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Join in demonstration calling to IMPEACH BUSH

Monday 23 May 2005

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Join in a demonstration calling to:


For crimes committed against his country

Monday, June 6, 2005 11:00am-1:00pm Rain or Shine!

In front of Lehigh County Courthouse and City Hall 5th & Hamilton Street, Allentown PA

The “Downing Street Memo”, proof Bush lied to Americans to start a war. Read about at;

We can no longer sit back and wait for elected officials to do their job. When the people rise up for a call to justice, politicians will know it’s time to do the right thing. Start the impeachment process against George W. Bush. Bush lied to the people. He lied to Congress. It’s time for him to pay for his crimes against America.

President Bush is accused of Crimes Against Peace, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. No crimes are greater threats to the Constitution of the United States, the United Nation Charter, the rule of law or the future of humanity.


Impeachment is the means by which We The People of the United States and our elected representatives in Congress can prevent further crimes by the President and the human catastrophe they threaten and force accountability for crimes committed.

Michael Rivero: No magazine puff-piece, no comic book, no movie can make America look great if, when the time calls for it, Americans fail to be a great people. Great people are willing to stand up to a government gone wrong, to force their government to be truthful and honest and moral. Great people know that freedom is impossible under a government that lies because lies are tools of enslavement, and that chains built of false beliefs hold slaves tighter than chains made of steel. Slaves will cower before a government they know lies to them, bless the face that lies to them, and ask for more. And now the world watches to see if Americans are a great people, or just slaves living under the delusion they are a free people. Free men or slaves. Time to choose. The whole world is watching.

If you can make it, please call or email: Lynne 610-706-0820,

Bring friends and a sign (no wood posts)

If you can’t make it, find someone who can!

Pass this email on to friends, ALL welcome, none excluded!

Be there, be a strong American, stand together for justice and make a difference!

Forum posts

  • Right on!

    A t-shirt for your protest? for all The Simpsons fans out there...

    Image Hosted by

    • Everyone must do all they can to get rid of that asshole.

    • Can’t be there, but here’s a couple of ideas for signs:

      Cursed are the proud, for they shall inherit the quagmire.

      Cursed are the warmongers, for they shall be called sons of b_tches.

      Phrank in Foenix,
      An anti-THIS-war evangelical Christian conservative

    • Did not you clowns vote for this chap? Majority rules n’est-ce pas? In Kanada Mr. Bush is somewhere between a Neocon Nazi Puppet and a born again liqour head - but he does dress nice. Do you no support his path to democracy? You had your chance, bought your ticket and now here is your ride. What is your major concern - he lied - well, golly gee.

      Power to the correct people - Dr. Kokis, Montreal, PQ , May 25 05

    • Democracy in the USA is a sham. All votes, elctronic or otherwise, should be traceable back to the person exercising his democratic right, not at the mercy of those who are being elected.

      More importantly - he needs to be brought to trial for the murder of 3 thousand people on sept 11 2001. Then let Nuremburg II begin....

    • Key States, Florida 2000, Secretary of State Harris also co-chair of Bush-Cheney committee. Ohio 2004, Secretary of State Blackwell also co-chair of Bush-Cheney committee.
      Both state were plagued with accusations of widespread fraud during their respective elections.
      All discrepancies between exit polls and final results favored Bush by an unusually wide margin.
      So maybe we clowns did not actually elect this guy!

    • To Dr. Kokis

      A majority did not vote for Bush in 2000 or in 2004. He stole the office of president. That is why the move to impeach, because of the treason committed by the supreme court and the ongoing destruction of America. No one has had a chance since, and it’s time to force him out. Anyone who bothers to research the rise of this nazi wannabe knows he was not elected. Get your facts straight.


      Open 50 brinkster accounts (free) , one for each state , set the date of the protest back one month so word gets out.
      Direct people to brinkster"yourstate_impeach".com where the protest info relevant to each individual can be seen. Put up a template site with just the protest location details changed. With enough publicity you may get a decent turn out, advertise in Free papers , some student newspapers offer free advertisments, comunity rags etc.

      Anyway good luck , I am not an American but I believe MY safety and that of millions of others outside the US is in the hands of the American people.


      D.C Raymond -Vermont

    • "Did not you clowns vote for this chap?"

      For what it’s worth, I could not bring myself to vote for Bush or Gore in the first-term election. They both seemed too dim to be President, and I was too disgusted. I also thought (wrongly) that with both of those pretending so hard to be moderate, that either one would think they had a "moderate" mandate. Boy was I wrong. I did vote the second time around, for Kerry, for the specific reason that truth in government is a neccessary basis for government, and that lies leading to the war should be accepted grounds for disqualification. I was dissapointed by the close finish, but this time around I was less surprised when a near-even split was taken (again) as a crazy arch-conservative mandate!

    • You say GWB bombed the WTC on 9/11 ?

      you’re insane.

    • Which one ? Kennedy ? Reid ? Biden ? Boxer ?

      There are so many .. try to be specific !!!

    • Read between the lines....of course he didn’t actually BOMB the WTC......but he knew there was a threat.....go to a book store and purchase the 911 Commission report chap!

