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It’s not about the money: Cheney wants power over you and me

by Open-Publishing - Saturday 9 October 2004


by Jane Stillwater

I always thought that the goal of Halliburton’s no-bid contracts was to amass
vast amount of wealth for Dick Cheney.

I was wrong.

It’s not about the money.

After watching Cheney on TV the other night, I had a big epiphany. "The guy could
care less about money. Or even Iraq. Or even — gulp — oil." Nope. Dick Cheney
is playing a larger game. He wants power! You could see it in his face.

Halliburton has been systematically fleecing Americans for a reason and it’s not to defeat Iraq. "Iraq is just a money pit," I exclaimed. "And every cent that goes there weakens the United States; weakens you and me."

As he debated John Edwards on the future of our country, I could almost read Dick Cheney’s mind. He seemed to be thinking, "Forget about those poor stupid Iraqis. Forget about the Koreans, the Iranians and even those stupid catspaw cannon-fodder Israelis." Dick Cheney’s goal is power. Power over who? Whom? Power over the people who REALLY count. Power over you and me.

And in the combination of George Bush, the cult Christians, the Republican ostriches, the corporate welfare queens, Fox news, the Patriot Act, Diebold and the military, our Dick has finally found the perfect vehicle, the aces-wild winning hand to finally get what he wants:

Power over you and me.


Forum posts

  • Cheney is a stong leader. The world is lucky to have him.

    • I can think of many things to say about Cheney. Strong leader is not one of them. He is totally self-absorbed. I frankly don’t think that Cheney cares one whit about this country or it’s people. He only cares about what benefits him.

  • Hi Jane,

    I must admit you have a unique perspective on the unhonorable Mr. Cheney and I do believe your are correct on this account. Just a few days ago I read an article that was either written by a Cheney college room mate or quoted him (can’t recall which at the moment), and the one comment that jumped out was one which noted that the writer had never in his life met a person as unempathetic as Cheney.

    I think we can see that in a big way when it comes to Cheney’s own daughter. I think he only looks at her as an embarrassment to him and even though he snarls that mouth and comes out with the appropraite words, it seems that he almost chokes on them.

    I have no sympathy in any form for Cheney.