family of personalities (father, mother and children) but a family of souls (twin souls, soulmates and other members of a soul family). People will connect there energetically and telepathically with angels, guides and extraterrestrials. Through islands of light a physical connection between the surface of the planet and extraterrestrial civilizations will be established.

There will be teleportation chambers in islands of light through which it will be possible to travel into the Resistance movement, for some people into the Atlantean network and also towards the Pleiadian motherships. When the network of light will be strong and stable enough this will enable mass landings of Pleiadian starships. The Pleiadians will assist humanity during its transition towards the New age and with the process of acceptance of this planet into the Galactic Confederation. They will anchor energy columns that will guide planet Earth through its transformation during its entry into the inner section of the tachyon belt.

When the critical mass of consciousness will be achieved the first wave of ascension will occur. Motherships of the Galactic Confederation will hover as brilliant white clouds above the islands of light, where teleportation beams will descend and lift the volunteers into the motherships. Those volunteers will reappear on Earth shortly in ascended state in their rainbow bodies of light.

Soon afterwards, another critical mass will be achieved and the second wave of ascension will happen. Masses of ascended masters that will return to Earth will prepare humanity for the third wave of ascension and for the evacuation. Great planetary cataclysms will begin then as a cleansing of the physical matter of the planet.

At the moment of most intensive cataclysms a polar shift will happen and that will trigger the third wave of ascension with final evacuation. Linear time as we know it will end and Earth will enter a new, higher dimension. This is a moment when the Mayan calendar ends, a moment in 2012.

Forum posts

  • Sounds great but unless the military is on our side we’re going to get flattened .

    • Really, the military will flatten us? Does Hezbollah know this? Did the Spanish guerrillas fighting Napoleon 200 years ago know this? Did the Boers who fought off the British Empire 100 years ago know this? Did our own Founding Fathers know this?
      I don’t believe that the US military is anywhere as good (good as in skilled, not as an ethical judgment) as most Americans believe it to be. For one thing, this cluster fuck of a war has severely overstretched the US Army’s ability to re-supply their combatants with not only ammo and weapons, but food as well. Also, how much longer can any military last when this moronic deficit spending, all based on foreign credit, finally runs out of gas?
      Another point which most people don’t know or are prone to forget, is the very poor quality of the new recruit the military has had to accept in order to meet their yearly quotas. They have been forced to dip down to the Category IVs, the lowest of the barrel, petty criminals and even autistic youngsters to make that quota. It takes brains to man the high tech army of today, not cannon fodder, but cannon fodder is mostly all the military is now recruiting to fight this bullshit ’war OF terror’.

      Bottom line: a truly free and courageous people don’t need their military to approve of the things they think or do.

  • Now I understand why most of "Solve et Coagula’s" posts are reposts from other sites. I assume that this an original posting from you S et C. Question: Do you really expect the mainstream media to do an about face and disclose the true evil nature of the system? Or, will people just acquire this knowledge from thin air? Get a grip, and you could lighten up on the reposts, as well.


    In the year 1905, Nobel physicist, Albert Einstein, published his E=mc² EQUATION,

    which opened the door to THE WORLD OF THE PROTON GENIE. But, nobody

    looked or listened except the Energy Cartel, which stood to lose its Global Empire

    unless this paradigm discovery was prevented forever from being implemented.

    Einstein’s EQUATION provides the basis for extracting and fusing PROTONS from

    ordinary, pure water, which will make everybody on Earth so idly rich and content from

    the benefits of this clean, virtually-free, and inexhaustible energy supply that nobody

    should ever again have to worry about pollution, war, or poverty, and Mother Nature

    can once again reign as The Supreme Mistress of any and all Climate Change.

    The Doomsday Clock reads: 7 minutes until Doomsday, and counting!

    Is it too late? Or, will some ordinary, individual tinkerer (maybe just an average high

    school student) rise to the occasion and demonstrate the physical expression of

    Einstein’s EQUATION so that the entire World Population can move forward into a

    future of peace, contentment, and prosperity?

    You can help make Einstein’s vision become a reality by linking this blog to your home


    web site:

  • The Mayan calendar ends in 2012, but it does not necessarily mean the "end" of any physical realm. The death card in the tarot is feared by many and needlessly for it not only fortells the end of something, but also the beginning of something new. 2012 can be the beginning of a new period as well as the end of an old period.