    • Come on,Clinton had just as much info on Bin Laden for his entire term,why isn’t he being threatened???This site is partisan politics,it’s not about bush,it’s about liberals having to justify themselves and they as usual don’t have any justification except to yell scream and call people asses..


    • I have several petitions you can link to from my blog related to Investigating, prosecuting, Impeaching and punishing Bush and others responsible for crimes against our democracy. Please sign petitions but also consider printing out , cutting 4by 6 inch cards from orange poster board- and sending them to your congress people, to support verified voting, and real investigations of election fraud and other BushINc. crimes. , also if you can send some to the mainstream media to ask them to stop yeilding to the intimidation of BushInc. I have links for contact information.
      I also have some protest pictures- might have to hit archieve and scan down. I wish I could got to Allenton but can’t do everything.! I am going to Wahsington DC on June 9-to support verified voting. Thanks and take care!

    • Do you not mean Queen George?

    • Yeah,but why didn’t someone impeach Sadam,or did everyone forget just how evil he was???

  • Great -

    I cannot be there in person but I am with you certainly in spirit. It’s about time. How many Americans know that our country is occupied by the elitist centrix of the New World Order whose puppets (bush and his crime family) Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rockefeller, Rothschild have a very different, very dark agenda for America.

    Can you see that they are systematically destroying our country - destroying the middle class - an illegal war, high unemployment, jobs exported, no manufacturing, open borders, skyrocketing budget and trade deficits and the worst cancer of all the Federal Reserve - which is not a government entity, but a private corporation owned by the Bank of London and other international banks who print money out of thin air and charge outrageous interest rates for the privilege of you borrowing it.

    Their plan is to destroy all those who are not one of them, take control of all the world’s resources and turn the folks who survive into slaves - working for them.

    Nice future, huh!

    This is an opportunity to get up off our dead asses and take action.

    • I will do all I can to be there!! For those that can’t or even those that go to the demonstration,
      how about we all bombard Congress with emails, written letters and telephone calls. Why
      can’t "We The People" call for Impeachment. Isn’t this a government "By The People for The
      People!" This is a fact the Senate and the White House fails to acknowledge!
      President Clinton was impeached for a sexual transgression, Monica Lewinsky was of legal
      age and was a consenting Clinton told a "lie," now lets look at the lies that
      President Bush has told...impeachment was the course of action for Clinton...I think G.W.
      is much more worthy of the action!!

  • I agree with your protest, at the same time, bush and his criminals dont care what you do. If people like yourself havent gotten it in your brain that revolution is the only way to go and LIberty can only be preserved by blood. Why the Wait?

  • You all knew that bush stole the election in 2000, and did nothing about it. Then you either voted for him again or did not bother to make sure the vote could not be stolen again in November. Also when this mess all started approximately 75% of Americans, probably including you, were right behind Bush waving the flag and sending your boys off to die, even when the entire world was telling you no it is not the correct thing to do. What is the problem now?

    • I did not vote for Bush in 2000 nor did I vote for him in 2004! I demonstrated in New York City
      in March 2003 against going to war against Iraq! Were you there? I have written and called
      Washington to Sen Biden, Sen Kennedy, Sen Clinton and Sen Schumer and Sen. McCain!
      I protested Michael Powell and his decisions with the FCC. I DO NOT watch main stream
      Media News, which is aside from highlight propaganda news, mostly consists of "entertainment" news (Michael Jackson, Coby Bryant, the runaway bride etc.) I do not watch the television
      "Reality" shows which are aiding in the dummying down of America! I get my news from the
      net. I am doing my part, and think most people who go onto sites like What Really or are reading this site are not accountable for Bush’s relection...therefore
      they are not getting what they asked for. Stop being critical and join us and be united!!

  • I wrote an article before the second stolen election of 2004, in which I stated America will not survive another 4 years of Bush. I am more convinced than ever.I am 73 years of age and have never witnessed anything like what is going on.I wish I lived in another country were sanity was the prevailing factor. My senses have never been alarmed like the present. Bush is the the most incompetent,and I question his sanity, leader in American history or perhaps the worlds. He must be removed from office if we and even the world is to survive. Dana J. Nelson— Minn/.

    • You question his sanity? You are so right...he is a Psychopath and has a Anti-Social Personality
      Disorder! Instead of our Presidents checked for physical health ailments they should be
      checked to make sure they are in good mental health!!! After what he has done to ruin
      the reputation of our country...I wonder what psychological tests done on him would reveal!
      Just look up "Psychopath and Anti-Social Personality Disorder...see who you think it describes!

  • "Impeach" him?!?!? What the hell would that accomplish?

    Sorry you weak minded, so-called "lberals" are missing what’s really needed! the ENTIRE administration should be arrested by "we the people"... dragged into the streets and then EXECUTED! Yes... the ENTIRE administration including the men and women.

    Then... the people should move on to the capital building and conduct the SAME activites against numerous other ameriKKKan senetors and congresspeople! This would involve a lot of republiCONS and demoRATS alike.