    While I agree with your details, I question the likelyhood of the exposure of the ’truth’. The powers that be are deeply entrenched in their control rooms. Exposure to the masses will not happen quickly or easily. Especially in third-world countries where ingorance is the norm and where most are kept in slave-like conditions of mental poverty and physical degradation, I doubt this majority will experience the ’truth’ as easily or as simply as is presented here. Most have no access to ’newspapers’ or ’internet’ at all. And I doubt it will happen in 5 years time.

    But we can dream, can’t we?

  • I read this years ago in several books. Is there a website that keeps one abreast of these events. I thought it was truly a figment of someone’s imagination, when nothing happened. I would like to have furher information and study more for myself. Appreciate your putting this out there. It would certainly be grand for the truth to be finally brought out. Many blessings. Susan Hutchins

  • I am 76 years of age and have for as long as I can remember studied religions, prophesies
    and indeed have had many prophetic visions including being involved in a mass evacuation
    in the near future.
    However as with many prophesies, they rely on the vision of events that take place in another
    dimension where we in fact seem to co exist.
    Our present civilisation is controlled by a few extremely unscrupulous individuals that belong
    to families having been in control for centuries. Capitalistic societies are in essence based
    on greed of the individual and as the education systems worldwide are controlled by Governments
    so called democratically elected, it should be noted that only the wealthy can ever aspire to
    the top jobs in Governments. It is the same for disease control. It does not pay humanity to
    be able to cure disease and therefor Governments the world over slowly poison the population
    by infecting our water supplies with chemicals harmfull to the proper functioning of our minds
    and bodies. This in turn makes the general population apathetic to events outside their immediate circle of existance.
    Every Government in the world is working and paying huge sums of money to general health
    while at the same time making sure we can never be healthy but creating pools of wealth
    to those hell bent on retaining the status quo.
    I have for years stated that for things to change for the better a revolution has to occur banning
    all religions from ever being able to be manipulated politically and vice versa.
    All religions today are paying homage to some unseen deity ostensibly listening to our prayers and quite happy to accept murder and mayhem via whatever one deems necessary to invoke his will although no one has ever seen or spoken to this deity to really find out his or her will.
    I am in fact of the opinion that our Pleiadic friends are part of the conspiracy and in some way profiting from the emotions invoked by the misery of millions of people.
    We are talking about the light appearing at some stage and for the planet to undergo a quantum leap to a higher dimenson. Where do those notions come from?
    Is Mars in that stage now but we cannot see it? Is Jupiter in a higher stage of spiritual awareness?
    Somehow I think we are getting our wires crossed. We live in a universe composed of matter
    of the grossest kind and as (pardon me for saying this) we appear to have an inner state of awareness independent of this matter, we assume as the only ??? rational thinking animal
    we are able to change the vibrational constant of this earth.
    Bullocks !!!! The China Red guards murdered every intellectual they could get hold of and where is China now? Back to where they were with a few controlling extremely wealthy individuals
    calling the tune.
    Things never change and the so called Atlantian altruism never managed to stop the earth
    from being changed wiping every thing off the face of the earth to start anew.
    If in 2012 the polar shift occurs or indeed the planet tilts as predicted in 1937 by an eminent geologist, this will be the result of global warming caused by the cyclic increase in heat from our only GOD "KING SOL" IT IS THE SUN THAT CONTROL’S MEN’S DESTINY AND IN FACT COULD NOT GIVE A TOSS.
    However no one even looks at the sun but for a few scientists that know what is going on but are ignored because there is no money in it.
    If humanity as we know it is to change, we have to banish competion of any kind. We are teaching our children to compete for everything and be top dog regardless of the consequences.
    Change this philosopy to one of cooperation and the world indeed will change.

    For what it is worth

    Ren Berghuis New Zealand

    • Ren,
      What a wonderful letter you wrote!
      I feel that if the poles were to shift suddenly, we would probably all fly off the planet at about 1000 miles an hour and come crashing back shortly after. Not exactly the sort of ascension one would wish for. Of course, the oceans would roll over most of the earth and no doubt coninents would shake and bump and maybe disappear. So much for the accumulation of wealth and power.
      ....and good luck to anyone that does manage to get out of here alive.
      Interesting times!
      Phil Manning,

  • Peace and Light to yah all....
    dont worry...Light will overcome
    Just keep your eyes and ears open when it starts....
    Light will watch over your family and friends...

    Sjamaan P

  • It is I Sai Grafio who forwarded this message. God Bless us all!