    But this wont happen. This wont be called for, becuase I gather this "protest" is being called for by either self proclaimed "democrats, liberals, communists, greens, liberals"... whatever box ye little gatekeepin’ freaks so choose to place yourselves in.

    REVOLUTION... a "critical mass" of we the people against corporatism, militarism and authority is the ONLY thing that can stop the USA on the domestic front. Don’t worry... on the international front a critical mass is already building. Will you aid the USA or the coalition against it aimed at disarming it by force?

    Sorry ya hippy, granolla eatin’ pacifists... it’s gonna be bloody and NOT peaceful!

    • Getting rid of Bush is like getting rid of some old shoes. New ones will show up to replace him.

      EVERYONE connected to CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, Masons, royal bloodline, Rockefellers, Rothchilds and EVERY other "secret" organization that meets to discuss OUR future should be BANNED forever from holding any post within any government, local and federal.

      Also the Federal Reserve needs to be removed and the IRS abolished. Both of those are at the root of the problem. International bankers run the country and that control must be taken away from them.

      All heads of the military industrial complex corporations must be brought down and prosecuted for fraud etc.

      After doing all of that you MIGHT have a chance to right all of the wrongs that have been done.

    • However crude your method, it may take just that to retreve our country from these fools. Not a single one of them deserve to be in office or manage their own affairs! Surely not the worlds! Freedom has never been free!
      Get up off you’re butt America, there is work to do. Ugly, bloody, nasty work to do in order for "We the People" to be free again.
      Bogey, Az.

    • More people would join in a demonstration calling to IMPALE him.

    • I am with you 100%. Glad to see I am not alone. How can we make this event come to fruition?

    • You are right, but I’d include the entire Bush clan together with the Cheney lot. Where is the guillotine when you need one - I’ll bring my knitting.

      Mona, Toronto

    • I am afraid you are right, I told my husband after church Sunday that I think the only way we Americans can get our country back is to start assassinating our leaders like in all revolutions. We must show them that we will no longer put up with them ruining our country and waging crimes and rigging elections. We have only one course left and that is to start eliminating them one by one or in mass groups until they get the message and are too afraid to continue with what they are doing.

    • Church??? what the church of satan? sure it’s christlike to assainate whoever you don’t like.
      since you go to church you must be a follower of christ and know he gave his life for his people to save them from there sins.Wait Sadam did what you suggest,first thing he did was call the goverment together and had everyone he saw a threat taken out and shot.that was pretty much his way of dealing with everything.graves full of kurd families,muslim families,his family.I think your idea is wonderful.....NOT

    • Amen, 219.***.254.**. Impeachment works only for getting rid of one crook, so there has to be a quick and bloody justice administered to an entire crime family/syndicate! We are far beyond The Constitution, here, folks . . . but The Constitution is no longer a part of the American way of life, anyway! In order to preserve The Constitution, We, The People, must again force our Government to be the Government of The People, by The People, and for The People. Some guys named George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel and John Adams, John Jay, Benjamin Franklin, and a number of other Revolutionaries already showed us how it is done, so it’s not as though we have to reinvent the wheel! We have a head start on the People of 230 years ago because we already know what happened when Americans chased King George and his cowardly cronies out of the Country!


  • 9-11 in D.C.
    On 9-11-05, Americans from across the country will converge on Washington D.C. to either celebrate the impeachment of Bush, or demand it. Be there, and help save America.
    Event organizer:

  • Whats our exit strategy???

  • We need demonstrations against the war criminals who lead our nation THROUGHOUT the country. Please, try to organize a newspaper campaign calling for such demonstrations.

  • There’s a June 14th rally in Philly. See

  • Beautiful!!! Act UP in the cradle of American Liberty. You’ve got good digs for your demonstration. Did you know they HID the Liberty Bell in Allentown during the British Invasion of Philadelphia. Click below to get a card you can print out and hand to people the day of your demonstration. GOOOOD LUCK! I wish I was a jetsetter who could join you for the day. —Dan Hess, Oakland CA

  • Yeah screw all the people Sadam killed as we sat back and watched all those years.forget the astoundong numbers of dead families women and children.let’s give it all back and let him kill torture and rape for another 20 years.It sure was horrible when it happened in bosnia or germany. but sadam is alright.and what did the terrorist really do to us.Friggin idiots Sadam lied
    but you don’t dare talk about that heck you probably want to see him run for pres. yeah yeah erase my post,another gutful move later....

  • No we did not elect Bush. He stole both elections.
    Saddam was a murderer supported by the US until he disagreed with our government. Our government didn’t care about all the people he killed any more than they care about the people of Iraq being killed now. Or care about any of the victims of the other tyrants they have put in place.
    As for 911 , I think our government knew about it and decided to enhance the effects with a few well placed explosives. Has anyone , anywhere, anytime seen a building come down the way the WTC towers fell ,except through controlled demolition? There are so many things that were done to cover up information after the WTC attack that is obvious that someone is lying about some part of it.
    Our media is so controlled that the average person is clueless about what is going on . One has to get on the internet and sift through a lot of information to find out anything at all. Most working people don’t have the time or inclination.
    Also it is so difficult to realize that the country you love has become so depraved. I know that this was the most difficult thing for me.